serewhen i try to sync my iphone4 i got an error saying "Unhandled Lockdown error (-4)"01:23
sereany ideads01:24
Unit193I do not have any ideas about the problem, but I could recommend you try #ubuntu as there are many more people, they may know a better place to direct you, and there is a much greater chance of one of them owning an iPhone.01:25
tibbersi'm trying to figure out how to autorun a script on startup01:42
tibbersi made a script and i call it in autostart but nothing happens01:42
tibberswell, i am going to try changing ownership of the script file and see if that works. gotta reboot to test01:46
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bsi was trying to install a program called freevo from synaptic but it failed. Here is the relevant portion of the log: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=192998503:21
bsi dont really know what to do about it03:21
meemeeI'm having trouble disabling screen lock with xscreensaver. I've tried disabling it through the gui and manually through xscreensaver-demo but it keeps locking the screen...03:22
Unit193bs: Seems a little like a bad package, but if you wait a little, someone that may know it should see that.03:24
Unit193meemee: Lock on wakeup?03:25
meemeeUnit193: lock after exiting the screensaver03:37
meemeelock is set to false in my .xscreensaver file too03:39
Unit193meemee: Did you restart the computer/daemon?04:03
Unit193Well, that makes a whole lot of sense there...04:08
meemeecould it be reading a different config file somewhere?04:09
Unit193Shouldn't, and doesn't for me, but you can check with locate and grep.  There isn't something that's launching xscreensaver I'd guess? (Worth a shot...)(04:10
meemeecouldn't find another config file. I killed the screensaver process and restarted xscreensaver from the command line and now it's not locking anymore04:20
meemeebut I have the feeling it will go back to locking on computer restart04:20
meemeeI will try right now! BRB04:21
meemeeThis is odd. When I activate xscreensaver manually (xscreensaver-command -activate) it doesn't lock the screen. But if I wait 5 minutes for it to activate, it does lock the screen.04:31
Fudgeep yep08:46
FabianSHm. Who thought it would be a good idea not to show the actual partition sizes on the installation dialog of lubuntu?09:44
iceroot!bug | FabianS09:48
ubottuFabianS: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.09:48
FabianSI doubt that's a bug.09:48
ASAPASAPASAPanyone here?11:29
ASAPASAPASAPI hope somebody will answer11:30
Myrttiwell we don't know if we can help you if you don't ask your real question11:30
ASAPASAPASAPI can't find my start menu on the panel below11:32
ASAPASAPASAPit moved!11:32
ASAPASAPASAPhttp://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/814/201202231925321280x1024.png/ see the left bottom below11:33
ASAPASAPASAPnone start menu!11:33
ASAPASAPASAPmyrtti can you see11:34
=== arno is now known as Guest55741
Guest55741Hi all. Got a question. Is there an option in Sylpheed to edit a sent message as a new one?11:45
MyrttiI know Claws does11:48
Guest55741I used that option in Thunderbird quite often. Sylpheed should have it as well, I just didn't find it  yet.12:10
Guest55741Anybody knows if it's there?12:10
icerootdo we have a bug atm on 12.04 that all gtk apps (tested gedit and evolution) are black?13:23
icerootimo my lubuntu-theme settings are all on default13:23
iceroothttps://bugs.launchpad.net/lan-tunes/+bug/939454 seems to be fixed13:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 939454 in Lan-Tunes "GTK interface looks like shit" [Medium,Fix released]13:25
icerootits not fixed13:32
icerootmaybe its this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lubuntu-artwork/+bug/93847213:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 938472 in lubuntu-artwork (Ubuntu) "dialogs are barely readable-- grey on black????" [Undecided,Confirmed]13:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 930719 in gnome-disk-utility (Ubuntu) "black background in lubuntu" [Undecided,Confirmed]13:36
AngelForgetsera a tutti14:50
phillwiceroot: the bugs in the artwork are being worked on, but may persist until after the beta 1 release.15:59
icerootphillw: thank you for the info16:28
kubanchow do i restart GUI?16:58
valdur55openbox-lubuntu --replace17:04
icerootkubanc: sudo service lightdm restart17:04
icerootmight be lxdm instead of lightdm, depending on your lubuntu-version17:05
valdur55after lxdm restart you need relogin and open all your programs again17:06
valdur55openbox-lubuntu --replace reloads lubuntu's window manager, and you don't need reopen all your items17:07
icerootphillw: do you know the packagename which is causing this "black in gtk bug" so i can correct the bugreports17:27
phillwiceroot: afaik it is lubuntu-artwork, it is deffinately the artwork team who are working on it.17:27
wxlphillw, iceroot -- why do people keep suggesting it's gtk? wouldn't we have a problem with, e.g. pidgin??17:31
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bshow do i rename a shortcut on the desktop?20:07
bsi tried the ways you would think of but it keeps staying the same20:07
Flazerright click and rename?20:08
bsyeah that doesnt do it, i mean it renames the file but the text under the shortcut doesnt change20:08
wxlbs: how did you make this shortcut?20:09
wxlbetter yet, bs, give me the results of doing an ls -al on it20:10
Unit193I'd say open the desktop file in leafpad.20:10
wxlso it's a desktop file20:10
bsyeah, actually yeah i just went and edited it with sudo leafpad20:10
bsthat worked20:10
ptrkmjI need to switch keyboard layouts. I've added "Keyboard Layout Switcher" to my panel but it doesn't work. I cannot change my layout to anything other than what's already set.20:10
bsthe gui makes it look like you can rename it in the properties but the changes dont stick, so you gotta sudo open it in leafpad, i should have thought of that sooner20:11
bsoh yeah and... i guess a shortcut in linux is a link not a launcher20:11
PitmasterGood day20:20
PitmasterI can use some help with my network, is there someone who wants to help?20:23
holsteinPitmaster: sure... wifi?20:36
Pitmasterno, not the wifi that is broke. The wired doesn't go.20:43
Pitmasterarp -a give ? ( at <incomplete> on eth020:44
bsis there any way I could have the task bar be not "always on top", but also not be hidden when not in use?20:56
bslike, so if i have a maximized program, it will go over top of the taskbar, but if i minimize all programs, the taskbar will be visible without me mousing over it20:57
bsin otherwords, have the task bar be "always on bottom"20:57
holsteinPitmaster: i would run lspci and look for the network controller... i would search around for a bug relating to it... is it something that broke, or never worked? have you gotten online and upgraded?21:13
holsteinbs: i thought there was a "allow to be covered" option... lemme look21:13
holsteinMake sure you have ticked the "Reserve space, and not covered by maximized windows" property in the panel settings21:14
holsteinbs: that is from http://wiki.lxde.org/en/LXDE:Questions ...and i might be remembering settings from tint2 on my machine21:15
seremy rhythmbox closes with an error saying no jack  server found...i dont want to use jack server!!!!21:19
serehow can i change this21:19
holsteinsere: i would look in the config, and make sure you have not asked for jack support21:19
holsteini would try and do the opposite from this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=100891021:20
sereholstein, i think it is not right because my banshee closes with the same error....where is the config or is they a gstreamer-properties21:21
serei actauly was already there lol but i couldnt install gstreamer-properties ...couldnt find it21:22
holsteinnot sure... i use JACK all the time... and i use ALSA only all the time.. and pulse... never seen that error running rb.. what else have you done?... do you have another user account you can open and test?... will you try would audacious or with VLC to test?21:23
bsholstein: when i tick that, the taskbar is always visible and the maximized window fits into the space above it. What I want is for the maximized window to cover the taskbar21:24
holsteinbs: yup... and thats what i have found happens when i select "dont reserve space"... other than suggesting another panel, i can only suggest troubleshooting and trying to get that option to work21:25
bsholstein: there's nothing called "dont reserve space", only a thing called "Reserve space". Are you saying I should have it checked or unchecked?21:27
sereholstein, audacious,vlc,mplayer, everything else pretty much works just fine ...i think if i could just get the sound server to use alsa or just the sound players it would work21:27
holsteinbs: depends.. i would say you *dont* want it to reserve space, correct?21:27
holsteinthe way i read that... if it *doesnt* reserve space, then it should be able to be covered21:27
bsholstein: yeah thats logical21:28
holsteinsere: likely.. did it ever work? or is this somehting that broke? do you have JACK installed?21:28
bsbut if i uncheck it, then what happens is the maximized window goes *beneath* the taskbar, because it's like the taskbar is "always on top" know what i mean?21:28
sereholstein, never worked....i dont think so21:29
bsi want the taskbar to go behind the maximized window, not in front of it21:29
holsteinbs: yup.. and i remember that being the behavior that i got... try messing with some more settings.. try from a live CD if you dont want to "break" it21:30
bsunfortunately i dont really see any other settings that would affect this21:32
bsmaybe what i want to do is not possible21:32
holsteinbs: yup.. i remember checking a box that didnt seem to effect it at all.. like "use as dock"? something like that21:33
holsteinbs: no.. i had that going on... i remember... in KDE, and in openbox with tint2... you can always just use another panel21:33
bsdefinitely the wording of the setting suggests that the behaviour is *supposed* to be for maximized windows to cover the dock but they dont21:33
holsteinbs: you can *always* do what you want with open tolls21:33
bsyes but if it requires me to like change the code and compile the OS or something that goes beyond what im willing to do21:34
holsteinbs: this was back at 10.04.. i can try again when im home near and LXDE installation21:34
bswhat i meant was, "possible to do with stock lubuntu"21:34
holsteinbs: i did it with stock lubuntu21:35
bswhen you say another panel, do you mean like some extra panel program i would have to install?21:35
holsteini just dont have it in front of me, or id already be telling you how21:35
bsi see21:35
holsteinbs: have to install?... you can install tint2 and use it instead.. thats an option21:35
bsfor now i will just autohide the taskbar. Like, I dont "need" to have it the way I wanted, it was a pretty minor thing, but it would be cool21:38
ignoredthoughtsSo i can't figure out how to configure NetworkManager to work23:06
ignoredthoughtsevery time i type it in it comes back with nothing23:06
ignoredthoughtsI'll click run then type in NetworkManager and zip happens23:07
ignoredthoughtsand not the fun archiving kind23:07
ignoredthoughtssetting up wireless was kind of a pain23:07
Unit193There's an icon in the desktop panel that works with it.23:07
ignoredthoughtsand i can only get a visual of my wireless in my panel if i go to Network Connection and set it to wlan023:08
Unit193`nm-applet` is the name.23:08
icerootwxl: i just saw that all my gtk-apps are broken, so i thought its for all gtk-apps and related to that topic23:08
ignoredthoughtsit seems to add a blank space in my panel next to the time23:08
ignoredthoughtsi click on it and it says no network connection23:08
ignoredthoughtsbut i am connected because... well i'm here aren't I?23:09
Unit193Is this an upgrade, or new install?23:09
ignoredthoughtsnew install23:09
wxliceroot: give me an example and i'll check out what my experience is here23:09
Unit193ifconfig and /etc/network/interfaces is a fun one.23:09
icerootwxl: gedit, evolution, nm-applet, keyring-password-dialog23:09
Unit193are fun ones.23:10
icerootwxl: lxpanel23:10
icerootwxl: everything black23:10
Unit193Terminal command for info.23:10
wxliceroot: uh lxpanel? how are these broken? just everything black?23:10
wxlwow that's craziness23:10
icerootwxl: with the default theme, no23:10
wxliceroot: roll back lubuntu-artwork and see what happens23:10
ignoredthoughtswhat am I looking for with that?23:10
icerootwxl: but every else theme is "grey on black"23:10
ignoredthoughtsjust shoots back the information regarding my actual connection23:11
icerootwxl: and where do i find the old lubuntu-artwork for 12.04?23:11
wxliceroot: synaptic makes it easy to install older versions23:11
icerootwxl: and where should that version came from?23:11
icerootwxl: in the repos there is always only the newest23:11
wxliceroot: um, the repos :D23:11
icerootwxl: the repos only have the latest version of a package23:11
ignoredthoughtsunder my network connections if I choose wlan0 it brings up the icon showing my connection strength23:12
wxliceroot: i think you're confusing the way apt works with what is actually available23:12
ignoredthoughtsNetworkManager seems to be a blank square that says I have no connection23:12
wxliceroot: i say this from experience23:12
icerootwxl: /var/cache/apt/ was cleaned23:12
icerootwxl: and apt-cache policy lubuntu-artwork is showing the latest version only23:12
wxliceroot: naturally23:12
icerootwxl: and in PACKAGES on the repos there is also only the latest23:12
wxliceroot: you're asking it basically what's the latest version23:13
icerootwxl: PACKAGES is providing what is available23:13
icerootwxl: apt-get is ONLY reading PACKAGES23:13
icerootthat is what "apt-get update" is doing23:13
icerootyou cant rollback a package with the normal repos23:13
icerootyou need something like archives.debian.org for ubuntu23:14
wxliceroot: i see 0.22~ppa8 as one such possibility23:14
icerootwxl: ppa != main-repos23:14
EvilResistancein theory yo ucan roll back... but that's only a theory23:14
wxliceroot: well that's besides the point23:14
wxli've done this with thunderbird before, for example23:14
wxlfrom the main repos23:14
icerootwxl: thunderbird is something different23:14
EvilResistancewxl, it depends on what the minimum version is available in the repos23:15
icerootwxl: there you have thunderbird3 and thunderbird9 for example23:15
EvilResistanceand thunderbird *is* something different23:15
icerootwxl: a normal package only have the latest version23:15
EvilResistanceiceroot, what is he trying to "roll back"?23:15
EvilResistancemy scrollbacks are fragmented today23:15
wxlthere was something else recently that i rolled back as well23:15
wxlbut that's fine23:15
wxlthat's what i would do if i were you but i'm not so i won't23:15
icerooti will do some research on this bug tomorrow and will go to sleep now23:16
ASAPanswerNOWHot to install empathy IM in lubuntu?23:19
iceroot!info empathy23:20
ubottuempathy (source: empathy): GNOME multi-protocol chat and call client. In component main, is optional. Version (oneiric), package size 1701 kB, installed size 5332 kB23:20
icerootASAPanswerNOW: sudo apot-get install empathy23:20
ASAPanswerNOWk tq23:20
downbeamdoesnt it come on lubuntu23:20
ASAPanswerNOWcan I have your baby23:20
ASAPanswerNOWno it doesn't you stupid downbeam23:21
icerootdownbeam: not by default23:21
Unit193ASAPanswerNOW: Be nice.23:21
icerootASAPanswerNOW: please leave this channel23:21
ASAPanswerNOWk bye23:21
downbeami have empathy on lubuntu... and i didnt install it23:22
downbeamit might be a package tho23:22
downbeambye room23:25
pangolinNot so sure telling people to leave the channel is the best way to handle rude users, but i do see why you did.23:32
* pangolin moves on23:32
icerootpangolin: i dont like !op so i think asking "with please" is a good way23:33
pangoliniceroot: right, it wasn't worthy of an op call. We should be trying to instruct users in the Ubuntu way.23:34
pangolinanyway, no biggie23:34

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