SpamapSMarkDude: no we just want Ubuntu-interested people (especially server related) to be there to hang out and inform people about Ubuntu.00:43
MarkDudeFair enough.00:56
* MarkDude still considers himself rather interested in Ubuntu ;)00:57
pleia2MarkDude is our resident Fedora guy00:57
MarkDudeFOSS guy00:58
* MarkDude has arranged for the Ubuntu table at OSCON last 2 years running00:58
pleia2oh, I thought bkerensa ran it this year, sorry00:58
MarkDudeLinux and FOSS in general00:58
MarkDudeHe ran it.00:58
* MarkDude got the table00:59
pleia2you ran the fedora booth at scale so I get confused00:59
pleia2foss guy then :)00:59
MarkDudeFair enough00:59
MarkDudepleia2, dont you remember how I made sure to get Ubuntu media, for my Fedora party?00:59
MarkDudeShould have got a pic of you and Nixie, that was kinda epic01:00
MarkDudeIn general tho, I am willing to help at Ubuntu events, and wear that hat. What is good for Linux is good for the whole ecosystem01:00
MarkDudeLike Larry the Free Software guy01:01
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loubuntuyoooo whats up04:50
loubuntuwhos got two thumbs and is building a kernel04:51
loubuntuthis guuuuuy04:51
loubuntuman i havent bombed that bad since i played the barona casino04:51
pleia2people still build kernels? :)04:52
loubuntuoh yea04:53
loubuntuonly really cool people04:53
loubuntuor if your stuck in the world of embedded like i am right now. :(04:53
akkYeah, the last kernels I built were for plug computers (and it was painful).04:54
loubuntumy board is currently crashing when it tries to load wifi modules.04:54
loubuntulibertas is my least favorite word ever.04:55
akkwifi is so often the most painful part of kernel building ^W^Wlinux04:55
akkugh, the libertas drivers were what I was trying to get working on plugs04:55
akkand it never worked04:55
loubuntui tried building the kernel without them in, and when i flashed my image i got a kernel panic error04:55
akkIt's supposed to, it's what marvell said would work, but it never did.04:55
loubuntuyea my embedded board has their Wi2Wi module04:55
loubuntui think thats what its called04:55
loubuntuerr not module... chip04:56
loubuntui guess is more accurate04:56
* akk is not a marvell fan despite having several friends who work there04:56
akk(unfortunately they don't work anywhere useful, like the engineering group that does wifi specs)04:56
loubuntubut im pretty stoked because ive got a java vm thats like a couple of megabytes04:57
loubuntuon there04:57
loubuntuwhats up phil04:57
loubuntuyou may remember me from such classic events like last nights san diego meeting.04:58
loubuntusooo... my theory is that i built an image with zlib included, and that was interfering with libertas... and i think i just proved that04:58
philipballew_hey! whats up loubuntu05:09
loubuntuwhats up man05:11
loubuntuim at work. ugh.05:11
loubuntui dont get paid overtime.  just for the record.05:12
philipballew_im just at school. Why staying so late loubuntu05:16
loubuntubecause this crappy embedded board im working with is giving me huge problems!05:22
loubuntubut mainly because the man is keeping me down05:22
* MarkDude waves his cane... vaguely in direction of *the man*06:25
nhainesI really do like how quickly Ubuntu Server starts up.18:17
pleia212.04 or 11.10?18:17
nhaines10.04.4.  :)18:20
nhainesAlthough it'll be 12.04 soon enough.18:21
pleia2ah :)18:21
pleia2I was going to say boot speed has suffered since 10.04, but it's improved again for 12.04 ;)18:21
pleia2but I guess you don't notice!18:21
nhainesNope!  Not for a VPS.  Seems to have booted up in seconds.18:23
nhainesNot bad for 64MB RAM.  ;)18:23
nhainesI may just upgrade today.  I've been wanting to try the new byobu and tmux to see how that works.18:23
pleia2greg-g: your blog post inspired me to finally install offlineimap (I've been using mutt for my imap stuff via my server, but it's too slow to use for real often)21:14
pleia2(although I don't remember now where I saw your post, and can only find old ones now ;))21:16
greg-gpleia2: I linked to it when I dented/tweeted that I am setting up my x200s with debian :)21:18
greg-gand yay!21:18
pleia2ah, that must have been it :)21:18
pleia2too much internets, I get confused21:18
greg-g:) ditto21:19
pleia2I didn't realize how simple offlineimap was to set up, I should have done this ages ago21:27
pleia2of course it's going to take a day to download all my mail21:27

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