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* ppisati -> reboot09:33
apwarges, you still got the electric blue notifications?  ppisati seems to have them too09:45
argesapw, they disappeared after another upgrade yesterday09:45
argesapw, now i see other things.... highlight text in a webpage then right click... unfortunately i can't take a screenshot of it 09:46
apwarges, ok that odd09:46
apwarges, try a delayed screen shot perhaps09:46
argesapw, good idea09:46
argesnow i can't click again... 09:46
argestime for another cup of coffee09:46
ckingsmb, see the hud graphs in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-power-consumption/+bug/938584/+attachment/2770166/+files/hud-cpu-maxed-out.ods09:51
ubot2`Launchpad bug 938584 in indicator-appmenu "hud-service consumes all the cycles on my CPU" [High,New]09:51
apwcking, i wonder how manu menu idems hud really has to search when you think about it10:08
apwits got just the menus for the current application, and those in the indicators10:08
apwlets be, really, really, generous and say there are 1000 entries to search10:09
apwhow long can it take to do a earch on those10:09
ckingapw, i suppose the source will be enlightening10:09
apwor heavy10:10
smbI would assume a lot is because it restarts the search for every new key you type10:10
apwsmb, in the test case i typed 7 characters, so it might have had to redo the search up to 7 times10:10
apwto lets say thats a search of 7k lines10:11
smbapw, And draw its current map thoughts10:11
ckingwhere does it get the data from? dbus?10:11
* smb would not be surprised to find it polls back whether the drawing operation has not been done yet ever millisecond10:12
apwcking, i suspect it does yeah10:12
ckingso it should cache this, bet it doesnt10:12
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apwsmb, my desktop just went pop11:02
smbapw, awsome11:02
apwcking_, you lost your graphics yesterday, no VT switches right ?11:03
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ckingyep and today, had to reboot at 10:20 ish today because it locked up11:03
apwcking, just happened to me, xorg sleeping on a futex11:04
smbapw, Does that means hangs/locksup or just that tendency to randomly turn of the display for a few secs that I sometimes see 11:04
ckingmore than just a few seconds11:04
apwmine was dead totally, had to be kicked in the eye11:34
ogra_well at least your fonts didnt turn into rainbows (like it is here) and i guess your notifications didnt turn green either11:46
cos^if someone says he has applied a patch on LKML, which kernel branch does it go?11:49
* henrix will be back in ~20min12:16
apwcos^, to that maintainers tree, which in theory you can figure out from the MAINTAINERS file12:53
apwogra_, heh, there is a lot of luminous blue OSDs being reported too12:53
cos^apw: ok.. it should be in jikos tree but it isn't. maybe he hasn't pushed the commit yet..13:04
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ppisatiHP to Make ARM Servers Available for Testing in Q214:34
ogra_assuming they exist until then :P14:35
ppisatiwell, they said they'll openm a lab for selected costumer14:35
ppisatiin case the silicon is not ready yet, they can fake it via qemu :)14:35
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henrixwhois bjf15:16
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* ogasawara back in 2015:27
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* tgardner reboots tangerine15:49
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ogasawaratgardner: be there in a bit16:00
skaetogasawara, is the linux kernel we have in the archive now going to be the one for beta 1?   (or are there some more bug fixes you're trying to land)16:01
tgardnerogasawara, ack, interview call at 0900 if you wanna attend16:01
ogasawaraskaet: the one in the archive is what I plan for beta-116:01
skaetogasawara, thanks. :)16:01
jsalisbury_Is anyone else having issues with tangerine?16:04
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ppisatijsalisbury: it has been rebooted some minutes ago16:05
tgardnerjsalisbury, I'm trying to get it to reboot16:05
ppisatijsalisbury: but otrher than that, it works here16:05
tgardnerppisati, I don't think it actually rebooted16:05
jsalisburytgardner, ppisati, ahh, ok. thanks16:06
tgardnerppisati, 16:02:15 up 3 days,  1:17,  2 users,  load average: 0.00, 0.03, 0.0816:06
ppisatigood point :)16:06
jsalisburytgardner, my sessions all got kicked off and I can't seem to log back in.16:06
* jsalisbury wonders if tgardner has a long enough arm to reach the power switch :-)16:07
tgardnerjsalisbury, gonna have too pretty soon16:07
tgardnerjsalisbury, looks like its back, 2 min uptime16:07
jsalisburytgardner, hmm, I'm back in now16:08
jsalisburytgardner, top looks really strange, a bunch of root RT processes16:08
* cking orders a USB3 -> SATA dohicky16:08
jsalisburytgardner, hmm, maybe that's normal.  Looks like watchdog, migration and kworker16:09
jsalisbury64 threads for each ?16:11
apwjsalisbury, could be easily be one per cpu of many of those kernel threads16:24
apwjsalisbury, to ensure deadlock avoidance16:24
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jsalisburyapw, that makes sense.  16:29
ckingit's not like they are doing much most of the time16:30
apwif anything ever in many cases, just sitting there16:30
ckingand doing the very occasional wakeup16:30
ckinghrm, why has rhythmnbox lost all my mp3s?.  Bah16:31
apwcking, synced to the contents of your phone16:37
ckingfortunately not16:37
ckingif my music collection gets sync'd to /dev/null I won't be a happy bunny16:38
ogra_buy vinyl its more persistent anyway !16:38
ogra_(though admittedly hard to listen to on flights)16:39
apwogra_, well as long as you don't play it with anything other than a laser16:40
apwthey say you lose about 20% of the top end the first time you play it with a needle16:40
ogra_you think needles wouldnt pass security ?16:40
apwwhich is why the autophiles like it, it softens the top end right off16:40
ogra_digitalization swallows more 16:41
apwoh i am not saying an mp3 is worth shit at all16:41
ogra_unless you deal with hilarious big media to store flacs16:41
apwthe thing about digitisation loss though is you can target it, vinal lost is exponentially worse at high frequencies16:42
apweither way i can't tell with my ears16:42
ogra_needles dont do harm to records if your player is proper ... sadly the used vinyl has usually been played on record grinders16:43
ogra_the hig feqs totally depends on the setup and on how much you invest16:43
ogra_it *is* on the media ... if your first playing scratches it off is a different thing and a matter of the equipment16:44
apwogra_, indeed, though other than a non-contact reader, i am not convinces any needle based reader is able to not remove the high end, they are simply too heave to move out the way16:45
ogra_the area where the needle touches the vinyl doesnt have any sounds on it 16:45
ogra_vertically that is 16:46
apwthe needle is vibrated up left and up right to induce the sound16:46
apwsomethign is moving it16:46
apwok, so that thing that moves, has to be moved, moved by the surface shape of the slot in the plastic16:46
ogra_and there it matters how your player, your system, your needle itself etc is designed and combined16:46
apwand the relative weight of that defines how much energis is required for the plastic to mvoe it16:47
apwthe higher the frequency the faster, and more the energy16:47
ogra_if it would grind off the surface you would have black plastic dust all around if you played a record 16:47
apwand at those higher frequency it is a thiner and thiner bit of plastic which does it16:48
ogra_thats where the design of the cardtridge comes into play 16:48
apwogra_, nope, all it has to to is average the plastic into a flat line16:48
* tgardner rebuilds gomeisa precise chroots yet again16:48
apwit doesn't need to remove any16:48
apwjust move it about16:48
ogra_and the cut of the needle etc16:48
apwof course a good needle has to be infinitly better than a bad one16:48
ogra_i have 40year old records that still have all high freqs :)16:49
* tgardner reboots gomeisa16:49
apwogra_, and how can you tell that?16:49
tgardnersmb, need to bounce gomeisa. holler when your job is done16:50
apwi can believe you have records that sound fine after 40 years16:50
smbtgardner, sure16:50
apwtgardner, subtle ...16:50
apwtgardner, i wondered why my build was struggling, the chroot is gone :)16:51
apwtgardner, what happened to em, will mine break if i update them?16:51
ogra_apw, indeed, its hard to tell since my ears got 40 years older too :)16:52
smbtgardner, I am gone16:53
tgardnerapw, more of that resolvconf package nonsense. it keeps breaking things on a lucid host16:54
tgardnertangerine is working well16:54
apwtgardner, yeah just have to upload 100MB there to get my build going :)16:55
tgardnerapw, whinger16:57
apwtgardner, to the very core, always16:57
tgardnerapw, its rebuidling now...16:58
* smb found the copy /etc/passwd from the host approach breaking chroot updates in subtle ways16:59
jjohansenapw: bug#925028 isn't entirely fixed by my apparmor patches.  It still requires profiles to have the attach disconnected flag, I am planning to look at it more today18:25
apwbug #92502818:26
ubot2`Launchpad bug 925028 in lxc "apparmor breaks lxc-start-ephemeral (apparmor+overlayfs returns -EINVAL)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92502818:26
apwok cool18:26
jsalisburyogasawara, this looks like it might be a quick fix by including the firmware in precise: bug 93923118:40
ubot2`Launchpad bug 939231 in linux-firmware "Dlink DWA-160 (Atheros AR9170 802.11n ) is broken" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93923118:40
* cking -> EOD21:37
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