dholbachgood morning08:13
bkerensaoh no dholbach left10:02
dholbachbkerensa, I just posted an update15:05
dholbachbkerensa, what's weird is that I don't seem able to copy the template into the document15:05
bkerensadholbach: oh16:17
bkerensa[02:02] <bkerensa> oh no dholbach left16:18
bkerensadholbach: OMG post looks eh a bit broke16:20
bkerensathe headings anyways16:20
dholbachoh yeah?16:21
pleia2akgraner: did you ever hear back from the foundations team about their existence? wiki not updated, no meetings posted20:37
akgranerthey updated some of their information but not the meetings information as in the last year we =UWN are the only ones who wanted the logs20:38
akgranerthey exist :-)  but I would just pull them from the list20:38
akgranerunless we want to go through the -meeting logs on their meeting days and manually pull the link20:39
pleia2thanks :)20:39
pleia2fwiw, the reason we want them is that we're trying to raise visibility and transparency for teams, we are trying to help them with this, people like being able to see the process20:40
pleia2might be worth digging up the -meeting logs, but maybe someone else can do that ;)20:41
akgraneryep - I know - maybe once I get the new teams page finished - I was going to look into that20:42
akgranerThere's a couple of teams on that page that need to update their stuff20:42
akgranerpleia2, want me to add the Beta 1 Freeze to the Fridge?23:37
pleia2akgraner: we haven't in the past23:38
akgranerahh ok :-)23:38
pleia2but if we want to start, please do, I don't have time today23:38
akgranermy brain is fried23:38

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