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MoleManmy root is mounted on a LVM, how do I get ubuntu server to recognise that I have extended the lvm?02:07
twbIt's automatic02:09
twbOh, maybe you forgot to resize the filesystem after extending the LV?02:09
MoleManyeah, is there anyway to do it if the FS is in use?02:11
MoleManor do I need a live CD? :(02:12
twbDepends on the filesystem.  ext can online grow, but not online shrink02:15
MoleManext4. and I grew the lv. whats the command to grow the FS?02:16
MoleMando I need to specify size or is there an option to fill the space?02:17
MoleManhmm, running with no options seems to be just filling the space automatically. Thanks :)02:18
MoleManis there a command that displays the same data as is shown when you first connect to SSH? (probably same as normal login)02:25
twbIt defaults to the new size of the LV02:26
twbMoleMan: try cat /etc/motd02:26
MoleManis it the bash config you use to create aliases for commands?02:28
twbI don't understand the question02:28
MoleMannevermind, it was. In the bash.bashrc you can 'create' commands with such as "alias motd='cat /etc/motd'"02:31
MoleManso typing motd would run the command. New issue though, the motd is apparenty generated on connection, and just using cat to output it doesn't regenerate it... so it shows the same as when you connected02:32
twbMoleMan: yes, this is an ubuntu "feature"02:35
twbmotd is supposed to be static content set by the sysadmin, but ubuntu hijacked it to put random other stuff in there and regenerate it on login, causing problems for everyone02:36
twbmotd = message of the day, e.g. "dear users I will be shutting the system down at 4PM for a hardware upgrade"02:36
MoleManbut in theory, mustn't it be triggering a command/script to generate the MOTD, which in theory I could run myself... or will it be too deeply hidden within the system?02:37
twbMoleMan: pam_motd.so does it02:37
twbYou are better off working out how to generate the information you actually care about02:38
sp4zhi does anybody have a link for any documentation to add a line to the body of an email from clam av on a mail server saying that message has been scanned etc?03:21
twbIt should already be adding X- headers03:31
twbMessing with the body is Naughty and Mean03:31
sp4ztwb, dont you have to do that to add a disclaimer anyway?03:32
twbThat's also naughty and mean03:32
sp4zwould you prefer setting clients to add disc in signature over doing it at mail server leve?03:33
twbI don't see why a disclaimer is needed at all.03:34
qman___if it's private enough to need a disclaimer, it's private enough that it shouldn't have been sent in the clear to begin with03:34
sp4zyeah thats true03:35
twbqman___: hear hear03:35
twbWhere "in the clear" means unencrypted, cf. S/MIME or GPG03:35
Canadian1296What is the best package to set up a ftp server?05:02
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twbCanadian1296: http://mywiki.wooledge.org/FtpMustDie05:17
twbCanadian1296: for anonymous downloads, you should use HTTP; for authenticated uploads, you should use SFTP (which is built into SSH).05:18
twbCanadian1296: note that you can grant SFTP access without granting general SSH shell access.05:18
Canadian1296twb: I want authenticated uploads and dowloads, so SFTP. How do I set that up?05:18
twbCanadian1296: do you know how to do a normal SSH shell setup?  (Which basically just means install openssh-server)05:19
Canadian1296twb: Yes, I ssh into the server all the time. I want to be able to open a ftp/sftp client, connect to my server, authenticate, and have a list of files.05:20
funkysmellI have installed UBUNUT server on a virtual machine, but am only able to access it via ssh at the moment. I would like to activate remote desktop so I can download some packages that arent available via apt-get.05:21
twbCanadian1296: OK, all you do is configure something like this in sshd_config: http://paste.debian.net/157148/05:22
twbCanadian1296: note that Match stanzas MUST go at the END of the file, also internal-sftp is not available in 8.04 LTS.05:22
twbCanadian1296: you don't need all those options, e.g. you might want to still allow password-based logins.05:23
twbCanadian1296: anyway, then all you do to allow someone to log in is to create a normal unix account and add them to the sftponly group.05:23
Canadian1296twb: So add those lines to sshd_config, then add the users I want to login with to the group sftponly?05:24
twbYep, it's pretty easy now that internal-sftp exists05:24
twbIt means you can chroot them into somewhere (like $HOME in that example) without worrying about including binaries in it.05:25
twbIf this was, for example, to allow users to upload web stuff, you might instead have ChrootDirectory /var/www/<customer name>, or set the customer's $HOME to /var/www/<customer name>05:25
Canadian1296twb: Is there a guide for this? I caught most of what you said, I just need a little clarification.05:26
twbI dunno, I just read the manpages and worked it out myself05:26
twbFeel free to quote me if you want to update a wiki page somewhere05:27
Canadian1296It's okay, I think I got it. Hang on a sec05:28
Canadian1296Okay I just blanked out. How do I add a user to a group?05:30
twbsudo adduser fred sftponly05:39
Canadian1296twb: I got it, thanks. ("usermod -aG sftponly user")05:41
twbRecommend use high-level adduser/deluser rather than low-level useradd/del/mod.05:43
Canadian1296Okay i will next time :)05:44
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nicoleHi there06:25
nicoleWeb master here06:26
nicoleAny easy to use tools to configure a LAMP server with ?06:26
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Guest21124Any easy to use tools to configure a LAMP server with ?06:26
Guest21124I do everything from the CLI06:26
Guest21124Webmin is too broad also06:26
Guest21124just wondering what other web admins use here06:26
Guest21124Anyone actually alive06:29
Guest21124What kidns of things do you guys use Ubuntu Server for?06:29
Guest21124I'm deploying 10.04 tommorow06:29
Guest21124to a few clients sites06:29
Guest21124replaced Windows Server 200306:29
Guest21124hey EMKO06:30
Guest21124Ar eyou a server user?06:31
Guest21124Why does nobody post here06:32
Guest21124I'm just a LAMP server admin, doing some migratios tmrw06:33
Guest21124was wondering if you knew of any tools06:33
Guest21124to administer them remotly, other then WEbmin06:34
onrei configure things by hand, not using any web panels or stuff like that06:34
onrein my experience they cause more problems than they solve06:34
Guest21124What about eBox06:34
onrenever tried it06:34
Guest21124Cool - thanks for the info06:35
Guest21124do you run Ubuntu Server in a production environment?06:35
onreit wouldn't fit my purposes very well, anyway. i run web and database servers. work stuff runs in amazon ec2, hobby stuff runs on real hardware06:35
onreservers @work handle ~4000 websites, hobby project is a single website getting ~4M page loads per month06:35
Guest21124very cool06:36
Guest21124im just starting out06:36
Guest21124do you do any windows server stuff?06:36
Guest21124i support a mixed environment, less then 100 clients06:37
onrenot really. last version of windows servers that i knew well was NT 4.0 :)06:37
Guest21124interesting - so all of your servers are running ubuntu server? why didn't you go with debian or centos?06:37
onrewe actually migrated away from centos @work because personally i find it inferior to ubuntu :p debian, well... dunno about the situation now, but a few years ago debian was almost legendary in providing very old software versions in "stable" releases06:38
taipresI run ubuntu on my vps only because it fights with me less when installing stuff06:39
taipresredhat underlings(centos, fedora, etc...) aren't as kind06:39
onreit also provides you with some sort of sensible default configurations for most stuff06:39
Guest21124do you prefer 10.0406:40
onrewhereas in my experience centos doesn't06:40
Guest21124or 11.1006:40
Guest21124centos is the only OS i can use for my cpanel clients06:40
taipresnot much experience with centos, just know lot see to use it for a server06:40
onrei run 10.04 LTS, going to upgrade to 12.04 when it's released (26th of April iirc)06:40
taipresGuest why is that06:40
Guest21124cpanl requirements06:40
taipresand they're #1?06:40
Guest21124oddly enough06:40
taipreswhat a joke06:40
Guest21124im vendor agnostic06:40
taipresthought cpanel was written in php?06:41
Guest21124all cgi06:41
onrecgi is just an interface, not a language06:41
taipresyeah, so what's the language C?06:41
taipresI know directadmin is C++ I believe06:41
Guest21124hm. not sure06:41
onrei've helped a friend with directadmin and found it to be rather miserable06:42
taipresthis sites says "cPanel is primarily written in Perl."06:42
taipresonre what didn't like about directadmin?06:43
taipresI haven't used much myself06:43
onrewell, i generally dislike this sort of "do-it-all" admin panel solutions, and this one was especially bad because it installed basically its own version of _everything_ (apache, php etc) under /usr/local06:44
Guest21124thats how these work06:44
Guest21124directadmin has a admin panel06:44
Guest21124that runs in root06:44
Guest21124what about webmin06:45
onrewell i'm absolutely certain that you could integrate an application like this way better with distribution's own packaging system06:45
Guest21124ever used it?06:45
Guest21124it's free06:45
Guest21124more then just a web control panel06:45
onrei still prefer configuring things by hand instead of relying on what the web admin tool's author has thought of as being a good way of configuring something06:46
Guest21124i must submit, you manage more then i do06:46
Guest21124perhaps im missing something, i always find the bash interface to be the most uncomofrtable option06:46
Guest21124even when administering windows i love being able to RDP in06:47
Guest21124im not ready to harness powershell06:47
Guest21124some servers i install lwm and SSH in06:47
Guest21124lwm, xrdp, and then i RDP over SSH06:47
Guest21124theres lots of ways06:48
linociscohow to post image?07:31
linociscoimagebin is banned in my office07:32
koolhead17linocisco: imgur.com :P07:34
linociscokoolhead17, also banned07:35
linociscokoolhead17, websense is banning07:35
koolhead17need a very basic help with mysql. i have modified the my.cnf file with bind-address =
koolhead17still am not able to connect DB remotely. what am i missing now :(07:36
koolhead17i remember was the only thing needed to be done!! :P07:36
koolhead17gosh!1 got it. service mysql restart, upstart07:38
Guest21124time to create your own proxy08:03
Guest21124that websense doesn't know of08:03
Davieyyeehaa, good morning everyone.08:26
linociscohi all08:38
linociscoI want to setup ubuntu based router08:38
uvirtbot`New bug: #938485 in minicom (universe) "No keystrokes are sent - no outgoing serial" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93848508:41
linociscoI want to setup ubuntu based router08:53
linociscohow to?08:53
_rubendepends on your needs/wishes/skills/etc08:55
linocisco_ruben, if i show required diagram, is it ok?09:21
linociscohow to set up ubuntu based router?09:22
_rubena diagram likely won't show enough info, stuff like firewalling/NAT/dhcp/proxy/etc. you'll need to determine which parts you'll need and just install those. there's probably a ton of howtos and other docs to be found on the internet09:27
lynxmanmorning o/09:28
linocisco_ruben, just a router setup is fine09:30
_rubenlinocisco: "just a router" .. ok .. edit /etc/sysctl.conf and uncomment the line with 'net.ipv4.ip_forward=1' .. sudo sysctl -p .. done09:31
linocisco_ruben, actually I wanted to show or upload a diagram of my setup but office network firewall ban all uploading sites09:32
_rubenguess you should leave this stuff to the network admin(s) then09:33
linocisco_ruben, I am All In One IT here09:41
_rubenthe remove the web surfing restrictions so you can do your job09:41
linocisco_ruben, I am checking https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Router. but it is not the way I want09:43
linocisco_ruben, my setup is  (10.x.x.x)-- cable--(172.x.x.x)- VSAT-(172.x.x.x)--->(192.168.x.x).09:45
linocisco_ruben, I just want to ping 192.168.x.xnetwork  from my current 10.x.x.x network09:46
xranbylinocisco: are you in controll of the cable and VSAT box ?09:50
_rubenlinocisco: you mean you have 2 locations, with the internet in between, and you want to connect those two?09:52
linociscoxranby, sure . I am in end user indoor device control of two 172.x.x.x network. but they can ping each other due to backbone infrasture of ISP. THat is what I dont know09:52
linocisco_ruben, yes. two locations has their own internet connection. as their internet speed from their ISP is slow. I want to share big internet from my 10.x.x.x to that site09:53
_rubenlinocisco: but there is no direct connection between those locations? if so, whatever routing tricks (including vpns) you will be doing, the speed won't improve at all for the slower location09:54
xranbylinocisco: can you list the routing tables at the cable and VSAT router09:55
jacobwhi, i want to package a (libpam|libnss)-ldap and pam configuration09:55
jacobwthe files i want to replace aren't owned by any packages, /etc/ldap.conf and /etc/pam.d/common-*09:56
linocisco_ruben, the thing for the time being is no connection has been established between (10.x.x. and 172.x.x.x ) which is at my end09:56
linocisco_ruben, I dont know if I have to NAT OR Route between 10.x.x.x and 172.x.x.x network.09:56
fuhewkfI have an issue with amavis-new-postfix09:57
jacobwi can simply replace these files without notifying dpkg they already exist, but pam depends on them and thus removal of my package will break pam09:57
linociscoxranby, sorry I have no routing table as 10.x.x.x and 172.x.x.x are not linked yet. I am seeking how to connect09:57
fuhewkfI get an error when the setup scripts run: 'postconf: warning: spf-policyd_time_limit: unknown parameter'09:57
fuhewkfin main.cf spf-policyd_time_limit is set to 3600s09:57
_rubenlinocisco: what is this 172.x.x.x network?10:01
linocisco_ruben, I have two ISPs . one is 10.87.x.x (with better internet) and (172.x.x.x) which is (slow internet)10:02
greppylinocisco: unless you are going to have a network connection that bypasses the internet connection for the 172.x.x.x site, you aren't going to improve anything by tunneling/vpn/proxy over the slow connection to a faster one.10:03
_rubenyou're getting private ip addresses from your isps? or that just the inside of your isps' provided routers10:03
linocisco_ruben, my idea is to share our better internet bandwidth from 10.87.x.x network through (172.x.x.x) network to remote 192.168.x.x clients10:03
_rubenand 172.x.x.x ( isn't just some network, it consists of tons of networks10:04
_rubenlinocisco: you'll really needa figure out a way to show us a diagram, because your textual descriptions aren't making much sense10:04
linocisco_ruben,  from the same ISP we got two internet line one is here in Main office and the other is at remote office but both are ISP's subnetted ips. they can ping each other10:05
linocisco_ruben, with latency 1500ms minimum10:05
_rubenlinocisco: if the ISP is the same for both lines, the "slowness" is between the remote office and the ISP, which is nothing you can do about without running a direct cable between the 2 offices10:06
_rubeneven if you'd route traffic from slow office to the fast office, it'll use the slow office's slow link to get to the fast office's fast link10:06
_rubenand thus, you won't win anything10:07
xranbylinocisco: at the "slow office"  can you ping the "fast-office" 172.x.x.x ip address?10:07
xranbyi think you will need to open a port in this router10:07
xranbytowards a vpn gateway inside the 10.87.x.x net work10:08
xranbyyou can then connect from the 192.168.x.x network using vpn to the open port at the 172.x.x.x router10:09
_rubenstill likely wounldn't cause any speed improvements for the slow office10:09
xranbywell if the slow isp have simple network switches for the 172.x.x.x then it wil  be fast10:09
_rubenas that office has a high latency satelite connection to the isp, so even if you'd route the traffic through the isp to the fast office, it'll still use the slow satelite connection10:09
xranbysince you will not go across the internet10:09
_rubenxranby: i'm expecting the slowness to be between the office and the isp10:10
xranby_ruben: ok yes.. we cant do anything to improve the speed of the VSAT link10:10
xranbybut we can workaround any slowdowns at the internet facing router if the ISP that got the 172.x.x.x network10:11
_rubenand since both links are terminated at the same isp, traffic between the offices will never go out the internet anyways, even without any special tricks/hacks/whatever10:11
_rubenunless it's a really, really, *really* crappy isp10:12
_rubenor actually a really smart isp, as it takes a fair ammount of effort to route internal (from isp's pov) traffic over the internet ;)10:12
xranbylinocisco: did i understand correctly that at your fast office you got 2 ISP's?10:12
linociscoxranby,  yes. one is overseas's Internet and the second internet is slow10:14
_rubenand the 2nd internet is linked to the slow office as well, and since the slow office only has a single slow connection, there's nothing you can do to improve it other than getting a faster isp at that office, or run a cable yourself10:15
greppy( if it's overseas, I am thinking that running a cable could be really, really expensive )10:16
_rubeni'm not saying it'd be a cheap solution, or possible at all, just stating the theoretical options :)10:16
xranbylinocisco: do your setup look like this:  internet <-> ISP 10.x.x.x <-> office router A <-> office network <-> office router B <-> ISP 2 172.x.x.x (with crappy conenction to internet) <-> closet router A <-> VSAT link equipment <-> remote 192.168.x.x network that want to avoid using the ISP 2 internet gateway10:17
_rubenlinocisco: is the latency from to any better than from to a random site on the internet?10:17
_rubenxranby: both offices have a crappy vsat link, and main office also has a better sat link10:18
linocisco_ruben,  latency between two 172.x.x.x network is 1500 ms minimum.but without request timeout10:18
xranbyhmm ok10:18
_rubenlinocisco: there's no way to get rid of those delays, and 1500ms minimum won't give any decent speeds10:18
linocisco_ruben, but email or internet is not SIP based. so TCP/IP will be ok. won't ??10:19
_rubenin order for the remote office to get better speeds, it'll need a better link, either to the main office or the internet10:19
_rubenlinocisco: tcp/ip wont like it very much either10:20
linocisco_ruben, actually two Local ISP VSAT links between two offices will act as VPN. like WAN10:20
_rubenand since you'll likely be requiring a vpn for this setup, it'll only get worse as the vpn introduces overhead10:20
linocisco_ruben,  here two local VSAT links is acting like (VPN+slow interent)10:21
linocisco_ruben, so no way??10:22
_rubenlinocisco: highly doubt it, as the vast links themselves are likely to be a bigpart of the bottlenecks10:22
linocisco_ruben, ok i see10:23
linocisco_ruben,  another question is if we buy ADSL or another internet line for remote office, how can we load balance automatically if one line is down?10:23
greppylinocisco: you want failover, not load balance.10:24
linocisco_ruben, I would also much appreciate that load balancing would also accomodate for combined internet spped10:24
_rubenlinocisco: most dual-wan routers have that option built-in, for a linux solution: http://lartc.org/howto/lartc.rpdb.multiple-links.html10:24
linociscogreppy, yes. failover and fail back or fail safe10:25
greppyload balancing across links to different ISPs is just asking for strange things to happen, that your users probably will not appreciate.10:25
_rubenlink balancing over 2 internet links is pretty tricky10:25
_rubenunless you'll be having your own PI/PA address space and do stuff with BGP10:25
linocisco_ruben,  so what do I do ? our ISPs here will provide only subnetted private ips10:27
_rubenlinocisco: failover will likely be the best you can achieve10:27
linocisco_ruben, ok fail over fail back fail safe solution alone is ok?10:27
_rubena common solution for the failover part tends to be selfmade scripts: ping primary default gateway every X seconds, if no response: change default gateway to secondary10:28
_rubenagain, tons of stuff can be found on the internet on this subject10:29
linocisco_ruben, I am thinking of ubuntu based solution first. If not possible, I need to buy hardware device10:31
linocisco_ruben, doesn't http://lartc.org/howto/lartc.rpdb.multiple-links.html solve??10:33
_rubenlinocisco: automatic failover when one link fails will require kernel patches in order for it to work properly10:40
_rubenthe so-called dead gateway detection patches10:40
___MAXhi i am trying to backup all my installed package with this command " directory dpkg-repack"  and i give the following command in the terminal sudo fakeroot -u dpkg-repack ' dpkg --get-selections | grep install | cut f1' error came up apkg-repack:package dpkg --get-selections .... . not installed10:50
___MAXany body !10:52
ikonia___MAX: what ?10:53
___MAXhelp :)10:53
___MAX>hi i am trying to backup all my installed package with this command " directory dpkg-repack" and i give the following command in the terminal sudo fakeroot -u dpkg-repack ' dpkg --get-selections | grep install | cut f1' error came up apkg-repack:package dpkg --get-selections .... . not installed10:53
ikoniawhat ?10:53
ikonia___MAX: ok, I've never used that command, but work it through10:54
samba35how do i open .php page10:54
ikonia___MAX: does dpkg --get-selections work ?10:54
ikoniasamba35: open it with what ?10:54
___MAXalone yes10:55
ikoniasamba35: you need a web server running a php module10:55
samba35i want o install wordpress and just want to test test.php it prompt me to open with10:55
samba35yes its running10:55
ikonia___MAX: ok, so dpkg --get-selections | grep install, does that work10:55
___MAXikonia:but  i think it's not recognize the direcotry dpkg-repack10:55
samba35let me check again10:56
ikoniasamba35: then visit the url in your browser10:56
ikoniasamba35: so what's the problem ?10:57
___MAXikonia: dpkg --get-selections | grep install not  work10:57
ikonia___MAX: there you go then10:57
samba35when i open url it give me message open php file with10:58
samba35it did not find correct mime10:58
ikoniasamba35: then your webserver does not have the php5 module installed and enabled10:58
___MAXikonia: so wat id  no need for the cut and grep10:58
ikoniasamba35: if you visit https://help.ubuntu.com and look in the server section it explains how to install apache with php510:58
ikonia___MAX: what ?10:58
___MAXikonia: in the command no need for grep and cut10:59
ikoniaI don't know, I can't quite see what you are doing, or your thought process so I don't know10:59
___MAXikonia: ok the coomand again:fakeroot -u dpkg-repack ' dpkg --get-selections | grep install | cut f1'11:01
___MAXikonia: dpkg-repack is folder i create in my home directory11:02
ikonia___MAX: I say the command but I don't understand what you are doing with that process,11:03
ikonia___MAX: you know the "| grep install" is failing, so I don't know what you want me to "fix"11:04
___MAXikonia : ok,thx11:04
samba35ikonia, how do i repair apt repository ?11:14
samba35i am getting some error with E: Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with --fix-missing ? even after trying this two option i am getting error11:16
ikoniasamba35: what's wrong with it ?11:18
ikoniasamba35: please pastebin the output of "sudo apt-get update"11:18
_rubenyou're using ppa's that longer exist it seems11:22
samba35how to fix it i even try to uncomment that11:23
samba35is it becase of proxy ?11:23
xranbysamba35:  look inside /etc/apt/sources.list.d11:24
xranbyand remove the file for this repository11:24
samba35ikonia, xranby _ruben thanks11:39
ikoniasamba35: please be aware that if you are using PPA's your system maybe in an unstable state, depending on what those PPA's install11:40
xranbysamba35: no problem11:40
_rubenmight wanna find the proper new url for those ppa, unless they got continued. if they got continued because said versions are now in the main repos, you should be fine to just disable 'em11:42
samba35deleted some of them11:43
uvirtbot`New bug: #938612 in squid3 (main) "Squid3 3.1.11-1ubuntu0.1 failed to install/upgrade: ErrorMessage: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93861212:42
koolhead17need some help with sed, anyone :)12:50
_rubenkoolhead17: how about some more specific question(s)?12:51
koolhead17_ruben: let me pastebin12:51
_rubenalso, the best place would likely be ##sed :)12:51
koolhead17_ruben: its trivial, i donvito t understand what am doing wrong here :(12:52
koolhead17sed: -e expression #1, char 12: unknown option to `s'12:53
_rubenyou're not escaping the slashes12:53
_rubenreplace each / with \/, except for the 3 s/foo/bar/ slashes12:54
koolhead17ooh ok12:55
rbasakor just use another character instead of /12:55
_rubenor that12:55
rbasaksed -i's_sqlite:////var/lib/glance/glance.sqlite_mysql://user:secret@' /etc/glance/glance-registry.conf12:55
koolhead17rbasak: sed: -e expression #1, char 7: extra characters after command   am getting after executing the above :12:58
rbasakPut a space after the -i12:59
_rubenand i tend to explicitly mention the -e, so sed -i -e's.....'13:00
koolhead17rbasak:  _ruben thanks, it worked13:00
* koolhead17 is happy13:13
g0tchahey guys, is there a way to get a notification of some sort everytime a specific user logs into the system?13:14
uvirtbot`New bug: #938215 in euca2ools (main) "euca-describe-instances graceless with unexpected args" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93821513:17
sorenzul: I'm confused by this commit: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-server-dev/nova/essex/revision/31513:18
sorenzul: Who authored those changes?13:18
zulsoren: heckj13:39
sorenzul: Ok, so heckj made the patch. Attached to a bug somewhere?13:44
sorenzul: Or how did you get it?13:44
zulsoren: i got the patch directly from heckj there was no changelog entry to it13:44
sorenzul: Ok.13:44
autoditacheyho. any md-raid and ext3 experts in here?13:44
sorenNo worries.13:44
zulsoren: so i muddled through :913:45
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autoditaci am struggling to recover an ext3 filesystem on an md raid5 device where subsequently 2 out of three drives failed - not physically: they've lost the connection to the sata controller, presumably due to an error of the controllers driver. the md metadata superblocks got corrupted during the process so i recreated the array with the last known to work drive-layout using --asume-clean . mount didn't find any filesystem superblock so13:59
autoditac i took an image backup of two of the drives, reassembled again with one missing drive, initiated an "fcks.ext3 -y /dev/md0" and crossed fingers. fsck is running for 4 hours now (1TB Array), is in its 3d iteration and finds an unbelievable amount of multiply claimed blocks . any hint for a tool to debig that problem?13:59
uvirtbot`New bug: #938699 in nova (main) "nova-compute runaway memory allocation" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93869914:19
uvirtbot`New bug: #938702 in nova (main) ""nova-manage fixed list" no longer works" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93870214:21
dholbach^ can anyone help my friend autoditac? any suggestions?14:41
uvirtbot`dholbach: Error: "can" is not a valid command.14:41
ikoniaautoditac: that sounds interesting14:44
ikoniaautoditac: can I query why you don't want to let it run go an end state and then work forward from there ? eg: the multiply claimed blocks shouldn't be a problem at the end of it ?14:45
autoditacikonia, thanks for the hint - but two files sharing blocks doesn't sound like data integrity to me ....15:12
autoditacfsck is still running, of course15:12
ikoniaautoditac: sharing the same block sounds like integrity (at least at some level) to me in that how it's recovering15:13
ikoniaautoditac: I think you're going to have to accept some sort of data loss though, if you've lost 2 out of 3 in a raid5 stripe, bits will be missing15:15
PedroGomesHi, I'm trying to build an partition perseed recipe but I can't figure out some of the options and I can't find any info about them either15:16
PedroGomeson the partition you see things like: 40 50 100 ext315:17
ikoniaautoditac: have you got any backups of the file systems with the 3 drives working ?15:17
PedroGomeswhat are the 3 numbers?15:17
linociscohow to setup failover server for two ISPs15:19
autoditacikonia, it's not my system and the customers, of course, has no backups. http://www.redhat.com/archives/ext3-users/2009-February/msg00028.html suggest that when 5 files claim one block, four of them have to be deleted :-(15:22
ikoniaautoditac: but isn't part of the reason you've got that because you've lost a disk and you're running the file system on a small block distribution, shouldn't fsck clean this and rebuild it correctly from the inode pointers (isn't this pretty much why it's so slow)15:29
wondermancan someone tell me how to do graceful restart of apache on ubuntu?15:30
ikoniawonderman: service apache2 stop15:30
wondermanapache2ctl graceful    this doesnt work15:30
ikoniawonderman: service apache2 start15:30
wondermanstop the server? no lol15:30
wondermani want to do graceful restart for purposes of log rotation15:31
wondermanis this correct ?     >    sudo apache2ctl graceful15:32
ikoniawonderman: in what way is graceful not working ?15:32
wondermani didnt run with sudo, it seems15:32
wondermani guess if i add to my users cron, i can use sudo ?15:33
wondermanor, if i add to 'logrotate'15:33
ikoniasure, you'll need to change the sudoers file to not prompt for a password15:33
wondermanthat would be handy anyway, where is that option lol15:33
ikoniavisudo will allow you to edit the sudoers file15:33
wondermanyes i know, but ive never seen that option15:34
wondermanwhat do i need to add for that option ?15:34
ikoniait's the NOPASSWD option, there is a page on the ubuntu wiki that explains it quite well15:34
wondermannot commented in sudoers by default then ?15:35
ikoniathe sudoers file is just a config file, it doesn't have options detailed in it15:36
ikoniawonderman: copy the admin group rule as a based, change the group to say "nopasswd" create a nopasswd group, add you user to it15:36
ikoniawonderman: change the ALL option for the sudo /usr/bin/apache2ctl graceful"15:36
koolhead17during nova-volume installation on Oneiric i got this warning http://paste.ubuntu.com/852808/  is it okey?15:36
* koolhead17 rushes 4 home15:37
ikoniawonderman: then set the NOPASSWD:ALL option for that user15:37
wondermanmaybe ill just do it as root lol15:37
ikoniawonderman: the wiki page explains it cleaner15:37
uvirtbot`New bug: #938752 in lxc (universe) "Lucid containers don't have sudo set up" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93875215:38
linociscohow to setup failover server for two ISPs ??15:44
_ruben11:25 < _ruben> a common solution for the failover part tends to be selfmade scripts: ping primary default gateway every X seconds, if no response: change default gateway to secondary15:45
ikonialinocisco: sorry, that doesn't make sense15:45
linociscoikonia, why not?15:48
linociscoikonia, the server should be as proxy server for all clients PCs and it is connected to two ISP lines15:49
uvirtbot`New bug: #938763 in nova (main) "nova compute manager traceback during _sync_power_states" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93876315:51
ikonialinocisco: well for starters your server will have to routes out to the internet, how is it going to decided which is should use, you'd have to script or use something such as ivpsadm to add/remove the route you want to use15:54
linociscoikonia, the proxy server should have two NICs connecting to 2 ISPs. Server should know if one line is down and fail over to another working line15:55
MatBoymhh my iscsitarget is crashing when vmware is making a iscsi volume on it15:55
linociscoikonia, I just want to accomplish this15:55
ikonialinocisco: you won't be able to have 2 default gateways15:56
MatBoywhy is scst removed from ubuntu ?15:56
linociscoikonia, I see. I mean two DGW on proxy server alone. all clients PC will point to proxy server in browser15:57
ikonialinocisco: yes, but your server will still need a default gateway to get out to the internet, you can't have two of those15:58
linociscoikonia, so what about three servers? one ISP line with one server. the third server will connect to those two servers and check15:59
ikonialinocisco: I'm sorry that makes no sense15:59
ikonialinocisco: think of it as a physical hardware issue15:59
ikonialinocisco: 1 physical device cannot have 2 default gateways16:00
ikonialinocisco: the default gateway in your example has to be a DSL line to get you out to the internet16:00
linociscoso why are dual WAN routers appears in the market?16:00
ikonialinocisco: you cannot have multiple default gateways16:00
ikonialinocisco: because they are wan routers with logical seperation inside16:00
linociscoikonia, can't we do that using ubuntu server?16:01
ikonialinocisco: not how you suggest, no16:01
ikoniayou'd have to look at what _ruben said16:01
linocisco_ruben, thanks16:03
MatBoyaha... some odd setting my my iscsi target16:04
uvirtbot`New bug: #938765 in lxc (universe) "Container will no longer start under 12.04" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93876516:13
_rubenMatBoy: was scst ever part of ubuntu??16:13
Davieyrbasak: Hey, do you know what would cause http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/testing/precise_probs.html ?16:18
Davieyrbasak: specifically linux-meta-armadaxp , but bonus points for the rest.16:19
rbasakDaviey: yes - libreoffice on armhf is still a work in progress. The ARM team are on it, but it's complicated16:19
Davieyrbasak: do we have an ETA?16:19
rbasakNot that I know of. They're aiming for this cycle :)16:19
rbasakarmadaxp I don't know16:19
rbasakI do know it's an area of active work, but don't know more detailed status than that16:20
rbasakcooloney or mahmoh may know16:20
rbasak(neither are here)16:21
rbasakmahmoh is in #ubuntu-arm16:21
jhobbsrbasak: fyi, i posted a comment here on the u-boot pxe tftp path issue here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/u-boot-linaro/+bug/92778116:21
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 927781 in u-boot-linaro "PXELINUX implementation doesn't respect dhcp ConfigFile or PathPrefix values" [Undecided,In progress]16:21
Davieyrbasak: thanks!16:21
rbasakjhobbs: thanks, I'll try that!16:22
rbasakjhobbs: it's a horrible hack though overloading the meaning of filename like that. I'd never have guessed at trying it. Is it documented anywhere?16:23
jhobbspxelinux behaves the same way actually16:23
jhobbsexcept it actually uses the file that's downloaded16:23
jhobbsit's mentioned in the README.pxe file in u-boot though it could perhaps be clearer16:24
Davieyjhobbs: comprehensive writeup, thanks!16:24
rbasakHmm. I never see the u-boot source tree though. I just download MLO and u-boot.bin from the netinst directory, for example.16:24
jhobbs:) feel free to use the bug writeup in a wiki or wherever you'll see it16:25
rbasakI can't think of a good place for it to be :)16:26
wondermanikonia: , this is the default logrotate conf for apache2 in ubuntu, is this the best way to restart apache? i should just leave this and copy it to my new config for a different virtualhost?16:28
wondermanif [ -f "`. /etc/apache2/envvars ; echo ${APACHE_PID_FILE:-/var/run/apache2.pid}`" ]; then                        /etc/init.d/apache2 reload > /dev/null16:28
wondermani was just going to do the last part, what does the first bit actually do?16:28
ikoniawonderman: seems fine16:31
MatBoydamn I gate iscsitarget on ubuntu these days16:34
hallynstgraber: maybe i'td be worthwhile to introduce CACHEDIR= and CONTAINERDIR= variables in /etc/default/lxc...  probably not FFE-worthy though16:35
hallyn(bc while it's easy enough to symlink/bindmount, I suspect it'll be just enough work to be done wrong by a few people)16:36
stgraberhallyn: ok, so sudoers always had "sudo" as a sudoers group since at least lucid, though that group didn't exist on Ubuntu17:09
stgraberhallyn: the installer used to add the entry for the admin group from lucid to maverick, then in natty it was moved to the default sudoers file17:09
stgraberhallyn: I guess the easiest will be to always create the sudo group and add the ubuntu user to it and for < Precise, also add the user to the admin group (to avoid issues with some tools expecting this)17:10
stgraberhallyn: I'll update my patch and upload a new LXC unless you have something else to bundle with it17:10
hallynstgraber: since you ask :)  http://people.canonical.com/~serge/lxc-running.debdiff17:10
stgraberhallyn: is the "XXX " standard in lxc's code (looks kind of weird in the diff)17:11
hallynstgraber: not really, but the problem is there are 3 or 4 more messages after that inoutput, so it needs to stand out17:12
hallynI don't want to go introducing plumbing to hide later messages...17:12
stgraberhmm, indeed17:12
hallynbut i don't want "container already running" drowned out by junk about not removing the cgroup17:12
hallynmaking it bold would be nice, but i'm afraid it wouldn't be 100% portable17:13
hallynopen to other ideas17:13
hallynmaybe just \n's around it?17:13
stgraberthe Ubuntu template uses "\n##\n# Important message\n##\n" but I'm not sure how that'd look in lxc-start17:14
hallynI think it'd look fine17:16
hallynoh, actually the patch was wrong version anyway.  lemme send new version trying that output17:17
roaksoaxsmoser: ping17:19
hallynstgraber: serge@ubuntu:~/packages/lxc/p$ sudo lxc-start -n lxcbuild17:25
hallynlxc-start: failed (98) to create the command service point /var/lib/lxc/lxcbuild/command17:25
hallynlxc-start: ##17:25
hallynlxc-start: # The container appears to be already running! #17:25
hallynlxc-start: ##17:25
hallynlxc-start: failed to add command handler to mainloop17:25
hallynlxc-start: mainloop exited with an error17:25
hallynlxc-start: Device or resource busy - failed to remove cgroup '/sys/fs/cgroup/cpuset//lxc/lxcbuild'17:25
EvilResistancehallyn, pastebin mjuch?17:25
hallynthat was supposed to be my pastebin url17:25
hallyndamned clipboard17:25
stgraberhallyn: to be consistent with the template, I'd remove the end of line # but yeah, that should be visible enough ;)17:26
hallynstgraber: ok, EOL # removed, debdiff is at http://people.canonical.com/~serge/lxc-running.debdiff17:28
stgraberhallyn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/852959/17:35
hallynwhy removing leading space from ttydir?17:38
stgraberhallyn: so when it's not set it's "lxc.devttydir=" instead of "lxc.devttydir= "17:38
stgraberhallyn: the variable contains a leading space to make it look good when it has a value17:38
hallynoh, ok17:39
hallynlooks good, thanks.17:39
stgraberdoing a quick test of the new template and will upload afterwards17:39
hallyni pushed that patch to github, so Forwarded could be changed to 'yes' i suppose17:40
hallyni'd email aptches to the m-l, but that's generally less useful than pushing to github17:41
hallynnoone ever reviews there, dlezcano only rarely does, and there's no ogod way to keep track of unreviewed patches17:41
stgraberok, will mark it forwarded17:42
stgraberhallyn: uploaded17:49
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PlizzoI have a server running Ubuntu Server 11.10 x64 and I'm experiencing random system freezes, can anyone help me?18:23
adam_gDaviey: jamespage are we now triggering oneiric deploy+test on pre-commits to stable openstack branches?18:27
hallynPlizzo: does it eventually unfreeze, or does it hang until you powe roff?18:29
Plizzohallyn: It's complete frozen until I force power it off18:30
Plizzohallyn: It does not respond to anything, and all network protocols are shut off18:30
roaksoaxDaviey: we should assume that the new cobblernlist no longer supports user/passwor dright?18:30
hallynPlizzo: i'd go ask on #ubuntu-kernel.  i've seen the same thing back in oneiric on my laptop18:31
hallynand, when that happened, cpu would top out (so it would overheat eventually)18:31
hallyn(cause of course it would happen invariably at 3am :)18:31
yurikolesmy ISP tells me that i have 100MB/S18:32
Plizzohallyn: I have an LCD on my chassi that I installed, and that freezes as well, but when it does, the CPU is at 0.018:32
fakhirhello. I installed freeradius but I cant find any of the client configuration files that the documentation references such as /etc/radiusclient18:32
yurikolescan someone download file from my pc in multithreaded mode?18:32
hallynPlizzo: well it might be worth trying to see if alt-sysrq-T etc show anything18:32
PlizzoWhat is that?18:32
hallynhit alt plus the sysrq key plus '?' for a list of keybindings18:33
hallynalt-sysrq-t will show a list of tasks18:33
PlizzoWhat is the sysrq key?18:33
hallynyou'll have to look for it.  usually under f12 or something18:34
PlizzoAh, found it18:35
Plizzohallyn: Should I run that now?18:36
hallynno, when it is hung18:36
hallynchances are, it'll be so hung you'll see nothing, but it's worth a try18:37
hallynstill i'd go ask on #ubuntu-kernel18:37
PlizzoMy consoles freeze as well when it freezes, so no commands have worked earlier18:37
PlizzoBut I'll give it a shot18:37
hallynPlizzo: are you running X?18:37
Plizzohallyn: I am running XBMC at the moment, but even when X is not running, it still freezes18:38
hallynIf so, try hitting ctrl-alt-f1 whenever you leave.  then if it crashes you'll be on console18:38
hallynif you're not on console whe you hit alt-syrq-? you probably won't see the output18:38
PlizzoI am always on console18:38
PlizzoI am not currently running XBMC as I'm testing it18:38
PlizzoI have an Nvidia 520 GPU installed, and I was thinking maybe it's what's causing it18:39
PlizzoI guess I'll have to take it out and de-install the drivers to test18:39
hallynwhich drivers are you running?18:39
hallynthis isn't the right channel for that.  ppl will get edgy18:40
jamespageadam_g, is that creating issue? we can disable18:40
adam_gjamespage: i dont think it is18:42
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Plizzohallyn: I'm running the nvidia-current plus the vdpau drivers18:50
Cryp71cI'm helping admin a server which runs some minecraft server instances...I was curious, what's the functional differences between vnc, ssh, and something like freenx ?18:59
Cryp71cAlso, I know vnc runs off port 5900 by default (that's what we're using at present), does freenx use a specific port?19:00
PedroGomesHi, can i define pass-num in with d-i partman?19:01
SpamapSCryp71c: VNC and freenx are pretty similar19:15
SpamapSCryp71c: they are GUI's, and, IMO, useless on a server. :)19:15
SpamapSCryp71c: ssh is a terminal based interface, and includes encryption/authentication. Its at a lower level than the others, and is far more useful for server administration.19:15
Cryp71c:P tbh I would love to turn off X (I have the power to do so), my fear is fucking something up then having the guy who is physically near the server have the trouble of restarting it / fixing X or whatever.19:15
Cryp71cMostly, just looking for a snappy way to admin this server.19:16
SpamapSCryp71c: does minecraft server require X?19:16
Cryp71cno, each instance runs in a terminal19:16
SpamapSCryp71c: ok, so you can use 'screen' to do that without X19:17
SpamapSCryp71c: X is more likely to break your server than help you fix it. :)19:18
Cryp71cI've heard of screen, but never used it (my home system is 100% gaming, so no linux there).19:18
Cryp71c(so I typically don't have the need to view what was up on my workstation at my home...which - I think - is one of the purposes of screen?)19:18
Tm_Twell, in a way perhaps (:19:19
Tm_Tscreen holds the terminal session even when there's no terminal session attached to the screen session19:19
Tm_Tthis way you can leave apps running and you can attach to the screen session later and continue from where it was left19:20
Tm_Tvery neat on remote use, but also on local19:20
SpamapSCryp71c: actually tmux is better than screen. :)19:20
* Tm_T sees flamewar incoming19:21
PedroGomesalso a supporter of Tmux19:21
SpamapSI use tmux and byobu (an enhanced tmux/screen) to start long running stuff before I go down stairs .. then I can pop them back up and check their status on my tablet. :)19:21
Cryp71cTm_T, yeah that sounds like what I had heard others using it for (among other purposes, I'm sure)19:21
* kirkland high fives SpamapS :-)19:21
Cryp71cSpamapS, I'd love to do all of this, believe me...but I'm quite afraid of - now that the server is at least running - messing things up :)19:22
SpamapSTm_T: heh.. in this case, there's no flame war. screen is basically dead as an upstream project.. tmux is a new implementation, that is rapidly improving.19:22
Cryp71cfurthermore, SSH is still blocked...waiting on server owner to open up 22.19:22
SpamapSkirkland: hey, while I have your attention..19:22
Tm_TSpamapS: I must have lost few screws during the years, I often use screen sessions inside tmux19:22
kirklandSpamapS: yo!19:22
SpamapSkirkland: if I attach to a byobu+tmux that is already attached to a smaller viewport ... how do I say "no, make it bigger" ?19:22
SpamapSTm_T: yeah, thats.. weird. ;)19:23
kirklandSpamapS: ctrl-a :set-window-option -g aggressive-resize off19:23
kirklandSpamapS: I'm actually looking for input on what's the most sane option there19:23
SpamapSCryp71c: being afraid of messing up the server is so 2003 .. you need to be comfortable with your automation to a point where you can rebuild a new server in 20 minutes. :)19:23
kirklandSpamapS: limit to the smallest, or override to the largest19:23
kirklandSpamapS: opinion?19:23
SpamapSkirkland: ahhh so aggressive-resize is the culprit.. I'd have thought it would do the opposite of what it is doing19:24
kirklandSpamapS: or, perhaps I should bind a hot key to toggling that19:24
SpamapSkirkland: no I like the way it works now.. just sometimes I want to flip-flop them.19:24
kirklandSpamapS: right, me too...  I think I might hotkey it19:24
Cryp71cSpamapS, not really a sysadmin :) So..not much confidence in precisely what I'm doing at any given moment.19:25
smoserroaksoax, here now.19:25
kirklandSpamapS: while I have YOUR attention ... did you catch our Sh*t IT Security guys say?  I thought you'd particularly enjoy it :-)19:25
SpamapSkirkland: Hah, yes, I died.19:27
kirklandSpamapS: :-)  awesome19:27
kirklandSpamapS: as we were filming, I though, damn, I wish Clint were here, he'd kill at this!19:28
SpamapSkirkland: "You don't have to forward me that email. I've already seen it. In fact, EVERYBODY has seen it."19:29
Cryp71cSpamapS, I would like to be more comfortable in sysadmin and whatnot...I don't suppose you have any comprehensive material I might review? Perhaps a modern book?19:29
kirklandSpamapS: :-)  thank you, thank you, that was one of the lines I wrote (but did not deliver)19:30
kirklandSpamapS: we're currently working on a parody of Spinal Tap's Big Bottom --->  Big Data19:30
SpamapSkirkland: jcastro and I have been trying to think up something to parody w/ juju..19:31
SpamapSCryp71c: google for "devops" ... see you in a year. :)19:32
Cryp71cSpamapS, -_-19:32
SpamapSCryp71c: no but really.. puppet.. chef.. juju ... pick one. :)19:32
Cryp71cpuppet, chef, juju ?19:32
kirklandSpamapS: maybe Phil Collins?  Sussudio?  Jujudio?19:33
jcastrohey alright, party in the server channel19:33
jcastroque tal kirkland!19:33
kirklandjcastro: yo yo!19:33
kirklandokay, go to this page, and tell me that mdz doesn't look like phil collins in that picture ... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sussudio19:34
zuladam_g: ping19:37
koolhead17kirkland: heh19:38
roaksoaxwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa fire alarm19:39
adam_gzul: pong19:46
zuladam_g: i think that high load might be happening because of usb tablet in the libvirt xml template19:47
zuladam_g: are you seeing it on the ci builds now?19:48
* koolhead17 wonders if roaksoax has safely evacuated!! :P19:48
adam_gzul: no, i haven't seen it other than that one time19:51
adam_gzul: whats the usb tablet? it might be libvirt related, since i saw it happening on volume attachment / detach19:51
zuli see it when running libvirt-lxc at least though19:53
adam_gzul: so enabling --use_usb_tablet causing it to bloat?19:55
zuladam_g: i think so19:55
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CharlieSucould anyone tell me if this is an issue with my computers archtype or if the remote InRelease file is corrupt? https://gist.github.com/95feb8c9c240bc087afc20:24
hallynstgraber: apt-get dist-upgrade of a server just gave me20:33
hallynresolvconf: Error: /etc/resolv.conf isn't a symlink, not doing anything.20:33
hallyn(if so, should the msg be silenced?)20:33
stgraberhallyn: the warning is for users who manually disabled resolvconf by turning /etc/resolv.conf to a file instead of the symlink20:34
stgraberhallyn: if you didn't do that manually, then something is wrong because /etc/resolv.conf should be a symlink20:34
hallyni just started a stock precise cloud iamge20:35
hallynupdated it20:35
hallyngot that20:35
stgraberit should have shipped with a symlink until it's a pretty old image20:35
hallynfeb 720:35
* stgraber looks at resolvconf changelog20:35
hallynwell, i guess normal users aren't supposed to be using precise yet, so this doesn't affect them, hence maybe isn't a problem?20:36
stgraberhmm, this was fixed on the 2nd of February in theory20:37
stgraberif it's fixed in a recent cloud image, it's not a problem indeed, otherwise something is messing with the cloud images in interesting ways20:38
CharlieSuWould anyone please help me.  this has to be a easy question..  Please help me understand if this is an issue w/ my system or if it is the remote package repo..  https://gist.github.com/95feb8c9c240bc087afc20:40
hallynstgraber: it's the most recent cloud image in canonistack...20:43
hallynstgraber: separate question: do you ever use macvlan nics in containers?20:57
stgraberhallyn: I tried once but it's a mess, won't work on wifi (because you're limited to a single mac) and containers can't talk to each other20:58
hallynstgraber: with vepa mode contaienrs are supposed to be able to talk to each other,20:58
hallynbut I can't get macvlan to work on a cloud instance20:59
hallyn(let alone wireless, of course :)20:59
hallynall right, was hoping you had some magic to maek it work :)  thanks20:59
hallynthere i go again typing reboot in the wrong window21:02
guntbertBlInK: trouble with your connection?21:34
BlInKyeah...sorry... im just gonna log off21:35
adam_gzul: we really need to find a way to avoid the dbconfig-common prompts during keystone install21:43
zuladam_g: agreed21:44
hallynrbasak: did you ever figure out the btrfs problem with containers?21:44
adam_gzul: what if we just didnt use it? and do what we dow ith all other packages, just configure sqlite by default21:45
hallynstgraber: rbasak: http://people.canonical.com/~serge/lxc.serverguide.tex (and .pdf) are updated.  I'm written out for a bit.21:45
zuladam_g: im leaning towards removing it, but i want to explore options a bit more21:46
zulDaviey: ^^^21:46
adam_gzul: what are the downsides /w going the sqlite-by-default route?21:48
stgraberhallyn: "/srv/lxccahe21:49
zuladam_g: it will just make using mysql a bit more harder to use but we do that anyways21:50
stgraberhallyn: also, why doing the bind mount + the symlink? shouldn't it be one or the other?21:50
zuladam_g: but i dont like the interactivity we have with keystone now21:51
hallynstgraber: yes it is one or the other.  I was just showing both ways21:53
stgraberhallyn: right, but the first example shows using symlinks and the second shows using symlinks + bindmounts. I'd have expected the second to be only bind-mounts21:54
hallynit was meant to be.  will fix, thx21:54
hallynstgraber: pls give extra scrutiny to the arch section :)  (in ubuntu template subsection, and in configuration file section)21:55
stgraberhallyn: the guide is starting to look really good. Might be worth adding a table of all the lxc-* and their role (including mentioning that -attach won't work)21:55
stgraberhallyn: s/providinghierarchical21:56
stgraber /providing hierarchical/21:56
stgraber(not sure what's wrong with me and line breaks today ...)21:56
hallynstgraber: i'm not sure i got that in the end :)  could you rephrase?21:58
Davieyzul: dbconfig-common... hmm, i had something similar on a package previously.. managed to get rid of them, but it was a apin21:58
Davieywhat is causing them to show?21:58
zulDaviey: asking users if they want to use mysql, postgresql etc21:59
stgraberhallyn: unrelated to the guide, it's just that for some reason whenever I copy/paste something I get the carriage return with it... I meant my previous senstence to be 's/providinghierarchical/providing hierarchical/' on one line :)21:59
hallynok but i didn't see providinghierarchical anywhere22:00
Davieyzul: drop it to debconf low, and default to sqlite?22:00
Davieysqlite is the recommended, right?22:00
stgraberhallyn: 3.8 first line22:00
zulit is...but i havent figured out how to drop the debconf22:00
hallynooooh.  ok :)22:00
stgraberhallyn: might be worth mentioning that lxc.arch is the equivalent of doing 'setarch' to set the personality flag and so 'armel/armhf/...' aren't valid values on x8622:01
stgraberthough I remember fixing the upstream code to not crash in such case at least ;)22:01
stgraber(that's one thing I caught during the sprint in Austin)22:01
hallynstgraber: what's fuzzy to me is how that works with the arm emulation using qemu-user, which22:01
hallynis why i was hoping you'd update my section :)(22:01
hallynstgraber: on the table of lxc-* commands, you mean in addition to the descriptions i already have, right?  with ultra-brief synopsis?22:02
stgraberhallyn: well, my understanding is that anything running under qemu-user-status will have uname() being caught and handled anyway, so the value of lxc.arch is only going to affect the native arch binaries running in that container22:02
stgraberhallyn: which in our case means the arch seen by upstart, mountall, iproute and isc-dhcp-client22:03
stgraberhallyn: right, just a table with a line per command would be great22:03
hallynso, you specify lxc-create -t ubuntu -- -a armhf,22:04
stgraberyep and you don't have to care about lxc.arch, IIRC it simply won't be set22:04
hallynlxc ignores the lxc.arch = armh4 entry?  and the kernel just causes the armhf binaries to be rfun by qemu?22:04
hallyni'll update that (and try it out)22:04
dforthmanIs there a channel for GroundWork Nagios front end?22:13
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zulDaviey/adam_g: figured it out will have something tonight/tomorrow hopefully22:38
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Davieyzul: oh?22:45
jMCgHello happy people!22:52
jMCgIs there a particular reason why /boot/vmlinuz-* is 600 on Ubuntu?22:52
zulDaviey: it will need some bells and whistles but nothing i cant handle :)23:04
Davieyzul: it's in safe hands :)23:24
adam_gzul: cool, whatya gonna do23:25
zuladam_g: ill preseed some db_conf before running dbconfig23:26
Davieyzul: err, can't you set a Default value in the template?23:30
zulDaviey: yeah you can23:30
Davieyisn't that cleaner?23:31
Davieyand setting a priority of low should mean it is used by default?23:31
Davieyunless overridden23:31
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