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ojwbinterestingly i just found an embedded streetview on a realestate site which works without flash, but on google maps it tells me I need to download a plugin from adobe21:22
chiltsyeah, that's been around for a while ... you can embed a non-flash Streetview, but you can't get at it from Google Maps itself22:38
chiltswhich sucks22:38
ojwbso you have to actually "drive" to where you want to look at22:40
Gojwb: there is a MapsGL/WebGL streetview23:34
Gojwb: http://support.google.com/maps/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=163079023:35
ojwbG: it seems not to be that though, as I can't access the webgl thing (it says I don't have the required stuff)23:35
Gojwb: is it just static-ishly embedded via Javascript?23:35
ojwbi didn't look at how it worked23:36
ojwbbut it was interactive23:36
ojwbdrag, click, etc worked23:36
ojwbi guessed it was HTML5 stuff23:36
ojwbcanvas maybe23:36
Gyeah, HTML5+Javascript23:36
ojwbi guess I don't have accelerated 3d currently23:37
ojwball the other reqs look satisfied23:37
ojwbprobably need the non-free firmware for the card23:38
GI stopped using MapsGL, because when I tried to look at a GPS coordinate for down the road, it mapped it to (somehow) north of the north pole23:38

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