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ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit00:22
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rajuramvanisubprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 301:21
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sizzI enjoy enemy territory, and I was wondering if anyone plays any commercial windows PC games on linux via wine, and if so, which ones run well e.g. the Call of Duty series?01:44
rajuramvanisend me anybody solve my problem-subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 302:05
designbybeckGreetings all! I think someone posted this problem a few days ago. But I don't remember seeing a solution. And now I have this problem!03:07
designbybeckSimple box, new install, hooked to a 42" TV via VGA03:07
designbybeckwhen live booting and installing everything looked correct. Then after install and reboot, all the font is BIG!03:07
designbybeckicons and bar look correct size, but all fonts seem to have been made BIG, any idea why?03:08
DaemonFChave the font sizes actually been changed by something?03:17
DaemonFCKubuntu defaults mostly to size 8-903:18
designbybeckhaven't touched any settings DaemonFC this was a new install reboot03:18
DaemonFCwhy VGA anyway? Does HDMI not work?03:19
designbybeckthis was for a LinuxMCE Core box, so it was going to be headless anyway03:19
designbybeckit only had VGA03:19
designbybecki had put Kubuntu on there just to play with03:19
designbybeckI still haven't bought the rest of my hardware03:20
designbybeckso i was just playing with it03:20
DaemonFCfair enough, but VGA can do weird stuff with a LCD/LED display03:20
DaemonFCif you have the option to use DVI, DisplayPort, or HDMI, it's better to do that03:20
designbybecksadly no03:21
DaemonFCmost displays and video cards try to compensate for the oddities of VGA, and usually get everything a bit wrong03:21
DaemonFCdesignbybeck: are you using any kind of font antialiasing?03:23
DaemonFCespecially subpixel03:23
designbybeckwhat ever is the default03:24
designbybecki don't know03:24
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DaemonFCtry disabling font antialiasing and forcing 96 dpi03:24
designbybeckwhere do i find that at?03:26
DaemonFCsystem settings / application appearance / fonts03:26
designbybeckHey DaemonFC looks li ke that fixed it03:27
designbybeckThanks! :)03:27
designbybeckit said might only affect newly opened windows03:27
designbybeckso some still have big fonts, but the system window i reopened and those fonts are correct now!03:27
DaemonFCI had a hunch. Usually the more specific you try to be over VGA, the more of a disaster it results in.03:28
designbybeck Good to know03:28
DaemonFClogging out and back in will probably fix the rest03:28
designbybeckwe'll i'm downloading LinuxMCE on this box right now so i'll wait for that03:28
designbybeckand by this box I mean the one that will be the core03:28
designbybecknot the one i'm chatting on03:29
DaemonFCDeath to VGA, VGA boo!! bad VGA03:29
DaemonFCnone of my systems have used VGA since I went to LCD/LED displays03:30
DaemonFCI tried it out once and it led to some less than optimal results03:30
DaemonFCit's hard to get people away from 1980s technology when it comes packed with every monitor and it's the only "monitor cable" that Walmart sells03:32
DaemonFCby the time people are pried off of it, the world will have moved away from DVI anyway, and onto HDMI or DisplayPort03:32
mosnois asking about KDE apps as they relate to being run under Unity offtopic?03:38
fahad_Anyone here?03:52
fahad_I am going to ask about kde 4.803:53
designbybeckwhat about it fahad_03:53
fahad_can i install it?03:53
designbybecksure ;)03:54
designbybeckI did 12 times today03:54
designbybeckwas updating a lab today03:54
fahad_Is it safe ?:)03:54
designbybeckas far as I can tell03:55
designbybecki've been running it on my main laptop for about a week03:55
fahad_plz giv me any tutprial and pros and cons03:56
designbybecksudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports03:56
designbybecksudo apt-get update03:56
designbybecksudo apt-get dist-upgrade03:56
designbybeckthen restart fahad_03:58
fahad_ok thanks.03:58
designbybecki've gotta take off for now, good luck with it, if you have probs i'm sure someone can help you out03:58
designbybeckit has been good for me so far!03:59
designbybecklater all!03:59
DasKreechsizz: did you check the WineHQ appsdb ?04:24
adflinuxeste  es el chas en español??05:16
adflinuxno veo q nadie  hablr!!05:17
Unit193!es | adflinux05:17
ubottuadflinux: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.05:17
adflinuxExelente!! grax!!05:18
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Axel-88I am confused about Activities and Desktops. Some of the websites do not really explain it that well. Is there an in depth manual for how to order activities and desktops?06:23
DasKreechAxel-88: Order them?06:29
Axel-88sorry, i meant organize them.06:30
DasKreechAxel-88: Activites don't really need organizing06:31
DasKreechDesktops are organized with the pager settings06:31
Axel-88I dont know how to ask the question. I am fairly new to using Linux full time. I wanted to set my computer up so that it is divided between college classes, and everything else. I wanted to subdivide the classes into their own screens each independent. I keep stumbling with the desktops not being configurable so that each menu bar is different.06:36
DasKreechAxel-88: Ok tell me what you understand and I'll help you from there06:39
Axel-88Right now, for example-- I have set up four desktops under an Activity named Schooling. I want to set one desktop up with a normal menu bar. The other desktop without a menu bar but having some plasma widgets that launch some of the art programs.06:40
Axel-88The meny bar seems to respond to all four desktops, instead of just the one. I dont want it on another desktop, and the applications that are up on the first desktop, i dont want viewable while in the others. Does that make sense?06:42
DasKreechAxel-88: you right clicked the pager and under virtual desktop clicked different widgets for each desktop ?06:42
DasKreechSorry Right click Pager -> pager settings -> Virtual Desktops -> different widgets for each desktop06:43
DasKreechThough I honestly don't know if that works for the panel :)06:43
Axel-88I found it. Yes, it is clicked.06:44
Axel-88I like the ability to split things up into activities.06:45
DasKreechI know that would work with multiple activites :-/ I've not tried that kind of Activity /Desktop / Activity nesting yet06:46
DasKreechAxel-88: By menu bar I guess you mean taskbar on the panel?06:46
Axel-88I think the term is Panel. The bar that goes across the bottom of the screen.06:48
Axel-88If i delete it in one desktop, it disappears in the other 3.06:48
DasKreechRight thats the panel06:48
DasKreechYeah I think thats the general thing that happens now.06:49
DasKreechThey may have a hidden config that stops that but I honestly haven't looked at that since KDE 4.206:49
Axel-88Is there a switch somewhere that changes the panel?06:49
DasKreechI'd say ask in #plasma but they are all asleep (or just waking up) now06:49
DasKreechWhat do you mean changes the panel?06:50
Axel-88I was thinking of using one of the desktops as an artboard/brainstorming-board with just a picture and some widgets on it but no panel.06:51
Axel-88I found the switch that lets the Task Manager only report on what is open on each desktop. :)06:52
rosco_yDoes anyone know of softare that would enable me to download mp3 files?06:53
rosco_yI'd like to download some of these files to my mp3 player so I could listen to them away from my pc:  http://www.archive.org/details/otr_cbsradiomysterytheater06:55
DasKreechAxel-88: Is that good enough?06:57
DasKreech that's what I do myself :)06:57
DasKreechThough I do hide the panel06:57
Lynourerosco_y: any web browser, right click, save. Or wget with the right command for all of  them06:57
DasKreechrosco_y: try kget06:57
Axel-88Yes, Thank you DasKreech. You were very helpful.06:58
stranger_rosco_y: after you download them on your PC, most mp3 Players are seen as normal thumb drives so you should see it in Dolphin(the file manager)06:59
rosco_yLynoure, stranger_ -- thank you.  I tried right-clicking, the "save as" option isn't available for some reason (I was using chrome....I'll try with mozilla once.)07:01
rosco_yI take it back...I just didn't understand the "save link as" option07:01
rosco_yThank you very much :)07:02
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ubuntusomebody help me...08:06
ubuntuI wanna rescue some data from one partition to another partition08:07
jonahhi everybody. i'm having a problem installing vmware player. i'm on a new Asus zenbook which doesn't work great yet with linux so i installed kernel 3.3.0rc7 but now when i try install vmware player it says i have the wrong gcc version to what my kernel was compiled on. i've tried also install gcc-4-4-base as well but it doesn't seem to help. does anyone know a way around it? thanks for any help08:09
ubuntujonah; i believe that these guys dont like to help : )08:11
jonahubuntu: why what makes you say that?08:11
ubuntui need help to rescue win7 partitions...08:12
ubuntunobody hear me :~~~~~~~~08:13
ubuntujonah: do you known how to use ntfdclone?08:14
ubuntujonah: ntfsclone : )08:14
jonahubuntu: hang in there. i've had so many problems over the years and someone in hear has always helped in the end. you just gotta keep asking and checking back when different people are online08:14
jonahubuntu: sorry i don't know how to use windows08:15
ubuntui`m in linux tooo08:15
ubuntujonah; i`m in linux too08:15
jonahubuntu: good for you. you'd be best ditching windows 7 completely really. it always just leads to trouble and problems from what i've heard...08:16
ubuntujonah; the only problem with linux are the games : )08:17
jonahubuntu: yeah they do suck - i don't think we have many gamers in the linux world so if good ones were released there wouldn't be enough sales08:18
ubuntusun tsu; can you help me?08:18
ubuntulets go to manuales...08:19
ubuntusomebody help me?08:24
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ubuntuhi! i need help08:36
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amparanoidI need help! Somebody help me?08:39
Lynoureamparanoid: help is fastest gotten by telling people what the problem is...08:42
amparanoidoh thanks!!!08:42
amparanoidI`m trying to back-up files from a partition to another partition, with ntfsclone, in my personal computer08:43
amparanoidlynoure; can you understand me?08:44
Lynoureamparanoid: yes, though I've never used ntfsclone myself.08:44
Lynoureactually, apt-cache search ntfsclone shows nothing...08:45
amparanoidi'm using a live cd of kunbutu08:45
Lynourego on.08:46
amparanoidok ok, i'll read the manual of ntfsclone again...08:47
Lynoureamparanoid: I mean, what is the problem... you are trying to, but?08:47
amparanoidI have bad sectors problem with a extended partition of win 708:48
amparanoidi checked all partitions with kunbutu`s partition manager08:48
amparanoidand, the software 'told' that I can rescue my data with ntfsclone08:49
Lynoureamparanoid: so far sounds sensible08:50
amparanoidbut, i`m trying to make this comand: sudo ntfsclone -o /dev/sda5 /dev/sda608:50
Lynoureamparanoid: If you have bad sectors in your disk, I'd recommend backing up to some other disk than that same one. Just in case.08:51
amparanoidi`m not in this case ? )08:52
amparanoidit's 3:00 am here, there's no shops openend rsrs08:52
amparanoidi wanna learn to use this comand, it's a opportunity08:53
Lynoureamparanoid: the command looks fine, but of course I don't know what your partitions are08:54
Lynoureamparanoid: so what happens?08:54
Lynoureamparanoid: copying to the same disk, in the worst case, will just make things worse. (some disk problems get worse with disk use) And it's going to be slow.  But, I get your point too.08:55
amparanoidthe console returns? output device is too small to fit the NTFS image...08:55
Lynoureamparanoid: probably your destination partition is too small then.08:55
Lynoureamparanoid: what are the sizes?08:55
amparanoidsda5 == 70gb  and sda6 == 300gb08:56
amparanoidin my point of view, the destination is bigger than source08:57
Lynoureamparanoid: but in this command sda5 is the destination08:57
amparanoidserious? destinations cames FIRST???08:58
Lynoureamparanoid: check the man file...08:58
LynoureClone NTFS on /dev/hda1 to /dev/hdc1:08:58
Lynourentfsclone --overwrite /dev/hdc1 /dev/hda108:58
Lynoureamparanoid: but I'd still seriously recommend going to sleep, getting a new disk tomorrow and only copying there08:59
amparanoiddisks are very expensive in my country rsrsr09:00
Lynoureamparanoid: it would majorly suck if your disk gave up the ghost in a middle of a disk copy09:00
amparanoidbut i`ve took your point09:00
amparanoidok, change the command sounds funny09:01
amparanoidi`ll try09:01
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amparanoidLynoure; I had some progress here...09:03
amparanoidthanks a lot!09:03
Lynoureamparanoid: you are welcome :)09:03
amparanoidwhere are you from?09:04
Lynoureamparanoid: Finland09:06
Lynoureamparanoid: I'm hoping to visit that country some day.09:06
Lynoureamparanoid: lots of good dancing there.09:06
amparanoidvisite Amazonas, we have more wather than many countryes rsrs09:06
amparanoidI wanna go to yout part of europe, I've meet a sweeden girl last week... I believe that i like blondies...09:08
hanasakiis there a tablet that kubuntu will run on with finger gestures (like iphone/android)?09:58
Lynourehanasaki: kubuntu or kde? I think Spark-Q or whatever it was called might fit the latter.09:59
hanasakikde I guess.. gnome 3 is history for me.10:00
hanasakiLynoure:  looking for linux (w/o android) for phones / tablets10:01
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Avihayhanasaki: did you look at the plasma-active project? they list a few devices that they support, and they managed to get a manufacturer to produce the spark tablet with open hardware10:53
hanasakiI will check thnaks Avihay11:05
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nicklas_hi. how do you make icon tasks not show full window previews when hovering with mouse over the icons/launchers in kde?11:56
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BluesKaj' Morning all13:01
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excognachi all.13:53
excognacJust installed kubuntu, then updated but run out of battery , so it was interrupted then updated and upgraded again, and i do not have internet: the wee icon is crossed with red when ever i try to connect i can see the bar for half sec. and red again. any advices?13:56
chuck_hello wonderful people!14:08
chuck_I have a question about dual monitors with 11.0414:09
chuck_I can get it to work with twin view... but the KDE only seems to see one monitor... with a very very wide resolution14:09
chuck_also, when I tell a application to go full screen it goes across both screens14:09
chuck_so instead of twin view, I am using a seperate x server14:10
chuck_this works with the mouse, but not windows14:10
chuck_as in the mouse can cross the screens, but windows can not14:10
chuck_also KDE does not see a secondary monitor14:10
chuck_I am using a nvidia card14:11
j3j5chuck_: it works fine for me with 11.1014:39
j3j5I have two monitors and it works just fine14:39
j3j5but I don't have a nvidia, my card is Intel14:39
j3j5are you using KDE settings or NVidia settings?14:40
chuck_but I want the dual monitor support with KDE too14:41
j3j5I use the KDE system settings, but it recognises everything14:42
j3j5sorry I'm not really helpful14:42
chuck_thanks anyways :(14:47
jcook_5xdataAnyone know how to make Telepathy pop messages up15:04
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mantas 15:18
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designbybeckI'm almost done with my Kubuntu Public Access computer16:28
designbybeckI made  a "public" user today, when I tried to login with public/public16:28
designbybeckit said I needed to change the password!? I didn't see where to turn that off? I was also hoping I could have it just login to the desktop without having a password at all for basic, general use. Is this possible?16:29
designbybeckof course I will have the root/admin password secure and no one will have access that16:29
`korvinHey, I'm trying to install xchat, and it says that it should be in aptitude16:30
`korvinbut I'm getting package not found16:30
`korvinalso my mysql failed to install, not it's trying to update the package (and failing) every time I use aptitude16:30
BluesKajdesignbybeck,   ssh login ?16:31
designbybeckjust a front end desktop basic user16:31
designbybeckIt will be a public access computer in our library at the university BluesKaj16:31
designbybeckI've installed a bunch of useful and creative programs for people to use16:32
BluesKajoh sorry , i thought you meant you couldn't autologin via ssh into the remote pc16:33
BluesKaj!reositories | `korvin16:34
BluesKaj!repositories | `korvin16:34
ubottu`korvin: The packages in Kubuntu are divided into various sections. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories16:34
bassowhen i add the facebook widget, the entire plasma stuff crashes!16:36
BluesKaj`korvin,  aptitude is ok as a cli package manager , but apt-get is more up to date, and handles package dependencies more precisely16:36
`korvinI meant apt-get16:37
DaemonFCactually, aptitude is more useful for working yourself out of jams since it proposes possible solutions instead of saying "package needs blah, but won't be installed"16:38
BluesKajdesignbybeck,  what is meant by "public access" pw-less logins ?16:38
DaemonFCbut, aptitude is not for a novice user since the solutions it proposes could end up breaking the system16:39
designbybeckah yes a pw-less login16:39
DaemonFC(which is probably why it was removed from Ubuntu by default to begin with)16:39
designbybeckBluesKaj:  the idea is to have anyone be able to walk up and use the computer and software without a username/password16:39
ikoniaDaemonFC: stop making this ups16:40
ikoniathe solutions it propose do not break your system16:40
EvilResistancedesignbybeck, you are aware of the security implications of such a setup, right?16:41
shashikcan i change my muon package manager to ubuntu software centre package manager..??16:41
BluesKajdesignbybeck,  then why not setup autologin in systemsettings>login screen>convenience tab> and set the autologin there16:41
designbybecknope, How so EvilResistance? if they aren't in a admin user group16:41
ikoniaDaemonFC: I've warned you about making things up, if you have an issue and something to back that up, it's fine to discuss, if you want ot make things up and rant about it, it will not be tollerated - clear16:41
DaemonFCthey can break your system if the proposed solutions want to remove certain packages16:41
ikoniaDaemonFC: no16:41
ikoniaDaemonFC: there are dependency checks16:42
DaemonFCand this is the case often enough that people who don't know what they are doing should leave it alone16:42
designbybeckI haven't seen that yet BluesKaj I will check16:42
DaemonFCit assigns each solution a score16:42
EvilResistanceDaemonFC, i'm in agreement iwth ikonia16:42
ikoniaDaemonFC: no16:42
ikoniaDaemonFC: stop16:42
DaemonFCwell, then you've never actually had it do that then16:42
DaemonFCgood for you16:42
ikoniaDaemonFC: I've not had it do that, because it doesn't do that16:42
DaemonFCit can and it does16:42
ikoniaDaemonFC: discussion is great, but please stop just saying things so you can have a rant16:42
ikoniaDaemonFC: please show me a bug logged for that16:42
DaemonFCI've seen it do that for years in both Debian and Ubuntu16:43
EvilResistancecan you two stop bickering?16:43
ikoniaDaemonFC: please show me a bug logged for that16:43
EvilResistancei know i'm not an op, but watching two people bicker isnt fun16:43
DaemonFCso I have a feeling it's meant for people who know what they are doing with it and will tell it to move on to the next proposal or exit if it doesn't offer any solutions that don't break things16:43
BluesKajdesignbybeck,  but you must put safeguards in so that only admin group users can make changes to apss etc , but I'm not real familar with that aspect of the user/group permissions16:43
ikoniaDaemonFC: show me a bug logged for the issue you are complaining about16:44
DaemonFCif it has been going on this long, I don't think it is a bug16:44
ikoniaDaemonFC: ok - so stop making things up16:44
`KorvinHey, that fixed my issue with xchat, not I still have the issue with mysql server16:44
`Korvinit's not installing16:44
DaemonFCI'm not16:45
shashikCan i change my muon package manager to ubuntu software centre package manager..????16:45
DaemonFCwhen there's an unworkable dependency, aptitude will try to brute force its way around it, even if it means yanking out other packages in the dependency chain somewhere that are vital to the system16:45
ikoniaDaemonFC: if a package manager had a issue that broke your system due to not being able to handle dependencies properly on correclty formatted packages, do you not think at least one bug would be logged ?16:45
`Korvinmy mysql failed during installation, not everytime I try to install something it trys to install mysql-server which fails16:45
designbybeckEvilResistance: what besides changing the public users access groups could I do to improve security?16:46
DaemonFCusually what it means is that someone who is maintaining a repository you have software from has screwed something up16:46
DaemonFCI had it offer to remove Amarok the other day so it could upgrade amarok-common16:46
ikoniaDaemonFC: ok - so the problem would be a package is not built correclty or has the dependencies not correctly assigned16:47
DaemonFCit does all kinds of stupid things, that just wouldn't have been fatal16:47
EvilResistancedesignbybeck, i'd start by having something routinely purge any user information and restore from a base setup.  rather than just have a perpetual storage of random users' information16:47
DaemonFCapt would just say there are broken packages in that case16:47
designbybeckah, is this what the guest user in Ubuntu is?16:47
DaemonFCaptitude would ask you to remove like maybe hundreds of things16:47
EvilResistancedesignbybeck, i disable the guest user in Ubuntu on my system16:48
designbybecki had tried a Ubuntu setup when i first started this project, and it seemed like the guest users info got cleared out after logoff EvilResistance16:48
DaemonFCof course that's not something you want a user running into if they don't know what to tell it16:48
ikoniaDaemonFC: I suggest you log a bug against this then16:48
ikoniaDaemonFC: see if you get it noticed and maybe even resolved16:48
EvilResistancedesignbybeck, indeed, thats basically what it is16:48
BluesKajDaemonFC,  ikonia , lets not flame each other here , we're trying help and I'm sure this discussion is confusing for those needing help16:48
EvilResistancedesignbybeck, they have access to the software, but no saved data perpetually16:48
DaemonFCeverytime I say anything it gets ikonia going16:48
DaemonFCthe sky is blue16:48
EvilResistanceBluesKaj, i know, right?  i'm about to call !ops on this16:48
BluesKajEvilResistance,  ikonia is an op16:49
EvilResistancei know16:49
`KorvinI run sudo apt-get install aptitude, it installs then I get Setting up mysql-server-5.1 (5.1.58-1ubuntu1) ...16:49
`Korvinstatus: Unknown job: mysql16:49
EvilResistancethats what makes it worse16:49
ikoniaEvilResistance: it's discussing a problem and the reasons behind it16:49
EvilResistancebecause an op is bickering with someone... and should know better16:49
EvilResistanceikonia, i dont see it as such16:49
EvilResistanceikonia, at times its gone into the range of bickering16:49
ikoniaEvilResistance: that's unfortunate16:49
EvilResistancei'm sure that since BluesKaj has seen fit to point out its turning into a flame fest, that i'm nto the only one with this opinion16:50
BluesKaj`Korvin,  try sudo dpkg --configure -a , it might get rid of the nagging mysql install16:50
ikoniaEvilResistance: I'm not questioning your opinion16:50
`Korvinubuntu@ubuntu:~/Downloads$ sudo dpkg --configure -a16:51
`KorvinSetting up mysql-server-5.1 (5.1.58-1ubuntu1) ...16:51
`Korvinstatus: Unknown job: mysql16:51
ikonia`Korvin: looks like the upstart script didn't get installed16:51
BluesKaj`Korvin,  sudo apt-get -f install16:52
`Korvin0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 386 not upgraded.16:52
`Korvin1 not fully installed or removed.16:52
`KorvinAfter this operation, 0 B of additional disk space will be used.16:52
`KorvinSetting up mysql-server-5.1 (5.1.58-1ubuntu1) ...16:52
`Korvinstatus: Unknown job: mysql16:52
FloodBotK1`Korvin: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:52
`Korvinthats from sudo apt-get install -f16:53
BluesKaj`Korvin,  do you have all repos enabled in your package manager ?16:53
`Korvinis there no way to just revert all changes?16:54
BluesKaj`Korvin,  look in /var/log for errors , then you may need to remove broken dependencies that are listed connected to mysql errors16:55
BluesKajUnknown job: mysql , is a mystery to me to be honest ...16:56
`KorvinBluesKaj, its just  initializing then shutting down16:57
ikoniacheck for an upstart job16:57
ikoniasee if the job actually exists, looks like it's just not installed clean so can't see/isn't aware of the upstart job16:57
`KorvinI don't know how to do that =p16:57
* BluesKaj watches and learns ...I hope :)16:58
`Korvinwhen I try to run mysql16:58
`Korvinubuntu@ubuntu:~/Downloads$ mysql16:58
`KorvinERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)16:58
EvilResistance`Korvin, do you have mysql server installed?16:59
`Korvinon further examination, that's just because the server isn't running16:59
`KorvinEvilResistance, that's what's failing to install16:59
EvilResistance`Korvin, did apt-get say *why*?17:00
`Korvinwhy it failed?17:00
`Korvinnot that I know of17:00
`Korvinjust how it failed17:00
`Korvintry to install it again, just status unknown job mysql17:01
ikonia`Korvin: I'l be with you asap, I'm juggling too much17:01
`Korvinheres an error message17:03
`Korvinlet me pastebin17:03
designbybeckEvilResistance: is there a quick easy way to "setup" such a state for the computer? So it resets all the public users info? or discards it. There will be instructions that say thye must backup their work and take with them, beucase notthing ill be saved17:08
EvilResistanceunfortunately i dont know how that'd be set up, but it'd be similar to the Ubuntu 'guest' account17:09
designbybeckwell our IT will want to look at this setup i'm sure, even though they aren't controlling it, so I just wanted to have something to show them. I'll just let them know how the public account is not in an admin group and such17:10
designbybeckroot group17:10
BluesKaj`Korvin,  one more thing to try , sudo dpkg --clear-avail , then update and upgrade17:26
`Korvintried installing a deb file, the installation hung where it tried to pull the mysql info17:29
`Korvinnot  sure how to stop that process17:29
`Korvinsays the database is locked17:30
BluesKajyou have broken dependencies blocking the dkg install process , you can try looking at the dependencies and removing them individually , it can be time consuming , but it works , sudo dpkg --remove --force-depends nameofpackage(s)17:32
BluesKaj`Korvin, , I recall having remove several broken depends when Libreoffice failed to install properly and was blocking dpkg17:34
BluesKaj`Korvin,  did you run  sudo dpkg --clear-avail as I suggested above ?17:37
DarthFrogBluesKaj:  Why not suggest "sudo apt-get -f install"?17:37
`Korvindpkg: error: dpkg status database is locked by another process17:38
`Korvinbreak time17:38
BluesKajDarthFrog,  we did that already , still locked17:40
DarthFrogSounds like he might have a lockfile left behind after a program (dpkg) crashed.17:40
BluesKajDarthFrog,  yup ,broken dependencies17:42
BluesKaj`Korvin,  this might be worth a try too , sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a17:43
`KorvinBluesKaj, still says it's locked17:48
BluesKajdid you try removing msql ? i have to ask17:49
BluesKajor sudo apt-get install --reinstall mysql17:50
`Korvinnot that17:50
`Korvinone sec17:50
`Korvinubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo apt-get install --reinstall mysql17:50
`KorvinE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)17:50
`KorvinE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?17:50
`Korvinis there any way to override that?17:51
`Korvinwill rebooting help?17:51
BluesKajsudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock17:51
`Korvindidn't work17:51
`Korvinno ouput17:51
BluesKajno output doesn't mean it didn't work necessarily17:52
`KorvinE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable) does17:52
BluesKajso maybe a reboot , but don't think that will help17:53
regisgHello, I've got a problem installing kdenlive. Packaging seems broken so I use this buildscript http://www.mltframework.org/twiki/bin/view/MLT/BuildScripts#Kdenlive17:55
regisgIt works fine but I can't get it in french17:55
regisgKde language settings is set to french, for country and prefered language17:56
regisgBut when I start kdenlive, the language is American English.17:56
regisgThere isn't any other language in the help menu -> switch application language17:58
regisgDoes anyone have  knows how to fix this ?17:58
`Korvinlooks like restart might have solved everything18:02
`Korvininstalled fine18:05
`Korvinthanks for telling me to restart =p18:06
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nathanielfirstI have a technical help question. I am running kubuntu thru virtualbox. my kpackagekit insists on uninstalling random things i have installed whenevr i try to install new packages19:23
nathanielfirstdoes anyone know what this is?19:23
nathanielfirstlike it has happened 20 times and i have a 30 gig HD (virtual disk image, vdi file, dynamically allocated)19:24
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Lynourenethanielfirst: random things? you are sure they are not conflicts?19:24
nathanielfirsthmmm. how often do things recommended by kpackagekit, community supported, truly conflict with each other?19:25
nathanielfirstcause this did happen a lot, and i think, i tried both 10.10 and 11.4 version of kubuntu, seems it would have worked19:26
excognachi all19:28
excognacwhat is Qt in kded4 --version?19:28
jcook_5xdatawhate version are you running19:32
jcook_5xdata12.04 or 11.1019:32
excognacnope, it's about kde version then. I just downloaded kde 4.8 from ppa. So it needs a reboot to run then, correct?19:36
excognacwohooo. thanks19:38
jcook_5xdataalso after you install the ppa did you run sudo apt-get dist-upgrade19:39
excognacsure i did19:48
jcook_5xdataexcognac: cool19:50
excognacjcook_5xdata: have you tried 12.04 already?19:51
jcook_5xdataI have a ? for some one in the new 12.04 does anyne know a way to have Im pop a windows instead of the notification.19:51
jcook_5xdataexcognac: yup19:51
jcook_5xdataexcognac: running it now19:51
toshibacan anyone help  with changing desktop theme in lucid lynx? i'm a total nob19:52
jcook_5xdataexcognac: not bad stable enuff for everyday use19:52
excognacjcook_5xdata: How stable it is? Especially officewise? I've just reinstalled the whole sys, previously I had a lot of problem with simply running openoffice19:53
jcook_5xdatado ou know where the themes are19:53
excognactoshiba: http://news.softpedia.com/news/Ubuntu-10-04-Desktop-Customization-Guide-146134.shtml19:54
jcook_5xdataexcognac: I am IT  and I use it as my main desktop. Libraoffice does have bug (has been reported), but it only affects me when close it19:55
jcook_5xdatathat for Gnome it will not work19:56
jcook_5xdatatoshiba: there this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bRMx7uLRhk19:57
excognacjcook_5xdata: Ok, cos with 11.10 i have a lot of concerns: it simply closes itself while various type of files (e.g an odt and an ods) are opened, without saving. I talk about tiny files, less than 1 Mb each19:57
jcook_5xdataexcognac: do you have open java installed? I had that problem because java was not installed19:59
jcook_5xdataexcognac: install it and fixed the problem19:59
excognacjcook_5xdata: lemme check, this is fresh and crispy install19:59
jcook_5xdataI guess is no20:00
designbybecknot sure how to find that out excognac20:04
excognacjcook_5xdata: ok. when you'll be back, just make sure: is that OpenJDK, right?20:04
designbybecki am trying trying to figure out how to rip a dvd with k3D20:05
excognacdesignbybeck: to find out what?20:05
designbybeckto find the version of Qt20:05
excognacdesignbybeck: no worries, got it. kded4 --version20:06
designbybeckah thanks excognac good to know20:07
designbybeckI've got Qt 4.7.420:07
designbybeckDoes anyone know how to rip DVDs with K3b? I see the option, but after you click it, it keeps asking about burning20:07
excognacdesignbybeck: yes. open it, Tools, and you should find it there20:08
jcook_5xdatadesignbybeck: try k9ripper20:08
designbybecki found that much excognac but not sure what to do after that20:08
jcook_5xdatait in the repos20:08
designbybeckok i'll install it jcook_5xdata thanks20:08
jcook_5xdatadesignbybeck: sorry k9copy20:09
designbybeckah yes i was wondering20:09
excognacjcook_5xdata: shall i install the suggested packages as well?20:09
jcook_5xdataexcognac: yes20:10
excognacjcook_5xdata: thx20:10
excognacjcook_5xdata: Package sun-java6-fonts is not available, but is referred to by another package LOL20:12
jcook_5xdataexcognac: did it install or bail20:12
jcook_5xdataexcognac: openjdl-6-jre20:14
excognacjcook_5xdata: this is for the java fonts?20:15
jcook_5xdatathat package will install the openjava font20:15
excognacok that's fine done! Thanx again, jcook_5xdata20:17
excognacjcook_5xdata: okkkkkk, I'll let you know in few days how successfull I was20:20
excognacjcook_5xdata: anyhow, your help is highly appreciated20:21
hanasakihow do you bring up the search bar that finds files usign nepomuk desktopsearch?20:25
hanasakithanks jcook_5xdata   does it accept wildcards?20:28
jcook_5xdatahanasaki: That i do not know sorry20:28
hanasakijcook_5xdata:  any idea why when I turn on index file contents too it keeps reindexing the same files even if they don't change?20:29
jcook_5xdatahanasaki: nope you my find the answer on the Neomuk page http://nepomuk.kde.org/20:32
designbybeckthanks for the k9 jcook_5xdata it seemed to get the job done!20:36
jcook_5xdatadesignbybeck: sweet :)20:36
excognacwow that's crazy. I'm trying to install a dell printer with the provided cd. sudo sh install.sh seems to work fine. Sudden, when I specify the printer Kubuntu logs off!! how is that possible?20:36
jcook_5xdatacups is crushing the desktop20:37
designbybeckdoing sh install.sh on a windows install disk for a dell printer driver works excognac? and least kinda?20:37
jcook_5xdataremove it and see if there is one provided20:38
excognacdesignbybeck: nope, this is a mule disk, also for linux. I think you can't run .sh under windows20:38
designbybeckwhat is a mule disk excognac?20:39
excognacdesignbybeck: for both20:39
excognacsorry,  back again after 3rd time20:44
excognacWhat's wrong then?!20:44
designbybeckthat is cool i didn't know kde had a pastebin20:46
excognacI can't bloody believe that i need to do more effort to install a printer than plugging it!!!20:46
designbybeckwould be nice for photos too, i use http://pasteall.org20:47
excognacany advice on how to install a printer?20:47
designbybecksorry i don't print much these days excognac, i had a dell 1301c color laser, it was hit or miss for me installing it20:48
designbybeckand since 11.04 i couldn't get it installed anymore so i gave up20:48
excognacdesignbybeck: That's wonderful. :(((20:49
designbybecki think my prob was the 64bit20:50
designbybeckthere was directions on the 32bit and it did show how to force arch, but that stopped working for me the last upgrade and i didn't go back20:50
excognacThat's bad news. On the cd I have support for 32/64/noarch20:51
BluesKajdesignbybeck,  multiarch support should be installed by default20:54
excognacBluesKaj: any ideas how install a printer if running the .sh script on the cd simply logs me off?20:57
BluesKajexcognac,  .sh script on what cd ?20:58
excognacwhich was provided to the printer20:58
BluesKajfrom where ?21:00
Ezimmabe it works if you copy the sh script to home and give yourself all the priv. for installing the printer.21:00
excognacor do I need to copy first the .sh script first on my hd chmod +x?21:00
excognacEzim: that's what you were saying?21:01
BluesKajexcognac,  is there a readme file in the folder with .sh script21:01
Ezimexcognac, exactly.21:02
excognacBluesKaj: i wsih there were21:02
BluesKajexcognac,  no install text file either i suppose21:03
Ezimexcognac, have you tried hplip?21:04
Ezimexcognac, http://localhost:631/admin21:06
excognacEzim: hplip? no! how to?21:06
Ezimexcognac, visit the website I linked.21:06
Ezimadd your printer21:06
BluesKajexcognac,  is it an HP printer?21:07
excognacEzim: sorry, I don't think you linked21:07
excognacNope it's a Dell113021:07
Ezimexcognac, not listed?21:07
BluesKajexcognac,  did you try the printer configuration in system settings ?, I have to ask21:10
Ezimexcognac, http://www.dell.com/support/drivers/us/en/19/DriverDetails/DriverFileFormats?c=us&l=en&s=dhs&cs=19&DriverId=R26766021:11
Ezimexcognac, worked?21:14
excognacok successfully added in sys setting if I run the ./autorun logs me off !!!!21:15
excognaclet's see if it works21:15
Ezimhope :)21:15
excognacok with sys settings it prints a page: internal error, please use the proper driver21:17
excognaclets see the downloaded tar.gz21:18
excognacbut first i should remove it, right?21:18
Ezimexcognac, exactly.21:18
designbybeckanything other than unetbootin' for burning usb live iso's?21:21
designbybeckan not startup disk creator21:21
designbybeckbecause it isn't a ubuntu based distro21:22
Ezimdesignbybeck, liveusb21:22
Ezimdesignbybeck, search for it in omgubuntu/webupd821:22
Ezimdesignbybeck, some distros need command line (dd).21:23
designbybeckthanks Ezim21:23
designbybecki'm trying to burn LinuxMCE it is 3.3GB21:23
Ezim:) big iso21:24
excognacEzim: same thing happens: logs me off from kubuntu if I run sudo ./autorun21:24
Ezimexcognac, this only happens in kubuntu?21:24
Ezimhave you tried this with other desktop env.?21:24
excognacEzim: do you want me to use windows???21:24
excognacNope, 'cos I'm not going to install any other desktop environment21:25
Ezimexcognac, :) not really. want to know if this is kde specific or not.21:25
excognacEzim: sorry for being harsh21:25
Ezimexcognac, maybe it is kdm that are the problem.21:26
EzimI am not sure.21:26
excognacEzim: so I won't be able to use the printer on my present system?21:27
Ezimexcognac, best way is to file bug report.21:27
excognacEzim: what is the proper way to do so?21:29
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Ezimexcognac, do you have launchpad account?21:31
designbybeckwell Ezim I found it and installed LiveUSB it's not pretty, and not sure if you have to select the right distro on the list, but it looks like it is hung as well extracting files21:31
Ezimubuntu-bug cups (bec. its printer related)21:31
designbybeckI hve downloadedd the distro 2 different times and even sumchecked it21:31
Ezimdesignbybeck, maybe the iso is to big for your usb21:32
Ezimexcognac, write that in konsole.21:32
designbybecki would try to burn it to a DVD but I don't have a dvd pllayer in that drive21:32
Ezimdesignbybeck, :) kubuntu is good, you do not need to search for any other distro.21:33
excognacEzim: sorry, but again, how to?21:33
designbybecki know and it looks like that is what LinuxMCE is based on top of21:33
Ezimexcognac, open terminal and write: ubuntu-bug cups21:33
excognacubuntu-bug cups21:35
excognac: Fatal IO error: client killed21:35
Ezimthats not good.21:35
designbybeckHello WildCatHendricks21:38
WildCatHendricksnew to kubuntu21:38
Ezimexcognac, are you running kde 4.7.*?21:39
excognacEzim: kded4 --version Qt: 4.7.4 KDE Development Platform: 4.8.00 (4.8.0 KDE Dæmon: $Id$21:40
Ezimexcognac, do you have problem only when you try to use the printer21:41
Ezimor when you try to install the driver?21:41
excognacwait a minute: I've just dowloaded before this printer hystery the KDE 4.8 through ppa, installed it properly, so why does Qt says 4.74. ??21:43
excognacafter ppa, obviously21:43
excognacand restart:)21:43
Ezimexcognac, same here.21:46
Ezimexcognac, qt 4.7.4 should be the latest.21:47
Ezimso thats not any problem21:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 939850 in cups (Ubuntu) "Can't install Dell1130 Printer in kubuntu" [Undecided,New]21:51
excognacEzim: as far as know linux is famous since the beginnings for its great compatbility with printers...21:53
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BlouBlouHi, i need help with Kubuntu, when I open Muon, I get this message "Ejecutable: muon-installer PID: 7503 Señal: Segmentation fault (11)"22:02
BlouBlouAny idea?22:02
excognacBlouBlou: which version of KDE do you have?22:10
BlouBlouexcognac: how can I check it?22:11
excognackded4 --version in terminal22:11
BlouBlouexcognac: kde 4.7.422:12
excognacwhat would you like to do with muon?22:13
BlouBlouexcognac: check updates (I know doing it from terminal, but I'd like to get Muon working)22:13
BluesKajBlouBlou,  don't use muon until you upgrade and update in the terminal , once that's muon should be fixed , sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade22:14
BlouBlouBluesKaj: let's try it22:14
excognacBlouBlou: BluesKaj is right. I had the same problem for a while, however, I prefer command line22:15
BlouBlouBluesKaj: I still get the error22:15
BlouBlouexcognac: Meh, yes, I really prefer terminal too, but I don't like to have "broken apps" :P22:16
BluesKajmake sure muon isn't still running22:16
BluesKajsudo dpkg --configure -a22:16
excognacBlouBlou: :) we agree22:16
BlouBlouBluesKaj: http://paste.ubuntu.com/854609/22:17
BluesKajBlouBlou,  weel if you insist on using muon then the chances for broken dependencies are greater atm , than with apt-get22:18
BlouBlouBluesKaj: so, I need to reinstall all dependencies manually?22:19
BluesKajBlouBlou,  no , just run this command , it should remove the block ,  sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a22:21
BluesKajBlouBlou,  then update and upgrade as I posted previously22:21
BlouBloumhhh... again the error22:22
BlouBlouBluesKaj: I did it, and I still get it, heh22:22
BluesKajok then reboot22:22
BlouBlouOkay.jpg ;)22:23
BlouBlouBluesKaj: Nothing :(22:26
BluesKajyou didn't start muon again I hope ?22:28
ku4ecan anyone help me configure my sound card on kubuntu 11.1022:28
BlouBlouBluesKaj: I did, and I still get the same error.22:29
BlouBlouit closes automatically giving me that error22:29
ku4ei can't figure out how to configure the line in channel22:29
BluesKajBlouBlou,  don't start muon until the system has been updated and upgraded . like I mentioned before , you have to reboot again then do the updates/upgrades in the terminal first in order to bring the fix in the upgrades22:31
BlouBlouBluesKaj: But my system is updated, I did it and there are not updates avaiable22:31
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BluesKajthen don't use muon if you don't have any updates , it's only a GUI for apt and dpkg which actually do the updating and upgrading behind muon22:32
BlouBlouBluesKaj: is there any other alternative to muon? Like update-manager on gnome22:34
BluesKajku4e,  which soundcard ?22:34
BlouBlouI know how to do it by using the "konsole", but I'd like to have a gui working22:35
ku4elet me check on that22:35
ku4eI think its realtek highdefinition 10channels22:35
BluesKajthen use synaptic BlouBlou22:35
ku4ek9n neo v2 chipset22:36
ku4ei have sound22:36
ku4ethe drivers are working the indicator shows that it is receiving sound from line in but there is no sound on the output22:36
BluesKajku4e,  type alsmixer in the terminal , it will list your card in the top left , and you'll have access to your line in22:37
BluesKajalsamixer , ku4e22:37
BlouBlouBluesKaj: I found KPackageKit, thanks for your help. :-)22:39
BluesKajBlouBlou,  synaptic is the best IMO22:39
BluesKajku4e,  make sure your line isn't muted MM in the ctrl box , and use the arrow keys to set your volume22:40
BluesKajBBL ....22:45
ku4eBluesKay thanks a lot22:48
ku4eI owe you one22:48
glen_3bHello! I'm new to IRC, but am happy to help with any ubuntu problem :).23:12
glen_3bOr kubuntu, for that matter...23:13

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