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Andy80Saviq: I know I'm asking you to find a dinosaur, but.... do you remember where we put that code for the simple QML Twitter client we did during MeeGo Summit on SF?01:11
bschaeferthomi, ping01:48
thomibschaefer: yo01:48
bschaeferhey I have some Japanese test for you :)01:48
bschaeferI have 3 so far, let me double check them!01:49
bschaeferalso you will need ibus-anthy01:49
thomibschaefer: OK01:50
bschaeferthomi, just sent an email01:51
thomiCheers, I'll add them01:51
bschaefercool, Ill have some korean ones later also01:51
bschaeferand ill be making them for hud too01:51
thomibschaefer: what does pressing Ctrl+J do?02:07
bschaefercommit text02:13
bschaeferthomi, the space switches the text02:13
thomibschaefer: hmm, isn't that the same as pressing the number for the txt you want?02:14
thomilike "abc1"?02:14
bschaeferthomi, its an interesting way to type I would say... Korean is actually really cool.02:14
bschaeferthomi, that is a different engine02:14
bschaeferthat is for pinyin only02:14
thomioh ok, it's engine-specific? bummer02:14
bschaeferyup :(02:15
thomithat sucks02:15
bschaeferthat is why its hard to make sure ALL work correctly02:15
bschaeferbut we are coving the 3 big ones02:15
bschaeferalso Korean doesn't have much translated for it yet...02:15
thomiOK. I'm going to change the tests to use python-testscenarios so we don't have to write identical tests :)02:18
bschaeferthomi, nice, the hangul engine is easier to use, just type and space is to commit02:19
thomiwe'll probably end up with a test for each engine then02:20
bschaeferYeah, these 3 are a very good start02:20
bschaeferhmm there is also the ibus-m17n which has a lot of engines in it...02:21
bschaeferlike different CJK engines02:22
bschaeferthomi, sent you 3 korean examples now as well02:48
bschaeferthank you very much! :)02:49
thomithese tests are going to look like... like... umm...02:49
bschaefero and the korean engine is02:49
bschaeferyeah, it was fun to learn how to actually type in those languages!02:50
thomibschaefer: got a second?03:01
thomican you please make sure you have python-testscenarios installed, grab the latest version of my branch, and make sure the ibus tests still run correctly and pass for you?03:02
thomiand if you want a pleasant surprise, check out the new version of test_ibus.py file :)03:02
bschaeferalright :)03:02
thomipython rocks the casbah ;)03:02
bschaefergetting a few errors03:04
bschaeferAttributeError: 'IBusTestsPinyin' object has no attribute 'activate_input_engine'03:04
thomioh nuts03:04
thomiI'm an idiot, hang on03:04
thomibschaefer: ok, pull new version ;)03:05
thomiI renamed a method and forgot to update it. What a tool!03:05
bschaeferthomi, haha, and sweet!03:05
thomipretty cool huh?03:06
bschaeferpulling and about to run it!03:06
thomiI'll do a separate test for the other two input engines you've sent me03:06
bschaeferruns 100%03:07
bschaeferand cool, these test are looking awesome03:07
bschaeferwe had to many regression when it came to ibus last cycle!03:07
bschaeferthomi, nice scenarios list!03:09
bschaeferin test_ibus.py03:09
thomiadding the korean and japanese ones now03:09
bschaeferthomi, I also wish there was an easy way to tell if it was active. I wonder if there is a config.get_value for that hmm03:09
thomibschaefer: if you find one, please let me know - I've been looking too03:10
bschaeferwill do!03:10
thomibschaefer: new revision of my branch: adds hangul tests.03:19
bschaefersweet, checking it out now03:19
bschaeferthomi, so it didn't seem to switch to ibus-hangul on my test03:22
thomioooh, that's interesting03:22
bschaefereverything is in pinyin03:22
bschaeferdoes the order matter?03:22
thomibschaefer: it should remove all the other engines03:22
thomithe tests only enable one engine at once03:22
bschaeferhmm only pinyin is on my active engine list03:23
thomi...they also restore the engines that were installed after the test ran, so your system will be back to normal after the test completes... well, it *should*03:23
bschaeferunder the korean test03:23
bschaeferhaha unless you ctrl+c out of it!03:23
thomi...that's true03:23
thomi...I think03:23
thomiI'll add some logging and work it out03:24
bschaeferwell I just did, and only piniyin is under active hmm03:24
bschaeferIll tinker around a little with it!03:24
bschaeferthomi, yeah I just put hangal as the only active engine then ran the test and it switch it to pinyin only03:25
bschaeferwhich the korean test gets ran first03:25
thomiok, what happens if you do this:03:25
thomipython -m testtools.run autopilot.tests.test_ibus.IBusTestsHangul03:26
thomithat should run the hangul tests only03:26
thomiOK. I'll look into it.03:26
bschaeferthomi, hmm weird, I just switch the call from pinyin to hangul (for the pinyin test) and it worked03:33
thomiOK, I wonder if ibus-daemon needs to be restarted after changing the settings03:33
bschaeferthat might be it, what if instead of just loading one engine to the active list just have a list of engines you are using to have it preload them all at one03:34
thomiwhat kappens if you do "killall ibus-daemon" and re-run the tests that you changed (the ones that should fail)03:34
bschaeferjust got a seg fault when I killed the ibus daemon03:35
thomiin what?03:35
thomiOK, that's not good - we should probably fix that :)03:36
bschaeferI think it cause the code im putting into nux reach an assertion where the bus was no longer connected to the bus03:36
thominux should ideally fail gracefully if ibus dies03:36
bschaeferhmm yeah, Ill have to bring that up with Jay03:37
bschaeferit shouldn't assert but rather just return false when trying to process the event03:37
bschaeferdammit now its not connecting to ibus haha, one sec03:37
bschaeferok its working again03:39
thomiI can reproduce the issue in the python interpreter03:40
thomiibus reports the "pinyin" IME is active, but it's still using the hangul one03:40
thomilike it needs to be refreshed or something03:40
bschaeferas I change it to use only hangul for both pinyin and hangul03:41
bschaeferthen hangul worked and now switching back to pinyin it wont load it!03:41
bschaeferbut the test work for korean :) (When it is in hangul)03:41
thomihmm, I really want to avoid loading all the engines at once03:41
thomiI can kill the ibus-daemon from python, but that'll break nux for you at the mometn03:42
bschaeferthomi, do you account for the space at the end of the korean input?03:42
thomiI think so, yeah03:42
bschaeferok, let me run it again to see if it passes the check03:42
thomithere's a space at the end of each input string03:42
bschaeferhmm it is typing in the correct info but im getting 3 failures03:43
bschaeferDifference: u'\ubb38\uc11c' != u'\ubb38\uc11c '03:43
bschaeferI think your check is not taking the space into consideration03:43
bschaeferlike when you hit space it commits the preedit along with putting a space there03:44
thomiahh, ok03:45
thomiI'll update the tests03:45
thomijust for the hangul tests, right?03:45
bschaeferthomi, Ill see what I can do about the crash in nux03:48
thomiok, new revsiion available with the fixes03:49
bschaefersweet all passed :)03:51
thomibschaefer: OK, the same thing happens with ibus-setup03:51
bschaeferthomi, so ibus setup resets the ibus-daemon?03:51
thomino I'm saying it doesn't03:51
thomithe same propblem exists03:51
thomiat least, for me it does03:51
thomiright now ibus-setup shows Korean as the only active input engine, yet when I type I still get the pinyin engine03:52
bschaeferif you restart the daemon does it fix it?03:53
thomikilling the ibus-daemon does fix the issue :)03:53
bschaeferok, well im going to have to fix it so nux doesn't crash on that!03:53
bschaeferit nice we caught that so early :)03:54
thomithat sucks - surely that's an ibus bug. Do we know any ibus developers?03:54
bschaeferno its in the new code im doing for TextEntry03:54
bschaeferim pretty sure at lease, let me crash it really quick again03:54
thomino I mean the fact that the engine doesn't update03:54
bschaeferhmm, I think im the closest to an ibus dev we have :(03:55
thomiwe ought to fix that as well - killing the daemon just to update the active engine is a bit heavy handed03:55
bschaeferI think that is why they only have a preload-engines signal03:55
thomihave you looked into the ibus src code? think it's possible to get a fix in before precise?03:55
bschaeferI have dug through it, but Im not sure if I have been in that chunk of code at lease03:56
bschaeferalso when you first install a new engine you have to restart the daemon to get it in the list of engines03:57
thomiyeah, I noticed that03:57
bschaeferthomi it might be better to submit a bug for ibus, and for now we could  restart the daemon04:04
bschaeferbut im not sure if they will do anything about :(04:04
thomibschaefer: are they on LP?04:05
bschaeferno google code04:05
thomiOK, I'll submit one now04:05
bschaeferthank you! Im about to start working on this crash in nux, hopefully I can fix it soon!04:06
bschaeferthomi, haha it was actually pretty funny why it was crashing04:22
bschaeferthomi, so there is a disconnected signal cb and for some reason it was calling Connect instead of Disconnect04:23
bschaeferso when it disconnected it was trying connect right away04:23
thomiwhoops ;)04:23
bschaeferhaha, yeah04:23
bschaefersweet and it reconnects, alright all fixed for now :)04:24
thomibschaefer: http://code.google.com/p/ibus/issues/detail?id=1418&thanks=1418&ts=132988513704:32
bschaeferthomi, sweet thanks!04:33
bschaeferI hope its a fixable problem04:34
thomibschaefer: yeah, I may even take a look at the code myself04:34
thomihow hard can it be? :P04:34
bschaeferthomi, the ibus code isn't the easiest code to read haha04:34
bschaeferIll try to take a look my self04:35
thomibschaefer: if you get a chance, there's a new revision in my branch that has tests for the japanese scenario as well04:41
bschaeferthomi, I think it's anthy04:43
bschaeferunless the engine list says anthi04:44
* thomi fixes04:44
bschaeferregular expression ftw!04:45
thomiok, pull now04:46
bschaeferthe space for the japanese engine doesn't commit a space04:46
bschaeferDifference: u'\u30e6\u30fc\u30b6\u30fc ' != u'\u30e6\u30fc\u30b6\u30fc'04:47
bschaeferI know its annoying haha04:47
bschaeferthe space switchs it to a different form04:47
bschaeferother then that is works like a charm ;)04:47
bschaeferand the ibus engines not switching04:47
thomiok, there's a new revision without the spaces now04:48
bschaeferthomi, ok, this is an interesting merge conflict04:49
bschaefer<<<<<<< TREE04:49
bschaeferclass IBusTestsAnthy(IBusTests):04:49
bschaefer    """Tests for the Anthy(Japanese) input engine."""04:49
bschaeferclass IBusTestsAnthi(IBusTests):04:49
bschaefer    """Tests for the Anthy(Japanese) input engine."""04:49
bschaefer>>>>>>> MERGE-SOURCE04:49
bschaefersince i changed it myself, but cant it see its the same!!04:49
thomiheh, maybe do a revert before a pull04:50
bschaeferthomi, no I fixed it, just thought it was funny04:50
bschaeferdelete then bzr resolve04:50
thomifair enough04:50
bschaeferit because I changed the source my self, then pulled your changes04:50
bschaeferfrom Anthi to Anthy but idk thats odd maybe a random space difference04:50
bschaeferwait I think you missed an Anthi04:52
bschaeferis why there was a conflict04:52
bschaeferor I did04:52
bschaeferthomi, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~thomir/unity/ibus-testing/view/head:/tests/autopilot/autopilot/tests/test_ibus.py#L9804:54
bschaeferLooks like you missed one Anthi04:54
thomioh ok04:54
thomiahh yep04:54
* thomi fixes04:54
bschaeferwhich is why there was a merge conflict haha04:55
thomiok, new revision04:55
bschaeferbut everything works!04:55
bschaeferit is getting 100% of the jap mataches04:56
thomilooking into the ibus src code04:57
thomiseems like there might be a way to restart the bus remotely04:57
bschaeferwell in ibusbus.h there is a ibus_bus_exit which takes in an argument to restart it04:58
thomibschaefer: yup, that's what I saw04:59
thomiI'm looking for the dbus interface spec04:59
bschaefercan you just call bus.exit(true)04:59
bschaefersorry, I saw that earlier but thought you had used to restart it when you said you could in python!05:00
thomiwell, I can confirm that the bug still exists in the latest sources from google code05:04
bschaeferthats good, hopefully restarting the ibus-daemon will work for us for now05:05
thomibschaefer: new revision that restarts ibus after setting the daemon05:10
bschaeferalright, so just run it from the beginning?05:12
thomimay as well, or maybe just the ibus tests05:15
thomiI'm out for the day though - talk to you tomorrow05:15
bschaeferthomi, alright05:15
bschaeferill send you an email about anything i notice05:15
bschaeferthank you!05:16
apwbug #93853810:25
ubot5Launchpad bug 938538 in unity (Ubuntu) "HUD: incremental search not keeping up with typing on atom netbooks" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93853810:25
htorquehello all! how would i determine what's causing this white pixel to appear at (0, 0) from time to time? → http://img.xrmb2.net/images/984711.png10:36
htorquexwininfo on (0, 0) says it's the panel, but i'm not so sure it's coming from the panel.10:37
jokerdinohtorque: bug 92744110:37
ubot5Launchpad bug 927441 in unity (Ubuntu Precise) "Far left character in panel (and launcher popups) distorted" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92744110:37
htorquejokerdino: no, that's not it.10:37
jokerdinooh wait, may be it is not relevant.10:38
apwhtorque, do you have your launcher exposing on top left or left ?10:41
htorqueno, i disabled all hiding functions.10:41
apwwas wondering if it was the activation 'window' for something like that10:42
htorquei remember seeing this for a while, likely happens more often after unlocking/resuming the system10:42
htorqueno way to reliably reproduce it, though.10:43
mgedminwhat does xprop say about that window?10:43
htorquemgedmin: http://paste.ubuntu.com/852485/10:43
mgedminfor the record, I've never seen this bug10:44
htorquei've seen it on both of my precise systems10:45
* mgedmin is still on oneiric10:45
htorqueit's easy to see with the dark panel, so i expected to find a bug report, but nothing. i just have no idea against which package i should report it.10:46
htorquehm, it's gone after a unity restart10:47
om26ersaw that one yesterday10:49
mgedmin.xsession-errors might have some debug messages maybe10:51
mgedmincould it be related to dual-head?10:52
mgedminunity creates a separate panel window for each monitor10:52
htorquemgedmin: nope, just one monitor10:53
mgedminis the window sized 1x1, according to xwininfo?10:53
mgedminor is it just a drawing bug in the regular-sized unity panel?10:54
htorqueaccording to xwininfo it's the panel10:54
htorquedon't know if windows can hide from xwininfo10:55
mgedmincan you pastebin what xwininfo says, exactly?10:58
mgedminthe only place where I can find a "panel" string in the source code is in ./plugins/unityshell/src/PanelController.cpp11:00
htorquemgedmin: :-/ unfortunately i got rid of the pixel by restarting unity. i'm trying to make it reappear.11:02
mgedminand you don't remember the window size?11:02
mgedminthe code that I can see always creates panel windows 24-pixels high and as wide as the monitor11:03
htorquei *think* it matched the panel size11:03
mgedminif that window is 1x1, then either it doesn't belong to unity, or there's something very interesting going on11:03
mgedminif it matches the panel size, then it's a drawing bug, not a window creation bug11:04
mgedminunfortunately the internal layout of the unity panel is not introspectable with xwininfo...11:04
mgedminI would file a bug11:05
htorquei will, just trying hard to find a way to reproduce it11:05
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Andy80didrocks: ping! (about OneConf, I'm Andrea)11:48
didrocksAndy80: hey!11:50
didrocksAndy80: how are you? :)11:51
Andy80didrocks: I'm fine thanks, you? :)11:51
didrocksAndy80: I'm good :)11:51
didrocksAndy80: so, do you volonteer to help in getting some data syncing stuff for P+1? ;)11:52
didrocksit's something I didn't implement yet on OneConf (just did package syncing) due to lack of time mainly11:53
Andy80didrocks: I surely have time and willing to help, let's see if I also have the knowledge to do it :P11:53
didrocksAndy80: heh, do you code in any particular language?11:55
Andy80didrocks: where are the actual sourced of OneConf? and where I can find more documentation about its state?11:55
didrocksAndy80: lp:oneconf11:55
didrocksAndy80: it's included by default in ubuntu11:55
didrocksintegrated with software-center11:55
Andy80didrocks: (in order of better knowledge ---> worst): C++, Python, C#, Java, C11:55
didrocks("share between computers")11:55
didrocksok ;)11:55
didrocksso data setting sync are different than package syncing11:56
didrocksmy thought was that most of the data we want to sync11:56
didrocksare stored in dconf11:56
didrocksso maybe, we can try to have a look how to interact with dconf-service11:56
didrocksand pushing that to ubuntu one11:56
didrocks(so different from the package syncing service)11:56
Andy80didrocks: but, how the service works? I mean... the daemon run in background, reads from ubuntu-one shared folder and writes data to d-conf?11:57
didrocksAndy80: the settings syncing is not in OneConf yet, but that was the plan11:58
didrocksAndy80: right now, oneconf-service is only about package sharing11:58
didrocks(which is what is in ubuntu for 2 cycles)11:58
Andy80didrocks: ok, we have to define an architecture anyway ;)11:59
didrocksI think we need another approach for the data settings sharing11:59
didrocksso, we have this dconf-service11:59
didrockswhich is already running11:59
didrocksand have all the needing info11:59
didrocksupstream is really friendly to us, I think we can discuss with him how we can integrate that to u111:59
didrocksthe idea will be to "watch for some key and trigger an external syncing" and checking regularly on u1 the changes12:00
didrocksAndy80: the right place to discuss that is at UDS, did you plan to come?12:00
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Andy80didrocks: ok, coming back to oneconf and dconf-service. The dconf-service is an existing service that is currently used by applications to save their settings or is it a specific component of oneconf?12:06
didrocksAndy80: no, dconf-service is the new "gconf" (a place to store settings)12:07
Andy80ah ok, so it's the same I already gave a look to12:08
Andy80you said that we can trigger settings changes, right?12:08
Andy80if yes, the settings part is correctly watched. Now, since I don't know ubuntu-one API, I suppose there is already a FileWatcher API or similar? To detect if a file changed....12:10
didrocksAndy80: sorry, was in a discussion :)12:21
didrocksAndy80: so, there are two way to accomplish this12:21
didrocksAndy80: either putting that one files12:21
didrocksAndy80: or using the new shiny API to only sync what we need :)12:21
didrocks(like data)12:21
didrocksI'll talk with them for that12:21
Andy80didrocks: about the "new shiny API" you're talkng about Ubuntu One?12:22
didrocksAndy80: yeah, they changed it recently12:22
didrocksSo two parts: - I would say, discussing with dconf upstream how to plug that in dconf-service12:22
Andy80didrocks: ok, never used that API, so I'll give a look to the documentation today12:22
didrocks- Look at how we can get the other way around with the u1 :)12:22
didrocksAndy80: yeah, it's a good start12:22
didrocksAndy80: sorry, nowdays, I don't have the time to look at P+1, I try to focus on the LTS :)12:23
didrocksbut as soon as we are a little bit further in the cycle, we can really start preparing that together :)12:23
Andy80didrocks: after these two parts are ready, we need a UI to let the user choose what they wanna sync12:23
didrocksAndy80: this should be in gnome-control-center I think12:24
didrocksAndy80: the ui is not the real issue I guess :)12:24
Andy80didrocks: a little thing I need is that you can explain me "which class is used for" in oneconf sources: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/oneconf/trunk/files/head:/oneconf/12:24
Andy80didrocks: I was just giving a look at it but I cannot understand everything12:25
didrocksAndy80: the oneconf only contains right now the package syncing12:25
didrocksAndy80: so, not really relevant to what we try to do here, as it's more "plugin" for dconf-service12:26
SaviqAndy80, found it: http://wiki.meego.com/QtWorkshop/TeamSirloin12:26
Andy80Saviq: cool!12:26
SaviqAndy80, you're not on the team list, though12:26
Andy80Saviq: exactly, but yesterday I did need a very basic example of a twitter client to understand some things and that example came into my mind12:27
s9iper1the colour in the dash and all other launcher  componants   with has updated in 5.4 unity how can i enable it it need any further package to instal ?12:30
SaviqAndy80, cool, hope it helps, it's majorly basic, though :)12:30
Andy80didrocks: with "plugin for dconf-service" you mean that rather than watching the oneconf source code I should give a look to the dconf-service docs?12:30
didrocksAndy80: exactly12:30
didrocksAndy80: it's dconf on gnome infra12:30
Andy80Saviq: well, at the end I did something completly different using ListView/TwitterDelegate and a TwitterModel that uses XmlListModel class12:31
SaviqAndy80, probably the more QML way12:31
Andy80didrocks: you did read the Stuart Langridge's comment on my blog post? Do you thik we should coordinate with him?12:33
Andy80didrocks: this is the comment I'm talking about http://www.andreagrandi.it/2012/02/21/ubuntu-syncronizing-settings-among-multiple-pc-using-ubuntu-one/#comment-7705812:33
didrocksAndy80: totally, anyway, I already needed to speak with him :)12:34
Andy80didrocks: perfect, so... for today I read ubuntu-one docs and dconf-service docs and I try to use some API, just to take confidence with them (is it ok if we do this in Python? Long time I don't use it, but I love using it :) )12:36
Andy80didrocks: but since it's your "pet" you have right to decide which language to use ;)12:36
didrocksAndy80: I'm afradi that the dconf-service binding will need some C foo :)12:37
didrocksas we try to not have another daemon12:37
Andy80ouch :\ I'm good with C like Paris Hilton is good at not spending money :P but I can give a look, don't worry ;)12:39
didrocksAndy80: do not hesitate if you have any question! :)12:40
Andy80ok, so: dconf-service docs, ubuntu-one docs and all in C. Let's start! :)12:42
* Andy80 well... lunch first :P12:45
mhall119good morning12:52
mhall119didrocks: did you send me an MP?12:52
mhall119oh nvm, I see it in my inbox now12:54
gotwigmhall119: hey12:55
gotwigmhall119: my package is in :-)12:55
apwbug #93864313:00
ubot5Launchpad bug 938643 in unity (Ubuntu) "HUD: keyboard focus is not returned to the original window after menu item is selected" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93864313:00
mhall119gotwig: in where?13:00
apwbug #93853813:00
ubot5Launchpad bug 938538 in unity (Ubuntu) "HUD: incremental search not keeping up with typing on atom netbooks" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93853813:01
apwdidrocks, i've filed a couple of HUD bugs, could you check they are on the right package pls13:01
didrocksapw: looking13:01
didrocksapw: bug #938643 is a dup of a bug I already set on the priority list13:02
ubot5Launchpad bug 938643 in unity (Ubuntu) "HUD: keyboard focus is not returned to the original window after menu item is selected" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93864313:02
apwdidrocks, cool, the duplicate finder never seems to find my duplicates ... sigh13:03
didrocksapw: yeah, you are not alone in that situation :/13:03
didrocksapw: the second, I reassign as it's only backend to indicator-appmenu13:03
apwdidrocks, i suspect its my peculiar way of using words when i write13:03
didrocksapw: bug #93406113:04
ubot5Launchpad bug 934061 in unity (Ubuntu) "doesn't give the focus back to the active application after dash/hud use" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93406113:04
didrocksI'm dupping :)13:04
didrocksyw ;)13:05
mhr3davidcalle, ping?13:06
mhr3davidcalle, the video lens is using remote scopes, right?13:06
davidcallemhr3, one remote scope, yes13:06
mhr3davidcalle, how is the process called?13:07
davidcallemhr3 ^13:07
mhr3ah yea, thx13:07
* davidcalle reboots13:08
apwdidrocks, so i am also seeing any keypress between hitting alt and the hud box appearing getting lost, they are neither in the original app nor in hud, am wondering if thats worth a bug too; on the netbook that period is fairly long13:10
didrocksapw: hum, this is interesting, definitively worth a bug13:11
didrocksapw: there is another one on the perf of hud for appearing13:11
didrocksapw: is the dash in your netbook slow as well to appear?13:11
=== greyback is now known as greyback|lunch
apwdidrocks, yeah its similar to the refresh period13:12
apwdidrocks, i suspect it may be searching for '' before it appears :)13:12
didrocksapw: I guess you have the same "lost keys" in the dash as well then13:12
didrocksnot the dash13:12
didrocksnot sure for the hud :)13:12
apwdidrocks, oh sorry13:13
* apw re-reads13:13
apwdidrocks, yes, its like 1-1.2s to appear13:13
apwdidrocks, and in an unscientific test ... its about the same delay for each13:13
didrocksapw: yeah, the slowliness of them to appear is on the priority list as well, but the lost keys are interesting to log13:13
apwwill do13:14
apwdidrocks, am i right in thinking that hud is learning from my selections13:15
didrocksapw: indeed, it's the case13:15
didrocksso it's sorted them higher and higher the more you are using them13:15
apwit is having the unfortuanate effect that i have taught my fingers alt open tab, makes me a new tab13:15
apwwhich it does on one machne, and does something quite different on the other13:16
apwbut i am not necessarily looking before i hit return13:16
didrocksah interesting effect, indeed ;)13:16
didrocksI think you can talk to tedg13:16
didrockshe knows how to get a dump of the weight of each search13:17
didrockson the backend13:17
didrocksmaybe ken knows too as he's reponsible of integrating the backend13:17
apwbug #93866113:19
ubot5Launchpad bug 938661 in unity (Ubuntu) "HUD: key presses between hitting ALT to access the hud and the UI actually appearing are lost" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93866113:19
apwdidrocks, ^ for guiding to the right component :)13:20
didrocksapw: not sure if it's compiz/unity TBH, let's keep it on unity right now. Thanks :)13:20
didrocksI confirm it here on my slow machine13:21
DaekdroomIt happens on faster machines too.13:22
apwdidrocks, do you also see the 1s per letter behviour on that machine13:22
gotwigmhall119: scope packers ppa13:22
gotwighttp://askubuntu.com/questions/38772/what-lenses-for-unity-are-available - checkout the last entry for the cooking lens :-)13:23
mhall119gotwig: great! thanks13:23
gotwigmhall119: I thank yoU!13:23
gotwigmhall119: I saw that ubuntu for android video13:23
gotwigmhall119: why have you removed it? canonical13:23
mhall119pretty slick isn't it?13:23
gotwigmhall119: oh yeah...13:24
mhall119gotwig: I don't know, I saw comments this morning about it being private, it wasn't yesterday13:24
didrocksapw: not on that one though :/13:24
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mhall119gotwig: dude, you're on omgubuntu13:25
mhall119check it out: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/02/hungry-new-cooking-lens-brings-recipefy-to-ubuntu/13:25
bkerensamhall119: We need some popvox unity lens13:27
mhall119bkerensa: popvox? what's that?13:27
bkerensamhall119:  www.popvox.com13:27
gotwigmhall119: WOOT13:27
bkerensait is a site that lets you track legislation and then contact your member of congress13:28
mhall119bkerensa: paultag is already working on a politics lens, it can be incorporated into that13:28
bkerensamhall119: That would be nice13:28
bkerensapopvox also owns govtrack.us13:28
mhall119bkerensa: he works for a company that provides a public API for searching legislation13:29
gotwigmhall119: isnt that cool?13:29
gotwigmhall119: :D13:29
bkerensamhall119: Sunlight or something?13:29
mhall119gotwig: it's feaking awesome!13:29
bkerensathey e-mail me13:29
mhall119bkerensa: yeah,  that's it13:29
gotwigmhall119: I have to complete it, tough ^^13:36
gotwigmhall119: and than comes my next lens ;)13:36
mhall119gotwig: keep them coming13:39
mhall119you got a lot of positive responses to this one13:40
gotwigmhall119: :D Maybe its becouse my lens shows more than only the name and a comment :D13:40
gotwigmhall119: for the items13:40
mhall119gotwig: that was a really nice touch, I'd never thought of doing that13:41
gotwigmhall119: you helped me. Thanks for that13:43
gotwigmhall119: especialy with the packaging part. and my grammar ;)13:43
mhall119I'm happy to help, and pleased to see it getting so much attention13:44
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gotwigmhall119: you and I know, that its not good enough, tough^^ but for 1 week work, its okay :D13:51
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apwdidrocks, when i open the hud, about 1/4 it says "Type your command" briefly then changes to "Search", i presume that is not meant to happen15:26
didrocksapw: oh totally confirmed here, gord ^^15:27
gordyup, already aware15:28
apwgord, got a bug# on that one15:28
gordnot that i have seen15:29
* apw will file15:30
apwgord, what should i file that against15:30
gordapw, unity15:30
davidcallemhall119, didrocks : what is the status of the lens quickly template? I'm writing a lens tuto for dev.ubuntu to be published this week.15:35
apwdidrocks, gord, bug #93875715:35
ubot5Launchpad bug 938757 in unity (Ubuntu) "HUD: prompt sometimes briefly displays as "Enter your command" before reverting to "Search"" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93875715:35
didrocksgord: care to triage it? ^15:36
mhall119davidcalle: he's sent me a merge proposal that I've merged15:36
apwgord, do the max/min (+)/(-) buttons have meaning to HUD?15:37
gordapw, you have lost me15:38
mhall119didrocks: should I drop -template from the name of the template directory?15:38
apwgord, in the dash you can maximise and minimise it so that next time its open its size is different, indeed you can resize it15:38
didrocksmhall119: agreed, that's better to drop it15:39
davidcallemhall119, didrocks, any eta for having it in the archive?15:39
gordapw, those buttons are disabled in hud15:39
apwgord, in hud we also show the same buttons but they don't seem to do anything, wondering if they should15:39
didrockswell, I think mhall119 wants to continue working on it a little bit, isn't it?15:39
apwgord, allowing you to resize hud, its default height say, might make a nice way to define how many results you want to see15:39
gordapw, you are talking to the wrong guy, i just code the thing ;)15:40
mhall119davidcalle: didrocks: I just need to add an 'install' command to the template for local testing, then I think we'll be ready to submit it to the archives15:40
gordi think there is a unity mailing list for design discussions now15:40
mhall119davidcalle: I'll put the current package in a PPA for you though15:40
davidcallemhall119, great, I'll adapt the tuto and publish it when it's here :)15:41
mhall119davidcalle: I just dput the source package into the scopes-packagers PPA15:42
davidcallemhall119, thanks!15:43
mhall119davidcalle: FYI,  the workflow for making lenses with the template will be quickly create/quickly edit/quickly install/quickly run15:50
mhall119"quickly install" will put the .lens file in /usr/share/unity/lenses/<lens_name>/, and call "unity --replace"15:51
mhall119until such time as unity --replace isn't needed15:51
mhall119which I'm still hoping will happen before 12.04 is released15:51
davidcallemhall119, sorry had to reboot. Are the service and lens files generated?16:20
mhall119davidcalle: they're generated by quickly now, not Singlet, but yet16:22
davidcallemhall119, great :)16:22
Atlantic777How can I debug unity lenses? I've just installed scope-video and lens-video but when I click on an video item player doesn't open. :/16:35
davidcalleAtlantic777, from where did you install them?16:35
Atlantic777davidcalle: let me check exact name of the PPA.16:35
davidcalleOk :)16:35
Atlantic777davidcalle: ^16:37
davmor2Atlantic777: I think you'll find that it's an xkcd lens that would end productivity :)16:38
davidcalleAtlantic777, I'm not sure about this one, but I believe you need to search in the Dash for some sort of configuration tool for it. Don't remember its name, but it's searching for Youtube should help. You need to configure in what player the lens will open the videos. I think it's VLC by default.16:39
davidcallebut searching*16:39
davidcallein the dash = in the Apps lens16:39
Atlantic777davidcalle: I've found that. I searched for "scope" and got youtube config16:39
Atlantic777maybe I have to logout/login but it's silly16:40
davidcalleAtlantic777, you shouldn't have to... Let me check.16:40
Atlantic777davmor2: lol, btw I'm using irssi, vim, sed, grep, remind etc in rxvt. :P16:41
davidcalleAtlantic777, I suppose you have tested with different players in the config tool?16:44
Atlantic777davidcalle: doing it now. It was using vlc (and it didn't work), then I switched to browser (it didn't work). Then switched back to vlc and it opened vlc (yay), but with some error that it can't open the stream. I could solve that. I've just installed minitube and the problem is solved. :)16:46
Atlantic777Thanks for support. :D16:46
Atlantic777see you later.16:46
davidcalleAtlantic777, no problem ^^16:46
Andy80didrocks: I was reading Stuart's comments here http://askubuntu.com/questions/48444/will-ubuntu-one-support-os-settings-sync/48541#48541 and I agree with him that applications should be sync-aware before we try to sync their settings. An example: you open FooApp on your home PC. You go to your office and open FooApp again, change settings and they are synced at your home PC too. The problem is that FooApp is not notified and when you close it,16:51
Andy80FooApp saves old settings overwriting new changes. When you go back to your office you find old settings again. What do you think about?16:51
didrocksAndy80: agreed, that's why OneConf is only about syncing system settings16:52
didrocksand system settings are normally picking key changes16:52
Andy80didrocks: ok then :) I continue my reading. p.s: don't know about dconf-service, but UbuntuOne doc is very poor and confusing imho: https://one.ubuntu.com/developer/ :\16:54
didrocksAndy80: you should ping stuart about it! and crack the whip :p16:56
Andy80didrocks: anyway, the moethods we need are these https://one.ubuntu.com/developer/data/store_data/ubuntu/ ?16:57
didrocksAndy80: indeed :)16:58
Andy80didrocks: I'm talking with Stuart right now on #u1db and he's telling me that this API docs is out of date: https://one.ubuntu.com/developer/data/store_data/ubuntu/ - the new docs is available here http://people.canonical.com/~aquarius/u1db-docs/ and currently only a Python implementation and API is available. VALA is in progress and no C api at the moment (they're moving from CouchDb ecc.....).17:17
mhall119those old api docs really need to be removed17:21
mhall119I've already marked them as deprecated on developer.ubuntu.com17:21
didrocksAndy80: yeah, I know about the moving from CouchDB17:35
didrocksAndy80: I'll talk to him tomorrow probably17:35
Andy80didrocks: ok :) sorry if I didn't reply before, I was having a phone call17:58
didrocksAndy80: same here ;-)18:00
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davidcalleom26er, ping18:45
om26eryo davidcalle18:45
davidcalleom26er, I was going to ask you about how to change the status of private bugs, but someone is answering me in ubuntu-desktop.18:48
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om26erokay :D18:49
davidcalleom26er, that's pretty frustrating to see people having bugs and not being able to say "Nevermind, it's fixed" :P18:51
seb128davidcalle, hey18:53
davidcallehey seb12818:54
seb128davidcalle, I just subscribed you to the few privates bugs in https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-lens-video/+bugs18:54
seb128davidcalle, you should have access18:54
seb128they all collected several dups18:54
davidcalleseb128, thanks a lot. I've just seen a few dups.18:54
seb128you should probably try to get be added to the bugsquad18:54
om26eror he could apply for bug control as an upstreamer triaging ubuntu bugs18:54
seb128or whatever team is needed to have access to private bugs18:54
om26erdavidcalle, apply for Ubuntu bugcontrol do mention you are the upstream for unity-lens-video and want to triage its package but that would be really simple to get added to the team18:55
s9iper1yes davidcalle is not added in bug control so thats why he is facing this..you can also talk with this to hggdh :18:57
om26erhe needs to apply for bugcontrol through proper channel ;)18:57
s9iper1hmmm :) :D18:58
davidcalleseb128, not seeing the private bugs you subscribed me to.18:58
hggdhdavidcalle: since you are an upstreamer, please contact jcastro (#ubuntu-community-team)18:58
davidcallehggdh, thanks :)18:59
hggdhdavidcalle: our pleasure, and thank you for helping18:59
* mhall119 has mighty-mighty upstream powers19:26
seb128davidcalle, still there?19:33
davidcalleI am, for a few minutes19:33
seb128davidcalle, you don't have access to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-lens-video/+bug/93614119:33
ubot5Error: ubuntu bug 936141 not found19:33
seb128davidcalle, what is your launchpad id? not davidcalle?19:34
davidcalledavidc3. Just fixed this one.19:34
seb128davidcalle, ?19:35
balloonsanyone else getting multiple icons for windows in launcher? meaning if I have thunderbird, plus a compose window open I get 2 launcher icons instead of one19:35
seb128davidcalle, is davidc3 your launchpad id?19:35
davidcalleseb128, yes :)19:35
seb128davidcalle, hum, I subscribed "davidcalle" to those bug, it's confusing that your irc nick is somebody else on launchpad19:36
davidcalleseb128, I didn't know there was a davidcalle on Launchpad :/19:36
seb128davidcalle, ok, fixed, try reloading https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-lens-video19:37
davidcalleseb128, oh, it's ok now, I'm on bug control19:38
seb128davidcalle, hum ok, well you have access at least ;-)19:38
davidcalleseb128, but thanks :)19:39
seb128yw ;-)19:39
om26erdavidcalle, rhythmbox->music-lens any update?19:46
davidcalleom26er, most of it is done and I hope that michal will have some time to look over the remaining bits.19:50
om26erdavidcalle, okay thx :)19:51
davidcalleom26er, I got to go, see you :)19:52
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michaelh1Morning.  Where should I report website bugs?  http://unity.ubuntu.com/about/unity is broken with a ERROR20:12
michaelh1The requested URL could not be retrieved20:12
mhall119michaelh1: I'll look into it, thanks20:14
michaelh1Separate question: how can I set Super-W to launch my web browser?  The keyboard shortcuts panel in current Precise works for Terminal but not WWW or Calculator.20:15
13WAAIJPJIsn't the URL: http://unity.ubuntu.com/about/20:15
michaelh1I clicked through from the front page via projects and ended up there20:16
mhall119michaelh1: the server took a crash, IS is working on bringing it back up20:17
mhall119the front page being served from their caching server, which is why you still got that much20:18
thumpermorning bschaefer20:56
bschaeferthomi, hey, I would have been on earlier but im tutoring ish right now20:57
bschaeferthumper, hey20:57
bschaeferthumper, right now for the ibus im just waiting on jay to review it and it should be good to merged20:58
thomibschaefer: your message seemed to make my entire system lock up :(20:59
thomiI got the desktop notification, then nothing worked. WHAT DID YOU DO??20:59
bschaeferthomi, o thats no good!20:59
bschaeferthomi, I just said I was teaching things to people, it must not like that!21:00
thomiseems compiz crashed, and took out everything with it21:00
bschaeferbut the testing are looking good! Im about to see if I can get this screen record working to show you :)21:00
thomioh yes! Now apport has crashed...21:01
* thomi enters a world of infinte recursion21:01
bschaeferthe wonders21:02
davidcallemhall119, I'm a bit confused with singlet. Is it unity-singlet or python-unity-singlet?22:28
mhall119thumper: ping23:41
thumpermhall119: hi, otp23:42
mhall119thumper: ping me when you're off please23:44
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