RAOFsforshee: Ok.  I'm not entirely sure why libgnome-desktop is trying to use the "ConnectorType" property, because it's a filthy lie; nothing implements it, and I see no reason to expect it to be implemented in the near future (unless we want to; it couldn't be *that* hard ☺)06:23
RAOFsforshee: Patch libgnome-desktop away!06:23
jussitjaalton: which bot is normally here? 07:41
jussiahh looks like ubot4.07:42
tjaaltonjussi: can't recall, but sounds familiar-ish07:42
tjaaltonbug 93371007:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 933710 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu Precise) "Laptops with eDP panels do not suspend when lid closed" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93371007:44
tjaaltonyeah, works07:44
jussiyup, of course it does :D07:44
jussibut when the other one comes back it will double up on things, so one needs to be removed07:44
tjaaltonso how to kill it?07:44
jussigrab a memeber of the irc council, mithrandir or a freenode staffer and get it quieted. or grab me or tsimpson and we will remove one.07:45
jussialso, you peoples dont have operators in here - you really need to fix that.07:46
tjaaltonok cool07:46
* jussi writes mail. 07:46
tjaaltonyeah don't think we've ever had07:46
tjaaltonmy memory goes back 5y07:47
jussitjaalton: who are the people here who could do that - I assume they arent needed a lot anyway. but a few is a good idea to have.07:47
tjaaltonjussi: me, bryceh, RAOF, Sarvatt, cnd for instance07:47
jussiok, Ill zap one of the ircc and get things sorted. 07:48
tjaaltonmaybe some of the more active community ones too07:48
jussitjaalton: Mithrandir isnt around anymore, correct?07:54
tjaaltonjussi: not working for canonical no07:56
jussiok, thanks. :)07:56
jussitjaalton: AlanBell will sort out the bits and peices (I am not on the IRCC anymore)07:56
tjaaltonjussi: ok great to see this happen at last..07:57
jussitjaalton: I dont know why we didnt do anything about it when I was on the ircc. :/07:57
AlanBellshould be all set now (unless I messed it up)07:57
jussiAlanBell: any reason you missed an A on tjaalton? :P07:58
AlanBellsee I said I got it wrong07:58
jussitjaalton: try /msg chanserv op #ubuntu-x tjaalton07:59
jussitjaalton: now try /msg chanserv deop #ubuntu-x tjaalton07:59
jussitjaalton: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/IrcTeam/OperatorGuide08:00
tjaaltonhmm I think bryceh was there already, since he has set the topic before?08:00
jussitjaalton: also, "/msg chanserv access #ubuntu-x list" will give you the full list08:01
AlanBellwe will be doing some fun and interesting classes for new ops in #ubuntu-classroom soon, you might want to tag along with them08:01
AlanBellanyhow, I am off out now, laters all o/08:01
tjaaltonhmm why bryce2 not bryceh?08:01
jussisomeone probably had the channel set -t or manually opped him08:01
jussitjaalton: /msg nickserv info bryceh08:02
tjaaltonah ok :)08:02
tjaaltonthe mysteries of irc08:03
jussitjaalton: now you can set a nice topic (the current one is a bit sparse08:03
tjaaltonhum :)08:03
tjaaltonmaybe later, can't think of a better one yet08:04
jussitjaalton: also, you have ubuntulog here, and that means you need to sort out the t&c's as per here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots08:04
jussiAlanBell: I dont think tjaalton can actually do that because he has no s flag. 08:04
jussithe joys of getting things up to date. 08:05
jussitjaalton: look at the link ;)08:05
tjaaltonlooking, but what exactly?08:06
tjaaltonoh the disclaimer?08:06
jussibasicallyn says you need to follow the coc and the channel will be logged08:06
jussihowever, as I mentioned, I dont think you can use the set command08:07
jussiso we have to wait for AlanBell or someone else from the ircc to sort things a little more. 08:08
jussianyway, carry on, glad its mostly sorted :)08:08
tjaaltonyeah, thanks08:09
AlanBelltjaalton: you now have a +s flag09:09
tjaaltonAlanBell: thanks09:10
apwanyone else seeing an odd lensing or combing effect on the left edge of some characters on atom h/w on precise?10:09
apwRAOF, how do i find out what sub-pixel layout is being used ?10:12
apwthis feels a little like the wrong layout is being used on my atom10:13
apwor something odd10:13
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cndbryceh, what are your thoughts on the locked drags stuff21:53
cndit's hard to discern if it's a vocal minority who have a problem with it21:55
cndat the same time, if I get the clickpad stuff landed, I can see easily reverting the behavior since it was simply to fix clickpads21:56
RAOFapw: Like so many things, you've got two options.  “xrandr --verbose” will tell you the subpixel ordering the hardware thinks it has, looking at /org/gnome/settings-daemon/plugins/xsettings/rgba-order will tell you what GTK thinks it is.21:56
RAOFcnd: The locked drags stuff is the reason why alt-tab sometimes doesn't work for me, right? :)21:57
cndoh wait, I thought beta 1 was tomorrow21:57
cndI see it's quite a ways away21:57
cndRAOF, maybe?21:57
cndRAOF, no, I can alt-tab inside a locked drag21:57
RAOFI think the way I use the trackpad I quite frequently hit the draglock; perhaps some apps take out grabs on drag?21:58
brycehcnd, the locked drag doesn't really do it for me, but I can imagine for some people or some use cases it may make a lot of sense22:03
brycehcnd, my druthers would be to have it as a non-default option22:03
cndbryceh, ideally it would be a setting in the mouse prefs22:06
cndunfortunately we're passed UI freeze22:06
cndthat's what I wanted to do originally, but ran out of time22:06
cndI'll revert it hopefully as soon as the ffe is granted22:07
brycehcnd, ask for a UI freeze exception22:07
cndbryceh, that would require me to actually find time to develop it22:07
cndI haven't investigated at all, and I have other bugs that are higher prio22:07
cndand a revert of this + clickpad fixes is probably the best option anyways22:07
cndRAOF, were you able to easily trigger the X crash before, and if so has the update fixed it?22:12
RAOFcnd: I was not, no.22:12
RAOFcnd: But, then again, I wasn't actually using a multitouch synaptics device :)22:13
RAOFRick was hitting that, as was asac; I pointed asac at the new synaptics and it seemed to quiet him? :)22:16
brycehcnd, was this the crash fixed in 0ubuntu3?22:21
cndbryceh, yeah22:22
cndthe one I told you about yesterday22:22
brycehright, so, turns out there's been a ton of different crash reports that have come in that seem to be solved with that22:23
cndoh great22:23
brycehstill got a bunch I'm waiting on people testing, but it looks like it fixed a lot of the recent xserver crashes22:23
Sarvattcnd: hate to pester but do you have 0ubuntu3 locally and just forgot to push by any chance? :P22:23
cndSarvatt, maybe?22:24
cndI did it late last night in vienna22:24
brycehmesa 8.0.1 looks like it'll solve another good chunk22:24
cndbefore I slept 6 hours and flew home22:24
cndSarvatt, so I very well could have forgotten22:24
cndlet me make sure22:24
RAOFbryceh: Does that include the WriteToClient weirdness?22:27
SarvattRAOF: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg-server/+bug/925341 no synaptics being used22:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 925341 in xorg-server (Ubuntu) "Xorg crashed with SIGSEGV in WriteToClient()" [High,Confirmed]22:28
RAOFSarvatt: Quite true.  Boo :(22:29
cndSarvatt, pushed22:29
cndthanks for noticing that22:29
Sarvattcnd: appreciate it! updated today thinking the fix was in it22:30
brycehRAOF, no, we have more xserver crash bugs beyond these two :-/22:32
brycehand I think the WriteToClient bug may pre-date the synaptics changes anyway, but not sure22:32
RAOFbryceh: Oh!  What version of the nvidia driver is that? DBO was seeing some corruption when using FBOs with the pre-295.20 driver that he said eventually took down the server.22:33
brycehthat one was 295.1022:34
brycehI'll have them retest, good idea22:34
brycehO rhythmbox why you no love?22:36
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