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philipballewall checked in for SD ubuntu hour01:54
raevolwaddap philipballew lololol02:01
raevol4 people at san diego ubuntu hour02:35
raevolwoot woot02:35
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raevolgonna save my batt02:52
philipballewthe San Diego ubuntu hour was a success05:05
pleia2yay :)05:05
philipballewAll's well with ubuntu here!05:07
raevolphilipballew: you there05:26
raevolah nevermind05:26
philipballewraevol, im here now!05:28
philipballewbut i see you dont want me anymore05:29
* philipballew goes and cries in a corner at this rejection 05:29
raevolwas going to ask what LVM was05:30
raevolbut google was there for me in my time of need!05:30
raevoli'm leaving you for google phil, sorry05:30
philipballewits okay. The next time you ask me a question I'll just have to use www.lmgtfy.com to be a come back05:34
* philipballew plans revenge05:35
raevolthere's some kind of meta joke here, but i am not clever enough to get it05:35
* philipballew doesnt get his jokes either05:36
raevolmy apt-get update on this ubuntu server install is choking05:36
* raevol shakes his fist at the default package mirror05:36
raevolmy favorite part about installing servers is when you get to the point where you can shell into them05:37
raevolbecause then you can just bury them in some corner and work from a shell05:37
philipballewssh is amazing05:37
raevolit's like the command line, except you HAVE to use it05:38
philipballewbecause i can sit on my laptop and never have to get up to work on anything05:38
raevolanyone have any ideas on configuring this eeepc to shut the screen off when the lid is closed? eeepc 701 running ubuntu server 11.1006:08
philipballewyou need to edit a lid closed file somewhere i beleive. i have seen it. is this headless?06:09
raevolwell, it's a netbook06:09
raevolbut i have ubuntu server on it06:09
raevolah the screen went to sleep by itself after a period of time06:16
raevolgood enough06:16
philipballewsounds good to me. is ssh enabled on it?06:17
raevolyea, already shelled in06:19
raevolputting it in its home behind the more important stuff on my desk now06:19
philipballewjust give it air so it can breathe :)06:20
raevolok philipballew do you know much about apache06:30
philipballewa little. what about it you wanting to know. if i dont know, someone here probaly does06:32
raevolwell, the default shared directory for my html files is /var/www06:33
raevoli made that a link to /home/raevol/public_html06:33
raevolbut i'm getting a 40306:33
raevolthe public_html dir and the index.htm in it has +r and +x for everyone06:33
raevolam i missing anything?06:33
raevolnevermind just did it the other way06:37
SpamapSHowdy fellow Ubuntu Californians...17:23
SpamapSAnybody interested in helping me setup/man a booth for Ubuntu (and possibly Debian) at the MySQL User's Conference in Santa Clara, April 10-12 ?17:23
* SpamapS will also send email17:23
pleia2hey there SpamapS17:25
pleia2I can't, my spring is already full of holes with vacations and conferences, my boss is starting to make "we never work!" comments :)17:27
SpamapSpleia2: darn it, I was kind of hoping you'd be available. :)19:49
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* MarkDude is possible for that time SpamapS , as long as I need not be really skilled :D20:06
broderman, today would have been a good stay-home-and-drink-beer-on-the-roof day21:43
pleia2yeah, it's beautiful out21:44
MarkDudeTowards the end they talk about Ubuntu on Android http://twit.tv/show/tech-news-today/441 Tom said he really support Linux23:00
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