sveinseI'm trying to get two services up and running on a Natty system and I have some dependency issues:10:48
sveinsejob 'a' is set to start on (local-filesystems and starting network). Its a task.10:49
sveinsejob 'b' is set to start on ( runlevel [2] and stopped a ), also a task. But it seems this job is never run.10:50
sveinseIs there a problem using and statements like this for job b ?10:50
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lucsDoes the upstart syntax support continuation lines, like with a \ at the end of a line?19:57
lucsI could try it and see, but maybe I can avoid a reboot or two if I know whether it's supposed to work or not :)20:01
SpamapSlucs: you don't have to reboot to run 'start jobname' ;)20:10
lucsTrue, but I've had trouble fixing broken scripts in the past (required rebooting to get the machine in a clean state).20:11
lucsSpamapS: By the way, do you happen to know if contiuations with \ are supported? :)20:12
SpamapSdo not know no20:12
lucsAh, okay.20:12
SpamapSI would assume yes in side script/end_script20:13
lucsI guess I'll just try it (but only later).20:13
JanClucs: line breaks are allowed within parentheses21:27
JanCe.g. within parentheses in start on / stop on stanzas21:28
JanCbut AFAIK no "\" at the end of a line21:29
lucsJanC: I was thinking within "script/end script", to make some of the longer lines easier to read.21:42
lucsOh well.21:42
JanClucs: that might work actually, if /bin/sh supports it?21:44
JanCI'm not 100% sure how things get forwarded21:45
JanCbut the docs seem to indicate that everything between "script" and "end script" gets passed to /bin/sh21:47
lucsJanC: Then I'm certainly going to try it :)22:34
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