GTRsdkHi. Could you unban me in #ubuntu-offtopic?01:12
pangolinGTRsdk: let me see if I can find an op to help you01:15
GTRsdkpangolin: you are no longer an op?01:15
pangolinI am an op but not in #ubuntu-offtopic01:15
GTRsdkah okay01:16
pangolinGTRsdk: there doesn't seem to be any ops around at the moment. Come back in a couple of hours?01:19
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Tm_TGTRsdk: hello?04:27
GTRsdkHello Tm_T04:34
AthanasiusHi, I'd like to leave a suggestion here primarily for LjL, but one that probably all the ops will need to discuss. It'll take some time to write out, so gimme a sec04:53
AthanasiusI know the FloodBots automatically redirect-ban people vulnerable to the dcc exploits, which has been very useful I think in minimizing the amount of effect those exploits do04:54
AthanasiusI'd like to suggest that the Floodbots do the same for the x-chat exploits that have been making their rounds of late04:54
AthanasiusNow, I think (not sure) the clients only crash on an attempt to render, meaning if someone drops the exploit string, a client may not crash until a couple seconds later when the window is switched to04:54
AthanasiusSo, what I suggest the floodbots do is this: When someone drops an exploit string (I have a fairly good regex for that which I can share if you'd like), have the floodbots monitor Connection reset by peer quits for the next 10 minutes.04:55
AthanasiusUpon a client re-joining #ubuntu after this, have the floodbots send a CTCP VERSION to the joining client. If the version string says they're running a vulnerable version of x-chat, kick-banforward the client to #ubuntu-read-topic2 or somesuch, with information about the exploit and basically a "upgrade your client" message04:57
AthanasiusIf the person requests an exploit test, the floodbot should message them the exploit character, followed by a message with a random number, and "Say this number back to me so I know your screen rendered this okay" sort of a thing04:58
AthanasiusI know the primary aspect of this controversialness is it would mean the floodbots would, on rare occasion, VERSION a client on joining, but given the impact I think #ubuntu has had on reducing dcc exploit victims, it'd be really neat to see the same happen with the x-chat stuff05:00
AthanasiusAnyways, that's my suggestion. Value is more than or equal to what you paid for it (:05:00
AthanasiusAnd now, I'm off.05:00
Tm_TGTRsdk: hi, do you recall why you were banned on -offtopic?05:16
GTRsdkTm_T: Yes. I was banned because I shared a link that first went to a page filled with ads which would generate a very small amount of money before reaching the real content.05:23
Tm_Tok, I think the amount of money is irrelevant05:24
Tm_TI wonder why did you do that05:25
GTRsdkI was silly enough to think that it would be worth sharing the web page that way05:25
Tm_Tso you wanted to get money out of fellow ubuntuers?05:28
GTRsdkI know.. it's wrong...05:28
Tm_Tlooks like you joined to channel, posted the link without even explaining what it is...05:30
GTRsdkit was very poorly planned and very poorly organized...05:31
Tm_TGTRsdk: I suppose you're already familiar with our guidelines?05:33
GTRsdkI should probably re read through them (and very carefully this time)05:33
Tm_TGTRsdk: I won't let you in until I'm convinced you will show more respect to your fellow citizens in the channel (:05:35
Tm_T!guidelines > GTRsdk05:36
ubottuGTRsdk, please see my private message05:36
GTRsdkI was already reading it (already asked the bot about !guidelines), but now is that considered being annoying?05:39
Tm_Tspam/scam links are way worse than being just annoying05:40
GTRsdkYou're right. I guess I'd be pretty mad if any time someone shared a link with me, I would have to see $seconds of ads before seeing what the page is about.05:43
Tm_Thmm, I feel you're missing the point05:44
GTRsdkis the point that Ubuntu is free not because of ads, but because of people who were willing to donate hours to provide what we have now?05:45
GTRsdkso then I should do the same and not corrupt links I share?05:45
Tm_T#ubuntu-offtopic is not a channel (or any channel if you ask me) where you come and share spam/scam links05:46
Tm_Tyou didn't give explanation in channel even when asked05:47
Tm_Tindicates to me that your sole purpose was to get money out of others05:48
Tm_Tbiggest problem is the attitude toward others this is showing05:49
GTRsdkYes. And I know now that it is wrong.05:52
GTRsdkThe main goal was to share that it was my birthday that day. But then I grabbed a link, corruptified it, then shared it. I sould've just have plain old said it in plain text...05:57
GTRsdkI suppose sharing links like that would be considered disrespectful06:03
Tm_Tsuppose? considered? (:06:04
GTRsdkIt is disrespectful. I'm so sorry.06:05
GTRsdkI won't ever do something like that again.06:07
Tm_TGTRsdk: oaight, I want to discuss with other op involved on this before proceeding, could you come back later?06:07
pangolinGTRsdk: you can't idle in here, so please let Tm_T know that you will be back sometime in the next 24 hours and then part this channel.06:12
ubottuurfr332gO called the ops in #ubuntu (Gaflana)07:57
vibhavCan I get my ban on #ubuntu removed?12:37
ikoniavibhav: I'm happy to put you back into #ubuntu but muted12:38
vibhavikonia: I wanted support12:38
ikoniayou've lost that privilege12:38
vibhavI promise i will  not offer support12:38
ikoniavibhav: you said that last time and you where trying to help when you dodged the ban, I fully see that you where trying to help and on that occasion you did not cause a problem, that said you did get around a ban knowingly, and you did try to offer help despite being told not to do that12:39
ikoniavibhav: it's a real problem for the team to have you in #ubuntu as you can't be trusted to do what you've agreed to do, which means we have to watch you all the time you are in the channel making sure you are not giving people bad advice12:40
vibhavWell , I not help people this time12:40
ikoniaI'm sorry if that seems a little rude, but I'm just trying to explain why it's tricky12:40
ikoniavibhav you said "I won't help people" last time, yet you dodged a mute and started to try to help people12:40
ikoniawhich means you can't be trusted on your word12:41
ikonia2 minutes, be back12:41
ikoniasorry about that, just had to grab someone before they walked out of the door12:44
vibhavnever mind12:44
vibhavI really promise12:44
ikoniavibhav: how is "promise" different from "really promise"12:45
ikoniayou've promised many times not to do $X12:45
ikoniavibhav: I'm not trying to be awkward, but you see the position you've built up12:45
ikoniayet you still do it12:45
ikoniaso "I really promise" means you either cannot keep your promises or you where not really promising last time12:45
ikoniaeither way, we have to sit and watch what you say in the channel if we unmute you, which is quite a resource eater12:45
ikoniaI've discussed this with other members of the team in the past (the others can chip in if they want)12:46
ikoniait's a real dilema about how to allow you back into #ubuntu safley12:46
vibhavI reaaly promise12:47
ikoniavibhav: if you have any suggestions (that are realisitic) beyond "I promise", I'd genuinly be interested in hearing them12:47
ikoniacome on - "I promise" doesn't wash, you've said that 10 times and let us down12:47
vibhavI have no other words to express12:47
ikoniaI appreciate that the wording is limited,12:47
vibhavLast chance?12:47
vibhavI mean it12:47
ikoniayou've had a last chance - that's why you are now banned12:48
ikoniavibhav: sit in our chair for a moment12:48
ikoniaeverytime you've been in the channel you've caused a problem with your advice, we've spoke to you about it, you've agreed not to do it, then done it again, this has happened many times12:48
ikoniaeach time you've said "I won't do that - I promise", yet you do repeat it12:48
vibhavI dont do it intentionally12:48
ikoniahow can we have confidence in you saying "I promise"12:48
vibhavIll only offer advice when its in my scenario12:49
ikoniavibhav I can believe you don't do it intentionally, but that then means that we can't trust you to monitor/control yourself12:49
ikoniavibhav: you don't have a scenario12:49
ikoniawelcome back12:50
vibhavSorry , terminal crashed12:50
ikoniadon't worry,12:50
vibhavI have nothing else to say what I really mean12:50
vibhavBut I  promise ill triple check my advice12:51
ikoniavibhav: I understand that.12:51
ikoniaughh, please stop saying you promise12:51
ikoniayou've said that before and let us down12:51
ikoniaand now you've moved from "I won't offer advice" to "I'll check my advice"12:51
ikoniathis is what's worrying you can't control yourself from promising to not offer advice less than 2 minutes ago, to "I'll check my advice"12:52
vibhavIll check my advicxe (if giving any , (Only if its in my scenario))12:52
ikoniavibhav: how can you move from promising not to give advice, to checking your advice when giving it12:52
ikoniayou've just changed your promise before you've even had chance to be let back into the channel12:52
ikoniavibhav: what do you need help with - lets see if we can help you while I try to get some advice/direction about how to proceed12:53
vibhavI needed to know if I can PXE boot an ISO12:53
ikoniavibhav: you can in certain situations12:54
vibhavAm I getting help here?12:54
ikoniavibhav: do you want to boot the iso image, or the contents of the iso12:55
vibhavikonia: The ISO image , (Ubuntu 11.10)12:55
ikoniavibhav: I'm trying to help you yes, as I don't want you to not have help, but until I get some more opinions/advice from others I'm not confident with you in #ubuntu12:55
ikoniavibhav: if you mount the iso you can do it12:55
vibhavI mounted the ISO12:56
ikoniaI don't believe you can do it as an iso image as the pxeboot isn't smart enough to expand that12:56
ikoniavibhav: if the ISO is mounted, then it's just a flat file system as far as pxebooting is concerned12:56
ikoniathere may well be a method to boot the iso image directly but I'm not aware of it nor can I understand how that works12:57
ikoniathere is an interesting article that suggests it's do-able12:57
ikoniaI've not don that, nor am I confident in it12:57
ikoniathat's just mounting though the same as I suggest, to an extent12:58
ikoniavibhav: does that help ?12:58
vibhavI shall try that12:59
Lintwhat the hell was this?16:14
ikoniaLint: gstreamer has "retarded" dependencies ?16:14
ikoniaLint: you've been asked many times now to look at what you say and how you talk in the channel and you don't seem to get it16:14
ikoniaI can't be bothered trying to explain it to you any more - so you've now been banned from #ubuntu16:14
ikoniaI suggest you go away and think about how you talk when using channels16:15
Lintyou have problems with the word retarded?16:15
ikoniayeah, pretty much16:15
Lintit's a literature word16:16
ikoniaLint: would you find it acceptable if I said "you are retarded as you don't seem to be able to grasp the channel rules"16:16
ikoniaLint: no, it's not a nice word to use to describe something16:16
ikoniaLint: many words are in the dictionary and literature, it doesn't make them acceptable16:16
ikoniaeither way, I'm not discussing this with you at this time - go and think about what's been said to you many times16:16
Lintit's an international channel so I don't understand why you cause problems with that U$ political correctness16:17
ikoniait's not US16:17
ikoniaI'm not from the US16:17
ikoniaretardard isn't an polite way to say something in any country16:17
ikoniaLint: so please leave the channel and have a think about how you participate16:17
MyrttiI don't see what purpose the word served in your ques...16:18
maco"it's a literature word"? mark twain wrote literature. he wrote literature that included a number of racist characters saying racist things. that doesn't make racist things ok.16:19
ikoniathe guy just likes to rant about things, he's had enough warnings, he knows what he's doing16:20
ikonialooks like lint has some anti usa issue16:32
ikonia05:08 < vbrummond> Lint, lol, and every bug has a reason considering it doesnt happen on mine it has to be hardware/driver specific16:32
ikonia05:08 < Lint> vbrummond, it does happen on your16:32
ikonia05:08 < Lint> you just american16:32
ikoniaand when his ranting about debian being slow and USA only continues16:33
ikonia05:15 < simonlnu> Lint: be quiet16:33
ikoniaso I guess it's not ubuntu he's angry at it's just "anything" that he can use as a ranting platform16:33
ikoniaas soon as he was banned from #ubuntu he re-joined debian, so I expect it's just any excuse to rant16:34
jpdsmaco: That sounds like something lost in translation.16:35
GTRsdkIs this time okay?16:52
ikoniaGTRsdk: sorry wasn't ignoring you, had too many other discussions going on16:58
ikoniaGTRsdk: sorry about that, just finished up another conversation17:02
ikoniaGTRsdk: I'm assuming you want to re-join #ubuntu-offtopic based on your conversation with Tm_T earlier ?17:02
ikoniaok - I've made my feelings to Tm_T clear that I don't believe you should be unbanned at this time as what you did was totally unacceptable and you lied multiple times about why you did it17:03
ikoniabut I also said it was up to him what to do as he'd spoken to you.17:04
ikoniait doesn't look like Tm_T is active at the moment sadly.17:06
ikoniaGTRsdk: looks like Tm_T's not around, I don't believe you should be unbanned at this time so I'm not going to do it, I suggest trying back later17:13
ubottuxangua called the ops in #ubuntu (pleiades)18:23
zykotick9LjL: I don't agree with your "don't send !listers...".  The ciao/hola followed by !list is SO common.  Directing them to their native language channel (where there is at least the possibility that someone will explain the issues involved, in a language they can understand) seems to me to be the best method "users" have to deal with the problem.  We all aren't ops that can just kick users like you ;)19:11
zykotick9LjL: well, when you see me do it next time, feel free to kick/ban me.19:17
mneptokwe need to make a list of the number of times how to deal with this issue has come up, put that list in public webspace, and change the !list factoid19:17
zykotick9mneptok: do you have a suggestion on how "users" should deal with this?19:18
mneptokzykotick9: nothing that hasn't been prepared better by other chefs.19:18
mneptokburning DCC to the ground comes to mind. hardly helpful.19:19
zykotick9that would be ideal ;)  I'll get out of your way.  Thanks OPs!19:20
LjL-it people have no intention to "explain the issues involved"19:44
LjLno more than we have19:44
mneptokvada. a. bordo.19:45
LjLfortunately, i haven't seen a single one of these !list people ever go into #ubuntu-it when redirected there19:48
LjLthey just ignore all input19:48
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».19:53
MyrttiI wonder how it should be formed so they'd catch and understand what it means19:54
LjL!no list is <reply> No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».19:54
ubottuI'll remember that LjL19:54
LjLlike this19:54
LjLalthough, it requires them to read it in the first place19:54
LjLwhich i doubt they do19:54
ikoniathis may be stupid but is it worth either having that in Italian or having !list-it19:57
ikoniaor have the bot msg anyone with a .it address "don't bother !listing in here ";)19:57
Myrtti(ie. flag)19:57
Myrttijust running out of tools19:59
pangolinheya guntbert :)21:07
guntberthi, playing with supybot I learnt that !list is the command to get the loaded plugins  - might it be that the factoid !list is worded completely wrong, by assuming they are looking for warez?21:07
guntbertpangolin: :)21:08
pangolinI doubt that many people are looking for the loaded plugins21:08
mneptokguntbert: why the frequency of .it people then?21:09
pangolinI wonder if that would be an admin only command21:09
guntbertmneptok: I cannot explain - it was just an idea (in the line "never attribute to malicious intent what can be explained by 2error")21:10
mneptokguntbert: exactly.21:10
guntbertpangolin: try it, join ##guntbert and say !list21:11
mneptokguntbert: you ascribe malicious intent toward the bot. we're approaching it from "stupid warezers"21:11
Unit193And keep in mind the default command char for supybot is in fact @, not !21:12
guntbertmneptok: oops - I didn't think of that danger at all ...  - well I suppose you are right in your judgement :)21:12
guntbertso lets let it lie -- have a nice time21:13
mneptokguntbert: you may enter the Bonus Chamber for 12 seconds for at least thinking about it. grab all the coins and strawberries you can in the time provided.21:13
guntbertgrab grab grab gra-21:14
mneptokLEVEL UP!21:14
guntberttime over :-(21:14
Myrttias a bonus addition, I've seen that behaviour in IRCnet since time immemorial21:18
pangolinthat's a long time21:19
pangolinHow old are you anyway?21:19
Myrttiin IRC years 1421:20
* mneptok wonders if Myrtti has seen "a/s/l" on IRCnet since time imemorial21:20
Myrttiyes, I have.21:20
mneptokw4nn4 (yb3R?21:21
* Myrtti punches mneptok with a Nokia 211021:21
mneptokaaaaaaaaand ... now i need another shower. dumb.21:21
mneptokjust typing that ... oh god ... it burns ...21:22
mneptokno shower. instead, i'll just go for a ride in this 60F/15C sunny weather. enjoy .fi and .qc, fellow non-idlers.  >:P21:23
pangolinlater gator21:23
mneptokback on the motorcycle in February. monkey like very much.21:24
pangolinI hate you :(21:24
Silverlionpretty quiet in here22:33
pangolinthat is how we like it :)22:33
pangolinhello Silverlion22:33
Silverlionmoving over to -team then22:34
elkyjust fyi: * Chat7994 (~Chat7994@app3.chatmosphere.org) has joined #ubuntu-women                 <Chat7994> Send pics 506-812-542623:14
elkyoh crap, wrong ops channel. that shouldn't be in logs.23:14
bazhanghe seems to have logged off now23:15
pangolinwhat is the email to request that be removed from the log?23:17
* Myrtti raises an eyebrow at mcurrans quit message23:23
SilverlionMyrtti: ??23:24
Myrtti[01:23] *** mcurran [~mcurran@unaffiliated/mcurran] has quit [Quit: LATA  BITCHES!]23:25
pangolinfrom ?23:25
Silverliondo we have an age behind this nick?23:39
bazhang<Aleksandar|off> ima li ovde neko iz Srbije ?23:51
bazhangSerbian perhaps?23:51
knomewell most probably23:51
knomeunless "srbije" means "welsh"23:52
knomeright, that23:52

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