dpmgood morning everyone08:26
dpmhi noodles785, achuni do you guys know of any django package to enable Ubuntu SSO login to a django app?12:29
achunidpm: that would be django-openid-auth12:29
achunidpm: https://launchpad.net/django-openid-auth12:29
dpmawesome, just what I needed, thanks achuni!12:31
dpmis there anything else (e.g. another module) needed to make it work with Launchpad teams? I.e. if I'd want to give access only to members of particular teams12:39
dpmJust trying to understand if that comes out of the box there, or if there is any additional module for that12:39
cigueHey folks19:59
cigueI'm a second year Software Eng student and want to try my hand at app development. Is there a place to start?19:59
cigueI want to either bring back to life dead software, port/integrate KDE stuff to GNOME, etc20:00
cigueoh you guys.20:10
cigueIs anyone around20:37
Lynoureyes, but might not be able to help you.20:41

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