mhall119anybody want to take the time to help me get setup building unity trunk?00:28
snadgegood luck with that.. theres some instructions on how to run trunk from your home directory00:33
snadgebut my experience was, those instructions were kinda incomplete.. and the resulting build, had issues, like half of it expects things to be where they normally are.. and its a bit of a mess00:33
snadgeso knowing that.. i would probably remove the packaged version of unity entirely.. and install the trunk version where its supposed to go00:34
mhall119I ran apt-get build-dep unity, and following the instructions for cmake/make now00:35
snadgeand if its completely broken and unuseable, just log in with gnome shell ;)00:35
mhall119I'm hoping not to break it that badly00:36
snadgeive given up on unity to be honest.. i still use it.. because, i dont know.. im an idiot00:38
mhall119I just have a bug I want to fix00:39
mhall119and, honestly, my C++ knowledge is only slightly more than non-existant00:39
thomibschaefer: ping?00:39
snadgei really dont like the new dash behaviour.. in particular, the removal of dodge windows00:39
snadgebut sir shuttleworth himself has piped in on the subject00:40
thomimhall119: I can help00:40
mhall119snadge: that's the  launcher behavior, not the dash00:40
mhall119thomi: http://paste.ubuntu.com/853452/ is where I'm stuck at now00:40
snadgewhich probably means theres no chance in hell of that feature ever being re-instated00:40
mhall119thomi: I want to get trunk building before I start breaking it with my awful C++ skillz00:40
thomimhall119: you need the latest nux00:40
mhall119thomi: branch or package?00:40
thomimhall119: sure. You need to do this:00:40
thomibzr branch lp:nux nux-trunk00:41
snadgeso dash is the dashboard which pops out when you activate it from the launcher.. and the launcher is a seperate thing?00:41
mhall119snadge: relatively seprate, yes00:41
thominux doesn't use cmake, it's autogen and make.00:41
thomihmm, I should write a quick blog post about how I build unity... it might help people00:41
snadgeok well.. i dont understand why the dodge function needed to be removed from ccsm00:42
mhall119snadge: it was removed from unity00:42
snadgea whole bunch of people bellyached about that.. some even saying that was it, they're switching to gnome-shell etc00:42
mhall119snadge: a whole bunch of people would say that if they decided to stop kicking puppies00:42
thomimhall119: ping me if you have any more problems00:43
mhall119thomi: so do I have to build and install nux system-wide?00:43
snadgewell its just not cool.. i dont understand why it had to go00:43
thomimhall119: no, you can install it to your home directory - that's what I do00:43
thomilet me write a quick list of instructions...00:43
mhall119thomi: I'd appreciate that, thanks00:43
snadgetheres already a blog post about how to run unity/nux from your homedir00:44
snadgewhen i did it, there were a bunch of other deps that needed to be recompiled as well00:44
mhall119snadge: meh, it failed user testing, it wasn't simple code, I can understand the decision to not continue sinking developer time into it00:44
snadgewell i wasnt part of the user testing.. and it was working fine for me00:44
snadgeunity is tested on retards now?00:45
mhall119snadge: it's tested on random users who aren't familiar with Linux or Ubuntu, IIRC00:45
mhall119you know, 99% of the population00:45
snadgethe premise is quite simple.. if theres room for it.. it should be there.. if there isnt.. it should go away00:46
mhall119snadge: yup, it was a simple premise00:47
mhall119but it was still wrong00:47
snadgeim using autohide at the moment.. but i hate it00:47
snadgei hate having to reveal it when theres plenty of room for it00:47
mhall119honestly, I hardly notices the difference between dodge and autohide00:47
snadgeand i hate it being there.. when i have a full screen browser window00:47
mhall119I don't usually have room to show it00:48
mhall119so autohide == dodge for me00:48
snadgei do because many of my desktops area bunch of terminal windows00:48
mhall119just terminals?00:48
snadgeso im stuck between having it always show.. which annoys me when browsing, and doing other full screen things00:49
mhall119thomi: ok, I have nux-trunk, what are the commands I need to run to build it?00:49
thomimhall119: nearly gfinished typing them... one minute00:49
mhall119thomi: keeping in mind I don't know the difference between make/cmake/automake/etc00:49
snadgeor having an empty looking desktop.. with no visible shortcuts00:49
mhall119snadge: well, the code is in the bzr history, if it's that important to you00:50
mhall119or you can improve it so that it doesn't fail user testing00:50
snadgewell.. if it has to be turned on via ccsm00:51
snadgethen it shouldn't be part of user testing00:51
snadgeso whether it passes or fails is then irrelevant00:51
mhall119but if they leave the code in, they have to maintain it, updated it, etc00:51
mhall119that's a lot of commitment for something that you don't want to give to users00:51
snadgeyeah but it doesnt have to work.. and then if it bothers someone if its broken.. they have the option of trying to fix it00:52
thomimhall119: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/853463/00:52
mhall119snadge: leave in and ship something broken?00:52
snadgewho said it needs to be maintained if its not part of user testing00:52
thomiI'll turn it into a proper blog post this evening.00:52
snadgeccsm already gives you a warning that its for "advanced users"00:52
mhall119thomi: whoops, I probably want to s/thomi/mhall/ don't I00:53
snadgebesides.. its not the first time ubuntu has shipped something broken.. thats standard for every single release.. it wouldn't be ubuntu if it wasnt broken ;)00:53
mhall119snadge: that's kind of disrespectful to the people dedicating a lot of their time to this00:54
DaekdroomHe could provide examples for every release.00:56
thomimhall119: yeah - I did say that in the notes ;)00:56
mhall119thomi: should the nux step be done before the unity step?00:56
thomimhall119: yeah00:56
thomijust recently we changed nux, so it's not in the precise package archives yet00:56
thomiwhen we release a new nux version you won't need to build nux before you build unity00:57
snadgeive been using ubuntu for about 7 years.. and debian before that.. its just a shame that long term users are the ones that get kicked in the guts, in favour of "retards" who probably shouldn't be using linux anyway00:57
mhall119thomi: error on ./autogen.sh: You need gnome-common from GNOME SVN00:57
thomimhall119: that's not right, let's see....00:58
mhall119thomi: is the new nux in the unity-team ppa?00:58
thomimhall119: try this: sudo apt-get build-dep unity nux00:58
thomithat should pull down all the packages you need to build unity & nux...00:58
thomiwell, most of them anyway00:58
mhall119snadge: honestly, calling me a "retard" isn't exactly going to make my sympathetic to your cause00:58
thomilet me know what else you're missing00:59
Daekdroommhall119, it's in the staging ppa, it seems00:59
mhall119Daekdroom: ah, I'm no longer running the staging ppa00:59
snadgewell you're compiling unity from source.. so that automatically makes you not a part of the blanket "retard" statement00:59
mhall119snadge: you'll notice I'm failing miserably at that task so far :)00:59
Daekdroomsnadge, so you think that nearly nobody should use Linux?00:59
Daekdroomand that it should remain a niche?01:00
mhall119thomi: only doxygen and libpci-dev are being installed01:00
snadgeno, i like to have my cake and eat it too.. linux is what it is, because of the intellectual users who use it, who know what they're doing01:00
thomiok, one sec01:00
thomimhall119: ahh, here you go: sudo apt-get install gnome-common01:00
snadgeif we're going to pander to people who have zero experience.. and remove options and configurability for the sake of ease of use.. at some point, you're going to piss off the intelligent people.. and they will use something else01:01
* mhall119 hopes thomi is writing these down for his blog01:01
mhall119snadge: I have experience, and I like it01:01
Daekdroomsnadge, why can't we have Gentoo, Arch and others for the 'intellectual', and leave Ubuntu, Fedora, Mint and others for the general population?01:01
mhall119I also make it better, rather than being disrespectful01:01
thomiheh, I'll do it from scratch on a VM and work out everything we need01:01
mhall119thomi: autogen.sh seems happier now :)01:02
thomicool - did it finish OK?01:02
snadgeccsm is a good example of that.. something the general population shouldn't even be aware of its existence.. but removing functionality from that, just because retarded people don't understand it.. when theres a bunch of people who actively use that functionality and like it.. isn't a nice thing to do01:02
mhall119thomi: configure: error: you are missing google-test, apt-get install libgtest-dev01:02
thomiyup - you'll need that :)01:02
mhall119I assume I should install that01:02
mhall119thomi: why aren't these in the build-dep?01:03
thomiI'll try and get the guys who package nux to update the build-deps01:03
Daekdroomsnadge, 'dodge windows' wasn't removed from CCSM. It was removed from Unity because it took too much effort to keep and not enough people would use it.01:03
thomitheir out of date it seems01:03
mhall119thomi: ah, cool, thanks01:03
mhall119thomi: need google-mock too01:04
snadgewell im not the only person upset by it.. im just the most vocal about it right now01:04
mhall119and libxtst-dev01:04
snadgefor every me theres hundreds of other people who have just gone.. "wtf" and switched to gnome shell ;)01:05
mhall119snadge: what would be the point in doing user testing, if you didn't follow it's results?01:05
mhall119snadge: heck, Mark Shuttleworth liked dodge, and that still wasn't enough to justify keeping it01:05
mhall119thomi: autogen finished successfully \o/ now on to make && make install01:06
snadgeok out of curiosity.. how much code are we talking about for dodge, and how intrusive is it to unrelated areas01:06
mhall119snadge: I don't know, but you can check the bzr log to find out I suppose01:06
snadgeits obviously more than a dozen lines.. otherwise i fail to understand what we're crying about01:07
mhall119given the number of iterations that went into tweaking it's behaviour, I'd guess it's at least triple digits01:07
snadgei gather its removal greatly simplifies the code and makes things look much neater01:08
snadgeunfortunately i'm not familiar with bzr.. im barely familiar with git01:08
mhall119thomi: geez, C++ developers have to wait this long all the time?01:09
thomimhall119: not if you have a blinging laptop with 8 cores, 16GB of ram, and a SATA3 solid state disk :P01:10
* thomi loves his laptop01:10
* mhall119 will stick with python01:10
ajmitchthomi: show-off01:10
* thomi slaps ajmitch with a conference lanyard01:11
thomiget back to work you!01:11
ajmitchI am working, this is why I have multiple monitors! :)01:11
thomiis that why...01:11
mhall119ajmitch: he's compiling01:12
thomiajmitch: still raining in town?01:12
ajmitchthomi: very much so01:12
mhall119http://xkcd.com/303/ is ajmitch01:12
ajmitchmhall119: if only... :)01:13
mhall119ajmitch: they didn't give you a rolling chair?01:13
ajmitchmhall119: busy with javascript, not a compiled language01:13
mhall119oh, then you have no excuse01:14
mhall119thomi: ok, nux compiled01:14
mhall119thomi: do I go back and try make && make install on unity now/01:15
mhall119or do I need to run cmake on it again?01:15
thomimhall119: no, just cd to the build directory and do 'make && make install'01:15
* mhall119 goes back to office-chair fencing01:15
mhall119no, no I don't01:16
mhall119thomi: http://paste.ubuntu.com/853483/01:16
thomimhall119: ok, maybe you do need to do the cmake step again01:17
bschaefermhall119, make sure your nux branch is up to date01:18
mhall119bschaefer: thomi just got me setup with nux trunk01:19
snadgeyou could do a parallel build01:19
thomibschaefer: hey - there you are01:19
bschaeferthomi, hey!01:19
snadgeeg.. make -j(n)01:19
bschaeferthomi, I couldn't get the video going as I had to completely update that version and took to long :(01:20
bschaeferthomi, i should be able to make it tomorrow01:20
thomibschaefer: OK, I was just wondering how far away we are from being able to merge the CJK fixes and the tests?01:20
thomi...not that I'm trying to hurry you or anything, jsut curious01:21
bschaeferthomi, im waiting on jaytaoko to review it01:21
thomiOK. it's mostly in nux?01:21
bschaeferits been done for a couple days, but hes been very busy on something else01:21
bschaeferits mostly in nux but changes in unity as well01:21
bschaeferI can make sure both branch are merged with trunk if you want to try them out ;)01:21
thomibschaefer: got the link for the unity MP? I can have a look. Will probably need jay to look at it as well, but I can make a start01:22
bschaeferI haven't mp it yet as im waiting to hear what he has to say01:22
bschaeferthomi, but I could, that way you have a diff01:23
bschaeferthomi, let me make sure they are both up to date branchs then ill mp them! brb01:23
thomibschaefer: I'd MP it - if you click the "mode details" button at the bottom of the "register a MP" page you can make it a WIP MP01:23
thomithat way we get a diff, but no one merges it before it's ready01:24
bschaeferthomi, alright will do!01:24
bschaeferthe nux branch01:25
bschaeferthomi, https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity/unity.text-entry-im/+merge/9430501:26
bschaeferunity branch01:26
thomiwill take a look01:27
bschaeferthomi, thanks for looking through it :)01:27
bschaeferthomi, ugg need to update the unity branch. Somehow I missed a merge conflict01:33
bschaeferbut you can just skim over that part ;)01:33
bschaeferthomi, alright pushed changes01:35
bschaeferjaytaoko, ping01:36
jaytaokobschaefer: pong, hello01:36
bschaeferhey jay, how are you doing?01:37
jaytaokobschaefer: fine! how are you01:37
bschaeferjaytaoko, good! Getting these test finished, and making sure these ibus branchs are solid :)01:37
jaytaokobschaefer: I haven't tried the nux branch in 2 days... let me get it...01:38
bschaeferjaytaoko, you'll like some of the new test I added :)01:38
jaytaokobschaefer: :-D I am sure!01:38
bschaeferyou should also test out thomi ibus testing branch (if you have any time)01:38
bschaeferits the autopilot for unity01:39
thomijaytaoko: I'm doing a review of the unity branch - think we can get this merged soon?01:39
jaytaokothomi: I think so. how is the testing of that branch? is it looking good?01:42
bschaeferjaytaoko,  https://code.launchpad.net/~thomir/unity/ibus-testing01:42
bschaeferjaytaoko, thats just for an autopilot test01:43
thomijaytaoko: yeah, the tests are good01:44
thomijaytaoko: I'm keen to get the AP tests merged with unity ASAP, before unity changes and we get merge conflcits.01:44
thomibut of course, we can't do that until the feature's in there01:44
mhall119thomi: it compiled!01:44
thomimhall119: cool!01:45
mhall119thomi: how do you run it?01:45
thomimhall119: instructions are in that paste I linked before01:45
thomiyou need to export a bunch of environment variables01:45
mhall119thomi: do you have to replace your normally-installed session?01:45
mhall119or can you run it in a separate DISPLAY?01:45
thomimhall119: I don't know how to run it on a separate display... you probably can01:46
thomiyour apps shouldn't exit when you restart unity though01:46
mhall119yeah, ok, here goes nothing (I hope)01:46
thomithey will all appear on the first desktop though :)01:46
thomimhall119: did you make it?01:47
thomi... that's not a good sign01:48
mhall119thomi: still re-writing the exports01:48
thomioh ok01:48
mhall119since mine is in ~/projects/Ubuntu/unity/staging01:48
thomibschaefer: what does 80085 represent in IMTextEntry?01:50
mhall119it worked!01:50
thomiof course!01:51
bschaeferthomi, that was left around when njpatel first made IMTextEntry.cpp but im guessing its what NUX_TRACKER_LOCATION does01:51
thomibschaefer: can we change it?01:52
bschaeferthomi, i dont see why not, let me do that01:52
mhall119thomi: am I running the staging code?01:53
thomimhall119: well, it's at least running unity from your local home dir, but for some reason it's picking up everything else from the system.01:53
mhall119thomi: are the parts I need to make it reload lenses running from my home dir?01:54
thomimhall119: yep01:54
thomimhall119: lenses are different projects01:54
thomimhall119: if you want to tweak lenses then you'll need to get them from LP and build them from source01:54
mhall119thomi: I want to make unity reload them without needing to restart01:54
thomihmm, I don't know how to do that, sorry01:55
mhall119right now we have to run unity --replace whenever we install a new lens01:55
ajmitchsomewhat ugly when you want them to just appear after installing01:55
mhall119I'll get mhr3 tomorrow then, it's getting late for me01:55
mhall119ajmitch: exactly01:55
mhall119thanks so much for all your help thomi01:55
thomino problem01:55
mhall119looking forward to that blog post :)01:56
bschaeferthomi, alright pushed changes02:01
bschaeferwell change02:01
thomiOK, I'm still going throught he diff02:01
thomihaven't found anything else *yet* :)02:02
bschaeferyeah, also forgot to explain why I was removing so much stuff02:02
bschaeferhaha good!02:02
bschaeferthomi, all that code is moved down to nux now, but we need to keep IMTextEntry around to keep copy and pasting around02:02
bschaeferidk if you needed to know that ahah02:03
thomibschaefer: in Searchbar.h02:06
thomiyou changed the return type of text_entry() const; to TextEntryIM, but didn't update the type of the private member variable02:07
thomioversight? or on purpose02:07
bschaeferthomi, let me take a look02:07
thomiI realise this isn't your code, but returning a pointer to our internals is really nasty02:08
* thomi looks to see if we can easily fix that02:08
bschaeferthomi, what do you mean I didn't update the private member?02:09
bschaeferthomi, do you mean pango_entry?02:09
thomiit;'s type is still TextEntry*02:09
thomishouldn't it be TextEntryIM* ?02:09
bschaeferits IMTextEntry02:09
bschaeferwhich is the unity class02:09
* thomi looks again02:09
bschaeferI know we are going to remove all these names soon!02:10
thomiahh I see. Sorry02:10
thomiyou're right02:10
* thomi was confused byt he diff02:11
bschaeferno worries, it is a very confusing naming convention!02:11
bschaeferand not being in the diff is also confusing, since it stays the same02:11
thomiOK, it looks good to me - there's some ugliness in there, but we can't easily change it, and it's not in your code02:13
bschaeferyeah :(, but thanks!02:14
bschaeferjaytaoko, did you get the nux branch up and running?02:15
snadgeanyone know how to install nx on precise?02:35
snadgei found theres a cool new remote desktop app called remmina02:36
mhall119me too02:36
snadgebut yeah.. i really need to be able to remotely access my pc at work ;)02:39
snadgevnc is a bit poopy02:39
mhall119vnc is like that02:40
snadgeyeah which is why nx was cool.. but it hasn't been updated since the 1970s02:43
snadgewell more to the point, ubuntu moved on.. nx didnt02:43
snadgegetting it to work has been increasingly difficult02:43
jaytaokobschaefer: back03:04
bschaeferjaytaoko, hey03:08
bschaeferjaytaoko, did you have sometime to talk on skype? Or do you need to finish some other things up?03:12
jaytaokobschaefer: sure03:17
bschaeferjaytaoko, https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity/unity.text-entry-im/+merge/9430503:18
bschaeferthumper, if you get back tonight, ibus code was merge!06:54
bschaeferthumper, actually I guess ibus-1.0 wasn't found odd!06:58
draganis it posible to install unity 2d in 10.407:58
dragani tried some tutorials on web but no unity package or ppa old07:58
JokerInDisguiseHey guys. Is there any resource to learn libunity API using C?08:05
mhr3JokerInDisguise, http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/ubuntu-12.04/c/Unity-5.0.html08:09
JokerInDisguisemhr3: are there any example codes?08:12
mhr3JokerInDisguise, directly in C? no, all the samples though are at https://code.launchpad.net/unity-lens-sample08:15
mhr3well that's for lenses obviously08:16
JokerInDisguisemhr3: I am just learning. I was lookin into Launcher count and progress bar but can't seem to get it to work using C. Thanks anyway :)08:18
mhr3JokerInDisguise, oh, i guess your best bet for those is to look at apps that already use those08:19
mhr3i think there's something on wiki about it too08:19
mhr3you'll have to google though :)08:19
JokerInDisguisemhr3: Found it https://wiki.edubuntu.org/Unity/LauncherAPI . Do you have any idea what could be wrong with this http://paste.ubuntu.com/853690/ ?08:22
mhr3you need to run a mainloop08:23
JokerInDisguisetried that, didn't work.08:24
mhr3JokerInDisguise, can you pastebin that version?08:35
tsdgeos_salem`: ping09:08
tsdgeosmhr3: ping09:21
mhr3tsdgeos, pong09:21
tsdgeosmhr3: you guys changed FilesystemLenses.h api, right?09:21
mhr3a little yea09:21
tsdgeosso now we have to create a reader and pass the reader instead of just passing the path?09:22
tsdgeosany special consideration regarding the ownership of the reader?09:22
mhr3tsdgeos, ideally you should just use the default constructor09:23
mhr3which is what was merged yesterday09:23
tsdgeosmhr3: oh, cool09:23
tsdgeosso just use the default constructor and that'll do its magic?09:23
* tsdgeos creates a MR for unity-2d09:23
mhr3tsdgeos, as i said it was merged yesterday09:24
mhr3as into 2d09:24
tsdgeosthe code?09:24
Saviqtsdgeos, rebase09:24
* tsdgeos goes to his cave09:24
tsdgeossorry for the noise guys :D09:26
snadgefix fglrx09:47
ubot5Ubuntu bug 770283 in fglrx-installer (Ubuntu) "[fglrx]title bar does not update on non-maximized windows" [Undecided,Confirmed]09:52
tsdgeosSaviq: i've resurrected my kill_launcherdbus branch since seems we are getting MM somewhere, care to approve it?09:57
tsdgeoswe concluded that dbus call was never used, right?09:57
Saviqtsdgeos, yes10:03
Saviqok there's one more issue with VBox and MM10:06
Saviqwhy can't you change the amount of screens live...10:07
Saviqtsdgeos, shouldn't it go straight into lp:unity-2d, though?10:08
tsdgeosSaviq: it could, yes, prefer me to merge it there?10:09
Saviqtsdgeos, yeah, reduce the diff of MM10:09
tsdgeosSaviq: https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity-2d/unity-2d_kill_launcherdbus/+merge/9434010:16
Saviqtsdgeos, on it10:20
mhr3davidcalle, btw please change the name of the video scope10:48
davidcallemhr3, process, package, everything?10:48
mhr3no just the dbus name10:48
davidcallemhr3, oh :)10:48
mhr3scopes are in the same dbus namespace, so they need to be well differntiated10:48
davidcallemhr3, ok, pick a name :)10:49
snadgecan someone from canonical go to amd and give someone a wedgie? k, thx :p10:49
mhr3davidcalle, even "VideosRemote would work much better than just "Remote"10:50
snadgedont make me buy an nvidia card, i really cant be bothered opening my pc :P10:50
davidcallemhr3, ok so you want a change just for the external remote  videos scope, not the internal local videos one?10:51
mhr3davidcalle, internal ones aren't on dbus, so they dont matter10:51
davidcallemhr3, oh right10:51
davidcallemhr3, is net.launchpad.scope.remotevideos fine with you?10:56
mhr3dbus usually uses camelcase, make it "RemoteVideos" ;)10:57
davidcallemhr3, in the path too?10:57
mhr3doesn't matter there really10:57
davidcallemhr3, ok10:58
mhr3davidcalle, can you ping me with a link to the rev when you push it?11:01
mhr3thx :)11:01
=== cking_ is now known as cking
davidcallemhr3, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~davidc3/unity-lens-videos/remote-videos/revision/2411:03
mhr3davidcalle, you probably want to change the dbus service file as well ;)11:06
mhr3but yea, great, thx :)11:06
davidcallemhr3, hmm... Interesting suggestion. I might consider it... :P11:06
_salem`tsdgeos, pong11:11
tsdgeos_salem`: nothing sorry, was a "i'm not updated" ping :D11:11
_salem`tsdgeos, hehe ok!11:11
CimiKaleo, https://code.launchpad.net/~cimi/unity-2d/unity-2d.not-recolor-workspace/+merge/9434911:26
=== _salem` is now known as _salem
=== MacSlow is now known as MacSlow|lunch
krnekheleshhello everyone!13:41
krnekheleshI have a question...I have been trying to branch firefox to edit its quicklist for unity13:42
krnekheleshusing bzr branch ubuntu:firefox13:42
krnekheleshhowever it keeps downloading for so long and downloads about 2200 MB and more...and still continuing13:42
krnekheleshanybody else having the same problem?13:42
krnekheleshom26er: ?13:53
om26erkrnekhelesh, ask chrisccoulson hey would know13:58
krnekheleshwhich server would he be on?13:58
om26erkrnekhelesh, hey is here :)13:59
krnekheleshchrisccoulson: I have a question, are you there?13:59
=== MacSlow|lunch is now known as MacSlow
chrisccoulsonsort of13:59
krnekheleshare you able to branch firefox?13:59
krnekheleshchrisccoulson: I finished the firefox quicklist but am unable to branch firefox14:00
krnekheleshchrisccoulson: I use bzr branch ubuntu:firefox14:00
chrisccoulsonwhat are you doing to the quicklist?14:00
krnekheleshchrisccoulson: I added 2 more options as stated in the bug report here14:00
ubot5Ubuntu bug 741046 in firefox (Ubuntu) "[UIFe] Please add unity quicklist item for 'new window' and maybe 'new tab'" [High,Fix released]14:00
chrisccoulsonwhat 2 entries?14:01
krnekheleshOpen firefox in Safe mode, Switch between Normal/Privacy mode14:01
krnekheleshwhich I think will be useful to users14:01
chrisccoulsonso, what happens to "Open firefox in Safe mode" when there is already a firefox instance running which isn't in safe mode?14:02
chrisccoulsoni think the answer is "it doesn't do what you expect"14:02
chrisccoulsonwhich is exactly the reason i've rejected these suggestions already14:02
krnekheleshbut the switch between private/normal mode works perfectly14:03
krnekheleshI can switch back and forth14:03
krnekheleshalso I wasn't aware that you rejected the suggestion14:03
chrisccoulsonkrnekhelesh, what does "switch between private/normal mode" do when firefox isn't running at all?14:04
chrisccoulsonit makes no sense14:04
krnekheleshit opens it in safe mode14:04
chrisccoulsonit still makes no sense14:05
chrisccoulsonhow can you switch between modes if it isn't open?14:05
krnekheleshyeah but I talked to michael hall14:05
krnekheleshand quicklists items do not need to fullfill roles only when open or closed14:05
krnekheleshfor instance the totem quicklists has options for play, pause14:06
krnekheleshwhich wont work when totem isnt open14:06
krnekheleshand it does when totem is open playing a video14:06
chrisccoulsonso, you want to display an option which makes no sense when firefox isn't running?14:06
chrisccoulsoni'm unlikely to accept that, i'm afraid14:07
krnekheleshwhat if the string is changed to "Open firefox in private mode"14:07
krnekheleshI think that is acceptable in both situations you describe14:07
chrisccoulsonthen what happens when firefox is running?14:07
krnekheleshit open firefox in private mode14:07
krnekheleshthe same instance14:07
chrisccoulsonno it won't14:07
chrisccoulsonit will toggle between modes14:08
chrisccoulsoni've thought about this quite a lot, which is why i've not accepted previous suggestions to do this14:08
chrisccoulsonthere are too many corner cases where it just makes absolutely no sense from a static quicklist item14:08
chrisccoulsonthey aren't really corner cases14:08
chrisccoulsonthanks for thinking about it though14:09
krnekheleshthnx for your time14:09
mhall119good morning14:30
mhall119chrisccoulson: is is possible to run one firefox process in normal mode, and another in private mode?14:32
chrisccoulsonmhall119, no, not without running them with -no-remote. but then, you break a whole bunch of other things doing that14:32
mhall119like what?14:32
chrisccoulsonanything that requires passing a command to another running instance, eg, opening a link from your mail client14:33
chrisccoulsonopening another window14:33
chrisccoulsonyou will just end up with the "profile locked" error dialog14:33
mhall119even if there's a normal mode window open?14:34
mhall119is that a bug, or by design?14:34
chrisccoulsonthat's by design. you can't have more than one process accessing the profile14:35
mhall119private mode accesses the profile?14:35
chrisccoulsonof course :)14:35
mhall119for writing?14:35
DaekdroomFor reading.14:35
chrisccoulsonpreferences, bookmarks, extensions etc14:35
mhall119what's the harm then, if it's read-only?14:35
chrisccoulsonit's likely to go horribly wrong if one process is reading whilst another is writing14:36
mhall119oh, no concurrency support?14:36
chrisccoulsonnot really. that's true with pretty much every application though14:36
mhall119how about an new temporary profile, is there an option to do something like that?14:37
mhall119krnekhelesh: thanks for your submission, btw14:37
chrisccoulsonpossibly. but when you start running multiple instances from multiple profiles, you still need to use -no-remote14:38
chrisccoulsonand you end up with all the same problems14:38
mhall119oh, it's using -no-remote that causes the locked profile error? even if they're different profiles?14:39
mhall119chrisccoulson: Having "Open a new incognito window" on Chromium is incredibly useful14:39
mhall119it would be a shame if we can't do the same or similar for Firefox14:39
chrisccoulsonyes. you can only have 1 instance of firefox running at a time (similar to any application using gtkapplication or libunique)14:39
chrisccoulsonbut you have the option of running another instance from another profile by disabling the remoting feature14:40
chrisccoulsonbut then you can't communicate to it, to, eg, open another window14:40
chrisccoulsonright, firefox doesn't support a per-window private mode just yet, which is what is missing14:40
mhall119ok, so there really isn't a good way to offer these quicklist shortcuts for Firefox14:41
chrisccoulsoni think someone is working on that, but it's a significant amount of work14:41
chrisccoulsonno, there isn't a good way at the moment14:41
mhall119are there any other Quicklist shortcuts we could add?  Maybe opening the ProfileManager or something?14:41
chrisccoulsonnot really. again, -Profilemanager won't do what you expect if there is already a firefox instance running14:41
chrisccoulsonand the profile manager is likely to disappear at some point14:42
chrisccoulsonit was meant to have already disappeared14:42
mhall119so long do we have to wait until we can have per-window private mode, just 6 weeks right? :)14:42
mhall119chrisccoulson: would you accept an "Screw it, just open Chromium instead" quicklist item on Firefox?14:43
mhall119krnekhelesh: sorry, but it doesn't look like we're going to be able to add anything more to Firefox, as least not as it currently works14:44
mhall119davidcalle: ping14:44
mhall119mhr3: ping14:44
mhr3mhall119, sup14:45
mhall119mhr3: unity from trunk is what's up14:45
mhall119I've got it building locally!14:45
mhr3damn, why is your nick "mh" i'm not used to write that :)14:45
mhr3and then it offers myself for completion... stupid xchat :P14:46
mhr3mhall119, so yea.. ok?14:46
davidcallemhall119, mhr3, what's up?14:46
mhall119mhr3: so I want to make Unity re-load Lenses without having to be restarted, and I'm not entirely sure where I should be looking14:47
mhall119actually maybe I should be asking njpatel14:47
mhr3mhall119, there's UnityCore/FilesystemLenses.cpp14:48
mhall119davidcalle: hey, you had a question about singlet yesterday?14:48
mhall119mhr3: I found that, but I'm not sure where/when it is being called14:48
mhr3you'd probably go about installing a monitor on the directory that's passed to constructor of LensDirectoryReader14:49
mhall119I gather that it uses callback hooks to add the lenses it finds to the DashView14:49
kklimondahmm, global menu is not refreshing correctly in 12.04, anyone else seeing it?14:49
davidcallemhall119, oh yes, what's the package name : unity-singlet or python-unity-singlet, I've seen both and some lenses depending on one and some on the other.14:49
mhall119mhr3: but I think adding lenses again would cause duplicates, so I'd need to remove/replace existing ones in the LensList14:49
mhall119davidcalle: unity-singlet is the source package, python-unity-singlet is the binary14:50
mhr3mhall119, well you need to add just the ones that get added :)14:50
mhall119davidcalle: older lens code probably depended on unity-singlet, which isn't correct anymore14:50
mhall119mhr3: what about ones that get updated?14:50
mhr3LensDirectoryReader keeps a list of them, so it should suffice to look at it (perhaps add a path to it)14:50
davidcallemhall119, thanks :)14:50
mhr3mhall119, updated how?14:50
mhall119mhr3: my plan was to avoid inotify/directory watching, and just have a "unity --refresh" that would drop and reload all the lenses"14:51
mhall119mhr3: apt-get upgrade14:51
mhr3in that case you'd need to kill the lens daemons14:51
mhall119oh, right I guess I would14:51
mhr3and yea, if doing --refresh you need to hook that to dbus14:52
mhall119so....maybe watching the directory and only handling additions is the easier route?14:52
mhr3one inotify monitor is not that bad though (it would pick up new lenses in most cases)14:52
mhall119is the LensDirectoryReader instance kept in memory somewhere, or does it get destroyed after reading the lenses?14:53
mhr3FilesystemLenses keeps it alive14:53
Zhenechtedg, thanks for merging!14:54
mhr3and Dash itself keeps FilesystemLenses alive14:54
mhall119mhr3: in owner_?14:55
davidcallemhr3, by the way, your change for the lazy loading has created an wow moment. All lenses piling up in my lenses folder for six months have suddenly been visible in the lens bar, that was quite a shock.14:55
davidcallea* wow moment14:55
mhr3davidcalle, are you saying there's a bug in my code? :P14:56
malinwhat's the command  for starting the cli-edition for HUD ?14:56
DaekdroomI think there's a fix there.14:56
mhall119oh, speaking of which, mhr3 I found this comment in FilesystemLenses.cpp:14:57
mhall119 * Another note is that there is a priority system, where we want to let * .lens files found "the most local" to the user (say ~/.local/share) * override those found system-wide. This is to ease development of Lenses.14:57
mhall119so does Unity look in ~/.local/share/unity/lenses/ now?14:57
mhr3mhall119, no :)14:57
davidcallemhr3, nope, you rock :P14:57
mhall119mhr3: are there any examples of properly using inotify monitors in Unity's code?14:58
mhall119or should I just go RTFM14:58
tedgZhenech, No problem!  Thank you!14:59
mhr3mhall119, not sure, just take a look at gio14:59
mhall119gio provides monitoring?14:59
mhall119ah, cool, found it15:00
mhall119http://developer.gnome.org/gio/stable/GFileMonitor.html right?15:00
mhall119mhr3: I apologize in advance for the wretched state of any C++ code that may or may not come as a merge proposal from me in the next few days15:01
mhr3mhall119, don't worry, we have no problems using the "Needs Fixing" resolution :)15:02
davidcallemhr3, is there still a signal to reload the search when a lens is opened?15:02
mhall119there should be a "Needs Help" status15:02
mhr3davidcalle, queue_search_changed15:03
mhall119mhr3: I suppose scopes aren't dynamically loaded either15:04
mhr3no, you need to kill the lens daemons15:04
davidcallemhall119, for scopes you just need to restart the lens daemon15:04
mhall119right, ok, one step at a time15:04
* mhall119 goes off to break unity15:05
didrocksmhall119: hey15:10
didrocksmhall119: did you see my comment on your last blog post?15:10
didrocksmhall119: about emphasing pushing the quicklist .desktop files patches upstream? ;)15:11
mhall119didrocks: yes, and while I agree with you 110%, I wanted to keep the instructions on there as minimal and simple as possible15:13
didrocksmhall119: so, are you the one submitting all the patches upstream?15:13
mhall119since it's really geared towards non-developers who may have never contributed anything this way before15:13
mhall119didrocks: if any of them are accepted/approved by their Ubuntu maintainers, I will15:14
didrocksmhall119: the "Ubuntu maintainers" is mostly the desktop team, and we can't take this load15:14
mhall119or I'll then encourage the contributor to submit them upstream15:14
mhall119didrocks: it's only 10 small patches15:14
didrocksthat's why I think that this call would have been better coordinate with us before15:14
didrocksespecially that we are in UIF tonight15:15
didrocksand so, they will need UIFe as it's adding new translations15:15
didrocksmhall119: well, 10 small patches, but that also means preventing syncing from debian in the future15:15
mhall119didrocks: which they likely will, yes15:15
didrocksfor those apps15:15
davidcallemhr3, I only have something when listening to  lens notify::active. When the lens is opened, and closed.15:15
didrocksmhall119: I mean, as long as you coordinate this, ask for the UIFe, push that upstream, it's good :)15:15
didrocksmhall119: otherwise, it would have been good to communicate with us before ;)15:16
mhall119didrocks: if the quicklists are acceptable, comment on the MP that they are, but should be submitted upstream first, and I'll walk the submitter through that process15:16
mhr3davidcalle, what do you mean?15:16
didrocksmhall119: we already are a team working at more than 100% of its capacity, this add a load we didn't plan for15:16
didrocksin the middle of the cycle15:16
mhall119didrocks: I'm not just dropping it on you and walking away, I'll shepard them wherever they need to go15:17
davidcallemhr3, I'm looking for a signal to be notified when the lens is opened. I've found notify::active.15:17
mhr3davidcalle, yea, that should work15:17
mhall119didrocks: what are the chances of these getting accepted upstream in time for them to be re-sync'd back to us?15:17
didrocksmhall119: ok, as long as you look at the relevancy first, try to get that upstream, and do the UIFe paperwork, then, you can maybe ping us with a list of merges suiting the critierias?15:18
didrocksmhall119: and we can merge them :)15:18
didrocksmhall119: oh, we don't need to wait, we just need to ensure it's proposed at least15:18
mhr3davidcalle, you can also watch the view-type prop15:18
didrocksand that the quicklist is relevant15:18
mhall119oh, so propose it upstream, but then it can still be applied to our packages first?15:18
mhr3davidcalle, but active should be easier15:18
davidcallemhr3, ok15:19
didrocksmhall119: indeed, if the UIFe is accepted :)15:19
mhall119didrocks: and what's the process for requesting a UIFe?15:19
didrocksmhall119: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess#UserInterfaceFreeze_Exceptions15:20
mhr3davidcalle, but don't forget to check the value of the property, sometimes you can get the notification even if the value didn't change15:20
mhall119thanks didrocks15:20
davidcallemhr3, that's what I'm doing, yeah15:20
didrocksmhall119: for this one, it's for most of all signaling to the translators the new string15:20
G__81i have few queries with respect to Unity. I am using xchat for IRC and when i click the option in Xchat which says "Minimize to System tray" it gets minimized but i dont see where its getting minimized15:35
G__81is this a bug ?15:35
gordG__81, no, the system tray that xchat uses is no longer supported15:36
G__81gord, oh ok so what do i do incase i want it to use it that way ?15:37
G__81i mean i dont want it to take screen space un necessarily15:37
gordG__81, you could just minimise normally then use the launcher to get it back?15:38
G__81gord, yes but when i press Alt+Tab i see it as one of them which is not needed right ?15:39
gorddepends if you want to be able to get at your window from alt tab or not :)15:40
G__81ok i ll manage it like that as of now15:40
G__81there is an other question. How do i add new icons to Unity launcher15:40
G__81for eg: I want the gnome-terminal on the launcher,my music Player and chrome there15:41
gordG__81, once you run an application and its icon is in the launcher, you can right click that icon and press "add to launcher" or something like that (depends on what version you are using)15:41
G__81gord, cool awesome design :)15:42
G__81i was searching for this15:42
G__81i am new to Ubuntu Unity, Came running out of gnome-shell. Gnome-shell is good when i have 2-3 terminals running but when it becomes more, i get confused15:43
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lorematteidavidcalle: ping15:58
davidcalleloremattei, pong15:58
davidcalleloremattei, hi, how can I help you?16:00
davidcalleloremattei, hello16:04
lorematteidavidcalle: hi, I'm working on the porting to Unity 5 of unity-photo-lens and scopes... I'd like to have them and missing them after upgraded to 12.04 :-)16:04
lorematteiis it ok for you?16:04
davidcalleloremattei, this is not just "ok", this is absolutely great :)16:04
davidcalleloremattei, thank you!16:04
lorematteidavidcalle: ok. many thanks! I hope to do the work in a short time :)16:05
davidcalleloremattei, ping me if you need any help.16:06
lorematteidavidcalle: ok. thank you!16:08
* davidcalle reboots16:10
JanCG__81: there is an indicator plugin for XChat, but unfortunately it doesn't implement XChat window closing without exiting the program, like the systray plugin does (I'm not sure why...)16:11
G__81JanC, oh Ok16:17
htorquehi all! any progress dialog in digiKam produces a second digiKam item in the launcher bar - that's an issue with bamf, right?16:17
G__81is there a shortcut to minimize all windows and get back to desktop ?16:17
G__81or a button on the launcher ?16:17
htorqueG__81: ctrl+alt+d16:18
G__81htorque, oh thanks a lot16:18
JanCthere is a whole list of Unity shortcuts like that on AskUbuntu somewhere  ☺16:19
htorquealso, if you are using precise, you can push and hold the super key to get a small overview of shortcuts (including ctrl+alt+d ;))16:19
G__81whats precise16:21
G__81JanC, great :)16:21
JanCprecise pangolin, the next Ubuntu release16:21
G__81oh ok yeah heard about it16:21
G__81i was using gnome-shell till yesterday night and moved to Ubuntu today16:22
G__81moved my 2 PCs to Ubuntu16:22
G__81gnome-shell is good when i have less applications opened if the list goes more for eg: more terminals, and other apps i really get confused16:22
G__81at the same time i want  a clean desktop. I open lot of terminals and the best thing i like about Unity is when i maximize the terminal i get a feeling as if i have done ssh to a box from a shell thats the best part16:24
G__81with black and white background its just i see a plain console kind of thing and thats what i like the most :)16:24
G__81having said that i just encountered a bug with Unity :)16:26
JanCdefault terminal is sort of dark purple in Ubuntu  ;)16:26
G__81changed that color :)16:26
G__81with Banshee running and when i close the window it gets hidden which is fine but when i go to the launcher i see 2 icons of banshee so i click on one of them, one more comes up on launcher and it just goes on and on16:27
JanChm, banshee can live in the sound indicator, so doesn't really need a launcher16:28
G__81so that means i dont have to invoke banshee from the dash i can just go to the sound indicator and invoke it ?16:28
G__81oh ok thats excellent16:29
JanCand if you close the banshee window while it's playing, it will just hide and keep on playing, but if you close the banshee window while it's not playing it will exit16:29
G__81wow... thats just so cool a real good thought16:30
JanCthere are also previous, play/pauze & next buttons while it's running, as well as metadata of the current song (which you can copy to the clipboard by clicking it IIRC)16:32
G__81wow i am just starting to feel so good about this16:32
JanCthe only thing missing from the oneiric sound indicator (and/or sound preferences?) IMO, is some way to move audio to a different output...16:34
JanCI guess I need to search for a bug about that (or file one myself)16:34
JanCor, actually, test precise first, to see if it already exists  ;)16:35
G__81when is the next version of coming out and are there any surprises with respect to DE there :o16:37
G__81i cannot tolerate one more change :(16:37
JanCG__81: precise aka 12.04 LTS will be released in April (version 12.04 => 2012, April is the fourth month)16:40
al_I just installed compiz on ubuntu studio but it doesn't seem to be working.  Do I need to install Emerald?16:41
G__81oh nice16:41
G__81and is Unity written in C or C++ ?16:42
JanCal_: did you choose a session with compiz (or "3D effects" or something similar) in the login screen?16:42
JanCG__81: Unity is written in C++ as it's a Compiz plugin16:42
al_I didn't see an option for that.  I saw only one for "xfce"16:43
JanCal_: oh right, you only installed compiz...16:43
al_During the installation I did choose 3D effects.16:43
al_Sorry I'm total n00b16:43
al_This is the furthest I've gone installing it without crashing it again.16:44
al_I'm feeling lucky16:44
al_I also did the "compiz --replace ccp"16:45
JanCal_: that should give you compiz temporarily16:45
al_I installed it using these instructions:  http://www.howtoforge.com/enabling-compiz-on-xubuntu-11.10-oneiric-ocelot16:46
JanCwell, just "compiz --replace"16:46
G__81JanC, Oh Ok16:46
al_I'm not sure if they're correct.16:47
al_Let me try what you said.16:47
al_sorry I meant I typed "compiz --replace ccp"16:47
JanCI'm not sure what the "ccp" is supposed to do16:48
al_Do I need to install the compiz fusion icon or a emerald for it to work?16:48
al_you and me both lol.16:48
JanChm, "ccp" should load the ccp plugin16:49
=== mgedmin_ is now known as mgedmin
JanCexcept I see no ccp plugin  :P16:54
al_Do I need to select a window decorator for compiz to work?17:00
=== davidcalle_ is now known as davidcalle
DebolazWDoes Ubuntus compiz integration have its own channel?17:36
DebolazWAlso, are there any devs here? :)17:51
mhall119didrocks: ping18:04
mhall119DebolazW: yes there are devs here (I'm not one of them though)18:06
mhall119didrocks: when you said to submit these quicklist changes upstream, did you mean to Debian or to the original source?18:09
didrocksmhall119: original source is better:)18:10
mhall119does the original source usually provide .desktop files?18:10
DebolazWI added a bug with new info and marked it as a duplicate to #93051518:11
DebolazWThe titlebar bug.18:11
DebolazWBut is there any other information I need to provide aside from what ubuntu-bug collects for someone to be able to do something with it?18:12
didrocksmhall119: what do you mean?18:13
mhall119didrocks: I wasn't sure if the .desktop was something added by the disto (debian) or the original app author18:13
didrocksmhall119: upstream is providing their .desktop file, or course, as they provide images and other things linked to their application :)18:14
didrocksmhall119: no no, desktop file is a freedesktop standard18:14
didrocksand is provided upstream18:14
mhall119ok, thanks18:14
mhall119I'm going to be blogging about it to get these submissions upstream18:14
mhall119any good resources I can link to on that?18:14
didrocksmhall119: maybe jcasto has some? nothing handy18:15
mhall119ok, thanks18:16
didrocksyw ;)18:17
didrocks(we have some wiki page about sending that to debian, didn't find for upstream)18:18
mhall119bilal: ping18:31
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=== salem_ is now known as _salem
bschaeferif someone feels like doing a mp review: https://code.launchpad.net/~brandontschaefer/unity/unity.fix-middle-paste-reg/+merge/9444120:00
thumperbschaefer: I've commented and edited the description20:02
thumperbschaefer: we are trying to use a new template for merge proposals20:02
thumperbschaefer: to help out reviewers more, and get people thinking about verification and tests :)20:02
bschaeferyeah I saw that, and thought iwas nice20:02
bschaeferafter I had made that20:02
bschaeferand yeah Ill make an autopilot test for it!20:03
thumperjaytaoko: hope you were ok with that landing last night20:03
xapantuIs there any plans to support the GtkApplication AppMenu?20:35
bschaeferthumper, hey question21:33
thumperhi bschaefer21:34
DebolazWIs there a mailing list I should post to to call attention to a compiz bug?21:35
bschaeferthumper, so in Paste right now when it uses primary paste21:35
bschaeferfor middle click21:35
bschaeferbut not for ctrl+v21:35
bschaeferwhich is having some weird results, so when you are in the dash and you copy some text the middle button wont paste that text21:35
bschaefersooo Im starting to think this copy and paste in unity really needs to be pushed down to nux21:36
bschaeferthumper, also if you try to paste multiple times it wont work21:37
bschaeferumm so the question, do you think we should be using primary or secondary?21:37
bschaeferthumper, im also thinking the copy function might be messed up in unity, ill see if i can fix it21:41
thumpersorry, distracted by others22:02
* thumper reads22:02
bschaeferthumper, I made it use just secondary for now as it gave normal results22:03
bschaeferbesides not being about to paste more then once...22:03
bschaeferthomi, could you review some autopilot test I just pushed?22:03
bschaeferthomi, also hi!22:03
thomibschaefer: sure!22:05
thomigot a link?22:05
thomibschaefer: selecting text should use PRIMARY, hitting Ctrl+C should use CLIPBOARD22:06
thomi...at least, that's what my research on the topic tells me22:06
bschaeferyeah, but when I was using primary to paste it wouldn't read any new changes to the clipboard22:06
bschaeferfrom the dash22:06
bschaeferand it was getting debugging messages in it22:06
thomiyou shouldn't be able to copy something with Ctrl+C and paste with middle mouse button... if that;'s what you mean22:07
thomioh, and NOTHING should use SECONDARY22:07
thomiAT ALL22:07
thomiNEVER EVER22:07
bschaeferthomi, so copying with ctrl+c then using the middle button to paste it shouldn't paste anything?22:08
bschaeferhmm thats odd22:08
thomithis is how every other app works22:08
bschaeferI just tried it with gnome-termainl22:08
bschaeferand that was the results, which is why I thought that was the correct behavior22:08
thomiI just tried it in gedit22:08
JanCbschaefer: do you use a clipboard manager?22:09
thomibschaefer: well, how did you copy it without selecting it in gnome-terminal?22:09
mhall119bschaefer: middle-button usually pastes the highlight-clipboard contents22:09
thomibschaefer: here's the freeedesktop spec:22:10
JanCsome clipboard managers have an option to automatically sync PRIMARY & CLIPBOARD...22:10
bschaeferJanC, its using the gtk_clipboard22:10
bschaeferthomi, and I was selecting text with my mouse22:10
* mhall119 used glipper for *everything*22:10
thomioh, and pasting with ctrl+v?22:10
JanCright, selecting it sets PRIMARY22:10
JanCso middle click will paste it then22:11
bschaeferthomi, ok, but when I was in gedit I ctrl+a, selecting it then middle click and it didnt paste22:11
thomibschaefer: no, it only happens when you select with the mouse22:11
thomiselecting with Ctrl+a won't trigger it22:12
thomiodd, I know, but that's the way it works :(22:12
bschaeferthomi, ok haha22:12
JanCwell, I guess ctrl-a *could* set PRIMARY...  ;)22:12
thomiJanC: sure, but it'd be non-standard compared to all other apps22:13
thomiwell, all apps I've seen anyway22:13
JanCthomi: don't ever try xchat...22:13
bschaeferthomi, then ignore my last test_middle_mouse test22:13
thomiwell, all apps I've used where I've investigated the behavior22:13
thomiJanC: haha22:13
JanCit's something I need to patch in xchat some day22:13
JanCbut somehow I doubt such a patch would be accepted  :-/22:14
thomibschaefer: OK, but I know how you can write that22:14
* thomi replies to the MP22:14
bschaeferthomi, sweet, I was thinking to mouse move then press down and move again22:15
thomibschaefer: nah, there's a much easier way :)22:15
bschaeferhaha, always :)22:15
bschaeferthanks everyone for those explanations, its nice knowing the standard :)22:16
bschaeferthomi, also it seems in the dash if you select text with mouse and copy it wont set it as primary text :(22:19
thomiOK, that's a bug22:20
bschaeferyeah, well the copy and pasting needs to get moved down to nux22:20
bschaeferI didn't even make this copy and paste code :(22:20
bschaeferthomi, so we are going to have to fix that, somehow22:21
thomibschaefer: https://code.launchpad.net/~brandontschaefer/unity/unity.fix-middle-paste-reg/+merge/94441/comments/20371722:25
thomibschaefer: I'd file a bug for the fact that selecting text does not set PRIMARY, and fix that in another branch22:26
thomiI wrote a novel on your MP, sorry :)22:26
bschaeferthomi, haha not a problem, and will do (file a bug)22:27
thomithe downside is you need to write more python code. The upside is you get to write more python code! Yeah!22:27
bschaeferthomi, the other down side is copy/paste only works once22:28
bschaeferso you can't paste more then once22:28
thomithat's a bug as well22:28
thomithat should work -22:28
thomiyep - it's clearing the clipboard on paste.22:29
bschaeferat lease the crash is fix haha22:29
thomiI think that ought to get fixed int his branch22:29
thomi...since those AP tests test for expected behavior22:29
bschaeferthomi, well Im not sure why the paste is clearing the clipboard22:30
bschaeferWARN  2012-02-23 14:20:05 unity.gtk <unknown>:0 GtkClipboard prematurely finalized22:30
bschaeferthat happens each time you paste22:30
thomithat's probably not a good thing22:30
bschaeferyeah, well looks like I know what Ill be doing today :)22:31
thomiat least you know where that code is22:31
bschaeferhmm but copy and paste is also going to be move to nux22:31
bschaeferwhen; im not sure22:31
thomiok, maybe not22:31
thomiI figured somewhere we'd be setting up a logger with "unity.gtk" as the name22:32
thomibut I just searched and I can't find it22:32
thomibschaefer: I can take a look when I get back from lunch22:36
bschaeferbschaefer, alright, im currently looking!22:36
bschaeferthomi, figured it out :)23:33

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