ashamsthelinuxer, ding, still here?16:04
ashamsthelinuxer, r u here?16:49
thelinuxerashams: hey man16:49
ashamshey buddy16:49
ashamsis it ok to have a meeting next friday?16:49
ashamsnot tomorrow :)16:49
ashamsor even during next week?16:50
thelinuxerfine by me16:50
thelinuxerbut i wanted to discuss something with u16:50
thelinuxery do u think mailing list wastes time ?16:50
ashamsthelinuxer, shhhot16:50
ashamsah, coz it waste time :)16:50
ashamsi thnk most ppl filtered it out16:51
ashamsmgamal is not responding anymore16:51
ashamswazery didn't see the last msg till I pinged him on chat :-)16:51
thelinuxertayeb keda mesh it wastes time16:51
thelinuxerkeda people are ignoring it16:51
ashamsI can't say this :)16:52
thelinuxercause i think if we used it properly we will be having discussions all week long16:52
thelinuxerbut u can tell me my suggestion wastes time! :D16:52
ashamsah, yes it does :D16:53
thelinuxertayeb ...16:53
thelinuxerlama ashoofak16:53
thelinuxerwe will miss our deadline for sure16:53
thelinuxeri have no doubts now ...16:53
ashamsdon't worry, one meeting and I16:53
ashams'll launch16:53
thelinuxerand i won't be the one to bring this to the community16:54
thelinuxerana 7atabara2 menko men el a7'er :D16:54
ashamsno problem, just prebare for the next round :D16:54
ashamsthelinuxer, is it ok to give a pcking session on jam?16:54
thelinuxerround of what ?16:54
thelinuxeri wanted to reply to the email and forgot16:55
thelinuxerisA basic packaging16:55
thelinuxerand please u should give a session about launchpad and may be testing ..16:55
ashamsseif will give zg16:55
thelinuxerbug tracking ..16:55
thelinuxerbretty kool16:55
ashamsthelinuxer, yes, I'll do a bu triage, isA16:55
ashamsthelinuxer, another thing!16:56
ashamsI met with Haitham elGhareeb16:56
ashamsto make some event in mansours16:56
ashamswe thought it would be useless to make some light event16:56
ashamsI mean, we want it to be full of new info introduced to ppl16:57
thelinuxerand ...16:57
ashamsbut we have no enough instructors16:57
thelinuxerwhat do u have in mind ?16:58
ashamsso, it settled that we'll make some ML and bring some experienced ppl in linux dev to help them start16:58
ashamsin development then introduce to ppl16:58
ashamsshould we do this on the general ML, or a separate one?16:58
ashamssorry for slow typing16:59
thelinuxersure general mailing list would be fine16:59
thelinuxerour team in mansoura is still young16:59
thelinuxerand we don't actually need a new mailing list ..yet16:59
ashamsbut won't it very crowded?17:00
ashamsshit grammar17:00
thelinuxercrowded leeh ? the mailing list isn't very active these days17:00
thelinuxerand that's the fastest way to reach all members17:01
ashamsmmmm, looks good reason17:01
ashamsto be*17:01
thelinuxer3ala el correction el ketter beta3tak deh :D17:02
ashamsana mehayyessssss :D17:03

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