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snap-lI'm chuckling listening to Mac Break Weekly00:27
snap-lthey're asking for a "pro switch" to pull off the consumer crap00:27
snap-land make the OS more what they had before.00:28
rick_hyea, I've definitely lost much of any desire to try out a a mac again00:30
brouschspeaking of apple fanboys00:46
rick_hbrousch: give the bookie mobile another go and let me know what you htink00:47
rick_hmake sure ot wipe the cache00:47
rick_hchrome starts zoomed out :( gah00:49
rick_hmight have to test out that remote debugging stuff sooner than I thought00:50
rick_hbut seems to do ok on the original browser00:50
jrwrensnap-l: what do you mean pro switch pull off consumer crap?00:59
snap-ljrwren: Basically keep things like filesystems and such.01:11
jrwreni don't get it.01:13
jrwrendo they mean the app store standbox?01:13
snap-lAmong other things01:24
snap-lGood morning12:24
snap-lHow goes the day?12:24
rick_hugh, sleepy12:26
snap-lYeah, same mere.12:28
snap-lso sleepy that I make typo12:28
brouschrick_h: i tried the mobile bookie. i think it's actually too big now12:33
rick_h_so, letting your ec2 ebs volume run out of disk space is bad mmmkay?13:19
brouschi thought they could grow infinitely13:25
rick_h_they can, but they're defined to size X13:27
rick_h_and if X fills up, oops13:27
rick_h_you have to shut down, expand it, boot up, resize it13:27
brouschdangit unity13:42
brouschi updated the ubuntu 10.10 on my nook color. it literally took 2 days. i go to login with gnome and get the "your hardware ain't good enough" message13:43
brouschthere is no login screen to select gnome classic on this13:43
rick_h_heh, cmdline ftw? How can you ctrl-alt-f2?13:48
brouschi'll dig into it when i have time13:50
brouschcan probably muck with his vnc server and startup script to get something going13:50
brouschbut yeah, i have a command line i can use13:55
snap-lbrousch: That's pretty cool13:56
brouschi think i can remove lubuntu and gnome and unity and install kubuntu into it13:57
brouschmaybe xubuntu13:57
snap-lbrousch: I would like to point out that thinking you could get UNity 3D running on a nook was a little ambitious. :)13:57
brouschi just did a do-release-upgrade13:58
brouschi forgot that unity replaced regular gnome in 11.0413:58
snap-lbrousch: How could you forget something like that?13:58
snap-lIt's literally marked on my calendar13:58
snap-l11.04. Never forget.13:58
brouschi took that pill for forgetting traumatic events13:58
snap-lPrecise Beta freeze 1 is coming up later today.14:00
snap-l"I recently got pygame working on my Kobo Touch, an ereader running Linux.14:14
snap-lI think I just felt something tingle in my bathing-suit area.14:14
rick_h_and productivity plummets14:15
snap-lfunny enough, I did while I was writing that. Got two twitter replies. :)14:15
brouschug, this thing is a mess14:18
brouschvnc to a linux server seems more practical14:30
snap-lbrousch: Yes14:30
snap-lIt may have more power than a 486, but the interfaces on tablet devices don't lend themselves to Linux.14:31
brouschnah, the problem is that this is bundled into a .img file i haven't been able to dig into14:36
brouschand it's 3.5GB so even moving it around is annoying14:36
snap-lI swear, this recruiting company is dysfunctional15:44
snap-lThird person, third call15:44
snap-lPlease to be updating your records15:44
snap-l"I specialize in IT recruiting" <- No, you specialize in keyword searches.15:46
brouschcurrently installing ubuntu 10.04 on the NookColor using http://goo.gl/ubawW15:49
brouschsame sort of thing as the other one, but you can pick ubuntu LTS or debian15:50
brouschalso, 10.04 with gnome2 is the best ubuntu evar15:52
jrwreni disagree.15:55
jrwrencurrent ubuntu is always the best ubuntu ever.15:55
Scott_firebetaFiesty Fawn FTW16:07
brouschLTS FTW16:07
Scott_firebetamy current home PC came with this:  http://origin.arstechnica.com/journals/linux.media/350/dell_ubuntu_cd.jpg16:09
Scott_firebeta12.04 won't fit on a single cd? :(16:12
snap-lI think this is the first release that won't fit on a CD.16:13
brouschi like this linux on android installer. it is actually installing instead of just moving a big .img file16:18
nullspace12.04 scroll bars are an improvement on the 11.04-11.10 versions16:22
brouschug, the unity scroll bars. don't remind me16:23
nullspaceug unity, don't remind me16:23
jrwrenwhat is this news about single CD?16:44
jrwrenwas it announced?16:44
jrwrenor is it just a nightly that doesn't?16:44
* jrwren testdrive updates.16:44
Scott_firebetaI saw it on wikipedia16:44
jrwrenprobably ubuntu haters :p16:44
snap-lI'd love to know why this SAX parser is seasoning my data with '\n          '16:45
jrwrenits 709MB right now, that will probably fit in an ISO16:53
jrwrenerr, fit on a CD16:53
brouschoh man, you can pick pretty much any version of debian or ubuntu with that android installer. it just defaults to 10.04 for ubuntu17:01
brouschup through natty17:01
Scott_firebetabrousch: are you using the $2.49 Ubuntu Installer from the marketplace?17:10
WolfgerChrysler sucks. Blocking all my http-to-irc sites.18:01
WolfgerHow's things?18:02
smoserrick_h_, (or anyone)...18:04
smoser'import ipdb as pdb'18:04
smoserhow would i do that on ubuntu?18:04
smoseri'm hoping i can without easyinstall18:05
rick_h_smoser: heh, if it's not packaged the easiest way is with easyinstall/pip18:07
rick_h_else you could download/extract/setup.py18:08
rick_h_as long as you had all the deps18:08
smoseri just dont like /usr/local18:08
rick_h_smoser: if you don't need ipdb you can just pdb since it's built in18:08
rick_h_smoser: you bootstrapping an app in a venv or something?18:08
rick_h_smoser: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7465445/how-to-install-python-modules-without-root-access18:09
rick_h_if you can play with the python path for what you need18:09
smoserrick_h_, thanks. it seems as easy as18:10
smoser * git clone https://github.com/gotcha/ipdb.git18:10
smoser * PYTHONPATH=$PWD/ipdb ...18:10
rick_h_smoser: as long as the setup.py doesn't have deps/is pretty bare yea18:11
smoserthanks rick_h_18:17
smoserthat seems good enough for ipdb.18:18
smoseri'll package that next cycle.18:18
rick_h_ok, I laughed on the inside http://www.reddit.com/r/programming/comments/q2oly/sourceforge_doing_it_wrong_%E0%B2%A0_%E0%B2%A0/18:46
snap-lThat's so stupid18:48
snap-lMachine Learning for Hackers--New from O'Reilly Media18:51
snap-lHah, already bought it18:52
snap-lI'm suck a loser.18:52
snap-lO'Reilly sent an e-mail18:53
rick_h_ah, gotcha18:53
rick_h_yea, we bought it when the had the half off dela on it18:53
snap-lDOes this book seem pretty stupid to anyone else?18:54
AuburySeems a bit of a waste of a book18:56
brouschno way. it has 50 nuggets. that's more than you can get at mcdonald's18:56
jrwrenWolfger: ssh home, use irssi. chrysler can't suck that bad :p18:56
snap-ljrwren: Chrysler sucks that bad18:57
snap-lSeriously, they have the worst nanny-filtration I've ever seen at a company18:58
snap-lAt least at Ford you could get access to Telnet if your manager was so inclined.18:59
ColonelPanic001snap-l: in a couple of weeks, prepare to meet your doom18:59
snap-lColonelPanic001: I know I still have an IGS account19:00
snap-lnot sure about KGS19:00
snap-l(really hope they're just the same thing rebranded)19:00
ColonelPanic001I haven't used IGS, I don't think, but I can make one. I'm not that picky19:00
snap-lReason I use IGS is all of the clients support it19:00
ColonelPanic001KSG is just what I'm used to, but I don't really care much19:00
jrwrenrun SSH listening on 443 ;]  connect.  #win.19:00
ColonelPanic001yeah, works for me19:00
jrwrengets through pretty much every rediculous nanny-filteration system19:01
snap-ljrwren: hope they don't do deep packet inspection #win19:01
jrwrenhow can you deep inspect SSL?19:02
jrwrenoh you can't!19:02
ColonelPanic001Bruce Scheier does deep packet inspection of SSL. In his head.19:03
jrwrenunless its a corproate owned machine and they install a trusted cert on it.19:04
jrwrensnap-l: you realize that is what I suggested, just documented :p19:05
snap-ljrwren: Yes19:05
jrwrenand OVERLy documented.19:05
jrwrenyou really don't need to make it that cmoplex.19:05
snap-lthought you just meant putting SSH on port 443, not tunneling SSH over SSL19:05
snap-land frankly it might be better to just find another company to work at than deal with this. :)19:06
brouschssh on 443 on your home server sounds reasonable to me19:06
jrwrenyes, I mean run ssh on 443, so that you can get OUT, once you can get an ssh connection out, you can get any tcp connection out, we know this :)19:06
jrwrensudo /sbin/iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp --dport 443 -j REDIRECT --to-port 22  #see how easy that was.  Now connect to "myhouse:443" WIHT YOUR SSH CLIENT :)19:07
jrwrenI only know this shit because I did the same thing to get out of GM.19:07
jrwrenGM/Chrysler/Ford... :)19:08
snap-lChrysler's nanny-wall has become much worse since I was there19:08
jrwreneven still, its not likely they are intercepting SSL.19:08
snap-lI'd be surprised if they even let 443 connections work. :)19:08
jrwrenwell that would be a tough one then.19:08
jrwrenwhy bohter with web at all tehn.19:09
snap-lToo bad it's not Daimler Chrysler, or I'd start singing "VERBOTENLAND" by Hanzel und Gretyl.19:10
nullspacesnap-l: you could go through DNS19:11
nullspaceit's painful but doable19:11
snap-lnullspace: How so?19:11
nullspaceit's tunnel ssh over dns19:13
snap-lThat's messed up19:13
nullspaceyeah it's slow too19:13
snap-lI'll bet.19:13
nullspacebut they could log dns and they might flag unusal amount of traffic19:14
snap-lI'm sure no network admin in the world would question a flood of UDP packets coming from your machine.19:14
brouschbah. no one will notice him streaming HD pr0n through dns19:14
nullspacebrousch: you'd be surprised19:15
snap-lbrousch: Hell, doesn't need to be HD pr0n. Just negotiating keys would be significant.19:15
nullspacepeople have to read logs for them to be of any use19:15
snap-lnullspace: All of the network guys I've dealt with would notice something like this19:16
nullspaceso many companies keep logs but do little to anything unless sirens start blaring19:16
snap-lUriah Welcome would smell the traffic spike19:16
snap-lHe's my go-to image of the omniscient network admin19:17
nullspaceok next idea. Use your phone19:17
snap-lnullspace: Chrysler has the perfect natural defense for that too: lead glass.19:18
snap-lIt's like they thought of everything.19:18
nullspacesnap-l: ok new idea, write a malcious pdf that gives you a reverse shell, and route all your traffic through their box19:19
nullspaceI meant your bosses computer19:20
nullspacesorry I have a headache and I'm skipping through my thoughts as I write19:20
snap-lnullspace: Just get hired into the corporate security, and bypass all of the nanny-state bullshit19:21
snap-lSeriously, I think they do more to make their employees want to act  badly by restricting everything19:21
nullspaceor compromise corporate security...19:21
nullspacesnap-l: that is actually an idea forming in infosec19:22
snap-lWould definitely get you out of the firewall. ;)19:22
snap-lWell, seriously, if you treat your employees like children, they're likely to do even more childish things19:23
nullspacealso filters tend to break teh CIA trianlge thus they break security19:23
snap-lpunish the bad eggs, and save yourself $$$$ on filtering software costs.19:23
nullspacesnap-l: you know the bad eggs from their sulfer smell19:24
snap-lnullspace: and you (and jrwren) hit it on the head: there are creative ways around any firewall.19:25
snap-lAll of which put strain on otherwise normal services (DNS, web-based traffic), and are inefficient.19:26
snap-lSSH via UDP is clever, but it's not even remotely efficient.19:26
snap-ljrwren: Hanzel und Gretyl - Ich Bin Uber Alles19:29
jrwrensnap-l: i only like the 2 first albums.19:30
jrwrensnap-l: that one makes me :(19:30
snap-lReally? Why?19:30
jrwrencuz first two were great IMO19:31
jrwrenthe rest were nazi metal AFAICT19:31
krondornullspace:  gm/ford have SIEM solutions they would (if they deployed correctly) absolutely notice ssh via UDP.19:34
snap-lConsidering I'm more likely to listen to "The Land Of Rape And Honey" onward, over "Twitch" and prior, I don't see a problem with this. ;)19:34
krondorbut yes employment in infosec is the best bypass :)19:34
krondorsnap-l: ++ I've observed first hand over zealous security's negative impact on an environment.19:46
krondorkids breaking computers (physically in schools) as policies locked them down too far.  Back the security off a bit to let them change wallpaper and repair rates dropped.19:46
krondordoes anyone know if apt.conf's Acquire::http::proxy has always been there or was it added at some version?19:48
brouschah, i got ubuntu natty command line running on android. now to see if i can get a gui19:51
brouschand i just noticed Scott_firebeta asked what i was using: http://goo.gl/WM4nc19:52
brouschmy decive was not supported, but i was able to download and install the APK from their web site19:53
krondorsideloading ftw, I haven't had time to mess with the thing yet.  I'm very interested though.19:55
brouschhm, looks like the version on the website is a few months older than the current one in the market. oh well. it works19:56
brouschkrondor: it's easy. just pick your distro and version, click some buttons in the order it tells you to. it downloads a barebones version of that distro and installs it. you ccess the command line on it via chroot19:59
brouschif everything goes right, i'll install kubuntu-desktop and x11vnc. this will give me a deskop i can access on localhost via vnc20:00
rick_h_http://tatiyants.com/devops-is-ruining-my-craft/ jcastro you need to pull that into a talk sometime20:22
* rick_h_ hides so no one sees he has all three of those20:24
brouschhard to turn down any oreilly book for $420:24
krondorjcastro: but what about the craftsmanship!  The thrill of troubleshooting!20:33
krondorlearning your kernel was compiled without 1 Gbps ethernet support when you swap a NIC, or Apache was built with -Oinfinity -fomit-neededThing20:34
jrwrengit is so good sometimes I want to make sweet love to it.20:34
brouschhe's turning linux servers into windows desktops! a system isn't working, shut it down and redeploy it20:34
krondorevery third server was deployed with deadlineI/O while the rest had BFQ20:36
krondorhow else can you find out who your good troubleshooters are if they don't have to wade through every sysctl setting20:36
* snap-l feels like a punter because he doesn't use customer kernels20:43
snap-llast time I used custom kernels was on a machine that was ill-suited to compile them.20:44
brouschoooh, this is snap-l's first ubuntu event as dictator isn't it21:05
greg-grelease part back for 11.10?21:06
snap-lYeah, I've been dictator for some time. :)21:08
snap-lat least 4 months now21:09
brouschthat doesn't count. only events that i attend count ;)21:11
greg-gsnap-l: thank the lord21:49
greg-gthat was a stupid effing case21:49
snap-lI'm glad they decided that it was better to drop it21:49
greg-gthough, it would have been a nice precedent21:52
snap-lOther than the "facts aren't copyrightable" precedents? :)21:52
greg-gwell, the more cases where they try to argue "selection and arrangement" and other shit that get shot down the better21:54
PainBankI tried setting my network settings with http_proxy=http://.....22:36
PainBankbut that didn't seem to do it.  Is it because the computer isn't part of the domain of the proxy?22:36
PainBankI can ping computers on the network, just nothing outside the network22:38
* snap-l just got the Basketball version of Tennis Football Basketball from Carnaval23:54
snap-lGot big ol' CC logos on the disc and the back cover23:55
rick_h_water going in the tank, wheeee23:55
snap-lrick_h_: Awesome. :)23:55
snap-lAlso listening to the Squeezbox classic in the living room23:56
snap-lwhich means one thing.............23:56

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