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Riddellcjwatson: how's this? https://code.launchpad.net/~jr/livecd-rootfs/kubuntu-active/+merge/9413512:11
Riddellcjwatson: also https://code.launchpad.net/~jr/ubuntu-cdimage/kubuntu-active/+merge/9413812:21
cjwatsonRiddell: can you get somebody who isn't on leave to review it? :)12:47
Riddelloh, sorry12:47
cjwatsonif you're changing tasks you might need to do a tasksel update too, there's lillypilly:~ubuntu-archive/bin/update-{seeds,*germinate}, maybe a few other places12:49
cjwatsonnew seed collections that generate tasks require landing a Launchpad change12:49
cjwatson./cronscripts/publishing/cron.germinate:18:FLAVOURS="ubuntu kubuntu kubuntu-mobile edubuntu xubuntu mythbuntu lubuntu"12:49
* cjwatson disappears again, need to head off to hospital soon12:49
Riddellgotcha, thanks12:52
RiddellScottK: do my merges above look like what you remember doing in the past?12:52
ScottKRiddell: They look right to me.13:35
Riddellgood enough I suppose :)13:36
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Riddellpitti: is antimony still the machine to log into for cd builds?15:02
pittiRiddell: no, that's "nusakan" now15:03
pittiHost cdimage15:03
pitti    HostName nusakan.canonical.com15:03
* pitti uses ^ in his .ssh/config15:03
pittiI can never remember our funny host names15:03
pittiI have "archive", "people", "cdimage", etc.15:04
infinitypitti: You're missing out on the joy of typing lillypilly, then!15:06
infinity(Terrible one-handed mess, if you're a "true" touch-typist)15:07
pittimy keyboard forces me to be :)15:07
pittiinfinity: but indeed, that's even worse than "database", which as a psql maintainer I tend to type quite often :)15:07
pittianother reason to put Mr. Qwerty and Mr. Caps Lock into a sack and hit them really hard15:08
pittibut I never got fluent enough with Dvorak to actually use it15:08
Riddellthanks pitti15:09
infinityYeah, I've been typing qwerty for so long that I don't much care if there are better options.15:09
stgraberpitti: not using qwertz? :) (not that it'd make much difference in that case though)15:12
Riddellpitti, infinity: who remembers the right way to update cdimage scripts on nusakan ?15:12
pittiRiddell: I'm afraid I never did that15:12
Riddellthere's a bzr branch in /srv/cdimage.ubuntu.com/ another in /srv/cdimage.ubuntu.com/bzr/private/cdimage and the public one at lp:cdimage-ubuntu15:12
infinityRiddell: Commit to private, pull from cdimage.15:13
pittistgraber: no; German layout is a nuisance15:13
Riddellinfinity: so commit to /srv/cdimage.ubuntu.com/bzr/private/cdimage and pull from there to /srv/cdimage.ubuntu.com/ ?15:13
pittistgraber: in fact, when using C, vim, or LaTeX, anything but "us" is a nuisance15:13
infinityRiddell: I check out a copy of /srv/cdimage.ubuntu.com/bzr/private/cdimage in my ~, hack on it, commit, and then as cdimage, cd to /srv/cdimage.ubuntu.com/ and bzr pull.15:13
Riddellinfinity: ok and how does lp:ubuntu-cdimage get updated?15:14
infinityRiddell: Don't worry overly about the public branch, Colin merges bi-directionally occasionally.15:14
stgraberpitti: yeah, I also found qwerty to work a lot better when coding than qwertz, having to use altgr half the time was a bit annoying. Though having $ directly mapped to a key was kind of nice ;)15:14
Riddellinfinity: ok, wish me luck15:14
infinityRiddell: There's a hope that, at some point, the pirvate branch might go away, and the public one will become authoritative, but we still need to put some work into making that a sane reality.15:15
infinityRiddell: If you need anything reviewed before you do the commit/pull dance, let me know.15:16
Riddellinfinity: https://code.launchpad.net/~jr/ubuntu-cdimage/kubuntu-active/+merge/9413815:17
infinityRiddell: What's the "active" stand for? :P15:18
Riddellinfinity: upstream KDE's brand for "tablet and touch UI stuff"15:18
infinityRiddell: Looks good, assuming you got every instance of 'mobile' in the source.15:19
Riddellgrep says I did :)15:19
Riddellinfinity: how does nusakan:/srv/cdimage.ubuntu.com look to you?16:46
Riddellinfinity: for livecd-rootfs I just update the branch and upload as a package to ubuntu?16:47
infinityRiddell: Yep.16:48
infinityRiddell: None of these images were ever supported, right?16:48
infinityRiddell: (ie: we'll never need to respin them for a previous release?)16:48
Riddellno, kubuntu-mobile never was and is dead16:48
Riddellkubuntu-netbook likewise16:48
Riddelland kubuntu-kde4 has been dead of even longer16:48
* skaet notes we need to make sure to change this in the iso tracker.16:50
infinityNo need to have ARCHES="i386" in crontab if etc/default-arches is correct.16:51
Riddellinfinity: ok, fixing16:51
infinityRiddell: You could probably also ditch the "mobile" and "preinstalled-mobile" cruft from make0web-indices, since you've killed those types.16:52
infinityBut meh, that list needs more cruft-checking anyway.16:53
infinityWe really need to kill moblin and netbook and mid... And...16:53
infinitySo, perhaps another day. :P16:53
Riddellyeah I think it's cruft left over from an ubuntu-mobile not a kubuntu-mobile :)16:54
infinityI'll go through that all with a fine-toothed comb another time.16:54
infinityNow that ARM images have settled on sane names.16:55
infinityRiddell: Oh, you'll also want to hand-apply your etc/crontab changes to the actual crontab.17:02
infinityRiddell: (perhaps commented out, for now, while you're working on livecd-rootfs changes, etc)17:02
Riddellinfinity: livecd-rootfs is uploaded this morning to ubuntu, will the server magically pick those up?17:14
infinityRiddell: The live builders apt-get upgrade chroots before every build.17:17
Riddellinfinity: err could you edit the crontab or tell me how to convince crontab -e  to use emacs and not vi? :)17:18
infinityRiddell: VISUAL=emacs crontab -e17:18
infinity(assuming emacs is installed, you might try nano)17:18
infinityOh, hey, emacs is installed.17:18
Riddellyeah because I asked for it once upon a time :)17:19
Riddellok updated.  never heard of using VISUAL I was assuming it was EDITOR like every other command17:19
Riddellinfinity: anything else you can think of that needs changed for new images to appear?17:20
infinityOff the top of my head, no, but something will probably explode. ;)17:20
infinity(There are launchpad changes needed too, if you were introducting a new task)17:21
Riddellinfinity: hmm so I should go to wgrant or bigjooles about that I guess17:23
infinityYou could have just reused the mobile tasks. ;)17:24
infinityBut yeah, if you're renaming a task, that needs manual mangling in LP.17:24
infinity05:49 < cjwatson> if you're changing tasks you might need to do a tasksel update too, there's lillypilly:~ubuntu-archive/bin/update-{seeds,*germinate}, maybe a few other places17:25
infinity05:49 < cjwatson> new seed collections that generate tasks require landing a Launchpad change17:25
infinity05:49 < cjwatson> ./cronscripts/publishing/cron.germinate:18:FLAVOURS="ubuntu kubuntu kubuntu-mobile edubuntu xubuntu mythbuntu lubuntu"17:25
Riddelloh yes17:26
infinityRiddell: Sorting out the relevant cron.germinate change should be trivial, you just need someone in the committers group to review and land it for you.17:26
infinityRiddell: And then get it cherrypicked or queued up for the next LP NDT.17:26
infinityRiddell: I recommend canonical/#launchpad-ops to try to get that sorted.17:27
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skaethmm...   https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StandingFeatureFreeze is looking rather stale in terms of usage.20:41
highvoltageisn't that a good thing? :)20:46
stgraberlooks like it'd need some updating20:46
stgraber"have been approved for Hardy:"20:47
stgraberthen listing a Jaunty FFe ;)20:47
Laneykill it20:47
Laneyhave we used standing FFes recently?20:47
stgraberseems like a lot of that became useless with bugfix only new releases being allowed, instead people tend to develop in PPA and ask for a single FFe when actually landing a feature which seems better20:49
skaetok,  will go clean up the page that points to it,  and update this page to indicate stale.21:01
Laneycan you delete it?21:01
Laneyi assume the wiki lets you resurrect deleted pages21:02
skaetLaney,  I'll just update it to reflect there are no standing Freeze Exceptions,  and process has changed.   Will look into deleting later21:04
skaet(after I know I check what the history story is)21:04
stgraberskaet: can you do some priority bumping of https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nux/+bug/926859?21:34
ubot2`Launchpad bug 926859 in nux "llvmpipe software rendering needs blacklisting in unity-support-test" [High,Triaged]21:34
stgraberskaet: this is making working with live images a major pain for me as I can't switch to unity-2d and am stuck with the VM using 50% of my CPU to do 3D stuff in software21:34
stgrabernot to mention 80% of the time I don't even see ubiquity because of it ...21:34
skaetstgraber,  will ask at any rate...21:37
stgraberI'm surprised we haven't heard more about it as it's making ISO testing in kvm pretty much impossible21:38
stgraberVirtualbox/Vmware might work as they actually have 3D drivers21:38
broderi couldn't get the vmware 3d driver to work, fwiw - i ended up with llvmpipe21:40
stgraberllvmpipe is very nice to have, but I don't think we're going to have a working compiz on llvmpipe for 12.04 and even if we did, I don't think we want that to be the default21:41
wgrantinfinity, Riddell: cocoplum deployments aren't in NDT, since they still require downtime, but it's pretty trivial, yeah.21:56
* ScottK wonders if the uTouch team has any idea of feature freeze?22:48
ScottK(beyond, oh, I have to do more paperwork now)22:48
GrueMasterFeature Freeze?  What's that?  :P23:11
ScottKYeah.  Not funny.23:12
ScottKI think I'll just approve everything.  That way it's fair.23:12
stgraberreverting the upload until they have the paperwork done would be fair though it takes quite a bit of effort to do, it's not like we have a "revert" button on LP23:25
ScottKI've done reverts before, but not in awhile.23:27
slangasekstgraber: the iso tracker seems to link to the rootfs tarballs for the wubi test cases; that doesn't make a lot of sense to me, since users will need to download the .exe and the .exe downloads the tarball? http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/206/builds/11165/downloads23:49
stgraberindeed, I guess it still makes sense to use the rootfs version for the builds though, just point to wherever the matching wubi is (people.ubuntu.com?)23:51
slangasekyeah, I think so23:51
slangasekshould be http://people.canonical.com/~evand/wubi/precise/stable ?23:53
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stgraberslangasek: fixed23:56
slangasekcheers :)23:56
stgraberslangasek: I pointed to the directory instead of a specific file, having "stable" as filename looks weird. we probably should have a wubi-latest.exe as symlink to whatever is latest (probably identical to stable)23:56
slangasekfair enough23:57

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