xchris2168xcan anyone help me diagnose why i'm getting 12 XRUNS a second on my comp?05:16
holsteinxchris2168x: try running as root temporarily05:16
holsteinlook at the messages in the JACK window05:16
holsteinconsider trying other kernels05:17
xchris2168xrealtime or not?05:17
holsteinxchris2168x: RT usually permits lower latency05:17
holsteinyou can also just relax the JACK settings05:17
holsteinincreas the latency05:17
holsteindepends on what you are doing if you actually need low latency05:17
holsteini say, if you dont have 12ms, you dont need RT05:18
xchris2168xi mean, at this point i'm just trying to get it to the point where my guitar doesn't sound like a helicopter05:18
holsteinanything around 15ms starts to get unacceptable to me05:18
holsteinxchris2168x: when? after you record it?05:18
holsteinjust dont monitor with the computer05:18
holsteinmonitor live... track at a higher latency...05:19
xchris2168xwell i like to use rakarrack as an amp since i'm in college and don't have space/$$ for a real amp right now05:19
holsteinalso depends on the hardware... you wont get low latency or great quality from an internal card05:19
holsteinxchris2168x: i use it... i use it via firewire.. and with several USB devices05:20
xchris2168xyeah, i've got a Line 6 UX205:20
holsteinyou can try a different kernel05:20
holsteinyou can ask in #opensourcemusicians05:20
holsteinyou dont *need* the line605:21
holsteinyou can try the internal card05:21
holsteinsee if you get better performance05:21
xchris2168xwell i need the line6 to hook up to my monitors05:22
xchris2168xand my guitar too05:22
holsteinxchris2168x: hook it up05:22
holsteinthen line out of that into the internal sound card05:22
holsteinim just suggesting trying the other interface you already have05:22
xchris2168xyeah, the drivers ARE a little bit iffy...05:23
xchris2168xgood suggestion05:23
xchris2168xthank you05:23
holsteinyeah, it wont hurt05:23
holsteini hate using internal cards though05:23
holsteinhow about as root?05:23
holsteinstill bad?05:23
xchris2168xjust as bad yeah..05:23
holsteintry the kernel too though05:24
xchris2168xhow long do you think that'll take?05:24
holsteinxchris2168x: ?05:24
holsteintrying a kernel?05:25
xchris2168xyeah, never done it05:25
holsteindepends... not long05:25
holsteinit would take me about 4 mintues longer than it takes my machine to reboot05:25
xchris2168xalright, let me give it a try05:25
holsteinsudo apt-add-repository ppa:abogani/ppa05:26
holsteinsudo apt-get update05:26
holsteinsudo apt-get install linux-lowlatency05:26
holsteinthen, you can decide about editing grub to show you the kernels, or just holding shift down when you reboot05:27
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)05:27
holsteinxchris2168x: i have also been told that USB devices need to have 2 periods/buffer05:27
holsteinnot 305:27
xchris2168xi've tried with 2-6 periods05:28
xchris2168xliterally tried it all within the qjackctl settings05:28
holsteinxchris2168x: well, you can just set it to 2 for the tests with the lowlatency kernel05:28
holsteinleave the RT box checked05:28

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