gordon1234t432, are you using the B43 driver?00:01
krambiorixDr_willis_, better rc.local than fstab?00:01
t432gordon1234: im not sure...it came with ubuntu installation - worked automatically so I didnt need to play about with it.00:02
gordon1234t432, if you click on the network connection and lock at connection information, it should tell you the driver00:02
t432Thats the beauty of Ubuntu 11.10 :)00:03
Dr_willis_krambiorix,  fstab is designed for such tasks..00:03
vidphileHey all, I have two systems here. Both systems are running 11.10. One plays mts files in totem and in vlc the other only plays the audio while showing the pink screen. Anyone know whats installed on the first system that's allowing this to happen?00:03
nyleshow can i blacklist a driver? by adding blacklist (driver) in the blacklist.conf right?00:03
ubottuTo blacklist a module, edit /etc/modprobe.d/my_blacklist.conf and add « blacklist <modulename> » to the end of that list - To explicitly load modules in a specific order, list them in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules and type « sudo update-initramfs -u »00:03
nylesDr_willis_, thanks.. but how come it doesn't change anything? can you tell me what are the drivers for video card? im using nvidia graphics card..00:04
krambiorixDr_willis_, ok thx!00:05
Dr_willis_nyles,  no idea really - If its a 3 yr old laptop with a dual video setup. it must be some thing rather unique for the time.00:06
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Dr_willis_nyles,  you may want to check the forums and askubuntu.com for that exact laptop make/model.00:06
nylesDr_willis_, would you believe that this PC is more than 10 years old?00:06
t432 gordon1234: lsusb out says [Broadcom 4320]00:06
t432im assuming that is the driver00:07
Dr_willis_nyles,  time to save up your lunch money then. :)00:07
Mathias56Anyone might know why blender keep crashing on my ubuntu server but not on windows? It only happens on scenes with heavy particle effects.00:07
t432gordon1234: network connections gives me no driver info... whats the terminal command?00:07
* Dr_willis_ waits for the Cherry Pi - Uber-mini-pc thing to start shipping. :)00:07
Mathias56Blender chat seems kind of dead00:07
nylesDr_willis_, is there no other way than that? lol hahaha.. i want to use this even if this is too old..00:08
ActionParsnipDr_willis_: I'm up for a cotton candy :)00:08
Dr_willis_nyles,  no idea.  with a 10 yr old laptop. you are lucky it even boots really...00:08
gordon1234t432, ah. Its not active, so no driver is loaded yet.00:09
EvilResistancenyles, if the system is more than ten years old its graphics card is probably not supporting dual monitors.  Either that, or there's no drivers that would do that because the card is likely far past its production end dates.00:09
savidHow do I make it so that I can access the grub menu during startup?  I need to revert to the previous kernel.00:09
Mathias56have you guys ever seen what happens to old computers? They ship them to africa where they throw them in a big fire to melt the metals out :P00:09
nylesDr_willis_, i can't seem to find the my_blacklist.conf that the both is pertaining to, am i the one to generate it?00:10
zykotick9savid: HOLD shift after BIOS00:10
nylesEvilResistance, im not trying to use dual monitors.. ^^00:10
savidZykotic, tried that,  doesn't seem to work.00:10
* EvilResistance misread then00:10
gordon1234t432, have to dash, but there are a few hits on google about 4320s and getting them to work. Good luck00:10
nylesEvilResistance, im just trying to solve the black screen..00:10
t432gordon1234: but im connected?00:10
EvilResistancenyles, it may still be the card.00:10
const_antinePidgin source has configure script that uses pkg-config to find if libglib is adequately recent. However, the install package for glib doesn't provide pkg-config with information about itself. What do?00:11
savidzykotick9, isn't there some way to make it so that grub always shows the menu with a delay?00:11
Dr_willis_nyles,  its saying to make one of some name you want.00:11
pomkeHello, I'm on natty on my laptop, the update manager cannot seem to find oneiric at all, its tracking normal releases, I've tried 3-4 different mirrors including the main server..00:11
gordon1234t432, right click on the wireless icon and select connection information00:11
nylesEvilResistance, i see, even if this works with windows xp, and puppy linux?00:12
Dr_willis_ edit /etc/modprobe.d/my_blacklist.conf  <------------------------ Pick a descriptive name00:12
nylesDr_willis_, ohhh and it will be loaded automatically?00:12
Dr_willis_nyles,  thats how it works - I rarely have to mess with blackliusting00:12
EvilResistancenyles, it could indeed still be the card, but i'll let Dr_willis_ help you out here, i've got a phone call coming in00:12
t432gordon1234: Driver: rndis_wlan00:12
nylesDr_willis_, these are what i have included in the blacklist, am i missing something? blacklist nouveau00:13
nylesblacklist vga16fb00:13
nylesblacklist rivafb00:13
nylesblacklist nvidiafb00:13
nylesblacklist rivatv00:13
nylesblacklist nv00:13
FloodBot1nyles: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:13
gordon1234t432, yep. you need to have the b43 driver .... sorry, really need to go now.00:14
Dr_willis_nyles,  im not even sure what you are doing, or why you need to be doing all this.00:14
t432gordon1234: Before you go ..do i install it with ndiswrapper?00:14
nylesDr_willis_, ahh ok thanks..00:14
zykotick9savid: sorry I was AFK, ya check in /etc/default/grub for the setting (don't forget "sudo update-grub" after making any changes)00:18
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pomkeAny idea on why I don't get offered oneiric as an upgrade? I'm on natty, update manager is configured to show new releases00:20
sharpKis there somewhere one can view SSH settings in ubuntu 11.10?00:20
pomkeI've tried multiple servers00:20
ubottuTo blacklist a module, edit /etc/modprobe.d/my_blacklist.conf and add « blacklist <modulename> » to the end of that list - To explicitly load modules in a specific order, list them in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules and type « sudo update-initramfs -u »00:20
pomkesharpK: what do you mean? you can look in /etc/ssh/sshd_config00:21
sharpKpomke: ubuntu box not accepting an SSH connection from a windwos box on same network, I'll check the config file, thanks00:21
Fudgeany guides on how to use dual monitor setup in unity00:21
invisibleki'm looking for some sort of application for putting music on to my mp3 player. i know i can just drag and drop but i'd prefer something that would convert if need be and also to change the bitrate as it copies in order to maximize space00:22
Dr_willis_Fudge,  depends on yoru video chipset. and unity in 11.10 and befor have 'issues' wth dual monitors - other desktops/wms may work better for you00:22
pomkesharpK: tail -F /var/log/auth00:22
pomkethen try connecting00:22
pomkeit should tell you what is going wrong00:22
FudgeDr_willis_  its in natty and precise, but the nvidia settings manager detects the external monitor, restart X etc but it does not come up in twin view etc00:23
Stek_Turkuhi all... i am using testdisk to recover my /home partition (ext4) because now it was unknown00:23
lucas_ hello someone can help me with export Display configurations ?00:23
Stek_Turkuquick search didn't find this partition but deeper search find it00:23
Dr_willis_Fudge,  i install nvidia drivers. (reboot so they get used) run the nvidia-settings tool as root, enable twinview, save changes to the xorg.conf then restart X again. (or reboot)00:24
sharpKpomke no such dir?00:24
ActionParsnippomke: auth.log ;)00:24
savidgrub used to have menu.lst where I could edit stuff..   where00:25
sharpKActionParsnip: So: tail -F /var/auth.log00:25
FudgeDr_willis_  you get asked by gksu to save the file which is in etc/X11 Dr_willis_ , do you still think it woudl need to be ran as root00:25
Stek_Turkumy sda have three partition... sda1 is / and it's primary, sda2 is extended and finally in sda2 i have two logical partition, sda5 was my /home and sda6 is linux-swap00:25
savidWhere does that file exist in oneiric?00:26
Dr_willis_Fudge,  you edit the xorg.conf as root..00:26
Dr_willis_Fudge,  i rbun gksudo nvidia-settings   normally00:26
pomkeActionParsnip: ty, that too :)00:26
BrendanMccis there a way to change my eth0 adapter from and AMD to a standard Intel Pro/1000 ??? I can only get NAT network access no bridged in vmware00:26
sharpKtried tail -F /var/auth.log and then SSHing, connection refused, but nothing showing up in terminal...00:27
ActionParsnipBrendanMcc: i'd ask in #vmware00:27
Dr_willis_BrendanMcc,  you mean in Vmware - can you change the virtual nic chipset?00:27
BrendanMccDr_willis_: YES!!00:27
BrendanMccActionParsnip: I already asked in Vmware00:28
ubottuvesa is the default video driver if X can't find a better one. Also see !x00:28
pomkesharpK: its tail -F /var/log/auth.log00:28
Dr_willis_I know that virtualbox has like 3 differnt 'nic chipsets' you can select. and then like 3 differnt types of networking for the virtual machine to use.00:28
lucas_ hello someone can help me with export Display configurations ?00:28
=== jpmh is now known as MagicJ
pomkelucas_: what do you mean?00:29
BrendanMccDr_willis_: I know that too... can it be done in vmware that you know of?00:29
nyleshow will i know if im using the vesa driver?00:29
MagicJI am running 11.10 from a usb stick with persistence.  Almost eveything seems to be persietnt except when I set hostname it resets to ubunto on each boot = how do I fix that00:29
sharpKponke should that tail command live update connections accepted/refused?00:31
lucas_pomke: i am trying to export my display at AWS - ubuntu instance to my computer that has Xming installed00:31
nyleshow will i know if im using the vesa driver?00:32
rattatoueBrendanMcc, yes you can. I have done bridged and that before with vmware.00:32
dejahthorisnyles: you could try looking in /var/log/xorg.0.log00:33
BrendanMccrattatoue: is there a link explaining the procedure or would you mind helping me get it done?00:33
rattatouenyles, or you could try lspci -v and then find your video card maybe00:34
ActionParsnipnyles: sudo lshw -C display | grep driver00:34
rattatoueBrendanMcc, it should just be under the settings for that VM. I think its settings then like on the right it says Network or hardware.00:34
nylesdejahthoris, rattatoue ActionParsnip thanks so much..00:35
sharpKhow would I check in there's some kind of firewall install on 11.10?00:35
sharpKor do I just have to sift through the apps?00:36
rattatoueBrendanMcc, try this, might help you out more http://www.vmware.com/support/ws55/doc/ws_net_configurations_changing.html00:36
Kre10shello. Where does ubuntu keep the ld linker scripts?00:36
chidMagicJ maybe rc.local00:37
nylesok, I'm using vesa, if i removed vesa too, will i be able to see my desktop?00:37
lucas_ii am trying to export my display at AWS - ubuntu instance to my computer that has Xming installed...someone can help me?00:37
MagicJchid:  why there of all places00:37
rattatouenyles, if you remove the driver that your card is using, then most likely you will get a failed driver problem when you try restarting and X wont load00:38
nylesrattatoue, thanks..00:38
rattatouesorry lucas_ , i have no idea how to do that00:38
lucas_<rattatoue> thanks!!00:39
FudgeDr_willis_  strangely plugging another montir on and then the other one made it all work00:39
Fudgebut the second server on sperate x server  just comes up with grey screen and an X , what do you have to do to send stuff to that monitor00:39
nylesis it possible to pack a driver from windows to be use in ubuntu? or from puppy linux to be use in ubuntu?00:40
some_new_dudnyles: what are you asking LOL00:40
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter00:40
ActionParsnipnyles: depends on which windows driver00:40
dejahthorisnyles: want kind of video card do you have?00:41
nylesActionParsnip, wow? so its possible? its video card driver..00:41
rattatouelucas_, this might help you. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1144669. It talks about that, so might least give you an idea in the right path00:41
nylesdejahthoris, NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX 40000:41
dejahthorisnyles: that should be supported already00:41
rattatouenyles, wait you have a Nvidia card and your running Vesa? Why not just installed the nvidia drivers probably run a lot better00:41
lucas_rattatoue thanks..i am reading this rigth now00:42
some_new_dudI am not happy00:42
=== some_new_dud is now known as very_sad
ActionParsnipnyles: no, but some network drivers can be used00:42
rattatoueNeither am I!00:42
nylesdejahthoris, rattatoue that's what i'm doing for the past 2 days, but it will only end up with a black screen or a white screen..00:42
ActionParsnipnyles: did you try oneiric yet?00:43
rattatouenyles, how are you trying to install the driver?00:43
nylesActionParsnip, yeah oneiric gave me white screen :D00:43
nylesrattatoue, i already tried apt-get install nvidia-96, and also the one in nvidia site..00:43
rattatouenyles, did you try additional drivers in ubuntu?00:44
JoeSatrianhello there00:44
ActionParsnipnyles: did you blacklist the nouveau driver so you could get a desktop?00:44
=== kloeri_ is now known as kloeri
nylesrattatoue, proprietary? yeah i tried it also00:44
ActionParsniphi JoeSatrian00:44
JoeSatrianHi ActionParsnip00:44
nylesActionParsnip, yeah and nomodeset option00:44
ActionParsnipnyles: strange. do you connect via a wired connection?00:44
nylesActionParsnip, without the nomodeset, it just black or a white screen00:44
JoeSatrianHave you problems with overheating in 11.10 to?00:45
nylesActionParsnip, nope, LAN..00:45
zizooIs there any tool for gnome I can use to rapidly write and execute temporary bash scripts?00:45
nylesActionParsnip, strange really, i really don't know what's with Puppy that my card is working perfect..00:45
ActionParsnipnyles: LAN doesn't tell us the physical media used. You can get a wired LAN and a wired LAN00:46
ActionParsnipnyles: LAN just means your local home network, nothing more00:46
JoeSatrianSomebody have overheating problems when upgraded to 11.10 version?00:46
ActionParsnipJoeSatrian: what make and model system?00:47
rhobdayi need help00:47
dejahthorisnyles: that would be one of the older nvidia cards, maybe you have the resolution or color depth set out of range?00:47
nylesActionParsnip, i don't get it? lol..00:47
rattatouenyles, did you try installing the legacy driver00:47
nylesdejahthoris, yeah i think but i don't know what to do lol..00:47
rhobdayubuntu will not connect to my netgear router00:47
rhobdayany help?00:48
easyeae manos00:48
diverdudeis it possible to remote control a windows machine from windows using the remote desktop program?00:48
JoeSatrianActionParsnip:  its a Philco model phn14103.00:48
Benderexscuse me, how do I know if a task, maybe in background, is useing my mic-in input? It is busy and I can't record with a software.00:49
ActionParsnipdiverdude: ask in ##windows00:49
rattatouediverdude, if your doing windows to windows why not just use teamviewer or vnc or something? The remote desktop thing is usually a pain00:49
rhobdayis anyone going to help me?00:49
ActionParsniprhobday: what is your issue?00:49
diverduderattatoue: i didnt set up the server00:49
rattatouerhobday, you just came back, you crashed -.-00:49
very_sadrdp is better than vnc on windows itself00:49
rhobdayi know :P00:49
diverduderattatoue: server only has remote deskcrap00:49
ActionParsniprhobday: you haven't stated your issue, so how can anyone help at all00:50
rattatouediverdude, pvt00:50
rattatoue<rhobday> ubuntu will not connect to my netgear router00:50
dejahthorisnyles: in /etc/X11 there might be a file called xorg.conf or xorg-conf-vesa. If it's there, you might be able to make a backup of the file and then edit the settings you find in it00:50
rattatoueActionParsnip, <rhobday> ubuntu will not connect to my netgear router00:50
rhobdayubuntu will not connect to the internet00:50
zizooOr is there any other way to do more dynamic things from the terminal? Such as creating a series of folders according to a "Name <number>" scheme, or quickly moving all the files inside a folder to the parent folder, then deleting that folder?00:50
ActionParsniprattatoue: what wifi chip does yuor system use?00:50
rhobdayit's mine00:50
nylesrattatoue, yeah i tried installing it too..00:50
rattatoueActionParsnip, no thats not my question thats what rhobday's question was00:50
diverduderattatoue: ?00:50
very_sadlotta PEBKAC00:50
ActionParsniprhobday: no, there is a chip inside your PC or some usb stick which gives you wireless. What is it?00:50
rhobdayand i'm running a p7 pavillion 101000:51
nylesdejahthoris, would you believe that i don't have xorg.conf? :) strange isn't?00:51
ActionParsniprattatoue: wrong target, sorry00:51
ActionParsnipzizoo: I'd ask in #bash  they got mad skills00:51
dejahthorisnyles: if you can't eben make vesa work it might be time for a new video card anyways00:52
zizooThanks ActionParsnip!00:52
rhobdayhow can i find the wifi card?00:52
rattatouenyles, I think in oneric they did away with the xorg.conf file..and yeah im with what dejahthoris said00:52
ActionParsniprhobday: run:  sudo lshw -C network    what is the product line of the wireless chip (it will take a while to run)00:52
rhobdayi'm on windows atm00:52
rhobdayas i said ubuntu wont connect00:52
nylesrattatoue, dejahthoris thanks for the time..00:53
ActionParsniprhobday: then boot to ubuntu, run the command, note the product line and reboot to windows. Isn't that glaringly obvious...?00:53
rhobday>.> i'll be back00:53
rattatouenyles, I found this. It might help you some for your card, but beyond this not real sure. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=161434700:53
rattatoue:O I thought he was going to turn green and hulk out on all of us lol00:54
XuMuKhi there1 Does anybody know how to realize if turboboost works in ubuntu?00:54
rattatoueXuMuK, Yes turboboost works00:55
XuMuKrattatoue: where did you see it?00:56
rattatoueXuMuK, http://askubuntu.com/questions/87610/does-intel-turbo-boost-work-in-ubuntu00:56
ActionParsnipXuMuK: http://www.ubuntu-es.org/node/15560300:57
dejahthorisI wonder what Quixotic Quail will be like?00:57
JoeSatrianalgum brasuca por aqui?00:58
XuMuKActionParsnip: turboboost and governor scaling are not the same, imho00:58
ActionParsnipXuMuK: no idea, just something I found00:59
ActionParsnipXuMuK: all my CPUs are circa 2000 to 200500:59
rhobdayi got the product name00:59
ActionParsniprhobday: ok what is it?01:00
LintQuixotic Quail? is it serious?01:00
rhobdayRTL8101E/RTL8102E PCI Express fast ethernet controller01:00
ActionParsniprhobday: thats the wired connection01:00
ActionParsniprhobday: ethernet == wired01:00
rhobdayyou mean i have to go back01:00
ActionParsniprhobday: did you see anything else?01:00
rattatoue nyles http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/package/core/oneiric/restricted/base/nvidia-96-dev01:00
rhobdayi didn't write it down01:01
rhobdaycan i access this through windows?01:01
nylesrattatoue, thanks again man...\01:01
rattatouenyles, welcome hopefully you get it working!01:01
ActionParsniprhobday: if you run:  lspci >~~/Desktop/output.txt; lsusb >> ~/Desktop/output.txt    you can copy the file on your desktop to your NTFS partition01:02
very_sadugggggggggggghhhhhh so it was decided it might be a layer.01:02
rattatouerhobday, are you on Windows 7 or Vista or XP?01:02
s7word有这么多人   ::::::many people01:02
rattatouerhobday, Click the flag in the bottom left, then right click Computer. Go to Properties then Devices Manager in the far top left. Then when that comes up click the + next to Network Adapters I think and you should see your wireless there.01:03
t432After installing the "b43-fwcutter" and "firmware-b43-installer" for the bcm43 driver - manuals syas the driver will be listed in "Additional Hardware Drivers" just checked it not there01:04
rhobdaywireless lan card01:04
s7word Do you Chinese  people01:04
rhobdaythanks rattatoue01:04
rattatouerhobday, it doesnt say something like Netgear blah blah blah or Linksis blah blah blah. It should say something else then just 802.11n wireless land card01:04
rattatouerhobday, and no problem, ive been in your place before lol01:05
rhobdayi have the hamachi thing01:05
ActionParsniprhobday: thats every wireless card ever01:05
tjiggi_fo!cn | s7word01:05
ubottus7word: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw01:05
ActionParsnip!cn | s7word01:05
rhobdaymicrosoft wirtual wifi miniport adapter01:05
rhobdayrealtek PCIe FE faily controller01:06
rattatouerhobday, keep going, thats virtual and the hamachi is the vpn in windows. Any other wireless?01:06
rhobdaythat's all in the netword adapters01:06
ActionParsniprhobday: yep, windows doesn't tell you anything useful. Thats why you need the commands I gave earlier01:06
rattatouerhobday, your going to have to do what Action told you. Most of the time windows says like Netgear N150 or whatever, but instead yours just says what channel it uses.01:07
ActionParsniprhobday: its rare for windows users to know or even care what wifi chip they are using01:07
rhobdayi know the router01:07
ActionParsniprhobday: run the command I gave, copy the file and put it in a pastebin, we can then see the interfaces01:07
rhobdaybut idk the wifi card01:07
ActionParsniprhobday: the router is moot01:07
rhobdaycan you repaste the command01:07
rattatouerhobday, <ActionParsnip> rhobday: if you run:  lspci >~~/Desktop/output.txt; lsusb >> ~/Desktop/output.txt    you can copy the file on your desktop to your NTFS partition01:08
ActionParsniprhobday: the router could be absolutely anything, it will abide by defacto standards so doesn't matter in any way01:08
ActionParsniprhobday: lspci > ~/Desktop/output.txt; lsusb >> ~/Desktop/output.txt01:09
rhobdaydo i run that alone01:09
rhobdayor do i use the old command01:09
ActionParsniprhobday: ubuntu is smart and can write to NTFS, Windows is rubbish and cannot access  Ext4 which ubuntu uses by default01:09
ActionParsniprhobday: yes, the command I gave, run it alone and it will make a file on your desktop01:10
urfr332gOActionParsnip, tisk, now, now, lol.:)01:10
rhobdaythank you, i will be back01:10
ActionParsnipthe world would be a much happier place if windows could access ext4 easily.01:10
ActionParsnipbut hey, its microsoft, so probably not01:10
urfr332gOActionParsnip, and many other things yeah. :)01:10
LintActionParsnip, it would, if anyone would need it01:11
rattatoueOne bad problem if Linux was used a lot more then Windows. Is more people would write viruses for Linux.01:11
ActionParsnipLint: helps for dual booters01:12
urfr332gOrattatoue, Lint no real cause and effect just fud.01:12
ActionParsnip!av | rattatoue01:12
ubotturattatoue: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus01:12
ActionParsniprattatoue: there are some viruses for Linux, they are just in Labs01:13
urfr332gOrattatoue, just assumptions that show the lack of knowledge of open source which runs about half of the servers on the web, and Gogles search engines and many other areas.01:13
Lintthese servers could run System V to the same effect01:14
rattatoueI am not assuming anything, I know there are linux viruses. Its simple math. The more people that use a OS and the more popular it is, the more people will write viruses for it. Ergo like Windows is most popular it has more viruses. Just as Linux is hackable so is WIndows Mac etc01:14
mehworkcan't seem to connect to wifi, syslog is saying: wlan0 DHCP transaction took too long, stopping.  Anyone know why?01:15
urfr332gOrattatoue, there are none on the web and your simple math.01:15
ActionParsniprattatoue: its nothing do with popularity01:15
Linturfr332gO, kernel.org01:15
urfr332gOrattatoue, a root kit is not a virus by the way.01:15
rattatoueYes it does, why make a virus to infect us linux users. When make one for Windows and you infect a lot more people01:15
ActionParsniprattatoue: https://www.linux.com/news/software/applications/8261-note-to-new-linux-users-no-antivirus-needed01:15
rattatoueOkay this talk is pointless, you all are not understanding what I am saying. So its pointless to have this convo lol01:16
rattatouemehwork, are you trying to use dhcpcd to get the wireless working?01:16
mehworkrattatoue: i have no idea01:17
mehworki'm just using wifi like i always do in ubuntu as far as i know01:17
rattatouemehwork, how are you trying to get your wireless working?01:17
urfr332gOLint, right but as far as I have read that breach was not released to the public and the mother kernels so to speak were securely store to be clean.01:17
mehworki right click on the network icon in the panel and go into 'edit connections' (lucid lynx)01:17
mehworkrattatoue: ^01:17
urfr332gOLint, I'm not arguing that open source is not hackable but use some critical thinking and empirical data in your argument.01:18
rattatouemehwork, are you sure your selecting your wireless network instead of another one?01:18
rhobdayi think i messed up01:19
rhobdayit said there is no such thing as output.txt01:19
NyLesrattatoue: can you analyze the xorg.conf i got from puppy linux?01:20
mehworkrattatoue: very sure01:20
rattatoueNyLes, sure, can you paste it on pastebin01:20
mehworkrattatoue: i even have another ubuntu computer connected to it and i'm seeing the connection settings are equal01:20
NyLesrattatoue: http://paste.ubuntu.com/850965/01:21
mehworkrattatoue: only difference is the computer that's wifi isnt working is a desktop that has a wireless card/antennae but it worked a few months ago the last time i used it01:21
rattatoueNyLes, it is using the nv driver01:22
NyLesrattatoue: i just want to ask under section monitor, it is different with the one generated by nvidia-xconfig?01:23
ActionParsniprhobday: ?01:23
rhobdayis there an easier way to talk to you01:23
rattatoueNyLes, it may be, idk how the nvidia-xconfig generates that part exactly vs the way puppylinux finds it01:23
NyLesrattatoue: the option with nvidia's xorg is DPMS01:23
ActionParsniprhobday: you can run gedit and just run:  lspci;lsusb    then copy the text manually if you want01:23
rhobdayif i run that01:24
rhobdaydoes it show like a list of 9 things01:24
rattatoueNyLes, sorry what?01:24
rhobdayless or more01:24
urfr332gO!tab > rhobday01:24
ubotturhobday, please see my private message01:24
rattatouemehwork, it sounds like a driver issue. ActionParsnip might be able to help you with wireless driver problem.01:25
NyLesrattatoue: i mean the option under section monitor with the xorg.conf generated by nvidia is DPMS.. while in puppy it's Preffered?01:25
rhobdayActionParsnip do you want me to run that and tell you the output?01:26
diverdudehow do i install tsclient on ubuntu?01:26
erpoIs there a way to install ubuntu on a PC with no graphics card? It does have an ethernet port and a CD drive.01:27
rattatoueNyLes, that might be your problem on Ubuntu. As someone mentioned before you could be going outside of your resolution. Where on puppy linux it sets your resolution to 1024x60001:27
robbie72hi everybody, should the linux-headers packages take an unusually long time to install ?01:27
erpoI don't mean "no monitor attached." I mean "no onboard video or video card installed."01:27
NyLesrattatoue: wanna see the one generated by nvidia?01:28
robbie72i'm taking around 5 mins wait so far01:28
rattatoueNyLes, Sure. same on pastebin again01:28
urfr332gOrobbie72, depends on your web speed mine load in less then a couple of minutes.01:28
robbie72urfr332gO:  web speed? the package has already downloaded, its the installation that seems to be taking ages01:28
robbie72top shows dpkg doing a bit of work01:28
robbie72and the hard drive light is going like crazy01:28
urfr332gOrobbie72, also the mirror speed you can change mirrors.01:29
robbie72its already downloaded01:29
NyLesrattatoue: http://paste.ubuntu.com/85210301:29
robbie72its the installation of the package thats unusually long01:29
urfr332gOrobbie72, there it is per your hardware really.01:29
robbie72IRCAnswersBot:  Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10GHz, 2Tb SATA drive etc01:30
rattatoue!tab > NyLes01:30
ubottuNyLes, please see my private message01:30
robbie72urfr332gO: i was just wondering if it was usual01:30
robbie72this is a box that has gone through a number of upgrades over the years01:30
urfr332gOrobbie72, hd's that large huh where on the drive is the install, and is it a wubi install?01:31
robbie72so theres every chance something could be wrong/missing somewhee01:31
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tlmi replaced my bootloader by accident with a gentoo live dvd and tried to get it back with grub-install but there's no menu now...01:32
urfr332gOrobbie72, every chance is a assumption really, can you answer the last questions.01:32
harovalihello, while configuring openvpn I'm getting the "TLS Error: Unroutable control packet received from ..." message. I've synced both machines with openntpd, they share the same date and time. I've regenerater all, the CA, the server and the client certificates, and even the dh. What might be the problem ?01:32
robbie72urfr332gO: 2 secs, phone01:32
harovaliin the client besides I've run openssl verify -CAfile ca.crt -purpose sslclient mycert.crt  and I get OK01:33
spartan2276I'm trying to get my Genius Pen to work with Ubuntu 11.10 and I'm following these instructions. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/TabletSetupWizardpen I have already downloaded and install the driver. Can someone help me with the rest please?01:33
rattatoueNyLes, do you see my private Message?01:33
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urfr332gOtim, you nic when tabbed does not complete. Gentoo is grub legacy your going to have to chroot in and purge that install grub 2 and oad the mbr.01:33
spartan2276I'n trying to create this file sudo vi /etc/hal/fdi/policy/99-x11-wizardpen.fdi but when I try to save it I get an error stating that the directory does not exist01:34
urfr332gOload the mbr that is tim,01:34
spartan2276can anyone point to the correct directory when I need to save this file01:34
acidrainok i have a ubuntu hdd that i have put into a newly bought comp.  i booted from the ubuntu disk, and now it wont connect to the internet.01:34
acidraindoes anyone know what could be causing this problem?01:35
acidrainits a desktop, and its on a wire. connected straight to router01:35
gener1cif i have an rpm 64bit driver01:35
gener1ccan i 100% make a deb out of it with alien?01:35
robbie72urfr332gO: normal ubuntu installation from cd, dedicated hardware etc, no wubi, i had to google to know what it was.01:35
urfr332gOtim, chroot with a ubuntu cd past 9.10 the install, a cd=to the ubuntu release your running would be ideal.01:35
urfr332gOrobbie72, where on that big of a HD?01:36
acidrainive had this issue before. but i forgot how i fixed it01:36
almoxarifegener1c: yes you should be able to, the docs are a bit confusing for those who dont understand both rpm and deb though01:36
rhobdayWhat will knowing which wifi card i have do anyways01:36
tlmurfr332gO: i actually only have one flash drive which has gentoo on it01:36
gener1cok thanks almoxarife01:37
rattatoueacidrain, you could try sudo ifconfig eth0 down and then sudo ifconfig eth0 up in terminal. Sometimes that will reload the connection and pull an IP01:37
acidrainive made it as far as ifconfig eth0 saying that i am connected.01:37
acidrainrattatoue: let me try this01:37
nyles!tab | rattatoue01:37
ubotturattatoue: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.01:37
urfr332gOtim, that wont fix it download a ubuntu cd=to the install best tool you can have for that release. Also is this a standard dual boot or a wubi install?01:37
acidrainrattatoue: still not connecting01:38
almoxarifegener1c: 'checkinstall' is also an option if you have the 'source'01:38
acidrainlast time, i did some type of manual routing, which i have tried this time to the best of my knowledge01:38
rattatoueacidrain, when you type ifconfig does it show an IP?01:38
tlmurfr332gO: any way i can do it manually?  i don't have a cd drive and i don't think i can put something else on the flash drive when that's my only bootable system01:39
robbie72urfr332gO: the partition the root is on is near the start of the hard drive01:39
robbie72on the fast bit01:39
acidrainrattatoue: it will not show unless i manually set the DCHP reservation on the router for and then set that ip as my box, but it still wont go online01:39
rattatoueacidrain, okay one sec01:39
robbie72urfr332gO: i'm upgrading kernel and rebooting.01:39
robbie72urfr332gO: i was justing wondering if i needed to be very patient01:40
robbie72or if anything with DKMS may be involved01:40
robbie72as a lirc-source was on this box once01:40
spartan2276Where is the hal directory in Ubuntu 11.10?01:40
urfr332gOtim, might you imagine that if there was another way I would have mentioned it or another on the channel would?01:40
pnormanspartan2276: I'm sorry Dave, I can't open the pod bay doors.01:41
tlmurfr332gO: how about if i installed a newer version of grub?01:41
urfr332gOtim, how are you going to do that?01:42
tlmurfr332gO: i appreciate your help, by the way01:42
spartan2276pnorman, what?01:42
pnormanspartan2276: what's hal?01:43
acidrainrattatoue: it now shows inet addr:, but its not online, cannot connect to google.com01:43
rhobdaysorry i timed out, but does that help?01:43
urfr332gOtim, to be honest a install of any distro without access to its live cd or discs is a mistake.01:43
rattatoueacidrain, okay try this in terminal. Ping And see what it says.01:43
rhobdayActionParsnip are you there?01:44
spartan2276pnorman, I'm trying to create a file in the hal directory but I guess this is old and does not apply to 11.10, so I'm trying to find out where I need to create this file sudo vi /etc/hal/fdi/policy/99-x11-wizardpen.fdi01:44
ActionParsniprhobday: aye01:44
rhobdayit's brand is ralink01:44
rhobdayif that helps01:44
urfr332gOtim, you only need a 1 gig partition to load the Ubuntu iso to boot to and fix your setup.01:44
pnormanspartan2276: try doing locate wizardpen01:44
spartan2276pnorman, so that I can get my G-Pen F610 graphics tablet to work01:45
acidrainrattatoue: host unreachable01:45
rattatoueacidrain, okay01:45
rattatoueacidrain, when you type ifconfig you have a inet addr: right?01:45
pnormanspartan2276: oh, the file doesn't exist? look somewhere under /usr/share/hal/fdi I think01:45
acidrainrattatoue: just to be clear, the gateway is my routers ip right?01:45
spartan2276pnorman, I'm using this tutorial https://help.ubuntu.com/community/TabletSetupWizardpen. So I already built the driver and install it as well01:45
rattatoueacidrain, yes01:46
tlmurfr332gO: i could try downloading the latest grub release and installing with this live dvd (it seems i can install programs on it); though i understand it's not ideal...01:46
pnormanspartan2276: That being said, I don't know what hal or fdi is, I just located it01:46
urfr332gO!ralink info01:46
acidrainrattatoue: thats right, but i only have that because i have manually set it.01:46
acidrainrattatoue: it says im connected, but really im not...01:46
rhobdaythese timeouts are annoying01:46
rattatoue!tab > acidrain01:46
ubottuacidrain, please see my private message01:46
pnormanspartan2276: also could try doing locate fdi | grep policy01:46
urfr332gOtim, you will have to chroot in and purge what ever you have done to get this done with grub2.01:47
spartan2276pnorman, thanks01:47
rhobdayActionParsnip is there something else you need to know?01:48
rhobdaybecause i've been at the computer for hours01:48
rhobdayi just want the internet to work01:48
urfr332gOtim, your just trying to peck at the setup when you have been given what you have to do, your method will not work most likely.01:48
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urfr332gOtim, this is what you have to do with a iso loaded to a thumb or disc burnt, best done with a equal to the install release. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Purge_.26_Reinstall01:50
NyLesrattatoue: i can't boot now, maybe what i did causes it, i've installed nvidia-96-kernel-source.. im suing lubuntu lol..01:51
rattatoueNyLes, lol. Umm...01:52
rattatoueNyLes,  you can boot ubuntu in the single user mode and undo it01:52
ActionParsniprhobday:  to peck at the setup when you have01:52
urfr332gOtim, theonly additional command would be inclusion of apt-get purge grub  to wipe the grub legacy01:52
NyLesrattatoue: single user mode? i don't know how to do it..01:52
crfHi, is Ubuntu going to update rygel on Natty?01:52
ActionParsniprhobday: Seems to not even work in windows. Can you use a wired link and get updated01:52
rattatoueNyLes, http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/grub-boot-into-single-user-mode/01:53
ActionParsniprhobday: ralink make a lot of chips01:53
rhobdayActionParsnip my router is so far away, it would be a bigger hassle01:53
ActionParsniprhobday: is it a USB wifi?01:53
rhobdayit's a card01:53
rhobdayit's a chip/card01:54
rhobdaywhatever you want to call it01:54
ActionParsniprhobday: what make and model?01:54
rhobdayit says pnpid01:54
rhobdaydo you need that?01:54
ActionParsniprhobday: thats  not useful01:54
ActionParsniprhobday: in linux run:  lspci;lsusb01:54
ActionParsniprhobday: copy the output to a text file and put it no your NTFS partition so windows can see it01:55
urfr332gOtim, anyway I have to boot back to windows to finish some work in Word, goog luck. :)01:55
tlmurfr332gO: thank you very much -- actually two things occur to me: one is that i do have a 16gb flash drive but in the past i've had trouble booting from it -- do you know if that's a lost cause?01:55
rhobdaywhat if i run lshw -C network01:55
rhobdaywould that work?01:55
ActionParsniprhobday: copy the output to a text file and put it on the NTFS partition, or a usb storage so windows can see it. Then pastebin the text using:  http://pastie.org01:56
NyLesrattatoue: stuck at Starting Common Unix Printing System: cupsd01:56
tlmurfr332gO: ok, thanks very much for the help01:56
rattatoueNyLes, you might have to reinstall your Ubuntu OS01:56
NyLesrattatoue: LMAO, ok ok, can you please send to me again the pastebin? i will bookmark it..01:57
rattatoueNyLes, okay. http://pastebin.com/NAitig4h01:57
rhobdaydo i have to install the ralink driver for linux?01:58
NyLesrattatoue: lesson learned ahaha, do not install nvidia-96-kernel-source when using different variant of lubuntu ahaha, do you think that's really the cause?01:58
ActionParsniprhobday: depending on the chip yes01:58
Lesterwoodi just got 3 free pizzas, opinions?01:58
rhobdaythe thing is01:59
rhobdayi've connected twice01:59
ActionParsniprhobday: give the output of: lspci01:59
rhobdaybut it would never connect but thoe two times01:59
rattatoueNyLes, it might be because you have a lot of different nvidia things installed. Just try that xorg from a default install after the updates first. Remember to backup your old one just incase.01:59
NyLesrattatoue: ok sir thanks again..02:00
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rhobdayi tried to run it before02:00
NyLesrattatoue: what can you suggest me to use? Lubuntu or ubuntu? my RAM is 512MB only..02:00
rattatoueNyLes, welcome and best of luck02:00
rhobdaybut it said it was an unknown command02:00
EvilResistanceNyLes, either would work, you might have better luck with Xubuntu, but i'm not sure.  Never used Lubuntu02:01
l3dbeen getting this error failed to create config file. please check folder write access privileges?02:01
metasansanalubuntu is supposed to be lighter than xubuntu02:01
rhobdayActionParsnip what is the command? lspci;lsusb02:02
rhobdayis it that?02:02
LintNyLes, lxde is fast but barely usable; be ready to write scripts to do anything02:02
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NyLesEvilResistance: Lint thanks.. i might try xubuntu as suggested02:02
EvilResistanceNyLes, Xubuntu, and if that takes up too much RAM, try Lubuntu02:03
rhobdayActionParsnip i need the command02:03
rhobdayis it lspci, or lspci;lsusb02:03
NyLesEvilResistance: yeah ill keep hat in mind, Xubuntu 11.10 or 10.04? for a more than 10 year old PC?02:04
acidrain_wtf hax02:04
rhobdaysorry i keep getting disconnected02:04
Lintrhobday, it's teo commands separated with ;02:04
acidrain_im still on that same issue if anyone can help me. i hook computer up to router, and it shows eth1, i disconnect and it removes eth1.  it wont let me connect to eth1. lol02:05
acidrain_those are the only facts i know02:05
EvilResistanceNyLes, start with 10.0402:05
NyLesEvilResistance: ok thanks again..02:05
acidrain_can anyone help? or direct me towards a reference02:05
helo1I have a fresh install of 11.10 server that stops at the grub loader until I press enter. How can I make it auto load the os? Lines at the top of my /etc/default/grub file: GRUB_DEFAULT=0 GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT_QUIET=false GRUB_TIMEOUT=2 GRUB_DISTRIBUTOR=`lsb_release -i -s 2> /dev/null || echo Debian` GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="" GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=""02:06
EvilResistance!pastebin | helo102:08
ubottuhelo1: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:08
EvilResistancefor future reference ;)02:08
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MoleManmy root is mounted on a LVM, how do I get ubuntu to recognise that I have extended the lvm?02:08
helo1I have a fresh install of 11.10 server that stops at the grub loader until I press enter. How can I make it auto load the os? Lines at the top of my /etc/default/grub file: http://paste.ubuntu.com/852131/02:09
rhobdayI found it02:11
rhobdayit's RT539002:11
rhobdayi really hope that's what you needed02:12
linusHas anyone gotten mogen64plus to work with pulseaudion?02:12
delinquentmequickest way to locate my native java installation?02:13
delinquentmeI need to set a JAVA_HOME path02:13
rhobdayActionParsnip is that what you needed?02:13
Lintdelinquentme, which java02:14
delinquentmeLint Open JDK 602:14
itaylor57delinquentme, not the command which java02:15
rhobdayActionParsnip are you there?02:15
Lazerath_althay all02:15
Lazerath_altI am having trouble getting the live cd on the net02:15
delinquentmeitaylor57, Lint ... im not really sure? I've got this error when trying to access JAVA_HOME extconf.rb:53: JAVA_HOME is not set. (RuntimeError)02:15
Lazerath_altI am pretty sure that i have the settings correct cause i just got this parted magic live cd on the net02:15
itaylor57delinquentme, the command "which java" should return the java in your path02:16
amt897hey, I hate to be a wiener, but would someone be able to help me out with partitioning a solid state drive with windows 7 on it in order to move my ubuntu partition onto the same disk?02:16
Lintdelinquentme, also you may try "/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk"02:16
delinquentmeitaylor57, check :D  /usr/bin/java perfect02:17
acidrain_is there anyone who can help me with my connection issue?02:17
rhobdayActionParsnip i really need help are you there?02:17
LintLazerath_alt, "on the net"?02:19
delinquentmeLint itaylor57 <302:19
rhobdayActionParsnip please tell me you are still here02:20
ActionParsniprhobday: sup02:21
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/02:21
ActionParsniprhobday: dude, you keep droping off. I think your adapter is screwed or you are too far from the router02:22
rhobdayeverything is running fine but this02:22
ActionParsniprhobday: rt5390 is the chip, lets see what we can find02:22
ActionParsniprhobday: then why do you keep dropping off?02:22
rhobdayi don't know02:22
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rhobdayi downloaded the driver on my windows02:23
rhobdaybut you are able to access it on ubuntu02:23
RMLIs there a way to recover my thunderbird inbox mail? I deleted them by accident. (don't ask...)02:23
ActionParsniprhobday: http://www.techytalk.info/ubuntu-ppas/ralink-wireless/   there is a handy PPA for Ubuntu02:23
ActionParsniprhobday: needs web access02:23
ActionParsniprhobday: or you can use this:http://atinfinity.wordpress.com/2011/05/21/ralink-rt5390-wi-fi-driver-on-ubuntu-11-04/02:24
aboudreaulthey,, How can I uninstall completly the nouveau driver to install the proprietary one from nvidia? Tried to remove the xserver-xorg..nouveau package, then to blacklist the nouveau module... nothing works02:24
ActionParsniprhobday: the PPA will be much easier02:24
rhobdayi have the driver02:24
amt897done quite a bit of searching, feel like it might be related to unmoveable files on my ssd...  but does that mean i should defragment?  windows disk partition is only giving me 2ish gigs to shrink my volume by, even though i have 42 gb free02:24
rhobdayi just need to know how to install it02:24
ActionParsnipaboudreault: if you run:  dpkg -l | grep xorg | grep nouveau    you will see the package name02:24
ActionParsniprhobday: that guide shows how you compile the driver02:25
aboudreaultActionParsnip, yes, I uninstalled it02:25
aboudreaultand rebooted02:25
aboudreaultstill thee02:25
aboudreaultwhen I type lsmod02:25
ActionParsnipaboudreault: try:  echo "blacklist nouveau" | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf02:26
aboudreaultActionParsnip, already done that too02:26
ActionParsnipaboudreault: you can also add the boot option:  nouveau.blacklist=102:26
rhobdayif i don't have internet access won't the ppa thing be pointless?02:26
aboudreaultActionParsnip, the boot option has to be in the blacklist.conf file?02:26
Ben64rhobday: hook up an ethernet for 5 mins?02:26
rhobdayi would have to move my computer into my moms room02:27
rhobdaybut w/e02:27
ActionParsnipaboudreault: no, boot options go on the kernel02:28
ActionParsniprhobday: the ppa will make it work. You may be able to copy the deb files from the ppa02:28
ObscurityHi all, total noob here. I just installed ubuntu in virtualbox, and tried to replace unity with awesome. Instead, I ended up with a blank desktop where all I can do is right-click to "create new folder" to access anything at all...and even it's still unity. Help...?02:28
zowszsomeone could help me ?02:29
=== brkolog is now known as brkolog_afk
ActionParsnip!away > brkolog_afk02:29
ubottubrkolog_afk, please see my private message02:29
bludi just added a mode with xrandr to try to set my output to my tv to the correct resolution, but when i switched to it the screen was somewhat rainbow colored and also cropped....02:29
delinquentmehow to list binaries / executables within a dir?02:30
bludthis was the command i used, see anything wrong with it?    xrandr --newmode "1920x1080_60.00" 127.7 1920 1928 1936 1944 1080 1085 1090 109502:30
earspliTHEY i have a question02:30
earspliTmy package installer installed the 3.0.0-16 kernel update02:30
earspliTand now i can't change the screen brightness on my lappy02:30
earspliTany ideas?02:30
ActionParsnipearspliT: what make and model laptop????02:31
delinquentmeit seems that $ ls -d should list *ONLY* directories within a particular dir ???02:32
delinquentmethis isnt happening02:32
sdw1,set -f  *02:32
acidrain_i need an in depth guide on how to setup the ethernet cable to linux box and make it work02:33
Ben64step one: insert ethernet cable into jack02:33
ActionParsnipacidrain_: what, just connecting it to a router via a wired connection?02:33
acidrain_ActionParsnip: yes02:33
ActionParsnipacidrain_: just plug it in, dhcp will do its thing and you will be connected02:33
acidrain_i wish it were that easy lol02:34
Edistohow do you get the id of a open window02:34
ActionParsnipacidrain_: assuming the ethernet controller has a driver loaded (commonly it will out of the box)02:34
LintEdisto, xprop02:34
ActionParsnipacidrain_: you may need to run:  sudo dhclient eth002:34
acidrain_ActionParsnip: my issue is, i have changed boxes, kept the same hdd. now it doesnt work02:34
acidrain_ive tried that02:35
Edistogroovy and what in here tells me the id so i can kill it?02:35
acidrain_ActionParsnip: i have tried just about everything that is a common thing to try02:35
ActionParsnipacidrain_: what ethernet chip is it?02:35
Lintacidrain_, do you have firmware installed?02:35
ActionParsnipacidrain_: have you tried a different port on the router?02:35
sdw1what is the oppsite formulation of " set -f *"02:36
acidrain_how do i determine ethernet chip?02:36
mindlessdream"The flash plugin was blocked because it is out of date" how can I update it?02:36
=== The_Doctor is now known as Ttech
bludanybody know why this results in funky colors on my tv? ->    xrandr --newmode "1920x1080_60.00" 127.7 1920 1928 1936 1944 1080 1085 1090 109502:36
Ben64acidrain_: what happens if you do "ifconfig"02:36
Ben64blud: your tv might not support that02:37
ActionParsnipacidrain_: sudo lshw -C network02:37
tintoyhi everyone02:37
acidrain_Ben64: it shows eth1 as a network interface02:37
tintoycan anyone help me?02:37
Ben64acidrain_: then you probably just need to set up ip address or dhcp or something like that02:38
bludBen64: my tv manual says 1920x1080 60hz, my concern is just that theres some error in some of the other numbers in the command i issued?02:38
XuMuKtintoy: may be, if you say what's up...02:38
acidrain_ActionParsnip: it does indeed seem to have a network controller02:38
acidrain_logical name: eth102:38
tintoyhi XuMuk02:38
Ben64acidrain_: try to set ip manually and ping the router or another computer on the network02:38
bazhangtintoy, ask the question to the channel02:39
acidrain_Ben64: i have also tried to setup dhcp. i set it to with network mask of and gateway of router ip
tintoyCan you help me What's the difference between using Ubuntu server 11.04 and Ubuntu Server 10.04.3 LTS ?02:39
acidrain_Ben64: i also reserved it on the router, at this point, it said it was connected. but it lied02:39
Ben64blud: where did you get those numbers from02:39
mindlessdream"The flash plugin was blocked because it is out of date"02:40
XuMuKtintoy: 10.04 has longer support02:40
netmaniack_Far as I know LTS have longer support.02:40
Ben64blud: ?02:40
XuMuKtintoy: instead 11.04 has newer packages02:40
sdw1after i entered 'set -f * ',it can,t explain meta character now ,what should i do02:40
bludBen64: i built them based on a guide about how to do it, and the width and height from my tv manual02:40
acidrain_Ben64: ActionParsnip do you have any other suggested ideas?02:40
very_sadtintoy: 10.04 has old stuff02:41
mindlessdreamCan anyone please help? "The flash plugin was blocked because it is out of date" is annoying me on chrome02:41
very_sad11.04 has newer stuff02:41
PsiKloPxSplit window 1: win#1 - Status window, win#2 - Messages window02:41
netmaniack_In My opinion the sam eleague as Debian. old, but stable.02:41
bazhangPsiKloPx, do you have a question02:41
Ben64acidrain_: try connecting it to a switch and another computer, no router, and setting ip addresses manually02:41
acidrain_Ben64: explain?02:42
Ben64blud: because when i do it i get this: Modeline "1920x1080_60.00"  173.00  1920 2048 2248 2576  1080 1083 1088 1120 -hsync +vsync02:42
acidrain_on the same computer, if i boot from the other hdd, which has windows on it, it works fine02:42
PsiKloPxsorry....pasted a line in the wrong window!02:42
earspliTActionParsnip: Dell SXPS 1602:42
tintoyXuMuk: which is much better LTS or Release?02:42
mindlessdreamsomeone? it's an easy question :D02:42
Ben64acidrain_: linux isn't windows02:42
bludBen64: ok i'll try that thanks02:43
acidrain_Ben64: -.- linux till this day has been epic win.02:43
XuMuKtintoy: it depends... better for what?02:43
tintoyXumuk:I will going to use it as a guest os on my kvm02:43
Ben64i'd suggest 11.10, the next release is LTS, and 10.04 is getting kind of old02:44
acidrain_Ben64: does it matter what i enter as the client name on the router?02:44
netmaniack_As heavy windows user i have to ask. What Linux(Ubuntu) users do in case of programm freeze in full screen? :D02:45
Ben64acidrain_: i'm not sure what you mean, which is why i suggested a switch02:45
very_sadnetmaniack_: change to tty and fix02:45
very_sador ssh in02:45
tintoyBen64:What I'm after on 10.04 LTS is the 5 years support. Would that be reasonable to use?02:45
very_sadand fix02:45
Ben64netmaniack_: ssh in from phone and fix02:45
zowszsomeone could help me please?02:45
XuMuKtintoy: I don't know... if you don't need the newer packages i'd suggest 10.04 until next LTS's released as it more stable02:45
very_sadHostname: happyDroid2 - OS: Linux - CPU: ARMv7 rev 2 (v7l) - Processes: 119 - Uptime: 2h 11m - Users: 6 - Load Average: 0.28 - Memory Usage: 326.86MB/477.29MB (68.48%) - SD Card Usage: 7.26GB/7.40GB (98.21%)02:45
Ben64tintoy: 5 years is server version, the kernel from 10.04 doesn't support newer hardware02:46
very_sad10.04 can use 3.0+02:47
tintoyBen64: Thanks so much for that info02:47
very_sadapt-cache search linux-image....... is on lucid's repos02:47
ActionParsnipvery_sad: it won't be supported here if you install a kernel not intended for your release02:47
mindlessdreamCan someone please help me?02:47
Ben64very_sad: its backport and not supported, like ActionParsnip said02:47
mindlessdreamOr should I make a post02:47
ActionParsnip!info linux-image-generic lucid02:47
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (lucid), package size 4 kB, installed size 32 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia all armel)02:47
urfr332gOmindlessdream, have you posted a question that is the protocol?02:48
very_sadIt's on backports, oh.02:48
very_sadoh well02:48
ActionParsnipvery_sad: read your sources.list file with regards to the backport repos.02:48
urfr332gOmindlessdream, :)02:48
mindlessdream"The flash plugin was blocked because it is out of date" can someone please help me update Flash02:49
FloodBot1carlitaa19: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:49
urfr332gOmindlessdream, chrome is basically 3rd party so not really supported per-say, but you may get help.02:49
urfr332gOlol spam not even in english.02:50
ActionParsnipmindlessdream: can you give a PASTEBIN of the output of:  lsb_release -a; uname -a; dpkg -l | egrep 'flash|gnash|swf|spark'      Thanks02:50
rhobdayi think ubuntu hates me02:51
tintoyXuMuk: I have another question02:51
mindlessdreamno LSB modules are found02:51
mindlessdreamare available*02:51
ActionParsnipmindlessdream: run the whole lot, copy the text and use http://pastie.org to host it all02:52
very_sadrhobday: why?02:52
rhobdayI've tried to download things, and everytime i use sudo apt-get install (name) it says it cant find it02:52
ActionParsniprhobday: run:  sudo apt-get update    first02:52
rhobdayplus it won't connect to the internet02:52
rhobdayi did02:52
mindlessdreampastie is down02:52
rhobdaywhile i was gone02:52
very_sadpastebin then02:52
mindlessdreamcan I use paste.it?02:52
ActionParsnipmindlessdream: any pastebin you can get02:53
ActionParsnipgotta love pastie though02:53
rhobdayi think i might just re-install it later though02:53
mindlessdreamhere you go ActionParsnip:http://pastebin.com/w9NE5d7702:53
rhobdayi've wasted like a day trying to get it working02:54
very_saddoesn't ubuntu have: http://paste.ubuntu.com/02:54
very_sadthought you'd guys pymp yo shiz niz02:54
tintoyXuMuk: This is my case, I have setup qemu-kvm in ubuntu server, and I create guest os in 10.04 LTS, my question is this, "Why is it everytime I delete nic in quest os, and recreate it accumulate eth* and never getback to eth0?"02:54
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tintoyThis is my case, I have setup qemu-kvm in ubuntu server, and I create guest os in 10.04 LTS, my question is this, "Why is it everytime I delete nic in quest os, and recreate it accumulate eth* and never getback to eth0?"02:55
ActionParsnipmindlessdream: and the output of:  dpkg -l | egrep 'flash|gnash|swf|spark'02:55
very_sadoh yeah I had that issue tintoy02:55
very_sadFuck what did I do again??02:55
ActionParsnipvery_sad: pastie detects mobile browsers and loads fast by loading less guff02:55
amt897can anyone help me with a partitioning issue?02:56
tintoyvery_sad: what do i need to do in order to return it back to eth0?02:56
pangolinvery_sad: no swearing please02:56
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mindlessdreamOh, Actionparsnip, I entered  lsb_release -a; uname -a; dpkg -l | egrep 'flash|gnash|swf|spark' for the first paste bin02:56
mindlessdreamthat is two seperate commands/02:56
amt897having difficulty using gparted...02:56
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ActionParsnipmindlessdream: then run:  sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer02:56
scientesamt897, what are you trying to do?02:57
very_sadtintoy: forgot honestly... ughhhhh trying to remember.02:57
very_sadsorry :<02:57
tintoyPlease anyone help me. This is my case, I have setup qemu-kvm in ubuntu server, and I create guest os in 10.04 LTS, my question is this, "Why is it everytime I delete nic in quest os, and recreate it accumulate eth* and never getback to eth0?"02:57
amt897scientes: so i have a windows 7 installation on a 120 gib SSD drive, no problem.  installed ubuntu on my slave internal drive, no problem.  I want to move my ubuntu partition (or delete/reinstall) onto my solid state drive alongside my windows partition02:58
ActionParsnipamt897: could use dd or rsync02:58
amt897however, I've tried partitioning in both gparted and windows disk manager to shrink my ntfs partition on the ssd (I have 42 gb free), and each time it doesn't let me shrink by any more than 2 gb.02:58
scienteswell 1. you have to do this from a liveCD amt89702:58
amt897doing it from a usb stick ubuntu pendrive02:59
scientesthen 2. resize windows partition, resize down linux partition, copy linux partition, resize linux partition to max size02:59
scientesalso you should probably have a swap partition on the SSD02:59
amt897actionparsnip: what are those?02:59
scientesthen thats the end of gparted02:59
amt897yeah, i have a 200 mb swap partition, sorry.02:59
XuMuKscientes: swap on ssd? too expensive I guess...03:00
amt897right-- i try to use gparted.  it only gives me 2 gb or so to shrink the partition by03:00
very_sadhrm tintoy, hold on03:00
bludBen64: that made my tv flicker like crazy and be completely messed up :o03:00
scientesthen you 3. mount the new linux root- mount /dev/sdgajgsea /mnt; cd /mnt; mount -t proc proc proc; mount --bind /dev dev; mount -t sysfs sysfs sys; chroot . /bin/su03:00
XuMuKonly / and /boot should be placed on ssd, the rest is fine where it is03:01
tintoyvery_sad: ok I'll wait for your answer.03:01
amt897it works perfectly fine as-is.  there's just something very elegant about having both of my OSes on the same drive03:01
very_sadtintoy: boot ubuntu then remove /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules03:01
scientesthen you 4. sensible-editor /etc/fstab (use output of `blkid`); then update-grub; install-grub /dev/fhdjakgesabuiesa (without a number)03:01
scientesand then you are done amt89703:01
scientesdo you got all that03:02
very_sadthen reboot and it will regenerate03:02
raven20hey...does anybody know of any good music sites to get music for my computer..i have the latest version of ubuntu, just got everything all set up this morning...please help?!03:02
amt897scientes: I do, however, I'm still stuck way back at step 2.  I'm in a pendrive ubuntu environment, i run gparted.03:02
ActionParsnipamt897: data copying commands, look into both. i'd go for rsync if i had to use it. personally i'd just clean install03:02
scientesmake sure your windows and linux partitions are unmounted03:02
scientesthe other, less featurful partitionier is palimpsest amt89703:03
amt897nothing mounted at the moment, just the pen drive03:03
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amt897gparted tells me, out of my 111.59 gib ntfs partition, that I can make a max size of 114271 mib shrink partition.  and it won't actually let me click the resize/move button.03:03
acidrain_does anyone have any final suggestions for me before i give up on making ubuntu connect through ethernet?03:05
XuMuKActionParsnip: dd isn't copying data but devices and bloks03:05
ActionParsnipXuMuK: it'll do it though. The files will get copied03:05
amt897scientes: any experience with this phenomenon?  literally the only operation gparted allows me to do is copy the partition or extend it by 1 mb.03:06
raven20anybody know any good music sites??03:06
savidHelp!  I've updated my input drivers (dkms) and now my keyboard won't work.  I need to revert to the kernel that came with the livecd,  but the dpkg script overwrote my initrd image.   Is there a way to get back the initrd from my lived?03:06
XuMuKraven20: and what ind of relationship has your question with ubuntu? o?O03:07
amt897i feel like i'm missing something obvious.  could it be that since you don't defrag ssds that the immovable system files are scattered now, preventing a large partition resize?03:07
b1ckh3arthey anyone can help me i am trying to run compiz on xfce but it is running on gnome 3 also can anyone tell how to make compiz to startup exclusivily with xfce not with  gnome303:08
bludBen64: how do you even arrive at those numbers? i'd like to just try various settings but... i dont even know how to make them to try them03:08
halt_hi everyone03:08
b1ckh3arthelp please03:09
halt_in need a help with the cdpr package did anyone use it before ?03:09
bludBen64: for example, i'd like to try a lower resolution that is still 16:903:09
urfr332gO!help > b1ckh3art03:09
ubottub1ckh3art, please see my private message03:09
zwzx-user没想到这么多在用LINUX HI大家好!03:09
urfr332gO!cn | zwzx-user03:10
ubottuzwzx-user: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw03:10
scientesamt897, oh, its cause you did a unsafe shutdown from windows03:10
very_sadWhat is that? colors?03:10
scientesyou have to boot windows, and then do a clean shutdown03:10
scientesthe NTFS partition is market dirty03:10
very_sadOr unicode?03:10
halt_cdpr anyone ?03:10
wookienzany progs that i can use to show me what processes it belongs to by clicking on the window or associated tool bar etc? i remember one from windows days...03:11
urfr332gOhalt_, ask a specific question, if anyone knows they will respond. :)03:11
Invaderoh shit03:11
amt897scientes:  I've tried multiple times just doing straight-up restarts from windows.  I found this though:  http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Multiple_OS_Installation#Using_Shrink_Volume_on_Vista_and_Windows_703:11
blumonkeyhow could i install unetbootin from 11.10 to ubuntu 10.0403:12
halt_cdpr -u server.conf      how is this conf file look like03:12
scientesamt897, are you using a recent ubuntu for the flash drive?03:12
blumonkeyi think i need the newer version of unetbootin03:12
amt897recent enough I'd think03:12
urfr332gOblumonkey, unetbootin I think is in the repos.03:12
scientesblumonkey, you should always use the most recent version03:12
scientesblumonkey, but yeah that is a way to do an upgrade03:13
urfr332gOblumonkey, sudo apt-get install unetbootin in a terminal.03:13
blumonkeyyes but the software package i dont think contains the latest version03:13
blumonkeybecause linuxcoin is not in the drop down of unetbootin03:13
XuMuKblumonkey: You can't... or install what it offers from repos or get it from svn/bzr or compile it youself03:13
urfr332gOblumonkey, down load it from them directly if that is true.03:13
amt897scientes:  the guide advises defragging the disk.  it is, however, a ssd.  is it worth defragging, even though it'd decrease the lifetime?03:14
rumpe1amt897, don't defrag ssds!03:15
OffGridOps11.10:  is there a way to install a different version and save my data on the harddrive (pix, docs, etc) or do i need to dump them on a stick?  thanx03:15
scientesgparted doesn't need a defraged volume in current versions, it knows how to relocate stuff03:15
savidDoes anyone know how to restore a kernel from the lived?   My kbd  o03:15
scientesso thats not the problem03:15
urfr332gOblumonkey, it is not in my version in oneiric, you can download their iso though and use unetbootin to load a usb.03:15
scientessavid, what are your symptoms03:15
scientessavid, its probably grub that you need to reinstall03:15
rumpe1amt897, SSDs automatically use fragmentation a lot, but that's not an issue. They don't have to swing around mechanical elements.03:16
XuMuKOffGridOps: yes, if you have /home in separate partition03:16
scientesamt897, defraging a SSD is idiotic, as they use a FTL inside them03:16
scientesso they are already fragmented03:16
savidscientes,  I updated my kbd drivers using a dkms deb pkg and kbd no longer works03:16
scienteskbd, as in Keyboard?03:17
OffGridOpsXuMuK, i'm not sure if i do.  i installed 11.10 and just started using it---nothing special on the orig install03:17
amt897scientes:  okay, cool.  the other advice they give is...  close all programs in memory (shouldn't be an issue in pendrive ubuntu), run windows disk cleanup, and "Disable pagefile, kernel memory dump, system restore and hibernation"03:17
savidscientes, I need to restore the initrd that was installed by the original lived03:17
scienteswell hibernate and swap files is still an issue amt89703:17
XuMuKsavid: type this ls /boot/ -lat and look if there are more than one images left03:17
urfr332gOscientes, gparted will not move the unmovable paging files in a windows setup correctly, generally causes breakage.03:17
scientesbut that really shouldn't mattter when you have 120 GB amgarching03:17
rumpe1amt897, it's much more important to not use their full capacity. Otherwise it will reduce it's lifetime. Read some tutorials about SSDs.03:17
XuMuKsavid: upside go the newer ones03:17
EvilResistance /nickinfo PennBot03:18
savidXuMuk,  huh?03:18
amt897rumpel:  right, I know.  basically, my issue is that even though 42 of 111 gb are free, gparted and/or windows are not letting me shrink my partition down03:18
scientessavid, oh, just chroot and then use dkms, man dkms03:18
XuMuKsavid: ls /boot/ -lat what does it show?03:18
amt897scientes: exactly, with 42 gb free, it shouldn't be an issue...03:18
urfr332gOamt897, what version of Windows?03:18
scientesamt897, holy bejeebus, how did you use up 80 GB of a SSD?03:19
amt897windows 7, 64 bit03:19
scientesI guess its windows........03:19
savidscientes,  use dkms to do what?03:19
urfr332gOamt897, W7 has a virtual partitioner use it.03:19
rumpe1amt897, can you describe your partition layout a bit more detailed?03:19
scientessavid, remove the modules you added--you can't just restore an old initrd as there is a differn't one for each minor kernel version03:19
scientesbecause they contain modules03:19
Gracenoteshi... got some recording troubles. I'm on a Thinkpad T420, with single duplex input/output 1/8" audio jack. How can I configure the sound preferences so Audacity records with that rather than the built-in mic?03:20
amt897okay, so my ssd is a 120 GiB Intel drive.  200 MB partition for system, the C: partition is 111.59 GB; 42ish gb free.03:20
amt897I would like to shrink that free space by 20 GB or so and install Ubuntu there.03:20
scientesgeeze, though why does windows need so much damn expensive space03:20
rumpe1amt897, you want to shrink free space? .. .That doesn't make any sense.03:21
helpmeASAPHow much memory do I need to make a virtual machine with a lubuntu host?03:21
XuMuKscientes: he could point grub to older ones03:21
blumonkeyi downloaded unetbootin-linux-565 from sourceforge but it says i need to open with an application, send to: where would i send this03:21
urfr332gOamt897, use the W7 Disk manager I believe it is called, run from admin.03:21
scientesXuMuK, does dkms only rebuild current versions?03:21
ActionParsniphelpmeASAP: what OS is the guest?03:21
rumpe1amt897, ah, i get it. You want to shrink C: (?)03:21
scientesblumonkey, sudo apt-get install unetbootin03:21
OffGridOpsXuMuK, found the info thanx03:21
ActionParsniphelpmeASAP: or do you mean how much ram should you assign to the guest?03:21
amt897yessir, rumpel03:21
scientesblumonkey, also, unetbootin on linux isn't the best supported software, what are you trying to do?03:22
helpmeASAPActionParnip: any guest capable of using OpenVPN I hope. and safe. must be Linux03:22
XuMuKscientes: I think it creates new image and initrd03:22
amt897urfr332g0: i'll open it up now03:22
scientesXuMuK, uhhhhh, it obviously doesn't create a new image, as that would be a kernel compile--doesn't dound like you...03:22
savidscientes,  I see.  I'll try that.  Thanks.03:22
helpmeASAPActionParsnip: No, I mean how many RAM should my computer have to have a virtual machine run smoothly. Host lubuntu03:22
scientesthe question is whether is only changes the current initrd, or old ones03:22
scientesas well03:22
urfr332gOamt897, that is the best way to go, your set up may not mess with the paging files but using the onboard is safer.03:23
urfr332gOsetup=what you want to do.03:23
rumpe1amt897, you should be able to shrink the windows-partition if windows isn't still in some kind of hibernation mode. You can't use windows because it can't shrink a partition it is running from.03:23
amt897urfr332g0: the windows disk manager only lets me shrink my C: partition by 539 mb now (varies depending upon what's chilling in memory)03:24
urfr332gOrumpe1, not true windows 7 can resize a running setup.03:24
blumonkeyscientes_ when im not using my computer i wanted to boot from usb into linuxcoin to mine bitcoins for fun03:24
thevaliantxwhat can i do to make my wireless internet to work again?  i looked at "Additional Drivers" and it says that the Broadcom STA driver is activated but not currently in use.03:24
ActionParsniphelpmeASAP: so the host is lubuntu and the guest is lubuntu? Is that correct?03:24
rumpe1urfr332gO, virtual partitions? ... Doesn't like a good idea to me. (imho)03:24
amt897rumpe1: I also tried by rebooting from windows and booting into a live CD without mounting any other partitions.  gparted had a similar problem to disk manager now.03:24
helpmeASAPActionParsnip: Yes I suppose03:25
urfr332gOamt897, probaly due to where stuff is on the ssd especially the paging file, if you brute force it with gparted you will likely break it, do a backup image first.03:25
ActionParsniphelpmeASAP: lubuntu's minimal ram is 256Mb, so 512Mb as a BARE minimum. I'd go for at least 1Gb to be safe03:25
urfr332gOrumpe1, Because you are not familiar with it.03:25
ActionParsniphelpmeASAP: personally I try and max out the RAM in a PC. RAM is stupidly cheap03:26
helpmeASAPActionParsnip: but what about CPU? duo core 1.8Hz is capale?03:26
ActionParsniphelpmeASAP: will be ok03:26
nimbioticswhat program can I use to record my screen, microphone & speakers?03:26
amt897I'm starting to get the feeling this isn't worth doing03:26
ActionParsniphelpmeASAP: lubuntu is super light so you can get away with less :)03:26
helpmeASAPActionParsnip: OK thanks!03:27
savidscientes,  OK I removed hid-apple and bcm5973,  now my kb and my mouse won't work.03:27
urfr332gOrumpe1, your more likely to break a windows setup if you move the unmovable paging and other stuff, that is why it is advised to do a defragg of evrything to the front and not move the partition with data in that area.03:27
XuMuKnimbiotics: recordmydesktop-gtk && cheese03:27
helpmeASAPAnyone here know how to lock screen on OS lubuntu? I know Ubuntu have that option but what about lubuntu?03:28
nimbioticsXuMuK: and how do i mix audio from speakers & mic?03:28
urfr332gOrumpe1, the shrink of a area holding data in general especially imovable data like the paging.03:28
FirebolthelpmeASAP, ctrl+alt+l might work?03:28
nicknefariousHi all - I have a couple of questions regarding network manager and configs.03:28
helpmeASAPFirebolt: Nope, tried that many times already03:28
adhikarihow do i install phigs, gtk or phigs++ library in ubuntu03:29
urfr332gOhelpmeASAP, Isn't there a lock icon on the bottom panel?03:29
XuMuKnimbiotics: no idea... I know that cheese grabs video&audio03:29
savidUGH I just need to get my old kernel back03:29
XuMuKbut how to mix them - don't know03:29
psusiadhikari, the same way you install anything.. software center, synaptic, apt-get, etc...03:29
helpmeASAPurfr332gO: none! none lock options below for lubuntu03:29
nimbioticsXuMuK: problem is noen of them lets me mix spkrs & mic03:29
nicknefariousWhen I open a terminal and ping www.google.com the action it perfroms is PING www.l.google.com - is this a DNS problem?03:30
savidscientes, is there no way to get to the original initrd from within the lived?03:30
adhikaribut i don't know the code to install it. psusi03:30
psusinicknefarious, it isn't a problem03:30
amt897scientes, rumpe1, urfr332g0:  thanks for your help.  I'm gonna table this for now, maybe come back to it this weekend.03:30
nicknefariousWhy does it do it?03:30
scientessavid, just boot from an earlier kernel03:30
helpmeASAPAnyone know if best virtual machine? VMWare or VirtualBox or is there better??????03:30
psusiadhikari, open synaptic, find package, click install?03:31
ActionParsniphelpmeASAP: there is no best, or better03:31
savidscientes, I wish it were that easy.   The dkms pkg over wrote the kernel.   It makes03:31
XuMuKhelpmeASAP: yes, kvm, but it's not so easu to setup03:31
ActionParsniphelpmeASAP: if one was outright best, the other would not get used03:31
psusihelpmeASAP, I just use qemu-kvm and lately have been experimenting with xen03:31
urfr332gOhelpmeASAP, if you google the screen lock there is lots of info. :)03:32
scientessavid, it overwrote the initrd, you could chroot into the target system, and then remove the dkms package, which will remove the modules and rebuild the initrd03:32
helpmeASAPhow to install kvm?!! that the Linux version right?03:32
adhikaripsusi but there is no package containing phigs03:32
scientesyou can't manually change modules cause it doesn't rebuild the initrd, which is where the problem is happening03:32
ActionParsnip!kvm | helpmeASAP03:32
ubottuhelpmeASAP: kvm is the preferred virtualization approach in Ubuntu. For more information see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM03:32
halt_did anyone used the cdpr package ?03:32
truexfan81is there anyway to get the xfdesktop 4.8 package on lucid?  i upgraded to xfce 4.8 but that one package seems to be unavailable. without it have no xfce menu03:32
adhikarii am talking about this library03:32
scienteshelpmeASAP, use virt-manager03:32
sacarlsonnicknefarious: it's google redirection, they sense your location and provide an address depending on where they see you are located03:32
savidscientes,  you mean remove dkms via apt-get?03:32
ActionParsniptruexfan81: there may be a ppa03:32
scientessavid, while in a chroot of the target system03:32
ubottuA chroot is used to make programs believe that the directory they are running in is really the root directory. It can be used to stop programs accessing files outside of that directory, or for compiling 32bit applications in a 64bit environment - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicChroot03:32
nicknefariouspsusi Can you explain why it does it?03:32
urfr332gOhelpmeASAP, your just asking random questions look at the channel and freenode policy they ask you to do some of this yourself via the web. :)03:33
truexfan81i've been googling for one, so far i haven't found it, thats why i'm on here asking03:33
psusiadhikari, then you'll have to google for a ppa or get the source and build it yourself03:33
psusinicknefarious, because google has many servers03:33
savidscientes, remove and reinstall, or just remove?03:34
nicknefariouspsusi sure so this isn't an example of DNS poisoning (I am in China)03:34
sacarlsonnicknefarious: you can use dig google.com to get more details on there dns configs03:34
psusinicknefarious, they use dns CNAME records for www to alias it to many different servers03:34
scientessavid, unless you need dkms for something, like propritary drivers, just remove03:34
scientesits mainly nvidia, fglrx, and broadcom wireless AFAIK03:34
halt_cdpr cdpr cdpr cdpr cdpr comeon someone...03:35
scientesFOSS drivers get merged into the kernel03:35
ActionParsnipscientes: some other drivers use it, but its the same ilk as broadcom nvidia etc03:35
scutmaybe some one is using rackspace hosting?03:35
psusinicknefarious, hrm.. actually, I get www.l.google.com too ( and I'm in the US ), and it sweems to be pointing to dfw06s16-in-f20.1e100.net.... odd03:35
halt_scut i now a better hosting solution do not use rackspace :D03:36
halt_i mean i know scut03:36
bazhang!ot | scut halt_03:37
ubottuscut halt_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:37
nicknefariouspsusi Can you tell me where the address for the name server comes from in /etc/resolv.conf comes from and what is it's purpose03:37
bazhangNyLes, /msg ubottu please03:37
XuMuKnicknefarious: and I get   mad01s03-in-f10.1e100.net (Spain), but they are all google servers03:37
psusinicknefarious, it either comes from you putting it there, or was automatically configured via DHCP... it is the address of a DNS server to use03:37
savidscientes, its saying "E: The package hid-dkms needs to be reinstalled, but I can't find an archive for it"03:38
d-snutzis it possible to increase base memory for guest OS in virtualbox?  im running out of space :)03:38
nicknefariouspsusi So can I substitute them for OPEN DNS Addresses?03:38
psusinicknefarious, sure03:38
scientessavid, then remove the packages that depend on it03:38
halt_i got it | bazhand ubottu03:38
XuMuKnicknefarious: yes, you could03:38
scienteslike apt-get remove hid-dkms03:38
NyLescan someone tell me what does module fbdev do?03:38
savidOh, sry I was using apt instead of dpkg03:38
YaahI couldn't possably03:38
scientesNyLes, thats not a modules, thats a xserver driver for kernel framebuffers03:39
bazhangYaah, ubuntu support issue?03:39
scientesNyLes, /dev/fb0, /dev/fb1, etc03:39
Yaahyes where can I download AIM for linux03:39
Yaahother than pidgin03:39
nicknefariouspsusi So what controls DNS lookups - I have a setting in my router where I identify OPEN DNS servers, if it is also configured in resolv.conf which one prevails?03:39
scientesYaah, pidgin or empathy03:39
bazhangYaah, you cannot03:39
bazhangYaah, try empathy03:39
very_sadIt's 2012, grow up03:39
scientesYaah, empathy is the new default, not pidgin anymore03:39
bazhangvery_sad, no need for the editorializing/name-calling03:40
XuMuKempathy sucks03:40
ActionParsnipYaah: empathy and kopete do it03:40
scientesXuMuK, why?03:40
very_sadbazhang: meh03:40
bazhangvery_sad, pardon?03:40
scienteslike of buddy pounce and OTR?03:40
XuMuKscientes: my opinion)03:40
d-snutzvirtualbox question on base memory03:40
halt_guys is it true ?  nobody use cdpr ? (cisco discovery protocol )03:40
very_sadbazhang: kinda bored here waiting for my question, nothing else to do, meh...03:40
d-snutzanyone know about VB03:41
=== Justasic is now known as Justasic2
bazhangvery_sad, chit chat in #ubuntu-offtopic or check askubuntu.com while you wait03:41
jamms@scientes i use imo.im in chrome for a multi platform im. i suggest that.03:41
bazhangd-snutz, ask a vbox question then03:41
very_sadI rather wait here03:41
scientesjamms, juck03:41
very_sadit was asked 2 hours ago03:41
very_sadmight as well stick it out03:42
savidscientes,  OK, so after removal just reboot?03:42
bazhangvery_sad, thats fine. just no need to add to the noise with random commentary.03:42
urfr332gOhalt_, not supported here. :)03:42
scientessavid, did you see it rebuild the initrd?03:42
wrektjetok this is going to sound ridiculous but i am taking this class on python and i would like to open a python interpreter on ubuntu to do homework how do i do that03:42
scientesit should have said something during the removal03:42
d-snutzbazhang: is it possible to increase the size of your base memory for a gues OS?03:42
psusiwrektjet, open a terminal and type "python"03:42
acidrain__does anyone think that if i reformat this harddrive with ubuntu 11.10 that it will fix th e issue of me not being able to connect to ethernet?03:42
savidscientes, no, it didn't03:42
daleharveyhey, can I remove the launcher completely, I would like it to pop up when I press Super, but otherwise I would like to never see it03:42
daleharveyI am on a fresh copy of 11.1003:43
urfr332gOacidrain__, what is the card chip?03:43
wrektjetpsusi, thank you03:43
shawn_hello world03:43
acidrain__urfr332gO: how do i find out what card chip it is?03:43
bazhangYaah, yes?03:43
YaahI installed the Empathy where would it be located at03:43
acidrain__could of sworn ive already been through this. lol03:43
Yaahim on ubuntu03:43
FireboltAre there any server isos of ubuntu that are less than 512mb?03:43
d-snutzbazhang: did you copy that?03:43
helpmeASAPHelp me ASAP!!! After I installed QEmu, do I need to install KQEmu????03:43
tensorpuddingYaah, where would what be located?03:44
urfr332gOacidrain__, lspci in the terminal will give a list of stuff find the ethernet/wifi part and post it.03:44
Yaahthe Empathy03:44
bazhangd-snutz, did you set it to expandable when you created the machine?03:44
Yaahthe icon03:44
halt_urfr332g0  :( when i do not know anything i ask man when man is not enoght clear i ask google if the google do not kno then i'm login it here, but if you guys do not know this is the end of the word03:44
YaahI clicked it03:44
Yaahwhere is teh download directory for ubuntu03:44
FloodBot1Yaah: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:44
acidrain__urfr332gO: well im actually booting win7 right now. im going to see if win7 will pwnzor linux03:44
very_sadOhh floodbot does it!03:44
very_sad<3 floodbot03:44
tensorpuddingYaah, downloads are put in your home directory subdirectory Downloads03:44
urfr332gOYaah, you mean the repo list?03:44
d-snutzbazhang: yeah i think so03:45
NyLesscientes: oh thanks..03:45
bazhangYaah, try alt f2 empathy03:45
d-snutzbazhang: whatever the default was03:45
acidrain__win7 is in epic fail right now because its been "preparing your desktop" for about 15min lol03:45
tensorpuddingYaah, empathy comes with ubuntu, it'll appear in the applications menu, click it and it'll start03:45
FireboltI'd like to make a bootable usb stick, but the stick I have is only 512mb03:45
bazhangFirebolt, thats not going to do it03:46
nicknefariousIs there some way to compact mounted drives into one widget/icon on the Unity Dock?03:46
urfr332gOacidrain__, you might try the ##windows channel for finding the card when using W7.03:46
scutubuntu 11.10 still has no decent fallback to classical gnome?03:46
savidscientes, is there a way to manually rebuild initrd?03:46
bazhang!notunity | scut03:46
ubottuscut: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic03:46
Fireboltbazhang, ubuntu has no netinst availible like debian?03:47
urfr332gOscut, no only the fallback gnome 2 sort of like.03:47
scientesFirebolt, it does03:47
primenumber@search downton abbey03:47
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate03:47
bazhangFirebolt, the mini installer?03:47
scutbazhang, its still ugly and works like a disaster with compiz03:48
primenumberI just installed Cinnamon - it's great! Stable and like Gnome 2 with some nice Gnome 3 eye candy.03:48
thevaliantxubuntu 11.10 is ugly, sorry to say.  i wonder what the next installment will look like.  it 'seems' that years ago there was more innovation amongst the various distros, window managers 'seemed' to look nicer than they do now.  now everything seems very similar across the board, it's getting stagnant.03:48
bazhangthevaliantx, thats not a support question03:49
savidscientes,  is it update-initramfs?03:49
CarlFK"To get started with Google+ Hangouts, first install the Google Voice and Video Plugin"   is there a PPA or something packagy?03:49
bazhangCarlFK, launchpad has a search ppa page03:49
CarlFKbazhang: I have heard of that... URL?03:50
sephthirDoes anyone know how I might get ahold of someone involved in the #ubuntu-iso channel, since it appears that no one is ever in it? I believe it is the place I would need to ask my question.03:50
scutthevaliantx, maybe unity would be a good thing if you could move that shit unity panel from left side03:50
urfr332gOthevaliantx, your about the millionth person to address it is off topi.03:50
halt_can someone figure out how to use this  /usr/share/doc/cdpr/README.cdprs03:50
Fireboltscientes, any links to the netinst installs then?03:50
bazhangscut, no cursing here03:50
scientessavid, that sounds good03:50
FireboltI need it for a server version03:50
thevaliantxbazhang sure it's not, but it's a valid concern, and i dare to say that most of the comments in here are either support questions that never get answered, rude comments or just general opinions such as mine ;)03:50
scientesFirebolt, I don't think there is an iso for it, you have to use the initrd + uImage netboot images, or the ubuntu-core builds03:50
Fireboltawww, I guess I'll need to find my blank CDs then03:51
bazhangthevaliantx, no, this channel is not for that, chit chat in #ubuntu-offtopic03:51
thevaliantxscut i agree, we'll see how long it lasts.03:51
psusiFirebolt, netinst is netinst... there aren't different versions for server or desktop03:51
halt_how offen can i ask the same ?03:52
urfr332gOscut, the panel can be moved to the bottom there is info on the web.03:52
scientesyuck, I use debian for servers03:52
scuturfr332gO, and it crashes like 20 times per 1 hours on 64 bit platform03:52
scientesscut, what does?03:52
psusiFirebolt, server vs desktop makes no sense for netinst03:53
urfr332gOhalt_, your question is not within the channels support. :)03:53
urfr332gOscut, have you tweaked compiz?03:53
Fireboltscientes, I prefer debian, but this is for a friend -- he's asked me to prepare a server for him03:53
scutscientes, moved to another side unity panel on 64 bit platform03:53
Fireboltpsusi, no matter than03:53
thevaliantxhow can i get ALL of the related wireless drivers off my system?  i am trying to use Ubuntu Software Centre to do the task but it's aborting.03:53
scientesscut, well thats unity for ya (just my opinion)03:53
ActionParsnipscut: there is a PPA to move it to the bottom, there is a ppa for it03:54
ActionParsnipscut: check omgubuntu03:54
=== felixding_ is now known as felixding
scientesFirebolt, if he needs you to set up his server he probably doesn't need aserver03:54
savidscientes,  that did it!  Thanks for the help!03:54
scutActionParsnip, i moved to xubuntu after ubuntu innovations, and im kinda happy03:54
nicknefariousCan anyone tell me if there is a widget/icon or other way of unifying all mounted drives under one icon/widget in the Unity Dock? I want to access them from there but don't want five mounted drives hogging real estate...03:54
ActionParsnipscut: many have03:54
halt_urfr332g0 can you recommend other chanel where someone can anwer ?03:55
ActionParsnipscut: i use LXDE and have done for ages now. I dip into Unity2D just to see whats new03:55
urfr332gOnicknefarious, if you check omgubuntu I belive there is a icon for that that is available for the top panel in unuty.03:55
thevaliantxActionParsnip, sometimes i wonder if going with a non-glitzy window manager would be the cure to my woes.  i can't be the only fool who's attracted to eye candy on the desk top.  i need to be productive :)03:56
urfr332gOhalt_, for proprietary cisco, ##linux not sure really.03:56
Fireboltscientes, poorly phrased, but whatever -- thanks for the help03:56
scientesFirebolt, I was poorly phrased?03:57
scientesor you...03:57
nicknefariousurfr332gO Cheers... I'll take a look03:57
pial316i need help03:57
urfr332gOhalt_, lol there is a #cicsco channel 477 user.03:57
pial316i need help03:57
pial316can any one help me??03:58
ActionParsnipthevaliantx: there are plenty of desktops to try, explore a little then choose one :)03:58
urfr332gOhalt_, ^^^03:58
=== kcm1700 is now known as kcm1700_
pial316anyone there?03:58
halt_cdpr is an ubuntu package wich is talking with ciso device so it's this is why i stared here03:58
Fireboltno, I was, scientes03:58
=== kcm1700_ is now known as kcm1700
bazhangpial316, whats the issue03:58
dxtrpnI've never done IRC before.03:58
ActionParsnippial316: you can clearly see people chating, so YES people are here03:58
XuMuKpial316: can you say what's your problem?03:58
pial316i'm trying to install Edge modem...03:59
pial316i'm using Ylmf OS03:59
ActionParsnippial316: not supported here03:59
urfr332gOnicknefarious, no problem there is a hd lister icon not sure of the name it is a ppa or a third party not sure which.03:59
ActionParsnippial316: you aren't using ubuntu03:59
pial316its detecting as CD rom04:00
pial316then i tried usb_modeswitch04:00
ActionParsnippial316: your distro isnt supported here#04:00
pial316can any one help me to fix this problem04:00
pial316i am a newbie in linux04:01
bazhangpial316, ylmfos is not supported here04:01
bazhangfilippov, #ubuntu-ru04:01
halt_urf332g0 thx anyway i will try the cisco chanel with real low hope..04:01
XuMuKfilippov: /join #ubuntu-ru04:01
pial316but isn't it a linux os?04:01
filippovа как туда попасть?04:01
bazhangpial316, yes, but this is Ubuntu only04:02
bazhangfilippov, english here04:02
XuMuKpial316: it is, but it's not supported anymore04:02
bazhangfilippov, /join #ubuntu-ru04:02
scutActionParsnip, its actually based on 10.04 ubuntu, so its supported04:02
pial316what are the differences between ubuntu and ylmf?04:02
bazhangscut, thats not right04:02
XuMuKfilippov: скопируй что я написал и нажми интер04:02
ActionParsnipscut: NONE of the 'ubuntu based' distros are supported here04:02
bazhangpial316, one is all Chinese and not supported here04:02
ActionParsnippial316: one is ubuntu (supported here), the other is an ubuntu spinoff (not supported here)04:03
pial316then YLMF is a chinese os04:03
ActionParsnippial316: no idea04:03
thevaliantxActionParsnip, exploring got me into trouble, lol  i was inferring that chasing a Mac fantasy is a waste of time.  like going to a topless bar.  she can dance on top, on the bottom, to the left or right, rotate and flip, and even clone herself. in the end, though, she requires high maintenance and the ROI isn't very good.04:03
filippovспасибо ХИМИК04:03
bazhangpial316, and offtopic here. please dont ask for support04:03
bazhang!ot | thevaliantx04:04
ubottuthevaliantx: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:04
pial316hav you ever heard about asterisk?04:04
bazhangpial316, try in #asterisk04:04
scutвсе идет по плану, я ебу светлану04:04
pial316bye bye04:04
mikeaIs there a PPA or something to get a newer KDE with network manager 0.9 so I can use the OpenConnect VPN client?04:05
bazhangmikea, kde 4.8?04:06
ActionParsnip!ppa | mikea probably04:06
ubottumikea probably: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa04:06
Zimm3rI was using ubuntu and my sound isn't working, when I go into the sound preferences the hardware is seen but the output only has dummy output04:07
scutbtw, anyone knows how to extract weather.com XOAP id/key from gnome/xfce panel? i wanna use it in conky04:07
mikeabazhang, I'm trying to connect to my vpn client at work, but the KDE network manager that ships with 11.10 doesn't support it - http://www.infradead.org/openconnect/gui.html04:07
Zimm3ranyone know how to get the outputs working so it isn't dummy output04:09
ActionParsnipZimm3r: what is the output of: wget -O alsa-info.sh http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && chmod +x ./alsa-info.sh && ./alsa-info.sh04:09
ActionParsnipmikea: could try wicd04:10
savidIs it possible to upgrade to a 3.0 kernel in Oneiric?  Right now my kernel is 2.6.3804:11
ActionParsnip!info linux-image-generic oneiric04:11
Zimm3rActionParsnip: ok i ran that and uploaded it04:11
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (oneiric), package size 2 kB, installed size 36 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 all armel powerpc)04:11
ActionParsnipsavid: oneiric kernel is
savidActionParsnip, odd, why is mine 2.6.38 then?04:12
LordDragonhey all04:12
ActionParsnipZimm3r: ok, what is the generated URL in your terminal04:12
LordDragonhow do i manage "services" in 11.10 ?04:12
benwalburnis there a way to disable "Apps Available for Download" in the unity dash? I followed a guide saying to use dconf-tools but I don't have "lenses"04:12
ActionParsnipsavid: hold shift at boot and select the newer kernel04:12
savidActionParsnip,  I have no other options in grub04:13
ActionParsnipLordDragon: sudo service <servicename> <command>04:13
Zimm3rActionParsnip: http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=c1c3090a1b427f940010c27227616f8ff7e61e5704:13
LordDragonActionParsnip: is there a GUI for it?04:13
ActionParsnipsavid: then run:   sudo apt-get --reinstall install linux-image-3.0.0-16-generic04:13
ActionParsnipLordDragon: why would you need one?04:14
LordDragonActionParsnip: but i dont know the commands to accomplish what i want in the terminal04:14
savidActionParsnip,  "Unable to locate package linux-image-3.0.0-16-generic"04:14
ActionParsnipZimm3r: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-audio-dev/ppa;  sudo apt-get update;sudo apt-get dist-upgrade; killall pulseaudio; rm -r ~/.pulse*04:14
savidActionParsnip, I don't see any 3.0 kernels when searching in apt-cache04:15
delinquentmereally simple screen capture software?04:15
ActionParsnipLordDragon: thats how you manage the services, if you want to kill processes then its different. Do you mean services or processes?04:15
ActionParsnipdelinquentme: recordmydesktop04:15
savidoh, holy crap.  I just realized I'm running natty.  I thought I installed oneiric.   GDI.04:15
LordDragonwell i did "sudo apt-get install telnetd"04:15
ActionParsnipsavid: that'll be why04:15
LordDragonyet i cant seem to launch the telnet server04:16
ActionParsnipLordDragon: it runs as a service at startup, you can stop it with:  sudo service telnetd stop04:16
delinquentmeActionParsnip,  <304:16
savidwell, frack.04:16
ActionParsnipLordDragon: I suggest you use openssh-server instead of telnet, telnet is not secure at all04:16
ActionParsnipdelinquentme: also xvidwincap if memory serves04:17
LordDragoni realize telnet isnt as secure. but its a necessity for my particular needs04:17
ActionParsnipLordDragon: I see04:17
Zimm3rActionParsnip: Thank You! :-)04:17
LordDragonActionParsnip: i get this error "telnetd: unrecongized service"04:17
ActionParsnipLordDragon: use tab to complete the service name04:18
delinquentmeActionParsnip, recording takes quite a bit of processing huh?04:18
ActionParsnipLordDragon: sudo service t    then press TAB a few times, see what comes up04:18
LordDragonActionParsnip: nothing comes up at all04:18
ActionParsnipdelinquentme: depends on how much area you record. a square of 20 pixels will be less CPU intensive than a full screen capture04:18
LordDragoni press TAB and nothing happens04:19
dfcnvtWhat's the name of the program that open pdf is common on Ubuntu? (I think I screwed up with app preference)04:19
bazhangdfcnvt, evince, also known as document viewer04:19
ActionParsnip!pdf | dfcnvt04:21
ubottudfcnvt: The Portable Document Format is created by Adobe; PDF files are viewable in Ubuntu with Xpdf, Okular, Evince and also Adobe Reader (free download, but closed source)04:21
ActionParsnipLordDragon: not sure dude, weird. Thought it would add itself...04:21
dfcnvtI think I have a broken file... or that evince can't read it correctly.04:21
Jak2000ing google.com unknown host google.com  (ubuntu server)04:21
ActionParsnipdfcnvt: try a different viewer04:21
LordDragonhow do i do a search on my box for the file "telnetd" ?04:21
BinaryLinuxfing telnetd04:21
ActionParsnipJak2000: try:  echo "nameserver" | sudo tee /etc/resolv.conf     then retry the ping04:22
very_sadcd /etc/init.d/04:22
very_sadcheck if there04:22
very_sadsysvinit's location for daemons04:22
LordDragontheres no telnet there04:22
very_sadso you don't have it04:23
LordDragonhow do i reinstall the telnetd package04:23
LordDragoni already did apt-get install telnetd04:23
very_sadwhy telnet though?04:24
very_sadtelnet sux04:24
XuMuKfor "partycular purposes" xD04:24
designdreamopenssh-server homie04:25
ActionParsniptelnet is needed04:25
ActionParsnipaccording to LordDragon04:25
LordDragonits needed because the computer i want to connect from cant do ssh04:25
designdreamwhy can't it do ssh?04:25
very_sadwhat is this setup?04:26
LordDragonits an old old computer04:26
LordDragonits weird04:26
LordDragonwhen i do apt-get install04:26
very_sadyou computer (uable to ssh)->server running ubuntu?04:26
very_sadlike that?04:26
LordDragonit says its installed04:26
LordDragonbut its not there04:26
designdreamthe package gods are telling you something.. don't run a clear text terminal service04:26
Jak2000ActionParsnip: same result  :(04:27
halt_one more time, just becasue the cisco chanel do not know, did anyone know the cdpr ? (http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/cdpr)04:28
sacarlsonLordDragon: designdream: never know when you want to use one of those old 1972 serial terminal to see a servers status localy04:28
very_sadLordDragon: inetd04:28
very_sadthat's the service for telnet04:28
ajinhi everyone, does anyone know acer netbook AOD270?04:29
designdreamsacarlson: true that. my first computer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDhpcOJ2zzM04:29
very_sadLordDragon: /etc/init.d/inetd start04:30
very_sadas root/with permissions04:30
very_sadbut again, telnet is stupid.04:30
very_saduse at your own risk04:30
ajinIt seems there's  LINUX driver for the intel GMA360004:30
ajinthere's no driver, sorry04:31
very_sadsaying your computer is old does _not_ mean it can't run sshd04:31
urfr332gOhalt_, are yo running hardy?04:31
Lesterwood/meGenkigirl is listening to miku hatsune - free software song04:31
very_sadLesterwood: -_-04:31
bazhang!ot | Lesterwood04:31
ubottuLesterwood: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:31
Jak2000ActionParsnip any other advice?04:31
helpmeASAPHost OS -lubuntu ; VirtualBox ; Guest OS -lubuntu ; Cannot install!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can only run without install!!!!!!!!!!! It's stuck until now. It never successfully install!!!04:32
halt_urfr332g0 i have hardy as well04:32
narok401hi i speed thai04:32
LordDragonit seems to have replaced inted with openbsd-inetd04:32
bazhanghelpmeASAP, no need for the excessive punctuation04:32
LordDragonthats weird04:32
ubottuPlease see #ubuntu-th for Ubuntu in Thailand.04:32
LordDragonmaybe i shouldnt have dont "apt-get install telnetd"04:32
LordDragoner done04:32
urfr332gOhalt_, hardy is end of life so not supported as well, just a heads up. :)04:32
bazhangnarok401, /join #ubuntu-th for Thai04:32
helpmeASAPoh stfu people! I had never ever ever successfully install any Linux guest OS using VirtualBox(never tried Windows). What's happening? Flaw04:34
halt_urfr332g0 just in internal network for collecting syslogs, but the package is the same everywhere http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise/cdpr04:34
=== pp7 is now known as malkauns
designdreamnothing beats helpnig people that tell you to stfu04:34
pangolinhelpmeASAP: Please don't swear04:34
urfr332gOhelpmeASAP, just a heads up your last post could get you banned. :)04:34
pangolindesigndream: same to you.04:34
very_sadhalt_: lololol UMAD?04:35
malkaunshow do i get audio to play on a remote machine when i use ssh -X <machine ip> and start an app?04:35
bazhangvery_sad, thats not helping.04:35
very_sadmeant that for help04:35
halt_very_sad why?04:35
bazhangvery_sad, excessive commentary noise is not helpful here. please chat in #ubuntu-offtopic04:35
very_sadhalt_: meant that helpmenow dude04:36
very_sadmy bad bro <304:36
helpmeASAPI had never ever successfully install any Linux OS using VMWare or VirtualBox... I'm running lubuntu. Where's Linus Trovaldis??04:36
sacarlsonmalkauns: you want it to sound when a remote logs into that system?04:36
very_sadhelpmeASAP: ahahaha.04:37
halt_very_sad i don't get it04:37
very_sadhalt_: I meant helpmeASAP <- that guy04:37
very_sadhelpmeASAP: lololol UMAD?04:37
very_sad^ there04:37
bazhangvery_sad, thats enough04:38
xangua!behelpful | very_sad04:38
ubottuvery_sad: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.04:38
urfr332gOhelpmeASAP, there is #vbox you might ask for help there as well.04:38
helpmeASAPI'm going there04:39
malkaunssacarlson, no, eg. if i use ssh -X then start VLC with a movie I want the audio to play on the machine i just ssh -X'd into04:39
designdreammalkauns: mpg123? mplayer? sox?04:39
sacarlsonmalkauns: that should be default, the sound will come out of the system that's running the app04:40
malkaunsdesigndream, anything, take vlc for example04:40
=== zaybot is now known as Vladislas
urfr332gOhelpmeASAP, good luck. :)04:40
=== Vladislas is now known as operator_warnet
acidrainok can anyone tell me why my ubuntu installation gets aborted in the odd way that the screen gets turned off while it is loading the format disk?04:41
malkaunsmalkauns, on mine, vlc says audio output failed...04:41
malkauns... the device "default" could not be used04:41
malkaunsdevice busy... etc.04:41
acidrainit appears that my computer is still trying to load the format disk, but for some reason the screen has went off04:41
acidrainand wont come back on04:41
Socket-_How do you remove a service from auto starting?04:41
sacarlsonmalkauns: you can also use the mpris api to control VLC and other media players to minimize bandwidth on the network when controling them04:42
designdreammalkauns: i think in command line vlc you need to specifiy the -waveout-audio-device={wavemapper} etc04:42
sacarlsonmalkauns: oh and VLC also has a web interface so you can use that method of control also04:43
malkaunshmm but u guys say it should play remotely by default04:43
sacarlsonmalkauns: yes that what it did in the past, did something change?04:44
malkaunsno idea04:44
sacarlsonmalkauns: VLC has like 6 different methods of control, just pick one that works for you04:45
urfr332gOSocket-_, what is the service?04:46
malkaunsah i found the problem04:46
acidrainok can anyone tell me why my ubuntu installation gets aborted in the odd way that the screen gets turned off while it is loading the format disk?04:46
malkaunsit was because i had a session open using NX server04:46
sacarlsonmalkauns: loging into yourself I assume?04:47
malkaunsonce i terminated that session it started working04:47
urfr332gOacidrain, maybe a driver issue use the alternative cd for install.04:47
urfr332gO!nomodeset acidrain a method with the live cd04:47
ubottuurfr332gO: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:47
easypiewhere is python install on ubuntu? where the site-packages live.04:48
urfr332gO!nomodeset | acidrain  a method with the live cd04:48
ubottuacidrain  a method with the live cd: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter04:48
urfr332gOacidrain, I'm assuming screen turned off may be a black screen here.04:49
maujhsnI have got all these packages in $/var/cache/apt/archives that is taking up a lot of HDD space how do you determine what packages to remove from the system to free up resources?04:54
malkaunsok next question: are there any GPU based video encoders for ubuntu/linux?04:55
trismmaujhsn: sudo apt-get clean; will remove those debs04:55
maujhsntrism Thanks04:55
maujhsntrism How do I treat the debs that I want to keep?04:56
maujhsntrism "command"04:57
trismmaujhsn: you don't really need to keep any of them, they are already installed, and if you need them again later they can be redownloaded automatically when you reinstall04:57
maujhsntrism "You are a GOD send":)04:58
acidrainmy damn internet dont even work on the ubuntu live cd lol04:58
acidrainwhy is this happening?04:58
ActionParsnipacidrain: what network chip are you using?04:59
designdreammalkauns: http://forums.nvidia.com/index.php?s=304d64fea256d8a3cb2f436310379516&showforum=68 CUDA on linux?04:59
malkaunsdesigndream, oooooo k...05:00
very_sadcuda encoding is cumbersome, just use your cpu and good x264 settings.05:00
rp-homeI'm trying to reassemble a software raid, and mdadm --assemble --scan only added 1 of the drives (I believe). Here's my fdisk output: http://pastebin.com/kXzUHGCB  . Anyone mind giving me a hand reassembling?05:01
acidrainActionParsnip: sry i got disconnected. i think my ubuntu live cd is DOSing my network connection05:01
ActionParsnipacidrain: what network chip are you using?05:02
acidrainActionParsnip: i cant access terminal from live cd?05:03
acidrainActionParsnip: hang on one moment man. im going to boot into the "try out linux"05:04
LazerathI was wondering why ubuntu live does not connecto to the interent05:05
helpmeASAPQuestions!!! Where is Debian channel???05:06
maujhsnLazerath It does connect to the internet!05:06
Lazerathok so i can ping other computers on the local net05:06
Lazerathbut not get out to the inetenret05:06
avengedeat it..05:06
acidrainActionParsnip: which of this information is my network chip?05:07
acidrainrealtek, gigabit05:07
ndkellyhelpmeASAP, #debian perhaps?05:07
LazerathI am sure... i know the netowrk is ok because the other two computers on that subnet get out05:08
acidraincan anyone help me on why my ubuntu live cd will not connect to internet?05:08
acidrainif ubuntu wont connect, what flavor of linux should i use?05:08
acidraini just want one that works05:09
ndkellyacidrain, Go to System > Administration > Hardware drivers.05:09
Lazerathone in windows server 2008 and the other one is a parted magic live cd05:09
cfhowlettacidrain   check system/adminsistration/hardware drivers05:09
acidrainndkelly: i dont have that option05:09
acidraincfhowlett: i dont have that option05:09
ndkellyacidrain, what's the version number?05:09
ndkellyOr rather, which distro.05:09
acidrainwhen i clicked on "try ubuntu without installing" it brought me to a terminal screen05:09
Canadian1296Okay everyone is dead in #ubuntu-server, so I guess I'll ask here. What's the best package to use to set up a vpn server? I want to use L2TP.05:09
acidrain11.10 i think05:09
ndkellyI can't remember what the 11.10 livecd looked like.05:10
cfhowlettacidrain   is this the alternate .iso?05:10
ndkellyIs it a wireless connection?05:10
ndkellyacidrain, You may have done a minimal install by accident.05:10
ActionParsnipacidrain: wired or wireless, and what chip is it realtek? Broadcom? etc...05:10
acidraincfhowlett: what do you mean by alternate iso?05:10
acidrainActionParsnip: wired, realtek05:10
cfhowlettacidrain   alternate iso has a text based installer and no live cd options.05:10
chelzvery_sad: what question?05:11
maujhsnLazerath Perhaps need to talk with your tech department about that issue!05:11
acidraini am trying to install 64bit live cd ubuntu 11.1005:11
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ndkellyRedownload your .iso burn it your chosen installation media, then try again. Just make sure it's the right .iso05:11
acidrainActionParsnip: how will this information you have help me?05:11
Canadian1296acidrain: But are you using the Ubuntu Desktop, Ubuntu Server, or Ubuntu Alternate iso?05:12
acidrainCanadian1296: i am using the first 64bit option here: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/download05:12
avengedquestions...  how to install metrick theme ??05:13
Canadian1296acidrain: Okay so you got the 64 bit Ubuntu Desktop iso.05:13
Canadian1296acidrain: Are you sure your computer is 64 bit?05:13
acidrainCanadian1296: yes, it says it on the box05:13
ActionParsnipacidrain: sudo lshw -C network05:13
ActionParsnipacidrain: what is the chip?05:14
ndkellyacidrain, Why do you not just use the 32bit version?05:14
chelzvery_sad: it'll use the android kernel. so it's as integrated as you can get05:14
acidrainActionParsnip: hang on. im going to boot into my actual ubuntu hdd.05:14
Canadian1296acidrain: And what exactly is the problem you're having?05:14
chelzvery_sad: but by default you only see the nonandroid stuff when you dock it05:14
ActionParsnipavenged: where is it from? What release are you using?05:15
acidrainndkelly: i tried 32bit, same problem. the ubuntu installed wont connect either05:15
acidrainCanadian1296: the problem is, eth0 is detected, but it wont connect05:16
ndkellyacidrain, Why not try installing first, then updating drivers and such to get your network running? Instead of using the livecd.05:16
very_sadSo it's fully integrated into  android as a subsystem?05:16
acidrainand eth0 is wired05:16
very_sadlike then is it going to be sysvinit?05:16
very_sadinstead of the barebones init that android uses05:16
Canadian1296acidrain: Is eth0 working on the installed version? Or faulty on both installed and live?05:16
chelzvery_sad: details like that haven't been released yet05:16
acidrainCanadian1296: on both05:16
acidrainCanadian1296: works fine on windows05:17
acidrainsame wire, same port05:17
ActionParsnipacidrain: the chip will tell us a lot05:17
Lazerathok so the firewall is not letting out that  computer05:17
acidrainActionParsnip: RTL8111/8168B PCI EXPRESSS Gigabit ethernet controller05:18
acidrainActionParsnip: is this what you mean by chip?05:18
ActionParsnipacidrain: yes :)05:18
acidrainActionParsnip: so will you tell me what exact information you are looking up and what you think the problem is so i can follow along?05:19
sparrI'm using KDE instead of Gnome. What is the binary I need to run to get to Gnome's "System -> Administration -> Additional Drivers" so that I can update my nvidia drivers?05:19
ActionParsnipacidrain: run:  echo "blacklist r8169" | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf    reboot to test05:19
ActionParsnipsparr: jockey05:19
Jordan_Usparr: jockey-kde05:20
Jordan_Usparr: Or jockey-gtk, if you really want the GNOME version.05:20
Jordan_Usparr: You're welcome.05:20
acidrainok im restarting now05:21
LazerathJordan_U: woot woot05:21
ActionParsnipacidrain: also the boot option: pci=nomsi       seems to be a thing accoring to bug 22149905:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 221499 in linux (Ubuntu) "RTL8111/8168B does not work in Hardy" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22149905:21
rohit_Hi, I have a question - I have Ubuntu 10.04 LTS installed, but I am a Comp. Sci. major and I happen to install Labview and it is not supportable with WINE, so I need to install Windows 7. Is their any way I can transfer all my data (mainly pictures,music,videos, etc...) from Ubuntu to Windows? I really need this done very urgently05:22
cfhowlettrohit dropbox05:23
ndkellyrohit_, Yes. Do you have access to an external drive?05:23
ActionParsniprohit_: use your backups05:23
rohit_is their any method w/o using a external?05:24
scutrohit_, www.fs-driver.org05:24
rohit_because i will daul boot05:24
rohit_so is it possible if i can easily just copy and paste it over to my windows 705:24
ndkellyDropbox is always an easy option05:24
ndkellyOr Box05:24
acidrainActionParsnip: damn it, now i cant boot from my other hdd. and its not listed in the boot options. it wont load my options of which device to boot from05:25
scutrohit_, or use ntfs-3g to mount ntfs partition under linux05:25
rohit_with fs-driver i can easily read linux formats and just drag and drop all the info over?05:25
ActionParsnipacidrain: lose the option then ust use the blacklist :)05:25
ActionParsniprohit_: not Ext405:26
scutrohit_, yes, dunno with the performance and not ext505:26
acidrainActionParsnip: what do you mean? i cant even access my other hdd now...05:26
rohit_I se05:26
ActionParsniprohit_: Ubuntu can read and write NTFS though05:26
rohit_Oh alright05:26
rohit_i'll try to find an external hard drive from a friend05:26
rohit_another quesiton05:26
rohit_will Linux ever have a port for Labview or Autodesk?05:26
ActionParsnipacidrain: change it in root recovery mode (hold shift at boot), or you can do it in liveCD05:27
ActionParsniprohit_: you'd have to ask the developers05:27
acidrainok i got it. seems times have changed since i last touched a comp. lol05:27
Jordan_Urohit_: The developers of Labview and Autodesk that is.05:27
rohit_thank you all!!05:27
rohit_have a great night!05:27
acidrainActionParsnip: ok, i am booted up.05:27
acidrainActionParsnip: it seems that eth0 is not being detected at all...05:27
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KabrooksOk I need some advice on installing a psone emulator on ubuntu05:28
=== Kabrooks is now known as incognegro
incognegroAnyone got any ideas?05:29
ActionParsnip!info psx05:29
ubottuPackage psx does not exist in oneiric05:29
MisakaImotuoHi. I can't seem to get things like gedit, empathy, evince, etc. to have my GTK themes applied on Ubuntu05:30
MisakaImotuoI've tried Ubuntu 11.10 and Lubuntu 11.10 so far05:30
ActionParsnipincognegro: http://www.playdeb.net/updates/ubuntu/10.10/?q=playstation05:30
MisakaImotuoThey work when I use unity or lxde05:30
MisakaImotuoBut I want to use Openbox with tint205:30
=== macmartine_ is now known as macmartine
acidrainActionParsnip: so what do you suggest now?05:31
ActionParsnipincognegro: you will need to add the playdeb repo (using the deb from the site). You will also need to dextract the ROMs from YOUR playstation to use it05:31
MisakaImotuoI have no idea why the themes stop applying to certain applications only when I'm running outside a DE05:31
incognegroOhhhh boy05:31
ActionParsnipacidrain: not sure, i'd have a search for guides and such based on the chip name05:31
incognegroThat's something05:31
acidrainActionParsnip: do you suggest i take this computer back? and buy another one?05:33
MisakaImotuoAlso I'm launching both openbox and lxde via GDM, so that rules that out05:33
ActionParsnipacidrain: for an ethernet controller, hardly05:33
acidrainwell it kinda seems like the thing to do... i mean this box is useless to me if it wont go online05:34
ActionParsnipacidrain: you can get a PCI ethernet adapter for the price of a pack of smokes...05:34
acidraina pci ethernet adapater you say...05:34
acidraini think i have 1 of those laying around. it should work?05:34
MisakaImotuoI should also note that applications like thunar, chromium (for it's GTK bits), lxappearance, etc. all work fine with my GTK theme05:34
ActionParsnipacidrain: depends on the chip, worth a try05:34
acidrainlooks like this mobo doesnt have a pci slow05:35
MisakaImotuoI'm also using the Lubuntu-Default theme, so it can't be GTK3 issues05:35
incognegroThanx actionparsnip05:36
helpmeASAPAnyone reading me??!!!!05:37
ndkellyDont ask to ask, just ask. :)05:38
helpmeASAPI thought I was invisible05:38
Canadian1296helpmeASAP: We can all wish we were… But none of us, including you, are.05:39
ndkellyhelpmeASAP, What's up?05:39
Canadian1296helpmeASAP: What do you need help with?05:39
helpmeASAPbecause no one is responding to me on another channel05:39
ActionParsniphelpmeASAP: which cbhannel?05:39
helpmeASAPmy boredom05:39
Canadian1296helpmeASAP: What's the name of the channel, and what were you asking them?05:40
ndkellyHow bored are you?05:40
helpmeASAPnot as bored as you05:40
ActionParsniphelpmeASAP: do you have a support question?05:41
ndkellyActionParsnip, I think he's just trolling.05:41
ActionParsnipMisakaImotuo: what is the output of:  lsb_release -sc   please05:41
helpmeASAPmy question is about VM but no one is answering05:41
=== mint is now known as c31r2g
helpmeASAPwait a sec, are you people here paid to answer our questions?05:42
ndkellyhelpmeASAP, No.05:43
ActionParsniphelpmeASAP: no05:43
helpmeASAPThat's good05:43
ActionParsniphelpmeASAP: how is that relevant to anything?05:43
helpmeASAPbecasue that means you are not forced to answer05:44
bazhanghelpmeASAP, chit chat in #ubuntu-offtopic NOT here05:44
aruncn1helpmeASAP: Shoot your question directly05:44
helpmeASAPI really can't get this VM to work, it can only run in LiveCD05:44
helpmeASAPWhen running in LiveCD, no update and installing software right?05:45
helpmeASAPubi-prepare failed with exit code -905:46
helpmeASAPwhen trying to install to disk05:46
helpmeASAPtold you I'm invisible05:47
ActionParsniphelpmeASAP: you can update software and install all  you want05:48
ActionParsniphelpmeASAP: you are simply limited by RAM, the changes simply will not stick if you reboot05:48
ActionParsniphelpmeASAP: try a little patience05:48
helpmeASAPI'm limited by RAM in guest or host machine? I have 1 GB RAM and set 300MB to guest machine05:49
aruncn1helpmeASAP: If you have a usb stick, you can make persistent storage too05:49
dipixhelpmeASAP: aren't you trying to install it on vmware workstation?05:49
ActionParsniphelpmeASAP: you can still add and remove apps in the live CD session05:49
toratek_nethey there05:50
ndkellyHey toratek_net05:50
helpmeASAP3 names here, giving conflicting answers. dunno which to believe....05:50
toratek_netjust wanted to let everyone know that if you are looking for a VPS provider that loves ubuntu, please check out http://toratek.net/vps-servers/05:50
ActionParsniphelpmeASAP: why not try it yourself and see. it doesn't change the installed OS so you have nothing to lose...05:51
aruncn1helpmeASAP: And once you prepare persistent  usb stick, you can boot the system with it and use it in routine way. tool is included in Ubuntu. Have a try05:51
liberali wonder if having a name like helpmeASAP gets you help ASAP.05:51
helpmeASAPActionParsnip: that's not what people in other channel told me05:51
ActionParsniphelpmeASAP: this is ubuntu support, I think we'll know a little better05:51
helpmeASAPbut some people in here told me differently yesterday05:52
cfhowletthelpmeASAP   as always YMMV05:52
Jordan_Utoratek_net: Please don't advertise any services in #ubuntu, even if they are Ubuntu related.05:52
ActionParsniphelpmeASAP: look, boot to the live CD and uninstall some apps, it will work05:52
ActionParsniphelpmeASAP: if you reboot however, the application will be right back05:52
helpmeASAPcan I update and use software I install?05:53
toratek_netJordan_U worked hard to create this thing, it's really nice:) sorry to have upset you05:53
ActionParsniphelpmeASAP: personally I always advise people update ubiquity and gparted in liveCD so that the installer and partitioner are the latest versins05:53
helpmeASAPI'm going you all are confusing me05:53
helpmeASAPEspecially when I have Down Syndrome05:54
ActionParsniphelpmeASAP: yes you can upgrade the software but your apt cache will be in your RAM as well so will take up space, you may run out if you don't have much05:54
ActionParsniphelpmeASAP: how can we tell that in a text based interface??05:54
helpmeASAPcan we connect to this server securely using SSL?05:55
ActionParsniphelpmeASAP: to what server?05:55
helpmeASAPthis one05:55
bazhanghelpmeASAP, try #freenode05:55
pangolinhelpmeASAP: yes, see #freenode for info05:55
helpmeASAPI connected to irc.ubuntu.com server05:56
bazhanghelpmeASAP, yes, that is freenode05:56
bazhanghelpmeASAP, ask about ssl in channel #freenode05:57
very_sadLOL that guy was funny though05:58
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wikyhow to install gnome3 in ubuntu11.1006:03
ActionParsnipwiky: its already installed06:04
bazhangwiky, gnome-shell ?06:04
XuMuKwiky: sudo apt-get install gnome-shell06:04
pangolin!notunity | wiky06:04
ubottuwiky: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic06:04
ActionParsnipwiky: if you are using Unity, it is a shell for Gnome 306:04
wikyok i think i know ,thanks06:04
zormithi. is there a replacement for gnome-open in unity?06:05
ActionParsnipzormit: use the docs lens at the bottom of unity, you can search your docs there06:05
acidrainActionParsnip: this computer officially does NOT have a pci slot. now what should i do?06:05
ActionParsnipacidrain: search for guides is all I can suggest, or usb. If it is a desktop PC, the PCI slots will be inside the system06:07
acidrainActionParsnip: i have a ethernet pci, and it is far from fitting the inside of this box. so i know for a fact its not a pci slot06:07
zormitActionParsnip: sorry I dont get it. I used gnome-open (with gnome2) to open files from terminal... now I search for an alternative to avoid installing libgnome206:09
ActionParsnipacidrain: gah, then find guides for the chip, or you could grab a usb thing06:09
chiyanhow to printer sharing  in ubuntu 11.0406:10
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=== Tiago is now known as TiagoJamaica
acidrainActionParsnip: i think i found a fix. an alternative driver06:12
chiyanhow to printer sharing  in ubuntu 11.0406:12
chiyanhow to printer sharing  in ubuntu 11.04 help me06:12
ActionParsnipzormit: may have to bite the bullet dude, how many extra deps (in size) is it?06:12
ActionParsnipchiyan: install samba and it should be good to go if memory serves06:13
ActionParsnipchiyan: saying "please" doesn't hurt either06:13
diuneighdoes anyone know how to setup Ubuntu 11.10 to display on a HDMI TV through the HDMI port on the computer?  The TV doesn't recognize the source.  Just a blank screen and no sound.06:14
zormitActionParsnip: ah its ok, its only 1MB. thank you06:15
ActionParsnipzormit: haha, go for it dude :)06:16
diuneighdoes anyone know how to setup Ubuntu 11.10 to display on a HDMI TV through the HDMI port on the computer?  The TV doesn't recognize the source.  Just a blank screen and no sound.06:18
cfhowlettbambanx   greetings06:20
bambanxthanks cfhowlett06:21
cfhowlettbambanx   what's your ubuntu issue?06:22
acidrainActionParsnip: http://djlab.com/2010/10/fixing-rtl8111-8168b-driver-debian-ubuntu/ this doesnt seem to work06:22
Justasicso, noobish question here, but if I remove all passwords from my server and depend on ssh keys, will the server send the ssh auth key if I don't have it on my desktop? I don't want to get locked out of my box for losing the key >.>06:23
bambanxcfhowlett for the moment i am trying to find a command for see a service hosting from a domain using console06:24
ActionParsnipJustasic: you add the client key to the server, afair06:25
mehdihey guys im confronting a bit graphical difficulties like when i open firefox its all white unless i change its size any  idea wat should be done?06:25
=== TiagoJamaica is now known as okz
hex20decHey everyone, I'm trying to search through all the files in my server for a certain string and I tackle this error message every time I do it. Some results show, and then the error comes and it stops searching. This is the error: "grep: dev/log: No such device or address" and every time it's in a different location.06:26
ActionParsnipmehdi: does it happen as a new user?06:26
mehdiActionParsnip, wat do u mean ? i install it recently and done all th updates and install nvidia too06:27
acidrainActionParsnip: i followed the instructions at that link, but it didnt seem to fix anything at all. now the ethernet is not showing up at all. what to do about this?06:28
Jordan_Uhex20dec: You need to somehow exclude /dev/ from your search.06:28
ActionParsnipmehdi: make a new user, log in as the new user, run firefox06:28
ActionParsnipacidrain: try a different guide then..06:28
hex20decJordan_U: And how do I do that?06:29
Jordan_Uhex20dec: find's '-xdev' option might be useful (xdev does not stand for exclude /dev/ btw, it's just a coincidence).06:29
mehdiActionParsnip, there is another thing while i run ubuntu or mint as live user everything works fine but when i install them it goes on nervs06:29
hex20decJordan_U: Haha, alright thanks.06:30
hex20decJordan_U: Is there an exclude option for grep?06:30
Jordan_Uhex20dec: Not that I know of. You can check the man page yourself to be sure though.06:31
ActionParsniphex20dec: add an extra pipe:   | grep -v whatever06:31
hex20decActionParsnip: What is -v?06:31
ActionParsniphex20dec: in(v)ert is how I remember it, makes the grep output things which DON'T match the string06:32
hex20decActionParsnip: This is what I typed, "grep -lir  "www-data" *" from the root dir. Now do I add another grep like you said?06:35
ActionParsniphex20dec: grep -lir www-data * | grep -v notsee            change notsee for what you don't want to see.06:36
hex20decActionParsnip: It's not really a good option since there are a lot of directories that give me that error, and I'd have to put every one of them there. Is there any other way to simply bypass these errors?06:39
ActionParsniphex20dec: could try prepending with sudo...06:40
hex20decI'm already root.06:40
* okz www.aldeiaroots.com06:43
pangolinokz: no advertising please06:43
mehdiActionParsnip, my graphic speed is slow how can i fast it?06:45
bobo37773any way to pause a process and then resume it?06:47
bobo37773from outside where is was launched I mean06:47
ShirakawasunaI'm pretty sure it is, but is it still impossible to have the global menu always show? It's the only thing I can't stand about unity.06:47
bobo37773nevermind figued it out. kill can do it06:49
ActionParsnipmehdi: tried Unity2D06:53
acidrainActionParsnip: what do i have to do to get my card interfaces to show again? when i blacklisted them like you said, it removed them06:59
acidraini unblacklisted, but they still dont show06:59
somethinginteresHi all, I'm looking for a good download manger like Internet Download Manager that allows me to sex the max server connections. Ideas?07:00
theadminsomethinginteres: jdownloader can download from multiple sources (though it doesn't autodetect mirrors), other than that I know nothing, someone else might have suggestions07:01
somethinginterestheadmin: thanks for the suggestion. Whilst I want a feature like d/l'ing from multiple sources I am most interested in multiple server connections to the one source. JDownloader may well do that too.07:02
theadminsomethinginteres: I'm not sure it does that -- I hardly use download managers at all, except torrent clients07:03
taipresfirefox has some decent ones07:03
somethinginterestheadmin: OK, thanks.07:03
somethinginterestaipres: I work with Chrome unfortunately.07:04
theadminsomethinginteres: "unfortunately"? That's good for you :P07:05
somethinginterestheadmin: good for me in many ways, yes. :)07:05
=== monk is now known as mr_piles
delinquentmeif i want to search through files for a particular string .. grep is the tool I want right?07:06
theadmindelinquentme: Correct.07:06
cfhowlettdelinquentme   yep grep07:06
bobo37773delinquentme: yeah probably07:06
=== mr_piles is now known as monk
theadmindelinquentme: grep -R -H /path/to/dir/*07:07
bobo37773theadmin: might want to throw the pattern in there somewhere07:08
=== fork is now known as Guest18390
theadminbobo37773: Oh duh lol07:09
bobo37773theadmin: hehe07:09
theadminbobo37773: grep -R -H pattern /path/to/dir/07:09
theadminbobo37773: Sorry, I'm worn out, slept for 5 hours last night -_-07:09
bobo37773theadmin: bed time07:10
theadmindelinquentme: See above07:10
theadminbobo37773: Meh morning here07:10
bobo37773theadmin: oh well be jealous then hahahaha07:10
theadminbobo37773: This is offtopic here though, if you want to continue this please pm me (I never go to #ubuntu-offtopic myself lol)07:10
bobo37773okay later everyone07:11
=== mint is now known as c31r2g
c31r2ghello guys07:12
theadminGreetings, c31r2g07:12
cfhowlettc31r2g   greetings07:13
ActionParsnipsomethinginteres: uget or fatrat or jdownloader are ok too07:13
c31r2gthx :) cfhowlett07:13
c31r2gActionParsnip but idm is still good compared to speeds07:14
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
c31r2ghi ActionParsnip :)07:14
sindileanyone with experience in using ubuntu in an internet cafe - what are your experiences, what tools are you using for internet cafe management07:15
theadminsindile: I wouldn't say Ubuntu's the best OS for that personally...07:16
c31r2gtheadmin 1?07:16
=== companion is now known as Companion
acidrainwhy cant i simply have an option that says "format this partition and install ubuntu"07:16
theadminsindile: But other than that, well, set up X, some lightweight login manager with autologin support, your favorite browser, postlogout script which'd erase ALL the data in the user's home directory and that's about it07:16
somethinginteres ActionParsnip: I tried FatRat. No option for max server cons. like IDM.07:17
theadminacidrain: You do, in advanced partitioning, mount any partition you want to /07:17
theadminc31r2g: Huh?07:17
threshhi guys07:17
acidraintheadmin: well its too late for that. i clicked the wrong button and it wont let me go back07:17
acidrainits currently formatting both of my hdd is appears07:17
c31r2gdo we hve anything like deepfreeze in ubuntu theadmin07:17
threshI want to inform that it's called "VLC media player", not "VLC player" as stated on http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/android/features-and-specs07:17
theadminc31r2g: Who is that?07:17
threshany contacts to fix?07:17
theadminthresh: webmaster@ubuntu.com07:18
c31r2gtheadmin deepfreeze to get your computer to the state when you start your pc on next reboot07:18
threshtheadmin: thanks!07:19
theadminc31r2g: Uh, I'm not so sure, but... a live session basically?07:19
llutz_c31r2g: there's ofris07:19
c31r2gthanks guys saved a lot of time07:20
llutz_hmm, ofris had a ppa, it's not in the standard repos...07:20
woozlyhow to turn on compiz by default?07:23
parapanhello everyone ? what could be wrong I have Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and the following problem: media player is not starting, also ubuntu software center is trying to load but with no result ...07:23
woozlyand how to get 'Application->System' menu in Ubuntu 11.10? :/07:24
woozlyI have install gnome-classic07:24
fidelparapan: try launching them from cli and see if there is some kinf of error-output07:25
parapanfidel : what commands should I use ?07:28
casHi, I got some problems installing Ubuntu server. I got 4 ethernet ports (2 should be KVM). Once the installer reaches the network configuration the ethernet leds stop blinking. I tried to skip it and configure eth0 to eth3 after the install but I can's seem to get it working.07:30
nanobolicanyone know how to access a encrypted folder? I have setup 11.04 with an encrypted home partition that I have used before and now I can't decrypt the data when logging in07:40
nanobolicI have checked the wiki and did the suggestions in there but my .Private folder is still encrypted07:42
afsalIn my cpuinfo, i found both lm and tm in flags. Which is my processor 64 or 32 ???07:44
hateballafsal: 6407:46
llutz_afsal: lm = longmode = 6407:46
afsalhateball: using 'arch' command i found i686. my os is 32??07:47
hateballafsal: yes07:48
kapzanybody knows where android channel is?07:49
theadminkapz: #android07:49
afsalhateball:  Any prbm 32 bit os using in 64 bit cpu???07:50
kapztheadmin: I get this message when joining ":Cannot join channel (+r) - you need to be identified with services"07:50
somethingintereswhere on earth is the edit button the Ubuntu CommunityDocumentation Wiki pages?07:50
theadminkapz: Well, you need to be identified with services... Register your nickname07:50
theadminsomethinginteres: You need to log in to see it07:50
kapzwhich server?07:50
Myrttikapz: freenode07:51
ndkellykapz, type '/msg nickserv  register PASSWORD EMAIL'07:51
ndkellyObviously replace password/email with the relative info.07:51
kapzoh ok...thanks guys :)07:51
Myrttikapz: alternatively, identify to services if you already have an account07:51
ndkellykapz, Which is '/msg nickserv identify PASSWORD'07:52
somethinginterestheadmin: Right. Thought I wasn't logged in for a sec. It's right down the very bottom of the page in plain black text. Not very noticable :)07:52
afsalhateball:  Any prbm 32 bit os using in 64 bit cpu???07:52
NitroTigeranybody uses retroshare on 11.10?07:53
Lintafsal, no07:53
Myrttiafsal: depends on your system really, if you've got more than 3.5G of RAM, you need to use the PAE kernel07:53
Lintafsal, except you're limited to 3-4GB of RAM07:53
kapzthanks ndkelly the last command did the job :)07:53
ndkellykapz, No problem.07:54
afsalLint: i have 1 GB RAM. But mu ubuntu is very slow07:54
Lintafsal, 64 bit will not help much here07:55
bahamashello. how can I find where the files of a package are installed?07:55
afsalLint: i install 32 bit ubuntu. It is very slow07:55
bahamasparticularly the scripts07:55
FlobboTronMorning from London UK! coffee time.07:55
hateballafsal: with 1GB ram you will probably lose performance going to 64-bit07:56
sobersab1eI want to CLEAR ALL evolution data from my computer.07:56
sobersab1e(personal) how can I do this ?07:56
afsalhateball: what i do07:56
ndkellysobersab1e, Open Terminal, sudo apt-get remove evolution07:56
sobersab1e(I referred to: http://live.gnome.org/Evolution/FAQ#How_can_I_transfer_all_my_Evolution_data_from_an_old_home_directory_to_a_new_home_directory.3F, and it is useless)07:57
Lintafsal, do you have proepr video driver?07:57
sobersab1endkelly: not the application.07:57
afsallint: yes07:57
rechargehi.. how do i change my appearance of my folders in 11.10?07:57
Myrttibahamas: depending on how and where you want to view that information, for example packages.ubuntu.com lists where the files are installed by default07:57
mehdiguys i use 64 bit but my grapgic is a bit slow how can i fast it?07:58
ndkellysobersab1e, Is it just to reset the program to default?07:59
sobersab1endkelly: it is to reset my personal files/data related to evolution.07:59
sathishi need help! i installed the ubuntu 11.10 in my desktop and i can't access the facebook, twitter via any browser.08:00
sobersab1e(it should be something with gconf-editor)08:00
afsalLint& hateball: In my system Celeron 64 bit processor, 1 GB RAM, 80 GB HD. I installed ubuntu 32 bit. My ubuntu is very slow....08:00
ndkellysobersab1e, Could you not just uninstall it, and then reinstall afterwards?08:00
crackerjackzthe latest version of adobe flash seems to be buggier how do i downgrade?08:00
Lintafsal, single-core?08:00
Stanley00sathish: can you be more specific? maybe your ISP has blocked it?08:00
afsallint : how find?08:01
sathishi connect the router with direct08:01
ndkellysathish, Do you get an error message?08:01
crackerjackzwhat was the last "stable" version of flash? i say "stable" in quotes because flash never really has been all that stable on linux....08:01
hateballafsal: Well current Ubuntu may be a bit heavy for your machine, especially if you have a weak graphics card too. It's off-topic, but you may want to take a look at something like Xubuntu or Lubuntu instead.08:02
Stanley00sathish: can you ping facebook.com?08:02
sathishya i hit the url facebook.com , it works fine for couple of minute and then loading too much of time08:02
bahamasMyrtti: where does it give information about the location of the files? here http://packages.ubuntu.com/oneiric/all/virtualenvwrapper/filelist?08:02
sathishFinally it says Page Not Display...08:03
sathishya i ping it... it works fine08:03
afsalhateball: Now i'm using a mix of ubuntu with side of lxde and some gnome and some xfce...08:04
crackerjackzdoes adobe have older versions of flash for linux on their website?08:04
sathishping facebook.com08:04
sathishPING facebook.com ( 56(84) bytes of data.08:04
sathish64 bytes from www-10-02-snc5.facebook.com ( icmp_req=1 ttl=244 time=250 ms08:04
sathish64 bytes from www-10-02-snc5.facebook.com ( icmp_req=2 ttl=244 time=248 ms08:04
sathish64 bytes from www-10-02-snc5.facebook.com ( icmp_req=4 ttl=244 time=240 ms08:04
FloodBot1sathish: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:04
sathish64 bytes from www-10-02-snc5.facebook.com ( icmp_req=5 ttl=244 time=251 ms08:04
AxsuulAnyone know if "config" is a valid user name?08:04
crackerjackzsanthish has very high latency08:05
llutz_Axsuul: it is08:05
Lintafsal, don't use openbox with gnome08:05
hayloanyone know how to make a command so t it will run int terminal? like say the command remastersys-installer08:05
Axsuulllutz: thanks08:05
afsalLint: lxde wit openbox08:05
Myrttibahamas: yes.08:06
Lintafsal, also check system monitor to know what bogs your system08:06
bahamashmm, I don't see the file I'm looking for in that list08:06
doda-anyone has problems with ubuntu not finding some wifi networks ?08:06
Myrttibahamas: you can also try the search package contents-thingie08:06
doda-i'm using lubuntu, and the hardware is packard bell dot s, similar to acer08:07
sathishi access via empathy is nice.. only the problem in browser access08:07
sathishlike this08:07
bahamasMyrtti: I found it. it's named differently. actually, it doesn't have the .sh extension08:07
bahamasMyrtti: thanks for your help08:07
gordon1234haylo, creat a ~/bin folder and put your scripts in it and they will run as commands as long as you have the chmod +x set08:07
Linthow to make ubuntu to "remember" my wlan0 adapter?08:07
afsalLint: Now my system is alright.Because i'm installed ubuntu with this method http://resplect.com/?q=node/2908:08
doda-Atheros Communications Inc. AR242x  this is the card08:08
Lintright now system thinks it's not in when its not connected08:08
doda-Lint how do you mean remmember ?08:08
afsalLint: But ubuntu 11.10 is slow08:08
Stanley00!pm sathish08:08
crackerjackzmaybe somethin g in santhish host file preventing him from accessing facebook via his web browser08:08
Lintto have all the settings and firewall rules be applied whenever it's in or not08:08
=== richard is now known as Guest98360
Stanley00!pm | sathish08:08
ubottusathish: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.08:08
doda-wlan0 is the wifi device, network manager remembers network names and similar08:08
Lintfirewall doesn't do anything new when this adapter arrives08:09
sathishi dont know  what should be wrong on my desktop08:10
haylogordon1234, do you put that with /etc and /sbin and all that?08:10
crackerjackzsathish, check your host file08:10
crackerjackzand tell me if you see something in there for facebook.com08:10
doda-how do i use a newer kernel with ubuntu ?08:11
gordon1234satish, you probably want to go a traceroute facebook.com and paste the results, but it should be in a comms or networking channel08:11
doda-i mean "the right way" to install08:11
sobersab1endkelly: thank you for your help.08:11
doda-some good ppa or something08:11
crackerjackzsathish, yes do not flood the channel.. paste results to http://pastebin.com08:11
crackerjackzor some other service similar to pastebin08:11
ankitbcan any suggest me "network analysis group" on IRC08:11
gordon1234sathish, you probably want to go a traceroute facebook.com and paste the results, but it should be in a comms or networking channel08:11
sobersab1eguys does somebody know the full list of gconftool keys related to evolution ?08:12
chaospsychexif I am in gnome and i press ctrl+alt+f1 what is that called? a shell? virtual console?08:12
AxsuulWhat would you guys call a user that configures or provisions the system? config? sysadmin?08:12
=== shadowh511 is now known as sh511-books
haylogordon1234, should /bin be in the home dir or can it be in the file system?08:12
gordon1234haylo, no, create a bin folder in your own home folder. Open terminal and enter mkdir bin and you are done08:12
terminhellello ello08:13
ndkellysobersab1e, Not a problem/08:13
crackerjackzsathish, run this command with out qoutes "traceroute facebook.com"08:13
chaospsychexwhat does tty stand for08:13
gordon1234haylo, keep it in your home folder, you don't really want to go messing about in system folders if you don't need to.08:13
sobersab1endkelly: what do you mean ?08:13
haylook i need it in somewhere it will stay for remastersys gordon1234    but thank you08:13
malkaunswith telnet how do u get it just to *test* port connectivity and disconnect and give me the success/fail result?08:13
sobersab1endkelly: I did not use your suggestion. uninstalling would remove system files, not user data. so, thanks for the effort, but NO, THANKS.08:14
haylogordon1234, i c its just more because i dont know what im doing- its ok its ac ontrolled system thank you :)08:14
ndkellysobersab1e, I was referring to '<sobersab1e> ndkelly: thank you for your help.'08:14
crackerjackzsathish, then paste the results in a pastebin08:14
sobersab1endkelly: ok.08:14
crackerjackzsathish, also check your hosts file08:14
gordon1234haylo, yep, I don't have much of a clue either :-)08:14
crackerjackzhaylo, what exactly are you trying to accomplish?08:16
crackerjackzhaylo, the /bin directory is for bin files08:16
crackerjackzare you familiar with the heiarchy in linux?08:17
crackerjackzfile system heiarchy*08:17
hayloi have a really cool iso made with remastersys- i need the new user to be able to execute some commands though (me) and i really need to make some bash scripts i guess08:17
crylxhi, im trying to join a ubuntu server to Windows AD with likewise-open and then install squid with AD auth. but the install complains that likewise-open is not compatible with winbind when using as a pam module. in the end authentication against AD does not work. how could i solve this issue?08:17
haylocrackerjackz, yeah i am studying linux in school08:18
crackerjackzhaylo, well chmod is what you would use to set permissions08:18
Ben64is it possible to create a user that can use rsync, but cannot log in to a terminal via ssh?08:18
hayloi just got tired of always making the same mistaked and because of it am unintentionally building my own distro08:18
KindariI have a monitor connected to a server, I want to be able to control whats on it via ssh. I was thinking best solution would probably be using screen or tmux. Would any body have other opinions? And if that is the way to go, can I configure either to drop into a screen/tmux session at startup automaticly?08:18
Ben64Kindari: control what exactly08:19
KindariI want the monitor to mirror the ssh session.08:19
Ben64oh, well then screen would work for that08:19
sathishcrackerjackz, This is my hosts file .http://paste.ubuntu.com/852370/08:19
somsipKindari: I run tmux on servers i maintain. Just setup an alias to "autossh -t tmux a" once tmux is running and that's about it08:20
hayloKindari it needs X-forwarding set and your monitor need an ip i think08:20
crylxBen64: usermod the user's shell to /bin/false08:20
mehdidoes anybody know how can i run *.pbk in linux?08:20
Ben64crylx: that will still allow rsync?08:20
crylxBen64: i think so, yes. you can try, it's a quick change08:20
sathishcrackerjackz, this is traceroute of facebook .   http://paste.ubuntu.com/852378/08:20
sstaBen64: sudo passwd -l username08:21
Ben64crylx: cool, thanks08:21
crylxBen64: no problem08:21
sstaBen64: don't set the user shell to false08:21
crylxssta: why not?08:21
Kindarisomsip: thanks.08:21
Ben64its not my user btw, gonna set up an acct on my server for raspberry pi mirror08:21
sathishgordon1234, http://paste.ubuntu.com/852378/08:21
sstacrylx: because it means the user can't do almost anything08:22
Ben64thats the point :)08:22
Ben64all it needs is a place to rsync disc images, and be accessible via http08:22
crylxssta: i expected that is what Ben64 wants08:22
hayloKindari basically ssh is a computer to computer protocol monitors are terminals that usually get data from a hdmi or vga.08:22
sstawell, try it and see I guess08:23
RmnHey, I installed 11.10 in my desktop and it won't boot. Everything seem alright until grub has to show up, then video card stops working08:23
sathishit will work whenever clear the browser and then hit the facebook.com , it will work for after couple of minute and then it say's Page Not Found08:23
crackerjackzsathish, the 12th hop completely timed out08:24
crackerjackzsathish, send me your hosts file08:25
sathishi google it . for this issue . it says disable your ipv608:25
crackerjackzsathish, it doesn't have anything to do with that08:25
crackerjackzsathish, may i have a look at your hosts file?08:25
sathishcrackerjackz, this is my hosts file http://paste.ubuntu.com/852370/08:26
crackerjackzsathish, what does nslookup facebook.com return?08:26
gordon1234sathish, I don't really understand the hop between and, but other than that, it looks ok. The last hop is Facebook08:27
crackerjackzsathish, are you behind 2 routers?08:27
crackerjackzgordon1234, but the last hop completely timed out for him08:28
sathishcrackerjackz,  this is the look of nslookup    http://paste.ubuntu.com/852382/08:29
crackerjackzsathish, how do you have your network setup?08:29
gordon1234crackerjacz, it isn't a timeout, it keeps going until the hop count on the treaceroute is reached ... try it yourself08:29
sathishcrackerjackz,  via wired connection in my office08:30
vltHello. I installed Ubuntu Oneiric, and now everytime I login my audio volume is set to 100 %, no matter what I select in lightdm's login screen. Any idea how to fix this?08:30
crackerjackzgordon1234, the astricks on hop 12 means that it timed out08:30
crackerjackzsathish, so you are at work? are you sure they don't have facebook blocked?08:30
sathishi have dual OS in my system, but i access via windows 7 nice08:31
sathishcrackerjackz,  ya not blocked because my colleagues access fine in windows 708:32
crackerjackzsathish, this is just a guess but try adding this to your hosts file08:34
crackerjackz69.171.229.11 facebook.com08:34
she-rai tried to make a network shared folder with samba, but when I try to connect to it from windows xp it doesnt show up?08:34
she-rai see the computer, but not the share08:35
crackerjackzshe-ra, i'm not familiar on how to access linux shares from a windows machine but maybe ubottu can help with !samba08:35
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.08:36
sathishcrackerjackz, Still i have a same problem08:38
she-rawhat does sudo chown nobody.nogroup /srv/samba/share/ do?08:38
she-rathis guide says to do it but it doesnt say why or what it does https://help.ubuntu.com/11.04/serverguide/C/samba-fileserver.html08:39
sweb1any program to change truetype fonts meta data in ubuntu ?08:39
she-rai get that its giving ownership to nobody.nogroup but what does that do08:39
she-raie: is it safe to do08:39
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)08:39
sina_guys, I've got a git question, what does "@{1}" mean in "git diff @{1}" ?08:39
c31r2gsina_ hey you here08:40
crackerjackzsathish, ask in #networking08:40
gordon1234sathish, when you logon to Windows, are you part of a Domain controller. When you logon to Ubuntu, do you logon to the same domain?08:40
she-rait is helpful to have links to the complete manual for samba, but yeah, anybody else know how I can get my share to show up in windows?08:41
Kartagissina_: ask in #git or #bash08:41
crackerjackzi can't remember the exact command i am trying to search every mounted partition for a file called libflashplayer.so   i tried find -f / libflashplayer.so but it says unknown predicate -f.. i can't remember the exact command08:41
sathishgordon1234, i cant understand what is the meaning same domain08:42
crackerjackzmaybe something like...08:43
crackerjackzfind / -name libflashplayer.so08:43
gordon1234sathish, in a work environment, groups of PCs are usually part of a Domain. This make managing the PCs a lot easier, but it is also where central policies are kept regarding Internet access etc.08:43
mansoorAnyone know why my graphics card sucks on linux when it rocks on widnows? and how to fix it? Ihave an NVidia gtx 250 and I have restricted drivers enabled and installed but for a WebGl  application on windows i get 60 FPS on linux I get 20 if I'm lucky :((08:43
gordon1234sathish, In Windows 7, if you look until Computer Properties, it will tell you if you are part of a domain or part of a workgroup.08:44
GhrimSo I'm using xubuntu with firefox nightly. I can deal with how windows scrolls (instantly, but not smooth), and I like how mac scrolls (smoothly, but with no delay), but I just can't handle how xubuntu scrolls (smoothly, but still to the same fixed distances of windows, and it does this by just slowly moving to whatever you would have scrolled to on windows). Is there any way I can make it scroll how macs do, or failing that, how window08:47
theadminGhrim: It's a Firefox problem -- go to settings, it has an option of "Enable smooth window scrolling" there. That bugs out sometimes, try unchecking it08:51
neil_dtype to use pxe to network boot a copy of ubuntu 11.10 ... but the boot stops :( ... the client says "Scanning disk for index files.." ... then I get a line "Please provide a name for this Disc, such as 'Debian 5.0.3 DIsk 1': ... what could be wrong?08:51
theadminGhrim: Unfortunately I can't tell you where exactly that is, since I haven't used Firefox for ages :(08:51
Ghrimah thanks, found it, much better :)08:52
=== iqpi|off is now known as iqpi|on
swebany program to change truetype fonts meta data in ubuntu ?08:53
theadminGhrim: GLaD you fixed it :D08:53
gordon1234neil_d, are you using a laptop? If so, are you using the hard-wired network port?08:54
teerexHi, Im having trouble trying to make aliases. When I add them to bash.rc it doesnt do a thing08:59
Kartagisteerex: do you source afterwards?09:00
Nicekiwiall my sound just stopped working09:00
=== p1l0t is now known as Guest6395
Kartagisteerex: source bash.rc09:00
teerexoh alright09:00
teerexone sec09:00
=== liu_ is now known as MartinDK
MartinDKsource .bashrc09:01
connoisseurhey guys i get poor sound quality even after installing the restricted extras.. pls help.09:01
Nicekiwiall my sound just stopped working, HELP!?09:02
Kartagiswhat vpn server is compatible with ubuntu's native vpn client?09:02
BoomerBileif i want to run java applications on a headless web server which package should i install?09:02
KartagisBoomerBile: jre09:02
teerexAh, that worked! Thanks a lot man09:03
fors|2русские есть?09:04
BoomerBileKartagis, default-jre-headless?09:04
llutz_teerex: the file usually is named .bashrc , if you really named it bash.rc, you'll have to source it from .bashrc to get it read on startup09:04
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DJones!ru | fors|209:04
ubottufors|2: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.09:04
KartagisBoomerBile: oh, I failed to read it completely. no idea man09:04
MartinDK......what hell is it .All men are talking in a same channel, how to figure out the topics09:05
fors|2DJones: там сообщения не отсылаются, кажется09:05
theadminMartinDK: When two people are having some sane conversation inside the room, they just address each other by name09:05
fors|2DJones: 17:05:28] Не могу отослать данные на канал09:06
DJonesfors|2: Sorry, I don't speak russian09:06
theadminfors|2: Нужно зарегестрировать ник (/msg nickserv register ПАРОЛЬ E-MAIL)09:06
theadminDJones: (s)he's having trouble joining the channel09:06
neil_dgordon1234: yes I am using a laptop, and its wired port.09:06
neil_dgordon1234: I don't think that pxe will work with anything else.09:07
hahaha_Hi,i hava a problem,how can i distinguish files from different users in MLDonkey?09:09
hahaha_all downloaded files mixed in one folder*_*09:10
hahaha_Does anyone meet the problem?09:12
ZeusCoolHi, is linux command line scripts written in perl, phyton or something else?09:16
llutz_ZeusCool: whatever you like, mostly those are shellscripts (posix/bash)09:17
hateballZeusCool: Usually shell-scripts are in bash, or perl09:17
ZeusCoolThanks llutz and hateball09:17
ZeusCoolbash is new for me, perl I've heared about it09:17
RawProducefor the record, tasksel sucks and needs to be killed09:18
ZeusCoolif the logic is similar to php, I should be fine09:18
llutz_ZeusCool: bash is the defaul user-shell on most linux distros09:18
fairuzHi, can I add a command that needs sudo at startup?09:18
llutz_ZeusCool: i doubt you will find lots of php-similarities in bash-syntax...09:19
ZeusCoolmy point was that i've created a script that has most of it's parts repeatable and i wanted to create an array and a for loop instead of copy/paste a lot of times09:19
* ndkelly is away: Away09:19
llutz_!away | ndkelly09:19
ubottundkelly: Please do not use noisy away messages and nicks in Ubuntu channels. It is annoying and unnecessary. Use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently. See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»09:19
ZeusCooland in order to do that, i have to know the language syntaxt that i will look for :)09:19
ZeusCoolthanks again !!09:19
RawProducefairuz: add "[your user] ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL" to /etc/sudoers09:20
llutz_http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashFAQ ZeusCool09:20
RawProduceyou'll be able to use sudo without a password prompt09:20
llutz_fairuz: add it to /etc/rc.local09:20
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vega-my oneiric install suddenly wants to remove a bunch of :i386 packages, is this ok? it is a 64bit install09:21
vega-just wondering why now..09:21
llutz_RawProduce:pls do not advise this here. if one really needs sudo without password, limit the commands to those the user really needs to run adn don't use ALL09:21
fairuzRawProduce: yea but i just need it for that particular command09:21
fairuznot all09:21
fairuzthanks llutz09:21
RawProduceit's not like most people run an SSH server on their machines09:22
RawProduceI don't see what the problem is09:22
llutz_RawProduce: ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL            is a potential security issue09:23
RawProduceagain, for a desktop PC in someone's home, meh09:24
llutz_RawProduce: keep permissions as restricted as possible09:24
llutz_RawProduce: wherever you are09:24
RawProduceon a production machine, sure09:24
llutz_RawProduce: wherever you are09:24
RawProducetinfoil is cheap these days, huh?09:24
llutz_RawProduce: do what you want on isolated machines in a lab, not on anything connected the any net09:25
soreauAs it turns out, there are a lot of people that run ssh servers on their machines09:25
linociscois there any imagebin? most sites are banned in office network09:25
onasisneed some advice on setting up ubuntu audio side, as i got crackley flakey audio09:25
llutz_machines don't need ssh to be attacked09:25
RawProducethey do need the user to execute something funny though09:26
onasisis ubuntu any good on the audio side, as it appears not to be very easy for the user on the audio side09:26
llutz_home-user, clicking everthing they find ("eyh, i'm on my local desktop")09:26
RawProducemost home users will only be installing packages from the official repo09:27
llutz_RawProduce: you haven't been reading here for more than a few minutes, have you09:28
RawProduceI agree in theory, but in practise, the risk is negligible09:28
tntAnyone knows where to look for installer failure ? (I got a shell during the install but can't find where the installer would log stuff ...)09:30
RawProducetnt: might be on the other virtual terminals? try ctrl-alt-f[1-9]09:31
EriksLVhello! :]09:31
EriksLVany ready-to-install packages for httpd 2.4.1 ?09:33
tntRawProduce: ah yes indeed ... how could I have missed it.09:33
vega-EriksLV: apache?09:33
ServerSageEriksLV: Do you mean Apache?09:33
llutz_!info apache209:34
ubottuapache2 (source: apache2): Apache HTTP Server metapackage. In component main, is optional. Version 2.2.20-1ubuntu1.2 (oneiric), package size 1 kB, installed size 36 kB09:34
llutz_EriksLV: you'll have to look for a ppa  or build yourself09:34
=== fireball is now known as fireball001
RawProduceI have a git repo owned by whoever:git with drwxrwsr-x permissions on the objects directory, yet whenever a commit is made, the setgid flag seems to be ignored and the written files/dirs end up with drwxr-sr-x permissions - what am I missing?09:36
fireball001I wanna know how to change the login window in ubuntu natty, I already know how to change the background, I wanna change the login window completely!09:37
vega-my oneiric install suddenly wants to remove a bunch of :i386 packages, is this ok? it is a 64bit install. Just wondering why this happens now suddenly..09:37
vega-(ie. suggests apt-get autoremove)09:37
ServerSagevega-: Perhaps packages that have been moved to 64bit?  What are the packages?09:38
geirhaRawProduce: The setgid bit on a directory only affects the ownership of files created within, not the permission bits.09:38
llutz_RawProduce: use ACLs or try to change umask. default umask = 002209:38
geirhaRawProduce: You'll either have to enable acl and set some default acls on the dir, or just make sure your umask is set to 000209:38
RawProducewhat's acls?09:39
llutz_RawProduce: man setfacl, man getfacl09:39
RawProduceah, access control list09:39
vega-ServerSage: http://pastebin.com/9FFsVAsN09:39
RawProducethanks, I'll take a look at that09:39
geirhaRawProduce: access control lists. Gives you more fine grained control of file permissions.09:39
NyLesi received a prompt that ubuntu will run in low graphics mode?09:40
vega-ServerSage: there seem to be duplicates of all those.. ie. both i386 and amd6409:40
vega-ServerSage: i'm just suspicious why this happens now.. as this system has been running for almost 6monts now09:40
ServerSagevega-: I don't know why some of those would even be installed as 64 bit versions have been around for a while.09:40
fireball001I wanna know how to change the login window in ubuntu natty, I already know how to change the background, I want to  change the login window completely, any guesses?09:41
bmonkjvega-, I can only imagine that you have had some 32bit version of a program installed that had these as dependencies09:41
vega-bmonkj: could be yes, i'd guess it's safe to run autoremove..09:41
bmonkjvega-, I would assume so09:42
NyLesi'm having black screen please help..09:43
sathishHi, i  installed Ubuntu 11.10 in my office desktop, i can't access any social website like facebook,twitter...09:44
ServerSagesathish: Do you mean you open a browser and can't browse anywhere?09:44
bmonkjNyLes, have you tried pressing ctrl+alt+f1?09:44
sathishServerSage, ya09:45
NyLesbmonkj: yeah but still black screen no text at all..09:45
ServerSagesathish: Is the network up?09:45
vltHello. I installed Ubuntu Oneiric, and now everytime I login my audio volume is set to 100 %, no matter what I select in lightdm's login screen. Any idea how to fix this?09:45
=== stephenh is now known as stressederic
sathishServerSage, it works fine in Empathy chat and terminal using command ping09:45
NyLesbmonkj: the monitpor will somewhat blink after presseng ctrl+alt+f1 but still black..09:46
llutz_sathish: can you access any other websites?09:46
ServerSagesathish: Does your browser work for other sites?  I assume you are using firefox.09:46
=== stressederic is now known as stephenh
bmonkjNyLes, hard to say what is up with that, what has happend before this?09:46
sathishServerSage, yes only some websites only i cant access09:46
sathishlike facebook ....09:47
llutz_sathish: ask you admin about filtering or proxy settings09:47
NyLesbmonkj: im trying to install my video card..09:47
fireball001can somone assist me in changing my gdm theme?09:47
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=== tvoss|afk is now known as tvoss
narok401my name narok09:48
ServerSagesathish: What llutz suggests is also my next guess.  :)09:48
narok401i wron security09:48
vlt!ask | narok40109:48
ubottunarok401: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience09:48
sathishin my office me only using linux system, so that admin said your side only a problem.09:48
narok401i speek thai09:49
fidelnarok401: no need to introduce yourself - we do see your name already. feel free to directly start qith your question09:49
sathishbecause no proxy in my office.09:49
ServerSagesathish: Are they filtering sites?09:49
bmonkjNyLes, Im not really sure what you can do then, boot from a live cd, but if you can go back to the old conf I dont know09:50
sathishbut my colleagues access in windows and i also access via windows in my desktop09:51
ServerSagesathish: Are you able to ping these sites from a terminal?  "ping facebook.com"09:51
narok401ping google.com09:51
spitziGood day. I ran a VNC server on my home PC. When I connect to it remotely or locally, the VNC client shows this almost empty environment -- http://tinyurl.com/86he6ho . Right-clicking the "Desktop" there doesn't bring up any menu. Maybe this has to do with some X-server stuff, of which I know very little. Any advice on how I can get a normal-looking Desktop ?09:51
llutz_sathish: if that only happens to some social-media sites, its most likely not an ubuntu-issue09:51
sathishonly ubuntu will have problem like that , ya i will ping .09:51
spitziSorry, got disconnected.09:52
ServerSagesathish: If that is what you think you must be new to computers.09:52
spitziBTW, my home PC runs Ubuntu 11.1009:53
sathishServerSage, i google it for this issue, it says Clear ur browser and disable IPV609:53
vltspitzi: You have to run a desktop environment like gnome-session in your Xvnc screen first.09:54
ServerSagesathish: Did it ping?09:54
spitzivlt: before I invoke an instance of the vncserver or after ?09:54
sathishi did it, then hit the facebook.com, it will work for couple of minutes Finally it said Page Can't Be Load09:55
vltspitzi: After. You see the terminal? Try to run gnome-session there.09:55
spitzivlt: "Error: could not acquire name of session bus."09:55
ServerSagesathish: Sounds like a DNS problem to me.09:55
=== MrAwesome is now known as dat789
sathishServerSage, k what should need to do...09:56
fuhewkfwhere should i post questions about 12.04?09:56
llutz_sathish: "wget http://www.facebook.com"   does it download the index.html(php)?09:57
ikoniafuhewkf: the channel #ubuntu+109:57
Atlantic777I've installed some lenses, they were packed in a deb. How to restart dash or unity to see them? Or should they be in the dash automatically?09:58
fuhewkfikonia: thanks09:58
ServerSagesathish: Did you try what llutz suggested?09:59
linociscowhich tool I might need to convert from DVD videos to mp3 files?10:00
ServerSagesathish: Do you know if your browser has a proxy setup?10:00
sathishya it download the index page10:00
sathishNo i set a NO PROXY10:01
llutz_sathish: what browser did you try to use?10:01
ServerSagesathish: I realize your office does not have a proxy, that doesn't mean your browser doesn't have one set up.10:01
sathishthe same issue in all of the browser like firefox chromium etc10:01
NyLeswhat is the difference of using "nv" driver with "nvidia" driver in terms of performance?10:04
fireball001sathish have u installed a firewall?10:04
sathishsorry i didn't understand10:04
fireball001have u installed a firewall sathish?10:05
sathishya i disable the firewall using sudo ufw diable10:05
fireball001from where are u?10:05
utente_che possa aiutarmi a risolvere un problema audio10:05
fireball001from where are u sathish?10:05
Myrtti!it | utente_10:05
ubottuutente_: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)10:05
fireball001know HINDI sathish?10:06
sathishNo Only English , tamil10:06
sathishfireball001, ya i disable the firewall using this command sudo ufw disable10:07
NyLeswhat is the difference of using "nv" driver with "nvidia" driver in terms of performance?10:07
jmoerkNyLes: if you mean 3d performance the nvidia driver is much better10:07
NyLesjmoerk: oh thanks..10:08
sathishfireball001,what should be missing in my side10:09
test1hi 2 all10:09
test1any plz suggest me centralize IDS system for ubuntu10:10
Name141Is there a way to get the Gnome2/Old look back in 11.10 ?10:10
jattthere is no way10:11
jattinstall xfce10:11
jattis the nearest thing to do10:11
Name141xubuntu-desktop /10:11
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic10:11
theadminName141: You can install gnome-fallback, it looks like gnome2 but the behaviour is somewhat different10:11
crizzynot much10:11
crizzyexcept you gotta hold alt when right-clicking on applets on panel10:11
ubottuXubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels10:11
spitzivlt: ok, got it, had to chmod 755 my /etc/.xinitrc10:12
Name141theadmin: how would I select it during user login?10:13
theadminName141: It'd be listed as "gnome-fallback"10:13
theadminName141: Err, "Gnome Fallback", rather10:13
Name141apt-get install gnome-fallback claims there is no package named that10:14
Name141sudo apt-get install gnome-session-fallback10:16
compdocName141, I think I used sudo apt-get install gnome-shell10:16
compdocName141, but it seems to break some small things10:17
Name141compdoc: I was just going by http://www.liberiangeek.net/2011/08/return-to-ubuntu-classic-desktop-in-ubuntu-11-10/10:17
kalimojohow do i find out what version of gnome im running ?10:17
spitziThanks, bye.10:18
Wiz_KeeDwhat version of eclipse is in the ubuntu repository?10:18
=== reCAPTCHA is now known as slugzzz
llutz_!info eclipse  | Wiz_KeeD10:19
ubottuWiz_KeeD: eclipse (source: eclipse): Extensible Tool Platform and Java IDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.7.0-0ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 16 kB, installed size 128 kB10:19
kalimojohow do i find out what version of gnome im running ?10:19
Wiz_KeeDso the version i get using apt-get is 3.7.0??10:19
mgaunardkalimojo: read the about gnome panel10:20
Name141theadmin: I'm wondering if they (ubuntu) will further (en)force Unity later ?10:20
Name141later = next release10:20
llutz_kalimojo: alt-f2 "gnome-about"10:20
NyLesdoes opening Home usually takes about 3-5 seconds?10:21
kalimojollutz_ i tried alt-f2 . there was no "gnome-about" option10:21
NyLesdoes opening Home folder usually takes about 3-5 seconds?10:21
Wiz_KeeDllutz, so if i do apt-get install eclipse i get version 3.7.0?10:22
Wiz_KeeDubuntu 10.4 that is10:22
llutz_!info eclipse  natty10:22
ubottueclipse (source: eclipse): Extensible Tool Platform and Java IDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.5.2-8ubuntu3 (natty), package size 18 kB, installed size 120 kB10:22
llutz_Wiz_KeeD: 3.5.2 you get10:22
Wiz_KeeDi wanted 3.7.010:22
Wiz_KeeDthat can only be done with manual installation which i allmost failed10:23
crizzy!info eclipse oneiric10:23
ubottueclipse (source: eclipse): Extensible Tool Platform and Java IDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.7.0-0ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 16 kB, installed size 128 kB10:23
crizzythere's your 3.7 :)10:23
Wiz_KeeDwhat's that?10:23
Ben64I want to enable rsync while simultaneously disabling ssh login, how can I?10:23
crizzyoneiric = 11.1010:23
llutz_crizzy: hes on Natty10:23
Wiz_KeeDi have 10.410:23
Wiz_KeeDi did do apt-get update and upgrade10:23
crizzy10.04 you mean?10:23
Wiz_KeeDif that makes any difference10:23
crizzythat's not natty10:23
Wiz_KeeDyes crizzy10:24
compdocBen64, those arent much related10:24
crizzy!info eclipse presice10:24
ubottu'presice' is not a valid distribution: hardy, hardy-backports, hardy-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, maverick, maverick-backports, maverick-proposed, medibuntu, natty, natty-backports, natty-proposed, oneiric, oneiric-backports, oneiric-proposed, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, stable, testing, unstable10:24
Ben64compdoc: how are they not10:24
crizzy!info eclipse precise10:24
ubottueclipse (source: eclipse): Extensible Tool Platform and Java IDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.7.1-1 (precise), package size 16 kB, installed size 120 kB (Only available for any all)10:24
llutz_!info eclipse  lucid10:24
ubottueclipse (source: eclipse): Extensible Tool Platform and Java IDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.5.2-2ubuntu4.3 (lucid), package size 45 kB, installed size 124 kB10:24
Wiz_KeeDhow do i find out so i can tell you guys10:24
llutz_lucid it is, but still 3.5.210:24
crizzyWiz_KeeD: well, if you wait a little you can update 10.04 straight to 12.0410:24
Wiz_KeeDthe exact distro version etc10:24
testlinux /msg NickServ identify connected10:24
llutz_Wiz_KeeD: lsb_release -sc10:25
crizzyWiz_KeeD: or, start updating to 11.10.. but that's a long route10:25
DJonestestlinux: Time for a new password10:25
Wiz_KeeDno way i'm moving from 10.4, been there hated it and had loads of problems10:25
Wiz_KeeDE: Could not get lock /var/cache/apt/archives/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)10:25
compdocBen64, each is a service. an rsync service requires some setup, as does ssh. but one does not require the other to be running10:25
Wiz_KeeDE: Unable to lock the download directory10:25
Ben64compdoc: rsync uses ssh10:26
Wiz_KeeDthat's what happens when i do apt-get install eclipse10:26
llutz_Wiz_KeeD: use sudo10:26
Wiz_KeeDi did use sudo10:27
llutz_Wiz_KeeD: any other packagemanager open10:27
Wiz_KeeDshould i reboot or logout/login?10:27
testlinuxhi 2 all10:28
testlinuxany one suggest me for centralise IDS system10:28
ikoniatestlinux: tripwire and snort10:29
testlinuxikonia: ya but snort is not centralise. It for one network only10:30
ikoniatestlinux: it's for any network that that node is connected to10:30
=== gaura980 is now known as clown
P0baileytestlinux, http://www.openinfosecfoundation.org/index.php/downloads take a look to suricata10:31
ikoniatestlinux: you can also have multiple nodes on different networks reporting to a central snort node10:31
Wiz_KeeDand what would installing eclipse on ubuntu using a tar version from here http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/ ?10:31
Wiz_KeeDwhat would that imply?10:31
testlinuxikonia: It is for IDS not IPS10:31
=== clown is now known as JokerInDisquise
=== JokerInDisquise is now known as JokerInDisguise
ikoniatestlinux: that's why I said tripwire & snort10:31
compdocBen64, funny, but I use rsync all the time and never knew it used ssh. I do use it without passwords, if thats what your original question asked10:32
testlinuxikonia: ok tripwire is used as IPS10:32
ikoniatestlinux: no, its an IDS10:32
Ben64compdoc: nah, i just want to enable rsync but not let someone ssh in, i tried setting the user's shell to /bin/false but that breaks rsync10:32
testlinuxikonia: But I want IPS. preventions also10:33
ikoniatestlinux: it can be used as an IPS too, depending on how you configure it10:33
ikoniatestlinux: couple it with snort and you'll have a very well covered setup10:33
=== fireball is now known as Guest40413
lnghi! why mysqlnd is not default driver for php?10:36
lngon Ubuntu10:36
NyLeshelp me, i have no sound :D the icon for sound is just "-----"10:40
NyLeshelp me, i have no sound :D the icon for sound is just "-----"10:41
capcookprobably right click and activate10:41
chidhi, I recently resumed from a hibernate but accidentally rebooted, how can I resume from the hibernate file again?10:41
NyLeshelp me, i have no sound :D the icon for sound is just "-----"10:45
RawProduceare there any known issues with the permissions of /tmp (no write for group or others) being modified when installing package X in 11.10?10:45
RawProduceI've had this problem twice now10:45
llutz_RawProduce: can you reproduce what package causes this?10:46
___MAXHi , i make folder in my home directory dpkg-repack and i give the following command in the terminal sudo fakeroot -u dpkg-repack ' dpkg --get-selections | grep install | cut f1' error came up  apkg-repack:package dpkg --get-selections ....   .   not installed10:46
RawProducetrying to do so now, I suspect it's tasksel when installing lamp10:46
llutz_RawProduce: write a bugreport then10:47
Atlantic777Does anyone use lens-video and scope-video for searching youtube from the dash?10:47
wendicoHello, i wish to watch TV in my Ubuntu with a DVB-T usb stick. Is it posible? how?10:47
RawProducellutz_: will do after I confirm what's causing it10:47
___MAX>Hi , i make folder in my home directory dpkg-repack and i give the following command in the terminal sudo fakeroot -u dpkg-repack ' dpkg --get-selections | grep install | cut f1' error came up apkg-repack:package dpkg --get-selections .... . not installed10:48
___MAXi am trying to backup all installed package10:48
llutz_RawProduce: there had been some guys having this problem, but none could tell what they did before...10:48
Guest3502hello, i have installed ubuntu + bumblebee how can I switch to my integrated intel video card ?10:48
Wiz_KeeDhow do i install the latest version of eclipse on ubuntu 10.04?10:49
samba35 /msg nickserv identify oracletoindia!!710:50
Myrttisamba35: time to change password10:50
vltsamba35: You should change your password ASAP.10:50
Atlantic777wendico: xawtv maybe?10:50
samba35do u have any idea how10:50
=== nyan-cat is now known as nyuszika7h
wendicoAtlantic777: trying right away, ill post you my feedback10:50
llutz_samba35: /msg nickserv help set10:51
RawProducewhoops, it was my fault10:51
Guest3502hello, i have installed ubuntu + bumblebee how can I switch to my integrated intel video card ?  my laptop is running out of battery help please;)10:51
RawProducedidn't realise that setting a+rwxs on /tmp would cause xorg to fail to start10:51
llutz_RawProduce: layer-8-bug10:52
RawProducelayer-8 = human?10:52
Atlantic777Guest3502: it's hybrid graphics? Maybe you can turn it on/off in the BIOS...10:52
FiLgrhello... does anyone use netbeans in ubuntu? i would like to know if its ok to activate the 'netbeans' option in Plugins->Settings.10:53
Guest3502Atlantic777, not sure i got a Asus n55sf laptop ( but i haven't see any option to turn on/off the video)10:53
dsadasdI want to ask how to connect using TOR anyone here can tell me where I can ask somone?10:54
samba35how do i .php page10:54
fireball_can someone suggest me how to change the entire login window? I use natty. I already downloaded 2 themes from gnome-look but I cant figure out how to apply them.10:54
Atlantic777dsadasd: take a look at http://torproject.com10:54
Atlantic777dsadasd: you probably need tor, and privoxy10:55
Nuithello. How can I disable a malfunctioning Shift key that is always "being pressed" because of a bad electronic connection? I have tried to used xkeycaps but it gives an error while trying to disable the key. Thanks.10:55
Atlantic777Nuit: mabybe xmodmap10:56
jattbuy a new keyboard10:56
Atlantic777+1 ^ :D10:56
RawProduceoh weird, there were two problems - the first was my "fix" and the second was this command, executed from /tmp:  "sudo dpkg -x php5-sqlite_5.3.5-1ubuntu7.7_i386.deb ./"10:58
RawProducethat command changes the permissions of /tmp10:58
RawProduceI don't understand why that is10:58
jatta bug in the installation script10:59
RawProducedoesn't dpkg -x just extract?10:59
ShveloHello, can i uninstall modules from system?11:00
Shveloi have a wireless card and i have installed b43 driver which doesn't work for me, i'm using ndiswrapper now but b43 loads on boot and conflicts with ndiswrapper11:01
Shveloi have to run modprobe -r b43 ssb ndisswrapper && modprobe ndiswrapper11:01
Shveloevery time manually11:02
RawProducedpkg -x does it with other packages too11:02
RawProducesurely this is a bug?11:02
Nuitjatt and Atlantic777  : I already have a USB keyboard attached, but the "internal" keyb keeps pushing "Shift"11:03
NuitAtlantic777, how can I use xmodmap to disable the Shift key?11:04
Dr_willisdisable it for just one keyboard?11:04
Atlantic777Nuit: I'm not sure... maybe you can map it to some null value.11:04
NyLeshelp me, i have no sound :D the icon for sound is just "-----"11:05
Atlantic777NyLes: can you post the output of: aplay -l11:05
NyLesAtlantic777 invalild option?11:06
NyLeshelp me, i have no sound :D the icon for sound is just "-----"11:06
NyLessubthalamus: hi..11:07
RawProduceah, it is indeed a bug - http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=50249611:07
ubottuDebian bug 502496 in dpkg "warn of permissions damage extracting just to "/tmp"" [Wishlist,Fixed]11:07
zenondpkg or sudo dpkg -l <packagename>11:07
zenondpkg --list11:08
NyLessubthalamus: hi..11:09
NyLeshelp me, i have no sound :D the icon for sound is just "-----"11:09
NyLesaplay -l results with no soundcards found11:09
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crypto_rebelis there anyone who can help me?11:11
fireball_how can I set any background in nautilus backgrounds and emblems? I know it uses png file , but I cannot figure out what should be their resolution! I use natty.11:11
Nuithello. How can I disable a malfunctioning Shift key that is always "being pressed" because of a bad electronic connection? I have tried to used xkeycaps but it gives an error while trying to disable the key. Thanks.11:11
kapzhi all! I recently updated ubuntu 11.10 and now the unity global menu is always visible on my gnome-shell desktop, how do i remove it? I have uninstalled unity, unity2d and global menu from system, yet the menu bar is shown on desktop.11:13
fireball_how can I set any background in nautilus backgrounds and emblems? I know it uses png file , but I cannot figure out what should be their resolution! I use natty.11:13
wendicoAtlantic777: i installed XawTV but i can only watch my webcam. I rightclicked and tried to change the input options but only my camera appears to be detected. How can i get my dvb-t hardware to work?11:14
=== fireball_ is now known as fireball101
mongywendico, try me-tv11:15
wendicomongy: trying right away11:15
mongywendico, also, what hardware do you have?11:15
HJE841Running Ubuntu 11.04 with Ubuntu Classic desktop. I've noticed a short popup of a process in the taskbar at the bottom of my screen. it just shows up for half a second and then disappears again. Any suggestions on how to determine what it is?11:16
wendicomongy: Genius TVGo DVB-T02PRO usb stick11:16
Dr_willisfireball101,  id just make one thats the max res of your desktop.11:17
duelleHJE841, Does this popup show up randomly or on special occasions?11:18
fireball101Dr_willis it does not work the bottom part of the wallpaper will not appear at all wait let me show you the screenshot11:18
NyLeshelp me, i have no sound :D the icon for sound is just "-----"11:19
NyLesaplay -l results with no soundcards found11:19
HJE841duelle, it has happen on random occassions for the past hour or so11:19
wendicono working either, at least by default, i need a reboot, i will be back in minutes to try to solve the problem11:19
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duelleHJE841, You could open the system monitor and look for sth unusual .. You couldn't read anything of that popups content?11:20
gast2rootdoes ubuntu-tweak work for ocelot?11:20
Dr_willisgast2root,  theres versions for ocelot - or should be in testing check its homepage.11:21
HJE841duelle, it's just the indicator of a live GTK-app showing at the bottom of my screen along with empathy and chrome. no window showing11:21
fireball101this is how I get after I have dragged the wallpaper to nautilus[everything is normal till now] http://imagebin.org/20017411:21
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fireball101this is how I get after I have dragged the wallpaper to nautilus[everything is normal till now] http://imagebin.org/200174 Dr_willis11:22
R1ckheya. I have installed pure-ftpd and have a user with system quota. but while uploading the user is allowed to exceed that quota. How do I prevent that from happening?11:23
fireball101Dr_willis, and this is what I get after I exit nautilus and then get back in http://imagebin.org/20017511:24
fireball101Dr_willis the wallpaper gets tiled!11:24
duelleHJE841, I'm not sure whether something like that is logged anywhere .. perhaps you could try to let "top" run for a while and look whether some entry "jumps up" for a moment11:25
wendicoHello, Me-TV is also not detecting my hardware. How can i make sure my hardware is working under my ubuntu? i have a genius dvb-t receiver11:25
NyLesmy soundcard is not installed automatically please help..11:26
mongywendico, can you pastebin the output of dmesg when you plug it in11:26
NyLessoundcard is Intel Corporation 828041BA/BAM AC'97 Audio Controller11:26
HJE841duelle, I'll do that. I'll let you know if it happens again11:26
Anomie21My boss has set up a time capsule on a network drive, whenever I try and copy something onto it from ubuntu I get some weird error and the drive disconnects - is this a known issue?11:28
xslcan i pass the option noplymouth to the kernel, so it disables plymouth from loading scripts and splash screens?11:29
wendicomongy: http://pastebin.com/71z75QPi11:29
Fudgehas killall chagned in later versions of ubuntu?11:29
grippitcan anybody help me with some distro advice?11:30
mongywendico, is there anything in additional drivers for it?11:30
duellegrippit, What do you need then? What are your requirements?11:31
mongywendico, I was expecting a list of card id's for the philips saa7130 driver, a lot of hardware uses it.11:31
mosdef100200Hi there I have thunderbird on linux and i would like to migrate to a new server is there anyway or anyone know of a smooth back up system way thy can think of?11:32
t432I cant the Bcm driver in "Additional Drivers"...11:32
fireball_Hi, I am having some problems with background and emblems option in nautilus[ I use natty], when i select a pattern and drag to the folder everything looks good but when I exit the folder and get back in, it gets tiled for no reason, here are some images for assistance http://imagebin.org/200174 [normal]  http://imagebin.org/200175[not so normal]11:32
=== lma0 is now known as xt3mp0r
wendicomongy: do you mean System/Administration/Hardware Drivers ? there are no propietary drivers in use and none to be used.11:32
duellemosdef100200, What do you mean with migrate to a new server? As you might know thunderbird is a mail client and not a server.11:33
grippitI have latest Ubuntu installed - want Pinguy distro - will it simply install over it.11:33
t432I've installed the "b43-fwcutter" and  "firmware-b43-installer" according to manaual the driver should be visible in "Addtional Drivers" after installing these packages but its not there11:33
mosdef100200Oh yes i know that11:34
duellegrippit, Why do you want to install it "over" the ubuntu install instead of a fresh install?11:34
mosdef100200Yes thats what i would like to do11:34
mosdef100200but as soon as i connect to my new server it will wipe all my old emails and sent mails11:34
mosdef100200was wondering if anyone knew of a solution11:35
somethinginterestrying to assign keyboard shortcuts. Doesn't seem to work at all. If I try to use <super> + anything - the Unity sidebar just opens. Ideas?11:35
xsli'm trying to disable plymouth and removing "quiet splash" from grub does not help11:35
fireball_Hi, I am having some problems with background and emblems option in nautilus[ I use natty], when i select a pattern and drag to the folder everything looks good but when I exit the folder and get back in, it gets tiled for no reason, here are some images for assistance http://imagebin.org/200174 [normal]  http://imagebin.org/200175[not so normal]11:36
duellemosdef100200, I'm not sure whether I got you right. What data do you want to back up? If you want to connect to multiple servers you can set up multiple accounts in Thunderbird11:36
mosdef100200Oh really so i could set up another account with a diff server?11:36
mosdef100200thats an idea11:36
mosdef100200What i am afraid of is many times i have moved to a new server all my email gets refreshed or wiped as soon as it has a new server11:37
mosdef100200Maybe im not explianing myself well11:37
wendicoany help on how to watch tv on my ubuntu?    dsmeg=http://pastebin.com/a0MYs8gv11:38
rahwai have external hard disck with 500 GB but i coudn't write to it  just iam using FAT32 format  is there any body who can assist me?11:38
mosdef100200and its the inbox sent mails i would like to stay intact whilst i move to a new server but still with the same email address11:38
mongywendico, having trouble finding any info.  Could you try sudo modprobe dvb-usb-m920x for me11:38
wendicomongy: sure11:38
mongywendico, then dmesg again11:39
duellemosdef100200, Ah ok,  you set up a new server with the same mail address and want to switch to that new server? did i get you right?11:39
mosdef100200thats right!11:39
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fireball_Hi, I am having some problems with background and emblems option in nautilus[ I use natty], when i select a pattern and drag to the folder everything looks good but when I exit the folder and get back in, it gets tiled for no reason, here are some images for assistance http://imagebin.org/200174 [normal]  http://imagebin.org/200175[not so normal]11:39
mosdef100200but when i do this it wipes out all the old mail11:40
wendicomongy: [ 1144.268489] usbcore: registered new interface driver dvb_usb_m920x11:40
duellemosdef100200, Is it a POP3 or IMAP server?11:40
rahwai have external hard disck with 500 GB but i coudn't write to it  INPUT/OUTPUT error just iam using FAT32 format  is there any body who can assist me?11:41
mongywendico, try me-tv  again11:41
mosdef100200under my settings it is imap mail server11:42
wendicomongy: Me-Tv "there are no digital turner devices available" and XawTV only detects my webcam.11:42
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».11:43
duelleOkay... so the mails are stored on the server and not within the client. You should find a way to backup the mails from your server and transfer them to the new one.11:43
mosdef100200Oh i see11:43
fireball_what is the role of a bot ubottu?11:43
mosdef100200any ideas?11:44
mongywendico, sudo modprobe dvb_usb dvb_core11:44
mongywendico, after that can you pastebin lsusb -v11:44
duellemosdef100200, tbh i didn't really set up a complete mail server myself :( But for that kind of problem the irc of the mail server would probably the best place to ask for.11:45
mosdef100200cheers bud!11:45
MonkeyDustfireball_  OT: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_Relay_Chat_bot11:45
Ndsred /msg ubottu !alis11:46
duellemosdef100200, Sorry that i can't help you any more. But good luck!11:47
wendicomongy: "cant read device status, operation not permited"11:47
fireball_and what is the floodbot? is it any different from ubottu?11:48
mosdef100200Duelle thanks so much for the help!11:48
dr_willisauto kicks spammers11:48
fireball_Hi dr_willis11:49
wendicomongy: http://pastebin.com/52eBhDp711:49
fireball_dr_willis  I am having some problems with background and emblems option in nautilus[ I use natty], when i select a pattern and drag to the folder everything looks good but when I exit the folder and get back in, it gets tiled for no reason, here are some images for assistance http://imagebin.org/200174 [normal]  http://imagebin.org/200175[not so normal]11:49
stephans_has anyone here heard of the venus project?11:49
duellemosdef100200, If you find a solution for that problem i would be happy to get to know it ;)11:49
mosdef100200sure Ok if i do ill get back11:50
duellethanks :)11:50
mongywendico, :(   I'm all out of ideas then, sorry.  If it's any help I use Hauppauge Nova-T 500 usb stick works 100%.  Not the solution you hoped I know11:50
dr_willisfireball_:  i never use the feature. or i just use a small tile.11:50
MonkeyDustfireball_  you may find an option for that in gconf-editor, under applications11:51
wendicomongy: thank you very much for your help anyways. i got no money to buy a new one, this was a gift :)11:51
fireball_then maybe I should use the default one dr_willis and any idea how to change the gdm login window?11:51
wendicoi may try some more if not i will have to boot other os to watch tv :(11:51
Wiz_KeeDcan anyone give me advice on installing eclipse properly in ubuntu 10.04?11:51
Wiz_KeeDso i can have it under the applications -> programming and stuff?11:52
dr_willisfireball_:  change in what way. gdm is not used in 11.10+ by default11:52
LjLWiz_KeeD: "sudo apt-get install eclipse" doesn't work?11:52
wendicomongy: need the changes we made to be undone or just repluging the device will do?11:52
dr_willis!info eclipse11:52
ubottueclipse (source: eclipse): Extensible Tool Platform and Java IDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.7.0-0ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 16 kB, installed size 128 kB11:52
mongywendico, sudo modprobe -r dvb_usb dvb_core dvb_usb_m920x11:53
MonkeyDust"The Eclipse Platform allows tool builders to independently develop tools that integrate with other people's tools so seamlessly you can't tell where one tool ends and another starts."11:53
HJE841is eclipse only 128kB??11:53
mongywendico, a reboot will do the same. :)11:53
fireball_I need to change the gdm login window appearance [maybe transparent or even change it entirely] I use natty dr_willis I can change the background but not the login window11:53
ZeusCoolanyone can help me with wrapping a string in another with bash: from "this string with text" to "*********** this string with text "***********" ?11:53
wendicomongy: ty11:53
LjLZeusCool: escape the internal quotes, by using \", or use ' for the external ones. #bash can probably help better.11:54
ZeusCoolLjL thanks11:54
dr_willisfireball_:  you can do some tricks to run the gnome settings tool as the gdm user and tweak the theme settigs. webupd8 blog site had guides at one time on this11:55
fireball_dr_willis does  it work on natty or lucid?11:55
dr_willisfireball_:  it works with gdm...11:56
Wiz_KeeDLjL, that gets the 3.5 version11:56
Wiz_KeeDthere's a 3.7.1 version on the eclipse site11:56
wendicomongy: oh no, this is my usb stick http://linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/Genius_TVGo_DVB-T02PRO   should i take this info as truthfull and dont try anymore?11:57
LjLWiz_KeeD: well that's the proper way to install software. of course it may not always be the latest, is there a reason you need the latest? if so, consider upgrading from Lucid.11:57
dr_willisfind a ppa for the newer version Wiz_KeeD11:57
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Wiz_KeeDwhat's a ppa?11:57
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa11:57
parapanhi there fellows > I have a problem with my VPN connection from ubuntu to a windows server > I can connect using VPN but not able to browse the internal network11:57
fireball_will try it later dr_willis thanks for the suggestion another thing, I use bluetooth apn and am currently on monthly gsm plan, incase I switch operators then how can I change the access point name[apn] to access internet over the bluetooth DUN?11:58
mongywendico, I looked at that, hmm, an old kernel but then again, you have proof it's not working in newer kernel :(11:58
MonkeyDustWiz_KeeD  oneiric has 3.7.0 in the repos11:58
Wiz_KeeDi have 10.0411:58
Wiz_KeeDidk which version it has in it's repository11:58
Wiz_KeeDhow can i check?11:59
MonkeyDustWiz_KeeD  apt-cache policy11:59
LjLWiz_KeeD: you just said it was 3.5?11:59
LjL!info eclipse lucid11:59
mongywendico, a long shot but you could try 12.04 alpha live session11:59
ubottueclipse (source: eclipse): Extensible Tool Platform and Java IDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.5.2-2ubuntu4.3 (lucid), package size 45 kB, installed size 124 kB11:59
dr_willisfireball_: ??11:59
fireball_will try it later dr_willis thanks for the suggestion another thing, I use bluetooth apn and am currently on monthly gsm plan, incase I switch operators then how can I change the access point name[apn] to access internet over the bluetooth DUN?12:00
dr_willisno idea.12:00
wendicomongy: uff, no thanks, im on lts12:00
parapanhi there fellows > I have a problem with my VPN connection from ubuntu to a windows server > I can connect using VPN but not able to browse the internal network12:00
fireball_Is someone using bluetooth dial up currently in this channel? need assistance....12:00
mongywendico, oh.. I thought you were on 11.1012:01
mongywendico, I'm just saying, you can try 11.10 or 12.04 in 'Live' mode just to test it.12:01
fireball_Is someone using bluetooth dial up currently in this channel? need assistance....12:01
fireball_Is someone using bluetooth dial up networking  currently in this channel? need assistance....12:02
ljsoftnetwhats the code for conky, for cpu and graphics card info?12:02
wendicomongy: sure, for the knowledge of the group, let me boot a usb live 11.1012:02
somethinginteresWhat is the "Keyboard" settings app package name?12:02
mintmanljsoftnet:  just look it up its not hard to learn the conky code its easy12:03
dr_willisconky can print output from external apps also12:03
parapanhi there fellows > I have a problem with my VPN connection from ubuntu to a windows server > I can connect using VPN but not able to browse the internal network12:03
wendicomongy: its booting on another computer, i will install me-tv and let you know if works in a few minutes12:04
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epicaptitude versions shows there are a newer version of a package, i can upgrade it using apt-get install package=newerversion, but why doesnt "apt-get upgrade"(or full-upgrade)  upgrade it?12:05
dr_willisepic:  done a sudo apt-get update recently?12:06
jribepic: check apt-cache policy12:06
epicdr_willis: yeah, jrib: ok :)12:06
wendicomongy: i need a reboot, ill be back12:06
dr_willisor a sudo apt-get dist-upgrade12:06
mintmanljsoftnet: find website that list the whole conky code for the displayed conky page?  I would start at crunchbang forums they use conky alot12:06
ljsoftnetmintman whats the terminal code for graphics card info12:07
epicjrib: what am i looking for?12:07
dr_willisive seen some conky gererator programs also that had neat features12:07
jribepic: pastebin the output12:07
mintmanljsoftnet: hold on its been about 6 months since I ran up archlinux and conky give me a minute12:08
ljsoftnetmintman ok12:08
epicjrib: the packages im trying to ugprade to come from this repo: http://pastebin.com/bYV8dJVx12:08
MonkeyDustljsoftnet  very basic: lscpi|grep Display12:08
mintmanljsoftnet: u want to no how to change the page display12:08
dr_willisive have had issues with conky and  gnome shell/unity  so i dont use it much anymore12:08
jribepic: run: apt-cache policy PACKAGENAME12:09
epicjrib: the whole policy:  http://pastebin.com/xAHpKEX812:09
kitabiihi all12:09
kitabiihi all12:09
epicjrib: for example: http://pastebin.com/Ut4RfBw312:09
Wiz_KeeDLjL, yes i did12:10
epicI want it to upgrade to the one at the top :)12:10
Wiz_KeeDwhat does apt-cache policy do?12:10
jribepic: check your /etc/apt/preferences*12:10
epicjrib: does the priority/policy have something to do with the numbers listed next to the repos? (1001 / 500)?12:11
Wiz_KeeD3.5.2 it is12:11
jribepic: yes12:11
Ub_Masterhello all12:11
alessandro97hi !12:11
kitabiihow r u ?12:11
epicjrib: i have one file in that directory: http://pastebin.com/t0NgQC8512:11
epicso that file sets that repo higher than anything else12:12
epici guess12:12
jribepic: correct12:12
epicI can take it from here, thanks jrib  :)12:12
kk23which is Better MiB or cylinder when create partiotion?? i got a problem with disk start : ( cylinders, heads, sectors ) expected (1023,254,63) found (1023,0,1) in this case i used MiB and i thought to change to cylinder12:13
bc81hey there.  is there some way to highlight keywords when reading a program's manual from the terminal?12:14
kk23i use windows with linux12:14
mintmanljsoftnet: I remember now !  U must download and us editor to read the code that is displayed.  In emacs or gedit12:14
jribbc81: when you search for a word with /word it will highlight12:14
ljsoftnethow do i "cat" a single processor12:14
ljsoftnethow do i "cat" a single processor, if i "cat /proc/cpuinfo" i get three results of the three cores i have, i just need 112:15
darklajidA question of process: If there's an outdated (well, arguably) package in 11.10 - what's the way forward?12:15
wendicomongy: i installed me-tv on live 11 but is not posible to find it on the menu haha12:15
jrib!latest | darklajid12:16
ubottudarklajid: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.12:16
jribdarklajid: check out those 3 factoids at the end there (you can /msg ubottu !factoid)12:16
mongywendico, top left ubuntu icon or hit super key, type me-tv12:16
bc81jrib:  thanks you, exactly what i was looking for :)!12:17
darklajidThanks. Well, couldn't find a ppa for that stuff so far, didn't know the rest12:17
wendicomongy: i did but it does not show, oh, my computer freezz lol12:17
MonkeyDustljsoftnet  try sudo dmidecode -t 412:17
jribdarklajid: what package?12:17
wendicomaybe my usb stick is to old :)12:17
darklajidjrib: libpam-google-authenticator12:17
jribbc81: you can navigate search hits with n (next) and N (previous) as well12:17
wendicoi reboot and install me-tv again hehe12:17
darklajidWhich already seems to be a mere source snapshot according to the version number. And an old one.12:18
mongywendico, good deals on ebay :)  sorry it's not working for you.12:18
bc81jrib: again, thanks!  i tried ctrl+g and f3, and was just about to ask that.  you read minds?  ;)12:18
jribbc81: very handy :)  The default pager is "less", so you might want to browse its man page to learn about what else you can do12:19
wendicomongy: i just got another stick! but it aint working either :( this is an avermedia avertv volar green hd12:19
bc81just now looking @  man man12:19
bc81i never thought to use man man...ahh the wonders of linux12:19
mongywendico,  this is why I researched and not bought random hardware :)12:19
jribbc81: man man  mostly talks about how man pages are organized iirc, try man less too when you get bored12:20
bc81ok, will do12:20
darklajidAh well.. Guess sru and backports couldn't care less about that package.. ;-)12:20
jribdarklajid: probably not...12:20
wendicomongy: no hehe, i havent bought it either. just brought me my girlfriend, its used12:20
jribdarklajid: what's your argument as to why its outdated?12:20
ljsoftnethow do i "cat" a single processor, if i "cat /proc/cpuinfo" i get three results of the three cores i have, i just need 112:21
wendicomongy: sure if i buy i look at tested hardware :)12:21
jribljsoftnet: stop printing at the first blank line?12:21
darklajidjrib: Several features that make it usable at all in my (not too uncommon) scenario seem to be missing (i.e. were only added 4 month ago, the package is from 04/2011)12:21
ljsoftnetjrib how?12:22
mongywendico, give 11.10 another go.12:22
jribljsoftnet: I don't know offhand12:22
wendicojust booted12:22
wendicoim installing12:22
=== mint is now known as c31r2g
jribljsoftnet: why do you need to?  Why can't you just look at the beginning of the file?12:23
silv3r_m00nhow to open the appearance preference box from terminal ?12:23
ljsoftnetjrib i wanted to put the name of the cpu in conky12:23
jribdarklajid: you could try talking with the maintainer, see what's going on in debian; then depending on how involved you want to get, file a bug, package it yourself12:23
sallyHello everyone.  I just downloaded Linux.  I am a total novice.12:24
jribljsoftnet: well if you only had the information for the first core how would you then get the name?12:24
darklajidThe maintainer unfortunately is rather opaque.. Ubuntu Developers <ubuntu-devel-discuss@lists.ubuntu.com>12:24
jribdarklajid: there should be some field like X-Orig-Maintainer or something like that12:24
ljsoftnetjrib grep12:24
darklajidFiling a bug is not a problem. Learning to package myself is kind of scary.. :)12:24
jribljsoftnet: so why not use grep on the whole thing?  And have grep return only 1 result?12:25
ljsoftnetjrib how do i use grep to use only processor 0?12:25
tarelerulzHave any of you tried  DLNA  server on Ubunut?12:25
jribljsoftnet: see --max-count in « man grep »12:25
ljsoftnetjrib ok12:26
jribljsoftnet: see if #ubuntu-motu (and maybe #ubuntu-packaging) have better advice12:26
jribljsoftnet: you can at least package it yourself, whether or not you can get it into the repos I am not sure (really depends on what the issues with the current package are).  You can always put it in your own ppa.  And packaging should not be difficult since there is already a package for an earlier version12:27
tarelerulzWhat is the whole Ubuntu for android?12:27
bazhangyou can get more info at http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/android/features-and-specs tarelerulz12:28
wendicomongy: its is installed on live but no way to find it in the menu, another way to run the app?12:29
jribljsoftnet: ignore my comments about packaging... wrong nick12:29
wendicomongy: maybe my menu is laggy12:29
jribdarklajid: see if #ubuntu-motu (and maybe #ubuntu-packaging) have better advice12:29
=== doorxp_ is now known as doorxp
jribdarklajid: you can at least package it yourself, whether or not you can get it into the repos I am not sure (really depends on what the issues with the current package are).  You can always put it in your own ppa.  And packaging should not be difficult since there is already a package for an earlier version12:29
mongywendico, it should be there, just start typing 'me' in the dash.12:30
wendicoi did, tiped many diferent ways but it is not there, but synaptic shows as installed12:30
ljsoftnetjrib got it thanks man12:30
mongywendico, run from terminal then.12:30
wendicowhats the command?12:31
tarelerulzI read that link  . I don't understand what this is "HDMI: video out with secondary frame buffer device"  That you need video out on your phone ?12:31
mongywendico, me-tv        ?12:31
bazhangtarelerulz, try #ubuntu-phone12:31
silv3r_m00nhow to open the appearance settings from terminal ?12:32
otavio_how to reinstall ubuntu ?12:32
MonkeyDustotavio_  what have you done and tried before you came here?12:33
wendicomongy: again frozen graphics12:33
mongywendico, ctrl alt f1?12:34
otavio_my ubuntu has a error12:34
otavio_i had to reinstall it12:34
MonkeyDustotavio_  what kind of error?12:35
otavio_"i have"12:35
wendicomongy: not working either, keyboard out just mouse hehe12:35
otavio_i can not tipe the root password12:35
otavio_and i lost mt system password12:35
KentrelAnyway to force Nautilus to always open folders in a new tab, and never a new window?12:35
wendicomongy: let me boot it in this laptop, just to give it one more try and i try booth tv turners, ill be online as soon as it boots12:35
mongywendico, drop to terminal if you like, just need to see what dmesg outputs when you plug it in12:36
darklajidTrying to package myself from debcheckout now.. Surely a totally sane idea for a pam module..12:36
otavio_my friend told me to tipy it12:37
otavio_ kill -9 -112:37
otavio_and after it i can not loging with my password12:37
otavio_ kill -9 -1 what is this comand for ?12:37
rahwai ahve  an external hard disck when iam trying to format it says Error formatting volume  Error creating file system: helper exited with exit code 1: helper failed with: mkfs.vfat: failed whilst writing FAT  mkfs.vfat 3.0.9 (31 Jan 2010) help me please?12:38
otavio_do you know to solve it :12:38
BenderHello, can you help me installing ubuntu 11.10 in a computer that boots only ubuntu 8.04? It's a good computer but maybe there's a mobo that is not supported so well. I can't understand where the process stops.12:39
MonkeyDustotavio_  "kill -9 -1 Kill all processes you can kill."12:39
otavio_i did it12:39
otavio_and my password is not working anymore12:40
otavio_any one know why ?12:41
MonkeyDustotavio_  try the command passwd12:41
otavio_on root ?12:42
MonkeyDustguess not12:42
redim using rdesktop but my Ä and Ö keys generate the following input: ÄA, ÖO12:42
otavio_i'm' on my work12:42
redthe remote machine is set to use Finnish layout, so is my Ubuntu12:42
truexfan81i have a xfce package question, the guys in #xfce told me to ask it here12:42
otavio_be rigth back12:42
red(im rdesktoppign to Win 7)12:42
c31r2gred go black12:42
RobinJtruexfan81: .... just ask the question then12:43
truexfan81i used the alexx2000 ppa to update to xfce 4.8 on mint 9...12:43
redrdesktop tells me that: WARNING: No translation for (keysym 0xfe57, dead_diaeresis)12:43
truexfan81which is based on lucid, everything is good except the xfdesktop4 package is missing12:43
bazhang!mintsupport | truexfan8112:43
ubottutruexfan81: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org12:43
mongytruexfan81, try #mint12:43
truexfan81so without that i have no xfce menu12:43
RobinJCan anyone enlighten me a bit? What is Ubuntu TV? Is it a system that you can simply install on your laptop to stream television from the internet; Is it something that has to come preinstalled on a SmartTV (which I've never seen yet in my country); Is it something that you can install on a computer with a TV tuner; ...?12:44
mongyugh, or #linuxmint  :oops12:44
otavio_the comand passwd ?12:44
superlinuxproHello, Im typing to make a short "video" clip with lotsof drawpixel calls for an mp3 player I've got that his a small display where the pixels or on or off.  My .c file is FULL of drawpixel() functions (100 frames * dozens of drawpixels per frame. the .c file itself it 2 megabytes.)  when I type "make" from the build folder, it says "out of memory allocating 547340640 bytes after a total of 496640000 bytes".  Please tell me how to 12:44
c31r2g!debiansupport | bazhang12:44
bazhang!ubuntutv | RobinJ12:44
ubottuRobinJ: Ubuntu TV is a strategy to bring the Ubuntu platform to TVs. Discussion happens in #ubuntu-tv and on the ubuntu-tv launchpad mailing list. Find out more at http://ubuntu.com/tv12:44
otavio_whwre  i have to tipe it ?12:44
RobinJLinux Mint's IRC channel is on Spotchat IRC12:44
bazhangc31r2g, dont do that12:44
c31r2goops #12:44
RobinJsigh xd12:45
c31r2ghi bazhang12:45
wendicolive11mongy: http://pastebin.com/4MS2e8NQ12:45
MonkeyDustotavio_  you typed the command kill -9 -- instead, type the command passwd12:45
MikeHdoes /tmp have a maximum filesize?12:45
c31r2gnice bot ha always pm,who programmed it?12:45
wendicolive11mongy: http://pastebin.com/4MS2e8NQ12:46
otavio_ok MonkeyDust12:46
otavio_I'm working now , but when i get home i 'illdo it12:46
mongywendicolive11, ok.  and is it me-tv that is making your desktop freeze?12:46
wendicolive11mongy: it looks like, now im working correctly, i havent installed me-tv yet12:47
wendicolive11mongy im trying now12:47
=== root is now known as Guest82016
mongywendicolive11, try just installing dvb-apps if me-tv is the culprit12:48
=== doorxp_ is now known as doorxp
RobinJbazhang: there's no'one responding in #ubuntu-tv12:51
bazhangRobinJ, patience then; it's a very new thing as well so knowledge is limited12:51
RobinJubuntu's website isn't very informative either12:52
ikoniaRobinJ: it is a TV/setup box setup in a TV chassis12:52
ikoniaRobinJ: it's quite clear on the website, content and content providers are not known at this time as they have not been announced12:52
RobinJikonia: hmm12:53
wendicolive11mongy: me-tv runs from terminal but still no hardware detected12:54
mongywendicolive11,  ah well, sorry man12:55
redOk now I got my scandinavian input to work in rdesktop with -k fi-FI.. BUT, once I do that, my arrows don't work12:55
mongywendicolive11, try a sudo apt-get update and look in hardware drivers again12:55
RedViperI am trying to reinstall my computer with Linux Mint off a flash. I have Mint on my flash all ready to go but I'm having trouble trying to figure out how to get my computer to boot of my usb?12:56
red..except from the keypad12:56
c31r2gRedViper use your bios setting boot priority12:56
bc81question:  how can i add the 'proper' shutting down of transmission when i close the laptop lid (before computer suspends)?12:57
RedViperc31r2g: Ok please give me a minute while I try12:57
wendicolive11mongy: no luck, neither with the Genius nor with the AVerMedia12:58
mongywendicolive11,   sorry bud.  ebay the next stop I guess :)12:58
wendicolive11mongy: i wish, i have no money yet. i will dualboot while i get another hardware for my ubuntu12:59
wendicolive11mongy: i will try to sell mine two to get a new one :) good idea13:00
kevnEnter text here...can someone help me with an integration question please?13:02
bc81hmm..maybe i should reword the question:  how can i add the termination of a program or unmounting of a drive, before the computer suspends (upon closing laptop's lid)?13:03
bc81ubuntu 10.10 (if that matters)13:04
c31r2gwell no idea here so wait :)13:04
RedViperc31r2g: I checked the bios setting boot priority and it's cd-dvd rom, usb etc. So thats ok, however when I put the flash in and reboot it does not boot into the usb. So I rebooted and went into the boot menu and selected the usb to boot into. But it's giving me this error - vesamenu.c32: not a com32r image and under that it has boot: ?13:07
BenderCan I have a little help installing ubuntu 11.10 on a PC? I've managed to boot by selecting all the options at boot. But now i see the mouse pointer as a squared 1x1 inc graphical error.13:08
c31r2gRedViper: well how did you put the distro in usb13:08
c31r2gRedViper: well how did you put the distro in usb13:10
* ThomasBoxley is away: never getting rid of this away message13:10
RedViperWell to be honest im not sure. My cousin has just reinstalled his machine with Mint and he told me to boot of the usb the same way one would do with a cd.13:11
c31r2gRedViper:  use unetbootin to get it done on a pendrive or pendrive can help too13:11
bazhang!away > ThomasBoxley13:11
ubottuThomasBoxley, please see my private message13:11
RedViperSorry? I'm not with you13:11
RedViperc31r2g:Sorry? I'm not with you13:12
c31r2gRedViper:  use unetbootin to get it done on a pendrive or pendrive can help too13:12
c31r2gRedViper:  your os?13:12
RedViperc31r2g: How?13:12
c31r2gRedViper:  your os?13:12
redWhen make my own foo.desktop and drag that to Unity, I can click the icon fine, but it creates a new icon into unity, instead of showing my shortcut hilighted13:13
redhow I can fix this?13:13
c31r2goperating system now13:13
RedViperc31r2g: I have Ubuntu 10.10 and windows 7 installed13:14
c31r2gok RedViper  in win 7 use unetbootin to put ubuntu in usb correctly and then restart the pc and the same procedure for booting13:15
ljsoftnetwhy does umplayer doesn't play youtube videos13:15
c31r2gRedViper: unetbootin is a software google it13:15
beautifuldisastei am runninng an ubuntu ltsp, in ubuntu 10.04 LTS13:15
c31r2g.flv not supported ljsoftnet13:16
beautifuldisastei can boot some of my thin clients, however others dont boot13:16
=== Adys_ is now known as Adys
beautifuldisastethey fail to bring up the login screen13:16
c31r2gbeautifuldisaste: well some config problem maybe13:16
RedViperc31r2g: When I am in ubuntu and I open up the Usb and click on the mint .exe it opens and tells me to reboot. Does that help abit?13:16
c31r2gbeautifuldisaste: well some config problem maybe13:16
c31r2gbeautifuldisaste: well some config problem maybe13:16
c31r2gRedViper: follow my instruction up there and ubuntu cant run .exe13:17
bastidrazorc31r2g: RedViper with 'wine' ubuntu is able to execute .exe files13:18
RedViperc31r2g: It was with wine.13:18
c31r2gRedViper: it will help but not sure sorry,try with win 7 100% guarantee13:19
c31r2gbastidrazor: oops sorry didnt account for that13:19
busconhi, I need to set an environment variable that can be used by a user, who is not part of the system13:20
buscona user of a webservice13:20
charnelhas anyone can make the hdmi port work in a Hybrid Graphic card ? I tried every possible solution and my lap top is Sony Vaio VGN-Z520N13:20
busconhow/where should I set this global variable ?13:20
bastidrazorRedViper: if you're using mint you should ask in a mint channel.13:20
RedViperc31r2g: Is there some way I could send you a screen shot of the contents of the usb the maybe you will understand me better?13:21
charnelExcept from the kernel hack. I did not liked that solution because only available kernel is 2.613:21
Oercharnel, you mean Optimus ?13:21
charnelOer: Yes13:21
beautifuldisastei get the this error:  (process:251):GLib - warning **:getpwuid_r():failed due to unknown user id (0)13:21
c31r2gRedViper: press prtscr button on keyboard and then right click on my name in right side and click sen file13:22
Oercharnel take a look @ Bubmblebee > https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bumblebee13:22
c31r2gRedViper: after opening the ubs 1st13:22
charnelI have it installed right now/ And it cannot find the second graphic card (Nvidia )13:22
charnelRemoved all the drivers and installed as described. But still cannot use NVidia which has the HDMI attached13:23
Oercharnel, there is also a #bumblebee channel, those guys are uptodate.13:23
kalimojoanyone know of a good chat server/channel ?13:23
charnelOer: Thanks.13:23
ikoniakalimojo: for what topic ?13:23
c31r2ghi ikonia13:23
kalimojoikonia : just general chat13:23
bazhangRedViper, is this mint?13:24
ikoniakalimojo: #defocus13:24
beautifuldisaste@kalimojo i need that too13:24
kalimojoikonia; #defocus  wont let me post :(13:24
ikonia!register | kalimojo13:24
ubottukalimojo: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode13:24
t432i can see the b34 module in lsmod output - why is it not appearing on "additional drivers"?13:25
somsipCan I expect any problems with 11.10 and a 87-key 'tenkeyless' keyboard. Only every used 104-key but it seems prudent to ask...13:26
dksainihow i can set my startup sound13:26
beautifuldisasteI am running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS , i have installed ltsp server, i can boot some client but others wont boot. those which dont boot just hang before the first graphical screen and  i get the this error:  (process:251):GLib - warning **:getpwuid_r():failed due to unknown user id (0)13:27
jribsomsip: I don't see why (I use a tenkeyless keyboard albeit not with unity)13:27
NyLessystem requirements for ubuntu 11.10?13:27
somsipjrib: no unity here either. TVM13:27
RedViperc31r2g: Excuse my stupidity, I have pressed prtscr and save the screen shot on my desktop. When I right click your name it wont allow me to send file?13:27
bazhang!requirements | NyLes13:27
ubottuNyLes: Hardware requirements to install, boot and comfortably use Ubuntu are listed at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements - For a !flavor with lower requirements, see !Xubuntu or !Lubuntu13:27
bazhangRedViper, is this mint?13:27
NyLesbazhang: thanks is there a list of commands here for bot?13:28
c31r2gRedViper: see the tab down13:28
bazhangNyLes, /msg ubottu factoids13:28
NyLesbazhang: thanks again ^^13:28
cusco_hello folks13:29
c31r2gc31r2g, /msg ubottu factoids13:29
* kalimojo help13:29
bazhangkalimojo, with what13:29
c31r2gnothing came up13:29
RedViperc31r2g: After I have pressed prtscr, yes.13:29
gionnicomy laptop shutdown for low battery i rebooted, did ext2 check and everything seemed fine. no errors and lost+found is empty13:29
kalimojobazhang : using #defocus13:29
gionnicobut i've got loads of "-bash: setenv: command not found" messages13:29
t432Somebody comment!13:29
c31r2gsave the image on desktop RedViper13:30
bazhangkalimojo, read the topic and wait for voice13:30
kalimojobazhang : what topic ?13:30
bazhangkalimojo, you need to join the channel first, which you have not done13:30
RedViperc31r2g: Yes I have done that, what next?13:30
bazhangkalimojo, /join #defocus13:30
c31r2gthen right click on my name and then send file option RedViper13:31
kalimojobazhang :  have joined it now13:31
ahfeel_Hi :)13:31
kalimojobazhang ; i have joined but i still cant send :~(13:32
ahfeel_Anyone aware of issues with Ubuntu 11.04 and ghostscript ?13:32
c31r2gwelll Redviper accept it13:32
RedViperc31r2g: Ok I have right clicked on your name and it won't give me the option to send file. As in I can't click it?13:32
MonkeyDust!anyone| ahfeel_13:32
ubottuahfeel_: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.13:32
maronehello, does anyone know how i can a multi-channel 7.1 soundcard with ALSA in a way that i have multiple stereo outputs instead?13:32
c31r2gwell Redviper join #linuxmint-help in spotchat and see13:33
cusco_for some reason installing grub in the mbr is nbot working13:33
cusco_grub-install works13:34
cusco_but the Phoenix bios still boots windows boot loader13:34
cusco_I have all the partitions13:34
beautifuldisaste I am running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS , i have installed ltsp server, i can boot some client but others wont boot. those which dont boot just hang before the first graphical screen and  i get the this error:  (process:251):GLib - warning **:getpwuid_r():failed due to unknown user id (0)13:34
cusco_can I make windows boot loader boot ubuntu13:34
smittixAnyone having problems with their Elantech touchpad and pressure needed to move the cursor?13:34
ahfeel_MonkeyDust: actually, on ubuntu 11.04, the available ghostscript and imagemagick plays very badly together. Seems like the solution may be to upgrade GS to 9.04 (available on 11.10), but I don't want to upgrade my whole system13:34
NyLesany suggestion for what variant of ubuntu to use with my 10 year old pc having 512MB RAM?13:36
bkerensaNyLes: Xubuntu13:36
jadoehow do i allow normal users to mount/unmount things that aren't in fstab, e.g. disk images the user downloaded?13:36
ikoniaNyLes: you're going to struggle to use any of the modern functionality on that, more and more as the modern desktop progresses,13:36
NyLesbkerensa: thanks i'll consider that :)13:37
NyLesikonia: what do you mean?13:37
JadedJacobi'm after an application that allows you to resize a program to 50% of the screen.13:37
ikoniaNyLes: the modern desktop experience is requiring more grunt behind it, 3d video cards, etc etc.13:37
woozly_guys, how to disable "Do you want to run "somescript.sh", or display its contents" ?13:38
JadedJacobSo you can be more productive on your widescreen monitor :)13:38
woozly_I want only run it13:38
woozly_on double-click13:38
woozly_or I can edit it via right-click13:38
NyLesikonia: i see, but this is just temporary, i'll throw this thing of as soon as my new mobo arrived :)13:40
woozly_oh, I found that13:40
NyLesso xubuntu, thanks so much..13:41
=== jincreator1 is now known as jincreator
rghosemy wireless lan doesn't can't be set to ad-hoc... i have a 14e4:4727 broadcom wlan adapter, using ubuntu 11.10.. any help ppl?13:42
fireballHi, how do I install the latest version of flash from a ppa?13:42
=== fireball is now known as Guest54199
t432i can see the b34 module in lsmod output - why is it not appearing on "additional drivers"?13:43
charnelWell I am using only Ubuntu in my lap top and need the edid.bin file for fixing up my problem. Shall I install windows install all the drivers get the edid.bin and remove windows ?13:43
beautifuldisaste I am running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS , i have installed ltsp server, i can boot some client but others wont boot. those which dont boot just hang before the first graphical screen and  i get the this error:  (process:251):GLib - warning **:getpwuid_r():failed due to unknown user id (0)13:43
Guest54199Hi, how do I install the latest version of flash from a ppa?13:44
blazonwarewoozly_:  Change the permission using chmod!13:44
Guest54199how do I install flash player from ppa?13:44
OerGuest54199, latest flash is in the repo's allready13:44
Guest541990er I use natty13:45
rghosemy wireless lan doesn't can't be set to ad-hoc... i have a 14e4:4727 broadcom bcm4313 wlan adapter, using ubuntu 11.10.. any help ppl?13:45
MonkeyDust!info flash natty13:45
ubottuPackage flash does not exist in natty13:45
rghoseI tried wicd, figuring a bug in network manager, it did not work too13:45
Guest54199how can I install it?13:46
RedViperCould someone help me, I'm trying to install Linux Mint form my usb?13:46
bazhang!mintsupport | RedViper13:47
ubottuRedViper: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org13:47
LoueyI am running 11.10 on a dell 8500 with a linksys wpc54g pcmcia card and can't get it to work. If i do a nm-tool it tells me State is unavailable.13:47
blazonwareRedViper: So make your pendrive bootable!13:47
blazonwareRedViper: and on boot follow the instructions!13:47
RedViperblazonware: Can I PM you?13:47
blazonwareRedViper: Sure!13:48
Guest54199I want the very latest version i.e. 11 but ubuntu only has 10 so pls advice me how to install the latest version13:48
=== tmcc is now known as nonickrs
linociscoany DVD to MP3 converter?13:49
MonkeyDustGuest54199  PPAs are not supported here, better contact the maintainer of the PPA13:50
Guest54199MonkeyDust how do I install flash without ppa?13:50
MonkeyDustGuest54199  it's in the repos, so the normal way13:51
Guest54199means i will get the latest version? i use natty13:51
Guest54199means i will get the latest version? i use natty MonkeyDust13:51
Lurkin_Lobstergood morning people13:52
Guest54199Hi Lurkin_Lobster13:52
linociscohi any DVD to mp3 converter?13:52
bazhanglinocisco, video dvd? to mp4?13:53
Guest54199linocisco use vlc player its the best13:53
linociscovideo DVD to mp3 sound onlyu13:53
linociscoin windows Freemake can do that13:53
Lurkin_Lobsterim having a real derp, does anyone know where the checkbox to hide joins/parts/quits is on xchat?13:53
MonkeyDustGuest54199  the repos do not always have the very latest version13:53
bazhangLurkin_Lobster, right click channel name is one way13:53
Lurkin_Lobsterits prob super obvious but im just having one of those days13:53
Lurkin_Lobsteroh thanks bazhang13:54
OerGuest54199, i think you just need to update, 11.1 is available for natty also13:54
RedViperbazhang: PLease can I pm you?13:54
bazhangRedViper, about MINT?13:54
rghose my wireless lan doesn't can't be set to ad-hoc... i have a 14e4:4727 broadcom bcm4313 wlan adapter, using ubuntu 11.10.. any help ppl?13:54
RedViperbazhang: Yes and no, I need to explain something to you.13:55
Guest54199oh I see 0er I just ran 'sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer' and am downloading the latest version thats great!13:55
bazhangRedViper, for mint help there is a specific channel. not on freenode though13:56
Lurkin_Lobsterdoes anyone here know an application that will remove the music from my ipod?13:56
woozly_how to get interactivity via Unity launcher?13:56
woozly_I mean, When mouse over icon13:56
bluenazguli want "Ubuntu for Android" on my ICS running Xoom13:56
bazhang#linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org     <----- RedViper13:56
Lurkin_Lobsteri saw that ubuntu for android13:56
linociscoGuest32249: it is just for playing. not for ripping mp313:56
Lurkin_Lobsterthat looked like a nice idea13:56
linociscoLurkin_Lobster: ubuntu android will be super slow13:57
RedViperbazhang: Can you see what I have to say, my i pm you?13:57
Lurkin_Lobsterlinocisco do you mean in the speed way, or the availability way?13:57
Lurkin_Lobsterheh, been up all night, dont mind me13:57
Guest54199thanks 0er13:57
OerGuest54199, have fun13:58
=== Guest54199 is now known as inzen
bluenazgulits like a webtop ui13:58
bluenazguli realy want it13:58
bluenazguland the xoom has 1ghz dual core13:58
bluenazgulso it should work13:58
Oerbluenazgul, ubuntu for android is not an OS on android, it is a way to connect & work, it is not out yet.13:59
bluenazguland i want it now, i like to test betas :)13:59
inzencan anyone suggest how I can defend myself against a cold boot attack?13:59
bluenazgulOer ni know, its like an apk running in background13:59
mosnocan i make the dash/dock thingy NOT autohide without installing some compiz config tool?13:59
mosnoi seem to recall doing this on a previous install14:00
=== q-rban is now known as q0rban
inzenHow can I defend myself from a cold boot attack? In ubuntu atleast14:00
MonkeyDusta cold boot attack?14:01
JulianoAlbertoCould someone please tell me the command to list processes in ubuntu via the terminal? And kill them afterwards?14:01
JulianoAlbertoMy firefox stopped working and I cannot use the engine of the evil company (((14:01
MonkeyDustJulianoAlberto  try ps -e14:01
Loueyanyway to get my wireless card working?14:01
mosnoalso, why are there two dock icons for xchat? this happened before for gnome-terminal, too14:01
mosno11.10 x86 fresh install14:02
inzenthats a nice one MonkeyDust, thanks!!14:02
JulianoAlbertothank you MonkeyDust )14:02
inzenthat ps -e command Monkey Dust14:02
Lurkin_LobsterAll right everyone thanks for the help, have a good day14:02
inzenHow can I defend myself from a cold boot attack? In ubuntu atleast, anyone?14:02
inzennobody knows what a cold boot attack is?14:03
xslguys i just want en_US.UTF8 locale .. but wen i do locale -a i see alot of locales like en_IN, en_NG, en_PH ... how do i remove these?14:03
llutzinzen: you want to look for things like tresor14:04
inzenwhats tresor llutz?14:04
xsli already used locale-gen and my reference is only en_US on the config file14:04
llutzinzen: easier: just don't give anyone physical access to your computers14:04
llutzinzen: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TRESOR14:04
inzenllutz: ohh I see14:04
=== Companion is now known as companion
linociscoi got internet  on browser and empathy but I dont get on software center and command line. how to do14:07
inzencan you be more specific linocisco?14:07
goosewhat package is the 'cut' command provided by?14:08
=== sh511-books is now known as shadowh511
llutzcoreutils: /usr/bin/cut14:08
llutzgoose: ^14:08
tsimpsongoose: should be coreutils14:08
linociscoinzen: I can browser using mozilla. I can now chat on empathy. but I can't install any software or even on Terminal, I can't do apt-get update14:08
goosellutz, yes,  but what (synaptic) packge installs cut14:08
goosegreat, thanks tsimpson14:08
llutzgoose: what part of "coreutils" needs explanation?14:09
inzenlinocisco do you have a fresh copy of ubuntu?14:09
inzenlinocisco: I mean was ubuntu installed recently?14:10
inzenhey 0er  just installed flash plugin thanks again14:10
inzenlinocisco you must open the update manager then refresh the packages list14:11
mosnohard to use unity after gnome shell -- i keep slamming my pointer into the top-left corner )14:11
linociscoinzen: no. itwas installed a month ago14:11
linociscoi dont know where update manager is . 11.10 is weird14:12
inzenI know that thats why I avoid it at all costs linocisco[ubuntu 11.10]14:12
mosnolinocisco, top-right cog thing, click where it says "software is up to date"14:12
jostis there any schedule, then updates to unity are released?14:12
jostI would like to see the "white window" bug fixed, for exammple14:13
inzenjust search for update-manager in that stupid unity u will get a hang of it linocisco14:13
inzen[stupid unity]14:13
inzencan u atleast open the terminal?14:13
inzencan u atleast open the terminal? linocisco?14:14
linociscomosno: thanks for your polite response for newbie14:14
linociscomosno: I now see update manager. 11.10 GUI is not userfriendly like other versioins14:15
mosnolinocisco, i wouldn't really know, i usually don't use ubuntu :P14:15
inzenok ok [should i have been more polite]14:15
inzenlinocisco you can reload the packages list from update-manager14:16
linociscothe thing is that i have put and configured apt.conf and put under /etc/apt/. now I have put comment# sign infront of Acquire. but that is not updated yet14:16
linociscoinzen: I could not reload. it said check Internet connection14:17
inzenlinocisco try changing the server maybe the default server might be offline14:17
=== bk_ is now known as Guest2657
inzenlinocisco use the "select best server" option if possible14:19
linociscoinzen: ok14:19
=== iqpi|on is now known as iqpi|off
linociscoinzen: now updating cache14:19
inzenlinocisco: the new server might over ride the packages list and you should be back to normal14:20
linociscoinzen: now without changing server, it is working like normal. "updating cache" now. I will try apt-get in terminal14:20
inzenthats cool linocisco14:21
linociscoinzen: I m wondering if there is any CLI command like /etc/init.d/networking restart to update entry of changes in apt.conf14:21
zenonsay I did aplay -l & got my sound card driver, how should I install it?14:21
BenderHelp with ubuntu 11.10 installation on another PC.14:22
zenonCheeze it!14:22
BenderIt boots only if "nomodeset" is selected.14:22
yashshahBender: What problem/error you are facing?14:22
inzenI dont know linocisco maybe you can just delete the apt.conf file as a root user[warning the advises are streaming from a nice newbie who likes to chat and the newbie takes no responsibility of his/her actions lol}14:23
=== andy_ is now known as Guest14018
yashshahBender: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 This may help you!14:23
kyriakosin https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UncomplicatedFirewall there is mention of python 2.x support. Does this mean there is a published API somewhere that I can use to interact with ufw? or just that ufw will work on systems with that version of python ?14:24
Benderyashshah, without "nomodeset" ubuntu won't start, graphical error and freeze. With "nomodeset" the sistem starts but the mouse pointer is a 1x1 inch square full of graphical errors.14:24
Benderyashshah, thanx, i give a look14:24
inzenlinocisco is the apt-get working now?14:24
linociscoinzen: dont impress me to see I could configure apt.conf. because I was told and I read it on forum. without them, I could not do anything with confidence14:25
yashshahBender: Anytime!14:25
gilcan anyone tell me what I need and how to go about changeing the splash screen?14:25
inzenlinocisco: ohh i agree14:25
=== distoops_ is now known as distoops
linociscoinzen: now installing from software center14:26
inzenhey atleast its working linocisco14:26
linociscoinzen: hope so. thanks14:26
inzenlinocisco do you use conky?14:26
trever420anyone know if I use VirtualBox inside Windows 7 running Ubuntu, and I decide to boot the Gparted ISO will it recognize a virtual box drive and let me edit partitions14:26
linociscoinzen: thanks for your active response in no time. I m sorry what is conky?14:26
linociscotrever420: I am using vbox14:27
christo_mhello, whats the status on this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/87557114:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 869502 in linux (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #875571 Kernel-Panic with on asus eee pcs and msi wind (both using rt2800 wifi chipset)" [High,Fix committed]14:27
inzenits a system monitor for linux try it and you will feel addicted to it dude its awesome14:27
sbnHey guys. I've got a folder with as owner www-data. Now I want that every other user (that is member of the group which is assigned to the directory) be able to place a file in that directory. But that the user is not listed as owner of the file. But the owner of the directory should be listed as the file. I tried setting chmod o+s on the directory. But this didn't work. Any ideas?14:27
trever420but does gparted recognize the virtual drive that vbox creates?14:27
christo_mim actualy getting this error on a 2.6 version of the data14:27
christo_mkernel *14:27
sbnuhh * u+s instead of o+s14:28
inzenand heres a treat if you couldn't get more help from me http://null-byte.wonderhowto.com/14:28
inzenand heres a treat if you couldn't get more help from me http://null-byte.wonderhowto.com/ linocisco14:28
jribsbn: you need to use access control lists (see « man setfacl », « man getfacl », « man mount » (you need to add the "acl" option to your partition's mount options); in particular read about the default ACL)14:29
linociscotrever420: vbox can handle any ISO . but what do you want to do with Gparted ISO ?14:29
linociscoinzen: is it your site?14:29
sbnjrib: that's working with active directory?14:29
jribsbn: I don't know14:29
trever420i'm asking if i boot from the gparted iso to modify the virtual drive (edit partitions) will gparted see the virtual drive14:29
inzenlinocisco: just discovered it a few months ago while surfing14:30
trever420i know in vmware it does14:30
inzenlinocisco: its awesome aint it?14:30
sbnjrib:  I though add the sticky bit to the directory owner should do the job. But guess that only works with the group14:30
trever420but not sure if virtual box's virtual drives are the same14:30
inzencheck put their blog its very interesting linocisco14:30
inzencheck *out their blog its very interesting linocisco14:31
BluesKajvirtual drives are just that virtual , how can you expect it to be a real partition , trever42014:31
mivulfwhat's the differenses between debian and ubuntu?14:31
trever420BluesKaj, ummm well the whole point of an emulator is to make it look like seamless hardware to the OS14:31
trever420hence why it works in VMware14:32
llutztrever420: you boot gparted inside vbox-vm? then it should use it14:32
trever420thanks llultz... that's what i was wondering14:32
t432Here is more detail description of the problem - http://pastebin.com/QB5vhqbk14:32
BluesKajtrever420, yeah , but not to an app that looks at your hdd partitions14:32
trever420i just wanted to make sure that gparted would actuially see the vbox drive as a physical drive (like vbox is emulating the actual hardware)14:33
dr_willisive tested out gparted and so forth in vbox to play with it safely. ;)14:33
=== braiam_ is now known as braiam
llutzwhy shuldn't it?14:33
linociscoinzen: thanks14:33
inzenlinocisco: no [problemo]14:34
dr_willistrever420:  if you set vbox to use a virtual disk. yes.14:34
inzenor is it [problem]14:34
linociscoinzen: now I just want to build ubuntu server to14:34
trever420blueskaj... nvm i'm just gonna find out...  the whole point of an emulator is to make sure that the vitual drive looks like a physical drive to the guest... i just wanted to make sure the vbox was emulating the drive as a physical drive that gparted could see and modify14:34
linociscoinzen: I just want to setup ubuntu failover server to handle two different ISP lines14:34
trever420dr_willis i already have a virtual disk that is running ubuntu but I want to resize the partition it's on and just wanted to make sure if i boot that guest from the gparted ISO it'd actually be able to see the virtual disk14:35
BluesKajtrever420,  well good luck14:35
RedViperI am trying to reinstall my computer with Linux Mint off a flash. I have Mint on my flash all ready to go the bios setting boot priority and it's cd-dvd rom, usb etc. So thats ok, however when I put the flash in and reboot it does not boot into the usb. So I rebooted and went into the boot menu and selected the usb to boot into. But it's giving me this error - vesamenu.c32: not a com32r image and under that it has boot: ?14:35
trever420i'm downloading gparted now14:35
inzenlinocisco I have NEVER set up a server before can you suggest me how to set up servers?14:35
llutz!mint | RedViper14:36
ubottuRedViper: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org14:36
dr_willisinzen:  depends on the services and job the server is doing14:36
linociscoinzen: no. I am to read from ubuntu documentation14:36
RedViperllutz: Why?14:37
llutzRedViper: why what?14:37
bazhangRedViper, this is not a mint support channel14:37
inzenis setting up a server complex? dr_willis linocisco? or is it just as simple as 1 2 3?14:37
llutzRedViper: no mint-support here14:37
dr_willismint has its own support channels14:37
llutzRedViper: mint is mint, not ubuntu (even if its based on it)14:37
dr_willisinzen:  totally depends on what you want the server to 'serve'14:37
dr_willisinzen:  install the desktop edition, install needed services.. is all i do14:38
MonkeyDustinzen  there's the command tasksel (task select), but then: 'simple' depends on how skilled you are14:39
inzenwhat is the common reason to setup a home server? for supporting a website?  just want to know some examples dr_willis14:39
trever420oh sweeet.... yay gparted worked i was able to modify the paritions of the virtual disk i created14:39
dr_willisinzen:  why do you  need a website at home?14:39
trever420everyone needs a website at home ;-)14:40
dr_willisinzen:  my home server does ssh. samba, and upnp video shareing14:40
trever420dr_willis... what do you use for upnp sharing?14:40
dr_willistrever420:  theres several - depends on your needs.14:41
inzenok and is it easy to maintain a home server of your type? dr_willis14:41
dr_willisinzen:  whats to maintain.. set it up.. and its setup14:41
trever420i've been looking into that myself... i have a wired gigabit network and i want to stream to my PS3 and xbox 360s as well as a few other devices in my house... but i would like to able to handle about 5 streams at once from the same server14:41
mnk0"/alias hidelevels.set set activity_hide_level parts joins quits nicks modes"14:41
trever420mny server is a Dell PowerEdge 2950 2.6ghz Inel XEON (4 core) with 48GB of RAM14:42
trever420but no special GPU14:42
dr_willistrever420:  try      ushare14:42
trever420i believe UPnP requires realtime transcoding to stream files to various devices right?14:42
inzendr_willis, and do you need a high end server or just a minimal desktop will do? atleast for home server14:42
dr_willisthat mobi player thing is neat but its not freee14:42
trever420inzen you could get a way with hjust a desktop14:42
trever420depends really on your needs14:43
dr_willisinzen:  it all depends on what you are doing14:43
trever420but the thing to know is you may need DynDNS if you intend on hosting a website14:43
dr_willisthats the main 'thing to know'14:43
inzendr_willis, which linux distro is most feasible?14:43
trever420inzen: what are you trying to do?14:43
dr_willisinzen:  any of them can work as a home server14:43
christo_mim running ubuntu 11.04 with kernel 2.6.38-8 and i get "panic occurred, switching back to text console"14:43
christo_mhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/875571 i found this but not a viable solution14:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 869502 in linux (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #875571 Kernel-Panic with on asus eee pcs and msi wind (both using rt2800 wifi chipset)" [High,Fix committed]14:44
inzenwhich one do u suggest dr_willis? redhat?14:44
inzenhi linocisco welcome again14:44
christo_mits not even an asus pc or kernel 3.0, but i get the same error14:44
asnohow are you?14:44
DJonesinzen: I run a home server on an old desktop, it runs a static website, irssi, an irc bot, makes a couple of printers available round the house, that only has a 2.4Ghz processor and 512Mb of ram using ubuntu server14:44
asnosome help on make install, please?14:45
bazhangasno, whats the issue14:45
dr_willisinzen:  it all depends on what you are doing14:45
asno/usr/bin/install: `Command.h' and `./Command.h' are the same file14:45
asnoit crash here14:45
chaos_zeroHello, i am trying to use vsftpd. I got it working correctly once but whatever i did was messed up when the server was restarted. Let me try to get it right this time. Basically on clients i type the ip, user name and password in and i want then to be able to do anything. Make and delete directories, make and delete files. This worked before but now in any directory theu ca nmake a file in a directory but if they make a directo14:45
bazhangasno, what are you trying to do14:45
asnoand don't know why.. :S14:46
inzenDJones i did not know a server requires such a minimal amount of RAM thats the first time I have heard that a server requires such a low amount of RAM but does the server break down?14:46
asnoinstalling an app from source14:46
bazhangasno, what app14:46
asnoi've passed .configure, make14:46
asnowithout problem14:46
bazhangasno, what does lameditor do14:47
asnoits an editor for asn.114:47
DJonesinzen: I've only just rebuilt it using the server install, previously the same machine was running a desktop install running the same things for 4 years with no problems, only switched to server without the gui because unity was too much for it14:47
dr_willisinzen:  it all depends on what services you are running14:47
asnoyou can get it form sourceforge14:48
inzendr_willis what are services? I mean I know the desktop meaning of the word but what are they on a server?14:48
bazhangasno, not familiar with asn.1 ; whats that got to do with ubuntu?14:48
asnowell, i'm compiling under ubntu, but maybe you're right and this is not the correct channel14:49
asnothaks anyway14:49
trever420my home server thar runs my website is only 512MB of RAM too14:49
trever420also runs my mail server14:49
DJonesinzen: The requirements of Ubuntu server are only a 300MHz processor and 128Mb of ram according to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements Although the more the server gets used, the more memory & processor requirements will be increased14:50
trever420and is my dhcp server, firewall14:50
asnowhich channel should I use?14:50
trever420it's a pentium 4 ... dont remember the exact CPU... it was an old Dell GX27014:50
dr_willisinzen:  my home server does ssh. samba, and upnp video shareing14:50
trever420oh yea has samba and ssh on it14:50
trever420but my BIG server, is a very nice rig14:51
DJonestrever420: Same machine as mine14:51
inzenthats cool DJones and what about uptime do we need to keep the server running continuously without a break or can it relax for a while?14:51
trever420and that is a vmware server14:51
trever420inzen my uptime is about 400 days14:51
christo_mim running ubuntu 11.04 with kernel 2.6.38-8 and i get "panic occurred, switching back to text console"14:51
DJonesinzen: Mine runs 24/714:51
trever420inzen it all depends on what you are doing from the server... are you looking at serving video?14:52
inzenohhhhhhhhhhhh awesome!!!14:52
trever420are you looking at hosting a content management system14:52
trever420a file server?14:52
trever420how many clients are you planning on running on the thing14:53
dr_willisinzen:  it may be a good idea to read up on a few home networking beginner guides14:53
inzentrever420 I just wanted to know generally what desktop servers do  thats all14:53
inzenI dont have the means to create a server a good old desktop is all I have14:53
trever420i mean in comparison linksys makes routers that have SAMBA, DHCP, SSH, Apache, amongst other things and they dont even have half the power that my crap box has14:53
trever420inzen thats fine14:54
trever420that will work14:54
trever420if all you want is a simple place to store files14:54
dr_willisizen a desktop box is my server14:54
trever420i mean the term "server" is very vague14:54
inzeni see..14:54
dr_willismy cellphone can work as a server14:54
trever420i recommend installing the server version iof ubuntu tho not desktop...14:54
trever420desktop's overhead is to high14:55
dr_willisfor home use. i use desktop thrn install the seevices14:55
trever420i mean it'll work... just not efficient14:55
inzenhow ? tell me how? dr_willis? thats so interesting? tell me14:55
dr_willisthen turn off the desktop if not needed14:55
trever420yea true14:55
inzen[this is so interesting]14:55
dr_willisinzen:  install the service you need... its a server14:55
trever420i havent used a GUI i n awhile14:55
dr_willisinzen:  it may be a good idea to read up on a few home networking beginner guides14:55
trever420i think he is trolling ;-)14:56
inzenwhat is trolling?14:56
christo_mim running ubuntu 11.04 with kernel 2.6.38-8 and i get "panic occurred, switching back to text console",any ideas?14:56
dr_willistime to go do some research inzen14:56
trever420christo_m, stop switching to text console ;-)14:56
inzenwhat is trolling trever420?14:56
trever420just kidding14:56
orbisvicisim worried about the php cve-2012-0831 vulnerability14:56
ubottuPHP before 5.3.10 does not properly perform a temporary change to the magic_quotes_gpc directive during the importing of environment variables, which makes it easier for remote attackers to conduct SQL injection attacks via a crafted request, related to main/php_variables.c, sapi/cgi/cgi_main.c, and sapi/fpm/fpm/fpm_main.c. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2012-0831)14:56
ubottuThe php_register_variable_ex function in php_variables.c in PHP 5.3.9 allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via a request containing a large number of variables, related to improper handling of array variables.  NOTE: this vulnerability exists because of an incorrect fix for CVE-2011-4885. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2012-0830)14:56
christo_mtrever420: that isnt the problem, its a kernel panic that forces the system into text console14:57
christo_mwith a stack trace14:57
orbisvicisoneiric only runs 5.3.614:57
christo_mim just not sure how to diagnose it14:57
inzenhey tell me plz what is trolling? in simple words?14:57
trever420i was only kidding14:57
LjL!ot | inzen14:57
ubottuinzen: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:57
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs14:57
orbisvicisdoes that web page mean ubuntu has patched PHP 5.3.6 as well ?14:57
christo_mtrever420: i cant find anything in /var/log either14:57
inzenyou are just a bot ubottu  how do you know what are we talking about?14:58
deniis it just me or is the nginx .deb missing a binary?14:58
denion onreiric14:58
LjLinzen: please keep the offtopic chatter out of this channel, and join #ubuntu-offtopic instead if you want. this channel is *only* about Ubuntu support.14:58
inzenok LjL14:58
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs14:58
llutzdeni: you also need nginx-full or -light14:59
denii do an apt-get download nginx and inspect the .deb package and the is only usr/doc no /usr/bin14:59
llutzdeni: you also need nginx-full or -light or -extras14:59
sw0rdfishwhats the Bcast in the IP info I get by doing "ifconfig"?15:00
llutzdeni: "apt-get show nginx" tells you why15:00
denillutz: tnx...that's solved it15:01
llutzdeni:err* "aptitude show nginx" tells you why15:01
linelevelHi, is there any danger in keeping my Thinpad cpu fan speed manually set to "disengaged", so it spins much faster than the highest numerical setting (which is 7 @ around 4500 RPM.. "disengaged" is @ over 6500 RPM). It's noisier for sure, but is there any danger in keeping it there permanently? My thinkpad never overheated until a few weeks ago, but now it's overheating constantly unless I set fan speed to "disengaged".15:01
linelevel^ Did that cut off?15:02
bc81squeekyKL33n: i see your point, but do you have any solid evidence linking frequent bidet use with parasitic worm infections?15:03
bc81oops, wrong channel :/15:03
Myrttilinelevel: I'd open the laptop up and check how much lint and dust has deposited on the fans15:04
Myrttilinelevel: bearings in the fans to wear out faster the more they're used15:04
linelevelMyrtti: Good advice. I'll do that when I get a chance.15:04
dr_willisbearingless fans ;)15:04
llutzfanless computers :)15:05
Myrttilinelevel: I do mine every 18 months and there is a significant difference15:05
musztihi all15:05
musztican anyone help me about domain registration?15:05
parapanI have problem with my VPN connection to Windows server; I can connect to the server but unable to browse the internal network15:06
musztiespecially in linux dns servers like bind15:06
dr_willisparapan:  as a test see if they can ping each other. and disable the windows firewalls.15:07
=== danny__ is now known as bean
roastedHi there. Would dual booting with W7 on a regular SATA and Ubuntu on an SSD be treated the exact same as dual booting with W7 on a regular SATA and Ubuntu on a regular SATA?15:07
luciferhi i'm having trouble with hybernating my ubuntu when i close the LID of my notebook It Wont Come back So I Have To Restart Completely15:07
musztimy question is if I register a domain with outside nameserver like freedns.afraid. org, and my ip is dynamic, will it register for me?15:08
llutzroasted: yes15:08
luciferi there any patch or command that could fix it...?15:08
roastedlucifer: does suspend work okay?15:08
linelevelMyrtti: thanks, I'll definitely check15:08
luciferroasted, No15:08
musztiI mean my ip periodically changes15:08
roastedlucifer: I've personally found "hibernate" to suck, on my windows and linux systems, even on my mac I have issues with hibernate. Suspend tho I've grown to prefer on any platform.15:08
roastedlucifer: oh wow, if suspend doesn't work either I'm at a loss.15:08
musztiand I'm not sure how it will register the nameserver15:09
musztianyone please15:09
luciferi fixed my wireless driver using a new patch downloaded from backtrack Website...15:09
dr_willisdyndns is handy muszti15:09
luciferso ithought it could fix this problem as well15:09
llutzmuszti: you just need a ddns-client to update your ip15:10
musztidr_willis, I have freedns15:10
musztillutz, I've already done that with freedns15:10
dr_willismy homme router does dyndns ;)15:10
roastedlucifer: I'm not sure. Personally, I come here for quick questions. I find the UbuntuForums to have more luck with issues like that because since it sits there all day many more people can read your question.15:10
roastedlucifer: so I'd post there and check back in a day or so. Personal opinion though, I know issues like that can be frustrating to tolerate until you hear of a fix!15:11
cak054register q1w2e3r4t5nick15:11
musztidr_willis, but how does it happen when a dns registration completed?15:11
dr_willisaskubuntu.com is a must hit site in addation to the forums15:11
ikonialucifer: you've been asked not to ask for support in here as you are using blackbuntu, not ubuntu15:11
dr_willismuszti:  i dont register anything.15:11
luciferroasted, : well actually ur right but here is faster IF ur lucky enogh to be in the right place in the right time...15:11
dr_willis myfancysite.dyndns.com   ;)15:12
roastedlucifer: double the efforts. Post right now, and ask here every so often. See what bites first. :)15:12
roastedlucifer: post as in, on forums. :)15:12
luciferikonia, : sure,leaving now...15:12
roastedlucifer: remember, too much info is better than not enough... Ubuntu version, model laptop, etc. All of that helps.15:12
luciferroasted, :TNX Man ;) i'll Check That Out15:13
roastedlucifer: speaking of which, if you aren't on a true ubuntu variant, that plays a huge key role...15:13
roastedlucifer: food for thought man. good luck.15:13
techno_freakcan i ask solution for desktop related issues here?15:13
roastedikonia: additional thanks to you sir for your help the other day.15:13
musztillutz, is it true that the dns registered if my top level domain refreshes?15:14
ikoniaroasted: not a problem15:14
techno_freaki was just checking out the settings and suddenly something seems to have gone wrong15:14
luciferroasted, : Yeah I Go To BlackBuntu Forum15:14
roastedikonia: things are working great. I was definitely over thinking it. I actually became frustrated when it all clicked and I realized, wow, it's a matter of 2 commands total, keygen, copy-id, then disable pw auth and it's rock solid.15:14
llutzmuszti: sry, what?15:14
roastedlucifer: I'm not familiar with that variant, so I can't be of additional help there. :(15:15
musztillutz, and if my ip is dinamic it is not a problem when it changes while I'm adding the nameserver?15:15
techno_freakwhen i move around the windows, they seem to stick around in the background, like a shadow15:15
ikoniaroasted: that's pretty much the root of it,15:15
techno_freakand i dont see the desktop wallpaper but weird black screen with color pixels here and there15:15
roastedikonia: yep, anyway, appreciate it.15:15
llutzmuszti: http://freedns.afraid.org/faq/15:17
denillutz: just a quick note....apt-get remove nginx does NOT remove the nginx-full and nginx-commong packages....so when i try to reinstall with apt-get install nginx nothing gets replaced15:19
deniand the nginx package only contains the docs15:19
MaynardWater-bash  profile: Input/Output Error  Segmentation Fault    [:  280: =: unexpected operator"  I got that when i logged in via ssh,  It will not let me sudo anything nor htop, really a number of commands are not working right now and I cant reboot or halt, and I am workign remotely15:19
llutzdeni: thats why i use aptitude15:19
MaynardWaterAny help?15:20
denillutz: the initial apt-get install nginx worked just fine... it installed nginx-common and nginx-full but the remove did not work15:20
denillutz: there is no diffference there with aptitude15:20
deniaptitude remove nginx does not remove nginx-common and nginx-full...just the nginx package which is just docs15:20
bc81deni: what about apt-get autoremove15:21
denii thinks this i very wrong.....if nothing the nginx package should be a meta package for all the other packages.....and the docs should be in nginx-doc15:21
denibc81: apt-get autoremove as well15:21
deniit did not link those packages at all15:21
denii am now aware who the package maintainer is....but this should be corrected15:22
=== Ard1t is now known as Guest44373
llutzdeni: apt-cache show nginx|grep Maintain15:23
denipeople expect nginx to be a meta package that install all the other packages....and removes them as well... the doc package should be named nginx-doc15:23
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sergiubsdhello people !15:29
sergiubsdis some one using ati rage around here ?15:29
Stoil89Any ideas when the next daily build of Ubuntu 12.04 is gonna be available?15:32
llutzStoil89: april this year15:32
NyLesStoil89: i think april.15:32
Stoil89yup - but that's for the final release :P15:32
Stoil89daily build is a temoporary one (like alpha/beta)15:32
DJonesStoil89: Probably best asking in #ubuntu+1 for 12.04 questions15:32
llutzoops, #ubuntu+115:32
Stoil89k tnx15:32
sergiubsdcan some one tell me a few tips improving the r128 grapchics on an old computer ?15:33
NyLescan someone tell me the full "/" commands here?15:36
fidelNyLes: commands for?15:36
auronandaceNyLes: best to ask in #freenode15:36
NyLesfidel: commands like /msg here in IRC xD15:36
fidelfreenode offers a faq etc15:36
NyLesauronandace: fidel thanks...15:37
dydwhat port uses the remote desktop?15:40
balkrish i wants ubuntu drivers15:40
bastidrazordyd: 5900, i think15:40
dydbastidrazor, thanks15:41
llutzthats vnc15:41
dydllutz, yea sorry i meant vnc15:41
cakemanyou can use ssh too I think, in that case, it will be 2215:42
cakemanfor vnc it's 590015:42
trever420i always change my ssh port15:43
compdocunless its vncserver15:43
compdocthen its 5901+15:43
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jhills95sahhga: hello15:45
[kerneL]Boa Tarde.15:46
parapanI have problem with my VPN connection to Windows server; I can connect to the server but unable to browse the internal network15:47
Stek_Turkuhi all15:51
Stek_Turkudid anyone used tesdisk to recover crypted /home partition?15:52
patrunjelHi, can you please tell me how do I find out if I have a i686 CPU or a x86-64 CPU ?15:52
Benderexscuse me, ho can I set "nomodeset" option to a fresh ubuntu 11.10 installation in order to boot?15:52
cakemanpatrunjel > uname -a, if you see x86_64, it's a 64bits cpu15:53
i_is_broke!nomodeset > Bender15:53
ubottuBender, please see my private message15:53
llutzpatrunjel: grep ' lm ' /proc/cpuinfo15:53
psfhey guys, what do you recommend for filesystem and file encryption under linux?15:54
parapanI have problem with my VPN connection to Windows server; I can connect to the server but unable to browse the internal network15:54
mongyparapan, can you ping other clients ?15:56
VSpikeCan anyone tell me what options I have for getting 3 monitors working on Ubuntu? I know some ATI cards support it on a single GPU. What about multiple GPU? Does that even work under xorg?15:56
Stek_Turkui have read a step by step guide but i wouldn't do anything of wrong so i'll find here somone testdisk experts15:56
orbisviciswhat package provides /usr/bin/my_print_defaults ?15:58
orbisviciscan anyone run: dpkg -S /usr/bin/my_print_defaults15:58
orbisvicison oneiric15:58
llutz!find  /usr/bin/my_print_defaults15:59
ubottuFile /usr/bin/my_print_defaults found in mysql-cluster-server-5.1, mysql-server-core-5.115:59
t1t4nhow create one id, for example when i create one group?16:03
=== companion is now known as Companion
llutzt1t4n: man addgroup  (--gid id)16:03
jhills95ablyss, hello16:06
researcher123how can I check if my hard disk is ok or not?16:08
heat1I have ubuntu 11.04 I can't find "Network Connections"?16:09
heat1Where is that?16:09
Cameron_hello, i installed ubuntu on my netbook but how do i install my network driver?16:09
Cameron_it has a wifi on/off button but idk what difference it makes16:09
heat1I installed ubuntu 11.04 and I can't find "Network Connections"?16:10
openbeescameron_ it should notify u for available drivers for wi-fi16:10
martianCameron_: it depends on what type of network card you have as well16:10
heat1I installed ubuntu 11.04 and I don't know where's "Network Connections"...16:11
heat1I installed ubuntu 11.04 and I'd be glad if someone could tell me where "Network Connections" is16:12
berInstalled ubuntu 11.10, starts only in nomodeset, buggy mouse pointer, buggy graphics (laggy ), also sometimes keyboard doesn't work in some application, like choosing the nickname in this chat.16:12
martianheat1: Do you see a networking manager icon in the top right of the screen in the notification area?16:12
berhow can i post a screenshot of my buggy mouse pointer?16:13
heat1martian: Is it the two arrows?16:13
martianheat1: yes16:13
heat1No, they aren't there...16:13
heat1martian: No, they aren't there...16:14
heat1martian: No, it isn't there...16:14
G__81hi all i installed the latest version of Ubuntu 11.10 and it says the experience is Standard in the graphics section so does that mean its the full fledged Unity interface or the 2d version ?16:15
G__81this is the first time i am trying out the new Unity interface16:15
G__81so can some one let me know whether its the full interface or the 2d interface16:15
skypcehello gentlemen, if i want that my wallpapers appear in desktop-settings , i copy it to .local/share/backgrounds/ folder , but they dont show in desktop settings, what can i do?16:15
addara_2how to configure iptables to run xchat ?16:15
martianheat1: you could run it manually by hitting alt-f2 and typing nm-connection-editor16:16
tsimpsonaddara_2: you don't need to set up a firewall to use xchat16:16
LintG__81, buttons in 2D have a bright white border16:16
=== ross is now known as Guest76002
Guest76002greetings, I've been experiencing lag while playing videos, how do i fix this issue?16:16
G__81apart from that is there any way to find it out ?16:16
addara_2i know but with my iptables rules, xchat cannot connect to any server16:17
G__81Lint, i am using the nouveau driver which was working fine in fedora and i removed fedora and installed Ubuntu 11.10 and when i had a look @ system settings -> graphics, the experience was set to Standard16:18
LintG__81, if its not 'fallback', it's 3D16:19
llutzaddara_2: and how would we know your iptables-rules? check them, add something allowing outgoing port 6667/700016:19
heat1It doesn't do anything...16:19
G__81Lint, Oh Ok great thanks16:19
heat1martian: It doesn't do anything...16:19
martianaddara_2: well, you could flush all your rules using the -F option. As far as defining the rules, this may not be the best place to get help with that16:19
martianheat1: try running it from a terminal. Does this system have a network card that's supported?16:20
esteevenI have a strange problem in Firefox in Ubuntu. One site renders incorrectly and I can't accurately input data. The input cells all become misaligned. I have played with fonts but that made no difference at all. This is how the page should look > http://i39.tinypic.com/2ev8bi1.png and here's what it actually looks like > http://i41.tinypic.com/ebdgr7.png. This is not happening in Arch or Windows. Only with the 'buntus16:21
esteeven. Any ideas?16:21
tonsofpcstry epiphany?16:22
esteeventonsofpcs, I tried Chromium and the same thing happened. I also need to use Firefox.16:23
heat1martian: I wrote "nm-connection-editor" and it said that the command is not found16:23
compdocesteeven, try chrome. or install java if its not installed16:23
Guest76002greetings, I've been experiencing lag while playing videos, how do i fix this issue?16:23
heat1martian: I wrote in the terminal "nm-connection-editor" and it said that the command is not found16:23
martianesteeven: are you perhaps using a generic font definition like "sans-serif" instead of specifying an actual font family?16:23
heat1martian: I have an hp laptop...16:24
ubottuUnity is the default UI since Ubuntu 11.04.  Unity is a shell for GNOME. see http://unity.ubuntu.com. For a GNOME 2-like experience, see !notunity16:24
rattatoueGuest76002, do you have the latest video driver for your video card?16:24
esteevencompdoc, okay. I wil try java.16:24
esteevenmartian, this is with the default Ubuntu settings.16:24
Guest76002rattatoue: i don't know - how do I check?16:24
heat1martian: it alsa has windows 7 and the network works find...16:25
heat1martian: it also has windows 7 and the network works find...16:25
rattatoueGuest76002, do you know what your video card is first off?16:25
Guest76002rattatoue: i don't know...16:25
Guest76002rattatoue: how do i check16:25
Guest76002rattatoue: what is the command?16:25
martianesteeven: yeah, I'm talking about the actual css. If you just specify "sans-serif" instead of whatever font you expect it to use, the browser will use whatever font your OS or browser has specified as the default sans serif font16:26
balkrishi have dele my guest session16:26
rattatoueGuest76002, type lspci -v in the terminal and then half way up it says probably somthing like VGA compatiable controller and it should tell you what your card is16:26
MonkeyDustGuest76002  try lspci|grep Display16:26
kpas_I have a question about unity launcher16:26
martianheat1: and you're running 11.04? did you upgrade from a previous release of ubuntu?16:26
rattatouewhats your question kpas_16:27
kpas_I noticed you can only click on the app y9ou want to use once16:27
heat1martian: Sorry I have 11.1016:27
kpas_and if you want to open up another it won't16:27
Guest76002it's a vga compatible controller: ATI technologies Inc M9216:27
kpas_for example two termial session16:27
heat1I didn't have ubuntu before in that laptop16:27
rattatouekpas_, yeah to open another you have to right click the icon and click New whatever the app is16:27
Guest76002Mobility radeon HD 4500/510016:27
esteevenmartian, this is not a site I am building. I have no control over the css. Is that what you meant?16:28
kpas_rattatoue, k I'll give it a try thanks16:28
heat1martian: I installed windows 7, downloaded ubuntu 11.10 and installed it...16:28
InSac_EdOh great flashback....last IRC chat at least 80's.  Installed Ubuntu on a netbook, sick of Windows, what is a good how to guide for this Linux flavor?16:28
martianesteeven: then that's just a failure on behalf of the sites designer. They are probably not specifying what font to use, so the browser just uses whatever it considers to be the default sans font16:28
jconnollyhey, anyone know which project/package is responsible for this lovely magic?16:28
jconnollyjconnolly@jconnolly-linux:~$ ircd16:28
jconnollyThe program 'ircd' can be found in the following packages: * ircd-irc216:28
jconnollyapt?  bash?16:29
rattatoueGuest76002, okay look at that list and you should see something under that VGA part that says. Says "Kernel Driver in use:" whats it say for your ATI card?16:29
rcmaehlI need help connecting to the Windows Shares on my School's network16:29
heat1martian: I didn't have ubuntu before in that laptop16:29
heat1martian: I installed windows 7, downloaded ubuntu 11.10 and installed it...16:29
rcmaehlIt keeps giving Failed to Recieve share list from server16:29
skypceguys, i have a path /usr/share/themes that i can override from /home/users/.themes, does have more folders as the example that can be override?16:29
Guest76002Kernel driver in use : radeon16:29
rcmaehlUbuntu 11.10 32bitr16:30
martianheat1: strange. try running nm-applet16:30
esteevenmartian, okay. I will try to adjust in Firefox then.16:30
rattatoueGuest76002, Im not real sure about ATI cards, but that sounds like the right driver for your card. Are you talking about videos on your computer or like youtube flash videos?16:30
heat1martian: from terminal?16:30
Guest76002rattatoue: that is correct16:30
martianheat1: sure16:30
jconnollyfound it16:30
Guest76002rattatoue: streaming videos16:30
kpas_rattatoue, ah I see that only certain programs allow you to open up multiple instances16:30
rattatouekpas_, right. Thats why I dont use unity anymore actually.16:31
rattatoueGuest76002, is it just one site or any flash site?16:31
Guest76002rattatoue: i recall fixing this once - there was an issue with flash16:31
Guest76002rattatoue: something about installling flash updates16:31
heat1from the terminal it says "command not found"16:32
rattatoueGuest76002, you can try running the update-manager check if there is a flash video update otherwise you will have to manually install it16:32
Guest76002rattatoue: install flashaid, i think?16:32
martianheat1: well, that's strange. For some reason you don't have network manager installed. I'm still on 11.04 so maybe they took it out in 11.10 in some stroke of genius16:33
heat1martian: from the terminal it says "command not found", then I hitted alt-f2, wrote nm-applet and hitted <Enter> it doesn't do anything16:33
rattatoueGuest76002, your welcome to try that if you want, but honestly never used the program so I wouldnt know on that.16:33
rattatouekpas_, a suggestion. This is up to personal preference, if unity doesnt work for you. One of the best things about Linux is you can use a different DE that might suit you more.16:34
heat1martian: I'm going to install network managed typing "aptitude install network-manager", Is that ok?16:34
heat1martian: I'm going to install network manager typing "aptitude install network-manager", Is that ok?16:34
bilal03hello guyz16:35
martianheat1: yeah, I was about to suggest that. No idea why it wouldn't be though... don't need to repeat yourself ;)16:35
heat1martian: I'm going to install network manager typing "aptitude install network-manager", do you agree?16:35
martianheat1: yes, you don't need to ask three times :-P16:36
David_MillerIs there a way to get dhclient (or similar) to never try to renew leases16:36
kpas_rattatoue, , yeah I know - however when I upgraded from 11.04 to 11.10 it (fu bar) my installation16:36
David_Millerother than insanely long lease times16:36
rattatouekpas_, I was meaning install like KDE, XFCE, Cinnamon Desktop, Gnome Shell etc. Not upgrade to 11.1016:37
heat1martian: sorry, I thought that you wanted me to repeat the question...16:37
trever420ok ubuntu question... i have a ubuntu server set up... it's acting as my router essentially... it has two NICs.. one (eth0) is my WAN side, and (eth1) is my LAN side.  My DHCP runs on ETH1 so that any machine connected to ETH1 gets an IP.. I am using IPTables for firewall rules.16:37
trever420I have OpenSSH server on this box16:37
mihai read http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/android  ... when will this be available? :)16:38
heat1martian: I can't install it because I don't have network...16:38
kpas_rattatoue, yes I did use fallback to gnome3.2 but it locks up now.  I was running gnome on 11.0416:38
mihai use both android and ubuntu... a mix would be greaT :D16:38
trever420but i changed the port to 54321... what is the proper way to configure IPTables to accept SSH requests on ETH0 (WAN side)16:38
bilal03i'm currently using ubuntu 11.10, n now going to change my hard drive, is there is any way to transfer all installed packages and customization that i have made to current ubuntu to the new one that is going to install on my new hard drive?16:38
rattatouekpas_, are you on ATI by chance16:38
Chaos_zeroI am having a problem with vsftpd. I can delete and read files but i can not delete or read directories that i try to create. how can i fix this?16:38
=== kermit is now known as kermit_
rcmaehlbilal03: Burn a gparted live cd16:38
rcmaehlbilal03: hook up both harddrives and copy the partitions from the origianl onto the new one16:39
kpas_rattatoue, you mean - I installed nvidia...16:39
bilal03<rcmaehl> after16:39
xsldo i need ibus on a workstation?16:39
beantrench, iptables -A INPUT -i eth0 --dport 54321 -j ACCEPT i believe16:39
rattatouekpas_, yes did you install your latest video driver?16:39
beanerr, not trench16:39
beantrever420,  iptables -A INPUT -i eth0 --dport 54321 -j ACCEPT16:39
beani believe16:39
bilal03<rcmaehl> so i have the same ubuntu there? with all my settings16:39
rcmaehlbilal03: yep16:39
faryshtaMinor issue. I think I deleted the WiFi icon from the toolbar on XFCE.16:40
bilal03<rcmaehl>thanks a lot, i ll try16:40
kpas_rattatoue, running nvidia_9616:40
beanbilal03, use tab-complete ;) makes talking to be people a lot easier.16:40
xsltrever420: your using ufw or just plain iptables?16:40
rattatouekpas_, then thats not why its locking up. I am on latest gnome-shell without any probs16:40
faryshtaHow do I put a wifi icon on XFCE?16:40
bilal03<bean> didn't get it16:41
kpas_rattatoue, I am thinking a bad upgrade however it is an older machine running graphics card GeForce FX5200/AGP/SSE216:41
Morpheusxnli am running unity 2d why is it that the buttons for close minimize and maximize are not visible on full screen in 3D they are16:41
Chaos_zeroanyone ever had this problem before? where you can change files but not folders in vsftpd?16:41
trever420xs1 just plain iptables16:41
Oerkpas_, do not expect the 96 nvidia driver to work perfect, it is such an old driver, no longer maintained.16:42
trever420bean that's it?16:42
=== Bry8Star_ is now known as Bry8Star
kpas_Oer, worked great in 11.0416:42
rattatouekpas_, that is possible. Your graphics card could be the problem as its not new enough to run it. But you should be able to run Unity without any problems.16:42
Dr_williseverything else has changed.. but not the drivetr :)16:42
rabbi1"Cannot open file as archive" Can i repair this .zip file  or its dead ?16:42
beantrever420, I believe so.16:43
kpas_rattatoue, yeah I am running unity now -  I am thinking of a fresh install shortly16:43
trever420awesome thanks :-)16:43
Dr_willisrabbi1,  there may be some zip command line tools that have a repair option16:43
rcmaehlrabbi1: or it's not a zip16:43
beanbilal03, instead of typing <bean>, my name is bean, not <bean>.16:43
rattatouekpas_, thats usually always recommended then upgrades. I mean you can do upgrades, but then you can have a bad upgrade and mess up your packages etc16:43
xsltrever420: iptables -A INPUT -p tcp -i $WAN --dport 54321 -j ACCEPT ($WAN= write your wan interface)16:43
Morpheusxnlanyone else has this problem on unity 2D16:43
bilal03bean, got it thanks :)16:43
rabbi1Dr_willis: thanks, will have a check16:44
xsltrever420: if you dont have big iptables kowledge ufw is very nice16:44
xsland simple to use16:44
trever420ufw? what is that?16:44
rcmaehlxsl: what about firestarter16:44
kpas_rattatoue, I agree - example was I could not configure my monitors to twin view16:44
rcmaehlfirestarter seems a hole lot better16:44
martianrabbi1: try (in a terminal): zip FF yourfile.zip16:44
faryshtaHow do I put a wifi icon on XFCE?16:44
xslrcmaehl: it's nice also .. but with stuff that can confuse some people up16:44
rattatouekpas_, I always one run monitor, but I have tried once or twice for twinview and never really had a problem with it.16:45
xslrcmaehl: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW16:45
rcmaehlxsl: true. Just don't let anyone go into the settings and just right click and accept connection from source and you should be fine16:45
kpas_rattatoue, nvid... would not show both monitor therefor I had to use my old xorg.conf from my 11.0416:45
heat1martian: What can I do?16:45
trever420xs1: is UFW a GUI frontend for IPTables?16:45
trever420and does it run from a web interface?16:45
rattatouekpas_, did you try nvidia-settings thing16:45
xsltrever420: command line16:45
martianheat1: did you install network manager?16:46
rabbi1martian: what does it do ?16:46
kpas_rattatoue, oh yeah all that crap plus reinstall nv drivers - nothing worked until I used my old xorg16:46
martianrabbi1: attempts to fix the archive16:46
rattatouekpas_, sounds like you need that fresh install16:46
heat1I can't because I don't have network on ubuntu 11.1016:46
rcmaehl:| People at my school keep thinking I'm on command prompt :| This ISN'T a winblows pc16:46
rabbi1martian: nope, it just zipped the .zip file16:46
kpas_rattatoue, yes16:46
xslstuff easy like "ufw status" "ufw status verbose" "ufw allow 54321/tcp"16:47
heat1martian: I can't because I don't have network on ubuntu 11.1016:47
kpas_rattatoue, some this year ;)16:47
xslit is rly very simple to work with16:47
martianrabbi1: sorry, try: zip -FF --out fixed.zip yourzip.zip16:48
rattatouekpas_, now this is just my personal preference, but if your going to try Gnome Shell, should give Cinnamon Desktop a try too.16:48
rcmaehlslow-motion: Hey john16:49
rabbi1martian: zip warning: Missing end (EOCDR) signature - either this archive is not readable or the end is damaged16:49
martianheat1: ahh right. honestly, that souds fishy. is it possible that the installation process was interrupted when you first installed ubuntu?16:49
kpas_rattatoue, is cinn more similar to gnome 2 or 3 and can I install via app-get16:49
rcmaehlrabbi1: It's dead jim.16:49
slow-motionrcmaehl hi robert16:49
rcmaehlO_O I forgot to remove that from Irssi16:50
martianrabbi1: are you sure it's a zip? try running "file yourzip.zip" and see what it says16:50
rabbi1:( going to flush out :)16:50
Lunar_Landergot a short question about security16:50
Lunar_Landerif that is OK?16:50
martianLunar_Lander: NO!!16:50
rcmaehlLunar_Lander: yep or ask in ##security16:50
rabbi1Zip archive data16:50
Lunar_LanderOK, I hope it's a short question16:50
martianrabbi1: then yep, it's dead :(16:51
* rcmaehl mourns the lost of the poor zip file16:51
ubusrvhi all16:51
rabbi1martian: from the -FF command i am able to see the data inside .zip file. but not extract16:51
rcmaehlI got to go.16:51
rattatouekpas_, yes, you can have it look exactly like gnome2, well I mean theres a few lil differents or I just have mine setup kinda like a start bar in windows was. Its a lot more polished then mate desktop is and looks a lot better.16:51
Lunar_LanderI use Thunderbird to read the emails in my uni account and there I got an E-Mail newsletter from an Electronic Shop, but the shop was hacked by someone last year, i.e. that guy replaced the shop with a black site, which said that he took the site down. Now I don't know if the E-Mails coming from the shop are OK. I didn't open the e-mail but of course thunderbird had downloaded it from uni to my harddrive16:52
Lunar_LanderI now deleted it16:52
kpas_rattatoue, is it tar ball install or a apt-get install16:52
martianrabbi1: that probably means the header of the archive is intact, so zip is still able to see what is supposed to be in it, but the data is probably all garbled16:52
Lunar_Landerpotential danger?16:52
rattatouekpas_, apt-get install once you add the ppa16:52
rattatoueLunar_Lamp, if you were running on Linux when you downloaded the email due to Linux's file permissions you should be okay.16:53
ubusrvI'm having trouble running proftpd on an ubuntu server... every time someone tries to connect (outside the LAN) and set passive mode it times out the connection; I've tried ANYTHING I found in manuals, but nothing happens... passive ports are set, ports are open through iptables, router ports open; nf_conntrack, nf_conntrack, nf_nat_ftp modules loaded, and still nothing16:53
kpas_rattatoue, so when I try I can select what desktop to use when logging in right e.g. gnome, unity, or Cin16:53
ubusrvany ideas, please?16:53
scwizardwhen using sudo my PATH is /usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/X11R6/bin16:53
scwizardand I can't figure out how to change this16:53
rattatouekpas_, right. I just pick Cinnamon. You can look on youtube its actually from linux-mint but works great in ubuntu too.16:54
scwizardthis is strange because there is no such /usr/X11R6 folder on my computer16:54
martianLunar_Lander: very unlikely. Not only is thunderbird 'smart' enough to not run things the way some other M$ email clients may have, but being linux, there are not many email virus type things out there to worry about. I wouldn't load the remote images in thunderbird (as it may ask you to do) as it will tell an attacker that someone at your IP is viewing the email, but aside from that don't stress it.16:54
beanLunar_Lander, doubtful, i take it you're on ubuntu?16:54
permaflex68ciao a tutti16:54
kpas_rattatoue, will give it a try when I rebuild my system16:54
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».16:54
Lunar_Landerbean exactly, Ubuntu 11.1016:54
Oerrattatoue, tell him Ubuntu won't support cinamon :-)16:55
kpas_rattatoue, thanks for the info16:55
rabbi1martian: nope, i was able to extract files one by one, mainfile.zip had 8 other .zip files but i was able to unzip 7 out of 8 one by one. the corrupted .zip file was the last one. ....16:55
rabbi1martian: thanks a lot ...!16:55
scwizardis it the program sudo that is setting the PATH to this strange value? or is it something else?16:55
Lunar_Landerthanks martian I first thought to completely forget viruses but then someone at the Ubuntu Forum said that even on ubuntu someone was able to steal his e-mail info16:55
rattatoueOer, I told him it was from a ppa. Whats wrong with that? That alone says its not from ubuntu.16:55
martianrabbi1: rad!16:55
Lunar_Landeroh martian what I also have is plain text view and don't have images showing up in the e-mail16:56
kpas_rattatoue, Oer , Yes I get it.  No one OS can support every DE out their16:56
Lunar_LanderI think that is what you meant?16:56
kpas_rattatoue, Oer, but it does not hurt to try different things now and then16:56
Lunar_Landerthat if an image is attached that it is just an attachment and isn't displayed at once16:56
rabbi1martian: Reactive Attachment Disorder ? ;)16:57
kpas_rattatoue, Oer, plus this might give me ceedence to get the wife to spring for a more powerfull PC since my is about 6 + years old16:57
martianLunar_Lander: some emails embed images, where others host them remotely and expect your client to fetch them like a web browser. regardless, there's very little to worry about.16:57
Lunar_Landermartian: a final question on that maybe?16:57
martianLunar_Lander: no need to ask to ask =D16:58
llutz!info whenjobs16:58
ubottuPackage whenjobs does not exist in oneiric16:58
Oerkpas_, try it and have fun :-)16:58
mike3guys, rc.local won't start on startup. it shows in chkconfig as on. any ideas?16:59
Lunar_LanderI know a professor in australia and I wrote him on my freemail account (GMX) and the uni account and sometimes I get a Facebook email from him, simultaneously on both accounts, i.e. "Check my Pictures on Facebook" and that looks like he caught a virus and I thought about informing him and when he would write back, I could open up that e-mail allright then?16:59
rabbi1how can i disable compiz only for my cursor ?17:00
martianLunar_Lander: again, being on thunderbird and linux, there's (I'm choosing my words carefully, as nothing is ever 100%) really no chance that you're going to get an email virus17:00
Lunar_LanderOK thanks17:00
Lunar_Landerand sorry again17:00
Lunar_LanderI once told here that I had windows up to last year17:00
Lunar_Landerand then in the summer I started to get paranoid out of the blue17:01
Lunar_Landeruntil I ordered the 5 CD 11.10 option from Canonical17:01
lmao25how come when i open firefox, watch a flash video and put it in fullscreen the screen flickrs17:01
LintLunar_Lander, E-Mail is just a text files, there cannot be viruses17:01
ubusrvI'm having trouble running proftpd on an ubuntu server... every time someone tries to connect (outside the LAN) and set passive mode it times out the connection; I've tried ANYTHING I found in manuals, but nothing happens... passive ports are set, ports are open through iptables, router ports open; nf_conntrack, nf_conntrack, nf_nat_ftp modules loaded, and still nothing; could someone give me17:01
ubusrvany idea?17:01
Lunar_Landerah one more thing Lint and martian: Is there any place to suggest ideas for future ubuntus?17:01
VIPER-IIok Ubuntu is playing jokes on my. (Not in the mood right now.)17:02
Lintthere was site for 'ideas', but I don'tknow if it's abandoned now17:02
VIPER-III download and save a movie with sabnzbd into a folder. After ubuntu finishes, the whole content of that folder disappeaers.17:02
Lunar_LanderI would like to have the Update symbol from Ubuntu 10 back, the red/orange exclaimation mark17:02
Lunar_Landermy 11.10 just slaps the update window into my face17:03
VIPER-IIis there some kinda Checkdisk for Ubuntu?17:03
Lunar_LanderVIPER-II: as far as I know, when you17:04
ubottufsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo touch /forcefsck && sudo shutdown -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot17:04
LintVIPER-II, fsck17:04
themaster_i am trying to copy a .so file to my opera plugin lib, but it will not allow me to, as I do not have root permissions. is there another way to do this? or can i temporarily grant myself access? i am the administrator on this pc.17:04
martianLunar_Lander: oh, the red symbol usually just means an update has been installed and you need to reboot for it to take affect. I agree, the update manager is a bit obtrusive. You can set it to only check once a week or something17:04
Lintthemaster_, use sudo17:04
Lunar_Landerah ok martian :)17:04
dr_willisthemaster_:  users may have a .opera/ dir in their home17:04
themaster_if it helps any, i am running ubuntu 11.10 64 bit17:05
Lunar_Landermartian and thanks, I thought red means security and orange means normal update17:05
themaster_drwillis: and if i cant find this directory?17:05
=== fayimora_ is now known as fayimora
Lunar_LanderOK martian and Lint, you helped me a ton :)!17:06
martianLunar_Lander: hmm, maybe it does. I dunoh :) Glad to help!17:06
Lunar_Landercu soon!17:06
themaster_all i see is my username, and then the normal user directory. desktop, documents, photo, etcetera17:06
dr_willisthemaster_:  it may be some other name. opera should make it17:07
Lintthemaster_, show hidden files (Ctrl+H)17:07
dr_willisnote the . in the name ;)17:07
heat1martian: No, it didn't, it said "successful"17:08
VIPER-IIdoes fsck run over NTFS drives?17:08
mike__Hi, for some reason mpg123 plays some files far too fast (as in playing an album at 45). I think it could be something to do with the fact it is reporting they are MPEG 2 Layer III whereas it's fine when playuing what it sees as MPEG 1 Layer III17:09
=== milind is now known as abyss42
dr_willisVIPER-II:  use windows to check ntfs is best17:09
martianheat1: well, I'm afraid I'm not sure what else to do. It seems unusual that you don't have network manager installed.17:09
=== root is now known as Guest18268
varyakhey guys i need help to customize the bootloader17:11
varyakim totaly new with linux/ubuntu17:11
aboudreaultI have this error when I do service ssh start: Missing privilege separation directory: /var/run/sshd17:11
KentrelAnyway to force Nautilus to always open folders in a new tab, and never a new window?17:11
=== kermit_ is now known as kermit
Chaos_zerohai people i am having a little problem with vsftpd on a server for a LAN (not internet). II had it working before after i chown'd something but after a restart its dead again. I can upload and delete FILES. And i can navigate and delete directories that the server had created. When i create a directory i can not open it or delete it. How can i fix this last part?17:11
aboudreaulteven if I created the directory and set the permission... the service doesn't want to start17:12
martianvaryak: Why do you want to do that then?17:12
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)17:13
scwizardgeez I asked how to change a setting on the ubuntu forums and someone is like "just leave it that way"17:13
Guest18268Hi what system do u have?17:13
zikoshi, does anyone know why xbmc isn't avaible... or xbmc for precise17:13
varyakmartian i dont like the irrelevant entries, or i want a other name for the entries17:13
motherbrainI am working with raw sockets and I have complete control of all the headers right down to the data link layer. I am curious though to send a packet to a computer that is not physically connected to your nic you must at least use an ip header / ip protocal (something at network layer) . Yes /no ?17:13
dr_willisi got xbmc on 11.1017:13
martianvaryak: well, this page has all the info you need... be careful! https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub217:14
dr_willistheres ppa for it i recall17:14
Guest18268varyak: beware of bloathi linux17:14
varyakyeah ty maritan, saw it already posted by the bot17:14
=== DaZ_ is now known as DaZ
heat1martian: thanks a lot17:15
vindavCan someone please tell me what is the terminal command to use in Ubuntu 11.1 Unity to allow the 'Preferences' & 'Administration' in the Applications Menu to be visible if you have set up a docky through CompizConfig Settings Manager ?17:15
varyakwhat do you mean guest18268?17:15
Guest18268me too i still have problems with grub, 'cause of  loathi linux17:15
VIPER-IIwhat was the command again?17:15
Guest18268i still don't see it17:15
Guest18268i appreciate more grub legacy17:15
dr_willisadd a customr grub entrty if its not autodetected17:16
Guest18268there are some derivatives of uuntu that may cause trouble w grub17:16
dr_willisit  pays to learn grub foo17:17
YokoBRhey guys, i have on my pc an ATI HD 5570 and a GeForce 7300gs. Is there any way to make my 7300gs work as physix?17:20
=== intellibook is now known as danJH
heat1martian: I rebooted the pc in windows 7 and it has internet, but the ubuntu partion doesn't have internet17:21
heat1the ubuntu partion doesn't have ip address17:22
heat1martian: the ubuntu partion doesn't have network17:22
subthalamusheat1: is there a dhcp server on your network?17:23
dr_willishow is it networked? wireless?'17:23
heat1subthalamus: Yes, there is.17:24
subthalamusheat1: r u trying to connect a wired or wireless nic?17:24
heat1subthalamus: I'm trying to connect to a wired one...17:25
subthalamusheat1: what does ifconfig say?17:25
subthalamusheat1: r u using the network manager?17:25
heat1subthalamus: it only displays loopback17:26
subthalamusheat1: could have started with that :P17:26
heat1I don't know where is "network manager" in ubuntu 11.1017:26
=== Knorre`BNC is now known as Knorre
heat1subthalamus: I don't know where is "network manager" in ubuntu 11.1017:26
subthalamusheat1: how about an lspci -v?17:26
raveendra_how to use vgaswitcheroo in ubuntu with ATI HD5470 GPU and intel GPU?17:27
orbisvicishow do I do anything with apt-get without running "The following packages are unused and will be REMOVED.."17:27
goathouse774is it safe to install the linux version of zdoom (given that it's not available from the software center)?  I see mention of "compiling" and the term is relatively foreign to me.17:27
=== iqpi|off is now known as iqpi|on
orbisvicisie I'd like to keep some of those "unused" packages17:28
dr_willisgoathouse774:  look for a ppa for it first17:28
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa17:28
trever420I'm confused... i just installed ubuntu and it told me i had to reboot the computer before i could start using it17:29
trever420after installing i got that message17:29
trever420but i didnt install it on a computer17:29
salexHi!, anybody knows how to get started with multitouch in 12.04? i am using a macbook air17:29
trever420i installed it on a virtual machine... cant i just reboot the virtual machine??17:29
dr_willistrever420:  yes17:29
dr_willisa vm is a emulated computer17:29
orbisvicisok keep-all17:30
trever420are you sure17:30
trever420the instructions specifically said computer17:30
dr_willisfine .. reboot the whole pc then...17:30
trever420it didnt say VM17:30
trever420just kidding :-P17:30
heat1subthalamus: it says: "http://pastebin.com/kfvL33bv"17:30
vindavCan someone please tell me what is the terminal command to use in Ubuntu 11.1 Unity to allow the 'Preferences' & 'Administration' in the Applications Menu to be visible if you have set up a docky through CompizConfig Settings Manager ?17:30
haylothere is a menu editor thing for ubuntu vindav17:31
dr_willisa docky?17:31
haylooh actually sorry so many things have changed vindav17:31
dr_willisdocky has its own settings17:31
subthalamusheat1: so u have a Marvell Technology Group Ltd. 88E8039 PCI-E17:32
goathouse774being unsupported, how are PPAs any better than just downloading and installing?17:32
vindavhaylo:  we'll, one of my Ubuntu 11.1 desktops have it both displayed, and on another, it doesn't.17:32
haylovindav, use 11.04 and switch to the classic (gnome) fallback mode. its way easier to use17:32
subthalamusheat1: is sky2 module loaded?17:32
EvilResistancegoathouse774, PPAs are actually repositories which update.  But when you download the package as source and install it as well, you are still using unsupported software.  I guess ease-of-installation-and-removal is the main positive17:33
vindavhaylo:  would that be done when I log in asking me what to choose ?17:33
haylowell like i said there is a "menu config editor- look for it in your system tools its hard to find17:33
xsli want to completely remove bluetooth is it ok to remove these packages? (blueman* bluez* bluez-alsa* bluez-cups* gtk2-engines* gvfs-backends* libbluetooth3* libgnome-bluetooth8* network-manager-gnome* obex-data-server* xubuntu-desktop*)17:33
dr_willisgoathouse774:  easier to install and remove and update17:33
heat1subthalamus: I don't know what's that17:33
subthalamusheat1: lsmod | grep sky217:33
haylovindav, no thats an installer- no options like that presented17:33
trever420i think when you compile from source they need like a make uninstall option17:33
trever420or an uninstall script17:33
zykotick9!checkinstall | goathouse77417:33
ubottugoathouse774: checkinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!17:33
xsli dont mind to loose the graphical frontend from network-manager17:33
trever420it should just be standard on all software17:33
haylocan anyone rattle me off some names of linux installers i could put on my .iso?17:34
subthalamusheat1: does that command do nothing or spit a single line out?17:34
trever420ummmm... haylo: what???17:34
goathouse774But, I wouldn't need to compile a PPA, would I?17:34
vindavhaylo:  we'll...how does one switch to classic gnome fallback mode ?17:34
dr_willisgoathouse774:  no..17:35
dr_willisgoathouse774:  thats a main point of a ppa17:35
hayloinstallers trever420 . i need to install an installer- not an easy thing to google17:35
goathouse774Are PPAs often behind the official versions?17:35
zykotick9goathouse774: i was sending you that as an alternate to PPA usage, if you went the compiling route17:35
acidrainaparently 11.10 wont install any package17:35
trever420install an installer?17:35
trever420wtf are you talking about?17:35
acidrainso i am down grading to 10.1017:35
dr_willisgoathouse774:  the reverse17:35
=== RenatoSilva is now known as Pikkachu
acidrainand 11.10 sucks the most ass i have ever seen the biggest whore in jackson, tn suck.17:36
dr_willisacidrain:  take rants elsewhere please17:36
heat1subthalamus: it said: "sky2        58674    0"17:36
haylovindav, linux login screens always have options to switch users and window managers. so logout >switch it up and > log back in17:36
BunieHey guys! Long time no see17:36
subthalamusheat1: odd17:36
haylovindav, if you install something like xfce this is how you would find it17:37
acidraindr_willis: im actually giving my professional opinion on a ubuntu system. in the #ubuntu channel :)17:37
heat1subthalamus: what?17:37
Bunieguys im tinkering with an ancient version of ubuntu (Dont even know what version) and when i run apt-get update it gives me 404 errors. Any idea what i should do?17:37
subthalamusheat1: you're positive only lo is listed in ifconfig?17:37
shade7psudo apt-get install gnome-session-fallback17:37
subthalamusheat1: no eth0?17:37
hayloBunie, does aptitude work?'17:37
goathouse774I'm actually not seeing a zdoom ppa; is there a site that lists all available ppas?17:37
hayloinstead of apt-get Bunie ?17:37
dr_willis!eol | Bunie17:37
ubottuBunie: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades17:37
heat1subthalamus: you're right17:37
zykotick9Bunie: to find version "lsb_release -sc"17:38
pangolinacidrain: your professional opinion leaves much to be desired. Please keep the language clean and the topic here support related.17:38
subthalamusheat1: which ubuntu version did u say you're running?17:38
Buniea sec, i typed aptitude and now its going nuts x317:38
heat1subthalamus: 11.1017:38
hayloBunie, they have expired the repos. if you want to save the system you have to upgrade or use some non-ubuntu erepos ( a bad idea) jus upgrade17:38
Buniein this case i cant upgrade :3 lols17:39
dr_willisBunie:  you can. read the urls above17:39
BunieIt's not a PC x317:40
subthalamusheat1: on the back of the nic, u see a solid green light or something else?17:40
dr_willisdetails are worth giving if  you want good help.17:40
Buniezykotick9: it says Karmic17:41
subthalamusheat1: by solid, i mean on and not blinking17:42
BunieGuess theres no hope for me17:45
=== openbees is now known as Vikas
=== eddie is now known as Guest66464
RobinJwhy is it so hard to simply get a wifi connection on ubuntu server, which claims to be so user-friendly; while it's incredibly easy on a distro like arch?17:46
=== Vikas is now known as Guest25434
* IT_Sean peers in17:46
=== Guest25434 is now known as openbees
RobinJeven cabled internet is a disaster...17:46
IT_SeanHow's the touchscreen support these days w/ Ubuntu?  I'm looking at a ThinkPad X Series Tablet, and would like to toss linux onnit17:47
Bunie"failed to fetch http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/pool/main/x/xorg/xbase-clients_7.4+3ubuntu7_all.deb 404 Not Found" Q~Q17:47
Pikkachuanyone using pidgin experiments high cpu usage while here in irc chat rooms?17:48
KindariSo my server turns the monitor off after a while, im still using it and the screen is still being updated (ssh'd screen session). Is there a way to tell it to wake up or keep the monitor alive?17:49
BlouBlouPikkachu: I use Pidgin and yes, uses a lot of CPU17:49
SerythHello all. I've recently bought a new printer, a Canon Pixma IP4200. I've installed the drivers from the Canon website, and the printer shows up in LibreOffice, but when I select it and press "print", nothing happens. I've not done any test print or anything, and I'm not sure what to do. Any help greatly appreciated!17:49
heat1subthalamus: solid one17:50
=== Companion is now known as companion
subthalamusheat1: sorry, I'm running out of ideas17:51
PikkachuBlouBlou: what os, which pidgin version17:52
subthalamusheat1: long shot, but perhaps a resource conflict? see if there are any settings in the bios you can mess around with (carefully)17:52
subthalamusheat1: this is an onboard NIC right?17:52
BlouBlouPikkachu:  Ubuntu 11.10 - Pidgin 2.10.017:52
skypceguys, helpme please, where store the settings file gnome-tweak-tool ?17:52
PikkachuBlouBlou: odd, I have it here too and in Ubuntu it doesn't freeze, only in Windows17:53
=== shadowh511 is now known as notshadowh511
BlouBlouPikkachu: It doesn't freeze, works fine. It just consumes a lot of cpu17:54
Pikkachuskypce: is this a pidgin question?17:54
Scarra3When I try to download a .exe in ubuntu and run it on windows it says it corrupt17:54
kdmurrayIs there a standard convention for where to put the web-roots of multiple websites in an apache install?17:54
PikkachuBlouBlou: choice of words, ok. But it's annoying anyway, if I had only one CPU core it would be worse17:54
Pikkachuskypce: #gnome maybe17:55
MonkeyDustScarra3: maybe you have to change the permissions to exectutable17:55
PikkachuI'm in the wrong channel, sorry all!17:55
BlouBlouheh :P17:55
PikkachuBlouBlou: it doesn't work fine17:55
Pikkachuskypce: sorry17:55
=== notshadowh511 is now known as shadowh511
BlouBlouPikkachu: It does for me. I have 6 cores at 3.2 ghz, so that's not a problem. Anyway, I had to use another irc client with my previous pc.17:57
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=== cg_away is now known as CoralGausman
Kindarion tty tmux just hangs, over ssh it works normally. Any ideas?18:00
=== nick is now known as Guest69786
PikkachuBlouBlou: oh I see, I have only 2 cores :( what do you mean with another client tough?18:01
SerythHello all. I've recently bought a new printer, a Canon Pixma IP4200. I've installed the drivers from the Canon website, and the printer shows up in LibreOffice, but when I select it and press "print", nothing happens. I've not done any test print or anything, and I'm not sure what to do. Any help greatly appreciated!18:02
qw-Russianhelp me please18:02
BlouBlouPikkachu: Well, if you want to chat but Pidgin takes too much cpu, you can try with xchat18:02
Seryth<BlouBlou> Pikkachu: Well, if you want to chat but Pidgin takes too much cpu, you can try with xchat18:02
Serythxchat is what I use18:03
SerythIt's good :)18:03
FloodBot1Seryth: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:03
moseswhats the network adapter that is CLI18:03
mosesor what are some ones that are common18:03
mosesi have one installed i just forget18:03
KindariThis page: http://stackoverflow.com/a/7410228/880040 says to make sure /usr/share/terminfo/*/$TERM exists. mine does not, /usr/share/terminfo exists but is empty. The page doesn't say what I should do. Anyone?18:04
UbuntunubAnyone able to help an utter idiot out with installing an Ubuntu server?  Can't even find the right download link.  :D18:04
KindariUbuntunub: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/server/download18:04
PikkachuSeryth: no18:05
Bendercan you help me, i have some bugs in audio, maybe ALSA.18:05
goathouse774I don't think there is a ppa for zdoom so I'm going to assume I need to...  compile...  something?18:06
qw-Russiani would like install Windows XP for Ubuntu 10.4 but i would like unistall VirtualBox and reinstall VirtualBox I don't know as me it to make and establish then through VirtualBox Windows XP18:06
slugzzzHey, does anyone here use quicksynergy? I am having trouble getting it to work./18:06
SerythPikkachu: ?18:06
PikkachuSeryth: what's your question18:06
PikkachuSeryth: no, I' won't use xchat18:06
SerythPikkachu: I see. Why?18:06
UbuntunubKindari:  The issue is that I don't see a 64bit i386 server download.  Does it not matter if I use the amd download on a Xeon machine?18:07
llutzUbuntunub: amd64 is for intel too18:07
KindariUbuntunub: amd64 works for intel18:08
avdgamd just designed the 64bit instruction set and gets the honor ;-)18:08
moseshow do you list your installed applications?18:08
Ubuntunublmao, well I seemed to have already earned my nick.  :)  Thanks!18:08
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall18:08
Pikkachumoses: you don't, I asked this yesterday18:08
mosesyou do18:09
mosesive done it before18:09
Pikkachumoses: you need to seek into apt history or keep track yourself of what you've installed18:09
llutzmoses: dpkg -l |grep ^i18:09
Pikkachumoses: how did you do, with what application?18:09
Pikkachullutz: it doesn't list installed "applications"18:09
Pikkachullutz: specially, "yours"18:09
KindariPikkachu: if he knew which application he wouldnt be asking. Also, define application? ls is just as much of an application as firefox is.18:10
PikkachuKindari: no. He could be using some app in the past which doesn't work anymore or he can't get access to or tons of reasons18:11
KindariPikkachu: Then the would have said "how do i get <package> to <something>?" point is moot. lets move on.18:11
Canadian1296I want to record my commands and their output, like what the "script" command does. The problem is if I type exit as a command, it exits the script. Is there a better way to log everything?18:14
llutzPikkachu: define "application" and "yours". for systemwide installed executable stuff: for dir in ${PATH//:/ };do ls $dir; done18:14
slugzzzI am getting a 'version GLIBCXX_3.4.14 not found' error. Can anyone spare a hand?18:14
Canadian1296slugzzz: What are you doing before you get the error?18:15
slugzzzTrying to run synergy.18:15
Canadian1296Find what version you have of glibc18:16
qw-Russianhelp me in the screen i see next message No bootable medium found! System halted18:16
Lintqw-Russian, your translator is a junk, use Google translate18:16
Lintqw-Russian, in virtualbox?18:17
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
Lintqw-Russian, mount XP CD, it should boot from it18:17
Canadian1296qw-Russian: In the menu bar there is a "Devices" option. Choose an .iso image you're downloaded (like the ubuntu one) and then press the host key and r.18:18
qw-Russianbut i am select OS in my PC18:18
PikkachuKindari: your' wrong, he wouldn't have necessarily said that. I'm done with you18:19
Lintqw-Russian, that virtual machine is not your PC. It's completely empty and usless yet18:19
Pikkachullutz: I doubt moses shall do it18:20
qazokmdoes fglrx still perform better than radeon?18:20
mgaunardqazokm: yes, assuming your card is still compatible with fglrx18:20
Lintqazokm, by orders!18:20
Lint*of magnitude, that is18:21
qw-Russiani am understand my problem18:22
qw-Russianthank you18:22
Canadian1296qw-Russian: If you need more help go here: https://www.virtualbox.org/manual/UserManual.html and use Google Translate.18:22
Lintqw-Russian, another tip: when installing XP, remove the partition that exist on HD, and create a new one in installer18:23
Canadian1296So anyone have a solution for my problem?18:24
qw-RussianLint, see this screen please http://i047.radikal.ru/1202/b0/71d16cbac624.jpg18:24
devishhow can i access a website running on my computer inside a lan from other network18:25
Lintqw-Russian, and...18:25
qw-Russianformat &18:26
llutzCanadian1296: start another bash-session inside script. whyever you use exit in it18:26
qw-Russianformat ?18:26
Ebronapt-repository for sun-java7-jdk anyone?18:26
Lintqw-Russian, yes, format, and use NTFS18:26
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Canadian1296devish: You mean apache is running on a computer on your local LAN, and want to access it from an external network?18:27
AntaresIt's in the software center if that's not the exact apt-get keyword.18:27
EbronAntares: openjdk is kinda "almost all features"18:27
qw-RussianLint, If I format I ubuntu  I will not touch?18:27
AntaresOpenJDK, starting from 7, will be the official implementation.18:27
Ebronreally :x18:27
llutzdevish: configure portforwarding on your router18:27
Lintqw-Russian, no, that machine is an entirely separate computer18:27
EbronAntares: says who?18:27
Canadian1296qw-Russian: You are not formatting ubuntu. You are formatting the virtual computer.18:27
qw-Russianthank you!=)18:28
devishCanadian1296: tomcat is running on my computer hosting a site and i want to access  it from outside18:28
qw-Russianthank you )18:28