dtcrshrhello felas!13:37
dtcrshrnice project this one - http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/android13:38
dtcrshrdo you have any beta testing projects?13:38
mika___dtcrshr: beta testing?16:20
tarelerulzCan I download an iso with Ubuntu for android stuff?17:50
dtcrshrmika___: well, to assemble this ubuntu as in the video18:26
dtcrshri have milestone 2 and 3 here on the store to test up18:26
dtcrshri think on droid 2 wont work very well the tv stuff cause it doesnt have hdmk output18:26
Dioxinare there any phones currently supporting Ubuntu?22:58
Graham1Hi, I am interested about learning more about Ubuntu on Android and well also helping it in development.23:01
HiobMoin, any new news?23:01
HonestFlamesI don't want to develop ubuntu, I want to develop apps and helper tools in ubuntu that will run on my phone and will interact with existing data.23:03
Graham1I have experience doing Android development,  building Android, creating linux from scratch systems and general software development etc.... Anyway, I think its a great idea and would like to know how I contribute.23:07
Hiobi want Ubuntu on my Transformer and since the bootloader is closes, it could be my last chance23:09
MyrttiI'm not certain this is the correct channel for discussing Ubuntu for Android, but for now it's the best there is. Please do stick around and perhaps at some point in the future your questions will be answered23:09
Graham1Myrtti: Thanks for your reply. It's getting pretty late where I am, so I might join this channel tomorrow and ask again, however for now I will just sit tight.23:10

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