penguin42can anyone see why bug 854301 is still marked private after so long?00:23
penguin42it's been retraced00:24
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s9iper1 karma problem with launchpad :)13:13
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om26ers9iper1, bug 93625215:00
ubot2`om26er: Error: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: The read operation timed out (https://launchpad.net/bugs/936252)15:00
om26erwhy do you set importance for every bug to low?15:00
om26erits not useful just adds an extra email for us15:00
om26erthere was one bug yesterday15:01
s9iper1om26er: i can not see my countribution in this bug15:01
om26erbug 93635215:02
ubot2`Launchpad bug 936352 in unity "The dash remembers old searches" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93635215:02
om26eryeah wrong number :p15:02
om26erthis specific report its not a bug rather what design wanted it to be15:03
s9iper1yes that was affecting me to much15:03
s9iper1i always use dash to open any programm15:03
s9iper1any thing15:04
s9iper1i have no icon of any application in the launcher15:04
s9iper1but there are some other dups15:04
om26eropen dash just start typing and you will get to the results no need to clear text15:05
om26erthe text is already selected15:05
s9iper1yes  you are right the bug it that the last seach should be clear15:06
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om26er_seriously nm-applet is leaking memory like 1mb/10sec19:53
seb128cyphermox, ^19:55
cyphermoxom26er_ ?20:08
cyphermoxare you really up to date? seems like I had really fixed all of that20:08
cyphermoxbut in any case, if you could file a bug and add a valgrind log that would help20:09
cyphermoxom26er: in case you missed the messages, that was for you ^^ ;)20:13
om26ercyphermox, sure thing, updates are installing then i'll reboot and if the leak persist I'll report a bug :)20:14
cyphermoxom26er: sure. is the good version20:18
cyphermoxmassif here gives out a stable report, so I'm confident things are fixed, but maybe your system is exposing something I haven't seen yet20:19
mdeslaurcyphermox: that version number could use a few more digits20:23
cyphermoxmdeslaur: yeah right? :)20:23
om26ercyphermox, bug 93980220:53
ubot2`Launchpad bug 939802 in network-manager-applet "nm-applet leaks memory when connected to cdma connection" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93980220:53
cyphermoxom26er: thanks, I'll look at it a little later20:55
om26erthank you20:56
zzecoolom26er: CDMA is 3g ?20:56
om26erevdo/3g/ I guess20:56
zzecoolhhmm ok20:56
om26ercyphermox, bug 930088 as well plz21:00
ubot2`Launchpad bug 930088 in mobile-broadband-provider-info "Add 'Ptcl EVO' as a CDMA internet provider " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93008821:00
om26erseems you are the assignee21:00
cyphermoxinterested, I don't remember that one21:00
cyphermoxsure, that's easy enough21:00
cyphermoxom26er: no other data than username and password for Ptcl?21:01
om26ercyphermox, nothing else is needed just username and password and it works21:02
cyphermoxah, you mean when you create a new connection by selecting "my country is not on the list" and all of that?21:02
om26ercyphermox, yes it kinda works for example if i select an internet provider from United States and end the wizard and then just go to edit accounts and enter username and password it works21:03
om26eror any country for that matter21:03
cyphermoxthat's what I wanted to know -- becuase sometimes there could be the need to an mns and stuff21:04
cyphermoxom26er: and just to get the name right, the provider is called "Ptcl EVO" or "Ptcl EVDO", or something else?21:06
om26ercyphermox, EVO is fine as the company uses EVO when advertising so Ptcl EVO :)21:07
cyphermoxok, I'll have to add Ptcl to it because otherwise it might be a little confusing21:08
cyphermoxom26er: I'll ship that upstream and make sure we get a new snapshot of mbpi before release,21:08
om26ercyphermox, that'll be great21:09
om26ercyphermox, one last thing I need to bug you about: I also have another 3g provider named "WorldCall Wireless Broadband" when I connect it seems to detect the already created connection for EVO and shows in the network menu but won't connect since it does not require any password21:18
om26eris there a way to network-manager to differetiate between the two networks and offer to create a new connection when the usb is plugged21:18
cyphermoxso that would probably mean that provider is also missing21:18
cyphermoxin your connection for Ptcl, there might be a checkbox for "Allow roaming"21:19
cyphermoxthat will probably fix it. but in reality when you already have a connection it's not usually asking you to create one anymore; because most people don't have different dongles or different 3G providers21:20
om26ercyphermox, I guess mine is not the rare case but adding 'WorldCall Wireless Broadband' as well to the list would be cool as well21:21
om26erit does not require any username or password21:21
cyphermoxis there a country attached to it?21:21
om26ercyphermox, it works with any country if i select US it works or any other as well21:22
cyphermoxah, that's not what I meant21:23
cyphermoxI guess it's a global roaming provider of some sort?21:23
om26ercyphermox, now its local only21:23
cyphermoxoh, also a Pakistan provider?21:23
om26ercyphermox, yep21:23
cyphermoxalright. then by all means, please file another bug just so I can track it, and we'll add that one too21:24
om26ersuper thanks cyphermox ;)21:24
cyphermoxpatching this if you want to try is super simple, you just edit the file /usr/share/mobile-broadband-provider-info/serviceproviders.xml21:25
cyphermoxthat contains the full list. now I usually do my patches against upstream git, but making a patch with that file will work just as well, we're never very far behind, and we can apply fuzz as necessary21:26
om26ercyphermox, reported bug 939828 assigned it to you21:29
ubot2`Launchpad bug 939828 in mobile-broadband-provider-info "Add 'WorldCall Wireless" as a service provider " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93982821:29
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