thomiRight - I feel like I need to participate in this channel as well. So here goes.....:18:46
ibeardsleeInteresting .. http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/android18:51
ajmitchthomi: well done, you've fulfilled your participation quota for the day :)19:21
codepalibeardslee, but is it an actual reality?19:52
codepalcan we use andriod with ubuntu like that today?19:52
ibeardsleeI don't think so .. at least nothing obvious along the lines I can find of 'download now'19:58
thumperibeardslee: yep, it is pretty cool21:49
thumperibeardslee: well, you can, kinda, with the right images and bootstrapping21:49
thumperibeardslee: but not publicly easily installable yet21:50
thumperMVC is next week, thi21:50
thumperthis will be being demoed21:50
ajmitchthumper: are the images & source available somewhere yet, or will that be next week as well?21:56
thumperajmitch: not sure to be honest21:56
ibeardsleethumper: have you been working on it?21:57
thumperibeardslee: but product strategy has21:58
thumperand I'm part of that area21:58
thumperproduct strategy is doing all the new form factors21:58
mwhudsona segfault on a phone is still a segfault i guess :)22:28
snailmwhudson: except that it can happen during a 911 call...22:36
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* chilts gets his quote in23:38
chiltsquota even!23:38
ibeardsleequote works as well23:46
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