dpmgood morning translators!08:27
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TLEdpm: hey12:14
dpmTLE, I was just reading your e-mail, that's really helpful info, thanks!12:14
TLEdpm: np12:15
TLEThe batching story was actually a funny story. My colleguaes were really excited because they had gotten a special piece of equipment that could obtain multiple spectre with really high resolution, fast efter each other. Only to end up with the problem that seding the 10MB spectrum til the db took around 10 min.12:17
TLEenter coffee and some experimentation with batching data sql inserts12:17
TLEnow they insert the data in a few seconds12:18
TLEanyway, if you have time, I have a few minutes to talk about a potential upload feature12:19
dpmah, cool12:23
dpmyeah, I do have time12:23
dpmso the first thing I was thinking is that it would be a killer feature to let translators upload images12:24
TLEI guess we can just paste parts of the chat as notes for the bug12:24
TLEyes it would be12:24
dpmand then have the code prepare a diff to manually or automatically send a merge proposal to the appropriate branch12:25
TLEyes, that was what I was afraid you were going to say12:26
TLEhow about access12:26
dpmSSO + only members of translation teams12:27
dpmso they should be the only people that should be able to upload12:27
dpmI haven't had a look at it, but I'm pretty sure there must be a django package to do ubuntu sso login12:27
TLEyeah, I was thinking SSO and did a quick search on django and SSO, without finding much12:28
TLEbut maybe I'd better do an appropriate search12:28
dpmyeah, let me ask around as well12:29
TLEI think, interaction with the filesystem and using the bzr lib to propose a merge (or inform us by email when an image is ready for manually making a merge request) should be _relatively_ straight forward12:29
dpm<achuni> dpm: that would be django-openid-auth12:29
dpm dpm: https://launchpad.net/django-openid-auth12:29
TLEthereby not saying that it is not going to take time12:30
TLEbut the authetication is something I have done before, so that is going to take some more experimentation12:31
TLEyou said "+ only members of translation teams", do you know if you get that along with the SSO or if yuo simply use the authentication to obtain information from LP?12:32
dpmit might be a good idea to think of enabling uploads to the database as the first step (i.e. without merge proposals, just letting people download what they've previously uploaded); then commits as the next feature (perhaps using django's authentication as a temporary measure), and then openid auth to close the circle12:33
dpmTLE, yeah, openid should work with teams12:34
dpmi.e. the django app would talk to LP to request which teams the person logging in belongs to, LP would give them back, and then they'd be checked against the teams that have got permissions to write to the DB12:36
TLEyeah, all though, I would prefer to keep the images out of the db12:36
dpmthat's what I think it should work in theory, by having observed how the wordpress Ubuntu SSO plugin works12:36
dpmwhy would you want to keep them out of the db? (not arguing it, just curious)12:37
TLEif I place images in a mirror directory structure that should make it real easy to put them in the repository later12:38
TLE+ binary information in db's (afaik) takes a little more thought12:38
TLEopps, a few lines up it was supposed to say "authetication is something I have NOT done before"12:40
dpmyeah, no worries, I got that from the context12:40
dpmah gotcha. I saw somewhere that there are image fields in django, perhaps they could be useful - just throwing it in, again, I've not got any preference for one or the other12:41
TLEahh yes ok, I'll have a look at those as well12:42
TLEI'll make the bug report and see when I have some time to work on it12:42
dpmbrilliant. I'll go back to optimizing database imports for the translation stats...12:45
TLEhave fun12:46
dpmTLE, I've temporarily disabled the docs site while I get the translations stats app running on the server (I didn't want to go through the pains of setting up another server :). I'll bring it back online this evening.13:01
TLEdpm: np13:01
TLEfor reference the bug is here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/translated-documentation-screenshot-viewer/+bug/93947513:02
twobottux`Launchpad bug 939475 in translated-documentation-screenshot-viewer "Upload functionality" [Wishlist,Confirmed]13:02
dpmah cool, subscribing to it. I might add some notes later on13:04
kelemengaborhi, does anyone know why is the ubuntu-docs precise series not translatable yet? https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu-docs - mdke ?14:33
dpmkelemengabor, I think someone mentioned on the ubuntu-doc mailing list they were planning to open it only after doc string freeze14:51
dpmbut I'm only talking from memory, I could be wrong14:51
kelemengabordpm: is that before or after the Global Jam?14:51
dpmkelemengabor, hm, good point, that's unfortunately _after_ the global jam :/14:53
kelemengaborokay, then we will translate some Gnome help :)14:55
dpmkelemengabor, I'll reach to the docs team to see if we can open them14:55
dpmTLE, hm, unfortunately, no luck with postgresql, either. It's already been 5 mins importing data and it's not yet finished. I'll ask around to see if there is anything I can do - I suspect there is something wrong with my import code14:56
TLEdpm: bummer14:57
dpmyeah, I'm hoping that there is a major flaw that means when fixing it it takes minutes instead of hours :)14:57
TLEdpm: yeah, happy hunting, talk to you later15:32

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