ali1234so i htink i figured out how the atrix actually works00:01
ali1234it's not chroot or anything like that00:01
ali1234i believe it's a full hypervisor with a virtualized usb connection between the two devices00:01
ali1234and then all the integration is done the same way as if you had a separate phone and computer connected by usb00:02
ali1234note that you can access the desktop of an android phone with debug bridge over usb or wireless00:02
ali1234and also query number of messages etc00:02
ali1234so the question then is, will i be able to get this fancy integration when i plug a real android phone into an ubuntu computer?00:03
BigRedSOh, I'd assumed containers or something00:06
BigRedSI say 'or something', but I mean exactly containers00:07
ali1234vmware were running demos of android and ubuntu on pandaboard at one point00:07
ali1234or some arm board00:07
penguin42ali1234: Oh I see, I'd assumed it wasn't virtualised00:08
penguin42ali1234: No, I mean I'd assumed the ubuntu thing wasn't00:10
ali1234hypervisor doesn't care what you run :)00:10
ali1234ah here's the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNo6pn-dnSQ00:11
ali1234windows CE and android running on N80000:12
BigRedSah yeah, I remember that00:13
ali1234ah supposedly it uses this http://www.ok-labs.com/00:17
ali1234http://wiki.ok-labs.com/ hey i recognise that guy on the frnt page00:20
ali1234oh my bad, different guy00:21
ballI feel deprived. I didn't get to eat any pancakes today.00:55
ballHello webpigeon00:55
AzelphurI really love my advertising company lol01:30
Azelphur"We <3 patches" *Submit bugfix* "Thanks for the help, have a CS:GO beta key"01:30
ali1234your advertising company?01:32
ali1234also what's CS:GO?01:32
Azelphurali1234: the company that pays me to show their adverts, CS:GO is an upcoming valve title I plan on hosting for01:32
ali1234yeah, but what is it?01:34
Azelphurali1234: http://pinion.gg01:34
ali1234no, CS:GO?01:35
ali1234i assume it's a FPS?01:35
Azelphurcounter strike: global offensive01:35
AzelphurI would play it, but steams down as usual :D01:36
ali1234you should branch out into games that aren't FPS games01:37
Azelphurlike minecraft, we've got a nice minecraft server about to go public :P01:38
ali1234i thought it was already public01:38
Azelphurit was, everything broke with 1.8 and Bukkit was so slow releasing the 1.0 update that it just died01:38
ali1234i was thinking more like yahoo games type stuff01:38
ali1234you can stuff way more advertising into web games01:38
Azelphurso now we've redone the whole thing and are planning to get it back out again, but it's /hugely/ improved :p01:39
Azelphurali1234: yea, but those games are boring :(01:39
ali1234you don't have to play them01:39
Azelphurali1234: perhaps, but I'm mostly valueadded atm01:41
ali1234what does that mean?01:43
Azelphurali1234: I take the games, add cool things to them, decent support and quality hosting, tada.01:44
Azelphurour unmodified TF2 server receives the least traffic by far, compared to our modified one01:45
ali1234"homework help" forum. lol01:46
Azelphurali1234: agree'd on the terrible forum layout >.>01:53
Azelphurand the terrible website in general01:54
AzelphurIt's all being replaced01:54
* penguin42 wonders if this is the whole reason for the package name Unpacking replacement cheese ...02:26
TheOpenSourcerer!info python-psycopg207:39
lubotu3python-psycopg2 (source: psycopg2): Python module for PostgreSQL. In component main, is optional. Version 2.4.2-1 (oneiric), package size 610 kB, installed size 2176 kB07:39
TheOpenSourcerer!info python-psycopg2 lucid07:39
lubotu3python-psycopg2 (source: psycopg2): Python module for PostgreSQL. In component main, is optional. Version 2.0.13-2ubuntu2 (lucid), package size 132 kB, installed size 396 kB07:40
TheOpenSourcerer!info python-psycopg2 +107:40
lubotu3'+1' is not a valid distribution: hardy, hardy-backports, hardy-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, maverick, maverick-backports, maverick-proposed, medibuntu, natty, natty-backports, natty-proposed, oneiric, oneiric-backports, oneiric-proposed, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, stable, testing, unstable07:40
TheOpenSourcerer!info python-psycopg2 precise07:40
lubotu3python-psycopg2 (source: psycopg2): Python module for PostgreSQL. In component main, is optional. Version 2.4.4-3 (precise), package size 144 kB, installed size 598 kB (Only available for any all)07:40
czajkowskiTheOpenSourcerer: having fun there?07:41
DJonesMorning all07:52
TheOpenSourcererGood Morning my fine feathered friends... How are we all today then?07:58
ubuntuuk-planet[Jono Bacon] Ubuntu for Android: The Response - http://www.jonobacon.org/2012/02/22/ubuntu-for-android-the-response/08:08
diploMorning all08:17
BigRedSgood morning!08:34
MyrttiI'm feeling a bit sad now for not getting a puzzle piece cookie cutter printed on Saturday08:35
Myrtticould have made puzzle donuts today08:35
TheOpenSourcererAnyone fancy helping me think about doing redirects (apache or nginx - not really product specific) for a few minutes?08:37
matttthat ubuntu on the phone w/ docking station is very nice08:37
* mattt wants08:37
BigRedSTheOpenSourcerer: think about doing redirects, or actually do redirects? :)08:54
BigRedSbut, yeah, I can offer Apache flavoured suggestions08:54
TheOpenSourcererCool - Thanks BigRedS. Hang on.08:54
brobostigongood morning everyone,08:56
BigRedSno worries.08:57
BigRedSgood morning!08:57
bigcalmGood morning peeps of irc :)08:58
brobostigongood morning BigRedS and bigcalm08:58
bigcalmHi brobostigon08:59
=== joar_ is now known as CosmicB
* dwatkins finds it amusing that when he went to google for a fourier transform application he discovered that it's Heinrich Rudolf Hertz's birthday 09:08
bigcalmThat is a fun animation09:09
dwatkinsindeed it is09:21
* gord has the pancake regrets09:38
czajkowskigord: that'll learn you09:41
gordseeing as i get the pancake regrets every year, i don't think it will09:41
matttregretting you didn't eat enough pancakes?09:41
bigcalmHas anybody told the Canonical design team that they now endorse goatse?09:41
bigcalmMy regret is that we didn't have any :(09:42
* AlanBell regrets that not enough batter was made09:42
AlanBellbigcalm: yes, I believe it has been noted09:42
matttbigcalm: goatse, where?09:42
gordthey displayed that logo on a giant banner at last uds09:42
bigcalmI know it's been noted by the community, but still...09:42
bigcalmgord: and thus were commited?09:43
czajkowskibigcalm: aye jon said the exact same thing last night when he saw the image09:43
AlanBellhttp://www.ubuntu.com/devices/android ready to talk09:43
AlanBellI don't really get what the image is supposed to represent09:44
AlanBell"get in touch" perhaps. If you are E.T.09:45
matttheh, i don't even recognize that image09:47
* mattt needs more 4chan09:47
JamesTaitGood morning all!09:48
czajkowskiJamesTait: herrrro how were the lemons09:49
JamesTaitczajkowski: Lemony. :)09:49
JamesTaitczajkowski: I was quite chuffed with the experiment actually. The LED was actually lit, although it doesn't show up well on the photo.09:51
czajkowskiJamesTait: oh didnt realise that09:51
JamesTaitczajkowski: Connagh asked me the other day how batteries are made, so when we needed to get a lemon for the pancakes I said "Get a bag full, I've got a plan."09:53
czajkowskiJamesTait: how do you say Connagh ?09:55
JamesTaitczajkowski: Same way as Connor. ;)09:55
JamesTaitczajkowski: Or Conor.09:55
czajkowskiso what kind of spelling or variation is that ?09:56
JamesTaitczajkowski: We thought the world needed another way to spell it. :-P09:56
JamesTaitczajkowski: It's an embarrassing mistake. :)09:57
czajkowskithere are reasons my sister and I do not have Irish names :) besides the obvious of them not really going with the surname09:57
czajkowskiJamesTait: too late to change, or is he always going to get asked why it is spelt that way09:57
JamesTaitczajkowski: I saw Connah's Quay pass by on the football scores, and I could have sworn it had a 'g' in it.09:57
AlanBellmy kids have Irish middle names09:58
JamesTaitczajkowski: We could change it, but why bother? He's always spelled it that way and people don't usually bat an eyelid when we correct their misspelling. :-P09:59
czajkowskiJamesTait: they're not misspelling it :)09:59
AlanBellAoife, Catriona, Cormac09:59
czajkowskibut he will be unique :)09:59
JamesTaitczajkowski: Yeah, OK, I'll give you that. ;)09:59
* TheOpenSourcerer just found out what goatse is :-(09:59
JamesTaitTheOpenSourcerer: NSFW. :-P10:00
AlanBellnow un-see it10:00
* JamesTait is bored of waiting for the insurance company.10:00
matttJamesTait: reminds me of first time i saw siobahn :-/10:01
TheOpenSourcererAlanBell: That is impossible. a bit like TGOC10:01
JamesTaitmattt: Well at least Connagh kind of looks like how it often gets pronounced: Conn-AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!10:02
czajkowskimattt: aye Siobhan pretty name10:02
matttczajkowski: nearly had a facepalm moment w/ that one tho10:05
czajkowskiwe used to find it odd listening to correnation st the way they said deidre10:06
czajkowskigah so help me am gonna start to get royally peeved off now when I alt tab on irc all my window goes white or transparent10:06
czajkowskiso flipping annoying10:06
* gord puts off doing that review for another day ;)10:07
* czajkowski kicks gord 10:07
czajkowskino more bickies or tea ever for you10:07
drhodesmumbyI walk in to find violence against gord? D:10:08
drhodesmumbyWhat's he done to deserve such treatment?10:08
AlanBellhe let some code escape the safety of his laptop10:12
drhodesmumbySeems a bit harsh AlanBell, unless said code was a nuclear launch code.10:30
drhodesmumbyIn which case I would find the question of why he possesses them considerably more interesting!10:31
AlanBellhe is in your alt key breaking your screenshots10:31
drhodesmumbyNot mah screenshots!10:33
drhodesmumbyOh teh noes!10:33
bigcalmHas anybody seen my motivation this morning?10:40
czajkowskibigcalm: hows the lighthouse?10:42
bigcalmczajkowski: that's tomorrow10:42
bigcalmHopefully warmer than last week10:42
bigcalmTonight will be my 1st attendance of Wolves LUG though10:42
bigcalmSo I get an extra dose of mrevell and davmor210:43
bigcalmmrevell: are you attending tonight and do you want a lift?10:43
bigcalmI shall use the A41/A5 and save myself a LOT of stress :)10:47
mrevellbigcalm, Hello! I'm unlikely to attend tonight. I have a work call at 20.00. Thanks for the lift offer; I'd have to drive myself if I were coming as I can't say when I'd be ready.10:47
bigcalmmrevell: ok10:48
matttbigcalm: lighthouse?10:50
Azelphurhmm, ssh-copy-id has stopped working for me, it says it worked and that I should try sshing the machine, but when I do so it prompts me for the password again \o/10:51
diploReally must get round to trying ssh-copy at some point10:51
* diplo is still manual atm10:51
AlanBellI think it only works on the standard port10:52
AlanBellbut it normally works well for me10:52
Azelphuryea it normally works well for me it just seems to have gone sideways10:52
bigcalmmattt: The Lighthouse media centre in Wolverhampton. Home workers such as mrevell, davmor2, myself and occasional others turn up every 2 weeks on a Thursday to do work.10:52
davmor2morning all11:02
bigcalmAh, davmor2, just the person. Good morning11:02
* davmor2 runs away11:02
davmor2bigcalm: what, what?11:02
bigcalmdavmor2: tonight's LUG meeting. The pub serves food I believe. Do LUG attendees actually eat there or would I be the only one?11:03
davmor2no most people eat there11:03
bigcalmAh, cool11:03
bigcalmMeans that I can have me a pint as well (not drinking on an empty tum)11:04
davmor2OI czajkowski PROD! morning11:05
davmor2MooDoo: me owld mukka11:05
czajkowskidavmor2: herrrro greetings from millbank11:06
davmor2czajkowski: oh get you working from across the river11:06
czajkowskiaye go me11:06
=== chrisccoulson_ is now known as chrisccoulson
* bigcalm considers parking at Fold St car park: a) it's free after 6pm, b) the walk across town will do me good11:25
bigcalmc) I know how to get to it ;)11:25
AzelphurIs it safe to pastebin the output from ssh -vv?11:25
Azelphuror does it contain lots of bad things11:25
bigcalmAzelphur: you might want to mask public IP addresses11:26
Azelphur*shrug* local connection \o/11:26
bigcalmPasswords shouldn't be shown11:26
AzelphurSo here's the ssh -vv if anyone has any idea about my ssh-copy-id issue http://pastebin.com/aehQ5s4S11:27
AzelphurI get automatic login, but only if I already have an ssh session open with the remote host, besides that it doesn't connect11:27
diploebug1: Trying private key: /home/azelphur/.ssh/id_dsa11:32
diplodebug1: Trying private key: /home/azelphur/.ssh/id_ecdsa11:32
diplodebug2: we did not send a packet, disable method11:32
Azelphurso why's it not sending it? :(11:32
diploOnly issues I've had before are permissions on .ssh dir on remote host11:32
diploIt's kinda strict about that11:33
Azelphurpretty sure it's fine :(11:33
diplothe dir itself11:33
Azelphurdrwx------  2 bitcoin bitcoin     4096 2011-06-02 01:30 .ssh11:34
diploLooks fine tbh11:35
Azelphurmy keys are working fine for other servers11:35
Azelphurit's just this one specific box11:35
diployeah it's the .ssh dir on remote sites that I always have issues with, our staff seem to screw with the companies users profile everytime :(11:36
diploOnly other issue I have is that the rsa srting isn't one string11:36
diploSo hasn't been copied correctly11:37
Azelphurif I remove .ssh/authorized_keys on the remote is that likely to fix it?11:37
AzelphurI'm the only person accessing it anyway11:37
diployeah it will just stop auto login which doesn't work anyway11:37
Azelphuryep, that fixed it \o/11:38
Azelphurty :)11:38
ali1234do you have multiple key pairs?11:38
ali1234it's a fairly simple question :/11:38
Azelphurhaha, but I don't know hardly anything about ssh \o/11:39
ali1234when you run ssh-copy-id it uploads your public key to the remote host11:40
Azelphurali1234: nah I only have the one11:40
ali1234if you have multiple keys it sometimes causes problems if ssh picks the wrong one11:41
ali1234like if you have two keys and only one has been put on the server11:42
Azelphurali1234: I have reloaded a couple times and had my keys change, looks like the server had a bunch of old keys in it, could be the case11:42
ali1234that could do it, maybe if you had the same name for the key11:43
Azelphur:'( it's prompting for password again11:43
Azelphurand I only have one entry in the remote .ssh/authorized_keys11:43
directhexyou're putting the contents of id_rsa.pub, not id_rsa?11:44
directhexit's not line wrapped?11:44
AzelphurI'm not touching any files11:44
AzelphurI'm just doing ssh-copy-id user@remote, it's saying it all went well, but I'm still getting a password prompt11:44
popeyis the target user home directory /home/<user>/ ?11:45
popeyand not some other random path?11:45
diploAlso not rsa211:46
ali1234~/.ssh/authorized_keys on the remote should be exactly the same file as ~/.ssh/id_<whatever>.pub on the local11:46
Azelphurpopey: yes11:46
andyloughranhowdy :)11:47
Azelphurali1234: it is :)11:47
ali1234hmm actually there might be an extra trailing newline on one of them11:47
andyloughranguys, is there a build of andrubuntu that I can put on my S2 using odin ?11:47
ali1234but other than that11:47
ali1234andyloughran: NO11:47
andyloughranali :p11:47
andyloughranI guess I'm not the first to ask11:47
andyloughranonly saw jono's post this morning11:47
ali1234actually, you are11:48
popeythe first _here_11:48
ali1234Azelphur: how many id_*.pub files do you have in ~/.ssh/ on local machine?11:48
Azelphurali1234: 111:49
ali1234Azelphur: hmm :/11:49
ali1234andyloughran: odin is the samsung flashing tool right?11:49
andyloughranwhat about hacking the firmware on my Samsung LCD to add ubuntu TV11:49
andyloughranali1234: yeah11:49
ali1234well, the thing is..... the whole thing relies on the phone already having a hypervisor11:50
ali1234and the necessary drivers of course11:51
AlanBellwhich is just that obscure motorola thing11:51
AlanBellwell might not be obscure, just I never heard of it before yesterday11:51
ali1234the hypervisor is't motorola actually, it's made by open labs11:51
andyloughranhmm, I have the Samsung TV that was used for the demo11:52
ali1234see okl4.org11:52
ali1234i don't know anything about the TV demo11:52
AlanBellwhat is the difference between a TV and an HDMI monitor?11:54
ali1234AlanBell: a TV has a tuner?11:54
popeyand a remote contorl11:54
AlanBellso I didn't get that part of the demo with the phone11:54
ali1234and if it's a decent TV, a lot of deinterlacing and motion compensation hardware11:54
seekerGenerally more processing in a TV11:54
popeyit was easier to just show you with one screen11:54
AlanBellthey unplugged it from what looked like a TV, then plugged it into what looked like a TV11:55
AlanBelland announced now, this is a TV11:55
popeywhat don't you get?11:55
AlanBellthe phone demo11:55
popeywhat don't you get?11:55
* Myrtti facepalms at Finnish media publishing a story based on Canonical press release on "how Android phones will soon have Linux"11:55
ali1234wrong on so many levels11:56
Myrttiit's not even the only mistake11:56
ali1234but hey11:56
AlanBellI don't get how you get a different experience from a monitor to a TV, which was implied in the demo11:56
ali1234the announcement was pretty misleading to start with11:56
Myrtti"version of Ubunta"11:56
popeyok, here's a scenario11:56
awilkinsThey were running Ubuntu TV on the phone as well as Ubuntu Desktop... I think there may be some smoke and mirrors there concerning how it knows what's a TV and whats a monitor - it must be preconfigured depending on the device identifier11:57
popeyon the way to work, phone in pocket, catching up with email, using phone as a phone11:57
Myrtti"smart phone docked to the desktop computer works beside the phone" WHUT11:57
popeyget to work, plug into dock, phone says "A dock! I will switch to 'Desktop mode'"11:57
popeypull phone out of dock, phone says "No dock, time to be a phone again"11:57
ali1234popey: we understand the idea11:57
ali1234the point is, the video didn't make it very clear11:57
AlanBellso dock=desktop, cable=tv?11:58
popeyok, I'll stop11:58
ali1234AlanBell: the dock can say "i'm a TV" or "i'm a desktop workstation"11:58
awilkinsAlanBell,  You could probably infer that you wanted to be a desktop or TV from the lack of keyboard11:58
ali1234because it's just a USB device11:58
popeyor the existence of a remote contorl11:58
awilkinsOr from the device identifier of the screen11:58
awilkinsOr whatever11:58
AlanBellok, I see now11:59
popeywhich is what I was getting to11:59
popeyhey ho11:59
andyloughranI like it11:59
ali1234andyloughran: why didn't you buy it a year ago when it was released then?11:59
awilkinsI like it. I like that I've not seen them trying the same thing with Windows11:59
andyloughranI like the android app for turning my S2 into a remote control for my Samsung TV11:59
andyloughranali1234: why didn't i buy what?11:59
AlanBellali1234: because nobody marketed it at me a year ago when I was buying phones11:59
ali1234you can't tell me you never heard about it12:00
AlanBellI never heard about it12:00
AlanBelluntil yesterday12:00
* bigcalm hugs popey12:00
ali1234it won the "best most amazing phone ever" award at MWC12:00
ali1234and it was all over engadget and etc12:00
andyloughranI don't have such a sophisticated setup - I once setup my phone (sony ericsson w100 I think) to have ubuntu run in live mode on it's SD card, so when I plugged the phone in via usb it booted up into ubuntu12:01
andyloughranali1234: I've not heard of it12:01
andyloughranand lack of funds :p12:02
awilkinsI reckon this sort of thing is probably good for management types12:02
awilkinsEsp. the ones who travel a lot12:03
popeycorporates is exactly who its good for12:03
ali1234i know a few people this would be perfect for12:03
bigcalmEarly lunch \o/12:03
ali1234except for the fact they need to run windows12:03
awilkinsDepends how deep the need to run Windows is12:03
awilkinsI do agree that some people have that need12:04
ali1234they need to run office and have it actually work properly12:04
ali1234and you can try to claim it runs in wine but that a) won't work on arm and b) is incredibly buggy12:05
awilkinsI'm willing to bet that LibreOffice probably isn't up to it yet either12:05
ali1234ok so they work on charts and reports a lot12:05
ali1234these are reports for clients12:06
ali1234so they need to know that the client can open it and what it will look like when they do open it12:06
ali1234also they heavily use outlook as their "cloud"12:07
ali1234rather than a dropbox or something, everything goes on the outlook folders12:08
ali1234how is ubuntu one for corporate use btw?12:09
awilkinsMy assessment would be "poor"12:10
ali1234is there anything like the google thing for corps?12:10
ali1234can't remember if it's apps or domains or apps for domains12:10
awilkinsThe last I look it still had bad proxy support12:10
ali1234what i mean is, is there a way you can set up some kind of "group" on it?12:10
ali1234and have a folder shared by default company wide12:11
ali1234and automatically have your contacts sync company wide12:11
ali1234so when you hire a new guy and add them to the group, they appear on everyone's contacts12:12
awilkinsali1234, I'm not sure it supports that at all ... I can't get past the bad proxy support in the client from an "enterprise" POV12:12
ali1234why do enterprises love proxies so much?12:12
ali1234what do they think it is going to do?12:13
awilkinsI know, that's a separate issue12:13
awilkinsEspecially MS ISA12:13
awilkinsI *hate* MS ISA12:13
ali1234goes without saying.12:13
ali1234i don't know anyone who uses that stuff12:14
awilkins"Hey, configure your proxy to require *Windows Auth* to work - that'll be really cool"12:14
awilkinsI hate doing Windows Auth over HTTP as well12:14
awilkinsIt's a right pain in the butt, especially for sites running on Apache / Linux12:14
awilkinsWe have not arrived at a satisfactory solution yet, despite trying for the last 7 years or something stupid12:15
ali1234sounds very enterprisey12:15
ali1234i don't even know why they call it that12:15
awilkinsAnd our last unsolicited pen test report from ICT made a load of recommendations that would break things like RDP for not only Linux clients but our Windows XP ones too12:16
awilkinsOur ISA servers are configured such that they break Subversion because they only permit GET and POST and not WebDAV methods12:17
awilkinsNow, we COULD do naughty things like ... oooo.. tunnelling all our traffic through our router at home via SOCKS / SSH. But that would be NAUGHTY.12:19
ali1234the kind of people i'm thinking of... basically don't have any servers at all12:19
ali1234everyne at the company has a laptop and a phone that they take everywhere12:19
ali1234they have hosted exchange accounts12:20
ali1234and that's it12:20
ali1234they don't even have desktop PCs in their office. just keyboards and monitors they plug the laptops in to12:20
awilkinsI think that's an increasingly common setup12:21
awilkinsI've worked that way for the last 15 years12:21
awilkinsAlthough I do like my Big Fat Desktop at home12:21
directhexgod fucking damnit12:21
awilkinsAhem, family channel12:22
awilkins(network, even)12:22
directhexjustified, tbh.12:22
davmor2bigcalm: early lunch == long afternoon working12:23
bigcalmdavmor2: depends upon when I return to work ;)12:29
gordthis is the weirdest bit of marketing for a video game ever... http://petition.masseffect.com/12:30
awilkinsHmm. If I were the admin at DirectGov I would take a VERY dim view of that12:33
* bigcalm heads off to shop12:33
awilkinsUnless it's a shameless attempt to knock "Drop the NHS Bill" off the top spot on the ePetitions list12:34
gordi don't really see anything wrong with it12:34
hooverhi folks12:35
hooverI've just switched to KDE 4.8... after a short stint with WindowMaker ;-)12:35
hooveron Lucid, that is (10.4)12:35
diploAnyone use Xchat here ?12:54
davmor2diplo: yes12:55
diploSo have lot's of favourites12:55
diploAuth with nickserv12:55
diploOne channel always chucks me to unregistered because i join quicker than it auths12:56
diploKnow of a way round it, had a quick googly, but nothing straight away12:56
Azelphurare you using xchat or xchat-gnome?12:56
diploVanilla Xchat12:56
diploDon't like the Gnome version12:56
Azelphurnobody does :P12:57
Azelphurit should do auth before joining channels, that's highly likely to be a bug or something weird going on12:57
diploWill go back to irssi at some point but not there yet12:57
diploIt's not the be all for me, it's only CentOS channel12:57
Azelphurworkaround you could use a bouncer, then the bouncer does it properly for you :P12:58
diploThink I'll probably go back to Irssi, only had one issue with it12:58
diploAnd that was if I was downloading something on my connection at home it lagged to much12:58
diploSo going to stick on vps when i get it12:58
Azelphuryea depends what you like really, some people prefer irssi on a VPS12:59
Azelphurother people prefer native clients for whatever platform they are using, and a bouncer12:59
davmor2diplo: have a look on their site they have a load of plugins and scripts for doing pretty much everything12:59
diploCheers will take a look13:00
diploIn my gaming days I used to run a bouncer for everyone on my game server13:01
diplopysbnc or something from memory13:01
diploloooooonnnnnnggggggg time ago13:01
davmor2diplo: there are a few answers here http://askubuntu.com/questions/6332/prevent-xchat-from-trying-to-join-channels-until-i-have-been-authenticated13:04
diploI forgot askubuntu last night!13:05
* diplo looks13:05
diploSet a delay, see if that works13:10
diploThat'll do it \o/13:11
diploCheers davmor213:11
bigcalmI have returned!13:51
davmor2bigcalm: No you haven't13:52
bigcalmreturn true;13:52
bigcalmI have returned13:52
davmor2return true == false;13:53
bigcalmThat's still returning a value13:55
czajkowskiubuntu UK ml where on top replies or snips away the entire thread so you don't know what the person is replying back to exactly14:00
* BigRedS tries to decipher that14:00
AlanBellsandwich posting \o/14:01
bigcalmbigcalm: ubuntu-uk mailing list people are replying to emails incorrectly14:01
gordi think i am going to have to make a new home partition that uses a HDD, then symlink in the SSD for certain folders... all because ubuntu one won't let me sync things that are outside my home directory and i'm running out of space :(14:01
popeywow, big wall of text from kris there14:01
popeydid he establish what version they had before asking them to use the applicayion menu?14:01
popeyi was going to reply but the references to mint make me not want to14:01
bigcalmMmmm, minty14:01
gordi pretty much don't read mailing lists anymore, its just a place for people to rant on mostly14:02
TheOpenSourcererThere's a lot of ranting going - that's for sure.14:03
TheOpenSourcererAlthough I'm very happy with Ubuntu 10.10 ;-)14:04
czajkowskiall the ohh Mint is more popular, dear gods how many times do folks have to be told what downloads mean14:04
penguin42The mint guys do seem to have done a nice job14:14
bigcalmpopey: short on patients today I see :)14:15
bigcalmI do believe that it is time for a cuppa tea14:17
BigRedSIs that cinnamon?14:18
BigRedSI had a go on that at fosdem. It was like 2003 but with rounded corners.14:18
BigRedSI'm sure people like it and all, but it feels very old-for-the-sake-of-it14:18
penguin42BigRedS: I like it, didn't feel old to me14:24
BigRedSI've been using Gnome3 for a year or so now, menus feel *so* clunky and convoluted now14:25
penguin42http://tech.slashdot.org/story/12/02/22/1323204/adobe-makes-flash-on-gnulinux-chrome-only     ouch14:25
bigcalmAnother reason not to use it?14:27
penguin42like we have a choice14:27
bigcalmYes, I choose not to use it14:27
gordi'll just keep using the current flash version14:32
penguin42gord: Which will just gain more and more known vulnerabilities14:33
gordif you actually read the article and not slashdot because slashdot is terrible "Adobe will continue to provide security updates to non-Pepper distributions of Flash Player 11.2 on Linux for five years from its release."14:34
penguin42hmm ok, thanks - I guess that's not too bad - with any luck 5 years might let us finally bury most of Flash14:35
gordor mozilla will support that other api14:35
gordits not like i'm aching for new features in flash 12 or whatever14:36
penguin42gord: Oh agreed, it's just pages that already exist - there are a couple I use I know don't work in Chrome for example14:36
* penguin42 moves this <--- machine to sid14:44
aquariusgord, you could bind-mount external folders into your home folder and sync them with U1 that way... but... there be dragons, so you need to be careful.14:49
gordaquarius, yeah tried things like that before, didn't really end well. so i figure going the other way and having a large hard drive and symlinking files/directories in from the fast ssd when i need to makes more sense in the long run14:50
DJonespopey: What app are/where you using for your webcam, I was looking at webcam-server but sounds like thats no longer available, is your blog at http://popey.com/blog/2010/12/20/my-ubuntu-webcam-setup/ still the same as the current setup14:57
popeysommat like that14:58
DJonesThanks, I'll have a look at that14:58
DJonesLast time I had it running, I was using "Motion" as the webcam app14:59
daubersHas anyone got an audio captcha plugin for asterisk yet?15:07
popey"Say BANANA"15:09
MooDoohello all15:11
davmor2gord: "say BANANA PHONE"15:17
penguin42hmm they've street view'd moscow - nice to look around15:31
awilkinsIn Soviet Russia, street views you15:33
jpdspenguin42: Saint Petersburg's fair nicer.15:35
penguin42thanks - I'll have a look15:36
AlanBellBug #93876415:46
lubotu3Launchpad bug 938764 in unity "hud steals alt key from within virtualbox sessions" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93876415:46
AlanBellnaught HUD, don't do that.15:46
ahayzenAlanBell: which mode is VBox in when this is happening?... I usually use 'seamless mode'...and am just curious ;)15:51
AlanBellfull screen15:52
ahayzenAlanBell: does it happen in the other modes?15:52
AlanBellyes, but that is probably a good thing in seamless mode15:53
ahayzenyeah probably15:54
AlanBellof course it *should* do magic to pick up the menu content of the guest windows and reparent them into the global menu and hud15:54
AlanBellcross operating systems15:55
ahayzenthat would be cool15:55
ahayzenWish i didn't have coursework so I could help with the unity bugs :(15:56
gordsmarter peoples than me: if i cp my home directory to another partition, keeping permissions/timestamps intact, then mount that partition in /home, will everything work as normal?16:03
BigRedSas long as you do everything16:05
BigRedSdo cp -a /home/gord /new/home/partition   or otherwise make sure all the dotfiles come with16:06
gordBigRedS, does that handle symlinks gracefully?16:06
AlanBellwhen you are not logged in and lightdm changes your wallpaper, where does it store the wallpapers it changes to? does it cache them somewhere or really pull them out of your home directory (and how does it do that with encrypted home?)16:07
BigRedSgord: yeah. -a does --preserve=all16:07
BigRedSso you'll have a new link with the same destination16:07
gordif everything breaks i'll come back and blame you16:08
AlanBellconsider rsync if /home/gord is more than a few 10s of GB16:08
gordi mean. uh, thanks :)16:08
gordAlanBell, whys that?16:09
BigRedSI've not noticed much difference in speed16:09
BigRedSwell, I've not noticed any16:09
BigRedSbut I've not been very scientific16:09
AlanBellit does checksums and is restartable16:09
gordspeed i could care less about, but i think rsync does progress in certain configurations which would be handy16:09
BigRedSI do cp -a and if that fails I resume it with an rsync16:10
BigRedSI think it's force of habit. Always rsync for remote, cp for local16:10
BigRedSfewer characters, probably16:10
gordAlanBell, anything special i need to do with rsync to get the same deal as cp -a?16:10
AlanBell-avz I think, something like that16:11
BigRedS-a is the same as -a on cp, -v is verbose so you get a list of files and -z zips them which it doesn't do local-to-local anyway16:11
gord-r for recursion too?16:11
BigRedS-a includes a -r16:12
BigRedS-a is recursive preserving permissions, links, ownership, timestamps etc16:12
TheOpenSourcererman cp16:13
gordit is rather more easier and less error prone to ask #u-uk than it is to rtfm ;)16:13
BigRedSyeah, and I feel like I've just justified all the questions I've asked now :)16:14
gordthis is going much faster than my remote rsyncs, obviously the high speeds are faster, but the lots of small files case seems to be faster too16:19
BigRedSthat's one thing rsync's less good at - it spends a while stating files at the beginning16:21
BigRedSif there's billions of tiny ones it's definitely not-ideal but I don't know if anything's better16:21
penguin42and tends to eat about 100bytes/file - can get a problem if you have a HUGE directory16:22
gordrsync error: some files/attrs were not transferred (see previous errors) (code 23) at main.c(1070) [sender=3.0.9]16:24
gordi blame AlanBell!16:24
* AlanBell hides16:24
gordsure would be nice if you could grep the previous commands output16:25
kaushalis there a way to know the type of hard disk and rpm speed on ubuntu 11.10 ?16:27
BigRedSsmartctl -a /dev/sda   will give you a bunch of data16:27
BigRedSnot sure on rpm16:27
kaushali mean is it scsi or sata or ssd ?16:27
diplohdparm -i /dev/sda etc ?16:30
diploOr capitol I16:31
ahayzenkaushal: You can get alot of info from the 'Disk Utility'16:32
gordhuh, it actually seems to have worked16:32
buzzone annoying thing with rsyn c(I have more than one actually), is that some stuff is not intuitive, like when restoring from a backup where xattrs were used to store ownership etc, you have to do something like "rsync -a --numeric-ids --rsync-path="rsync --fake-super" XX@localhost:/ dest"16:37
buzzalso it never had fully implemented working rename detection, although there was a patch at some point that sometimes worked16:37
dwatkinsI imagine it's difficult to implement without a stateful sync tool.16:41
AlanBelltopic needs updating18:25
=== AlanBell changed the topic of #ubuntu-uk to: Welcome to #ubuntu-uk! http://ubuntu-uk.org | This channel is publicly archived http://irclogs.ubuntu.com | Mailing List http://tinyurl.com/uukml | Support Guidelines http://tinyurl.com/uuksupport | Meeting 2nd February 21:00 UK time #ubuntu-uk-meeting | The Podcast is baaak \o/ http://podcast.ubuntu-uk.org/2012/02/22/s05e00-season-5-is-coming/
BigRedSThere really should be a diff printed out when the topic's changed18:48
MartijnVdSBigRedS: there's an irssi script/plugin18:48
MartijnVdSin the irssi-scripts package18:49
BigRedSah yeah, there would be18:49
* bigcalm sets off to find out how weird the folk are that attend Woves LUG18:52
bigcalmWolves LUG even18:52
ubuntuuk-planet[Ubuntu UK Podcast] S05E00  Season 5 is coming! - http://podcast.ubuntu-uk.org/2012/02/22/s05e00-season-5-is-coming/19:11
ubuntuuk-planet[Jono Bacon] Testing Ubuntu Accomplishments - http://www.jonobacon.org/2012/02/22/testing-ubuntu-accomplishments/21:11
AlanBellhow would you add an audio commentary to a screencast?21:32
AlanBellif for example you did a 5 minute screencast with the microphone muted for example21:33
ali1234i would use openshot21:33
AlanBellyeah, I like it for editing, but I don't see a "playback and record sound as a new track" option21:34
ali1234play video in mplayer while recording audio21:34
ali1234drop audio file in openshot21:34
ali1234drag it to the timeline21:34
AlanBellok, that works :)21:35
ali1234if you are feeling really lazy and your computer is powerful enough, just record a new screencast of the video playing in mplayer while yu talk, this time remembering to enable the mic21:36
popeychoo choo21:36
* brobostigon joins in with making choochoo sounds.21:36
* popey is at Waterloo21:37
ali1234you can also "audioswap" with ffmpeg if you don't want to reencode the video21:37
ali1234but that's a command line hassle21:37
popeyAlanBell: see lp:ffscreencast for how you can extract audio and add different audio21:37
popeyat the end of the script21:37
popeybut yeah, a gui is "better"21:37
* czajkowski waves at popey 21:38
popeyeek, moving21:39
ali1234i found the compiz plugin for drawing on the screen21:39
ali1234usefu for screencasting21:39
ali1234can you guess what the default shortcut is for it?21:39
popeydoes it need 8 fingers?21:39
AlanBelldoes it bring up the HUD?21:39
ali1234only 221:39
ali1234i unbound those two keys from unity21:40
popeyi had some very interesting discussions with the designers today21:40
SuperEngineeralt-super... did somebody call ? .... ;)21:40
popeyabout unity, window management21:40
popey14.04 is going to be a great release :D21:40
popeyhad fun with the numbers on the launcher 'stick' on21:41
popeywhich was useful for determining at any time how many icons i had in the launcher21:41
popeyunless i had more than 1021:41
ali1234i've said all along that unity will be good when it stops being "experimental" and starting being sensible :)21:42
ali1234same goes for gnome-shell21:42
ali1234gnome has already been through that cycle once21:43
popeyi cant help but smile that i am on a train using a brand new laptop and a leading mobile phone to talk on irc ☺21:43
popeythats a fair assesment21:43
KrimZonI think the main thing I want from unity right now before I use it lots is to only show icons for what's in the current workspace21:43
ali1234KrimZon: the new version half does that, actually21:44
* AlanBell figures out you start recording audio first, then hit play in mplayer21:44
ali1234KrimZon: by default21:44
ali1234if there are windows of the app on the current workspace it will only show those windows if you click the launcher twice21:44
ali1234if there aren't, it takes you to another workspace still21:44
ali1234but you can tell by looking at the little arrow now, what will happen when you click it21:44
ali1234so all in all, an improvement21:45
popeytime for some train based emulation fun21:45
ali1234this is actually a compiz setting btw, only the default was changed21:45
KrimZonit's just that in gnome2 i had everything organized based on whether it was dealing with already running programs or with starting new ones21:47
KrimZonhave, rather, because I'm still on 10.0421:47
ali1234yeah i don't like docks much because of the way they blur that line21:48
ali1234but that's never going to change21:48
ali1234anyway the new setting is much better, try it21:49
AlanBellyeah, I took everything out of the launcher21:49
AlanBellI have pinned a few things again, but it really confused me to begin with having stuff that wasn't running in the launcher that I didn't know how to close21:50
* directhex moos21:50
ali1234the launcher itself never confused me. annoyed me, yes....21:50
AlanBellali1234: well not for very long, but I was a bit perplexed by it21:51
ali1234now, the old "all desktops" window switching thing... that really confused me21:51
KrimZonI'd call it confusion, albeit momentary, when I want to open a new window and end up with the existing one on another workspace21:51
ali1234i could never know which desktop i was on and which desktops my windows were on21:51
ali1234so i just used 1 desktop all the time21:51
AlanBellI have only used a mac a few times and I didn't get where applications came and went from in the dock, having used unity I now understand the mac dock I think21:52
ali1234KrimZon: yeah exactly. that can still happen, but it is now possible to tell from the graphical hints whether it is going to happen or not21:52
ali1234before it was impossible to tell21:52
KrimZonbut the behaviour of the icon is still inconsistent21:53
KrimZondependant upon whether there's already an instance running21:53
KrimZonI would've loved it if they just added dock-style launcher icons to gnome 221:53
ali1234i would not have loved that21:53
KrimZonas an extra feature, rather than replacement21:54
ali1234they would all move around every time i log in, no thanks21:54
KrimZonwell, by that I mean they start the app if it's not open else they switch to it21:54
KrimZonfor stuff like pidgin and x-chat21:54
ali1234if i'm gonna run gnome 2, i won't be having any dock functions21:55
KrimZonpidgin handles 2 instances by itself, but x-chat embarrasses me by logging in twice :p21:55
ali1234if you don't like inconsistent icons, why do you want to put that design into gnome 2?21:55
ali1234just so you'd be able to turn it off?21:55
KrimZonwell... maybe turning it off was my first reaction when I heard the feature discussed21:56
ali1234anyway, point is, once you;ve got a terminal window open on all workspaces, unity will now never warp you to another workspace when clicking the launcher like it used to do21:56
KrimZonI still think there's some stuff it's just handy to have a button to launch that won't run it if it's already running21:56
ali1234which was my main problem with it really21:56
KrimZonyeah, terminal windows are the opposite end - if you press terminal you generally want a new one, not the one that's doing something else already21:57
ali1234not really21:57
* AlanBell wonders what to do about window quicklists21:57
ali1234i normally want "the terminal on this workspace" - not the last one i touched on any workspace21:57
ali1234because i have about 5 terminals open on every workspace21:58
ali1234so i go to the workspace related to the task first, then i look for the temrinal i want21:58
ali1234same goes for firefox windows21:58
AlanBellindeed, and raising every single terminal is not helpful21:58
ali1234cos i need my API reference as well21:58
ali1234and text editor21:58
ali1234and i'm usually working on three things at once21:58
ali1234so each workspace has a gedit, a firefox, and a bunch of terminals21:59
ali1234then i'll also probably have minecraft or eve running on another workspace21:59
ali1234and of course i need another firefox window for that open on monitor 2 for reference21:59
ali1234we finally got the ability to loaunch programs on monitor 2 while something is running fullscreen on monitor 122:00
ali1234previously i had to move to aother workspace with keyboard shortcut, open firefox, drag it to second monitor, "send to workspace" then switch back to the game22:00
ali1234such a faff22:00
KrimZonI don't use multi-monitor configurations at home22:01
ali1234ow does that help me?22:01
ali1234eve is a game that caters to the type of players that all other mmorpgs hate22:02
ali1234you are basically expected to play it with a guide open at all times, otherwise you will get utterly destroyed22:03
ali1234the in game browser sucks though22:03
AlanBellhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=MoXhfnmODbk#! nice fix to a silly fail22:03
ali1234what how does that work?!22:04
AlanBellmove to the side of the window, scroll thumb leaps to the mouse, click the thumb and drag sideways to resize the window, rather than trying to sneak up on it from the right and resize when it isn't looking22:05
popey\o/ home22:20
KrimZonI played eve for a while22:21
KrimZonsome time ago, until it started feeling too much like work22:21
ali1234yeah the trick is to never join a corp :)22:22
KrimZonI didn't, I used to just try to find decent trade routes that would make some kind of profit22:22
andylockranI left my charger for the lappy at work today - absolute bummmer.22:23
ali1234jita -> anywhere makes you a profit on any widely used t2 modules22:23
ali1234i log in once every two weeks and do an orca trip, that's enough to cover my plex22:24
ali1234also, the eve UI is now a blatant rip-off of unity22:26
ali1234they even have progress bars on their launcher22:26
ali1234for skill training22:26
ali1234and you can move the icons around22:26
ali1234it was similar before but they've obviously taken a lot of inspiration :)22:26
zleaphow do i search for a file in ubuntu 11.1022:27
ali1234through the dash22:28
KrimZonI must confess I quit searching for files when I switched to linux22:28
zleapit finds the files but how do i get it to tell me where the file is22:28
zleapas in path to file, so i can navigate to it22:28
ali1234you're not supposed to care where it is22:28
ali1234just always open it through the dash22:28
ali1234if you want to know where it is, open nautilus and hit ctrl-f22:29
ali1234or just use find in a terminal22:29
ali1234zleap: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Guwvwp0uSU822:30
zleapi got it22:31
zleapjust that dash needs to display more info, perhaps hover over the file and it displays path,  creation date so you can manage multiple copies of the same document22:31
ali1234well the 12.04 has a filtering thing where you can sort by date etc22:32
ali1234you have to go to the file lens22:32
ali1234dunno how any of it works on older versions... can't remember22:32
zleapwell that sounds better to me, at least then when it is searching across multiple file systems,  and say drop box folder users can find the oldest version and maybe delete22:33
zleapali1234, thanks22:36
zleapin 11.10 it just displaysd icons for the files and filename22:37
KrimZonI'll have to install 12.04 in a vm for a while22:39
=== exaem is now known as exaem|zzz
Azelphurhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-kbMF1GF2A&hd=1 \o/22:53
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