chetan-just built another AMI from the latest lucid image (32bit) and its not working either. same error00:05
erichammondchetan-: Please run ubuntu-bug on an instance of the same AMI and fill out the bug report on launchpad.00:35
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chetan-erichammond: created bug - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/93921203:03
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 939212 in ubuntu "AMI created from latest i386 Lucid image fails to boot" [Undecided,New]03:03
erichammondchetan-: I assume you are the one who posted to the ubuntu-cloud mailing list.03:23
erichammondchetan-: I've added some comments to the ticket.  It looks like it will probably get closed as not a bug with Ubuntu or the Ubuntu AMIs, but rather a deficiency in the Amazon command line tools (not copying the file system label when bundling an AMI).03:31
chetan-interesting. previous versions of the AMI (I think) had the ec2 AMI tools by default03:33
chetan-this go around I installed them via multiverse03:33
chetan-$ ec2-ami-tools-version  -- 1.3-45758 2007101003:34
chetan-i suppose thats a bit old? :P03:34
erichammondsmoser or utlemming might be able to provide more details.03:35
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chetan-I guess I'll grab the official packages and try re-bundling03:36
erichammondchetan-: I'm using  The latest from Amazon is  Again, though it's not clear if Amazon incorporated the enhancement.03:37
erichammond(and now's the time when I strongly recommend using EBS boot instead of instance-store)03:37
chetan-erichammond: right, I'll give it a shot and let you know..03:37
erichammondEverything is easier with EBS boot.03:37
chetan-erichammond: I've read your posts on the topic :-)03:37
erichammondYou're hitting reason #8.03:38
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smoserchetan-, i suggest using ppa at https://launchpad.net/~awstools-dev/+archive/awstools12:31
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nOStahlhi all16:15
nOStahlhi all16:20
nOStahlit seems i can't find any writeups on the new openstack version vs eucalyptus installs?16:21
nOStahlcan someone point me into the right way16:21
SpamapSnOStahl: they are night and day. :)16:25
SpamapSnOStahl: both are really hard to deploy though16:25
nOStahla some continuity then :)16:25
nOStahlI'm gearing up to setup a 3 tower cloud soon16:26
SpamapS3 tower?16:26
nOStahlone controller 2 nodes16:26
nOStahlI have some questions :)16:28
SpamapSnOStahl: you sure you do'n't just want to use libvirt? 3 nodes is not a cloud.. its a raindrop :)16:28
nOStahlraindrops still make splashes into a puddle :)16:28
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nOStahlso what I'm wondering, if I have the two nodes16:29
nOStahland multiple instances running16:29
nOStahlare the instances mirrored on each node?16:29
nOStahlwhat if one node dies etc.16:30
SpamapSmirrored? haha16:30
SpamapSnOStahl: the idea of the cloud is that your app takes care of redundancy16:30
nOStahlthere is virtually no documentation out there lol16:30
SpamapSThats just not true16:31
SpamapSin fact the proble isn't no documentation, its too much16:31
SpamapSnOStahl: http://docs.openstack.org/16:31
nOStahlso the "nodes" i have are dual core with vt , 2 gigs ddr2 ram16:32
nOStahlhave not bought hard drives yet for them16:33
nOStahloptiplex 760 I think they are.16:33
nOStahland another dual core / 2 gig ddr2 machine for the controller16:34
nOStahlhere's what i'd like to do, i'd like to run a web server , email server and be able to launch instances to test new projects i.e. a different mail server setup and what not.16:36
SpamapSnOStahl: 2gigs ? so you're going to run.. 1 VM each?16:39
nOStahlthat could serve a lot of websites in standard server config16:40
nOStahlthe machines can be upgraded to max of 8 gigs eventually16:40
nOStahlddr2 memory is crazy expensive right now heh16:41
SpamapSnOStahl: serve a lot of non-scalable websites. yes. :)16:41
SpamapSnOStahl: for what you're spending on hardware, you could just use Linode, Rackspace, or EC2, and not have the management headache of running your own OpenStack. If you just want to learn though, yeah what you have will let ou earn. :)16:42
nOStahllearning is primary16:43
nOStahlI live near state surplus16:43
nOStahlbought each tower for 10-15 bucks a piece :)16:43
nOStahlso as I understand it, the nodes do not need terribly large hard drives?16:44
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nOStahlok guys, I got three towers, all 2 gigs of ram ddr2   and dual core procs with vt enabled  what size hard drives would you put in each of the towers to start a small cloud20:13
nOStahlhi guys would two of these in raid 1 work well for a starter cloud controller http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Western+Digital+-+Caviar+Green+WD15EARX+1.50+TB+3.5%22+Internal+Hard+Drive/3768098.p?id=1218431526258&skuId=376809822:34
SpamapSnOStahl: if you can fit more, smaller drives, that will be better22:40
nOStahlI'm using an hp dc5750 for my controller22:40
nOStahland optiplex 760's for my nodes22:41
nOStahlthis will be my first foray into the world of raid :)22:41
nOStahlnot sure what all type of raid is supported22:42
nOStahllet me see if I can find out22:42
SpamapSnOStahl: well any type, since you'll just use the filesystem on top of the RAID22:43
nOStahlI'm not sure how many sata connectors there are in the tower22:43
nOStahlok I can do raid 0 or raid 122:44
nOStahlhrmm its 1:4,000,000 chance that two hard drives will fail it says heh22:46
SpamapSnOStahl: use RAID1 unless you really plan to just throw the whole thing away the moment one hard drive fails.22:47
nOStahlaye raid1 is what I'm interested in22:47
nOStahlthere's 4 sata connectors on the mobo22:48
nOStahlso here's a question SpamapS22:51
nOStahlwith the controller i'll be using it for the storage space as well initially22:51
nOStahldo i want to partition the raid for the OS ?22:52
nOStahlor do I do another independent hard drive for the server software22:52
nOStahland have the raid for the storage22:52
nOStahlah here we go http://www.hp.com/sbso/solutions/pc_expertise/article/raid-dc5750.pdf22:56

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