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ImasamiAnyone know why when I try to use gnome shell, gnome classic is used instead?00:58
RainbowzzIsFrustHello hello01:03
RainbowzzIsFrustI need some assistance trying to get my webcam to work with a certain streaming site01:04
RainbowzzIsFrustHaving all kinds of issues01:04
Rainbowzzsorry got disconnected01:46
Rainbowzzwas looking for help getting my webcam working01:46
* Unit193 passes this note to duanedesign http://niklas.laxstrom.name/page/eng/irssi03:23
duanedesignthank you03:24
duanedesigni should wait to read it before thanking you03:24
Unit193It's alright, I don't use it myself. :P03:25
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stevmmmanyone here?08:14
stevmmmim trying to boot to a ub live CD08:14
stevmmmit boots, and then just gives me an empty desktop with nothin on it08:14
stevmmmright click and left click do nothing08:15
stevmmmthe only thing that does it printscr08:15
stevmmmand all that does is bring up a "save image" dialog08:15
JoseeAntonioRstevmmm: Yes. You are supposed to try Ubuntu with the LiveCD, it doesn't include any extra package or anything, it is like a fresh installation.08:17
stevmmmok jose, so what can i do with it whe i load the live CD. t seems utterly unresponsive. No "start" button or anything08:17
stevmmmi mean can i type a text document or browse a webpage?08:18
JoseeAntonioRstevmmm: Yes, you can. what08:18
JoseeAntonioRWhat version of Ubuntu did you download?08:18
benonsoftwarestevmmm: Yes, if Ubuntu can detect your internet connection, and type a word document with Libreffice08:18
stevmmmI didnt download one. someone gave me a CD.08:19
stevmmmubuntu DES detect the connection08:19
stevmmmit says so as it loads08:20
stevmmmbut then arrives at empty desktop city08:20
JoseeAntonioRstevmmm: Ok. So, please click in applications>Internet>Firefox Web Browser08:20
stevmmmtheres no applications button08:20
JoseeAntonioRstevmmm: With that you will open Firefox08:20
stevmmmno buttons at all08:20
stevmmmblank desktop08:20
stevmmmnothing on it08:21
JoseeAntonioRstevmmm: Then, hover your mouse around the left part of the screen, and a launcher will appear. Then, click the Firefox icon08:21
stevmmmill try that.08:22
stevmmmneed to load it up again. back in a few.08:22
stevmmmok it said it detected a volme with a package on it09:22
stevmmmit said do you want to open it09:22
stevmmmi said open package09:22
stevmmmand now i have the blank desktop again. It appears to b doing nothing09:23
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mayurmouse cursor spins for along time when I open a folder11:53
mayuranyone can help?11:53
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pointydriphello, I am try to do port forwarding using guidedog from eth0 to eth1 to share an internet connection, how to find out what the local ip address for eth0 and eth1 are?21:24
holsteinpointydrip: ifconfig in a terminal give you waht you are looking for?21:25
pointydripholstein: yes! there are a few choices, but I can narrow it down from there...you're a pro!21:28
holsteinpointydrip: well.. i am what i am! not sure if pro covers it, but enjoy!21:29
pointydripwell, it's people like you that keep me on ubuntu...other wise I would have ran away from linux screaming and yelling long ago21:31
pointydripholstein: when I apply the rules in guidedog I get the following output: "The "nat" table is not intended for filtering, the use of DROP is therefore inhibited."21:35
pointydripholstein: does that mean its not working?21:35
holsteinpointydrip: thats the way i read it... what are you trying to do? i have not heard of guidedog21:36
* holstein gotta run.. bbl21:38
pointydripguidedog is in the software center, it's an interface for manipulating iptables...which I need because I always end up doing serious damage when I mess with iptables...I've had to reformat a few times21:38
pointydripwhen I apply the forwarding rules it says the 'drop inhibited' message twice and then this: "Try `iptables -h' or 'iptables --help' for more information.21:39
pointydripEnabling routing.21:39
pointydripLoading kernel modules.21:39
pointydripInserting masquerade rules.21:39
Unit193It may not be quite the same, but ufw/gufw are other options.21:40
pointydripI'll try that21:40
Unit193Take a look first and see if it does what you want.21:41
pointydripit appears to do the same thing, ufw gives the option to specify inbound or outbound for a forwarding rule, this was not there for guide dog so I would assume it was applying in/out for all rules?21:50
Unit193Never used that one, so it'd just be a guess of yes.21:50
Unit193You could list them from iptables directly though.21:51
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Arthur_I am having issues getting the installer to run anyone have experience with that?23:47

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