metasansanaits better than a usb mass storage device01:03
chelzFeb 17, 2012 is when that youtube vid was posted01:05
jussisigh, someone at ubuntu tv fails at youtube08:55
mainerrorHello o/11:21
tarelerulzSo I take you need phone with a video out before you can use Ubuntu to android ?12:33
mainerrortarelerulz: Not sure if the dock wouldn't do that for you.12:39
tarelerulzIf it need video out  , I"m done for sure .  The Sensation don't have that.12:40
tarelerulzIf it needs a dock , I could see if I could find it or maybe get one12:40
mainerrorI don't know for sure either, so don't quote me on that. :)12:41
tarelerulzWell, I'm just asking , I have no idea12:42
tarelerulzI have been using android for awhile now12:42
tarelerulzEven on windows and Even Linux for the most part  The only thing you can really do is  put files on the sd card12:43
mainerrorWell there are more ways to interact with your phone from the computer but that is through the developer tools.12:44
tarelerulzWith bluetooh , I found you could stream audio and transfer files  .  I used wifi to control XBMC  ,but nothing like really sharing the phone  apps12:44
mainerrorIt isn't anything like what Ubuntu planned. :)12:44
tarelerulzI'm there brother12:45
tarelerulz I have done a bit with adb  like running  adb root shell   ,but that is not much12:45
tarelerulzYou can install apps and what not  ,but you can do that on the phone itself12:46
tarelerulzIt looks like a cool idea12:47
tarelerulzIf I had both hardware need. I would download an iso right now and install Ubuntu again12:48
tarelerulzI don't remeber the Sensatoin coming with a dock12:49
tarelerulzmainerror: You have an android phone?12:50
mainerrorYes, a couple of them.12:50
* mainerror is a professional Android developer12:51
mainerrorA HTC Magic, HTC Desire, HTC Desire HD, Nexus S and an Asus EeePad Tablet.12:53
tarelerulzThat is cool12:57
tarelerulzI just have G1 , N1 and  Sensation 4g12:57
tarelerulzI'm rocking cm I think 6 on g1 , cm 7 on  n1 and virtuous_inquisition-v3.0.0 on Sensation .12:59
tarelerulzNot a dev like you , just a user and maybe now power user13:00
tarelerulzHave notice , with new contacts you have place for yourself ( me) .  When you add stuff to it  don't sync back to Google contacts in anyway13:09
tarelerulzIf anything you should not need to fill out , yourself13:13
tarelerulzWhen you guy make it so you , just plug the phone in via usb cord  and the Ubuntu for android thing works I'm so there.  I might even get a dock if  its need13:22

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