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wgzhappy pre-morning all07:06
fullermdOh no, not another one.07:07
SamBfullermd: they come once per day, dude07:10
wgzhe can always hope, some day that may change.07:12
fullermdI've devoted my life to the erradication of this horrific scourge upon mankind.07:13
ZyX-IHow can I get currently checked out revision (HEAD in git, . in mercurial, BASE in svn)?07:59
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pooliehi vila?09:52
vilapoolie: hey !09:53
pooliehey, thanks for your reply about orphans09:53
pooliei was just going to ask the same question as bialix, about whether/why this isn't linked in to the main doc tree09:53
vilaoops, didn't say hi :-}09:53
pooliealso, whether your mail is a vote against changing the default09:53
vilasurely not, my vote is (and always been) to turn it on :)09:54
vilait has been in my bazaar.conf since day one09:54
vilaand about linking to the main doc tree, yeah, it's on my radar to link all config option helps there but I haven09:55
pooliei have a branch09:55
pooliei was going to add some docs to the user guide too09:55
vilaand about linking to the main doc tree, yeah, it's on my radar to link all config option helps there but I haven't looked at how this should be achieved09:55
vilathere is a bug titled 'config doc is ugly' or something09:55
vilathat I think about as a way to track that09:56
vilathe most important part was to *have* a doc for each option which has been going pretty well since we started to migrate09:56
pooliefixing this together with deleting the ugly hardcoded doc would be good09:58
ZyX-IHow can I get currently checked out revision (HEAD in git, . in mercurial, BASE in svn)?10:29
LeoNerdDefine "get" ?10:40
LeoNerdYou can know it, by  bzr revno10:40
LeoNerdYou can refer to it if needed explicitly by -1, because negative revnos count backwards from the top10:40
ZyX-ILeoNerd: It is answer to my question?10:44
ZyX-ILeoNerd: Try the following: “bzr branch lp:bzr && pushd bzr && bzr update -r -2 && bzr log -r revno:-1”. I do see revision 6472 in the output10:45
ZyX-IBut I must see 6471 here10:45
LeoNerdbzr log -r-110:45
LeoNerdIs sufficient10:45
ZyX-ILeoNerd: Exactly the same.10:45
LeoNerdOh I see, you updated to -210:46
ZyX-ILeoNerd: It does not show currently checked out revision10:46
LeoNerdYes it does. It shows the -checked out- revision10:46
LeoNerdWhich is now earlier, because you  up -r-2 'ed10:46
ZyX-ILeoNerd: I have checked out revision 6471 which is -2. “bzr log -r -1” shows 647210:47
ZyX-ILeoNerd: Maybe there is a problem with understanding term “checked out”. In mercurial terms it “currently checked out rev” = “working directory parent”.10:49
ZyX-II am surprised there is no simple answer to such question. I bet I would have got “use HEAD/./BASE as revision argument” answers on git/mercurial/svn channels just after somebody saw my question.10:54
fullermdIf you want the working tree rev, you want revno --tree (or various other incantations for revid)10:55
LeoNerdYa, it's a rare situation10:57
LeoNerd99.9% of the time the revno of the checkout == the revno of the branch10:57
LeoNerdYour  update -r ...  has specifically gone and changed that10:57
ZyX-Ifullermd: Thanks. Thus “bzr log -r $(bzr revno --tree)” is the only way to get message for working directory parent?10:58
fullermdProbably.  I have vague recollection of discussion about a tree: revspec, but I don't see it listed in the help, so it probably never got implemented.10:59
LeoNerdI don't understand this phrase "working directory parent"10:59
LeoNerdWorking directory is a UNIX concept, the CWD of a process.10:59
LeoNerdThe things important here are the checkout, and the branch.10:59
fullermd"working tree" would be the more common VCS-world term.11:00
LeoNerdBoth have a (latest) revno concept. Normally the checkout is a copy of some revision of a branch, possibly including some local modifications that will become the next revision11:00
LeoNerdNormally, the checkout is a copy of the latest revision in the branch. So normally  bzr revno  and so on is unambiguous11:00
LeoNerdBut specifically in your situation you rolled back the checkout to an earlier revision from the branch, so now you have two different "latest"s, depending whether you asked the branch (6472) or the checkout (6471)11:01
ZyX-ILeoNerd: “working directory parent” is how revision “.” is described in “hg help revisions”.11:03
LeoNerdYah, please read what I just wrote :)11:03
vilaright, that would be basis revision for the working tree in bzr speak11:04
vilaZyX-I: I think the initial confusion is that 'bzr log' always refers to the branch tip (which is almost always the same as the working tree (wt) basis revision)11:07
vilaZyX-I: instead of 'bzr update -r-2' you could have used 'bzr pull -r -2' and your wt will have pointed to the branch tip11:08
vilaZyX-I: but may be I don't understand what you were trying to achieve ?11:08
ZyX-Ivila: No. Initial confusion is that all other VCS I have to support mention basis revision in either “vcs help revisions” (hg,git) or directly in the description of every command supporting revision arguments (svn). Only bzr requires use of the separate command.11:10
vilathat doesn't tell me what you're trying to achieve :-/11:10
ZyX-Ivila: I want to make vim-addon-manager distinguish between cases “‘bzr pull’ has updated something” and “‘bzr pull’ did not touch working tree”.11:11
vilaright, so better avoid 'bzr update' then, 'bzr pull' outputs 'No revision to pull' if nothing has changed IIRC11:12
ZyX-Ivila: I don’t do “bzr update”. But the user may  have done it.11:13
ZyX-Ivila: If there are revisions to pull, but basis revision/=tip revision, “bzr pull” won’t update anything like other “vcs pull”, will it?11:14
vilahmm, I dunno for other VCSs but I think 'bzr pull' doesn't require a clean wt to pull, it merges the uncommitted changes if there are any instead11:16
fullermdNot relevant to the question   ;p11:16
vilameh, the question, as I read it was: will pull do something if revisions are missing in the branch even if the wt basis revisions is not tip anymore11:17
fullermdNo, bzr pull will force the tree up to the new head rev.  That may or may not be a bug...11:17
fullermdIn hg, pull will always pull the branch, and not touch the tree.  You'd need a separate update, or a pull -u to get it to touch the tree too.11:18
vilaha right, I never ends up in setups where wt basis revision != branch tip11:18
fullermdThat explains the years it took to land update -r...   :p11:18
vilaright, pull updating the wt if there is one matches my use cases...11:19
vilaprobably, but I'm only one user, others have different workflows ;)11:19
fullermdI'm not entirely sure it should when it's not the previous tip.  That seems like it may be slightly surprising.11:19
vilaright, seems weird to me too, but I don't know the workflows involved hence my remark11:20
vilawell, s/don't know/don't have enough practice with/11:20
fullermdIt's probably never come up or been explictly questioned at all.  Just Happens(tm).11:21
vilaI always thought that if you want to get a tree not based on your branch, it's only temporary (since you will commit on tip anyway)11:22
vilathat bzr doesn't warn or block in these cases is probably a bug in itself11:22
fullermdI can't think of an obvious case where you'd want to pull, AND maintain that explicit older rev.  Still, it feels more like the right choice.11:22
fullermdIf I update -r, I'm telling bzr, I want the tree on that rev specifically; I'm not sure later saying 'pull' is best interpreted as "undo my update too".11:23
* vila nods11:23
fullermdYou could make a case either way I guess.  Just never been actually argued, TTBOMK, so we get the emergant behavior.11:23
vilaadd a --strict to pull ?11:24
fullermdWell, that also opens up the can of --overwrite worms.11:24
vilayeah, exactly11:24
fullermdPlus we'll get to tackle the bound branches arguments all over again.11:25
vilaI can't hear you ?11:25
fullermdWould be fun, of course.  But I don't really have the time for that...11:25
jelmervila: could I perhaps trouble you with two reviews?11:54
jelmerhttps://code.launchpad.net/~jelmer/bzr/use-tree-iter-children/+merge/93609 and https://code.launchpad.net/~jelmer/bzr/iter-child-entries/+merge/9399311:55
vilajelmer: I'm gently landing the eggs I'm juggling with and was about to lunch, will have a look after that12:01
jelmervila: maybe you should have eggs for lunch ? :P12:02
jelmervila: anyway, thanks :)12:02
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vilajelmer: reviewed14:22
jelmervila: danke!14:25
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pilot419I branched a working copy from remote, i want to create a experiment branch from checked out copy16:00
mgzgo ahead and do that then :)16:01
pilot419But bzr creating a seperate directory <experiment>16:01
pilot419So i had to configure ide to experiment branch16:02
mgzseperate dirs are the default if you only want one tree to avoid confusing your ide, you can use switch,16:02
mgzeither with the current beta and colocated branches,16:03
mgzor by reconfiguring your setup so you have a lightweight checkout and two different treeless branches16:04
pilot419it's more difficult than Git :s16:05
mgzcurrently there's an extra step you need to begin with, yes16:07
mgzwhat version of bzr are you using currently?16:08
pilot419So branching from remote will be normal bzr branch <remote> project16:11
pilot419Next i need to create lite16:13
mgzokay, so you can either use the bzr-colo plugin, or do what I do16:14
mgzthe first requires some specific forms to address branches, see the documentation16:14
mgzfor the treeless branches thing, you do: `bzr init-repo --no-trees PROJECT`16:15
mgzthen `bzr branch REMOTE PROJECT/trunk` (remote can be the local branch you already have, if you then change it's parent)16:16
mgzthen `bzr checkout --lightweight PROJECT/trunk PROJECT/tree`16:16
mgzyou can point your IDE at the tree folder16:16
mgzand create a new feature branch from in there with `cd PROJECT/tree && bzr switch -b feature`16:17
mgzmerging and other things that need branch references you just point at the branch locations you have in the filesystem16:17
pilot419Ok maybe i got it16:23
pilot419mgz: Thanks man16:26
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wilxWhat is the best way to convert whole SVN repo to BZR?21:47
wilxSo far I was not able to arive to satisfactory result.21:47
bob2what happened when you tried bzr-svn?21:47
wilxThe best so far seems conversion based on svn2git -> fasexport from GIT -> fastimport to BZR.21:48
bob2note that oddly managed svn repos will suck to import into anything else21:48
wilxbob2: It seems to convert only a single branch at once.21:48
mgedminthere's also svn-all-fast-export21:48
wilxmgedmin: Where is that?21:48
mgedminapt-get install svn-all-fast-export, or http://repo.or.cz/w/svn-all-fast-export.git21:49
mgedminI just learned about it the other day21:49
mgedminseems to be very fast21:49
mgedminand you can define rules to straighten out quirks in a messy svn history21:50
wilxThat seems like a older version of svn2git.21:52
wilxI have a fastexport file that it created. It contains branch "1.1" but bzr fastimport never creates this one branch. It also ignores many of the merges.21:53
mgedminwhat about https://github.com/nirvdrum/svn2git ?21:53
mgedminI'm confused -- are there two different tools both called svn2git?21:53
wilxmgedmin: It looks more like forks of the same source.21:54
mgedminI recently watched a linuxconf.au video about svn -> git conversion tools21:54
mgedminthe guy mentioned three existing ones, described their downsides (two couldn't handle messy conversions, the last one was too slow, iirc) and told how they wrote a fourth tool based on those21:55
mgedminunfortunately I don't remember any of the tool names21:55
mgedminI wonder if svn-all-fast-export is that fourth tool21:55
mgedminbtw, re: "It seems to convert only a single branch at once."21:56
mgedminbzr svn-import should be able to handle multiple branches21:56
wilxThis is the one from the video, I think.21:58
wilxI believe it did not work well either. Let me retest.21:58
jelmerwilx: 'bzr svn-import' will indeed import all branches from the repository22:05
wilxAh, right, it crashed, the http://barrbrain.github.com/svn-dump-fast-export/ tool.22:06
jelmerfast-import isn't a great format for conversion that doesn't involve git, as it can only represent things that exist in git22:16
wilxAh, I know why I did not like svn-import. It seems that it entirely ignores all merges.22:21
wilxBut cherry pickings are not recored in bzr specially, right?22:21
wilxThat might be it.22:21
jelmerwilx: yeah, they're indeed not recorded (yet). None of the DVCSes track cherry pick merges in their metadata yet.22:22
mgedminI think arch used to :)22:23
mgedminis it not a DVCS now?22:23
wilxArch/TLA was weird.22:24
fullermdDarcs does too.22:24
wilxjelmer: Well, The SVN->GIT conversion did show some merges though.22:24
fullermdProbably need a 'conventional' in that sentence   8-}22:24
jelmermgedmin: ah, sorry, yes - arch did indeed22:28
mgedmindon't mind me, I'm just trolling22:28
mgedminwhen people say "DVCS" nowadays, they mean git + hg + bzr22:29
fullermdActually, I'm pretty sure they mean "git".22:30
fullermd(see, _that's_ trolling!)22:31
spivfullermd: really, I thought they meant "monotone or darcs" ;)22:43
fullermdDon't be such a fossil.22:43
mgedminsvk gets no love for some reason ;)22:43
wilxSVK seems like SVN with disconnected operations.22:59
wilxNot too distributed.22:59
wilxThough I have never used it seriously.22:59
mwhudsonmgedmin: i have no idea why!!23:14

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