williammandaI just updated mythtv 0.25 to the latest mythbuntu (.b304daf)....getting an error message when trying to start either the front / backend.....01:20
williammandamythbackend: error while loading shared libraries: libGLESv2.so.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory01:20
williammandaalso this file was installed along witht the update...libgles2-mesa01:21
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superm1williammanda: will be fixed in next build04:54
superm1it was a mistake from a build dependency added04:54
superm1next build is already on the PPA04:54
superm1er source is already there04:54
superm1lucid and maverick already published.  oneiric and precise are done with amd64, just building i386 still04:55
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williammandathe latest worked ty!11:46
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bill6502superm1: You mentioned having some problem with IFACE=!lo in mythtv-backend.conf. Do you have any detail? I'm asking because19:46
superm1bill6502: well I don't have the problems myself.  some people were reporting problems in bugs though19:47
bill6502I've used it successfully, however, I just had a case where even the pre-start script didn't run.19:47
superm1that's similar to the symptoms that were described i think19:48
superm1how did you get that to happen?19:48
bill6502Sounds like I should be searching Launchpad?19:48
Zinn[bugs.launchpad.net] Bug #886321 in mythtv (Ubuntu): “Upstart issue and mythbackend”19:49
superm1that's the bug19:49
superm1but hmm that came out to a really funny root cause in the end which probably doesn't match up to you19:50
bill6502Sorry, missed your question. Testing IPv6 with 0.25pre. This may be more than you wanted, but http://pastebin.com/nWHn5viy is the20:09
Zinn[pastebin.com] IPv6 Tests - Pastebin.com20:09
bill6502output of my tests. In my <single> failure with IFACE!=lo, you can see that the pre-start script never even ran (in mythtv-backend.conf.)20:10
bill6502I should note, to generate these, I'm doing a cold start or a warm boot. Once the system is up, I have no problem.20:11
superm1that's really weird that it doesn't get to pre-start for that failure case20:16
superm1you might have to run upstart in debug mode to see the order events are triggered20:17
bill6502I'd like to try that. Reading http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#obtaining-a-list-of-events. Do you have a recommended way of20:29
Zinn[upstart.ubuntu.com] Upstart Intro, Cookbook and Best Practises20:29
bill6502starting upstart in the debug mode?20:29
ausie-boyi am having trouble installing the 11.10 version just booting the install cd i get a blank screen can anyone help ?20:45
ausie-boyis anyone here ?20:48
dekarlHi, sadly I have no idea what the issue might be20:51
dekarlif you get a blank screen it might well be a generic ubuntu issue20:52
williammandausing 0.25 and mythweb isn't working.....20:52
williammandaI get an index of mythweb page20:52
dekarlwilliammanda: do you have /mythweb/ at the end of the URL? Lately the redirect from / to /mythweb seems to have stopped working (I just get a "It worked" page)20:53
ausie-boyso theres nothing i can do ?20:53
williammandaipaddress of backend/mythweb20:54
dekarlausie-boy: I'd try a generic ubuntu channel20:54
dekarlwilliammanda: hmm, works for me. When did you update?20:54
williammandain jan20:54
dekarlsome issues with the directory structure have been fixed in the last 7 days.20:55
williammandachanged over in jan and I have the latest mythbuntu updates20:55
dekarlwhen did it stop working?20:56
williammandatried it this week20:56
dekarlwilliammanda: if it has not worked since the upgrade it might be fixed by a simple update to the latest nighly20:57
williammandadekarl, I am updated20:57
dekarlwilliammanda: hmm, lets see. I use apache as webserver and have removed and readded the mythweb package to test the fix.20:59
williammandawell I'm not sure what is used other than what was installed :)21:00
williammandait seems myth isn't being told where to look for mythweb21:00
dekarlThe fix last week was about telling the webserver where to look for mythweb21:01
williammandasomething isn't right with mine....was working be fore the updaste to ver 0.2521:02
mrandausie-boy: do you REALLY see nothing, or do you see a splash screen and then nothing?  If you see a splash screen, you might try noapic (or apic=no) on the kernel line when launching from grub.21:02
mrandAlternative would be to install using 11.04 and then upgrade :/21:02
mrandOr if you're feeling frisky, try 12.04 alpha and see if it is a bug that is fixed.  Or try an alternative install method for 11.10 (like using the alternate/server CD)21:03
ausie-boyi get the mythbuntu with the loading dots then nothing21:04
mrandok, so the screen isn't completely blank the whole time.  that's slightly different.21:07
mrandausie-boy:  You might try disabling apic... I've had to do that on certain machines.  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=11377009#post11377009 is an example.  You can find other people with similar issues by searching stuff like "11.10 nothing after splash screen"21:10
Zinn[ubuntuforums.org] [ubuntu] Ubuntu 11.10 not booting but showing Purple Screen - Ubuntu Forums21:10
williammandawell uninstalling and re-installing worked21:10
dekarlwilliammanda: good to hear that it worked for you, too21:11
dekarlsuperm1: ^- somehow updating 0.24 -> 0.25 leaves mythweb broken21:12
ausie-boyok after the mythbuntu loading the dots , i see a wireless connect box and then a window frame with "install" on it  rest of the screen is blank21:12
ausie-boyi will try the apic thing21:13
ausie-boynoapic result is a little different still the same install window with nothing in it , mouse cursor visible but now not moving , install window is pink instead of black21:39
mrandausie-boy: I'd suggest googling around about your computer model [or even better chipset (especially video)] and ubuntu install on 11.10.  It is exceedingly unlikely that you are the first to encounter this.  As mentioned above, it is unlikely this is a Mythbuntu specific thing - I'd expect you'd find the same problem with standard Ubuntu install.  You might get around it by using the alternate disk.21:42
ausie-boyyea its nvidia GF 8200M in an asus pro50 laptop21:43
ausie-boyi might download the ubuntu install and give that a go21:44
ausie-boytried both 32bit and 64 bit same issue, i thought Nvidia GF graphic chipsets usually were not a problem in my past experience21:46
mrandI'd expect it to work, in general.  I'll bet you aren't the first to encounter this, which means that with the right searching, someone has posted the answer somewhere, likely even to ubuntu forums.21:50
superm1dekarl: hmmm22:35
superm1weird, it didn't happen to mine when i did it22:36
superm1i'll have to setup another box to test that upgrade22:36
dekarlI think that would be appreciated by many users ;)22:37
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