nessitahello everyone! I'm about to do an update to a package in universe, and wanted to confirm something regarding feature freeze vs UI freeze. I want to upload some changes that do a refactoring to part of the UI... the info displayed is the same as before (no new feature there), but is re-organized and simplified for the user benefit. This does not require a FFe, right?00:20
slangaseknessita: this is borderline; the purpose of the UI freeze is to lock things down so that there are *no* further changes to the UI that would invalidate screenshots, it doesn't mean that changes to the UI in general aren't considered features.  Could you please file a FFe bug with the details, so we know what's being changed?00:24
nessitaslangasek: I already have a bug for this, shall I follow the FFe procedure with it?00:25
nessitaFYI, bug is bug #81821700:25
ubot2`Launchpad bug 818217 in magicicada "Redesign the top part of the main window" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81821700:25
slangasek(it's likely to be approved as an exception even if it would be considered feature work; but "refactor" is a trigger word for me that tells me we should probably know what's going on :)00:25
nessitaslangasek: even for apps in universe?00:26
slangasekthe feature freeze isn't exclusive to main00:26
nessitayes, I understand that... but perhaps the limits were a little greyer for universe apps :-)00:26
slangasekso that looks pretty straightforward to me00:27
slangasekand I'm happy to give you an informal approval00:27
slangasekno more paperwork required00:27
nessitaslangasek: yey, thanks!00:27
* nessita is glad she asked00:27
micahgnessita: it can be easier to get an exception for a leaf application in universe than other things, but that's about it WRT the difference00:28
nessitamicahg: duly noted00:29
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nessitaso, when in doubt... is there any doc that will make clearer what's the "definition" of feature when talking about FF?00:30
slangasekhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/FeatureFreeze is the closest there is, but it's implicit00:31
slangasekas I said, the above is borderline00:31
nessitaack, thanks00:32
skaetRiddell,  I've reset http://pad.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-release for Beta 1.02:28
skaetCould you please add the runes for building kubuntu-active for i386 into the commandlines at the bottom of the page.02:31
skaetinfinity,  could you review to make sure I've got the armhf images are correct?02:36
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pittiskaet: FYI, the langpack export landed earlier, as it had to be kicked off manually; all langpacks which are on CDs are uploaded now09:19
pittiI'll upload the others, too09:19
pittibuildds are nicely quiet right now09:20
Riddellskaet: kubuntu active added to http://pad.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-release I think09:32
Riddellinfinity (or cjwatson if not on holiday): could you check lillypilly:ubuntu-archive/bin and merge it into /home/ubuntu-archive/bin ?10:06
RiddellI don't have access to ~ubuntu-archive as far as I know10:07
pittiRiddell: you should, I just checked getent10:07
pittisudo -u ubuntu-archive -i10:07
Riddellpitti: ooh I feel the power :)10:20
Riddellooh beta next week12:08
Riddellbut no skeat12:09
Riddellslangasek: you're the last milestone release guy, what can you tell me about what needs done12:10
RiddellI don't know the split between me and skeat on this stuff https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BetaProcess12:10
pittiRiddell: usually you would do the engineering tasks such as archive admin, CD rebuilds, publishing images and such12:11
pittiRiddell: and skaet would do release notes, web/mail announcement etc.12:11
Riddellpitti: but as a random example "Contact Ara Pulido to check if any critical certification bugs remain to be resolved "  who does that?12:12
pittiRiddell: this usually falls in skaet's area12:12
pittibut it's a bit fuzzy of course12:12
* ara waves :)12:13
Riddellara: don't mind me, I'm just using you as an example :)12:13
pittiI used to garden the milestoned bugs12:13
pittipostponing non-critial stuff, chasing people for getting them fixed, etc.12:13
Riddellpitti: this also says it needs to be frozen 7 days before, is that still the case for betas?12:13
pittiRiddell: yes; that's why the freeze is tomorrow evening12:14
pittierr, today12:14
pittiusually at 2100 UTC12:14
Riddellpitti: has that been announced?12:14
pittinot that I can see12:14
pittiI guess skaet is on holiday or so?12:15
pittiusually she does12:15
pittiso I guess it falls to you now :)12:15
Riddellor just a US timezone?12:15
pittishe's not even on IRC, usually she's connected 24/12:15
Riddellnothing about her on the holiday calendar12:16
pittiUS power outage?12:16
Riddellyes, her connection dropped late at night, could well be just a disconnect12:16
Riddellanyway, I can do the announce12:16
Riddellpitti: how's this? http://paste.kde.org/427646/12:58
pittiRiddell: looks fine, thanks!13:29
Riddellpitti: there's nobody to approve it on the list13:30
Riddellwho's got super powers on the mailman lists?13:30
pittiRiddell: I just moderated it13:30
Riddellok, thanks13:30
Riddellit must not have listed the moderators only admins of the list13:31
Riddellhttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+milestone/ubuntu-12.04-beta-1  only 112, they'll get fixed in the next 8 hours no problem13:34
pittiactually, we only consider release-targetted ones13:34
pittistill looks challenging, of course13:36
Riddellara: any critical certification bugs remain to be resolved ?13:37
Riddellpitti: "Notify DavidPlanella to coordinate a fresh set of language packs which will be exported, uploaded, and built in time for beta. "  is that already done?13:46
pittiRiddell: ^13:47
pittithe last ones are built now13:47
pittiI am currently rebuilding the ubuntu desktop/alternate images to see how much of a size difference it makes13:47
Riddellpitti: you said mvo is on holiday but he's not on the calendar, do you know how long he's away?13:49
pittiRiddell: I don't know, I just guessed based on him not being on IRC13:49
Riddellpitti: I could phone him to find out, do you know what happens to his tasks if he's not around?13:50
pittiI don't know :/13:50
Riddelllet me phone and ask13:50
pittiRiddell: btw, mup can send SMS, you could start with that13:50
Riddell13:52 <mup> SMS is on the way!13:52
Riddelllet's see if that helps13:52
araRiddell, no critical ones, no13:55
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pittiRiddell: FYI, I think there's a deeper problem with germinate somewhere; it hasn't updated on cocoplum for three days now14:28
pittiRiddell: so any seed change since then hasn't been picked up14:28
pittiit's not clear to me how to debug this yet14:28
pittiRiddell: just in case you wonder about thsi14:29
pittior component-mismatching not updating (same cause)14:29
Riddellmm, thanks14:45
araLovely release team, could any of you review this FFe, please?14:45
ubot2`Launchpad bug 937657 in checkbox "[FFe] Non graphical UIs don't display test results" [Medium,Fix committed]14:45
arawe are trying to have it in an upload later today before BetaFreeze (and UIFreeze)14:46
bdrunghi, do i need a FFe for syncing audacious?14:46
bdrung(3.2-1 to 3.2.1-1)14:46
Riddellskaet: I started on the beta tasks14:47
skaetRiddell,  Thanks!  :)14:48
ogra_skaet, !!!14:49
pittihey skaet, how are you?14:49
skaethiya pitti, ogra_   fine,  looks like my machine crashed overnight,  so just ramping back into connectivity mode now.14:50
ogra_skaet, i have something to discuss with you ... but later today, first i have the final ubuntu-arm meeting before we shut down the team :)14:50
skaetogra_  sure,  just ping when you're ready.14:51
* skaet has a couple of calls this morning, but will be around.14:51
Riddellok mvo has just gone to bed so I've no idea what his status is but he'll get back to me when he's awake14:51
Laneybdrung: you know the deal — depends on whether there are new features14:52
bdrungLaney: should be mostly bug fixes14:52
Laneycheck the upstream changelog / news file14:54
bdrungLaney: both files are missing, but: http://www.audacious-media-player.org/news/9-audacious-3-2-1-released14:56
Laneylooks fine14:56
Riddellmvo is alive but sick, he will check the e-mails I sent him and let us know if he needs help15:16
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Riddellmvo will need help from the foundations team for upgrade tests, how can I contact them?15:30
Riddelldo they have a manager yet?15:30
stgraberRiddell: slangasek is our manager15:32
Riddellslangasek: nudge, get your minions to help poor mvo with https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UpgradeTestingProcess15:32
stgraberRiddell: in the case of upgrade testing, QA are running daily automated testing for Ubuntu (jibel is in charge of that I believe) and I'm running daily upgrades of the flavours (edubuntu, kubuntu, mythbuntu and xubuntu at the moment)15:34
stgraberthough for the flavours I only have 11.10 => 12.04, I'm not running LTS-to-LTS yet but I believe jibel does for Ubuntu itself15:35
Riddellstgraber: using the KDE frontend to release upgrade tool?15:35
stgraberRiddell: it's using the automated upgrade tester, so no, it's roughly the equivalent of running "do-release-upgrade" from a terminal15:35
pittiskaet: btw, houston, we have a problem15:35
Riddellright, thanks stgraber15:35
pittiskaet: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/20120223.1/ is with fresh langpacks15:35
pittiskaet: as I feared, squashfs is actually clever enough, i. e. the langpack refresh only helped the alternates, not the desktops (much)15:36
jibelRiddell, daily results are posted there https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Precise%20Upgrade%20Testing%20Dashboard/15:36
stgraberpitti: so we saved ~ 2MB (comparing to 20120220)? or was that some other savings15:36
pittistgraber: mostly due to dropping some obsolete translations15:37
pittichrisccoulson figured out how to put tbird/ffox on a diet, should buy some 5 MB15:37
pittiand we could potentially drop python3 again by switching back lsb-release15:37
pitti(4.5 MB)15:37
* pitti is a bit stunned on http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/testing/precise_probs.html15:38
pittilibwayland0/armhf is published, no idea what's wrong here15:38
skaetpitti, otp, breaking now.15:38
pittiskaet: (not urgent)15:38
* skaet off the call. backscrolling...15:40
Riddellpitti: kde bits not looking too good there, I wonder who I can blame for that15:41
* skaet is a bit stunned by the armhf increased probs now showing up too...15:42
pittiRiddell: it seems to root in mesa not being installable due to libwayland0 missing on armhf15:42
pittibut I don't understand it15:42
pittiyesterday it was "just" the 111 packages due to the missing libo armhf build15:42
Riddellpitti: that also seems to affect i386 looking at the mesa report on precise_probs.html15:44
pittihave a call now, looking later15:44
superm1can someone help me to understand why mythbuntu ISOs are still pulling in default-jre-headless (and a java stack)?  it's not referenced in the desktop or live germinate output.15:48
Riddellsuperm1: tried an apt-get remove as a quick way to check?15:50
superm1Riddell: i'm just fetching today's ISO to try that now15:51
Riddelldefault-jre-headless                                        | java-common                        | yui-compressor15:52
superm1which we don't have yui-compressor in the image15:52
superm1it does look like default-jre-headless has a task of a bunch of the mythbuntu stuff set though: http://paste.ubuntu.com/854140/15:52
superm1i'm not sure how that happened15:53
Riddella bit of a mystery right enough15:54
skaetev,  has the disclaimer been removed from Ubiquity's first page (Beta process starting)16:04
evskaet: yes, just sorting an upload now16:09
skaetthanks ev16:09
Riddellskaet: I already poked him :)16:10
skaetthanks Riddell :)16:10
* skaet needs to go check those logs after all16:10
superm1Riddell: so could this possible be some sort of bug in the archive apt list generation then?  because from what i gather that task stuff in apt-cache show comes directly from /var/lib/apt/lists/$(mirror)_ubuntu_dists_precise_main_binary-i386_Packages16:11
infinityev: So, looks like I'll have to back out the wubi-ext4 changes for now, unless we can get IS to upgrade the x86 livefs buildds to something newer than hardy ASAP.16:11
Riddellskaet: I think I've done most or all of the 10 days before tasks16:11
Riddelland 7 days before can be later tonight for me or you can do them in 5 hours16:11
Riddellactually probably will be tomorrow morning for me16:12
evinfinity: eep, okay16:12
infinityev: Yeah, eep indeed.16:12
infinityev: I'll try to get it escalated so we can switch back after beta, but I think we're SOL for having ext4 this week.16:12
skaetRiddell, thanks.   let me know what's still left when you go off line,  and I'll handle it in 5 hours16:13
jamespageDaviey or infinity: please could you review the FFe for bug 889644 - I think its ready to roll now16:16
ubot2`Launchpad bug 889644 in openmpi "[FFe] Please provide OpenMPI 1.5 packages" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88964416:16
Davieyjamespage: can you clarify, we are *not* jumping to 1.5 and rebuilding rdepends?16:17
Davieythis is a versioned package, right?  So it's just a NEW?16:17
jamespageDaviey: its just a NEW - no transition16:17
jamespageto risky16:17
infinityThough, this essentially means that installing openmpi1.5 removes all openmpi rdeps?16:18
infinityThat doesn't sound all that pleasant either.16:18
infinityUnless those rdeps are largely "useles" to most people, it's not much of an evaluation.16:19
bdrungdo i need to file a FFe for the debian-policy? it's just a documentation package16:19
infinitybdrung: No.16:19
infinitybdrung: Up-to-date policy gets a free pass from me. :P16:19
bdrunginfinity: and lintian?16:19
infinitybdrung: lintain needs to be lockstep with policy in a sane world.16:20
infinitybdrung: (So yeah)16:20
* bdrung synced debian-policy.16:20
infinityjamespage: Was rdeps testing a miserable failure, or was it just deemed too much work to validate?16:21
jamespageinfinity, not a miserable failure (most things rebuild OK) - I discussed with the Debian maintainer and we where both uncomfortable about the beta/feature status that upstream assign the 1.5.x branch being the default16:22
infinityMmkay, fair enough.16:23
infinityThen yeah, dump it in NEW, and we'll find time to give it a once-over.16:24
stgraberI'm planning a LTSP upload of 5.3.1, upstream is technically in feature freeze, so 5.3.1 is supposed to be bugfix only, changelog is here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/854191/16:25
stgrabercan someone from the release team confirm it looks like bugfix only?16:25
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jamespageinfinity, ack - wilco16:27
infinitystgraber: Assuming your changelog is accurate, it looks fine. :P16:30
stgraberinfinity: the changelog was made from copy/paste of the upstream bzr log, excluding everything starting by "Debian:", so it should be16:30
stgraberinfinity: apparently there are a few extra bugfixes in trunk that we need, so I'll be tagging 5.3.2 once it's tested and push that before beta freeze (also need to fix the udeb in there as there's a milestoned bug for it ...)16:31
stgraberthanks for the review16:31
infinitystgraber: That's a pretty broad interpretation of the word "review". :P16:32
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Davieybdrung: How about you merge ubuntu-policy :)16:48
Davieybdrung: that would close, bug 817264.16:50
ubot2`Launchpad bug 817264 in ubuntu-policy "Policy should be reviewed and/or merged with latest debian-policy" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81726416:50
bdrungDaviey: -ENOTIME17:01
bdrungDaviey: feel free to do the merge yourself. :)17:01
* bdrung has to write a Bachelor thesis.17:02
slangasekRiddell: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UpgradeTestingProcess - that should all be automated now through the QA team?17:03
slangasekRiddell: I believe last milestone skaet said this would be taken off the checklist17:03
Davieybdrung: gah, priorities all wrong!17:03
bdrungDaviey: sadly and i get too easily distracted17:04
skaetjibel,  can you confirm the UpgradeTestingProcess steps are now all automated?17:06
* skaet will remove from all the checklists if thats the case... (Milestone, Beta, etc....)17:07
jibelskaet, yes, excepted cdrom upgrades that I run manually17:08
skaetjibel,  thanks.    When do you do the cdrom upgrades manually?   can we check them first thing tomorrow with the new images?17:11
* skaet going to do some checklist editing now...17:12
infinityDaviey: I really wish Ubuntu Policy had just been implemented as an appendix to Debian Policy, would have made "merging" somewhat trivial. :/17:12
Davieyinfinity: right!17:13
infinityDaviey: Perhaps not too late to rearrange it to be so. :P17:14
infinityDaviey: I always thought that having inline diffs to debian-policy was silly anyway, cause it means diffing the two to know how Ubuntu is, well, different.17:14
infinityAn appendix would just spell out "Ubuntu Policy *is* Debian Policy, with these exceptions/additions".17:14
Davieyinfinity: well, whilst Colin is away.. why not change everything? :)17:15
Daviey(not serious.)17:15
infinityDaviey: *twirl moustache*17:15
infinityDaviey: It's been a long time since it was discussed, but I think the current inline implementation was mdz's idea.  I may actually put a tiny bit of effort into convincing people that it's not actually sane.17:16
infinityDaviey: (As it stands, I suspect almost no one actually reads "ubuntu policy", but just skips right over to debian policy, which is always up-to-date, and that sort of defeats the whole point)17:17
Davieyinfinity: I think it was mdz.17:17
Davieyinfinity: well, i find going to people.ubuntu.com/~$developer/ for looking at ubuntu offical policy a very elegant and official thing :)17:18
infinitywww.debian.org/devel is muscle memory.17:19
jibelskaet, usually on Friday the week before a milestone I do cdrom upgrades and manual installation smoke tests.17:33
skaetjibel,  perfect.   I'll put something on the checklist to check with QA on the status then with you on that day.17:36
stgraberskaet: I bumped the priority of bug 813837 to high, wasn't sure if it should be critical as I only did a couple of test installs17:38
ubot2`Launchpad bug 813837 in ltsp "ltsp client not able to load boot file: ltsp/amd64.tmp/pxelinux.0" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81383717:38
stgraberskaet: I'm working on the fix now (reworking the d-i module to stop assuming an install time and instead just wait until the install is done)17:39
ampelbein_Hi! Could some member of the release team have a look at bug #939689 and say if it contains every information you need?17:42
ubot2`Launchpad bug 939689 in gnomescan "FFe: Remove gnomescan binary and source package and import gnome-scan package from Debian" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93968917:42
infinityampelbein_: The obvious "regression" is that people won't get upgraded from the old to the new.17:43
infinityampelbein_: If this package has users, they'll never know that it's changed names.17:43
ampelbein_Oh. Right.17:43
infinityampelbein_: And I haven't looked, but I assume the Debian one doesn't replace gnomescan?17:44
infinityNor conflict?17:44
infinitySo, trying to install B if A was installed will explode.17:44
ampelbein_Yeah, right, didn't think of this. debian doesn't know about the gnomescan package at all.17:45
infinityampelbein_: My recommendation would be to take the Debian sources, add some versioned conflict/replace magic to gnome-scan, and build a gnomescan transitional package from that source.17:45
infinityampelbein_: After precise releases, you can dump that Ubuntu diff, and just sync with Debian.17:46
infinityampelbein_: Sound reasonable?17:46
infinityampelbein_: So, basically, "Package: gnome-scan\nConflicts: gnomescan (<= last-version-in-Ubuntu)\nReplaces: gnomescan (<= last-version-in-Ubuntu)" and "Package: gnomescan\nDepends: gnome-scan (= Source-Version)\nDescription: Transitional package to upgrade from gnomescan to gnome-scan"17:48
ampelbein_infinity: Yes, though there is actually more to it, looking another time with more open eyes. There isn't a single "gnomescan" package, it's more than 1 binary. So needs a little more magic.17:49
infinityOh, I see.  Libraries too.17:49
infinityDid those not get named the same in Debian?17:49
infinityThey did, thankfully.17:50
infinityBut flegita-gimp is now gimp-flegita.17:50
infinityFor the most part, it should be fairly easily sortable with a couple of transitional packages, but yeah, it'll need a bit of testing and review.17:50
ampelbein_Yeah, I'm gonna go and apply the patches from debian to the ubuntu package for precise.17:51
infinityampelbein_: If you're willing to put the one-time effort in (like I said, you can drop it post-precise), I'll happily review it for an FFe, since I think it's crazy to stay forked.17:51
ampelbein_Should target that for Querulant Quillboar.17:51
infinityIdeally not. :/17:51
infinityCause transitions that happen POST-precise need to stick around for two years until the next LTS.17:52
infinity(So LTS->LTS upgrades work).17:52
infinityWhereas, if you land it now, you can drop it in 3 months. :P17:52
ampelbein_Ok, I'll get it done over the weekend.17:53
infinityWell, there's a third option.17:53
infinityWhich is "not caring".17:53
infinityCause I'm not sure where you're looking, but the Debian package isn't really maintained.17:53
infinity(Yes, it had an NMU upload recently to fix an FTBFS, but the last maintainer upload before that was years ago)17:54
infinityStill, being gratuitously forked on package names is unpleasant.  So, meh.  Your call. :)17:54
infinityBut if you want to transition, do it now, not later.17:54
ampelbein_infinity: To be honest, I accidently looked at the bugs package of the library, not the source package and didn't even see the 2 RC bugs open now.17:57
ampelbein_(In the debian BTS)17:57
infinityhttp://packages.qa.debian.org/g/gnome-scan.html shows all the "not really maintained" picture I need.17:58
ampelbein_Yeah, see that now too. I was careless.17:58
ampelbein_And  now Scott acked and synced the new package.... Damn my too fast requesting of a FFe.17:59
infinityWell, if it really had no rdeps, there's always the possibility that no one really cares. :P18:02
infinityScottK: You completely missed the gnome-scan conversation going on here while you approved and synced. ;)18:03
ScottKinfinity: I did.18:03
ScottKI just read the bug.18:03
pittisimple-scan FTW?18:03
infinityOh well.18:03
infinityLike I said, I suspect it might not actually have many (any?) users anyway, so maybe it's a moot point.18:04
ampelbein_I'm honestly sorry for that mess. I really should have given more research into this.18:04
infinityStill, a proper set of transitional dependency fields would be nice.18:04
infinityampelbein_: Still time to fix it in a -1.1ubuntu1 upload, and sync if and when Debian ever actually uploads again.18:05
ScottKYes.  I think taht would be best.18:05
ampelbein_Ok, will work on that ASAP.18:05
infinityampelbein_: Thanks.  ScottK will send you a cookie to apologize for forcing your hand. ;)18:06
ScottKThe moral here is don't subscribe the release team unless you really mean it.18:07
infinityHe meant it, until another member of the release team pointed out that he didn't. ;)18:07
infinityBut yeah, I should have commented on the bug as soon as I spotted the problem.18:08
infinityOh well.18:08
infinityLife's like that.18:08
micahgcan the flavors just upload new meta packages now, I wasn't planning on working on the lightdm-gtk-greeter until this evening18:40
skaetstgraber,  thanks for the head's up on 813837.  ok.18:43
ampelbein_infinity, ScottK: I prepared a new gnome-scan upload, http://paste.ubuntu.com/854404/ is the debdiff, tested the upgrade in a chroot. There isn't a gnomescan package anymore, it was only a virtual package that depended on flegita (the standalone interface) and debian never had that.19:21
infinityampelbein_: By virtual package, you mean metapackage?19:21
ampelbein_infinity: erm, yes.19:22
ampelbein_it had no "own" content, just depended on flegita, flegita-gimp.19:22
infinityampelbein_: You might also need a flegita-gimp that depends on gimp-flegita?19:22
infinityampelbein_: Otherwise, I don't see how the upgrade would ever happen.19:23
ampelbein_No, as gnome-scan-common depends already on flegita-gimp.19:23
infinityampelbein_: (Replaces doesn't mean "upgrade to this package", it means "files from this package overwrite the other")19:23
infinityErr, -common depends on the gimp plugin?  That's... Odd.19:24
ampelbein_infinity: Let me check again the upgrade.19:25
infinityampelbein_: Do it with apt, if you're not already.19:26
infinityie: install all the old packages, "apt-ftparchive packages . > Packages" in a directory with the new debs, and point sources.list to a "deb file:/foo/bar/ ./" URI.19:27
ampelbein_Ok, I used dpkg -i *.deb.19:27
pittinow, that looks MUCH better19:32
pittiarmhf dropped from 801 to 919:32
skaetpitti, :D19:32
skaetor rather... *\o/*19:32
* pitti gives back compiz builds, sohuld work now19:32
micahgpitti: would you mind if i just reuploaded the ubuntustudio and xubuntu metas, I can't work on the greeter until this evening19:32
ogra_yeah, its all didiers fault !19:32
pittino, it was wayland's fault :)19:33
pittimicahg: uh, what for? the greeter should still be in the archive, even if it is NBS?19:33
micahgpitti: yes, but the meta packages have been removed :)19:33
ogra_and NCommander shoudl fix linux-meta-armadaxp19:34
micahgso, no xubuntu-desktop or ubuntustudio-desktop19:34
* NCommander groans19:34
pittimicahg: err?19:34
ogra_NCommander, well, not milestone critical19:34
pittimicahg: yes, please do reupload; that sounds all wrong19:34
micahgpitti: riddell went removal happy :(19:34
pittimicahg: now I know why there are suddenly no rdepends any more19:34
pittimicahg: please do; we must avoid that any archive admin spots that on teh NBS page and runs the removal19:35
NCommanderpitti: deleting packages will do that :-)19:35
micahgoh, he just removed the binaries but not the source, that's a little beta19:36
pittimicahg: also, there's nothing wrong with -meta; there is no real reason to remove its binaries19:37
pittimicahg: i. e. reuploading now is fine either way19:38
micahgexactly :)19:38
ampelbein_infinity: ok, got it now. http://paste.ubuntu.com/854465/ (debdiff), http://paste.ubuntu.com/854461/ (upgrade-log)20:05
giliris someone know why lubuntu-default-settings and lubuntu-desktop have just disappeared from precise repositories ?20:23
gilirthey just ... disappeared, and I can't see any notice about this20:24
skaet*blink* ???20:27
skaetinfinity, ^ can you look into it?20:27
* skaet wants logging....20:30
skaetor slangasek, ^?20:33
micahggilir: riddell removed them earlier this morning since they depended on NBS which was wrong20:34
micahggilir: you can reupload them20:36
micahgbut you'll have to get the default-settings package through NEW before the meta is uploaded or it won't pick it up20:36
skaetthanks micahg20:37
gilirmicahg, ok thanks, I need to update them :)20:37
micahgcan someone please binNEW xubuntu-default-settings20:49
micahgskaet: I'm going to need to upload a few ubuntustudio packages after the beta freeze to clean up the NBS removal mess from this morning20:49
micahgskaet: they were also planning on switching icon themes for beta 1 as well (which will hopefully get in these uploads)20:50
skaetmicahg,  ack.20:51
infinitymicahg: xubuntu-default-settings processed.20:55
micahginfinity: thanks, rerunning meta20:55
infinityampelbein_: I'll have a poke at that when I get home from a much-needed late lunch.20:55
infinity(Unless someone else has been following the discussion and wants to help out ampelbein_? :P)20:56
micahghmm, I better wait until the publisher runs20:56
* infinity runs off for a bit; back later in the afternoon.20:56
ampelbein_infinity: Thanks, it's not urgent. I'll be out in a few minutes to get some sleep.20:57
slangasekmicahg, Riddell, gilir: strange, why would we ever *remove* binary packages that depend on NBS packages?20:57
slangasekthat seems very wrong to me20:57
micahgslangasek: it is wrong, ask Riddell why he did it :)20:58
slangasekwe've always just left the binaries in the archive but uninstallable, so we don't have to go through a NEW roundtrip20:58
slangasekmicahg: heh, ok20:58
gilirlubuntu-default-settings uploaded20:59
micahgwe just needed lightdm-gtk-greeter uploaded, but I was having trouble with svn-buildpackage last night, I hope to get that ready tonight20:59
slangasekcjwatson: are you around enough to launch a queue bot for us? :)21:02
infinityIs it running out of ~cjwatson?21:03
slangaseklast I knew, it was running out of cjwatson.broken-telco.uk21:04
infinityHah, right.  Special.21:04
infinityOh, I should reject the gnome-scan binaries from NEW before something goes pear-shaped there.21:05
infinityampelbein_: If you're heading to bed, I'll review your upload, and just upload for you if it looks sane, and fix it if not.21:06
* infinity really runs off to lunch now.21:07
slangasekRiddell: were there other binary removals because of NBS?  That really concerns me, we should almost never remove binaries from the archive unless they themselves are NBS, or the source package is FTBFS (in which case all the binaries should be removed)21:15
slangasekRiddell: removing some of the binaries due to dependencies leaves us with no sane way for account for this having been done21:16
seb128micahg, you don't need snv-buildpackage, just copy the debian dir over in an unpacked tarball directory...21:19
micahgseb128: yes, I could've done that too now that I think about it, but it was 3AM :)21:19
seb128micahg, that is a valid reason indeed ;-)21:20
skaetRiddell,  -7 days,  steps 2 & 3 done.  (archive frozen,  email sent and topics changed. )21:41
* skaet needs to step out to pick up dog from vet, back in an hour or so21:49
* iulian is thinking of uploading GHC.21:52
iulianCould you please let me know when the best time to do that is?21:52
slangasekiulian: I don't think there's a time that's better than others - is there more to the question? :)21:55
* micahg would think after beta 1 unless it's needed beforehand21:57
slangasekit's universe21:58
micahgyes, but the people doing rebuilds can be fixing things for beta 1 :)21:58
slangasekso not impacted by the beta freeze, except in a mechanical sense21:58
slangasekall other things being equal, sure21:58
Laneyit starts a huge transition :-)21:58
slangasekoh, another one of /those/ ghc uploads21:58
slangasek(i.e., an even-numbered one)21:59
Laneythat could be annoying given the freeze, indeed22:00
slangasekyeah, in that case you might find it more enjoyable to wait until after beta-1, so you're not in a perpetual holding pattern22:03
* iulian nods.22:03
stgraberskaet: a new ubiquity-slideshow package will be uploaded in a few minutes, sorry for missing the deadline, been fighting to get all the flavours to at least show the right version of Ubuntu ;)22:13
stgraberalright, uploaded the new ubiquity slideshow now22:30
stgraberhopefully the only update we'll see for that one are translation updates22:31
slangaseksomeone want to wave my activity-log-manager update through unapproved?22:34
slangasek(otherwise I'll do it myself)22:34
stgrabercan someone wave ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu through the unapproved? would be great to have it built before the first dailies22:37
slangasekyep, am processing the lot22:40
stgraberoh, I guess I also should upload a new d-i to get the new netcfg. Will do that in a few minutes22:44
=== bladernr_ is now known as bladernr_afk
stgrabernew d-i in the queue, no change rebuild for the new netcfg23:25
stgraberdo we have queuebot's code somewhere? I have plenty of servers with very reliable access to IRC where that one could run (assuming it just requires access to IRC and LP)23:26
skaetstgraber, if we can find the source,  that would be most welcome.23:28
* skaet thinking this needs to be part of the infrastructure that gets turned on whenever archive gets frozen.23:29
skaetstgraber,  just checked queue,  not quite there yet.   ubiquity slideshow was, so let it through.23:30
stgraberskaet: I got the waiting for approval mail a while ago, weird23:42
stgraberskaet: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+queue?queue_state=1&queue_text= now shows both d-i (no change rebuild) and ubiquity (switching to beta and starting ibus)23:43
skaetstgraber,  yup.  handling23:45
skaetstgraber,  debian-installer through23:47
* skaet looking at ubiquity now23:48
skaetstgraber,  ubiquity through23:49
skaetslangasek,  activity-log-manager approved.23:49
* skaet likes simple changes... ;)23:52
slangasekskaet: thanks :)23:55

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