ScottLmicahg, sorry, didn't work on packaging today, but i did manage to review some of the xubuntu packages04:18
ScottLmicahg, i have a better understanding now of which packages carry what, before i was thinking about the source package (i.e. the pixmaps)04:19
ScottLmicahg, i do not foresee anything preventing me from making the changes tomorrow (unless i can't find my pixmap source from the previous packages)04:20
micahgsure, whenever you're ready04:21
ScottLi'm worried about getting many, many things done, so i would like to get it done as soon as possible :)04:22
Len-1204ScottL: I have started looking at the panel(s) 06:26
Len-1204comments can be found at mailing list06:26
lenI have figured that we were missing an application that does for video what gcdmaster does for audio15:12
lenOne of the people on the list has suggested DVDstyler. From the web page it seems to fill the bill.15:13
lenWe have a video editor, but not something for making nice "profesional looking" video DVDs.15:14
lenYes it is GPL and on a LP repo.15:15
lenGotta go...15:15
holsteinlen: http://www.dvdstyler.org/en/ reads great15:47
lenholstein: Ja, I thought so too. I would like to at least download it into 12.04 alpha and make sure it runs.21:34
lenI guess I should get some DVDs so I can try it out...21:36
holsteinyeah, i was testing/opening it in debian21:44
len<holstein> how do you like it?21:45
holsteinlen: it looks fine21:45
holsteini didnt get to do anything enough to realy comment though21:45
lenShould we bug Scott to include it?21:45
holsteinits past feature freeze though21:46
holsteinwe can ask21:46
lenDo we know if it has x86/amd64 ?21:46
lenWe can call video workflow broken ;-)21:46
holsteinlen: i thought i read it had both21:46
lenThen it is a bug fix21:47
lenThere are still a bunch of apps that are supposed to be in yet, that are not, whats one more?21:48
lenI'm DL it now it pulls in DVDisaster?21:51
lenholstein: it does look pretty good. Certainly enough for someone who does videos of weddings for example.22:07
lenAs any graphic can be used as a background, the fonts etc are endless anyway.22:08
lenThe menus can be as deep as needed. What I don't see is a way of putting chapters in.22:09
lenThat is have a menu that selects this 10min. or the next. But I have not really looked close.22:10
lenActually there is a place to set chapter start time, default is 10 min. and it is possible to set up menus with chapters.22:15
lenScottL: can we add DVDStyler to our video workflow? It seems to fill a void in the video workflow.22:16

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