jcastroyou know what band is awesome and I had no idea?00:00
jcastrothey totally rock00:00
jcastroit's like on the Boneyard every hour00:00
snap-lhaven't heard a lick00:01
snap-lwill check it out00:01
snap-ljcastro: You checked out Yes or King Crimson?00:02
jcastronothing sticks out at me yet00:02
snap-lNot sure what happened, but in the last year I've picked up substantial bits of their catalog00:03
jcastrobut it's in my rotation00:03
snap-lCLoser to the edge00:03
snap-lpick up the whole album00:03
snap-land Yes Album00:03
jcastroso I don't know what it is about Yes I don't like, maybe it's just me, but it sounds "overproduced"00:03
snap-lBah, I mean Close TO THe Edge00:03
jcastroif that's even a word00:03
jcastroit's like, too .... you know00:03
snap-l90125 was overproduced00:04
jcastro"fake" I guess?00:04
snap-l(but I like that)00:04
snap-lTrust me, they're not fake00:04
jcastroit sounds like freaking Roll the Bones00:04
jcastrowhere they don't even sound like real instruments00:04
snap-lWHat's wrong with RTB?00:04
jcastrojust like a bit too perfect.00:04
jcastrowhere it doesn't sound real00:05
jcastrook, RTB was over the top, maybe more like Presto, that one sounded too synth00:05
snap-lthe remaster is a titch better00:05
snap-lI hear you. I kinda lost faith during thatperiod00:05
snap-lTest for Echo was a real crisis of faith00:06
jcastrowell, it just sounds like Yes is one long Alan Parsons Project to me00:06
snap-lDude, Yes Album. Pronto00:06
jcastrobut hey, I've never gotten into prog so I'm just dipping my toes00:06
snap-ljcastro: Oh man... OK00:07
snap-lMAybe that's extra strength then if you're not used to it00:07
jcastrosnap-l: if I tell you something do you promise not to make fun of me?00:07
jcastrothough I am sure jono will00:07
snap-ljust between you and me00:08
jcastroI got this for Jill00:08
jcastroand it's basically awesome00:08
jcastroI've watched it _5_ times00:08
snap-lThis does not surprise me00:09
snap-lYou like concerts00:09
snap-ldoesn't matter what the material is00:09
jcastroI got Adele's too, from Royal Albert Hall, but radio killed those songs for me so I can't enjoy it as much00:09
jcastrosnap-l: did you get the Bonn Scott BR like I told you?00:10
snap-li have not00:10
jcastroman dude00:10
snap-lgot Opeth and Yes instead00:10
snap-llike a boss00:11
jcastroIt was filmed like 2 months before he died00:11
jcastroand other than not being letterbox it looks like it was made yesterday00:11
snap-lI got DOuble Live Dynamo by Exodus.00:12
jonoballoons, any word on if LPlib lets us get the info we need?00:45
jonomhall119, you there?01:16
mhall119jono: yeah01:17
mhall119trying to get a unity build environment setup01:17
jonomhall119, did you set up a wiki page to gether things we want folks to do on the UGJ01:17
jonowhat are you working on?01:17
mhall119jono: yeah, it's at the bottom of the global jam page01:18
mhall119jono: I wanted to see what it would take to make Unity re-read it's lenses without having to be restarted01:18
jonomhall119, fancy :-)01:19
mhall119heh, we'll see01:19
mhall119me and C++ get along like lime and coconut01:19
jcastroI'll have your juju section for the page tomorrow01:30
jcastrosince it's really just the charm contest01:30
jcastroand the askubuntu guys have a set of tasks01:31
jcastroall I have left to do is transcribe snap-l's Michigan UGJ interview and then do Mexico01:31
snap-lMan, you're going to be sore after doing MExico01:39
jonothanks jcastro01:49
jcastrosnap-l: in hindsight I should have mailed you questions01:54
jcastroand made you write01:54
jcastroinstead of me01:54
jcastrobut I love you bro,01:54
mhall119jono: thanks!01:57
snap-ljcastro: Heh. :) I'm a better writer than speaker. :)01:58
snap-ljcastro: But thank you. :)01:59
* mhall119 is now able to run Unity from trunk!02:00
* mhall119 feels kind of awesome right now02:00
* jono plays with launchpadlib02:03
jonomhall119, nice!02:04
mhall119C++ is still scary though02:05
mhall119but I'm going to play around with it anyway02:05
AlanBelljcastro I am now06:42
nigelbMorning AlanBell06:47
balloonswhen does early become late anyway? :-)06:55
balloonsor I should say late becomes early06:55
nigelbballoons: I suppose its when I say good night :P06:59
dholbachgood morning08:13
dpmgood morning all08:26
dholbachok, it looks like the construction works next door are continuing today - so I'll move somewhere else for work09:50
dholbachsee you later :)09:50
czajkowskiam so tired today, need weekend to come so i can just sleep11:09
jussioh for petes sake.12:16
jussiopen office you !"#¤%& (yes, it crashed)12:16
jcastropopey: I guess ICS is rolling out to TF101's13:30
jcastroI should have it soon!13:30
* popey switches one on to find out13:35
cprofittjcastro: that is what was reported14:13
cprofittTaiwan first though14:13
jcastroyeah I have nothing yet.14:13
cprofittthe TF201 had it already14:13
cprofittbut the TF201 had wireless and GPS issues14:13
jcastroI will try to avoid refreshing it every 5 minutes, heh14:13
cprofittI was so damned disappointed14:13
jcastroyeah, I need the GPS14:14
jcastroit's so great in the car when driving14:14
jcastroI just hold it for my wife and she drives along14:14
cprofittman... looking like another re-fi might be in order too.14:14
cprofittrates hit 4.1 today14:14
dakerjcastro, is this official https://plus.google.com/109091305842368633411/ ?14:42
jcastrono clue14:43
jcastrooh it is14:43
jcastroI see the manage button14:43
cprofittjcastro: pushed your LA call out a bit more on G+15:05
cprofittI am really surprised we have no teams involved15:05
cprofittLatin America15:05
jcastrooh, latin america15:05
jcastroyeah I am about to send them all another mail15:05
jcastroand post my -michigan interview15:05
jcastrohad to get this contest launched15:05
jcastrotell a server buddy15:06
jcastro99 likes on facebook already on the juju contest15:13
cprofittI wanted to do an art contest, but had no idea how to set such a thing up15:13
czajkowskicprofitt: maybe ask the design team and talk to them, thats their area15:21
jcastrohah, I guess that database error means the forums upgrade is in progress15:47
snap-lyou hope. :)15:47
bkerensajcastro: Now it might be worthwhile for me to write a charm15:48
jcastromeeting now?15:50
jonoladies and gents, good morning :-)15:51
dholbachjcastro, UGJ I think15:51
jonoballoons, hows the beta1 work going?15:51
balloonshaha, funny you should ask15:52
balloonsit's going to be a ppa.. just made that decision with didrocks and dholbach15:52
dholbachballoons, please merge from lp:~dholbach/+junk/checkbox-beta115:52
balloonsthey brought up some legit concerns15:52
jonoballoons, ok, we can maybe shoot for on the disc for B215:52
jonowhich concerns?15:53
balloonsi'll forward you the email15:54
balloonshowever, we'll get a shout out in the release notes15:54
balloonsso that will be something :-)15:54
balloonsjono, yes B2 for sure15:55
balloonsgotta happen :-)15:55
jonoballoons, awesome15:55
jonohow complete is the package for B1?15:55
balloonshow complete?15:56
dholbachjono, I'm not the authority to make decisions, but to me it seemed that 1) lots of hoops to jump through to get it in (sponsorship, release team ACK, archive admin review, MIR review so you get it into main, change ubuntu-desktop to depend on it, respin CDs), 2) it would probably be good to have a more generic package which lets you test things whenever we want stuff tested, and otherwise says "nothing being tested right now."15:56
dholbach- this way the user wouldn't end up with a number of different checkbox-<milestone> packages and we wouldn't have to go through the approval process every single time - that's all that I thought when I first read about it15:56
dholbachballoons, I added some packaging fixes in lp:~dholbach/+junk/checkbox-beta115:57
dholbachif you merge them I can run you through the process of uploading it to a ppa15:57
balloonslet me try and merge15:57
jonodholbach, agreed15:57
jonoballoons, complete as in, how many of the tests are in there15:57
jonodholbach, jcastro, dpm, balloons, mhall119 UGJ in 2m15:58
balloonsI did three apps last night.. nautilus, shotwell and gedit15:58
jonoballoons, cool15:58
balloonsthen I started on the coding stuff15:58
jonoso I guess it being a PPA gives you a little more breathing room too15:58
balloonssadly some of the tests where in worse shape than I thought15:58
balloonsbut yes, ppa means we can get more in there15:58
jonoballoons, shocked face :-)15:58
jonoballoons, you should reach out to ubuntu-devel to ask for devs to provide tests in the packages you care about15:59
jononice work balloons, dholbach!15:59
dholbachballoons, 1) https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA - 2) http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/html/getting-set-up.html15:59
balloonsk merged15:59
dholbachrock and roll15:59
dholbachballoons, let me know if anything is unclear in the docs - also some of the steps you will very likely have done already16:00
balloonsok.. let's see what happens16:00
balloonsjono, btw, looks like I can't make the global jam call happening now16:03
jonoballoons, np16:03
jcastrojono: I keep getting an error, let me just restart, be there in 2 ticks16:04
jonojcastro, np16:04
technovikingjcastro: What is Dave Lawson nick?16:11
jcastrotechnoviking: deej16:11
technovikingjcastro: thanks16:12
jcastrogood luck16:12
jcastrolmk how it goes!16:12
dholbachI'll head back home and work the rest of the time from there - brb16:29
technovikingjcastro: will do, turn out I have half-admin, missing one set of permission16:38
jcastroooh, maybe s-fox can help?16:39
s-foxalready spoke with technoviking jcastro16:39
s-foxI am not sure on the missing permission. lol, i have been trying to contact another admin...16:40
s-foxI would also add that canonical do have a super admin account setup, why not use that?16:40
s-foxLooks like it is sorted for technoviking  jcastro16:40
jcastrodeej should have that permission then16:41
jonomhall119, invite sent17:03
balloonsdholbach, I'm back at packaging this.. will let you know how it goes17:03
dholbachballoons, it should be packaged alright already17:04
dholbachin the branch run:17:04
dholbachbzr bd -- -S -sa17:04
dholbachcd ..17:04
dholbachpbuilder-dist precise build checkbox-beta1*.dsc17:04
balloonshehe.. gpg key17:04
balloonswhere did I put that thing..17:04
dholbachat least https://launchpad.net/~nskaggs says you have one17:05
dholbachdid you follow the instructions in the "getting set up" article?17:05
balloonsthat's what i was in the middle of doing17:06
balloonsi believe that gpg key is from my laptop17:06
balloonsthat's the issue17:06
dholbachyou can just copy the whole directory over17:07
dholbachshould be fine17:07
balloonsyea, I'll have to go grab it from the lappy17:07
dholbachyou might have to add your canonical.com address as a key id to your gpg key17:08
dholbachwhen you said you merged my changes - did you also push them to lp:~nskaggs/+junk/checkbox-beta1 again?17:08
balloonsit's pushed now :-)17:09
dholbachsweet :)17:09
balloonsit was only local17:09
dholbachhum, still can't see the changes17:11
balloonsi'll push again17:12
balloonstry it again17:12
balloonsthis is fun.. once this is set, i'll try and dholbach17:18
dholbachballoons, I think I just found a few other small mistakes - but you can just go ahead for now17:19
balloonsit's gonna take me a bit to get the key17:19
balloonsso.. have at it17:19
balloonsi think it's EOD for you soon?17:20
dholbachyeah, I need to sort a few other things out as well17:22
technovikingjcastro: all done other than fixing icons17:33
jcastrowait what?17:33
jcastrodefine done?17:33
jcastrothe upgrade is done?17:33
s-foxWe've had a partial upgrade to address a security hole17:34
pleia2glad to hear at least that was taken care of :)17:35
jcastrooh ok, so the 3.x upgrade then17:35
s-foxI don't like having other people reading my emails +1 pleia217:35
* pleia2 nods17:35
technovikingfix a security hole, now the vB4 can procde soon17:35
technovikinghope hope hope17:35
jcastroafaik they said the 4.x upgrade was being done in parallel17:35
technovikings-fox: any change, deej said the icon have been replaced17:37
s-foxI'll clear my cache17:37
technovikingjcastro: can't answer that17:38
dholbachballoons, I pushed some more changes - can you please merge them again?17:38
jcastrowell that's what they said last time17:38
dholbachballoons, also for now I'll upload the package I have now to my PPA so you can have a look at it and see if it's alright - generally it'd be better though if you could upload it to your own ppa, so you don't need to block on me17:38
s-foxtechnoviking,  No change :(17:38
dholbachballoons, just let me know how I can help and I'll have a look at it tomorrow again17:39
technovikings-fox: squid issues17:39
technovikingmay take a few minutes17:39
s-foxOkay, I will check again in a few17:39
s-foxtechnoviking,  It may be covered by the changes with the icons, but the fav icon seems to have been overwritten17:40
dholbachballoons, my ppa: https://launchpad.net/~dholbach/+archive/ppa/+packages - the builds: https://launchpad.net/~dholbach/+archive/ppa/+build/3235161 (amd64), https://launchpad.net/~dholbach/+archive/ppa/+build/3235162 (i386)17:42
technovikingmy fav looks right17:42
balloonsdholbach, thanks, you've been helpful17:42
balloonsi've got more work to do as well.. so if you've gotten it to build, I can check that off. thanks!17:43
dholbachballoons, well - it'd be good to test and see if it works ;-)17:43
s-foxtechnoviking,  I have the vBulletin fav icon after i cleared my cache.17:43
balloonsyes, exactly17:43
dholbachballoons, drop me an email with what you're missing and I'll get to it tomorrow morning17:43
balloonsbefore I go crazy17:43
balloonsdholbach, essentially I've got more tests to add17:45
balloonsand a couple possible code changes to make :-)17:45
balloonsi'll keep you informed17:45
dholbachrock on17:45
technovikingI will ping them in an hour if the icon don't straigten out from the squid cache17:45
balloonsawesome.. it built finally17:47
technovikingfav icon should be fixed, looking at other icons17:47
s-foxConfirmed, fav icon is back technoviking17:49
dholbachballoons, you will need to merge from lp:~dholbach/+junk/checkbox-beta1 again to make it work17:49
dholbachthe vala code never compiled17:49
balloonskk, will do17:49
dholbachand now to some FixIt Friday propaganda17:50
balloonsdholbach,  I don't see how to actually make a ppa on those two pages.. I'm assuming I can use the lp link to doso https://launchpad.net/~nskaggs/+activate-ppa18:01
dholbachso, yeah :)18:02
balloonslol yea18:02
balloonsi read that18:02
balloonsand it tells me nothing18:02
s-foxballoons,  I just sent you an email regading the data scrape18:03
balloonsit makes sense now.. but it's a bit confusing.. something more straightforward like.. hit the activate ppa link on your profile page for personal ppa, or on your teams page for team ppa.. and something about filling out the form, or things you need to do it, etc18:03
balloonsfeels really lacking18:03
balloonsi mean, what pre-requsities do I have to have to activate a ppa?18:04
balloonss-fox, kk.. I will have a look18:05
s-foxThanks balloons18:05
mhall119jcastro: ping18:16
dholbachRTs etc. of FixIt Friday news would be appreciated. :-)18:26
mhall119jcastro: hey, I'm going to be blogging about how to submit these quicklist changes upstream, do you have any good resources on that process I can reference?18:26
jcastroone sec18:26
jcastroI think I might18:26
dholbachalright my friends - time to call it a day18:27
dholbachsee you all tomorrow18:27
jcastrothough that's probably worthless for you now18:27
ubot2`Gnome bug 642567 in screenshot "Add Unity quicklist support" [Enhancement,Resolved: fixed]18:27
jcastrohere's an example18:28
jcastrothat's all I got18:28
mhall119jcastro: how about any generic "This is how you should send your changes upstream"18:28
jcastronot really18:28
jcastrothe few we had didrocks did18:28
mhall119heh, didrocks told me to ask you18:30
mhall119ok, I think I've got enough for a post anyeay18:30
jcastroyeah, maybe bilal might know?18:30
jcastrohe did a few18:30
technovikingjcastro: they are preparing for the vB4 upgrade soon on new hardware18:48
jcastroah, nice!18:54
M0hibodhizazen, Brainstorm team is to collect ideas about developing or changing applications right?19:33
jcastrosnap-l: email in your decafbad address19:48
jcastrowith the draft post.19:48
jcastroAll I need to do is add the pics19:48
snap-ljcastro: pm for cleaned up transcript.20:15
jcastrosnap-l: http://www.jorgecastro.org/2012/02/23/how-ubuntu-michigan-runs-jams/20:48
snap-lDanke. :)20:53
jcastro<-- picking up laptop from repair shop, bbi 15 minutes21:05
akgranerthis whole daily updating thing is not going well for me - so today I updated and now my computer it couldn't open a lock file and then unable to lock the admin dir and asks me if I am root... I am so about to give up testing anything this cycle...arrrrrr....21:05
* balloons as no words21:09
akgranerI am about to throw this computer at this other graner I know21:09
akgranerI have to laugh - I don't think this happens to anyone but me21:10
snap-lakgraner: There's usually a cycle where your machine just goes to pot21:11
snap-lAt which point you simply format, reload, and try try again21:11
akgraneryep - but luckily I learned - I have a main machine and test machine now :-) and it's the test machine that is rebelling21:11
snap-lAt least it's not the main machine. :)21:12
akgranersnap-l, I just re-installed it yesterday - wiped the thing and started over21:12
snap-lakgraner: Well, I got nothin'21:16
snap-lI hope it's padded, for the other graner's sake.21:16
balloonsblame the hardware.. the other graner.. or both :-)21:18
snap-ljcastro: I don't hear the Rush in Ides of March21:20
snap-lOther than the drum sounds are similar to Bytor And the Snow Dog21:20
snap-lbut just for a second. :)21:21
jonoballoons, what's the latest?21:24
balloonsI'm hungry21:25
jonoI'm Jono, nice to meet you21:25
balloonsok, you win21:25
jonoit's all about the comedy21:25
jonohow are we doing, test-wise?21:25
balloonsumm, so the plan is to have this ready for Monday if not sooner21:26
jonoballoons, let's have a quick G+ in a bit21:26
balloonsother pieces might fall into place on Friday21:26
balloonssure sure21:26
jonomaybe in 20?21:26
jonoI might have a call then, but can figure out a time21:26
balloonsI am free now21:26
jonoballoons, lets do now21:27
balloonsin 20 I may not be.. in 40 I definitely won't be :-)21:27
jonoballoons, invite sent21:28
akgranerwoo hoo - pete fixed it - he said it was an archive skew  - now it's updating nicely :-)21:28
akgranernow I can finally test something /me is happy :-)21:29
balloonslet's try that again jono21:29
jonoballoons, invited again21:30
mhall119:q/w 3422:06
jo-erlendthe Ubuntu Classic project has been registered. Does everything look good?  https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-classic23:04
jcastrohey mhall11923:04
mhall119hey jcastro23:05
jcastrono UGJ florida page yet?23:05
jcastroalso, what time are you thinking about having it? Jill and I were thinking of just making a weekend out of it, going to Epcot, etc.23:05
mhall119jcastro: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-us-florida/1445/detail/23:06
mhall119just no venue yet, so it shows under "Events without a Venue"23:06
jonojcastro, can you go in and add the +1s for Ubuntu Members and those who have not been to UDS before to the sponsor applicants list23:06
jcastroI need to be given rights for that23:07
mhall119jono: should I switch uds-q over to "review" state now?23:07
jcastromhall119: ^^23:07
jonomhall119, please23:07
jonothanks jcastro23:07
jcastromhall119: can you give me review rights?23:08
mhall119jcastro: check now23:08
popeyjo-erlend: define "good"?23:09
jcastromhall119: nope23:09
jcastroisn't that Mate thing doing the gnome2 maintenance thing?23:10
jo-erlendpopey, that's never a compliment, is it? Primarily, I want everyone who's even considering MATE to join this instead. We need to push things forward.23:10
mhall119jcastro: now?23:11
popeywho is "we" and what problem are "we" trying to solve?23:11
jcastroI don't see it.23:11
jcastromhall119: can you give me the direct URL to the review section?23:11
jcastromaybe it's just missing from my menu thing23:11
jo-erlendpopey, lots of people love Gnome Panel. Work is being done, and MATE is pretending to. But we don't want to create an artificial environment for old technologies to live in like some sort of aquarium.23:12
jonohmmm Ctrl-Alt arrow keys doesnt work any more23:13
popeyi see no problem with other people creating desktop environments they like23:13
popeybut i dont think "we" should dilute what we're doing23:14
popeywhich is unity23:14
jonoahhh they changed the binding23:14
jo-erlendpopey, right. But new shells should not automatically mean the end of the traditional ones either.23:14
popeyjo-erlend: gnome project decided that one for us ☺23:14
jo-erlendpopey, I don't care about the Gnome Project. Most development seems to come from the Ubuntu community now anyway.23:15
jo-erlendand it's maturing in a fast pace.23:15
popeyi still dont see whats in it for us23:16
popeyto develop yet another desktop, especially yet another dead desktop system which has been shown not to work23:16
jo-erlendit hasn't been shown not to work. Quite the contrary. It's been working very well for fifteen years.23:17
popeyit clearly hasn't worked23:17
popeywe've been making ubuntu for 7 years23:17
popeywhat's the market penetration again?23:17
jo-erlendbecause it hasn't attracted the masses?23:17
jo-erlendright. I don't care about masses. I think, if only a few hundred thousand people enjoys a piece of software, it's worth keeping. If the alternative is running towards mirages like MATE, staying in touch with reality becomes even more important.23:18
jonoI am suspicious about how few Ubuntu Accomplishments bugs have come in23:19
popeycanonical, ubuntu and I personally care about the masses23:19
jonoit simply can't be running that well :-)23:19
popeyanyway, as I said23:19
popey23:13:59 < popey> i see no problem with other people creating desktop environments they like23:19
jo-erlendpopey, right. Obviously. But now we have the MATE illusion that makes people want to run off in order to halt all development because of the evil Gnome 3. My intent is to kill that illusion. I understand the misconceptions and why they exist. It's because people think Gnome Panel and Gnome 2 is the same. Ubuntu does not support Gnome 2. Hence, Ubuntu is killing the classic Gnome desktop. This is a logical conclusion if yo23:22
jo-erlendu don't really understand the technology.23:22
popeyI don't care ☺23:22
popeyyou're either on board with ubuntu or you're using CDE on Solaris ☺23:22
popeyarguably s/ubuntu/unity/23:23
jo-erlendI want a Gnome Panel applet with a GTK dash. I would also want this to be applicable for LXDE. Because if we can make out technology omnipresent, then other distros will follow, making the innovations themselves more important. I don't like the concept of Ubuntu as an island of cannibals. Might like the beach though.23:24
popeyI got an old laptop out of a drawer today. It was running Ubuntu 10.10 - maverick.23:26
popeyLooked at the two panel setup and my first reaction was "oo, retro"23:26
jo-erlendWhat's wrong with that?23:26
popeyI love retro in its place. Museums and emulators.23:27
jo-erlendyes, but do you understand the wish to keep Gnome Panel alive?23:27
popeyI understand it in the way i understand why people like RiscOS and Sinclair Spectrums23:27
jo-erlendas I said before, I personally prefer Unity. What I don't like, is the notion that Unity and Gnome Shell is killing freedom. This is a popular view.23:28
popeySo the solution is to make _yet_ another desktop?23:28
jo-erlendpopey, no. Just to keep it alive, using new technologies instead of fooling people into thinking you have to choose between the classic desktop and new technology, like MATE is doing.23:29
popeyyou make it sound like an either/or situation. There aren't just two choices. there's hundreds.23:30
jo-erlendcan you explain?23:30
jo-erlend<popey> you make it sound like an either/or situation. There aren't just two choices. there's hundreds. <-- last message I saw. Did you receive anything after that?23:32
jo-erlendconsider this; Linus Torvalds tends to be noticed. He has claimed that if you want a traditional desktop, then you have to switch to Xfce. But the difference between Unity and  Gnome Panel is minimal. You cannot install Xfce without breaking ubuntu-desktop. So. Should we break the default by supporting Xfce or should be add something to Ubuntu by keeping Gnome Panel alive? Further. If lots of users are convinced that we a23:35
jo-erlendre killing off opportunities and that Mint is the only ones who can save them; should we ignore that misconception or should we address it properly?23:35
popeyNobody cares what Linus uses.23:36
popeyMy mum has no idea who Linus is.23:36
popeyI'm not making a desktop that Linus likes, I'm making one my mum likes.23:36
jo-erlendalright. I didn't ask for permission. I'm going to promote it anyway. I would just like to get some feedback on the project setup before it attracts the enormous amounts of attention it is going to.23:37
mhall119that's not true, way too many people care what Linus uses23:37
popeynobody in the 95% of people who are the potential target audience do.23:38
mhall119probably most of them want the opposite of Linus in most cases23:38
jo-erlendpopey, listen. If you're a footballer, then focusing on one ball is ok. But I play billiards. Focusing on one ball is bad for me.23:38
popeyA bad analogy is like a leaky screwdriver.23:39
popeyI'm not suggesting you need permission to do what you're doing, but just that I suspect you might get support from a very vocal set of poeple who actually aren't really contributing to Ubuntu at all.23:40
popey"That's it, I'm leaving for Mint"23:40
jo-erlendyou can combine Unity with LxPanel, Xfce4-panel or Gnome Panel. However, people are getting the idea that if you want a taskbar, you cannot use Ubuntu. That annoys me enormously. And the idea that halting all development on the Gnome platform is a good idea because Ubuntu now has gone up against Gnome, annoys me even more. But people do believe this.23:41
pleia2did anyone ever figure out who we need to email to get our LWN subscriptions back?23:44
jo-erlendthat is one aspect, but there are others. For instance, two Norwegian banks recently merged. They'd really been the same thing for many years, but they'd operated under different brands. When they decided to merge the net-bank solution, hundreds of thousands of people suddenly didn't know what to do. Because they had been taught how to use the tool – not to understand it.23:44
jo-erlend10.04 - 12.04 is a single upgrade. It isn't obvious that everyone is paying attention.23:44
popeypleia2: it went away?23:44
pleia2popey: yeah, I still get emails saying when it's published by when I log in it tells me to subscribe to view it23:44
pleia2akgraner, nigelb and paultag at least are having similar problems23:45
pleia2apaultag was in here the other day asking about it, he was told https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/LWN was outdated and I don't know where we go from there23:45
popeyi can ask on the internal list if you like?23:46
akgranerpopey my pw and login failed 2 weeks ago and I haven't been able to log in since23:46
pleia2that would be great :)23:46
akgranerthanks pleia2 for bringing this up23:46
pleia2I never noticed because I don't read them in a timely manner ;) but we need to stop saying it's a benefit of membership if people can't actually get it anymore23:47
popeypleia2: mail sent23:48
pleia2popey: thank you!23:48
jonowow, window management in Unity currently seems b0rked23:50
jcastroaw man23:53
jcastrodid I miss the mate discussion?23:53
jcastrostupid work ....23:53
jcastrohey popey23:53
jcastrotell me the state of ubuntu-tv, is there a PPA or anything?23:53
jcastroI am feeling frisky tonitew23:53
balloonsfrisky eh?23:54
technovikingsay no more wink wink nudge nudge23:54
balloonsjono, should I not upgrade and get the window mgmt goodness? :-)23:54
jonoballoons, I would wait :-)23:55
popeyyou want the LIM ppa for fun23:55
jcastrono thanks23:55
technovikingjcastro:  you use nvidia with dual monitors in precise?23:55
jcastroI try to stay PPA free23:55
jcastrotechnoviking: yep23:55
technovikingjcastro: no problem setting it up?23:55
technovikingwhen I turn on twinview  xorg will not load23:56
technovikingi blame popey23:56
jcastrono issues for me23:56
jcastrobut if you're lucky you can catch RAOF on #ubuntu-x23:57
akgranerjono I hate you're having issues, but I am so glad it's not just me :-)23:57
jcastrohe's on .au time and likely around now23:57
balloonstechnoviking, I also have duals.. and no issues23:57
balloonsand jono thanks.. I canceled the 300 mb of updates23:57
jcastrothe new lightdm dual monitor thing is /bad ass/23:57
balloonsjcastro, yes I noticed when compiz crashed today23:57
balloonslooks really nice.. I felt better about the crash.. since I got to use it23:57
jonojcastro, I still dont see that23:58
technovikingjcastro: will look for him tomorrow23:58
jcastrojono: you should have it in the latest lightdm23:58
jcastroit's cute, if you move your mouse to the other monitor it flips it so the input box for the user password is always where the mouse is23:59
jcastroit's basically kick ass23:59
jcastrook dinner, bbi an hour, popey let me know when you have that ubuntu-tv PPA finished.23:59

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