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burliI have a question17:36
burliwhere do you get the EPG informations for Ubuntu-TV?17:36
burliI think about an EPG App for Ubuntu Tablet and Phone, but I have a problem to get legal and free data for germany17:37
ogra_i think the demo only used public BBC data17:37
burliand how it should work in the final version?17:38
* ogra_ has no idea :) i'm not coding it ... but i saw the demo 17:38
ogra_and played with it17:38
ogra_and that had all free BBC channels in it and nothing more ... for germany you might be able to do the same with the öffis :)17:39
ogra_by pulling it from their websites17:39
ogra_but i doubt you will find free data for private stations17:40
burliöffis? are you from germany? ;)17:40
burliyeah. it's really annoying. fu** content mafia.17:43
burliogra_, http://forum.ubuntuusers.de/topic/apps-fuer-ubuntu-tablet-und-ubuntu-phone/17:43
willcookethe real product will download OTA, plus for regions without OTA there will be agreements with service providers18:30

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