daveysHi all. I'm interested in helping package Java projects for Ubuntu.  Hope I'm in the correct place !17:16
jamespagedaveys: you sure are!17:22
jamespageanything specifically you would be interested in?17:23
daveysThanks.  I mostly work in the Java Enterprise area, so I know all of that stuff pretty well.  I'm just learning about packing though so am a bit of a noob there.17:25
daveysI've been looking at the Ubuntu wiki (Java related), but it seems a bit confusing with lots of pages that look abandoned. I'm not really sure where to start17:26
jamespagedaveys: yeah - the Java stuff on the Ubuntu wiki is largely un-maintained and obsolete19:36
jamespagedaveys, a good place to start would be to work on some bug fixes for existing packages19:37
jamespagewe will at some point transition to Java7 - some bugs can be found to work on here - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JavaTeam/Java7Default19:38
jamespagethe other thing to note is that the Java libraries and applications in Ubuntu come from Debian19:38
jamespageand the delta between Debian and Ubuntu in this area is quite small!19:38
jamespageI work in both distros; I try todo most stuff through Debian first but it can be a bit slower.19:39
jamespageJoining the debian-java team and subscribing to the mailing lists would be a good start.19:39
jamespagethis is the full list of the packages maintained by that team - http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=pkg-java-maintainers@lists.alioth.debian.org19:40
jamespagedaveys: http://pkg-java.alioth.debian.org/19:41
daveysThanks for the info James. I'll have a look at those bugs and the mailing list and see if any of them make sense !21:40
BeTaMaXGood night guys, here BeTaMax a rookie java programmer22:53
BeTaMaXgiving my first steps22:53
BeTaMaXis anyone online?22:53

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