Kilosmorning all04:37
nuvolariMaaz: tell kilos pong! Skies ek is so skaars oom :-/05:36
Maaznuvolari: Sure, I'll tell Kilos on freenode05:36
Maaznuvolari: By the way, Kilos on freenode told me "tell nuvolari Jy doen te veel seun. jy moet ook ontspan" 11 hours, 5 minutes and 52 seconds ago05:36
Symmetriamorning all07:23
Symmetriaanyone know where I can buy an hdcp stripper?16:07
Kerberoa what?16:33
Kerberolong time no hear symmetria16:34
Kerberogood to see you here again16:34
Tonberryim assuming a thing that removes hdcp encryption 16:34
Kerberoanyway, gtg16:34
Kerberolang dag gewerk16:34
psyatuik ga straks ook naar huis16:35
Symmetriahdcp encryption = what they put on hdmi output17:05
Symmetriafrom a dstv decoder or something17:05
Symmetriato ensure you only run it into a legit tv and not a tv card or anything else 17:05
Symmetriawhich is a pain if you wanna hook it into a tv card to watch it on your pc or something17:06
Symmetriayou can take it in via the component outputs but then its not HD :(17:06
dLimitHow are you Symmetria ?19:07
Symmetria:) Im in an awesome mood19:07
Symmetriacaught up on all my admin work so that I can properly invoice at the end of the month19:08
dLimitThats great to hear =)19:08
Symmetriaand realized I shoulda become a contractor a long long long time ago19:08
Symmetriabecause the money is nothing short of bizarre19:08
dLimitYeah and very scarce19:08
dLimitLike everybody has money but you can't buy anything19:09
Symmetriaheh what you mean19:09
Symmetrialol Im buying plenty things hehe19:09
dLimitIt's like that episode on season 13 of south park on the recession where cartmon blames the Jews for taking all the money and hiding it in caves..19:10
dLimitAnyway I have a question.19:11
dLimitAre there any special modes or rules on bots?19:11
dLimiton this network that is.19:11
Symmetriacant tell ya about the rules on bots on this network19:11
dLimitI mean bots like Maaz 19:12
Symmetriano idea, never run bots on this network19:13
dLimitWell there's not much on freenodes policy page19:13
dLimitBut she gets kicked some times19:14
dLimit^^ my bot I mean.19:15
Symmetriano idea on that dlimit :(19:27
dLimitWell thank you anyway Symmetria 19:32
* Symmetria wants something to happen that destroys the value of the rand against the dollar :P19:33
Symmetria10:1 would be good lol19:33
dLimitHow are we going to do that?19:35
Symmetrialol no idea 19:40
Symmetriaso long as the value of the rand drops19:40
Symmetria(I bill everything in dollars)19:40

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