ochosijust a quick note to everyone who might be interested: i'll be away from tomorrow until the 2nd of march. "away" as in: not on irc or on the net in general.11:20
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baizonwhy arent you using the ubuntu boot theme for lightdm? :)14:32
mr_pouitwhat do you mean?14:37
baizoni mean the "log in" screen 14:38
baizonlog in screen theme for lightdm14:38
baizonit was in the alpha version of xubuntu 11.1014:38
baizonfor a time and then changed back 14:39
mr_pouitright now the lightdm login screen should use the new precise wallpaper, but we haven't updated the plymouth theme yet14:43
baizonmr_pouit: yes i saw it today14:45
baizonthats what i mean14:45
mr_pouityeah, this is the unity greeter14:50
baizonah ok14:51
mr_pouit(and it needs gnome-settings-daemon, which we try to avoid)14:51
baizonaaaa ok14:52
baizondidnt know about that dependencie14:52
KokopilliHey, I'm a college student new to programming and such and wanted to get hands on experience and since I use xbuntu would like to contribute somehow to the project. Would anyone be able to tell me how to get started? I'm in my first year of C++ and eager to learn17:41
pleia2Kokopilli: the testing procedures are discussed here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/ISO/Procedures17:50
pleia2once some devs pop up they can help you find other tasks, you may also want to check out our wiki, it has links to our roadmap and ways to get involved https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu17:50
pleia2feature freeze happened last week, so we're now in bug fixing mode for this release :)17:51
KokopilliOkay, Thanks ^_^ I'll get reading17:52
pleia2Kokopilli: xubuntu has a small development team, so please try to be patient when waiting for replies17:52
KokopilliOkay, I'll keep that in mind. Thanks pleia217:53
micahg_mobilewe don't have a meeting today, right?18:01
pleia2I don't think so18:06
knomepleia2, nope :)19:27
ochosiknome, pleia2: i think an artwork-section on the xubuntu-website might be a good idea. i mean basically we have something like that @shimmerproject.org but i think xubuntu.org would be a good place for something more official than the messy wiki23:13
pleia2ochosi: yeah, we have to go through both the wiki and the website to make some decisions about what should go where23:15
ochosipleia2: agreed. i was just thinking about this yesterday, when a possible future contributor asked where he could find the "xubuntu artwork"23:16
ochosipleia2: not talking about a fully fledged presentation, just the basics23:16
pleia2ochosi: yeah, right now they have to look under marketing23:18
pleia2"Marketing, Promotion and Artwork"23:19
pleia2not sure how up to date it is though :)23:19
ochosiyeah, but that's more like a link-selection, if you know what i mean :)23:20
ochosishouldn't be too hard to spice that up a little23:21
* pleia2 nods23:23
pleia2do you want to draft up some ideas?23:24
ochosii'd love to, but it's getting kinda late and i have to finish off a few greybird tweaks first23:24
ochosijust wanted to tell this to someone so that i don't forget :)23:24
pleia2ok :)23:25
ochosiso feel free to remind me about that23:25
pleia2will do23:25
ochosialso: i guess the gtk-themes still have priority for the moment23:25
ochosithe website can theoretically wait till shortly after the release23:25
ochosi(it waited a long time before anyway :) )23:26

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