c_smith_is anyone here who can direct me to where I might get a price for a ticket for OSCON?02:09
bkerensac_smith_: They have not opened registration yet02:12
c_smith_bkerensa, ah, thanks02:13
bkerensabut the cost is somewhere between $700 to $50002:13
bkerensaI think $5k is the high end02:13
bkerensaI cannot remember02:13
bkerensaIt depends on what training, sessions and package you get and when you order02:13
bkerensaExpo hall is free if your not interested in training and talks but most people have their employers expense the cost of their ticket02:14
c_smith_gotta love it when you don't have much money to spend..... I'll likely just hang out in the Expo Hall for a bit see what's all there.02:16
bkerobkerensa: go down to collective agency thursday or friday afternoon and ask for a man named dietrich02:48
bkerensabkero: lol ok.... so cloak and dagger :P02:49
bkerensaand he will have a package for me?02:49
bkerobkerensa: he says he's there 9-3, so make it those times02:49
bkerensaok will do02:49
c_smith_so, Ubuntu for mobile devices might be coming MUCH earlier than 2014, they already have a demonstration for Ubuntu for Android.03:22
albrighahello everyone03:39
bkeroc_smith_: Is it anything better than just installing that stupid 'linux for android' package from the market and running X in VNC?03:50
albrighabkero, http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/android04:07
albrighalooks cool :)04:07
bkeroalbrigha: yea04:08
bkeroSaw that04:08
albrighabkero, i don't think i've seen you before, how's it going? :)04:09
bkeroalbrigha: I've seen the site before04:10
bkeroI don't think there's much to see beyond that yet04:10
bkeroand my phone is only single core (04:11
albrighayeah true04:11
albrighahave you been using ubuntu long bkero?04:15
albrighasorry, I don't know anything about ya04:15
c_smith_bkero, as albrigha has said, this is more than those dang Linux for Android packages in the market. but it requires 2+ cores.04:18
* c_smith_ wants to try Ultimate Edition, but will likely settle on 12.04 daily live CD04:19
albrighac_smith_, did you get the daily installed on your laptop?04:20
c_smith_albrigha, yes, after letting the build keep updating for a few weeks.04:22
c_smith_or should I say about one week.04:23
c_smith_but said computer is in for repairs for the broken hinge rail it had.04:24
c_smith_should be getting it back later this week.04:25
albrighaah cool04:26
albrighaare you doing a coffee hour this week, c_smith_ ?04:42
bkerensaApache 2.4 Mmmm Yum07:37
bkerensatime to get this bad boy running07:37
bkerensaHappy Birthday c_smith_09:19
c_smith_aww, man! my nick got logged off again!15:27
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c_smiththere we go.15:28
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bkerensahappy bday c_smith22:24
bkerensaalbrigha: Let me know when u want some znc22:24
bkerensaslangasek: Looks like the jam is coming together.... vagrant is our POC and he is planning to be there 9:45ish22:42
bkerensaslangasek: Would you be interested in showing those interested how to do a simple packaging?22:42
bkerensabdmurray: Thanks for RSVP'ing are you going to be able to do a brief talk about contributing to BugSquad?22:43
bkerensabdmurray: Want the focus to be on triaging and learning the ropes of contributing to bugs and I think slangasek might have some ideas for tasks since we had discussed another jam/bsp for march and I'm hoping we can roll some upstream work in22:46
slangasekbkerensa: I'm happy to do some presenting, but I'm not sure how a presentation on doing simple packaging translates into people contributing that day?22:46
bkerensaslangasek: Indeed a presentation wont unless they can get it down in a short amount of time22:47
bkerensaslangasek: Did you have some ideas for contributing?22:47
bkerensaI was going to suggest triaging and bitesize bug fixing22:47
bkerensawe could use harvest.u.c for grabbing some tasks22:47
bdmurraydepending on the audience talking about reporting bugs might a good idea too22:48
slangasekmaybe I can do "anatomy of a source package", hmm22:49
bkerensatgm4883: Had suggested also doing some Ubuntu Friendly testing22:50
bdmurrayI think the friendly program is still in beta22:52
bkerensawell I will think on this... I have to run out to do some work in SW22:57
MarkDudeTowards the end they talk about Ubuntu on Android http://twit.tv/show/tech-news-today/441 Tom said he really support Linux23:00
MarkDudebkerensa, could get on that show23:01
MarkDudeWant an intro? Ask Chris, he knows a few people...23:01
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