dholbachgood morning08:10
CarlosRoncerosHello everybody... I meant to write to Laura Czajkowski about Ubuntu on Voluntary Community Organisations (VCO), I am currently undergoing a research course on Community Empowerment and I am trying to find ways to introduce UBUNTU to small organisations... unfortunately I have to produce a report for the course in a couple of weeks but never mind the Research pack has been design and I will use it in the futu09:34
CarlosRoncerosre to conduct a better research and give it a bit of more proper time. I will like to ask Laura if you have any data, information or any links that could show the benefits and cost saving on implementing UBUNTU in a organisation. Thanks!09:34
czajkowskiCarlosRonceros: have you looked at the wiki page and linked to the blog09:35
czajkowskiall of the case studies are on there09:35
CarlosRoncerosI have only seen your blog! honestly I have been investigating a lot around LASA and they are all MS focus... I did find once a nice link to ODF format and actual figures of savings (http://www.odfalliance.org/resources.php) but unfortunately the Site has gone down... could you send me a link please?09:40
CarlosRoncerosI am quite interested in Open Source and UBUNTU ...  I use Ubuntu .... I am taking a course on CiviCRM too... all this towards implementing solutions for SME in the future ...09:42
CarlosRoncerosI will love to get more involve on Ubuntu-NGO too... just need a little bit of guidance.09:43
czajkowskiCarlosRonceros: have you looked at the ngo blog09:45
czajkowskiall the links are in the topic09:45
CarlosRoncerosis this ubuntungo.wordpress.com?09:46
CarlosRoncerosThank you very much Laura... if I have any more questions is it fine to come back to you?09:49
czajkowskior just ask in here09:49
czajkowskiwill try and keep an eye on the channel09:49
CarlosRoncerosOK thanks... and I guess I could find inforamtion on how to get involve with Ubuntu-ngo in the Blog!09:50
czajkowskiCarlosRonceros: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-ngo join the team and then the ml and post09:51
CarlosRoncerosThanks for all your help!09:52
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