TLEomg, if someone with a little experience in writing extensions for thunderbird, firefox and chrome feels like writing a automatic spell checker language switcher I'd definitely owe them an icecream, or beer, or a bunch of both10:47
TLEactually I don't need FF, I just imagine it is easy once the thunderbird one is done10:50
davidcallekelemengabor, thanks for the branch!11:47
kelemengabordavidcalle: you are welcome :)11:47
kelemengabordpm: in theory, indicator-printers has built a pot file during the last build yesterday: https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+source/indicator-printers11:51
kelemengaboryet the import queue is empty: https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+source/indicator-printers - what can be wrong here?11:51
dpmhm, I can't think of anything obvious... I've built the package locally and it indeed creates the .pot file on build. And it seems to have been built yesterday: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-printers/+publishinghistory12:02
dpmah, could it have to do with the fact that it was promoted from universe to main?12:04
dpmI guess a new upload should fix it...12:04
TLEdpm: hey12:07
dpmheya TLE12:07
TLEhave you tried using google docs for collaborative, simultanious note taking?12:08
kelemengabordpm: oh, I see. thanks :)12:08
kelemengaborTLE: I did, it works12:08
dpmno worries, I've just asked pitti to confirm, but I think a new upload should do the trick12:08
dpmTLE, yes, it works quite well12:09
TLEall in favor say Aye12:09
TLEgreat then12:09
kelemengaborno color-by-author like with etherpad, but works12:09
TLEI just wanted to use whatever is the least amount of hasle12:10
davidcalledpm, FYI, I'm writing the lens tutorial this afternoon.12:10
dpmdavidcalle, ooooh that's awesome!12:11
TLEwe all have google accounts, there also seems to be an etherpad instance in pad.ubuntu.com where I guess access is controlled by a login we also all have, but that page looks to be mostly for UDS12:11
jokerdinohey davidcalle, where is the right place to discuss the lens?12:11
* dpm hugs davidcalle12:11
davidcallejokerdino, #ubuntu-unity12:11
TLEalso from what I could gather at the UDS, Etherpad has a bit of a reputation, but maybe that's just a problem when tons of people use it at the same time12:12
jokerdinoit is regarding porting ask ubuntu lens to unity 5+12:12
dpmdavidcalle, I can give you access to developer.ubuntu.com if you want to compose the tutorial directly there12:12
davidcallejokerdino, I think it's being taken care of by teester (Mark Tully).12:12
dpmkelemengabor, :12:12
dpm<pitti> dpm: yes, sounds like it'll need a rebuild12:13
dpm<dpm> ok, thanks for confirming12:13
dpm<seb128> dpm, pitti: I can do a rebuild upload, will check with lars if he has any upload coming12:13
davidcalledpm, oh, that would be nice, thanks.12:13
dpmdavidcalle, ok, let me set that up. It works with SSO, I just need to set up an editors team in LP, give me a minute and we can test it.12:13
jokerdinodavidcalle: oh, where do i follow the progress, if any?12:13
davidcallejokerdino, if there is no branch for it on the lp project, you should check with him (he should be around #ubuntu-unity in the (european) evening). I'll ping him when I see him.12:15
dpmdavidcalle, I think it's all set up now. You can try to log into http://developer.ubuntu.com/wp-admin/ with SSO and it should work. If it doesn't, let me know12:20
jokerdinoah great, thanks!12:21
jokerdinodavidcalle: I found the relevant branch. thanks for the help!12:23
davidcalledpm, working! Thanks :)12:36
davidcallejokerdino, no problem12:36
dpmdavidcalle, ah, excellent, let me know if you need any help. In short, Tutorials are "Pages" in the blog, but I think we should first create a "Post", get it published, promote the hell out of it and then move it to a "Page" along with the others. In short, what I wanted to say is that you should now have all the right permissions to write a "Post" :)12:38
davidcalledpm, understood :)12:39
dpmdavidcalle, just let me know when you've finished (or if there is anything I can help with in the meantime), and then we'll get it published. Ah, and a couple of tips for the Wordpress instance d.u.c. is running on:12:40
dpm- You can use Wordpress shortcodes to add syntax highlighting to code - here's the reference: http://en.support.wordpress.com/code/posting-source-code/12:41
dpm- Be careful with the HTML editor, it has a bad habit of reformatting source code pasted in the post - it can be a bit of a pain12:42
dpmOther than that, I guess you're familiar with Wordpress or similar12:42
davidcalledpm, I'll ping you if I need help, but it should be fine.12:43
dpmexcellent :)12:43
dpmand thanks a lot!12:43
davidcalledpm, yw and sorry for the delay.12:44
dpmno worries, that's going to be extremely helpful for new lens authors!12:44
davidcallekelemengabor, I have an issue with your video lens branch. It replaces video.lens with video.lens.in13:55
davidcallekelemengabor, which breaks the lens.  Unity needs .lens files13:56
kelemengabordavidcalle: yes, but it is generated during the build13:56
kelemengaborand the string extraction needs the .in file13:57
davidcallekelemengabor, ok then. (Not used to translations yes)13:57
dpmdavidcalle, I'm looking at the community blueprints to update their status. You've got two actions for writing 2 tutorials (on json processing and on xml processing) - do you think you'll have time to write them this cycle? If not, it's fine, let me know and I'll mark them as postponed.  Or perhaps even better, mark one as postponed and change the other one to be the lenses tutorial. How does that sound?14:16
davidcalledpm, it was a misunderstanding during the session : it's the lens tuto, that at the time could have contained bits of json/xml processing.14:17
davidcalleForgot to fix it on the blueprint.14:17
davidcalle*uds session14:17
davidcalledpm, the one I'm writing contains json parsing, anyway.14:19
dpmdavidcalle, ah no worries. Blueprint updated, thanks :)14:20
davidcalledpm, I will leave the tuto as a draft, and finish it when the quickly lens template is in the archive (apparently next week). Makes more sense to make the tuto with the quickly integration.15:42
dpmdavidcalle, ok, makes sense. Do you know who's going to take care of publishing it in the archive? didrocks?15:44
davidcalledpm, I suppose yes.15:44
dpmok, cool15:44

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