nuvolariooh, check out google's doodle05:21
Kilosmorning superfly and others06:55
superflymorning Kilos06:55
superflyYou're late this morning!06:55
Kilosyeah head sploding06:55
superflyI hope it gets better soon06:56
superflymorning hjoubert06:57
Kilosits just subsides at times. only had 3 days with no pain in 13 years. when i got morphine jections with tongue cancer op06:57
Kiloshi hjoubert 06:57
Kilossuperfly, has corrie given up with ubuntu?07:04
superflyKilos: no, it doesn't look like it... it just looks like he's too busy to hang out in IRC07:05
Kilosah ty07:05
superflytumbleweed: I upgraded ubuntu-za.org to the latest release of Drupal 6 last night, hopefully that will also help with our spam problem.07:06
inetprogood mornings07:52
inetpronice job superfly07:52
superflymorning inetpro, thanks.07:53
inetprothat would be very sad if you had to block gmail addresses07:53
Kilosah William is helping us at least08:07
Kiloslol would be a shocker if someone here says hey thats me and i was here before you08:08
Kiloshi confluency you very quiet this year. 2012 not good to you?08:11
Kiloslo nuvolari 08:11
tumbleweedsuperfly: ta09:10
superflynp, been meaning to get to it, just didn't have the time09:11
superflyand forgot :-(09:11
* tumbleweed also has so me drupals to upgrade09:11
superflyfortunately last night I got the update notification just as I had a lull in activity :-)09:11
nuvolariooh, superfly did you play with drupal 7 yet? (I might have asked you :P)09:53
superflynuvolari: I have09:58
inetprosuperfly: ping11:32
inetprowhat happened to http://code365.info/ ?11:32
inetproam getting "Internal Server Error"11:32
* inetpro been doing some cleaning up of dead feeds11:33
superflyinetpro: code365 falls over every now and then :-/12:01
superflyand I haven't updated it in nearly a year12:01
superflyI need to migrate it to Pyramid12:01
inetprosuperfly: np, I've removed it from my feeds12:02
inetproit will probably stop falling over now :-)12:02
superflyWell, the server it is on needs to be fixed too... might move it to my VPS12:03
inetprosuperfly: I know the feeling12:06
Kilossuperfly, i think i have found that command if you wanna save it for future ref. and if its right14:27
Kilossudo touch /forcefsck14:27
Kilosseems to have worked here14:28
Kilosis the xfs filesystem what is use in xubuntu?14:44
Kiloshi Squirm 14:44
Squirmhello Kilos14:44
Kiloswhew that is used14:45
Kilosmy englikaans not too hot today14:46
Squirmand the day isn't over ;)14:48
nuvolarithe intarwebs are broken!!!14:56
Kerberoi agree15:36
* hjoubert pokes Squirm 16:19
Kilosnaand julle18:08
Kiloshi Symmetria you still in sa?18:09
Symmetriaat the moment :)18:13
SymmetriaI am such a geek :P I find it cool that I can ping my new amplifier18:13
Symmetriaand browse to it with a web browser 18:13
Kilosnuvolari, ping18:24
Kilosnight all18:42
inetprohello Symmetria18:43
inetproSymmetria: why you been so quiet?18:43
inetprothat is totally out of line18:44
inetprogood evening kbmonkey19:02
kbmonkeyevening inetpro 19:03
kbmonkeyI went to a job assessment. the hardware this company's IT dept used was legendary, so old. lol19:04
superflyhi kb19:04
kbmonkeythey keyboards they used didn't have lettering on the keys from age. 19:05
kbmonkeyhi the fly19:05
inetprokbmonkey: yikes!19:06
Symmetriaheh inetpro been busy19:32
Symmetriaand not on irc much19:32
Symmetriaand partying 2 hard19:32
kbmonkeythe party is always on irc ;)19:38
Symmetrialol with my new sound system, my neighbors are guaranteed to have good taste in music19:39
Symmetriaeven if they dont like it :P19:39
kbmonkeyany sound system of mine is privileged with the most brutal metal. ha ha :D19:56
Symmetriahehe kbmonkey my sound system will break windows if you turn it up 2 loud with any form of music hehe20:04
Symmetriafairly easily20:04
kbmonkeyin other news, 4 households were hospitalized after brain haemmorages caused by what authorities called 'exploding sonic music waves'! 20:08
inetproSymmetria: I'm very glad that you're not my neibhour 20:09
kbmonkeyhi psydroid. how goes you?20:11
psydroidhi kbmonkey20:12
psydroidI'm ok, thanks20:12
psydroidhow are things there?20:12
psydroidwith you I mean20:12
psydroidhi inetpro20:12
inetproheh psydroid20:13
kbmonkeyits pretty good20:14
kbmonkeychecking out that learning site p2pu.org20:14
kbmonkeyso many courses there20:14
kbmonkeyjoined the linux one, and the python one20:14
psydroidoh, I'll bookmark it20:14
kbmonkeybut the linux one seems like it uses videos from another site.20:15
kbmonkeyits peer-tp-peer-univarsity20:15
psydroidI have so little time for anything but my studies and looking for work, it's a shame that I can't keep up with the lpi stuff20:15
psydroidyeah, that's a great concept20:16
kbmonkeyalso looking for work psydroid 20:20
kbmonkeywhat you studying?20:21
psydroidapplied physics and computer engineering20:21
psydroidkbmonkey, and you?20:22
kbmonkeyneat :)20:24
kbmonkeylearning python, bash, php. got html5 in the queue20:25
Symmetriakbmonkey check this:20:27
psydroidthanks :)20:28
psydroidyeah, all cool technologies20:28
Symmetrialol how cool is that, you can manually setup the distance between the speakers to an accuracy of 10cm for optimal sound config20:28
kbmonkeysay, how do I import a RSA fingerprint?20:30

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