nOStahlhi guys, i just installed dovecot-postfix from apt00:36
nOStahllooking for documentation on where to go from here00:36
nOStahlcan't find anything online regarding the dovecot-postfix package00:36
qman___nOStahl, it's in the server guide00:41
SpamapSnOStahl: look in /usr/share/doc/dovecot-postfix00:41
SpamapSnOStahl: oh, and the ubuntu server guide too :)00:41
nOStahlis it pre-configured for virtual hosts00:41
qman___if you're referring to virtual users, no00:44
qman___the default configuration is a mailbox for each local unix user, at the domain you configure during setup00:44
nOStahlah ok.00:44
nOStahlthere is nothing except change log in /usr/share/doc/dovecot-postfix00:49
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jMCgAaah... this is really starting to get old: http://dpaste.com/707037/ -- I think I've sold this problem some 6 or so times, but I  always forget what it was.02:31
jMCg(kvm stagnating at init-bottom)02:34
adam_gjMCg: does it eventually timeout and continue on?02:34
jMCghttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/818177 should be this bug, should be be solved already, but it doesn't seem like it.02:34
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 818177 in udev "boot failures as /dev is not transferred to /root (because 'udevadm exit' times out waiting for a deadlocked worker)" [High,Fix released]02:34
jMCgadam_g: I'm too impatient to wait.02:34
jMCgBut OTOH, I'm too tired, should goto bed and see what happens tomorrow.02:34
jMCgSo, good night.02:35
adam_gjMCg: yeah, i was going to point you there. g'night02:35
tashis there a default directory size limit in ubuntu server?02:49
twbDepends on the filesystem, but shouldn't be anything you'll notice unless it's FAT03:00
qman___yeah, it should be high enough that you won't hit it except in very unusual circumstances03:09
qman___full details for ext4: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ext403:09
erichammondutlemming: You might consider hanging out on the (quiet) #ubuntu-cloud channel.  There are occasionally some EC2 AMI conversations there.03:35
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utlemmingerichammond: will do06:25
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uvirtbot`New bug: #939290 in samba (main) "package samba 2:3.6.3-1ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: ErrorMessage: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93929007:30
uvirtbot`New bug: #939291 in keystone (universe) "package keystone 2012.1~e4~20120203.1574-0ubuntu3 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93929107:30
Canadian1296Okay, I just installed ubuntu server (yes, this question belongs here.) and I need to connect it to my wifi network to update the packages. It is a WPA network, and I can't seem to connect. I brought down eth0, and brought up wlan0. I read in a guide I needed to install wpaservices. As I have no connection I got the .deb on a memory stick, but I cant install it since it's dependancies need to be updated as well.07:51
twbCanadian1296: one moment07:53
Canadian1296twb: okay thanks :)07:53
twbNote that you cannot perform the initial netboot/d-i install over a WPA network; WEP is OK, WPA is still in the works (at least as at 10.04)07:54
twbwpaservices is not a valid package as at Wheezy or Oneiric.07:56
Canadian1296twb: I have the wpasupplicant (sorry I used the wrong name in the first one) deb on a memory stick as I have no Internet connection to use apt-get, but wpasupplicant has unmet dependancies that I also can't get.07:56
twbThen you need to get them07:57
twbEither borrow an install CD or do apt-get install --print-uris wpasupplicant to find out what packages to install07:57
Canadian1296And yes I used the wrong name before. I'm running natty and it was actually wpasupplicant. Would the easiest way be to set up a unprotected network just to upgrade, then switch to WPA?07:57
twbThe latter assumes you have a working package list already; you might not07:58
Canadian1296twb: the installation is brand new and has never had a net connection.07:58
twbCanadian1296: probably yes.  Easiest would be to just get a 20m ethernet cable and plug it in for a while07:58
Canadian1296Alright, I'll try that then. Thanks for your help :)07:58
Canadian1296I'm going to want a wired connection once I start using the server anyways, I was just going to use wifi so I can have it in a different room to set up.08:00
twbCanadian1296: what you should do is set it up enough to have sshd installed, then leave it and do the rest of the install remotely08:01
twbIf you were still doing the install, that would be done by picking the "network-console" udeb when prompted in an expert (priority=low) install.  If you're already booting off the install, just apt-get install openssh-server.08:02
Canadian1296I already have the openssh server and lamp installed as I selected them during install.08:03
Canadian1296I just need a net connection to get things going08:03
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Canadian1296twb: just thought I'd let you know I got it connected to my network, and everything is working now. Thanks :)08:40
jamespagemorning all09:18
jamespageDaviey: is there a project for people to report bugs in the openstack packages provided in PPA's by upstream?09:20
jamespageI have one in the new queue and would like to direct it appropriately09:20
Davieyjamespage: 'no'09:28
ohai___Why should I use ubuntu server instead of debian?09:35
greppyohai___: if you use the LTS release, you have a longer support cycle.09:36
ohai___greppy: longer than debian?09:36
a_okI have removed a non escential disk but did not remove the entry from fstab(as I will replace the disk tomorow). Why won't my system boot?09:40
TeTeTa_ok: it waits for the device to become available09:50
lynxmanmorning o/10:03
uvirtbot`New bug: #939361 in openjdk-7 (multiverse) "ec2-get-console-output fails with xfire native error message with openjdk-7" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93936110:06
diogo_79i am having some trouble with my portuguese keyboard the alt gr key doest work in ubuntu server 11.10 64 bits dont know what to try next?10:27
jMCgNow, when did I goto bed? 3? Left the vm running, and it still didn't boot..10:40
rbasakjamespage: wondering about pre-existing conflicts/replaces for upgrade paths for a different previous binary package arrangement for openmpi. I think I should leave the conflicts in place, but not sure about the replaces.10:53
jamespageits probably OK10:54
jamespageas it is10:54
jamespagegive it a try10:54
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jMCgOh, cool. There's actual developers here.11:12
jMCgIs there any way in launchpad to see the bugs I've participated in?11:13
jMCgOh, none obviously.11:15
jMCgSo, anyway, I'm "suffering" once again, of this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/818177 -- and wondering if it's gonna be released anytime soon.11:16
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 818177 in udev "boot failures as /dev is not transferred to /root (because 'udevadm exit' times out waiting for a deadlocked worker)" [High,Fix released]11:16
jMCgho-hum. It should be released for about a month now.11:17
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mealstromhi, how to start mdadm before nfs ?11:36
mealstromim trying to export directory from softraid, but nfs starts before raid partition md0 is mounted11:37
mealstromi need to start mdadm then nfs, how can i do this11:37
jMCgpretty sure that works for me.11:38
mealstromwhat is right syntax to change priority in update-rc.d ?11:54
mealstromto set S15 and K90 for some init.d process/11:55
melvincvA doubt on Ubuntu's ssh client: My internet connection is unstable, so my ssh client shows an error and disconnects my session often. Error: "Write failed: Broken pipe" Any solutions?11:55
mealstromok iv got it, just add -f parameter11:56
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melvincvUsing screen is of any benefit?12:04
mealstrommelvincv: yes12:05
melvincvI need a how to12:05
mealstrommelvincv: you can run program via ssh from one PC and then after you have connected to this pc from another one -- resume screen12:05
mealstrommelvincv:  type screen12:05
mealstrommelvincv: then run some program like top, after this press 'ctrl+a' then 'd'  to  detach12:06
mealstrommelvincv: then  run "screen -r" to resume12:07
melvincvBut will my ssh session disconnect if the Internet connection is unstable, even with screen?12:07
mealstromscreen will  detach12:07
mealstromand after you reconnect you can continue to work12:07
melvincvok, let me try, thanks mealstrom12:07
mealstromyou are welcome12:08
melvincvok, got it!12:14
greppymelvincv: another thing to look into is tmux, a search for 'gnu screen tutorial' on google may provide some good info.12:16
linociscoi am almost done installing ubuntu server. It said GRUB is installed on bootloader or Not ? If I say NO, what would be?12:19
linociscoi am almost done installing ubuntu server. It said GRUB is installed on bootloader or Not ? If I say NO, what would be?12:19
linociscohow to configure console font using dpkg?12:22
linociscohi all12:36
linociscodoes "http://www.debuntu.org/2006/02/23/8-using-multiple-network-device-to-connect-to-the-internet" work for failover?12:37
linociscoall inactive here?12:40
TeTeThi, but no experience with multi nic failover setups, sorry12:44
TeTeTif you say no to grub loader install, your system will most likely stop after the bios tries to launch a boot loader from disk12:45
TeTeTlinocisco: sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup might help with reconfiguring the font12:46
linociscohow to disable or stop sleeping monitor on ubuntu server?12:49
linociscoi dont want server's monitor to go into sleep mode after a period of time12:50
TeTeTlinocisco: check if the dpms module is loaded and remove it if so12:55
linociscohow to check and how to remove perminently or temporarily?12:55
jMCgAnyone know if this fix has/will be released to oneiric? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/818177 -- I can't build the preceise package.12:59
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 818177 in udev "boot failures as /dev is not transferred to /root (because 'udevadm exit' times out waiting for a deadlocked worker)" [High,Fix released]12:59
mdeslaurSpamapS: if I want to test mysql upgrades, what would be the simplest lamp package in the archive to set up?12:59
linociscoTeTeT, how to??13:01
med_rbasak, I took a look at the Tilera approach last night. It's both a heterogeneous approach and a "no virtualization" approach to OpenStack on non x86 hardware. See this:13:13
TeTeTlinocisco: lsmod | grep dpms13:13
med_http://wiki.openstack.org/HeterogeneousTileraSupport  and there are a number of other supporting blueprints/wiki pages.13:13
med_moreover, that code landed here:13:13
TeTeThmm, there's no such module, bummer13:13
med_ nova/nova/virt/baremetal.13:14
rbasakmed_: thanks - reading13:14
TeTeTlinocisco: if there's no X running, I don't know, sorry13:14
linociscoTeTeT, I found no response running this command13:15
TeTeTlinocisco: that's correct13:15
linociscoHow to setup squid proxy server with Two Internet lines of different ISP?13:15
TeTeTlinocisco: maybe vbetool can help, but i've never used it13:16
TeTeTlinocisco: help with the display, not the proxy13:17
rbasakmed_: this looks great - the perfect integration point13:17
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rbasakmed_: it sounds like all the fundamental architectural changes are all done then, and an arm module just needs to be added. This method won't use LXC at all, then?13:18
rbasakzul: ^^13:18
linociscoHow to setup squid proxy server with Two Internet lines of different ISP to failover?13:19
rbasakjamespage: I think I need to remove the Replaces lines. The Conflicts/Replaces presumably exist for an upgrade path. In the case that somebody is upgrading but requested libopenmpi1.5, I don't think we should consider that an upgrade path, and it should just break on the conflicts. So I think I should remove all the Replaces lines, but keep all the Conflicts, and add any Conflicts that aren't already there from the Replaces I'm removing. Does this13:20
rbasak seem sane?13:20
med_rbasak, it would/could still use LXC. It's a solution for Redstone/Moonshot systems. It is still perfectly valid for ARM Server to be pure OpenStack with LXC.13:41
rbasakmed_: so you're thinking of one nova-compute proxy per node, each of which deploy multiple LXC "bare metal" instances?13:41
med_truthfully I'm still noodling the idea.13:42
med_but a nova-compute proxy, yes.13:42
rbasakAs an alternative, how about one nova-compute controller that deploys true bare metal non-LXC instances?13:43
zulyes please :)13:44
rbasakI think the integration point would be the same. Reasons are that I'm not sure about how to manage instances that don't want to share on LXC, that security between LXC instances and LXC-to-host is weak, and potential instance breakage because an LXC environment isn't quite perfect yet.13:46
rbasakNot that I have anything against LXC, but I'm not sure we need it in this case.13:46
rbasakI've been working on automated ARM metal deployment and I have that sussed.13:46
Davieyzul: What is the status of keystone redux, and in particular the MIR?13:47
rbasakSo I suppose it's fewer unknowns for me.13:47
zulDaviey: im waiting for it to work, im hoping to throw up a new keystone tomorrow so the security guys can have a look13:47
rbasakOne fundamental limitation though is that you're limited to the number of nodes. This may lead to under-utilisation which is one of the benefits of Openstack. I suppose it depends on expected workload and use cases.13:48
zulDaviey: what is in the archive right now is not redux13:48
zulDaviey: im hoping to get some movement on it next week13:49
Davieyzul: right, thanks13:52
Davieyzul: did you drop DEP-5 headers from the console patch in nova?13:52
zulDaviey: possibly13:52
zuli was trying to get ci moving again13:53
Davieyzul: cool.. fancy re-adding ? :)13:53
Davieyzul: also, what is a thinko?13:53
zulDaviey: thinko = stupid mistake13:53
zulDaviey: i guess i could re-add :)13:53
linociscohow to install squid proxy with two different ISP lines?13:54
zulDaviey: ill try to limit canadianisms from my changelog entries :013:56
Lazerathcan i resize the partition on here with that partition unmounted13:57
Lazerathwith the server lice13:58
Lazerathwith the server live13:58
gary_posterhallyn, do I remember correctly that lxc does not support nested containers at this time?13:58
koolhead17hi all13:58
gary_poster(and hi btw :-)13:59
Davieyzul: heh13:59
Lazerathcan i resize the partition on here with that partition unmounted but with the server live... so that it ends on a cynderlic boundry>14:00
jamespagerbasak, sounds reasonable - I would probably still try a few scenarios to test tho14:06
jamespage(happy todo that BTW)14:06
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koolhead17zul: any workaround for this  https://bugs.launchpad.net/horizon/+bug/93406414:11
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 934064 in horizon "Installing openstack-dashboard on Precise removes Keystone package" [High,Confirmed]14:11
koolhead17Ursinha: hey14:12
koolhead17hi Daviey14:12
Davieyhey koolhead1714:12
Ursinhakoolhead17, hello14:12
koolhead17zul: if you need a n00b helping hand i can help14:12
zulkoolhead17: no it should get fixed when keystone gets fixed14:12
koolhead17zul: so. any idea how many more days/week i have to work?14:14
zulkoolhead17: hopefully a new version of keystone will be uploaded tomorrow14:14
koolhead17zul: that is great news, so i can work on it from monday!! :)14:15
* koolhead17 has his fingers crossed!! :)14:17
linociscohow to failover in proxy server with two different ISP link?14:22
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zulDaviey: for keystone dbconfig-common stuff this is what im thinking so far: http://paste.ubuntu.com/854047/14:36
koolhead17uksysadmin: around?14:36
uksysadminhere, sir.14:37
uksysadminah, keystone and dbconfig....14:37
koolhead17uksysadmin: so whole keystone is re-writtten and thats why the bug.14:38
Davieyzul: does it work?14:38
zulDaviey: not tested yet..14:38
uksysadminsounds like things are moving on the keystone front14:39
koolhead17as buddha said patience gets you success!! uksysadmin ^^14:39
* uksysadmin is doomed for failure14:40
hallyngary_poster: on precise, nested containers should work fine14:41
gary_posterhallyn, wow, ok, we'll give it a try.  Thanks!14:42
Cryp71cSpamapS, I'm back from yesterday...got SSH opened up so, yay.14:42
hallyngary_poster: I fear that the apparmor mount restrictions may complicate that, but I'll just have to think of a way around that14:42
hallynhm, desktop not behaving.  think i need an update+reboot.  bbl <he hopes>14:43
gary_posterhallyn, heh, ok.14:43
hallynjjohansen: I don't want to bug you, but for the sake of having answers when asked, when do you expect (a) the apparmor lxc fix and (b) the apparmor mount stuff to hit the archive?14:45
zulDaviey: it should work14:46
rbasakjamespage: https://launchpad.net/~racb/+archive/experimental/+files/openmpi1.5_1.5.4-0ubuntu1.dsc14:51
jamespagerbasak, it would be good to get openmpi1.5 FFe approved and uploaded before beta freeze tonight14:51
rbasakjamespage: I've test built it, it's not built on the PPA yet14:52
rbasak(just uploaded)14:52
rbasakjamespage: I've also just tried a basic fresh install compile and hello world. I'll do some upgrade scenarios that occur to me.14:52
jamespagerbasak, ack - I'll put it through some testing as well14:53
jamespagethen use that for the FFe14:53
rbasakI hope it's OK! I've not done this type of thing before. I used a new orig.tar.gz that's the same as the old one but it doesn't know that so had to upload it.14:53
rbasakAnd I went through the debian/ directory to try and make sure I got everything. Hope I haven't missed anything!14:54
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jamespagerbasak, I'll review now14:55
rbasakI was pleased to discover that a debdiff between two "entirely different" packages does in fact work :)15:04
jamespagerbasak, made one minor tweak - folded the changelog entries for the last updates we did and this new branch.15:05
[1]maarezendehello everyone15:06
rbasakjamespage: OK15:06
Cryp71cI'm just learning to manage an ubuntu-server from ssh (trying to get to a point where I can turn x off entirely and feel confident in not messing anything up). I'm running a couple of (small) minecraft servers which run in their own terminal, how can I run each server so that I can return and type commands into each server's terminal (like, stop, to stop the server cleanly) ?15:07
[1]maarezendeim having networking troublle with 10.04, iv migrated the server from a vmware server to anoter, now i cant get the network up. Iv already followed this steps: http://kb.vmware.com/selfservice/microsites/search.do?language=en_US&cmd=displayKC&externalId=103279015:07
[1]maarezendebut went to something similar to this bug - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sysvinit/+bug/44017915:07
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 440179 in sysvinit "service fails to start/stop/restart networking daemon" [Medium,Fix released]15:07
jacobwwhy does it prime the stack for a positive response and how i can stop it from doing this?15:08
[1]maarezendeiv tried many things till now, deleted the 70-persistent file, changed the interfaces file to an abitrary eth15:08
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jcastroserver users! I've just launched our first ever juju charm contest! http://cloud.ubuntu.com/2012/02/juju-charm-contest-help-bring-free-software-into-the-cloud/15:17
* koolhead17 claps jcastro ^^15:22
koolhead17have you tweeted it as well15:23
rbasakCryp71c: sounds like you want byobu15:26
Cryp71crbasak, byobu?15:26
Cryp71csorry, misunderstood what you were saying.15:26
kirkland`Cryp71c: SpamapS suggested the same thing to you yesterday :-)15:27
Cryp71crbasak, I've had others suggest something like screen (or, the more modern tmux)15:27
rbasakCryp71c: https://launchpad.net/byobu15:27
Cryp71ckirkland`, sorry, must have missed that.15:27
=== kirkland` is now known as kirkland
rbasakCryp71c: yes, you can use screen directly if you wish, or tmux. byobu is a nice front-end to it.15:27
kirklandrbasak: how's it working on ARM these days?15:28
rbasakkirkland: good, thanks! Lots of different aspects to it. I'm really enjoying it.15:28
rbasakkirkland: how's the new job?15:28
kirklandrbasak: having a lot of fun, actually!15:29
kirklandrbasak: we just got a panda board, btw... gonna start playing with ecryptfs there15:29
rbasakGive me a shout if you have any panda install issues :)15:30
kirklandrbasak: ;-)  will do15:30
kirklandCryp71c: http://bit.ly/byobu-help15:30
rbasakI was getting usb booting packaged and integrated with udev to make it fully automatic but I got distracted15:31
rbasakIt will happen soon though15:31
SpamapSmdeslaur: wordpress or phpmyadmin15:34
mdeslaurSpamapS: cool, thanks15:34
jamespagerbasak, looks OK - I want to make one other change - libopenmpi1.5 libopenmpi1.5-2 inline with the ABI bump versioning that Debian are using15:38
rbasakjamespage: ok. I fail to understand what Debian are doing with that.15:39
rbasakjamespage: warning: I think there was a mention of libopenmpi2 in debian/rules which will need changing then15:45
rbasak(in addition to the debhelper files)15:45
jamespagerbasak, ah - nice spot had missed that15:46
jamespagerbasak, have you submitted that change to re-jig the modules back to debian yet?15:47
rbasakjamespage: no. We want to submit your upgrade path fix too, right? And those two fixes are combined in your PPA version now?15:48
jamespagerbasak, ah - yes I remember15:48
jamespagealthough I see that the upgrade issue has been reported in Debian15:48
jamespagemy fix was not working that well15:49
Cryp71ckirkland, is byobu for screen / tmux, or is it its own program that doesn't rely on the others to be installed?15:50
rbasakCryp71c: the former. I'm not familiar with byobu and tmux, but on byobu with screen, it uses screen but configured nicely15:51
rbasakCryp71c: I think in your case  byobu will do what you want and you won't really need to learn much. With screen or tmux you'd have to spend some time learning and customising a workflow to suit your needs, but then they'll do what you want. byobu just uses screen and tmux to do that step for you15:52
zulDaviey/adam_g: apparently this is the reason for nova-compute crapping out: https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bug/93457516:00
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 934575 in nova "notifier endless loops in is_primitive" [Medium,Fix committed]16:00
Cryp71crbasak, thanks, loving byobu16:01
Cryp71ckirkland, SpamapS, thanks for your earlier help and the original suggestion of byobu.16:02
Davieyzul: hah16:02
jamespageDaviey: are you OK to review the openmpi1.5 FFe?16:12
Davieyjamespage: myself or infinity.16:14
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jamespagerbasak, openmpi1.5 uploading now to NEW - just got an ack in -release16:31
gondoii'm trying to build a correctly structured repo for some software, but i'm stock on the <release>-updates part.. what is the best channel to get help on this?16:33
jamespagerbasak, thanks for all of your work on openmpi - its been hard work but interesting!16:34
rbasakjamespage: no, thank you!16:38
SpamapSgondoi: you may just want to use reprepro instead16:38
SpamapSgondoi: for running your own apt repo.. its really the simplest way16:39
gondoiyeah that's what I'm using16:39
gondoibut here is the scenario16:39
gondoii use unattended-upgrades16:39
gondoiand I want the updates to pull from <release>-updates, but i've currently only have serveragent setup..so my packages aren't getting auto updated16:40
SpamapSgondoi: I don't know anything about unattended-upgrades .. but I'm sure somebody here will16:40
gondoiI've got an idea of how to get it working... but I just want to make sure I'm doing it right16:41
rbasakThe other day I found what is IMHO a simpler way. I dump the debs in a directory and then run "apt-ftparchive packages .|tee Packages|gzip>Packages.gz; apt-ftparchive release . > Release; gpg --yes -o Release.gpg -ab Release". I prefer it because the only state I have to maintain is the debs in the directory, whereas with reprepro I have to worry about the state it has in its database, write a config file and so on.16:42
SpamapSrbasak: thats "old school" :)16:43
=== Ursinha-nom is now known as Ursinha
rbasakSpamapS: it's fundamentally simpler :)16:43
SpamapSrbasak: old school is almost always simpler.. and preferrable. Yours is also idempoetent.16:44
rbasakYeah, exactly!16:44
rbasakThough of course reprepro also has its uses.16:44
caribouwould anybody have an idea to suggest on where to look when 'lxc-create' fails on trying to do 'apt-get install lxcguest', not being able to resolve the archives.ubuntu.com ???16:44
SpamapSI believe reprepro can be setup in a similar way... but I have not played with it much.16:44
caribouI'm in London and my setup, that works fine @home is not able to create new containerzs16:44
SpamapSrbasak: reprepro is good for prototyping and casual "oo I need that package too" work16:45
caribouFYI, exising lxc containers do work fine with the current network setup16:45
rbasakSpamapS: that's what I've been using my way for - eg. rebuild testing where packages should build-depend on the local copy of the package I've just built16:45
SpamapSrbasak: you really should turn that command you just mentioned into a single command and put it in apt-ftparchive so everyone can benefit. :)16:45
* SpamapS notices that its 15 min till the exterminators arrive and he hasn't even moved the turtles outside yet. DOH16:46
rbasakSpamapS: http://paste.ubuntu.com/854222/ :-)16:46
rbasakSpamapS: and for sbuild, I create ~/repo/add as follows: http://paste.ubuntu.com/854224/. Then sbuild --chroot-setup=~/repo/add does the right thing16:47
rbasakerr, --chroot-setup-commands16:47
Cryp71cI have an ssh connection to a server that's also running X. I'd like to turn off X without destroying my ssh connection, is this possible?17:33
raubvogelCryp71c: X has nothing to do with ssh, so you should be able to turn it off17:37
SpamapSCryp71c: your ssh connection to the other machine is not dependent on X17:37
Cryp71c"/etc/init.d/gdm stop" to stop X?17:37
raubvogelThat should stop your window manager17:38
Cryp71craubvogel, ...I'm a bit confused, WM is not X, is it? (though I think X is the graphical environment where your WM runs?)17:42
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JanCCryp71c: stopping the dm (display manager, e.g. gdm or lightdm or kdm or ...) should also stop X17:50
Cryp71cJanC, thanks, indeed it did17:56
WALoeIIII've got lucid server images with console-kit-daemon --no-daemon taking up a large amount of memory, seems like this would not be used on a server, can I remove the consolekit package?17:57
Cryp71cIn htop I have a ton of processes that are all related to one another (threads of a parent process, perhaps)? is there a flag to consolidate some of those?18:03
JanCCryp71c: at the bottom left it says "F1 help"  ;-)18:06
JanCwhich shows you the keys to hide threads18:07
JanCor colapse parts of a tree (if you use that view)18:08
Cryp71cah! :)18:12
ericthesysadminI am trying to get ubuntu to connect to an LDAPS AD server and its not working, I have read that I need the security certificate from the windows server installed on the ubuntu server18:14
ericthesysadminbasically im trying to use php-ldap to authenticate a script to the ldaps server18:14
Cryp71cJanC, I see tree view, that helps, but I don't see how to collapse children of a tree entry.18:23
JanCCryp71c: might depend on the version, but here it says you can use + & - for that18:24
JanCbut to show/hide threads, it's just "H"18:25
Cryp71cH works, thanks.18:28
SockPantshello all19:17
SockPantsi'm sick and tired of having to deal with different systems all the time for development, so i'd like to create a well-configured desktop environment on my server that I can connect to securely from any location over internet19:18
SockPantsbut my experience with vnc over ssh over internet and such aren't very good, the response time is usually unusable even with small distances where both parties are connected by a decent connection19:19
SockPantscould that have been due to bad configuration / setup choices or is that generally the case? if so what should I do?19:19
adam_gzul: i think that creation of keystones admin users/tenant/role/etc shouldn't happen in postinst19:20
MyrttiI'd probably not add vnc in the equasion at all and just use X forwarding over ssh19:20
Myrttibut YMMV19:20
zuladam_g: i was looking at this morning and I happen to agree19:20
adam_gzul: or in packaging at all, it should be on the user to decide that stuff. and its not going to work from postinst without environment variables specific to (sometimes existing) configuration19:20
zuladam_g: agreed19:21
rbasakSockPants: you might look into NX. It's commercial but there's a free version too. I haven't tried it recently, but it was leagues faster than VNC the last time I looked19:21
zulkeystone was breaking because of it when i was installing it this morning19:21
SockPantsrbasak: is it secure enough to use  plain or would I still need ssh tunneling?19:21
Cryp71cSockPants, we used NX at our uni to standardize file locality and development environments...when working in the lab it was like working on a local system (though this was a local network environment)19:22
rbasakSockPants: it uses ssh. What I don't like about it is its expectation of taking over your machine with an "nx" account to mediate the connection, weakening the security. But nowadays you can replace with your own keypair so it's not so bad. I know that freenx were working on a way to eliminate the necessity for an nx account entirely, but I don't know if that's usable yet.19:23
zuladam_g: are we any closer to updating keystone in the archive yet?19:23
SockPantsCryp71c: sounds good. I -should- have a similar environment most of the time since my home is connected to ftth and the server is at uni on fiber not 10 km away, but so far it's not entirely as you would expect19:23
zuladam_g: i want the MIR process to get going again19:24
SockPantsrbasak: i'm looking into it, thanks19:24
rbasakSockPants: they once used to provide test accounts where you could log in to their gnome or kde based server directly to see what it was like. I used it over a congested adsl link and it looked good. I don't know whether they still let you trial it that way or not, but the demonstration was very impressive.19:24
SockPantswell it's good to hear of promising new software in remote desktoping because vnc was old and slow19:26
hallynstgraber: RUUUDE!  I can get a fedora 16 container booted such that I can ssh in, but looking at the systemd source, there is simply no way to stop it from mounting devtmpfs over /dev (apart from apparmor forbidding it :)19:28
hallynso, I'm leaving that be for now.  I'll give it one more shot with the apparmor rules19:28
adam_gzul: e4 is tuesday. i was told thats the feature freeze for keystone, can we wait until then? im trying to get this SQL catalog stuff proposed and merged before then19:28
zuladam_g: yeah i think so19:29
stgraberhallyn: and then systemd will explode ;)19:30
SockPantswhat's the best way to start setting up freenx on my server? it has no GUI yet so it would need to virtualize one, or I could just install it, or I could virtualize an entire OS with vbox19:32
hallynstgraber: haha, fortunately, even though the caller of 'mount_one' checks its return value, *it's* caller ignores it :)19:32
hallynso it should go fine19:32
hallyn(until they "fix that bug")19:32
hallyn(src/selinux-setup.c and src/mount-setup.c in the systemd source...)19:33
hallynall right my eyes hurt.  quick break, biab19:33
rbasakSockPants: personally, I'd virtualise an entire OS19:35
Klavieris there anyone who use 11.10 - orchestra (dns+dhcp)19:45
adam_gKlavier: yea19:47
pmatuliswhat's the reliability factor these days for shrinking an ext3 or ext4 filesystem?19:48
patdk-wknever had an issue19:48
patdk-wknever had an issue two years ago either :)19:49
Klavieradam_g, when i installing orchestra, i said yes  for DNS&dhcp installation19:49
Klavierbut DHCP is not working correctly for PXE boot.. ,, PXE boot property not worked for node19:49
Klavieri added mac address correctly with cobbler19:50
* roaksoax lunch19:51
uvirtbot`New bug: #939765 in lxc (universe) "lxc-clone should duplicate original size for lvm devices" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93976519:51
Klavieradam_g,  logs: http://pastebin.com/4zWQ9dT3   can you help please,19:52
adam_gKlavier: can you paste output of 'cobbler system dumpvars --name=oneiric01.ubuntu.lan' ?19:55
Klavieriam at home now, system is up at office, :((19:56
Klavieri can send it tomorrow, with "cobbler system dumpvars --name="oneiric01.ubuntu.lan",, which vars do you want to check, why?19:57
Canadian1296Can anyone here help with an apache configuration problem? I'm only asking because no one is responding in #httpd19:59
KlavierCanadian1296, ask20:00
Klavieradam_g, how can i check DHCP daemon of orchestra running correctly or not?20:00
adam_gKlavier: you need to make sure the system is tagged as 'netboot enabled'20:00
Klavieradam_g, when iam installating system i install "only" openssh-server, than: apt-get update; apt-get dist-upgrade -y; apt-get install ubuntu-orchestra-server20:02
Klavierit is virtual enviroment20:02
ch33zI need help20:02
Klavieriam not installing any extra dhcpd or dns app,, iam just installating orchestra,, i will check 'netbook enabled' property,, in which configration file..? i want to be sure if orchestra dhcpd is running correctly or not,, how can i do that?20:03
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danpany particular reason (besides possible HTTP pipelining issues) that the ubuntu mirrors meant for ec2 aren't on S3?20:05
adam_gKlavier: its handled by dnsmasq, which is installed as part of the orchestra package20:06
adam_gKlavier: if you're running this in virtual machines, also make sure kvm-pxe is insatlled on the host20:06
Klavieradam_g, it s default installation,,, when you installed orchestra, did you manually change 'netboot enabled' ??20:07
Klavieror did you manually enable netboot with cobbler_web?20:08
Canadian1296Klavier: I just figured it out. Thanks anyways20:09
adam_gKlavier: when adding the system into cobbler, you should also mark it netboot enabled.20:09
Klavieradam_g,  last question: when i run: cobbler check ->>  One or more repos need to be processed by cobbler reposync for the first time before kickstarting against them ...20:12
Klavierhow can i fix it? i tried to disable cobbler repo "update" properties for each subject, but it didnt work20:12
Klavieri didnt understand why i see these, when i run: cobbler check20:13
Klavier:  -  ((20:16
adam_gKlavier: im not sure of that one, i dont think its anything to worry about20:18
Klavieradam_g, thank you very much for answers20:31
Klavieri dont know if there is a maillist or something for orchestra users questions20:31
Klavierso i asked here20:31
uvirtbot`New bug: #939795 in lxc (universe) "package lxc (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93979520:36
uvirtbot`New bug: #939774 in lxc (universe) "dnsmasq should run as lxc-dnsmasq user" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93977420:38
adam_gKlavier: ubuntu-server-discuss is as good a list as any20:40
jMCgStill no volunteer to debug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/818177 with me?21:22
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 818177 in udev "boot failures as /dev is not transferred to /root (because 'udevadm exit' times out waiting for a deadlocked worker)" [High,Fix released]21:22
SpamapSkirkland: FYI, doing ctrl-A: set aggressive-resize off does not actually resize the viewport for me21:56
kirklandSpamapS: looking ...21:58
kirklandSpamapS: well, I have an answer, but I don't think you're gonna like it....22:04
hallynstgraber: I'm not thinking right about something.  If I want to have dnsmasq (from dnsmasq pkg) serve lxcbr0, by using a /etc/dnsmasq.d/lxc file for lxcbr0.  What do you think is the best way to handle that while accounting for LXC_BRIDGE beign configurable?22:08
hallynjust write the file at boot, unconditionally, every time in a job that starts on starting dnsmasq?22:09
stgraberpulling the full dnsmasq package (instead of just -base) will at least break Edubuntu and any LTSP system, so please don't22:10
kirklandSpamapS: tmux attach -d22:10
kirklandSpamapS: or, byobu attach -d22:10
kirklandSpamapS: basically, you have to detach all of your other clients22:10
kirklandSpamapS: looks like tmux forces the size to the smallest attached client22:10
kirklandSpamapS: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7814612/is-there-any-way-to-redraw-tmux-window-when-switching-smaller-monitor-to-bigger22:10
kirklandSpamapS: it's a common enough request;  I'll try to make a keybinding for it22:11
treederhey utlemming22:11
treedertravis from the G+ convo22:11
SpamapSkirkland: thats ok, thats what I used to do with screen, but it didn't work anymore...22:12
* SpamapS tries again22:12
utlemminghey treeder22:12
kirklandSpamapS: well I just tested here and it works with tmux22:12
hallynstgraber: d'oh.22:12
SpamapSkirkland: ahh, I didn't have the 'attach' command22:13
SpamapSkirkland: this is good, thanks. :)22:13
kirklandSpamapS: you bet22:13
kirklandSpamapS: would you mind filing a bug against ubuntu/byobu to track this?22:14
kirklandSpamapS: so that I can get it into precise?22:14
treederhi all, I'm having some serious issues with apt repositories on ec222:14
treederHoping someone can help us out22:14
utlemmingtreeder: what package are you trying to install?22:14
treederapt-get update itself is one of the worst problems22:14
hallynstgraber: i thought that based on comments in bug 928524 and bug 925511 that was actually the best way.22:15
treederThen trying to install git is another big problem22:15
Davieytreeder: can you "sudo apt-get update | pastebinit" please?22:15
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 928524 in lxc "lxcbr0 fails to come up when dnsmasq is installed" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92852422:15
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 925511 in lxc "lxc init script should fail when it ... failed" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92551122:15
utlemmingtreeder: what zone are you in?22:15
SpamapSkirkland: sure. To be fair.. this is only an issue for me on my CentOS test box. ;)22:15
kirklandSpamapS: I've gotten the question a few times before though22:15
hallynstgraber: i guess i punt on that for this release then.  Do you have any objections to making run as a new user called 'lxc-dnsmasq' ?22:16
treederfirst off, here's our sources.list: http://pastebin.com/SX7qwS2M22:16
utlemmingtreeder: us-east-1{a,b,c,d}22:16
stgraberhallyn: what would be advantage of using lxc-dnsmasq instead of nobody?22:17
hallynstgraber: sbeattie asked for it (for libvirt) with rationale in bug 93825522:18
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 938255 in libvirt "libvirt runs dnsmasq as user nobody" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93825522:18
treederapt-get update error: http://pastebin.com/MUJRpJUs22:18
SpamapSkirkland: bug 939870 file22:18
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 939870 in byobu "With byobu 5.7 and tmux 1.5 cannot resize window without detacching all others" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93987022:19
utlemmingtreeder: what does your /etc/hosts look like?22:19
treederi think our failure rate is nearly 100% now22:19
SpamapSwe really need to fix the apt format so this can't happen22:19
treederhosts: http://pastebin.com/4EPRKnHu22:20
stgraberhallyn: ok, if it's done for libvirt, I guess it makes sense to do it for lxc too22:22
utlemmingtreeder: how about the console output of "ec2-get-console-output <instance-id>"22:22
hallynstgraber: one could argue it's less important for lxc, bc it's only exposed to contaienrs right?22:23
hallynadn we don't trust containers yet anyway22:23
hallyn(whereas some fools do trust kvm :)22:23
Canadian1296What is the best way to allow authorized user to edit files on a server? (Like FTP, only secure).22:24
Davieyhallyn: i can't see that adding a user for lxc-dnsmasq is a feature...  why do you need to discuss it with the release team?22:25
hallynDaviey: I wasn't going to22:25
hallynquestion is more of just whether it should be done, or whether there are downsides i haven't considered22:26
Davieyhallyn: an unpriv'd user doesn't need to touch files owned by lxc-dnsmasq, does it?22:27
utlemmingtreeder: are these instances in the VPC?22:27
hallynDaviey: no22:27
Davieyhallyn: unless stgraber or jjohansen raise objection, you should proceed :)22:28
stgraberhallyn: should be fine22:29
treederone sec22:29
hallynok, thanks22:29
stgraberhallyn: though please note we're now frozen for beta122:29
Davieystgraber: not for universe we are not :)22:29
hallynyup, i noticed Kate's email :)22:29
stgraberDaviey: we're for seeded universe22:29
stgraberDaviey: and lxc is seeded by Edubuntu22:29
Davieystgraber: waaat.. since when?22:30
treederand no, not VPC22:30
stgraberDaviey: since Edubuntu has been shipping Arkose and Arkose has been based on LXC, so since early Oneiric22:30
Davieystgraber: ah, ok.22:31
treederhere's the console log: http://pastebin.com/ptrZwXT222:31
treederhow can I use the s3 mirros?22:33
treederwe tried that yesterday and it didn't seem to work22:33
utlemmingtreeder: configure cloud-init with22:35
utlemmingoutput: {all: '| tee -a /var/log/cloud-init-output.log'}22:35
utlemmingapt_mirror: http://us-east-1.ec2.archive.ubuntu.com.s3.amazonaws.com/ubuntu22:35
utlemmingssh_import_id: [utlemming]22:35
utlemmingarg....I meant to put: http://paste.ubuntu.com/854643/22:35
Davieyutlemming: not dug into it, but an openstack cloud instance upgraded from oneiric to precise.. rebooted gave me this: http://pb.daviey.com/nObX/22:35
Davieyutlemming: looks like bug 93666722:37
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 936667 in upstart "Upstart early job logging causes boot failure for systems with no initramfs (error is "No available ptys")" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93666722:37
treederutlemming, will the s3 mirrors become default soon?22:39
utlemmingtreeder: hopefully22:39
adam_gwin 623:02
Canadian1296How do I set up an sftp server on my server to allow authorized users to access certain directories?23:04
SpamapSCanadian1296: sftp is built in to sshd23:07
Canadian1296SpamapS: But how do I configure it?23:07
SpamapSCanadian1296: its already setup usually. Just 'sftp user@host'23:08
Canadian1296SpamapS: How do I set which folders they can access?23:09
Canadian1296Can I set a root directory for them, so they can't leave that directory?23:10
Canadian1296I only want the user to be able to access /var/www/theirname, no other part of the system23:10
SpamapSCanadian1296: for that you have to chroot them23:11
SpamapSCanadian1296: http://solderintheveins.co.uk/2011/03/ubuntu-sftp-only-account-how-to/ pretty good HOWTO there.. I think.. haven't read the whole thing in detail but it gets all the basic concepts23:11
Canadian1296It looks like I can follow that and simply set their home to /var/www/theirusername (instead of in /home), since they can't leave their home or execute shell commands. Thanks :)23:13
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