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czajkowskitdr112: howdy15:45
tdr112so czajkowski do you work from home with this new job of yours15:45
czajkowskithough i was in millbank yesterday15:47
czajkowskigoing to go in once a week15:47
tdr112how many peeps are in the london place15:48
tdr112must be a lot now15:48
czajkowskiaye no idea on mumbers tbh15:49
czajkowskisome like me go in some days15:49
czajkowskiothers are there full time15:49
czajkowskiand they have hot desks so people cna go in and work15:49
tdr112ah , so whats it like to work remotly15:50
czajkowskijust gotta make sure you get up and get dressed and presentable the way you would for work15:53
czajkowskias I have conf calls during the day15:53
czajkowskibig thing I need to learn is to take a lunch break15:53
czajkowskiand remember to get up and stretch15:53
tdr112do you have an office or desk at home set up15:53
czajkowskinot at present will do in the future, have converted the breakfast counter we dont use to a mini office15:54
czajkowskias it has a pin board to my right15:54
czajkowskihave my phone set up for voip15:54
czajkowskiand my notebooks there15:54
tdr112ah right , i worked in an office but alone for 4 weeks (apart from one day a week ) I did not like it15:55
czajkowskiI plonk some music and make a large tea and just sit down and get to it th15:56
czajkowskithen at 11:30 I've a team call15:56
czajkowskiand then other times I need to call others via G+hangouts15:56
czajkowskiand then chat at get it done15:56
ebelyeah, i imagine working from home can be isolating15:59
ebelgood to get out and about every day15:59
czajkowskimaking an effort to go for a short walk at lunch now the weather is nicer16:00
ebeland presume it would be good to have an office, so you can 'close the door' on work at the end of the day16:01
infoturtlehey guys, got the room booked in UL for the UGJ, going to add it to events later19:36
tdr112great stuff infoturtle20:05

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