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Qwell_So, what is the new one to tell Unity to GTFO of my way?  gnome-session-fallback isn't doing it on the Pangolin alpha.02:43
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Qwell_new way, that is02:43
hatebAny chances for appmenu only if window is maximized ?03:06
Lintwhat is 12.10 codema,e?03:12
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bjrohananyone here?04:34
bjrohanI don't see anyone listed to the right :-(04:35
philipballewbjrohan, yes?04:51
bjrohanI am having some issues with 12.04 I think and am looking for help04:51
bjrohanI have a desktop and laptop, yesterday they were both running 11.10, connected wirelessly to a wireless router04:52
bjrohanyesterday I changed them both to the wireless DSL modem. After doing so I did not check to see if one could still log into the other04:53
bjrohanToday I upgraded the laptop to 12.04. I can ping each other machine, but can not find the files one each other using Nautilus04:53
bjrohanany suggestions?04:53
snadgehave you tried turning them on and off again? if yes.. have you tried a large hammer ;)04:56
bjrohani have rebooted the laptop, not the desktop04:57
bjrohanis that what you mean?04:57
snadgewell i just accessed another 12.04 system, from a 12.04 system .. via nautilus / samba04:57
c_smithis this a place I can discuss features that strike me as good ones in Precise?04:57
snadgeso you'll need to try and debug what isnt working i guess.. you can use tools like smbclient04:58
bjrohanWhat would I be looking for in the smbclient? WHen I bring it up, all it shows in directory is the printer04:59
snadgemaybe on upgrade.. its forgotten about what things you were sharing05:03
snadgeyou could try restarting the server.. or checking that the shares you expect to see are still shared05:03
snadgeor re-sharing them... if you used the gui to do it05:03
snadgethats a bit dodgy.. but after a while you expect things like that ;)05:04
cheakoHow can I disable the power buttons on my keyboard, they are in the way and unfortunate to press unintentionally.05:04
snadgewell you could lever the key cap off.. then attack the switch with a hammer and screwdriver05:04
cheakosnadge: I'm so there.05:05
cheakoThere should be a switch to disable them or at the least need the alt key held.05:06
snadgethere probably is.. but i dont know it.. im just looking in the keyboard / layout settings now05:06
cheakoI'm talking about on the keyboard.05:07
snadgeyeah.. it looks like you cant even customise what happens when you press the power/suspend button in ubuntu anymore05:08
snadgecontinuing in the grand tradition of removing configurable options ;)05:08
snadgeeventually there will just be one button in ubuntu.. you press it.. and it makes a retarded clown noise05:08
pooliesomeone called?05:08
poolieor just mis-tabbed?05:09
snadgeand that button will probably get removed because it doesnt pass usability testing at the special school.. for blind and deaf people ;)05:10
cheakotask exe:745 blocked for more then 120 seconds.  Looks like journal recovery.05:10
snadgemy netbook has lost the option to hibernate from the logout menu05:11
snadgeits either a bug.. or, hibernate is too confusing for people so it was removed05:11
cheakoI'm rebooting, on purpose this time.05:13
cheakoahh, no-mater what the journal recovery blocks.05:18
snadgedoesnt sound good.. you've tried running fsck?05:18
cheakoGood call, I should do that so there will be no need for the kernel to do it.05:19
bjrohanRestarted both machines, no difference :-( When I simply click on the Browse Network in Nautilus, nothing happens, any suggestions?05:22
cheakono fsck on this initrd :(05:23
snadgeyou'll need to boot off a livecd or liveusb05:24
snadgeif its your root filesystem05:24
snadgeyou might be able to force an fsck on early boot with it mounted read-only.. but im not sure if that will work05:24
cheakoa -o ro mount still recovers journal.05:26
cheakoI think the problem is that the underlying lvm is read-only.05:27
cheako /forcefsck ?05:32
cheakoYeah, that happens after initrd.05:33
cheakoBooting off USB and running fsck has the same problem.05:34
cheakoat least I can strace now though.05:34
bjrohansnadge, any clue as to why I am unable to connect to my desktop (11.10) from my laptop (12.04) in nautilus, but can remote desktop share?05:35
cheakohmm, fsck reading writing reading writing and then writ hung.05:42
cheakoseek set 8192.05:43
rippsFor a couple days now, it seems that gnome-about and gnome-desktop-data has been holding my update hostage. It can't resolve dependecies07:00
micahgripps: gnome-about was removed from precise, how are you trying to upgrade?07:12
rippsmicahg: sudo aptitude full-upgrade, when that shows that there are dependency problems, I use sudo apt-get upgrade to do simple upgrade, but apt-gets a unable to run full-resolver error07:14
rippsaptitude does offer to remove gnome-about, but it also list about 30 other packages with it.07:14
micahgripps: i386 ones?07:14
rippsI don't know, aptitude doesn't say07:14
micahghuh?  it usually lists the packages07:15
rippsyeah, but it doesn't specify i386 or amd6407:15
micahganyways, apt-get dist-upgrade might work07:15
micahgotherwise, go into aptitude ncurses and see which package is broken and why07:15
rippsyeah, that seems to be working better. dist-upgrade seems to be recommending a better solution.07:16
cheakoI use apt-cache policy07:16
cheakoIn this case I'd do "apt-cache policy gnome-about" after seeing that it's not available I'd then run "apt-get --purge remove gnome-about"07:18
micahgcheako: yes, but users shouldn't need to know that, if the upgrade path was broken, we'd prefer to know to fix it, but if dist-upgrade is handling it correctly, we're fine07:40
thevincilooking for some help with Precise Pangolin Alpha, and multi monitor issues09:12
thevinciit won't let me have both screens at the widescreen ratio09:12
cheakothevinci: I'm thinking the video card can't handle the 'total' resolution.  Try doing above/below instead of left/right.09:13
cheakoIf that works then another video card or using two cards are options.09:14
thevincitotally worked!09:15
thevincion a laptop, so,multiple cards might be difficult, heh09:15
cheakoyeah, that's vary common issue for multiple monitors.  Even when it seams to work many of the cards features, like opengl, might not work.09:16
thevinciI'm really enjoying Precise so far!09:17
thevinciI wanna give as much feed back as I can, any pointers?09:17
thevincibeen sending error reports as often as I get the chance to. So far pretty stable and smooth though.09:18
cheakoYou running popularity contest?  I think in Ubuntu it's a checkbox under software sources.09:19
thevinciUm, where do i find that in unity?09:19
thevinciI just made the switch to unity, been running Lucid for the past year09:20
cheakoinstall the popularity-contest package.09:20
thevincii don't see the software sources icon in the dash when i type 'software'09:20
cheakoyeah, I think now there is just a single control panel.09:21
cheakosoftware-properties-gtk is the application.09:22
cheakothough I don't know if it exists on Precise.09:22
thevincijust tried to install it09:23
thevinciseems to already be on there09:23
thevincibut i have been running in to a lot of packages that aren't in the repos09:24
thevinci'yet' i hope!09:24
thevincifound it!09:24
thevincii like how alt-f2 integrates with the dash :)09:25
thevinciany idea how to change the refresh rate of the second monitor? I'm finding info on how to change the main screen res, but nothing for a secondary09:35
scarleoIs anyone else having trouble with XBMC 11.0 BETA3 and 12.04? I have bad color distortions10:09
scarleoAnyone know where it's coming from?10:09
ikoniawow - you're using two beta product and you're surprised you are having problems10:17
Ian_Cornehe's not surprised10:19
Ian_Cornehe's just asking10:19
ikoniaI doubt people are using that combination of products beyond very few people10:20
ikoniaI can't see many people testing beta productions on pre-release OS's unless they are part of the development/test teams10:21
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Ian_Cornewell, if he was using beta3 on 11.1010:21
Ian_Corneand now is using it on 12.0410:21
Ian_Cornei don't see the issue10:21
ikoniabecause things have changed10:21
Ian_Corneyes, so he needs to try and see if he will have problems when he upgrades10:22
ikoniathe beta3 build maybe changing have known bugs in it10:22
ikoniasame with the OS, so you are trouble shooting two moving targets10:22
ikoniahe's seen he's got problems with it, so now he knows10:22
scotty^Is anyone working on the issue described in launchpad bug 933495 ?10:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 933495 in gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg (Ubuntu) "gstreamer unmet dependencies" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93349510:30
snadgenot that big of a deal10:33
snadgeit must've only just broken in the past 24 hours10:33
scarleoikonia, I'm not surprised at all, this is why we are testing, right? To find things that doesn't work. Well the reason for my question was if anyone had found out what is causing it, as simple as that10:35
snadgewell i have it installed10:35
snadgeso it cant have unmet dependencies10:35
snadgetry changing your repo to the main server10:36
snadgeor wait until your mirror syncs10:36
ikoniascarleo: it's unlikey that people are testing beta software on beta OS, so finding people who share your issue will be rarer, more so as either the OS or the application can have known issues that will be fixed before release. (or not)10:36
ikoniascarleo: try the stable application with the development OS as a base line10:36
scarleoikonia, I know this isn't a perfect environment for testing either of the products, but fact is that XBMC Beta3 works fine on 11.10 so something has definitely changed (I have both 12.04 and 11.10 installed)10:38
snadgehmm.. im running xbmc on 12.0410:40
scarleosnadge, what version?10:40
snadgebut theres been no new builds for a while10:40
snadgexvba fork10:40
snadgeVersion: 2:11.0~git20120128.4bf8428-0ubuntu1~ppa1~precise10:40
scarleosnadge, my build was compiled on Feb 7, from XBMC unstable PPA10:41
scarleoxbmc 2:11.0~git20120207.1fef727-0ubuntu1~ppa1~oneiric10:43
scarleoI'll try another one10:43
scotty^It's been broken since 17th Feb10:44
scotty^snadge - are you using 32 bit Ubuntu or 64bit Ubuntu?10:45
snadgedidnt really the oneiric build has also stopped10:46
scotty^Oh hang on, you are talking about a different issue, aren't you?10:46
scotty^Is anyone working on the issue described in launchpad bug 933495 ?11:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 933495 in gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg (Ubuntu) "gstreamer unmet dependencies" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93349511:10
zzecoolscotty^:  are you sure  that you are using the main archive server?11:13
zzecooli dont think so11:14
zzecoolbecause i didnt had any problem11:14
scotty^zzecool - I have'nt tried myself yet.  Are you running 64bit Ubuntu Precise or 32bit Ubuntu Precise?11:16
zzecoolmake sure that you are using the main server11:17
zzecooland not any local11:17
scotty^I doubt that all the people in those bugs changed the server.  Main is the default, right.  Maybe your experience means that it's fixed now, which is good news.11:19
scotty^oops, I meant to add a question mark after "right".11:20
zzecoolno mian is not the default11:23
scotty^OK, I am with you now.11:23
scotty^Does that mean the fix will propogate to the other servers with time?11:24
zzecoolscotty^: i think  propper server is picked on the installation based on your time zone - country - town11:24
zzecoolor just try with main11:24
scotty^yeah, mine is the AU server11:24
zzecoolsome times there is a delay to sync all the mirrors11:24
zzecoolits normal11:24
zzecoolMost of the times problems with dependencies occur when the mirror in not completely synced with the main server11:27
scotty^OK.  Hopefully by release everyone can install gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg without needing to mess with the server setting, which wouldn't be very newbie friendly.11:27
zzecoolim on precise since alpha 111:28
zzecooland i all rdy got this update without any problem11:28
TeTeTis the problem that popups (e.g. right click for context menu) sometimes are all transparent specific to the binary nvidia driver I use, or a common problem?12:36
os12you using nvidia cards?12:37
brobostigonhow does HUD work inside recent unity updates, i know you press alt, but what after that should i expect.?12:38
os12TeTeT: likewise here12:38
TeTeTos12: you've seen this behaviour?12:38
os12right clicking sometimes on the webpage appears also12:39
Daekdroombrobostigon, the HUD shows up at top left, and then you can type down to search what you want.12:41
brobostigonDaekdroom: so i press alt- do i press only once, or keep my finger down?12:42
DaekdroomPress only once.12:42
brobostigonok, let me try, thank you.12:42
brobostigonDaekdroom: i have it, thank you.12:43
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icerootanyone else facing black gtk-windows on latest 12.04? (also posted on #lubuntu)13:33
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zzecooli hate that ubuntu every version changes the defualt apps14:04
zzecoollike banshee  thunderbird etc14:04
zzecoolwhat was the problem with banshee and we went back to Rhythmbox?14:04
zzecooli think banshee is much better14:04
chmacI've installed skype, and it's working, but it's showing a broken dependency on ia32-libs. How do I ignore that dependency forever?14:04
zzecoolyou have to install ia332libs14:05
zzecoolskype is a pseudo 64bit14:05
zzecooland need ia32bit libraries14:05
chmaczzecool: Skype works, so I don't want to install all the ia32-libs nonsense it wants.14:05
zzecoolchmac: its a dependency ......14:06
zzecooli you know what a dependency is14:06
os12zzecool, if that so why wont you use 32bit instead if your ram is below 4gig14:06
chmaczzecool: What's your point? Skype works, the dependency is not installed. I'm not clear on what you're suggesting.14:08
zzecoolos12: i didnt get the question14:08
zzecoolchmac:  skype needs 32 libs to work 100%  its a dependency .   There is no point  its the propper way14:09
zzecoolits not a native 64 app14:09
zzecoolwhat more do you wanna know ?14:09
chmaczzecool: What I'd like to know is the answer to my actual question! ;-)14:11
chmaczzecool: ia32-libs is outdated, multi-arch is the future, whatever that means.14:11
krnekheleshchmac: I agree to zzecool, skype is a native 32 bit app14:11
chmaczzecool: I really don't mind, I don't want to install ~200 packages for ia32-libs.14:11
chmackrnekhelesh: No dispute there, but the key thing here for me is that *skype works* right now, today, I'm talking to people, it works.14:12
chmacI've tried simply modifying the DEBIAN/control file within the .deb, but it says the archive is "read only". GPG issue maybe?14:14
os12i'm not changing to 64bit until all my apps using really supports 64 though my laptop and pc's are capable of running 64bit OS besides i only have 3gig ram.14:14
zzecoolim out some day you will understand14:15
chmacos12: I've had no issues since switching. Flash / skype used to be a problem, but they work fine these days.14:15
os12chmac, yeah i heard it also but not yet for me.14:16
chmacOk, so I edited the DEBIAN/control file, remade the .deb, installed, and hey presto, we have lift off. :-)14:22
chmacNow time for lunch.14:22
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somethinginteresHow can I update the Ubuntu installer that comes with  12.04 Alpha 2? There's a bug stopping me from getting up to partitioning stage.14:58
glosolisomethinginteres: why don't you just download daily iso and try it ?15:01
somethinginteresglosoli: I would but I've limited bandwidth and already downloaded Alpha 2 prior to discovering dailies existed.15:02
glosolisomethinginteres: ah, sorry for suggestion then :/15:03
somethinginteresglosoli: it's no worries! Tis a fair question15:03
ironhalikwell, you probably will need to get the daily iso15:04
glosoliironhalik: he can't :/15:05
ironhalikI dont think theres any other way15:05
ironhalikfedora had some magicall way of updating rawhide ISOs to latest daily15:05
ironhalikso testers wouldnt habe to get 4gigs+15:05
glosolisomethinginteres: Maybe you have neighbor or anyone else, who can get daily for you :) ?15:05
somethinginteresironhalik, glosoli: yeah I am sure I can find a hotspot somewhere to download it. Thanks.15:06
valdur55somethinginteres, you can use zsync ;)15:06
DaekdroomIndeed, zsync would only download the differences between the ISOs15:07
TeTeTsomethinginteres: not sure if it's of any help, but https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ZsyncCdImage might help to reduce your d/l15:07
DaekdroomWhich by this time should be a lot, regardless.15:07
glosolihmm the difference will be too big.15:07
valdur55but there is no other way to update your alpha2 iso15:09
somethinginteresvaldur55, TeTeT, valdur55: zsync you say? Where does the Alpha 2 ISO have to be placed if I ran zsync?15:10
valdur55by default it uses working dir15:10
valdur55Man zsync: zsync [ -u url ] [ -i inputfile ] [ -o outputfile ]15:17
sahil_how to move grub from mbr of 1 hdd to mbr of another hdd15:21
icerootsahil_: easiest would be reinstall grub on the other hdd15:26
sahil_iceroot, err how?15:29
sahil_my other hdd contain no os15:30
icerootsahil_: imo "sudo grub-install /dev/sdX"15:35
icerootsahil_: while booted into the system15:36
sahil_one question15:37
sahil_is thre any serious right click bug recently/15:37
andyvysahil_: I can't see menus when right clicking on a lot of stuff.15:37
sahil_i mean nautilus crashes when i right click on it15:38
sahil_even desktop folders are not showing...it occuer after i updated yday15:38
sahil_even marlin used to crash sometimes15:39
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sahil_ is thre any serious right click bug recently/16:22
sahil_i mean nautilus crashes when i right click on it16:22
sahil_even desktop folders are not showing...it occuer after i updated yday16:22
sahil_even marlin used to crash sometimes16:23
vahaHello everyone. I am having issues with LSI MegaRAID SAS 9265-8i controller on the Ubuntu 12.04. I know that there is a driver installed as default on the machine, but when I try to use a tool called MegaCLI it can't see that driver at all. I was wondering if there is a fix available for that. The driver on the website supports it but it's designed for 10.10 ubuntu.16:25
ikoniavaha: is the module loaded ?16:26
vahaim not sure16:26
vahahow do i check on that16:26
vahai know that the module name is megaraid_sas16:27
vahaso im assuming #lsmod megaraid_sas16:27
sahil_vaha,pastebin the out ikonia is a good expert16:28
ikoniavaha: no, just lsmod16:28
ikoniavaha: then look in the output and see if that modules16:28
ikoniamegaraid is an LSI card isn't it ?16:28
vahayeah thats correct16:29
vahai see the driver16:29
vahaon the bottom16:29
vahait says megaraid_sas than size 83020 and number 216:30
vahait also loads up other drivers such as e1000e, hid, usbhid16:30
ikoniavaha: ok, so that looks like the module is loaded16:31
ikoniavaha: so what happens when you try to use the tool16:31
vahaso when i try to use megacli16:31
vahait says16:31
vahaController Count: 016:32
vahathe tool used is MegaCLI the latest version16:32
ikoniavaha: ok - so that says nothing about the "driver not being loaded"16:35
vahawell on google16:36
vahait says16:36
vahawhen it shows that16:36
vahathe device is not being recognized16:36
ikoniavaha: ok - first question, is the device you are using supported by that kernel module ?16:37
vahaits supported after 2.6.35 and higher16:38
ikoniavaha: ok - next question, is the card configured (at a hardware level) as a raid device or a jbod ?16:39
vahaits configured as a raid device16:42
vahano jbod16:42
dupondjeaptitude safe-upgrade always seems to need --full-resolver for updating :s16:44
dupondjeany idea's why ... no conflicts or so16:44
ikoniavaha: ok - cool, are there any disks assigned ot it currently ?16:44
glosoliCTRL + ALT + LEFT and etc, now is SHIFT+SUPER... are they idiots. if i hold super for more then sec it brings a lot of stufff..............16:46
vahawell its setup as RAID 6+ 1 hot spaer16:47
ikoniavaha: ok, so if you do "sudo fdisk -l" do you see the raid controller presenting the disk  ?16:50
vahai see everything16:51
vahaall 64TB16:51
vahaof storage16:51
vahaubuntu was installed on a 2TB partition16:51
vahathats how much it allows16:51
ikoniavaha: ok, so we know it sees the card correctly as the module is loaded, the card is in raid mode and showing the disk correctly, so we know the functionality is there - I'd suggest that the tool maybe at fault16:52
ikoniavaha: is the tool known to work with a 3.0 kernel ?16:52
vahathat i am not sure of16:52
ikoniavaha: that's worth checking, I've seen some tools fail with 3.0 kernel as they check /proc/old-2.6-location which has moved to /proc/subsection/new-3.0-location16:58
ikoniavaha: just as an overthe top example16:59
vahai see16:59
vahawell i will contact LSI directly16:59
vahaand see what they can offer16:59
vahai will tell them about that comment16:59
vahawhere it fails to check the kernel16:59
ikoniathats just an example, let them confim 3.0 support on their own17:01
ikoniaor they can say "that's not how our system works", rather than "yes, it will support a 3.x kernel"17:01
vahai know what you mean17:02
vahathese guys need to get in with the new kernel17:03
vahathey are lagging behind17:03
vahaand pissing a lot of customers off17:03
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ikoniavaha: not massivly, it's a big deal to keep with this sort of thing, so give them a break17:05
vahai know17:05
vahai do, but hopefully they have a beta17:05
ikoniaplus give them a chance to fix it, they may not know it's broken (it may not even be broke - it maybe something else)17:05
vahaif i do get new drivers17:06
vahafor megaraid_sas17:06
vahacan i message you again17:06
vahaand send them to you17:06
vahaso they can be uploaded17:06
ikoniaahh I can't upload them17:06
ikoniavaha: you need to either log a bug to ubuntu and hopefully they will patch the kernel (doubtful)17:07
vahai see17:07
ironhalikglosoli: you can change to super+shift combination back in ccsm -> wall17:07
vahathanks for all of your help17:07
ikoniaor you will need to log a kernel bug against the kernel product its self and they can patch it upstream17:07
vahamuch appreciated17:07
ikoniathat will then get filtered down to either the 12.04 backports, or the 12.10 next release.17:07
glosoliI already did17:07
Z_Godhey anyone here aware of the multiarch situation?17:38
Z_Godthere are still loads of packages where the 32-bit & 64-bit version conflict17:38
ironhalikgood I didnt go with the 64-bit17:41
ironhalikstill got nightmare about the flash support17:41
* DebolazW is still suffering from title bar bugs. :(17:41
DebolazWDoes compiz development in ubuntu have its own channel? (Not counting the unity channel)17:42
scarleoIs it no longer enough to put an empty script in /etc/pm/power.d/ to disable power saving scripts? tried it with wireless but it seems to have zero effect17:44
scarleoor more correctly an empty file :)17:44
hakaishi_Hi, may I ask how to turn off the desktop effects with gnome3? Or how can I set gnome-fallback? Since the login doesn't work for me, I can't choose it there... How else can I set it?17:58
scarleoOh, and by he way, the trouble I had with XBMX and strange colors before turned out to be a mesa 8.0.0RC2 bug, it's fine now18:01
LordDeathI just installed 12.04 on my laptop and I don't have suspend to disk anymore18:01
LordDeathwhat can I do?18:01
LordDeaththe missing suspend to disk feature could be related to fglrx18:10
LordDeathbut I need it for a better battery life ^^18:11
dtigueHey folks, i'm trying to install precise on my cr48 laptop and it seems to have hung up on the 'Configuring target system...' part of the install....is there any way to get around that or will i have to start a new install18:23
ironhalikhmm, wheres the config file for networkmanagers VPN connection?18:26
ironhalikhmm, lots of updates today19:09
ironhalikanyone here tried 12.04 on some older intel graphics (~intel 945)?19:25
* yofel has a 945GME, but uses kde19:26
ironhalikhmm, unity5 seems quite a bit snappier19:26
ironhalikmaybe it would do nice on my oldish laptop19:27
ironhalikand I somehow cant force myself to use unity-2d19:27
soci installed the daily 12.04. on a machine with efi on an ssd with gpt19:29
socand when starting the machine after installation it can't find anything to boot19:30
penguin42soc: That should work - EFI machines aren't that uncommon these days19:34
socyes, ... except it doesn't19:35
socis there any additional step i have to do?19:35
penguin42I don't think there should be; you should file a bug19:36
socmhh ok19:38
ironhalikhmm, there are some strange things happening with my lan connection19:48
ironhalikafter a router reboot, I have connectivity for 30 seconds and then everything times out19:50
ironhalikon precise, it works on android and arch19:50
penguin42ironhalik: Does network manager think it's still connected?19:50
ironhalikmaybe it would do nice on my oldish laptopyeah19:51
ironhalikyeah, it does19:52
ironhalikbut lan works, I can ping my router19:52
ironhalikits not dns, because I cant ping any ip19:52
penguin42hmm ok, so then I guess does the routing look right?19:53
ironhalikhmm, I think so19:56
penguin42can you ping your router?19:58
ironhalikmaybe its telling me its time to upgrade to x64 ;>20:01
jo-erlendHas anyone tried installing with ubiquity lately? I've tried a few times, but I'd crashed every single time, on all computers. Does it support setting up btrfs now?20:03
jbichajo-erlend: personally I wouldn't bother with btrfs until at least bug 894456 is fixed20:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 894456 in btrfs-tools (Ubuntu) "Please merge or sync new btrfs-tools from Debian testing or unstable - lots of bugs present in Ubuntu now :(" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/89445620:10
jo-erlendjbicha, what do I need btrfs tools for?20:12
* DebolazW ponders testing if the bug that prevents Ubuntu from booting from an encrypted btrfs partition is still there.20:13
jo-erlendif it was a kernel bug, I would worry.20:13
jo-erlendjbicha, from what I understand, if you need fsck, then you might as well go get your backups.20:13
jbichajo-erlend: http://packages.debian.org/wheezy/amd64/btrfs-tools/filelist20:14
cheakojo-erlend:I'm not sure about btrfs, but in ext running fsck is good even without errors.  There have been cases where after a hard down that errors are corrected, typically deleted files being freed.20:15
jo-erlendyes. I haven't had any problems with btrfs-tools on my desktop. I have fairly limited needs. I do need to take snapshots, but I can't find any bugs related to that ?20:15
jo-erlendcheako, as I understand btrfs, that would result in 30 seconds of lost data at most.20:16
jo-erlendbut in any case, I'm interested in using it on my laptop, on which there is no important data at all. It's primarily a way to get used to how things work and play with it.20:17
zzecoolmore updates20:26
zzecoolglosoli:  ?20:26
zzecoolany new ?20:26
zzecoolanything exciting ?20:26
glosolizzecool: LightDM looks good now20:27
glosolieven better20:27
zzecoolthat was in the afternoons updates20:27
glosoliUbuntu One was finnally rewritten in Qt, in favour to make it more native in all OS20:27
zzecoolit owns yeah20:27
ironhalikthey broke my network :)20:27
zzecoolironhalik: ?20:27
glosolizzecool: hmm, dependencies problems with Qt once again ;D20:27
ironhalikI think so at least - I lost web connectivity20:27
zzecooli have them too20:27
zzecoolQt looks more minimal20:28
zzecooli like tha design :D20:28
zzecoolhow do you speak here tho ?20:29
zzecoolironhalik: ?20:29
jrgiffordit wants to remove gwibber, should I let it?20:29
zzecooljrgifford: only use the update manager20:29
zzecooland skip any partial update20:29
zzecoolpress close to partial update20:29
jrgiffordzzecool, so i should do a upgrade instead of a dist-upgrade then.20:29
jrgiffordupdate manager keeps breaking everything, no matter what I touch. :P20:30
glosolijrgifford: you will do dist some time later, when it will not ask to remove anything :)20:30
zzecoolthats right20:30
jrgiffordglosoli, i'll do it in a few hours then. :)20:30
zzecoolyou will know when that time will be ( young skywalkah ) lol20:30
zzecoollog out log in brb20:31
glosolijrgifford: NEx time when it asks to remove something, ask us, we will helpif you are unsure :)20:31
glosoliNext time''20:31
zzecoolglosoli: di you read about Tribler ?20:35
glosolizzecool: Yeah, did you tested it ?20:35
zzecoolcool interface nice idea20:35
zzecoolbut i feel unsecure20:35
zzecooli dont know20:36
glosolizzecool: Me too, because I have no idea from where I download, who can track me or can't20:36
glosoliI am some type of paranoid guy20:36
zzecoolit use public trackers to find torrents names20:36
glosolias ACTA trying to kick its' balls into Europian Union, it drives me crazy to trust anything in net, unless i know it for years20:37
zzecooland then searching for tribler users20:37
zzecoolglosoli: true20:37
zzecoolim not afraid20:37
zzecoolppl have their way20:37
zzecoolto secure + hide20:37
glosoliI ain't too :) I can watch movies online, and listen music on my favorite radio - using OSS already :D20:37
zzecoolmore searches landed on the video lense20:38
zzecooldailymotion etc20:38
glosolizzecool: I love ubuntu ;D20:39
zzecooli like it too20:39
zzecooldo you know what ubuntu needs?20:39
zzecoolto rule em all20:39
glosolizzecool: sure it do20:39
glosolisure i do;;20:39
zzecoolGames  + Adobe Suite20:39
glosolinot much games20:39
zzecooland its done20:39
glosolibut Adobe Suite + MS Office, and that's all20:40
glosoligames will come automatically then20:40
zzecoolno they will not20:40
zzecoolthey didnt on OSx20:40
glosolizzecool: Do you know how Mac OS X found its' way to market :) ?20:40
zzecoolhow ?20:40
Oerwhen somebody ports the UT3 engine to linux, gaming will be more fun.20:40
zzecoolGaming studios builds their engine form scratch20:41
glosolizzecool: Steve Jobs asked Bill Gates itself for making Office for Mac OS in that time, it was an offer by MS they will do the job if Steve will put Internet Explorer as default browser, steve even asked Adobe and some other companies, at that time only MS accepted, that kicked Mac OS X to the market. Otherwise, biography of steve and his comments says there wouldn't be any opportunity20:41
zzecoolso we dont want any port20:41
zzecoolwe need to gming studio to work on linux form scratch :D20:41
glosolizzecool: I am thinking if Canonical even tryed to ask MS20:42
zzecoolthey will not20:42
zzecoolms will refuse20:42
zzecoolthey can see in the future20:42
zzecoolohh the unity guy with the problematic net ;p20:43
zzecoolom26er: ? ;p20:43
zzecoolStill straggling with your net ?20:43
glosolizzecool: At least Canonical could try for Adobe. :)20:44
om26erhaha no i am restarting nm-applet causing me reconnects :p20:44
zzecoolglosoli: adobe abandoned    Flash for linux   and Adobe air for linux allrdy20:45
glosolizzecool: As for LibreOffice, tryed to do some presentations, if was even harder than programming for me, felt so restricted as I used PowerPoint for my whole life :)20:45
zzecoolthank god i have tha latest adobe air i need it for tweetdeck20:45
glosolizzecool: No they didin't :)20:45
glosoliAdobe Air yes20:45
Oerflash for firefox, yes.20:46
zzecoolLibreoffice is nowhere near MS office20:46
glosoliBut Adobe Air didin't make a lot of difference, it wasn't so much needed for everyone, it came with sound, and becamse silent quick :)20:46
glosoliIn fact, adobe is working with google for PIPPER engine or whatsever its called20:46
zzecoolyes i saw20:46
glosoliAnd I think that's good decission20:47
zzecoolwe both readin  omgubuntu  + webupd8  lol20:47
glosolizzecool: yes ;DD20:47
zzecoolthose 2 blogs ROXOR20:47
glosolizzecool: sure they do ;D20:47
zzecoolIts not so techy  its more eye candy and bling bling and i love them20:48
Oerdo you guys read FullCircle too ?20:48
zzecool+ i love the trolling on omgubuntu20:48
zzecoolOer: i dont20:48
glosolizzecool: I am not apple fanboy or something, but reading Steve's biography made me realise how important is design for everday user, or even myself. :)20:49
glosoliIt can drive me nuts, if wallpaper in my Ubuntu, will not look good with panel and unity dock20:49
zzecoolDesign is Marketing  and Marketing is Victory20:49
zzecoolglosoli: same here20:50
zzecoolDesign around you have a great impact on your feelings20:50
zzecoolAsians knew about this20:51
zzecoolfeng shui20:51
glosolizzecool: And on your work using computers. It in the same level as light in the room, darkness could drive you nuts and your eyes feel hurt ;D20:51
zzecooli knew that ubuntu will realy kick ass20:52
glosolizzecool: but Ubuntu need some better icon set20:52
zzecoolwhen i saw 3 years ago the total redesign of they logo  - website20:52
zzecool by the time the hire a design team20:53
zzecooland when i saw the ubuntu font ..... i said they gonna kick20:53
zzecoolLinux is extremely powerfull   wrap it around with something beautiful  and you have a Winner20:54
crizzywinner for what, exactly?20:56
zzecoolfor mainstream20:57
crizzyand as a sidenote and as 3D programmer, X11 is a pile of turd20:57
glosoliThere is some kind of alternative coming to X1120:57
glosoliaint it ?20:57
crizzywe'll see. in 5 years (maybe)20:58
Volkodavcrizzy: what do you know about x11 kid?20:58
glosolicrizzy: mainstream doesn't mean gaming20:58
zzecoolwe need gaming too tho20:58
crizzyVolkodav: likely a lot more tha nyou20:58
VolkodavI doubt that based on what you say about it20:59
crizzydoubt what you will20:59
glosoliVolkodav: I think he talks from the point of gaming/games developing20:59
glosolicorrect me if i'm wrong20:59
Volkodavgaming/games developing goes to M$ straight out21:00
crizzyperformance is abysmal compared to windows21:00
glosoliVolkodav: I say that too :)21:00
crizzyarchitecture is just pure crap21:00
crizzyyou just can't get around that by going gnussolini defense mode21:00
glosoliIf I would want games, I would have never even tryed Ubuntu :)21:00
LordDeathin 12.04 deja dup has unreadable fonts21:00
glosoliLordDeath: Yes, Same here21:00
LordDeathwhite font and light grey background21:00
crizzyglosoli: that's not an excuse for incredibly braindead software architecture..21:00
glosoliLordDeath: it's a bug21:00
crizzygaming or not21:00
glosolicrizzy: Ubuntu is not aimed to gamers, don't you think so ?21:01
ironhalikin my HUMBLE opionion - main problem with desktop linux distros is QA21:01
glosoliironhalik: QA ?21:01
crizzyglosoli: ubuntu blahblah, talking about X11 in general21:01
zzecoolLordDeath: start you softwarecenter if you have the same problem change your GTK theme21:01
ironhalikquality assurance - theres a lot of tiny annoying bugs21:01
crizzyglosoli: X11 is not aimed at ubuntu, lets put it this way21:01
Volkodavcrizzy: for you and your gamers friends there is an M$S dude who will will love you to fillin with virii and what not - you do not belong here you troll21:02
zzecoolVolkodav: lol linux need games too21:02
glosolizzecool: there is a bug for deja dup :)21:02
crizzyVolkodav: i don't play games, i develop them21:02
crizzyand for linux too21:02
zzecoolglosoli: i can read the fonts perfectly21:02
crizzyi think i have a little more experience about that than you21:02
Volkodavgo develop fot M$ or shut up21:02
glosolizzecool: how can you ?21:02
ironhalikI love this term21:03
glosoliWhy nobody blames Mac OS X for not supporting games enough, but it's good for mainstream imho21:03
ironhalikimho, QA :P21:04
crizzyOS X is way worse opengl-wise than linux21:04
VolkodavMAC OSX is no different from M$ just being developed on unix that's all21:04
crizzyi'm gonna drop OS X support altogether in next version of the game i develop :/21:04
crizzytoo crappy performance and drivers21:04
crizzyand apple won't fix them when i give them fully accurate bug reports with test cases21:04
glosolicrizzy: why would they ? they are not aimed to be yet another gaming OS21:05
crizzyOS X gfx drivers are somewhat equal to windows drivers from 200621:05
zzecoolglosoli: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/24436243/deja.png21:05
Volkodavcrizzy name any of the the games you "develop" ?21:05
crizzyglosoli: again, incredibly shitty excuse for producing bad software and drivers21:05
crizzyVolkodav: http://www.warsow.net/21:05
crizzyVolkodav: commercial projects i don't have permission to mention. but you can hire me :-)21:05
glosolicrizzy: It's good for Adobe Phtoshop, Pixelmator, and other big software used by professional designers or movie editors :)21:05
glosoliWhy would they aim for stupid games21:06
glosoliMS does that21:06
crizzyglosoli: windows is better for photoshop tbh21:06
glosolizzecool: try to backup :)21:06
zzecoolglosoli: becasue games is the trick21:06
Volkodavnever heard of oi as most of people in this channel21:06
glosoliVolkodav: You are probably like me, not gamer type person :)21:06
crizzyi have never heard of you either mr. Volkodav21:07
Volkodavcrizzy: go find a gaming platform for your bull]21:07
crizzythat's the true gnussolini attitude! keep it going21:07
glosolizzecool: Try to backup you will see broken fonts :)21:07
crizzytypical lunix/mac/whatever zealot - mention a technical flaw - <random fanboy ran coming>21:08
Volkodavcrizzy: I personally find you being a troll being in a development channel with your stupid M$ games ideas21:08
Volkodavdid you file a bug fot 12.04 ?21:08
crizzyfind what you will, mr. no-one21:08
Volkodavat least one ?21:08
crizzynot only that21:09
crizzy*Gasp* you might even run some of my code there21:09
Volkodavyour code ?21:09
Oerit is not yours anymore :-D21:09
Volkodavyou can write code too?21:09
zzecoolglosoli: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/24436243/deja2.png21:09
glosolizzecool: hmm maybe it's fixed21:09
crizzyVolkodav: slightly better than you i assume21:10
Volkodavwhat is it ? bash? .NET ?21:10
glosolizzecool: are you using xchat ?21:10
VolkodavI would kick as hard as I can being an op you troll21:10
zzecoolglosoli: yes21:10
glosolizzecool: hmm last time a tryed it didin't showed up in unity dock ;D21:10
zzecoolits ok for me21:10
ironhalikVolkodav: anyone considers bash a programming language? :>21:10
crizzyi bet there is a reason why you are not an op21:11
glosolizzecool: yeah, my friend reported that it was fixed :) for me too21:11
Volkodavcrizzy you dumped21:11
zzecoolironhalik: i am  my knowledge stops there :D:D:D:D:D:D21:11
ironhalikironhalik: :P21:11
ironhalikzzecool: :P21:11
zzecoolironhalik: haxor versioning21:11
glosolizzecool: where I can find your wallpaper ?21:11
cheakoironhalik: I do there is a programming language where bash is a reference interpreter.21:12
zzecoolglosoli: where di you saw my wallapaper?21:12
glosolizzecool: I saw a pieces of it in the screenshoot :D21:12
crizzyVolkodav: i already did link you a project i'm developing so why you keep asking21:12
ironhalikHmm, I jumped the gun and installed x64 - so far so good, and flash is working ;>21:13
crizzyVolkodav: feel free to download the SDK for source code21:13
glosolizzecool: so can i ?21:13
crizzyVolkodav: and *gasp*, it is mostly C, not bash21:14
zzecoolglosoli:  here my desk http://dl.dropbox.com/u/24436243/mydesktop.png21:14
glosolizzecool: I need wallpaper :D21:14
zzecoolenvy ?   ;p21:14
cheakoironhalik: Was was talking about that recently.  For 32bit games on x86_64 there is a huge penalty as well as generally most every thing else is a tad slower.21:14
zzecoollet me find it21:14
glosolizzecool: I would find it :D21:14
cheakoI was talking.21:15
zzecoolits called clssic wood i think21:15
glosolizzecool: http://wallbase.cc/wallpaper/45503321:15
ironhalikcheako: Only game I play is OpenTTD and CnC via wine, and everything else seems about the same :>21:15
cheakoironhalik: Though there is no clear winner to this debate.21:15
crizzycheako: there's actually *very* little, if any, penalty for running 32bit binary under x64..21:16
crizzyi'd say none, nothing you can demonstrate without hardcore benchmark, at least21:16
zzecoolglosoli: im the man and you know that ;p21:16
ironhalikcheako: phoronix claims theres a small performance gain with x64, either way, its the future ;>21:16
glosolizzecool: I used to work as woodcutter for few summers ;D21:17
cheakocrizzy: Actually the overhead for just making an opengl call is already vary expensive adding a 32 to 64 convert kills the frame rate by about 30%.21:17
crizzycheako: that is bullcrap :)21:17
zzecoolglosoli: o rly? :)21:17
cheakocrizzy:  So I'm told.21:17
zzecoolwhere are you form ?21:17
glosolizzecool: Lithuania ;D21:17
crizzycheako: you've told some phoronix(moronix) bullcrap without any truth21:17
glosolizzecool: dont think you know this country, or do you ? ;D21:18
cheakocrizzy: This was from #kernel.21:18
cheakoerr ##kernel21:18
zzecoolglosoli: sry i was searchin on google earth :)21:18
crizzystill bullcrap21:18
zzecoolglosoli: didnt want to insult you :)21:18
crizzycheako: this is something you can test easily yourself too21:18
glosolizzecool: haha, no probs, my country is too small for everyone to know :D21:18
zzecoolmine its too21:19
glosolizzecool: name it ;D21:19
zzecoolbad we have quite good bad reputation those days21:19
zzecoolGreece  :O21:19
crizzycheako: actually i still get better performance with warsow by running 32bit binary simply because ati's 64bit linux drivers suck ;(21:19
glosolizzecool: haha, know this one, but never seen it ;D21:19
zzecoolGoogle Earth is your friend21:19
crizzywindows.. np, +100-200fps21:19
cheakocrizzy: I wander if cards use 32bit floats/integers mostly so 64bit code is way bloated working with a grfx card.21:21
zzecoolcrizzy: Im playing Arma 2 on Windows maybe the best FPS ever actually it is a military Simulator  =)21:21
zzecoola modified version use by Army :)21:21
zzecoolglosoli: your towns name ?21:22
glosolizzecool: living at the capital now, Vilnius :)21:22
glosoliwhat's for the wonder ? ;D21:23
zzecoolglosoli: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/24436243/lith.png21:24
zzecooljust to show off my lense ;p21:24
glosolihow the lense is named ? ;D21:24
zzecoolDo you have the scopes ppa ?21:25
zzecooladd it21:25
glosolizzecool: ah, and  in btw, do you get any TeamViewer corruptions for menu ?21:26
zzecoolunity-lense-utilities will add "cities" + "calculator"21:26
zzecoolthere is a problem with a wine lib21:26
zzecooli will waiti for a fix21:27
zzecoolim not gona try my own21:27
glosolizzecool: ah, ok21:28
zzecoolTeamviewer was every IT's dream21:28
glosolizzecool: I don't need that lense, just was interested how you did that, in btw, there is more warmer in your country for sure ;D21:28
zzecooli was jumping on my head when i found it21:28
crizzydo lithuanian and latvian languages differ much?21:28
glosolithey do21:28
zzecoolglosoli: do you have your own language ?21:29
crizzykinda black hole of europe in my knowledge.. that area..21:29
glosolizzecool: Lithuanian ;DD21:29
crizzyeven i live pretty close :P21:29
glosolicrizzy: Russia ? ;D21:29
zzecooli see nice21:29
crizzybut my tattoo artist is latvian chick :D21:29
zzecoolFinland fucking hard language there21:29
zzecooltoo many oooeeeaaaaaiiiii21:29
glosoliLithuanian language are thought to be one of the hardest to learn21:30
zzecoolrly ?21:30
crizzymy swedish friends say too much k k k kk kk21:30
zzecooldidnt know21:30
zzecoolcrizzy: :D21:30
glosolizzecool: why would no, there is no point to learn language which is not used widely ;D21:30
glosoliwhy would you''21:30
crizzyi read somewhere czech, polish and finnish are top hardest ones21:30
glosolicrizzy: haha, more people ,more opinions21:30
crizzyi feel sorry for all foreigns who learn finnish21:30
crizzyall that learning.. only to figure out no one speaks it like that..21:31
crizzythere's like a million ways to say one thing21:31
crizzylazy as we are you can shorten some reply to a single letter21:31
crizzysome foreign could be pretty puzzled.. "huh?"21:31
glosolicrizzy: same here, do you use only latin letter or like us ? ąčęėįšųū and etc21:31
glosoli;D ?21:31
ironhalikhmm, where can I make a suggestion for compiz plugin?21:32
glosoliin our language a lot of things belong on accentuation21:32
zzecoolironhalik: launchpad21:32
DebolazWIs there a mailing list I should write to to call attention to a compiz bug?21:33
glosolizzecool: long long time ago we used to look like this: http://goo.gl/3IhPj21:33
zzecoolcrizzy: i knew a very cool song    i think it was Scandinavic21:34
zzecoollet me search21:34
glosolizzecool: 13th century about :DDD21:34
* zzecool searchin for the song21:35
glosolicrizzy: Have you ever dreamed to live in more warmer country ? ;D21:37
crizzyevery morning when i scratch ice off my car windows..21:37
glosolicrizzy: Australia, here we come :DDD21:38
crizzythe again in australia.. get bitten by some nasty spider and die :p21:38
glosolihaha ;D life is game :D21:38
glosolithat's why I don't need to play any :DDD21:39
crizzyok, here the polar bears the problem! *pun*21:39
crizzyand those damned penguins..21:39
glosolicrizzy: here we ain't having any wolfs, bears, penguins and so on ;DD21:39
crizzyyou can get rid of polar bears by feeding a penguin to them21:40
glosoli;DD  I don't need to get rid of anything :D21:40
crizzyjust kidding ... polar bears and penguins live at different poles ;21:40
glosolicrizzy: ah, I didin't know that ;D21:41
crizzythis old joke.. why polar bears don't eat penguins.. har har21:41
crizzywe don't have that special climate anyway ;)21:42
crizzysame as swe/Rus21:42
glosolicrizzy: neither we :)21:43
crizzy+30 at summer ;(21:43
crizzythen everyone whines how ot it is.. -20 at winter, same crap boohoo its so cold :P21:43
crizzy*how hot21:43
glosolicrizzy: hmm same here :DDD21:44
glosoliwe were having a month ago about -30 here ;D21:44
glosoliat the summer it will be +3021:44
crizzywe had -27C only21:44
crizzyat least worst i saw21:44
crizzyi think record is -39C at northern fi tho21:45
glosolicrizzy: record here is near 5021:45
crizzywe have gulf stream to warm things up :>>21:45
glosoliwe have vodka to warm things :DD21:45
crizzyanything below +20 is too cold anyway21:45
zzecooli dont know what language is this21:46
glosoliHard Rock, allelujah :D21:46
zzecoolcrizzy:  you will know21:46
zzecoolno no21:46
zzecoolcrizzy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkdZezbakeQ&feature=player_embedded21:47
glosoliit's not finland21:47
glosoliit's norvegian language'21:47
zzecooli cant undertand a thing but i love it21:47
crizzynorwegian :x21:47
crizzylike swedish but more twisted21:47
crizzyswedish ppl understand norwegian and other way around21:48
glosolizzecool: if you are interested to hear how lithuania singers sounds: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WoUpW3eZC0Y21:48
crizzysmall differences though but very similiar21:48
crizzylike spanish and portugalese21:48
zzecoolohhhh somethime i feel that the world is so beautiful =)21:48
zzecoolall this language and different cultures21:49
* zzecool listening lithuania21:49
glosolithe world it self is beautiful, there are people who make world to look ugly21:49
crizzyhere's what happens when finnish ppl try to speak swedish: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWR6Cz4pR0M21:49
glosolicrizzy: I can't get the point because I don't know any of these languages :D21:50
zzecoolcrizzy: what was that lol21:50
zzecoolme too21:50
crizzyglosoli: basically it was just nonsense..21:50
zzecooli believe he wasnt able to say a shit21:50
crizzyglosoli: and the interviewer was like "wtf"21:50
crizzyglosoli: only real word at the end "jag är bög", i am gay21:51
crizzyand that got to tv21:51
crizzylesson: never interview finnish ppl21:51
crizzyswedish is official language here21:51
crizzybut only 5% actually speak it21:51
zzecoolohh rly ?21:52
zzecooldidnt know21:52
glosolicrizzy: so why not doing referendum ?21:52
crizzywe have areas here where only swedish is spoken21:52
zzecoolI know 2 great things about finnland21:52
zzecool1st The best sniper of the history21:52
zzecool2nd Great racing drivers :F21:52
crizzywhat about..21:52
glosoliLinus Torvalds21:53
crizzyi'd say nokia but then i'd go ;(21:53
zzecoolohh yes and the "stupid" gothic death  black hell whatever metal groups21:53
glosoliLithuanians most of the time leave country and make them known as people of other countries :)21:54
crizzylinus is one of these fin ppl who are fluent in swedish too21:54
glosolifor example a photo editing app: Pixelmator, in App Store made  1 million in a year :)21:54
glosolicrizzy: I have never read anything more except that he is kernel dev, does he work for any other company ?21:55
crizzyglosoli: he is *the* creator of linux21:55
glosolicrizzy: that I know21:55
crizzyglosoli: and git (version control system)21:55
socdo i need to install grub-efi-amd64 to be able to boot from uefi systems?21:55
glosolicrizzy: but does he do other things ? ;D21:55
zzecoolactually he is making an assload of money because of linux :)21:55
crizzyglosoli: apart form that he worked at microcode for transmeta cpu's21:55
crizzyglosoli: no21:55
crizzyglosoli: just linux21:56
crizzyi think linus is atm employed by linux foundation21:56
zzecooli think its enough21:56
glosoliWish someday I will have an opportunity to for in some big company :) but first a lot of languages to learn21:56
glosolito work in some''21:57
crizzyi was asked to go work at nyc and london ;(21:57
crizzyon game development..21:57
glosoliNYC +1, london -1 ;D21:57
crizzymy wife wasn't interested to move though21:57
zzecoolglosoli: nie language21:57
crizzyso.. that's it :P21:57
zzecooli thought it gonna sound like russians21:57
glosolizzecool: nothing similar ;D21:57
crizzyestonian sounds like finnish :/21:58
zzecoolcrizzy: what languages are you using in game development21:58
crizzyi can like almost understand it.. dialect is the same but.. wtf.. WTF!21:58
glosolizzecool: "Lithuanian language is believed to be the most conservative living Indo-European language, retaining many features of Proto Indo-European now lost in other Indo-European languages"21:58
zzecoolis it  any different other framwaorks etc?21:58
crizzyc/c++/angelscript(c++ syntaxed scripting to c api)21:58
zzecooli c21:59
glosolicrizzy: You mean my language ? ;D21:59
zzecoolis there programs in linux that can make your life easier for programming ?21:59
crizzyglosoli: you're estonian?21:59
glosolicrizzy: Lithuanian ;D22:00
glosolizzecool: What you mean by making life easier ? ;D22:00
crizzymore southern you go, more bizarre the languages get ;)22:00
zzecoollike a Visual Studio in windows22:00
glosolizzecool: Eclipse if you use Java22:00
glosolior NetBeans22:01
crizzyfor c/c++22:01
crizzyhowever.. i rather just use gedit/makefiles tbh :P22:01
glosolizzecool: You mean like building gui in graphics designer yes ?22:01
crizzydebugging and profiling is pain in the ass compared to visual studio though22:01
zzecoolsomething like that22:01
zzecoolmy friend is a programmer22:01
zzecooland he always saying that there is nothing like visual studio22:02
glosolizzecool: Eclipse or NetBeans - is kickass for Java. But as I changed my way to Python, i use Qt Designer  + Eclipse :)22:02
zzecoolso good22:02
glosolizzecool: Well, there isn't :)22:02
glosolizzecool: But as I like Python, there is nothing good in Visual Studio for me22:02
zzecoolone more thing i cant understand about programmers is22:02
zzecooldo you have to know every language22:03
zzecoolwhere to start and where to end22:03
zzecoolit feels like a pain22:03
glosoliwhere is no end22:03
crizzyyou have to understand programming22:03
glosolithere is no end''22:03
glosolithere will never be22:03
crizzylanguages are just syntaxes22:03
glosolifor programmers22:03
zzecoolcrizzy: i see22:03
glosoliprogramming languages are evolving, and more you know of them, more catch up to do you need22:03
crizzynot really22:04
crizzyjust understand programming22:04
zzecoolcrizzy: something like do the same thing with different commands calls  - syntax22:04
crizzyand more importantly the area where you are specializing in22:04
crizzylanguage itself is pretty irrelevant22:04
glosolicrizzy: well technologies used in language are relevant22:04
crizzytihs goes to category of understanding the area where you specialize22:05
zzecooli got a unity  and compiz update before and they didnt fix the Super + W scale problem22:05
zzecooli hate this22:06
glosolicrizzy: well yes, but I was talking like: if you know more languages, and some of them you don't use every day, you will need a lot of catch up to do for them, if you want to know then properly22:06
crizzy00:06.. enough chitchat, goodnight ubuntu :P22:06
zzecoolcrizzy: check and confirm this please22:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 933776 in compiz (Ubuntu) "Unity overrides compiz scale plugin behavior settings" [Low,Confirmed]22:06
glosolicrizzy: good night, I am going too :)22:07
zzecoolcrizzy: gn22:07
glosolineed to read a book, and then sleep ;D22:07
crizzyzzecool: i stay away from ccsm :P22:07
crizzyonly thing to do there.. disable panel hiding.. uninstall that crap ;D22:07
zzecoolpanel hiding?22:08
glosolicrizzy: ubuntu tweak can do that22:08
crizzyunity panel22:08
crizzythat idiotic dodge whatever22:08
zzecoolthe launcher?22:08
crizzyhiding when fullscreen22:08
glosolicrizzy: or even appearences setting in system settings22:08
crizzyye, i know it's in 12.0422:08
glosoliok see you guys :) good night22:09
crizzystill stuck with stable on this laptop..22:09
crizzynn too >>22:09
zzecoolcrizzy: im on precise :D22:09
zzecoolsince alpha 122:09
zzecoolpretty good22:09
cheakowe failed but the fail whale is dead.22:20
cheakoI can just see the crowed getting covered in whale meat.22:20
cheakoWould it be possible to use gpg in the initrd for unlocking dm-crypt/luks?22:26
ironhalikanyone encountered eclipse crashing?22:28
ironhalikhmm, Java pretty much doesnt work for me22:37
ironhalikat all22:37
cheakoironhalik: You said it.22:38
soccan someone help me to install ubuntu on an efi system23:08
socit installs successfully, but doesn't boot from it23:08
=== histo1 is now known as histo
dupondjeAny idea what I can do with a stall cifs (samba) mount?23:35
dupondjenetwork was down for some minutes, and now hte mount is locked23:35
cheakodupondje: I have no idea.  Switch to NFS or HA-NFS?  Did you reboot the server?23:51
dupondjenfs on winblows23:51
dupondjeguess not :D23:52
cheakodupondje: Rhere is a tool that does it :)23:52
dupondjeJust waited long enough, and it went alive again :(23:53
dupondjetimeout before it retries needs to be lower23:53
dupondjewill check the man :)23:53
cheakoI've had great success with Segates Black Armor NAS.  The /GB price is vary much like the drives them self.  However I highly recommend a NetApp.23:55
cheakoYeah, the solution is to stop building your own servers for doing NAS.23:56
tomodachicheako: netapp is far from cheap though23:56
cheakotomodachi: i'23:57
tomodachibut sexy as h*ll :)23:57
tomodachiwe switched from netapp to some dellbox23:57
cheakotomodachi: i'll agree, however I'll also add that with netapp at least you do get what you pay for.23:57
tomodachii agree, much crappier, but mostly "good enough"23:57
cheakotomodachi: Depends if it's data you care about then I wouldn't say that it qualifies as "good enough"23:58

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