brouschthis thing is updating very slowly00:11
brouschlike it's running on a 800MHz cpu00:12
nixternalanyone ever just do a dist-upgrade from an EOL version to whatever the newest is?00:13
nixternala guy called me this morning freaking out about his server being down. i went over there and to my surprise it was kubuntu 6.10 (edgy)00:14
nixternalyou can't even upgrade to 7.04 when it lets you know that it is available. i don't want to do a fresh install because i am lazy, but it looks like i might have to00:14
brouschi don't think you can. don't they remove the repos at EOL?00:14
nixternalgood news is i only charged him $500 for the emergency call & he is now a permanent client :)00:15
brouschmaybe you can do it with each CD?00:15
nixternalbrousch: yeah, you can't even do the recommended upgrade that ubuntu recommends because the recommended upgrade is also EOL00:15
brouschfind a 7.10 cd?00:15
nixternalbrousch: yeah, screw that noise. it would be quicker to just fresh install00:15
brouschyeah, i assumed you wanted upgrade because there was some asshattery preventing a clean install00:16
nixternaland i can install ubuntu-server on there and not some freakin' ubuntu or kubuntu crap.00:16
brouschkubuntu is the bizomb00:16
nixternalthere is a bunch of asshattery, but blueprint should help me work that out00:16
nixternali gotta go get some beer. damnit i hate being empty00:17
rick_hjcastro: no, I got the stand up desk vs the aeron chair00:19
jcastroif nixternal comes back someone tell him about old-releases.ubuntu.com00:30
brouschis that just the CDs?02:11
brouschah, i see, releases are CDs and ubuntu is repos02:12
snap-lYUI community superstar Eamon Brosnan (aka mosen) has been working on a build framework called buildy that he hopes will provide an alternative to Apache’s Ant. Here’s the sexy part: it’s written in JavaScript on Node.js, so for frontenders, that makes assembling and maintaining build processes a snap.03:01
snap-lI think my eye started twitching when I read that03:02
brouschwow. weird. i am trying 'apt-get remove --purge gnome*' in this ubuntu on android thing, and that command makes it want to install kde as well as remove gnome03:05
greg-gwait, you downloaded ubuntu on android?03:06
greg-gwhat they announced today?03:06
brouschso that command ends up installing 85MB more than what is already there03:06
brouschgreg-g: no, using http://linuxonandroid.blogspot.com/03:06
brouschand `apt-get remove --purge gnome* kde*` ends up installing 115MB more03:08
brouschi must be too tired to make sense of this03:08
_stink_is a metapackage trying to make up for the loss of a requirement?03:16
_stink_like ubuntu-desktop or something03:17
snap-l_stink_: Shhh... let him think he's nuts. :)03:36
snap-lGood morning11:48
snap-lHappy Birthday, rick_h!11:50
rick_hsnap-l: thanks!12:06
nullspacerick_h: happy birthday12:22
rick_hnullspace: thanks12:44
brouschit's rick_h's birthday?13:25
rick_hyep, party13:29
brouschcongratulations on surviving another year!13:32
brouschbig party?13:33
rick_hno, took the day off, got a couple of things this omrning then going to hit up a fav lunch spot, hack on things,13:35
rick_hsmall pie party this weekend13:35
* rick_h went for the apple pie over the cake this year13:35
brouschsounds healthier13:36
rick_hnaw, don't think so13:37
rick_hbut the wife makes a mean home made apple pie and not much cause to make them much13:37
Blazeixbrousch: grlug has a segway-based autonomous drinkbot? cool.14:42
brouschit is just starting14:42
brouschright now all we have is a partially-disassembled segway with a weak battery and some ideas ;)14:43
rick_hthat's a start14:44
brouschi think they're leaning towards a raspberrypi and opencv/simplecv14:54
jrwrenrick_h: happy birthday!15:20
rick_hjrwren: ty15:21
snap-lpro-tip: If you want an electronic version of a no-starch book that you've purchased, it's cheaper to register the book on O'reilly, and then pat $4.99 to "upgrade" to the eBook version15:34
snap-lnostarch doesn't offer this on their site.15:34
snap-lDid that with Eloquent Javascript.15:35
brouschoh now there's a scary checkbox. i'm installing virtualbox on windows and it has 'Always trust software from "Oracle Corporation".'15:37
snap-lSHouldn't have to ask you.  You should implicitly trust Oracle.15:38
snap-lThey only have your best interests at heart.15:38
snap-lGrrr... y'know, if Monday wasn't a holiday, USPS would be bringing me goodies today.16:04
brouschdamn presidents16:04
snap-lHow much do you want to wager that Firefox adopts Pepper.16:23
Blazeixaccording to some random guy in another irc channel i'm in, they've already said they won't.16:29
snap-lI hope they have a stellar reason for why not16:29
snap-lOf course, if it means we can finally write off Flash, I'm all for it, but I think that day will never arrive.16:30
snap-lLet me rephrase16:30
snap-lon that day, Satan will be skating to work.16:30
snap-l(h/t Red Dwarf)16:31
Blazeixit'll be interesting to see what happens with http://dvcs.w3.org/hg/html-media/raw-file/tip/encrypted-media/encrypted-media.html16:34
jrwrenwtf is pepper?16:35
snap-ljrwren: That's the API that Google and Adobe are using for Flash 11.2+16:35
jrwrenoh, a better NSAPI ?16:35
jrwrendoes chromeos comes with flash player?16:35
snap-lbetter is relative. :)16:36
brouschjrwren: yes16:36
jrwrenshit, seems to me like flash could almost be written as a NCAL16:36
jrwrenerr.. NaCL16:36
brouschnot sure about chromiumos16:36
jrwreni guess webcam/mic wouldn't work with nacl.16:36
snap-ljrwren: Something tells me that's the gist.16:37
snap-lBlazeix: Ugh16:38
snap-lSomething tells me that Encrypted Media will get abused fiercely.16:39
snap-lSomewhere a font producer, and a porn producer just got tingly in the bathing suit area.16:40
greg-gef that encrypted media shit16:46
snap-lgreg-g: Agreed16:47
greg-gisn't ppapi just chrome's flash integration point?16:47
snap-lLooks like some Javascript hooks16:47
* greg-g nods16:47
greg-gef that as well (the lack of non-chrome linux flash support)16:47
snap-lHonestly, it doesn't bother me too much16:48
greg-gseriously, day, why are you making me so angry already?! It isn't even 9am yet!16:48
snap-lFrankly, the sooner Flash becomes the Shockwave of the INternet, the happier I'll be16:48
greg-gI mean, sure, I would love to avoid flash as much as the next freetard, but dang, sometimes Vimeo has some good stuff (including some recorded stuff at CC for staff only) and it only does h264 or flash16:48
snap-lOh, I think h264 made nice with GOogle too16:49
snap-l"Microsoft H.264 plug-in For Google Chrome Finily Released ..."16:50
jrwrenisn't "safe streaming" a huge feature of flash already?16:50
snap-lI totally trust this article title.16:50
jrwrenits not exactly encrypted media, but similar?16:50
snap-ljrwren: It's about control16:51
jrwrenthey already have that.16:51
jrwrensame as silverlight and MS and netflix DRM shit16:51
snap-land frankly, until HTML5 adopts some form of protected streaming, no media company that currently uses flash is going to support it16:51
jrwrenthey could do it in html5 now.16:53
jrwrenwrite the crypto in JS :)16:53
snap-lWe'd have a better chance of seeing President Newt Gingrich's Moon Base Alpha than of any HTML5 Video crypto with JS.16:54
jrwrenwould be a fun little project though :)16:55
jrwrenor even NACL.16:55
jrwrenI'd love for FF to adopt NACL16:55
jrwrenanotehr fun little project tehre.16:55
snap-lUh oh, we made greg-g angry17:33
greg-ggreat, so I get to keep java while the DRM brigade continues to make my life annoying17:39
snap-lgreg-g: Read that comment. :)17:41
Blazeixsnap-l: well played17:44
* snap-l waits for his eventual ban from /r/java17:46
jrwreni'm upvoting17:51
snap-ljrwren: Thanks. :)17:52
* ColonelPanic001 upboats snap-l17:58
snap-lMan, mysql is slow18:33
snap-lindexed 2 million records. Took < 2 1/2 hours18:33
rick_hhmm, what kind of indexes?18:47
rick_hI never trusted the server setup though at morpace18:47
greg-g< or > ?18:51
snap-lgreg-g: less than18:52
snap-lrick_h: Local machine, with a bunch of indexes18:52
rick_hsnap-l: ah18:52
snap-ldate index is what I'm allegedly using18:52
snap-lDoing a delete that's currently taking non-trivial time18:53
snap-land pining for postgresql18:53
jrwrensnap-l: squeezeslave is FAR more impressive :)19:01
snap-ljrwren: Yeah19:01
snap-lI use softsqueeze for streams that squeezeslave can't handle19:02
snap-lusually low-bitrate ones like WRCJ and TWiT19:02
jrwrensqueeze slave can't handle some?19:02
jrwrenwtf is up with this protocol?19:02
snap-lThey sound like chipmunks on speed19:02
snap-lIt's not the protocol19:03
jrwrenall this stuff is open source, this stuff needs love.19:03
snap-ljust some daft assumptions19:03
snap-lassumes 44.1Khz19:03
snap-lbut they come across as 22Khz19:03
snap-lor something stupid like that19:03
snap-land you can't transcode it to make it work properly.19:04
snap-lIt's a known bug19:04
jrwreni'm not interested in transcoding.19:04
snap-lAlso softsqueeze has some more features19:04
snap-llike the display and such19:04
jrwrenall of my library is ripped at exactly waht I want.19:04
jrwreni'd really like an ios client so I can run on my phone :)19:05
snap-lbut the fact that it's Java makes it a HUGE PITA19:05
jrwreni didn't see any.19:05
jrwrenbut if slave is opensource that could work.19:05
jrwreniPeng eh?19:05
snap-lHas an in-app purchase to make it a client player19:05
snap-lIt's the best, bar none.19:05
jrwreni'm free only :p19:05
snap-ljrwren: Open thine wallet19:05
jrwreni'll make a free player.19:05
jrwrenwith ads.19:05
snap-ljrwren: Knock yourself out19:05
snap-lUntil you finish it, though, there's iPeng19:06
snap-ljrwren: And that in-app purchase is on top of the app price19:06
snap-lso the app is like $10, and the in-app purchase is $519:07
snap-lWhich raised my hackles, but trust me, it works.19:07
jrwrenmore fun to write myself :p19:15
rick_htest please and let me know what's not clear http://docs.bmark.us/en/latest/install.html19:27
jrwrensnap-l: any tips on getting it to scrobble?19:44
snap-lHaven't played with that19:44
snap-lbelieve you just enable the plugin and let it have a go19:44
jrwrenright, but that isn't working.19:45
snap-lYou sure it's not last.fm lagging?19:45
jrwrenpretty sure.19:45
jrwreni've played many many songs and none show.19:45
jrwrenother players it shows within seconds19:46
jrwreni might be nub.19:47
jrwren"Note: You must also enable Audioscrobbler for each player. Click on the Player tab and then select the Last.fm Audioscrobbler item for each player you want to scrobble.  "19:47
jrwrenyes! working. awesome.19:48
jrwrensnap-l: you are right. it does get better.20:48
snap-ljrwren: What's awesome is how it handles multiple players21:37
jrwreni've not explored that yet.21:37
jrwrenbut it looks good.21:37
snap-l/home/craig/bin/squeezeslave -D -w 7021:37
jrwrenoh -D looks fun.21:38
snap-l/home/craig/bin/squeezeslave -w 70 -R -D --mac 00:00:00:00:00:0821:38
snap-lThat's what I use between home and work21:38
snap-lgive it a different mac address, it's a different player21:38
jrwreninteresting, but why?21:38
jrwrento what end?21:38
snap-lWell, for starters, work's set to transcode to 128Kbps MP321:39
snap-lhome is set for high quality21:39
jrwrengood call.21:39
snap-lbecause I don't have enough bits between the two to handle it21:39
snap-lAnd you can set up multiple players for multiple zones in the house21:39
snap-ldifferent playlists for each (which are saved as .m3u files)21:40
jrwrenright, i saw that synchronize feature.21:40
jrwrenlooks cool21:40
snap-lSo if you want to listen to Orbital, and your wife wants to listen to Orb, you're covered.21:40
snap-lBut yeah, that's where it gets really fun with ssh tunnels and the like21:41
snap-lIf the logitech media server ripped discs, I'd boot Banshee to the curb in a heartbeat.21:42
snap-lWell, and downloaded Amazon files. ;)21:42
jrwreni'm running it in tunnel.21:44
jrwrenjust use cdex to rip... oh oops.21:45
jrwrencdparanoia ?21:45
snap-ljrwren: Yeah, but Banshee / Soundjuicer do some nice things that make me happy with how they rip21:46
snap-lintegrating with Musicbrainz for instance21:46
snap-l(yes, as much as I've bitched about Musicbrainz, I love it over FreeDB)21:46
snap-lI don't know how the data for FreeDB can be so completely blown to hell21:47
jrwrenwhat do they use underhood?21:47
jrwrenare they as good as EAC?21:47
snap-ljrwren: Never used EAC, so not sure21:48
snap-lbut I've thrown known-bad discs at it (ones with manufacturing errors) and it's managed to make hay from them.21:49
snap-lso much so that I can't tell where the errors are21:49
snap-lBanshee, not Soundjuicer21:49
snap-lSoundjuicer has some trouble with error correction21:50
snap-lor at least it did in the past. Not sure if they use something different now21:50
jrwreni just recall EAC being very good.21:50
jrwrenand tehre being good reasons to use it over others.21:50
snap-lRight, jitter, drop-outs, and all that jazz21:51

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