ThePendulumOh, gone00:07
ThePendulumYeah this is kinda what I mean :P00:07
ajinI bought a acer netbook with intel N2600 and itel GMA360004:22
ajinI dont know whether xubuntu works on it04:22
ajinanyone could give a idea?04:23
autif1probably it does - have you tried the live cd - you might need an external cd drive04:23
ajinautif1:well, this GMA3600 CARD is very new, intel just released the driver for windows7, no Linux version is seen04:25
autif1ajin - interesting - try xubuntu 12.04 alpha 2 cd - it might have latest drivers. the easiest fastest way would be test using a live cd or a USB drive. I donot know if gms3600 is supported yet or its driver has been backported to older versions of ubuntu or xubuntu - BTW - they use the same linux kernels and hence drivers04:30
autif1all the best :-)04:30
autif1USB drive meant USB flash drive - presumably the netbook boots from USB04:31
ajinautif1: yes,dear. I tried ubuntu11.10 on it last night, and it runed quite slowly, and there's driver missing. My netbook can boot from USB drive04:34
autif1cool - try 12.04 alpha 204:35
autif1if that works - you will have it by april end. if not - then you will have to wait until that driver is included in ubuntu or wait until it is in the linux kernel and compile your own kernel. Welcome to Linux :-)04:36
autif1gn now04:37
ajinautif1:ok, I'm dowloading xubuntu12.0404:37
ajinautif1: thx very much, you are a great help04:38
autif1all the best. once again gn04:38
autif1most welcome04:38
raevolam i missing something in gigolo? how to i mount a remote home directory?06:51
raevolshould i just need to put in sftp://user@host ?06:51
Unit193Oneiric? Install gvfs-backends06:52
raevolstill need it?06:52
Unit19311.10 == Oneiric06:53
raevolah yes that's oenier06:53
raevolcan i make the root of the mounted folder /home/user instead of / ?06:56
Unit193You can make an easy symlink, or **maybe** try in the server, but I don't think that'd work.06:57
raevolyea that didn't work06:58
raevoli can't make / a symmlink to /home/raevol :/06:58
raevolnot without a pocket plane or something haha06:59
ajinit's quiet and refreshing here:D08:13
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ajin!ask | ajin08:18
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ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience08:20
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ajinno answer received08:22
ajinbot is having its dinner08:22
Marzatahe lives in Alaska?08:23
ajinMarzata: no "f" word, bro08:23
Marzataajin: only politically correct language, bro?08:23
Marzatayou must be European :)08:24
ajinkeeping on guessing08:24
ajini found the ubottu is kind of fun,when i feel boring\08:25
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience08:26
well_laid_lawnthere is an offtopic channel if you just want to chat - this channel is for xubuntu support08:27
ajinok, sorry08:27
Marzata#xubuntu-offtopic is boring08:28
ajinunetbootin just freeze when it reachs 5%, anyone know how?08:30
ajinhello? Could anyone give me a hand?08:34
well_laid_lawnajin: I never used unetbootin but check this link08:42
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate08:42
ajinazamingly, after a long time of waiting, unetbootin just finiched its task08:44
ajinthx the same08:44
xslmorning how do i prevent xubuntu to load the login manager, and stay on terminal09:59
TheSheepxsl: sudo update-rc.d lightdm disable10:01
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NyLes_how to stop server?14:12
NyLes_how can i stop xserver..14:12
jadoesudo service stop lightdm14:13
jadoe(if you are using lightdm)14:13
NyLes_jadoe: i just installed xubuntu? do you think its lightdm? i don't know lol inform me..14:14
tsimpsonNyLes_: Xubuntu should use lightdm, yes14:15
baizonxubuntu is using lightdm14:15
NyLes_tsimpson: thanks..14:15
NyLes_tsimpson: what is the default editor? im trying to edit blacklist.conf..14:16
tsimpsonnano should be pre-installed (for editing in a terminal)14:16
tsimpsonnot sure what the default GUI text editor is14:17
NyLes_tsimpson: thanks..14:20
bazhang!find leafpad14:21
ubottuFound: leafpad14:21
TheSheep!info leafpad14:21
ubottuleafpad (source: leafpad): GTK+ based simple text editor. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8.17-5 (oneiric), package size 101 kB, installed size 824 kB14:21
NyLes_can i updgrade xubuntu 10.04 to 11.10 without installing it again?14:22
knomeNyLes_, yes, but you have to upgrade from 10.04 to 10.10 to 11.04 to 11.014:23
knomeNyLes_, you should wait for 12.04 which is out in april14:23
knomebbl ->14:23
NyLes_knome: aw.. lol ok thanks..14:23
knome(you can direct upgrade 10.04->12.04)14:23
baizontsimpson: default text editor is leafpad14:24
baizonor on older versions mousepad14:25
bazhanglucky guess14:25
baizonupgrade is only possible from 10.04 to 12.0414:25
NyLes_sudo service stop lightdm says unrecognized service14:25
baizonor 10.04 -> 10.10 -> 11.04 -> 11.1014:25
bazhang10.04 is gdm14:26
NyLes_bazhang: big thanks..14:26
baizon!info lightdm14:27
ubottulightdm (source: lightdm): Display Manager. In component main, is optional. Version 1.0.6-0ubuntu1.3 (oneiric), package size 94 kB, installed size 428 kB14:27
baizonyeah lightdm is since 11.1014:28
NyLes_what's the difference?14:29
baizonresources and dependencies14:29
baizonlightdm doesnt require gnome14:29
NyLes_is lightdm faster?14:30
baizonNyLes_: yes, because GDM requires the GNOME session to start, while LightDM does not have any such requirements.14:32
NyLes_baizon: i see... do you think xubuntu 11.10 will run fine with my 10 year old pc having 512MB RAM?14:33
baizonNyLes_: if xubuntu 10.04 runs fine, 12.04 will do it too :)14:34
gamboIs terminalrc documented anywhere?14:37
gamboI just want my cursor to blink, I know, I'm a freak...14:37
TheSheepgambo: you have a gui for changing the settings of terminal14:38
gamboTheSheep:  unfortunately the blinkocity of the cursor isn't among them14:39
TheSheepthe most comprehensive documentation I found is here: http://git.xfce.org/apps/terminal/tree/terminal/terminal-preferences.c14:41
TheSheepyou can also use the settings editor14:42
mongyI use tilda, it blinks.14:43
MarzataI want my cursor to blink, too.14:47
gamboAh, I was having trouble because I was looking at /etc/xdg/xdg-xubuntu/Terminal/terminalrc when I should have been looking at ~/.config/Terminal/terminalrc14:49
gamboI guess xfce is driven by some "large and in charge" personality who hates blinking cursors?14:51
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MarzataI want my cursor to blink, too.15:33
faryshtaHi. How do I put a wifi icon on XFCE?16:41
holsteinfaryshta: i would just use the network manager.. what do you have in mind? there are lots of ways to get feedback somewhere on the desktop16:42
faryshtaholstein, I already have something installed but I don't know what. I think I just deleted the icon.16:43
faryshtaholstein, I am connected already but can't see the icon. I am sure its a minor issue.16:43
holsteinfaryshta: i would just right click on the panel and add some things til you see it.. you can also create a new user account, and log in there and see what is in the default panel... or load up the live CD that you likely used to install, and learn what you want to add back :)16:44
faryshtaholstein, I am watching the 'new items' menu and can't find anything related to wifi.16:45
holsteini dont have XFCE running right in front of me, and im about to run out... i think its an "indicator"? something like that...16:45
holsteinfaryshta: it wont say "wifi"... it'll be indicators for other purposes as well... you wont break anything making a panel and just adding them and seeing what they do16:46
faryshtaholstein, let me look.16:46
starnHello, i'm kinda wondering about really good advanced chess programs and programing tools to program a chess bot.. kinda like crafty so to speak...16:47
faryshtaholstein, sorry couldn't fin anything remotely related.16:47
faryshtaholstein, I ran the command nm-applet and fixed the issue. Thanks.16:49
KokopilliHey, I'm a college student new to programming and such and wanted to get hands on experience and since I use xbuntu would like to contribute somehow to the project. Would anyone be able to tell me how to get started? I'm in my first year of C++ and eager to learn17:39
pleia2Kokopilli: might ask in #xubuntu-devel, but we always need testers :)17:41
KokopilliOkay thanks ^_^, And I'd like to try that too, I've never done testing in a formal manner17:42
starnKokopilli: you might try asking Google to be able to be a Tester.. i got the CR-48 laptop by doing so. to help test their chromium OS. never know what's new that they'd like to test.17:46
KokopilliDo you need any kind of background to ask? If you needed a portfolio for programming, My portfolio would be empty, That's why I'm trying to get more involved outside of college17:48
pleia2Kokopilli: this is the support channel, you really want #xubuntu-devel17:48
pleia2and no, there is no need for a portfolio, ubuntu developers naturally review each other's work before granting commit access17:49
KokopilliSorry =_=, but no one is answering. I'll just go onto the main site and try piece stuff together there.  Thanks.17:50
pleia2I am answering :\17:51
KokopilliJust now =P17:51
holsteinKokopilli: also... feel free and join #ubuntustudio-devel ...we just switched to XFCE and are looking for help17:51
starnKokopilli: i have no background other than Testing stuff like Gmail.. and some of their other products.18:02
starnwhat was the general chat channel for ubuntu/xubuntu/kubuntu?18:04
pleia2starn: we have a #xubuntu-offtopic (there is also #ubuntu-offtopic)18:22
LoneRangerI just solved an issue I had with Xubuntu and LibreOffice concerning small fonts used in menus by installing libreoffice-gtk18:32
LoneRangerI had some difficulty finding the solution and thought I'd post it to the Xubuntu Wiki18:33
nikolaj_basherIs there any one from Denmark?18:33
LoneRangerthe problem is I'm now having difficulty finding where best to post it18:34
LoneRangerIMO the official Xubuntu Wiki is tied too much to the Ubuntu wiki18:35
LoneRangerAny recommendations for a good Xubuntu specific wiki?18:36
MarzataLoneRanger: I am writing one, will be up for 12.04 ...18:37
LoneRangerCool, got an URL yet?18:37
cc_INCWow Marzata!! That's freakin' great!!18:38
Marzatanot public yet18:38
Marzatabut will be before the LTS is released18:38
LoneRangerOK, thanks, I'll check back in a month or two18:40
pleia2LoneRanger: you could report a bug about it and reply with your work around18:55
pleia2people will be able to find it that way, the wiki is designed for team notes and work, not actual system documentation or fixes18:55
mongyhttp://pad.xfce.org/ ?19:00
mongyit's a place to start anyway19:01
xubuntu552installing xubuntu20:20
CandlehawkHello. I appear to have a problem with my wirless, and the Ubuntu forums are kinda slow.20:22
xubuntu552whats the problem?20:22
CandlehawkLemmie link you to the ubuntuforum page, ok?20:23
Candlehawkbecause there's a lot of info there.20:23
xubuntu552Is there a haardware switch on this machine or a keyboard function to enable wireless?20:25
CandlehawkThere is a keyboard function, yes, but pressing it does nothing. I have tried this with both the proprietary driver and the open sourced driver.20:26
CandlehawkI can try to unscrew the panel to the chipset, and see if I can see anything20:27
xubuntu552Or try to look in the bios, i have seen options there to control bluetooth and wifi combinations20:27
CandlehawkI'll try that first, then.20:27
CandlehawkEmbedded Wireless Device Radi is enabled.20:28
mongyusually the firmware-b43-installer works with your chipset20:28
xubuntu552i was installing xubuntu and while installing i could already use this channel, did not know it was possible. System wants to restart now...20:28
Candlehawkmongy: Hm. I'll try that next. There doesn't seem to be anything else about wireless except for the already enabled option.20:29
CandlehawkI may loose connection for a second, as I'm switching from ethernet to wireless to be able to give the laptop in question the cable20:30
mongyboth STA and firmware-b43 are described on the wiki as working but if STA does not work then the other usually does.  dont forget to remove completely the STA version first.20:30
CandlehawkOk then.20:36
CandlehawkDid everyone get what I was saying before it relogged me like that?20:36
CandlehawkBasicly, I tried everything everyone said, nothing worked. Now I'm gonna toggle the bios switch off and on.20:37
CandlehawkThat didn't work. Would there even be a physical switch on the chipset for me to toggle if I were to remove the panel?20:40
mongydo you have 2 wifi devices?20:43
CandlehawkIn the laptop? Not to my knowledge.20:44
CandlehawkIt's a stock HP Pavilion dv100020:44
mongyand still saying hard blocked?20:44
mongyhotkeys and switches and buis settings make no chamge?20:45
mongybios**  arg20:45
CandlehawkBeen trying them. The "wirless" button on the keyboard is not lighting up, and despite how many times I press it, it does nothing.20:46
Candlehawkthe output of rfkill list that I have on the forum link I linked remains the same20:46
mongydont know what else to say then.  if enabled in bios and rfkill unblock says still blocked...20:50
CandlehawkSo should I try to remove the bottom panel and see if I can find a physical hardware switch on the chipset?20:52
mongywhen you toggle it on/off are you waiting for something to happen with the driver like "networks available" notification ?  if so maybe press once, try rfkill and try again.. and check network manager each time.  removing drivers completely and starting again might help.20:52
Candlehawkmongy: I tried that. Hm. How would I go about safely removing all wireless drivers? I don't wanna mess anything up, you know?20:53
mongythat post telling you to wget a firmware was not needed... should have used apt packages, they exist and work with your chipset.20:55
CandlehawkI see.20:55
mongysudo apt-get autoremove --purge bcmwl-kernel-source20:56
mongysudo apt-get autoremove --purge firmware-b43*20:56
mongyremove whatever you put i n/lib/firmware20:56
mongysudo apt-get autoremove --purge20:57
mongysudo modprobe -r wl b4320:57
Candlehawk...I'm going to have to remove 32 files manually. Lovely.21:00
mongyhmm.  do you still have the xubuntu cd/usb ?21:00
Candlehawkmongy: Yes, I do. Do you think I should just re install it?21:00
mongyyou know you can install the driver before anything else.21:00
mongytick both boxes when asked21:00
CandlehawkI didn't know that actually21:00
mongyupdates/3rd party software21:00
CandlehawkOH that21:01
mongydo that, it will hang for a bit, then you should see notification of networks.  look at network manager to see if its enabled it.  if not, well something wrong21:02
mongyyou dont have to go any further, just quit the install, nothing has changed.21:02
CandlehawkI see21:03
mongyits something to try.  a fresh environment.21:03
CandlehawkSo I hit the install? Or do I do a speical thingie?21:07
mongyjust choose install on boot21:09
mongyif after ticking both options it goes to next screen and there is nothing in network manager then just quit.21:10
CandlehawkInstall this third-party software then, next?21:12
mongyit will seem to hang for a bit.21:13
mongynext screen comes up and by then it should have loaded the driver.21:13
CandlehawkIt just comes up with the options to either install alongside, upgrade, or erase (or something else)21:15
Candlehawkwhat should I do?21:16
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Candlehawkmongy: Are you still there?21:20
mongydont got any further.  look at network manager21:20
CandlehawkSo, reboot into my already installed os?21:21
mongyno, check while there..now21:22
beataHowdy. Found an issue where only some of the cursor theme works. I've set whiteglass from settings manager; the text insert cursor appears, the fingerpointen cursor appears, but the arrowpointen cursor is still the default. Any ideas?21:23
Candlehawkbeata: try reloading the DE. Like a quick log in and out should do it. Or did you already try that?21:24
beataI just did the logout/login thing.21:24
Candlehawkmongy: Was that sarcasm? Because if so that is actually possible to do.21:24
mongyduring install you can install the driver (2 ticks) and then connect to your wifi with network manager at top..as usualy21:25
Candlehawkmongy: Yea. Tried that, it says that the proprietary wirless driver is in use, and when the proprietary dirver is in use, then there isn't even the option to connect wirelessly.21:26
mongyok try this.21:27
mongyreboot into live21:27
Candlehawkas in the live disk? or the installed OS?21:28
mongydo a sudo apt-get update and install firmware-b43-installer21:28
mongylive mode21:28
mongynot installed21:28
Candlehawkok. Currently in it.21:28
Candlehawkor do you want me to reboot into it without anything loaded?21:28
Candlehawksays the same thing when I have it normally. It says the wireless is disabled by hardware switch.21:34
mongytried the switches?21:36
CandlehawkSorry about that21:38
CandlehawkBack now.21:38
CandlehawkIt says the same things, that wireless is disabled by a hardware switch.21:39
mongyaargh, daily ffmpeg compile, Y U NO DEVEDE21:42
mongyok,  well, im stumped21:42
Candlehawkmongy: Well that's disconcernting, there's not really anywhere else to go.21:44
mongyI know :(21:47
CandlehawkI suppose I can wait for others.21:48
CandlehawkYou sure got me a lot farther than the forums did.21:48
mongylooked at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx  ?21:50
CandlehawkI'll check that out21:51
beataThe only thing that comes to my mind, is if it's one of those builtin wifi like those old Centrinos?21:51
CandlehawkWell, it is 8 year old hardware.21:51
beataIs your wifi builtin?21:52
mongymine is bcm4312(lpphy) and needs the STA and works great.    laptop.21:53
beataWhat is a STA?21:54
mongyproprietary driver from broadcom21:55
mongyI also have a spare usb stick, cost me like £421:55
mongyplugs in and goes.  http://www.amazon.co.uk/Technologies-802-11N-150Mbps-Wireless-Compatible/dp/B0035FVL4G/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1317666395&sr=8-221:56
CandlehawkWeird, it says the STA should work for the BCM431121:56
mongyCandlehawk, yes.  and the firmware-b4321:56
mongywhy I said if STA dont work, the other usually would.21:56
beataArgh, yes. Sadly, mine own is a bit too old to have much built-in. But as if to compensate, it has quite a lot built-out.21:57
recon_lapCandlehawk: found this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/70125921:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 701259 in linux (Ubuntu) "dell-laptop module hard blocks wifi on Dell Vostro 1520" [Medium,Triaged]21:58
Candlehawkrecon_lap: I'm sorry, I haven't really ever used this site, it's a bit unintuitive what to do.22:00
recon_lapCandlehawk: it the bug tracking site for ubuntu, sound like you got a similar bug22:01
recon_lapCandlehawk: read the bug report, see if it matches you problem, if so add you info to the report22:02
Candlehawkah. Well, it seems to be from another model of everything.22:03
recon_lapCandlehawk: does not mean it's not the same bug, like it the problem is a conflict on the wifi card , you wifi card could share the same hardware even if it's a different model22:04
recon_lapCandlehawk: what make model laptop, and did it work before with another version of ubuntu22:07
Candlehawkit's an HP pavilion dv1000. This is it's first time with an ubuntu install on it.22:08
mongyCandlehawk, do you have windows on it?22:09
mongyI've heard of a hotkey to disable it in windows causing problems in ubuntu.. don't ask me how.22:09
CandlehawkDid. it's my sisters. She kept getting viruses on it, and having me fix it, so I told her either I'm putting a distro of linux on it or I'm not fixing it anymore.22:10
CandlehawkIt broke in the previous virus.22:11
CandlehawkLike, would not boot.22:11
mongywould it be too much bother to install windows again and see it working22:11
mongyjust trying to rule things out22:11
CandlehawkDon't have the install disk. I suppose I could do um, "something" and come back to you with the results. but yes, it would be a touch tough. Wifi did work on it before the OS went kerputs, however.22:12
recon_lapCandlehawk: can you update on the laptop? using wired connection?22:14
CandlehawkJust did an update/upgrade. nothing new.22:15
Candlehawkfrom when I last updated*22:15
recon_laphave you enabled  the restricted and multiverse software sources22:16
CandlehawkI...no. How do I do that?22:16
recon_lapCandlehawk: have a look in software manager, I'm not sure what version you running22:17
CandlehawkXubuntu 11.1022:18
recon_lapCandlehawk: I'm still at 10.04, but have a look anyway in software manager under setting -> repositories22:19
recon_lapalso run lshw -c network and paste the output22:19
CandlehawkThey apparently changed it. There is no setting option.22:20
recon_lapinto a pastebin not in chat22:20
recon_lapanyone? checking what repo's are available in 11.10?22:21
recon_lapCandlehawk: http://linux.about.com/od/xubuntu_doc/a/xubudg13t05.htm22:23
CandlehawkThere is no "software properies"  under system.22:24
recon_lapaggh, why do people think it's a good idea to keep moving things around , you sure you in the right menu?22:26
Candlehawkyes. Hell, there is not even a true "applications" it's just the menu -> System -> Cluster of stuff.22:27
Candlehawkaha. Software Sources is under "Settings"22:28
GridCubemmm, im having a weird flash video problem on youtube, if i try to jump on the seek bar to a different point on a video the image gets stuck, i still hear the video on other scene, but the image gets on still22:28
Candlehawksays here I have proprietary drivers and multiverse selected already.22:28
recon_lapCandlehawk: go to System > Hardware Drivers and see if you get a message22:34
CandlehawkI don't have that under system, nore is it under settings.22:36
CandlehawkClosest thing I have is additional drivers.22:36
recon_lapCandlehawk: click on the additonal drives and check that they are activated22:38
recon_lapCandlehawk: have you restarted since you made your last changes?22:39
recon_lapGridCube: can only suggest you install the 'sudo apt-get -install flashnonfree-plugin' dont know if it will help though22:41
recon_lapChanServ: and i mean a full reboot22:41
GridCubeflash is working22:42
GridCubeits just the seek function on youtub that fails22:42
Candlehawkrecon_lap: Yes. I did a full reboot.22:42
Candlehawkstill not working.22:43
CandlehawkHold on. It's not showing up. Maight I need to start it in ifconfig? I don't remember the syntax for that, however.22:43
recon_lapCandlehawk: Do a power cycle, networking can be totally flaky on 64bit machines22:44
CandlehawkI do not believe it's 64 bit. I think it's 32 bit.22:45
CandlehawkI installed it with an i386 install disk, and it's 8 years old.22:45
recon_lapCandlehawk: ok, was a setting on the wifi card was 64bit, I made an assumption. go back into hardware manager and disable the properity driver and try again, after that i'm out of ideas22:46
mongyCandlehawk, still hard blocked I guess?22:47
Candlehawkwait, is there a way to start it if it exists with ifconfig?22:47
mongynext stop, ebay for a £4 150mbps stick :)22:47
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
ThePendulumHow do I cd onto another hard drive?22:49
Candlehawkbut...gah. It shouldn't need this.22:49
mongynormally doesnt.22:49
CandlehawkMightn't it be possible that I just need to start the device in ifconfig? What would the device be called?22:54
recon_lapCandlehawk: i agree :) you could try 'sudo ifconfig wlan0 down' and 'sudo ifconfig wlan0 up'22:54
recon_lapCandlehawk: but i'v got a bug on 64bit that requires a hard reboot.22:54
Candlehawkno such device. Is there any way to list the possible names of it?22:55
recon_lapCandlehawk: nope, it's not even getting to ifconfig22:56
recon_lapCandlehawk: lshw -c network22:56
recon_lapCandlehawk: think the next step down in the init.d stuff, which I know little of22:57
CandlehawkI believe I already did the output for that paste.ubuntu.com/85330922:58
recon_lapCandlehawk: yep, but you asked for a command to show network devices with logical names22:58
recon_lapor should that be interface names22:58
Candlehawkhm. What does it mean by network unclaimed?23:00
recon_lapCandlehawk: /etc/init.d/networking stop && etc/init.d/networking start might do it23:01
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Candlehawkpaste.ubuntu.com/853361 is the result of that. But it did not work as far as I can tell.23:04
recon_lapCandlehawk: did you put the commands in separately?23:05
CandlehawkI did it exactly as stated, was I not soposed to do that?23:06
recon_lapCandlehawk: not sure, dont know if && is valid to separate 2 command.23:07
Candlehawkit still did the whole rejecting thing.23:08
Candlehawknothing changed.23:08
recon_lapCandlehawk: I'v no idea :)23:12
Candlehawkyea. Thinking that dongle is a better idea right now. The card may have broke now that I think about it. It was really faulty and not working a lot when it was on windows. The chip may have finally broken in those 8 years of her spilling MILK and dropping it.23:13
Candlehawkbecause it is not responding at all.23:13
Candlehawkthank you, gentelmen, for trying to fix a probably physicaly broken card. I'm sorry.23:14
mongybe nice to know if  a windows install makes it work23:15
mongywell, if you think it's faulty, dig it out and give it a clean..23:15
mongya little air compressor won't hurt23:16
Candlehawkmongy: No, when it was on windows it was constantly going on and off and stopping to work randomly etc. etc. was only getting worse and worse. It was breaking. I just didn't see that without this context. I'll try to clean it, but it may be even beyond a clean.23:21
CandlehawkWith all the times my sister has dropped it, hit it, spilled liquids on it, got chocolate stuck in it's vents, I don't think it is in the realm of "just clean it" but I shall try.23:23
CandlehawkWe've had this thing for 8 years, and she's 10. It's a miracle it works at all.23:23
Candlehawk...the RAM smells of old milk.23:26
ronsonolAlluva sudden Gimp segfaults and crashes when I close the layers window.  Was something updated last couple days?23:28
Candlehawknot unless you updated it.23:28
mongynot here.23:28
ronsonolRun a general update about daily.23:29
ronsonolAlso won't retain a selection when move to another tool.23:29
CandlehawkAh. I see. Uh. I don't know of any update to gimp, but then again I don't image edit much. I suppose I could try and check23:29
mongypurge and reinstall it23:29
mongymaybe remove your .gimp as well23:30
ronsonolmongy tried that, but didn't remove the .gimp folder.23:30
ronsonolThat's next.  Then a bug report, I suppose.23:31
CandlehawkUm. The thing wasn't physicaly connected. That may have something to do with why the wirless isn't working -_-23:32
w30The only way to check hardware for sure is to substitute both ways: The problem should disappear with a new part and double check the problem should follow the old hardware to a new use.23:33
Candlehawkw30: the machine is 8 years old. If this doesn't work to fix it I'm just gonna get a dongle.23:34
w30bad connections can disappear by replacing only one half of it.23:35
CandlehawkMy point is, it's a $118 laptop that is 8 years old. It will cost more to replace the chipset than it will to get a dongle.23:37
Candlehawkyea. THing is still broken.23:37
w30Candlehawk, and a bad part in an old box can call for a whole new box, and operating system from the economics of continued utility of future cost allocation.23:38
w30I have thrown good money after bad money too many times in computers and especially automobiles23:39
w30Candlehawk, a dongle c have a life after the laptop at least.23:41
Candlehawkthe chip is encrusted with chocolate. Never give a 10 year old a laptop.23:42
mongyclean it23:44
w30Candlehawk,  Naw... a kid needs a computer of their own. Just consider it education costs.23:44
mongyor lick it off23:44
Candlehawkmongy: forgot to say, it is also held together by it. it's cracked from her dropping it. Can't even begin to tell you how many times I've heard a crash comming from her room and her yelling "I'm alright" and hurredly placing it back on the table.23:45
w30Candlehawk, make 'em dual boot Linux and Windows from age 123:46
Candlehawkw30: Well, I'm 17. She's my sister. I have only been using Linux for about a year or so now. However, she's using it now and loving it.23:47
w30Candlehawk, My grand daughter cut her teeth on free Linux games at 7  years old; Now I go to her for help. Ha23:56

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