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jonohey all02:26
jonocan I use super_teams_collection_link to find the parent team of a sub-team?02:26
wgrantjono: That should work, yes.02:30
jonowgrant, I just started really digging into this tonight, but how do return the list of super teams from that?02:31
jonoI guess I am asking how to pull data from a link02:31
wgrantjono: for team in someteam.super_teams:02:37
jonoI was looking at the list of entries02:38
jonothanks wgrant02:38
wgrantjono: launchpadlib maps foo_collection_link attributes to foo, and bar_link to bar.02:42
jonothanks wgrant02:55
jonothis is a pretty cool API02:56
StevenKWhen it works02:56
StevenKOr isn't misbehaving :-)02:56
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balloonsevening/morning all. I had a question I wanted about launchpadlib.. is it possible to pull a person's avatar from launchpad?03:51
nigelbnot the picture itself, but you can get  a link to it.03:51
nigelbIts convoluted and I have a half done MP somewhere to fix that.03:52
balloonshmm.. right, so I can get a link to the pic and then dl and process it if I wish.. multiple steps, but possible03:52
nigelbYep :)03:54
balloonsthanks nigelb03:54
PikkachuI'm creating an alternative 2.10.1 build for fixing bug 856631 in windows, is there any way I can put the setup available in the pidgin project without being a member of it? something similar to a branch05:22
ubot5Launchpad bug 856631 in pidgin (Ubuntu) "irc: periodic '/who' polling causes connection drops" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85663105:22
RenatoSilvaI'm back, is it possible?05:27
RenatoSilvais there any problem if I just commit the 12MB file onto a branch?06:05
lifelesswill it work? probably. is it a good idea? Well, its 12MB of data, what could possibly go wrong :)06:27
lifelessRenatoSilva: is it binary or text?06:28
balloonslp acting funny for me.. bad time of day me guess06:34
lifelessops are looking at it right now06:37
lifelessone sec06:37
RenatoSilvalifeless: a 12MB binary06:38
balloonsshould my branch eventually update?07:03
balloonssorry..  have a look at this if you would.. just want to make sure this branch published properly https://code.launchpad.net/~nskaggs/+junk/checkbox-beta107:05
wgrantballoons: Try pushing again07:06
wgrantWe had some database issues for a few minutes.07:06
wgrantBut they're fixed now.07:06
balloonswgrant, ok, thanks will do07:08
balloons"No new revisions or tags to push.   "07:08
balloonsi could fake a commit and push again07:09
wgrantballoons: bzr push --overwrite -r-2, then push again07:09
wgrant(-r-2 is the revision before the latest)07:09
wgrantLike faking a commit, except a bit less dirty :)07:10
balloonsheh.. kk07:11
balloonshmm.. ok, but i see one commit07:12
balloonsthere should be w07:12
balloonsk.. bzr push --overwrite -r-1 fixed that07:13
balloonsfun fun07:13
wgrant-r-1 is the same as omitting -r entirely07:13
balloonsthought that might be the case07:13
balloonsbzr is totally new07:13
StevenKBut bzr has been around for years!07:14
wgrantSo where's this a clone frome?07:14
wgrantAnother VCS?07:14
balloonsthe branch07:14
balloonswell another good question07:14
balloonsi'm assuming there is a good way to fork a branch in bzr07:15
balloonsthis is a manual fork of another bzr branch07:15
wgrantWhich branch?07:15
pooliewhat's a 'manual fork'?07:15
wgrantNormally you just say eg. 'bzr branch lp:unity; cd unity; hack hack hack; bzr commit; bzr push lp:~wgrant/unity/my-branch'07:16
balloonsi mean to say I checked out the branch07:16
balloonsi hacked on it07:16
balloonsthen i pushed it to this07:16
balloonsif that's the bzr way07:16
balloonsthen i guess i did fine07:16
wgrantHm, it looks like you created a fresh branch07:17
wgrantRather than branching/checkingout from an existing one.07:17
wgrantSo there's no history.07:17
balloonsugh... I lost the history eh07:17
wgrantYou ran 'bzr init' at some point?07:18
balloonsactually yea07:18
balloonsit's getting late her07:18
balloonsi had to redo it at some point07:18
RenatoSilvalifeless: I've uploaded it to github :( brb07:19
wgrantYou should basically never run 'bzr init' unless you're starting a new project.07:19
balloonsi got some working tree error07:19
wgrantUse bzr branch to fork a branch.07:19
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czajkowskiGood morning :)08:59
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odonyHi everyone, jtv, when you have a minutes, I have a question regarding the sharing of translations between series (related to what we talked about a few days ago)11:04
jtvodony: go ahead11:04
jtvAnd hi :)11:05
odonyjtv: :) I have noticed a few new issues in translation management in our older branches... do you remember how long ago the sharing between series was implemented?11:06
jtvBetween series was quite a while ago.11:07
jtvI'd say 2009-ish, off the top of my head.11:07
odonyoh really... wow11:08
odonythe thing is, apparently we're using the PO comments for even more things than I originally thought, one of them is to apply translations to their specific domain (UI, reports, object field names, etc.)11:08
jtvBut there's a standard gettext facility for that.11:08
odonyjtv: yup, we still have to implement msgctxts ... does LP support them well, BTW?11:08
jtvYes, should be fine.11:09
jtvTwo identical messages with different contexts are treated as different messages.11:09
odonysounds good, we should really try it....  of course we have the area of the software where the translation applies, and then we have the various contexts of translations, e.g. "Open" can be an object state or a button action11:10
odonynot sure how we would map those 2 things properly.. but anyways11:11
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odonyjtv: so our previous versions of the software rely on the PO comments to apply the translations to the right area... and now we're seeing bugs in those older versions because PO files are exported with the comments of the latest series, and they locations do not match (e.g. some term may now be used only for reports, but was used in other places before)11:12
jtvYes, very unfortunate.11:13
odonyI do not remember seeing this in the past, but it could have been the case and we did not notice... this is not an "obvious" bug11:13
jtvNo — and some big import may have triggered this.11:13
odonyyes... so I was wondering if it would be very hard to have the LP translations export consider using the comments of the series for which it is exporting, rather than the ones from the latest series where it was translated11:14
odonyi.e. sharing only the msgstr values between series but not the rest11:15
odonyjtv: my question is more like: was it harder to do it and the current implementation is simpler because of that, or is it actually trivial to change and you just did not consider it before11:16
jtvUnfortunately it's an integral part of the data model.11:17
diwichi! I want to change the source location of a code import. I don't think I can do that for myself, and I have a few recipes depending on it. Can you do that for me?11:17
jtvWe've always assumed that the comment on a translatable message was shared just like the message's translations and text.11:17
jtvczajkowski: feel up to helping diwic?  :-)11:18
czajkowskidiwic: sure if you file a question we can do it for you11:18
diwicczajkowski, a question against launchpad?11:18
czajkowskidiwic: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+addquestion  yes11:18
czajkowskiand just let us know the detail that need to be changed an any links. thanks11:18
diwicczajkowski, thanks, will do!11:19
czajkowskidiwic: np,will get to it shortly11:19
odonyjtv: I see...  I'm not sure how the PO comments are supposed to be treated in fact.... they have their sense in the PO template, but what about in a PO.. For a given template it seems having the right comments/hints of where the term come from (source code line etc.) is important11:20
diwicfiled as question 18860211:20
odonyjtv: but once copied in the PO they do not carry that much sense I suppose.... though unfortunately we do give them one11:20
jtvodony: IIRC we treat comments in the PO as completely separate things, not related to comments in templates.11:22
odonythat's the key point I guess... and I understand that because the term was translated based on a certain set of comments, it kind of  makes sense to carry them over when exporting anywhere, even if that does not match the series' template comments11:23
jtvYeah… we had to draw a line between changes that mean you want different data for series, and changes that mean you're updating your data which should benefit all series.11:24
odonyyes..for some reason we assumed from the start that [POT template comments] == [PO comments], but perhaps there is nothing in the GetText standard that says it should be the case11:25
odonyand unfortunately handling our translations differently requires quite a fundamental change in our framework, something that is not doable for past stable series of course (which are meant to be stable)11:26
odonyjtv: I suppose there is no way to partially disable translation sharing for older series, short of disabling completely the export sync for those, right?11:27
jtvYou could rename them.11:28
jtvI *think* (not sure) that we have cron jobs running now that will notice that two templates are no longer identically named, and go back to duplicating messages instead of sharing.11:29
jtvIt won't affect file names; those are based on the templates' domains.  Their names are really just for how Launchpad refers to them.11:30
jtvI have to check up on this, but I also have to leave for a bit now.  Would you excuse me?11:30
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odonyjtv: right, you mean simply going through the templates list and arbitrarily changing the names without touching anything else...11:31
odonyjtv: certainly, thanks a lot for your help!11:31
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jtvodony: I'm not sure it'll work, and if it does, it won't be instantaneous.11:58
madrazrHello everyone, is there a way I can check the build status of the package I uploaded recently?12:06
madrazrto PPA12:06
jelmerhi madrazr12:06
madrazrjelmer: Hello12:06
jelmerthere should be a link to the build from your PPA12:06
jelmerthat will have details on the current status12:06
madrazrjelmer: checking ...12:07
madrazrjelmer: is this the correct URL? https://launchpad.net/~madhusudancs/+archive/madhusudancs12:08
madrazrI see latest updates has nothing12:08
jelmermadrazr: it doesn't look like there are actually any uploads yet12:10
jelmerdid you get a confirmation email from Launchpad after you uploaded your package?12:10
madrazrjelmer: nope :(12:11
madrazrjelmer: however http://dpaste.com/707197/12:11
madrazrI see this on my shell12:11
jelmermadrazr: see https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+faq/19412:12
madrazrjelmer: what is "distribution release's changes list", where would this information be?12:14
madrazralso I believe I am the signer of the changes file12:14
jelmermadrazr: the changes list isn't relevant if you upload to a PPA12:15
madrazrjelmer: Ok12:16
madrazrjelmer: how about the signer?12:16
madrazrI believe I am the signer12:16
jelmermadrazr: does launchpad know about your key?12:16
madrazrjelmer: I have uploaded the key, but not verified12:16
jelmermadrazr: I mean, have you added the key to your launchpad account using the web UI?12:17
madrazrjelmer: yes12:17
madrazrjelmer: but I received an email to confirm, afterward uploading, so I verified the keys after uploading the package12:18
madrazrjelmer: does that mean I should try reuploading the package now?12:18
jelmermadrazr: are you sure ? It's not listed on your Launchpad homepage.12:18
jelmermadrazr: ah, it is now - yes, you should re-upload after adding the key12:18
madrazrjelmer: great, sure12:19
madrazrjelmer: I was verifying as I was talking to you here12:19
madrazrjelmer: I will try to re-upload now12:19
madrazrPackage has already been uploaded to ppa on ppa.launchpad.net12:19
madrazrNothing more to do for hello_2.6-1_source.changes12:19
madrazrhow to fix that? :)12:19
jelmermadrazr: remove the relevant .upload file in your current directory12:20
madrazrjelmer: cool! uploaded12:21
* madrazr keeps the fingers crossed12:21
madrazrjelmer: I don't see an email or update yet, is there anything else I may be missing?12:25
madrazrjelmer: ah I see the email(s) now12:27
SweetsharkHi there, how do I change the upstream link for precise to the 3.5 series at https://launchpad.net/df-libreoffice/+packages12:27
czajkowskiSweetshark: if you file a question with the details we can change the details. https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+addquestion12:28
jelmerSweetshark, czajkowski: I think you might be able to change the link yourself if you're in the right team12:30
jelmerif you click on the relevant "source package" link you should get to another page; there you can change the linker under the "Upstream connections" section12:31
czajkowskijelmer: possibly am doing a few like that this morning but working on one right now, so if its filed will get to it shortly once I fix the one that is bugging me :)12:31
madrazrjelmer: is it possible to specify multiple distributions series in the same debian/changelog file?12:32
jelmermadrazr: no12:32
madrazrjelmer: Oh Ok12:32
jelmerczajkowski: hah, ok12:32
madrazrjelmer: how does it work then if I have to create the binaries for multiple distributions?12:32
madrazrlike say oneiric and precise12:32
jelmermadrazr: you can copy packages in the web UI from one series to the other12:34
madrazrjelmer: ah Ok12:34
madrazrthats cool!12:34
Sweetsharkjelmer: i tried to add an upstream connection, but it fails because precise is already wrongly associated with 3.412:35
jelmerSweetshark: you should be ablet to change the existing upstream connection12:36
jelmerSweetshark: from the source package page - changing that association will remove the link to 3.412:36
odonyjtv: thanks, we'll give it a shot and see how it works...  in any case that would probably be needed only for a single series, if at all. I think I found a low-risk way to patch for our translation system and make  older series work correctly with PO comments from other series.12:37
jtvodony: great news.  Good luck!12:37
odonyjtv: thanks a lot for your invaluable help, as usual!12:37
Sweetsharkjelmer: where on https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libreoffice ? "Show upstream links" leads me back to https://launchpad.net/df-libreoffice/+packages where changing is blocked for me.12:39
jelmerSweetshark: directly under "Upstream connections"12:42
jelmerSweetshark: there is LibreOffice Productivity Suite ⇒ libreoffice-3-412:42
jelmerSweetshark: after that are an edit icon and a delete icon12:42
Sweetsharkjelmer: no edit/delete icons here.12:45
jelmerSweetshark: ah, ok. I guess you're not in the right teams to edit the source package12:45
jelmer(I'm not entirely clear on what the right team is in this case)12:45
s9iper1any  problem with launchpad  karma is not updating ?13:11
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shashikHELP! i am not able to sign ubuntu code of conduct, doing the exact same steps..16:19
shashikgetting 1 error16:20
shashik(7, 9, u'No public key')16:20
EvilResistanceshashik, did you upload a PGP key?  did you link that PGP key with your launchpad account?16:20
shashikon doing gpg --fingerprint, i am getting 2 pub id and keys16:22
shashiki have uploaded one of it16:23
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bdrunghi, i see many icons in front of the email addresses: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/debian-policy/
bdrungis that normal?16:35
EvilResistancei see that too, i betcha its a bug in that page16:35
czajkowskidoes look a bit odd16:37
czajkowskiI dont see it on other pages16:39
czajkowskionly see it on the debian pages16:40
czajkowskibdrung: if you want to file a bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+filebug  can look at it in a bit and find out more if you want16:41
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bdrungczajkowski: done -> bug #93964416:46
ubot5Launchpad bug 939644 in Launchpad itself "Too many icons beside email address" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93964416:46
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jadoei get an error "Invalid OpenID transaction" when clicking "Log in / Register"18:45
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lifelessjadoe: does it say anything else? What URL is in your browser window now?18:48
jadoeno, only that. https://login.launchpad.net/cDljL1fKp3W8lWtH/+decide18:48
lifelessand if you start over (at https://launchpad.net/+login) ?18:51
jadoeInvalid OpenID transaction18:52
jadoehm, works in other browsers. firefox only18:52
lifelessthats very 'cool'. What version of firefox ?18:53
jadoe10.0.2 with at least a thousand add-ons18:55
jadoeworks with a new firefox profile. kk18:56
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michaelh1Morning.  I need to upload a 150 MB file as part of the release.  I talked with lifeless yesterday.  The upload still times out.  Help!20:14
james_wmichaelh1, how many retries so far?20:22
michaelh1james_w: ~once a half hour all yesterday afternoon, twice this morning, repacked down to 100 MB and that fails too20:22
michaelh1Hurray for uploading from the cloud...20:23
michaelh1The ~50 MB binary uploads were fine by the same method.20:23
lifelessmichaelh1: try retrying, we've just reconfigured to local disk for one step which -may- help20:36
michaelh180 % there...20:41
michaelh1Nope, timedout.  The upload to Launchpad seemd to go fine.20:43
michaelh1I have the OOPS if that helps.20:43
michaelh1Woo!  It uploaded!20:50
lifelessmichaelh1: I would like that oops please20:52
michaelh1lifeless: sorry, I hit refresh to retry the upload and lost it.20:52
lifelesshah ah well20:52
michaelh1So the new librarian will be up and running for next month's release?20:53
lifelessyes, it won't solve the root cause though20:53
lifelesswhich is that we are trying to process a huge amount of data in the main web-requeset loop of zope appservers.20:54
lifelessthe bug I referenced has to be fixed before this will stop being a headache20:54
mwhudsoni thought SANs solved all problems21:07
lifelessmwhudson: thats inSANity, not SANs21:10
jonohey all21:46
jonois there a way in which I can query the test results data in http://results-tracker.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/precise/+testruns/284 with launchpadlib?21:46
wgrantjono: You'd need to ask whoever controls that these days. It may look like Launchpad, but it's really unrelated.22:08
lifelessjono: chat to cr3 & co; it uses lazr.restful, but I don't know the incantation to make launchpadlib (or wadllib really) talk to it22:09
Jeroen__I submitted a package to launchpad at it says the waiting time is 22h. Is this normal?22:32
mwhudsonit's not normal, exactly, but its not unheard of22:33
StevenKWe have a bunch of builders missing for testing22:37
_16aR_Any admin of launchpad here ?22:42
Jeroen__It seems to be pretty bad though22:43
Jeroen__The waiting time has only increased over the past 12h :S22:43
_16aR_Like to reset a password or so when the mail address is no more available (server hacked)22:43

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