stefanctTheMuso: thx (flashrom sync)00:19
stefanctthere will probably be another one (bugfix-only this time) in the next days00:20
Laneyjtaylor: looks like you forgot to specify that gnome-video-arcade was sponsored00:20
jtaylorLaney: I used syncpackage00:21
Laneyyou need to give it -s00:22
jtaylorshouldn't that be implicit if the "uploader" has no upload rights?00:23
jtayloror a warning00:23
Laneywhat's the uploader?00:24
jtaylorthe person in the changelog00:24
Laneysome random debian person?00:24
Laneyyou want the person that requested the sync00:25
jtayloryes, but you could still add a warning?00:25
Laneyhow could it know to warn?00:26
Laney-b is just dumb bug closing00:26
Laneysponsor-patch is supposed to be the more advanced logic afaik00:26
jtaylorcan'T it check the person in the changelog and if its different from the syncer warn?00:28
jtaylorhm no00:29
jtaylorunsponsored syncs exist too00:29
Laneythe person in the changelog is the person who did the upload to debian which is irrelevant for syncs00:29
jtaylorI'll add that flag in future, must get to bed now, bye00:36
Laneynp, just wanted to let you know00:37
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highvoltagejoin #ltsp02:48
orbisvicisis there any possibility to build packages against karmic? with pbuilder..04:17
orbisvicisie would there be a backup repository somewhere ?04:18
orbisvicisnigelb: official? where?04:19
micahgorbisvicis: http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/04:19
nigelbyeah, that ^04:20
orbisvicisamazing absolutely04:20
micahgorbisvicis: keep in mind karmic isn't receiving any security updates, so it's not recommended to run it if connected to the internet in any way04:21
orbisvicismicahg: I patch/upgrade the packages (to their newest version) myself and build them with pbuilder, I just need compatible environment04:23
orbisvicismicahg: I've long abandoned the ide of ugrading from karmic, I haven't had luck with the upgrade procedure04:23
micahgorbisvicis: doing that for each package we update is quite time consuming (http://www.ubuntu.com/usn)04:24
orbisviciswell I guess I don't upgrade packages with an eye to security, just when I want newer server features. For example now I need to rebuild the php suite04:25
orbisvicisIt's only a personal server with limited connection to the internet04:26
orbisvicisI think it original used to be either gutsy or hardy - can't quite recall - and I upgraded up till karmic till I gave up04:26
micahgorbisvicis: if you have the resources, I'd suggest cloning and filing bugs and maybe we can fix the upgrade (lucid is supported as the upgrade path from karmic and hardy)04:28
orbisviciseh it's such a melange of packages that I'd really rather not touch the thing even with a ten-foot pole, at least not until I have to04:30
orbisvicisI mean, a lot of the upgrade bugs are probably self-inflicted from stupid packages and repositories I've tinkered with to render filing bugs untenable04:31
orbisvicisanway /end rant04:31
orbisvicisand thanks for the help04:32
orbisviciserr now looking, how would I use this site with pbuilder? there are just isos as far as I can tell04:33
micahgorbisvicis: I gave you a link that you can use in sources04:34
orbisvicisah ok didn't realize04:35
orbisvicisoh oops04:35
orbisvicisyeah you're link works04:35
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TheMusostefanct: np07:14
dholbachgood morning08:10
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tkennedyHello MOTU members. How long should it take for packages to show up in my PPA on launchpad?14:43
tumbleweedtkennedy: half an hour after they've built14:44
tkennedyhmm so then there is a problem with them I suspect as after using dput it said it uploaded them successfully but they are not there14:44
Laneyyou should be able to see it on the website a few minutes after uploading14:45
tumbleweedyou signed them with a key registered in LP?14:45
Laneyand you should get an email when it is processed14:45
tumbleweedyou should get an e-mail to more than  5 mins after upload14:45
Laneyif not, check you signed it correctly, yeah14:45
tkennedyok maybe that's the problem then...I think my LP key is different than the one I created...I will re import my new one and try again14:45
tkennedyI would have expected some kind of feedback somewhere during the upload14:46
tkennedyI used dput....14:46
tumbleweedtkennedy: dput just uploads the files by ftp14:46
orbisvicisquestion about: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/2012/CVE-2012-0830.html14:59
ubottuThe php_register_variable_ex function in php_variables.c in PHP 5.3.9 allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via a request containing a large number of variables, related to improper handling of array variables.  NOTE: this vulnerability exists because of an incorrect fix for CVE-2011-4885. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2012-0830)14:59
orbisvicisdoes "released" mean a patch has been released for the affected package, ie PHP 5.3.6 on oneiric14:59
orbisvicis(or that the released package suffers the cve)15:02
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geser"released" means a fixed package is available through the -security reposity15:09
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orbisvicisgeser: thanks15:49
hrwcan someone take a look at https://launchpadlibrarian.net/93138015/buildlog_ubuntu-precise-amd64.gcc-4.6-armel-cross_1.59_BUILDING.txt.gz and tell me why gcc-4.6-arm-linux-gnueabi-base is not published?16:30
hrwhttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gcc-4.6-armel-cross/1.58/+build/3104740 and https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gcc-4.6-armel-cross/1.59/+build/3219251 differ a lot ;(16:32
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ashamson https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xev there's no branches after hardy, now xev has a new version, where should I push it?17:05
ashamsI'm new to this :)17:05
hrwashams: checked debian/control?17:05
ashamsno, will do17:05
ashamsone sec17:06
Ampelbeinashams: Wasn't the xev package superseded by the x11-utils package? It contains xev now.17:08
ashamsAmpelbein, got it17:10
EvilResistancelaunchpad's PPA builders use sbuild right?17:21
EvilResistancenot pbuilder?17:21
tumbleweedan old sbuild fork17:22
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jtaylorcome on now armel qemu chroots are broken too?18:24
jtaylorhow is one supposed to support those plattforms ._.18:24
directhexby working for canonical?18:27
tumbleweedthere were apparently once ARM boards given to community members, with the intention that they should run porterboxes18:27
directhexyes, genesi handed out efikamx machines with freescale imx53 boards inside18:32
tumbleweedjtaylor: become a DD and get access to debian porterboxes :)18:34
directhexthis is a compelling argument18:36
micahgdirecthex: canonical is not supporting armel anymore from 12.04 on21:14
ajmitchonly armhf from now on?21:15
tumbleweedI don't remember anyone saying when they expected the armel port to go away, though21:18
directhexlulz armhf21:27
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ScottKtumbleweed: I'm sure Canonical would never abandon something like armel and leave users without an upgrade path ...22:03
broderisn't the upgrade path enable armhf and let multiarch save the day? :)22:04
broderoh, i guess i left out the "magic" step22:04
orbisvicisI want to use the pbuilder --othermirror to add some custom local files, is this how I would go about it:22:23
orbisvicismkdir -p ./ubuntu/pool/main/p/php5/...22:23
orbisviciscp *.deb ./ubuntu/pool/main/p/php5/22:24
orbisvicis--othermirror deb file:/ubuntu/pool/main/p/php5/...22:24
jtaylordoes it have a Packages index?22:25
jtaylorthe othermirror22:25
orbisvicisno, there is no other mirror, just some debs I want to add22:27
orbisvicisany guide on creating a mirror22:27
jtaylordpkg-scanpackages /some/folder/with/debs /dev/null | gzip -9 -c >Packages.gz22:28
orbisvicisis the index the ls-lR ?22:28
jtaylorthe folder containing the Packages.gz should be in the deb line22:28
orbisvicisjtaylor: thanks that seems rather straightforward22:29
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orbisvicisjtaylor: can't seem to get it to work, do I need anything outside of othermirror and bindmounts ?22:45
jtaylorit only has effet during --create22:47
orbisvicisjtaylor: so I run pbuilder --create with --othermirror and --bindmounts. Then I just run pdebuild to build any software dependent on packages in othermirror (and the packages in othermirror will be installed automatically)22:49
orbisvicisthats about it ?22:49
jtaylorI think bindmounts needs to be in the .pbuilderrc22:50
orbisvicishm already started --create, if it doesn't work ill pass that option as pdebuild -- --bindmounts ...22:52
tumbleweedeasy answer: just run a web server :)22:53
jtayloror login with --save-after-login and do it by hand22:55
micahg\o/ rebuild universe failures under 50022:58
orbisvicisjtaylor: didn't know that existed.. thanks :)23:00
jtayloryou can also just unpack the tarball and edit the file and repack it23:00
jtayloror use cowbuilder that does not pack it at all23:00
orbisvicisnever thought of that either23:02
orbisvicisthat could help debugging some packages that failed to build23:02
orbisvicis*just failed23:02
jtaylorthere is a hook that will drop you in a shell after failure23:02
jtaylor /usr/share/doc/pbuilder/examples/C10shell23:02
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orbisvicisyeah --bindmounts needs to be constantly passed or saved in pbuilderrc23:04
orbisvicisjtaylor: any idea why the path would be duplicated, ie "file not found: /storage/pbuilder/repo//storage/pbuilder/repo//...*.deb"23:39
jtaylorwhats your deb file:... line?23:40
jtaylorand whats the path in the Packages.gz for the packages?23:40
orbisvicisoh the Packages.gz path has to be relative :)23:41
jtaylorI have dpkg-scanpackage . /dev/null executed in a flat folder full of debs  ... and deb file:///path/to/repo ./ which works23:41
orbisvicisjtaylor: i have "file:/path/..." but otherwise the same23:45
jtaylorI think it must be file:///path23:46
orbisvicisoh, its probably an apt-cache problem, I first ran pkg-scanpackage with the full path, probably have to clear or update it to the new Package.gz23:51
jtaylor< offline23:53
orbisviciscool thanks23:53
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orbisvicisyep that was it23:57

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