YoBoYgood morning07:08
dholbachgood morning08:13
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locodir-joelmaxhola 19:06
locodir-joelmaxsaludos desde republica dominicana 19:06
locodir-joelmaxhi 19:07
locodir-joelmaxany body want to talk 19:08
JanChm, just reading a mail we got about how somebody more than succesfully replaced his old iMac (with Mac OS X) used by his family as a "music file server" with a 60 € second hand PC and Ubuntu, and now he thinks to replace WinXP on his children's laptops with Ubuntu too  ☺21:00
JanC"In ieder geval ben ik aangenaam verrast door de veelzijdigheid van Ubuntu, eigenlijk een equivalent voor Mac OS X" -> "In any case I am pleasantly surprised about the versatility of Ubuntu, actually an equivalent of Mac OS X"21:02

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