Lintcowslammer, then lspci00:00
pxcblueskin, have you explored xrandr?00:00
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jesse_celthunder: hey00:01
cfhowlettztag100   xchat has a web client00:01
pxcztag100, I'm kind of curious about your problem. Is it resolved, or did you abandon Mint without solving it?00:01
cowslammerlint it's a broadcom00:01
ztag100pxc: I haven't found a solution to fix it00:01
ztag100pxc: I really just wanted to give mint a spin... but it isn't proving worth it00:02
Lintcowslammer, there should be a package with a firmware for your model00:02
cfhowlettcowslammer   this is a broadcom ?00:02
ztag100I haven't abandoned it yet, if you have a fix00:02
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pxcztag100, let's try it one last time. What's the problem?00:02
_MarcusCanadian1296: Did you follow all the instructions?00:02
ztag100boot freezes00:02
blueskinpxc, looking at it now00:02
_MarcusCanadian1296: It looks like a file for one of the programs00:02
cowslammerlint where do i get that pckage?00:02
blueskin...ah, that's for X, not the command line. no use in my situation.00:03
cowslammercfhowlett, yes00:03
ztag100and mint's black boot doesn't let me see what's going on00:03
cfhowlettcowslammer   see this first https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx00:03
Canadian1296_Marcus: Yes, I am up to that point in the guide, and I've follwed it to the letter. The folder exists but it is empty. There should be a file called smtpd.conf in it00:03
ztag100I'm gonna try mint on one of my more powerful machines latter00:03
pxcztag100, have you tried editing the grub command line before boot, so that you can see what's happening?00:03
ztag100pxc: no how can I do that?00:04
pxcztag100, just remove the ‘quiet’ and ‘splash’ parameters from the kernel line on boot. I don't remember the keyboard combination to edit the command line on grub, but it tells you on the screen00:04
_MarcusCanadian1296: No idea then00:04
Canadian1296_Marcus: K thanks anyways00:04
ztag100press e?00:04
pxcblueskin: you mean how do you change the resolution of the virtual consoles (TTYs)?00:04
pxcztag100, aye00:04
eip56Hello ... can anyone help me? I need to turn on my bluetooth device. I am relatively new and do not know where to start.00:04
ztag100trying this out00:05
ztag100it booted normally that time00:05
pxcztag100: bizarre. Maybe it's a quirk of the video drivers, and disabling the splash fixes it00:06
ztag100could be00:06
pxcblueskin: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTAxOTk00:06
theunsureguyrandom question - but anybody here know of a good java related channel?00:06
ztag100theunsureguy: #java ?00:07
blueskinhmm, I'm really surprised nobody else has had this problem, ah well.00:07
pxcblueskin: you can use ‘kernel modesetting’ to change the resolution of your screen before X / without X starting up. That article talks about KMS in the VirtualBox guest additions (virtual host drivers)00:07
Nach0ztheunsureguy: ##java, or #java on quakenet. searchIRC.com has really good answers00:07
ztag100tested twice00:07
ztag100it works00:07
theunsureguythanks ztag100 and Nach0z00:07
pxccool :-D00:07
blueskinpxc, X isn't installed.00:07
kazekageoui cv00:07
ztag100pxc: Thanks00:07
pxcblueskin, that's fine. There are two ways to change it. You can set the resolution in the grub command line, or you can change it use KMS00:07
kazekageyou welcome00:07
ztag100How can I permenantly edit the boot?00:07
pxcztag100: /etc/default/grub00:08
blueskinpxc, great, how do I do those? >.>00:08
pxc1 sec, blueskin00:09
pxcblueskin: here's the debian wiki on the subject (setting it up)00:10
pxcand blueskin, ztag100, you're actually looking at editing the same file to do what each of you want: /etc/default/grub00:10
ztag100pxc: just edited the file00:10
bobo37773how to restric google.com (https) to use a single ip address?00:10
ztag100hopefully, I can test out mint and see how I like it00:10
blueskinok, what do I put in grub?00:11
pxcztag100, all you needed to change was the $GRUB_CMDLINE_DEFAULT, right?00:11
ztag100I think so00:11
pxcblueskin, there's a section that is headed by the comment ‘the resolution used on graphical terminal’ in my /etc/default/grub. Is that in yours?00:11
memikem /msg NickServ identify00:12
ztag100all I did was remove quiet splash from the quotes00:12
pxcthe $GRUB_GFXMODE variable determines what resolution the VCs are00:12
blueskingot it, thanks00:12
pxcztag100, by which you mean you deleted those words from the string?00:12
ztag100not the whole line00:13
roastedQuestion - with /home on a separate partition, what are good "defaults" to have? 0 2?00:13
ztag100just those words00:13
blueskinok, changed that to 1280x102400:13
pxcztag100, there's one more thing you'll have to do on Mint, which is call /sbin/grub-mkconfig to generate a new /boot/grub/grub.cfg from your /etc/default/grub file00:14
ztag100how do I do that?00:14
pxc‘sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg’ should do it. running ‘sudo update-grub’ should call that automatically, as well as doing other stuff that is probably a waste of time00:14
pxcbut either command should be safe and effective00:15
Zimm3rIs there any way to convert any stroke to fill? (making it the same color as the fill etc)00:15
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pxcblueskin, is your virtual behaving the way you want it to now?00:15
roastedQuestion - with /home on a separate partition, what are good "defaults" to have? 0 2?00:16
blueskinpxc, no difference.00:16
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:17
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pxcblueskin: did you run ‘sudo update-grub’ after changing that file? I was just explaining to ztag100 that you need to do that to update your /boot/grub/grub.cfg file, which ultimately effects the changes00:17
blueskinyeah, that was mentioned in the config file00:18
pxcblueskin, also keep in mind that you can run the virtual without a GUI window at all, and access it over SSH in a terminal emulator of any size00:18
Minnstani cant add repositories, my error is here, http://paste.ubuntu.com/853432/00:18
ubottuTesting... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use #test )00:19
OerMinnstan, what are you trying to add, exactly ?00:20
Minnstanapt-add repository00:20
antarusanyone know if there is a channel for ubuntu on android?00:20
urfr332gOMinnstan, how are or did you adding a repo?00:20
ztag100antarus: #ubuntu ?00:20
Minnstanusing command line but GUI also fails00:21
Oerantarus ubuntu on android is just an announcement, see the webpage00:21
antarusOer: I read the webpage, now I want to talk to the developers ;p00:21
ztag100pxc: after rebooting, now I boot into terminal00:21
ztag100Do I have to manually launch lightdm?00:22
cfhowlettantarus   http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/android/contact-us00:22
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit00:22
Oerantarus, join #Ubuntu-offtopic :-)00:22
ztag100pxc: after rebooting, now I boot into terminal00:23
Majornikku_sorry connectivity issues.00:23
ztag100Do I have to manually launch lightdm?00:23
pxcztag100: X isn't starting anymore?00:24
ztag100yup, X no starting00:24
urfr332gOMinnstan, form the cli you would open the sources list or run th correct command. Is a it a ppa?00:24
Minnstannot shure what the prob  is00:25
pxcztag100: You're running gnome/gdm, right?00:25
ztag100I'm seriously considering just going back to xubuntu00:26
m3hm3t1hi , what's the best way of monitoring an interface threshold ?00:27
pxcztag100, shut down lightdm, whatever the command is for that. Do they have lightdm on upstart yet, or is it still /etc/init.d?00:27
roastedI have my home directory on mdadm raid. In /etc/fstab, what are good defaults to have? I simply added UUID="uuid" ext4 defaults 0 2 and it's erroring out :(00:27
m3hm3t1i am trying to set myself alarms if the usage goes higher than %3000:27
theadminpxc: Most of Ubuntu stuff is on upstart nowadays, except third-party packages that is00:28
pxctheadmin, I dunno if that includes lightdm, and I dunno if Mint has followed suit yet. My only Ubuntu machine is headless00:28
cowslammercfhowlett, ok i checked that link and i don't find anything for my network card although lspci says it's supported00:29
theadminpxc: It does include lightdm (again, all of Ubuntu's official stuff uses Upstart. Only third-party packages don't). But the basic command which will work anywhere is something like this: sudo /etc/init.d/*dm stop00:29
theadminpxc: So no sweat there :D00:29
cfhowlettcowslammer   *me facepalm* apologies.  I thought you were having WIFI issues.  Sorries in abundance.  Mea culpa, mea culpa.00:30
ztag100Is the rejoining happening?00:30
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roastedWhat should the default permissions be on /etc/fstab?00:30
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pxctheadmin: oooh, so by third-party packages you don't even mean Kubuntu/Xubuntu packages, or whatever. You mean totally outside the official repos00:30
cowslammercfhowlett, no no no it IS a wifi problem00:30
theadminpxc: Yeah.00:31
ztag100pxc: Sorry, what do you want me to do?00:31
eip56Whats the command to see what bluetooth device I have on my laptop?00:31
Oereip56, lsusb or lspci00:31
cfhowlettcowslammer   paste up the result of lspci -vvnn | grep 14e400:32
ztag100I have to go out00:32
eip56Oer do you know the command to enable/disable the device00:33
pxcztag100: ‘sudo service lightdm stop’, and then ‘startx’, I think. Then you can watch X crash00:33
cowslammercfhowlett, refresh my memory how to do a text capture00:33
hex20decHi everyone, I need to search for a string inside all files in my system. I tried grep -lir "some text" * but it stops at this error "grep: dev/log: No such device or address"00:33
Majornikkui need to know what the default remote desktop software is on a ubuntu install00:33
cfhowlettcowslammer   copy the output and paste at http://paste.ubuntu.com/00:33
Oereip56, you can do that in your panel00:33
pxcadios, ztag100! don't worry about it. I'm obsessed with getting to the bottom of things, but if Xubuntu is working for you you can happily quit on Mint00:33
theadminhex20dec: sudo find / -type f -exec grep -H -F "your string" '{}' \;00:34
iplaythisgameI have installed a Hp deskjet 1050 by hplip and added and shared with cups on my headless ubuntu server. On my windows7 laptop I can print a test page from the printer properties. I can print from both Chrome and IE. I cannot print from Photoshop or Gimp. When I had the printer installed locally on the windows7 laptop I could print from all programs. Any Ideas what is keeping PS and Gimp from printing?00:34
magicJI have a bootable usb stick - like the way it is set up - want to copy it to another one.  The source is /dev/sdc1 the dest is /dev/sdb1 - I assumed I could just dd ffrom one to the other when I do it the dest is not bootable - what else do I need to do00:34
hex20dectheadmin: Thanks, I'll try it now.00:34
theadminmagicJ: sudo dd if=/dev/sdc of=/dev/sdb # You need to write to/from device, not to/from partition00:34
magicJtheadmin: ty so much = knew it would be something silly00:36
cowslammercfhowlett, http://paste.ubuntu.com/853446/00:36
princej88hey guys, I am setting up a new ubuntu server with some harddrives in it that have previous lvm stuff on it. So I am trying to format all three harddrives so that they can be set up under lvm as one big drive. I am at the ash shell from the ubuntu installation cd. Can anyone help me format these three harddrives so that they can be used for lvm on this new machine?00:36
theadminmagicJ: When you dd to a partition, you end up ignoring the MBR which is no good, so :D00:36
ztag100it says "Failed to load session "ubuntu"00:37
magicJtheadmin: now you tell me that it is obvious - as I say ty so much00:37
cfhowlettcowslammer   you've got teh bcm4318 chip and will need to follow the b32 method outlined at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx00:37
ztag100however, I can start lightdm with "sudo lightdm"00:37
ztag100I think I'm just going to reinstall xubuntu when I get home00:37
ztag100it always seems to work00:37
ztag100I've spent all day trying to figure this out00:37
NyLeshi, help me understand things.. i have AwardBIOS, and under advanced > PCI COnfiguration, i have Primary VGA BIOS set to PCI VGA Card, and can be change to either AGP VGA Card or Onboard VGA, what does it mean?00:38
cfhowlettcowslammer   dammit!  fat fingers: please see "Installing b43 drivers"00:38
theadminNyLes: Allows you to select the port on which the graphical card will be used (PCI, AGP or integrated)00:39
cowslammercfhowlett, it's ok i got it00:39
magicJtheadmin: re-copying right now - the bad news is that it seems to have crashed the machine00:39
theadminmagicJ: ...not supposed to do that :(00:39
NyLestheadmin: port? but i only have one port? and one VGA?00:39
Majornikkui need to know what the default remote desktop software is on a ubuntu install00:40
theadminNyLes: Well then just keep it at whatever it is... Also, this is not an Ubuntu-related question... Try ##hardware00:40
theadminMajornikku: If I recall right, it is either Vinagre or Vino00:40
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theadminThink it's the first one...00:41
NyLestheadmin: sory for that, im just trying to fix my Video card problem that's why im messing with the bios setup now, just last question, since my vga is onboard, should i set it to onboard then?00:41
magicJtheadmin: LOL - trying again - actually going to copy from the first to an image and from the image to the second anyway since I have more to make00:41
theadminNyLes: Guess so00:41
theadminmagicJ: Watch out not to overwrite your hard drive ;)00:41
NyLestheadmin: thanks..00:42
Majornikkuthanks !_!00:42
magicJtheadmin:  yes - the of= is a file not a device - but ty00:42
roastedQuestion - I have a raid array using MDADM software raid for my home directory across two drives. I just swapped out my OS drive for an SSD (though I still have W7 on a 250gb SATA drive by itself). I just reinstalled Ubuntu 11.10 and I was getting an error when booting about fstab. It said nothing except error mounting fstab, yet my home directory still mounted. In gparted, my one raid drive says unknown (normal for mdadm raid I ass00:43
hex20dectheadmin: I eventually end up getting this error and then it stops "grep: /proc/sysrq-trigger: Input/output error"00:47
hex20decAlso, I want it to print the name of the file, not the content.00:48
gordon1234cowslammer, you may still have some problems as there is a known issue with the 4318 in AP (Infrastructure) mode. Suggest you try ad-hoc wireless mode.00:48
SudoKinganyone know how to disable the ctrl+tab functionality in unity?00:49
setuidAnyone know how to get plymouthd to -unload- after booting up? There's no point in it lingering around after I've logged in, but there it is, eating 20% of the CPU, doing... nothing.00:49
cowslammergordon1234, what is d hoc mode00:49
roastedIs it normal for a raid array to come up as 1 unknown and 1 ntfs in gparted?00:50
cfhowlettStelpa   greetgins00:50
Stelpai really wanted to install vlc2.0, and, i uhh... i dun goofed :(00:50
cfhowlettStelpa   greetings00:50
Stelpai TOTALLY destroyed my vlc package00:50
cfhowlettStelpa   details...00:50
Stelpai can't use the package manager anymore00:50
Stelpahere is the error: E: vlc: Package is in a very bad inconsistent state - you should  reinstall it before attempting a removal.00:50
setuidStelpa, dpkg -P vlc00:50
Stelpai can't use the package manager at all00:50
setuidthen apt-get --reinstall install vlc00:51
Stelpasetuid: dpkg: error processing vlc (--purge):00:51
Stelpa Package is in a very bad inconsistent state - you should00:51
Stelpa reinstall it before attempting a removal.00:51
ImasamiAnyone know why when I try to go into gnome shell, it takes me to gnome classic instead?00:52
Stelpaalso, a big problem is that someone had uploaded a vlc 2.0 .deb file00:52
Stelpathis is why it's screwed up i think :|00:52
setuidStelpa, "uploaded"?00:52
Stelpathey had a different version of C than me or something?00:52
setuidStelpa, If your system correctly accepted it, and installed its dependencies, you should be fine00:52
cfhowlettStelpa   vlc 2.0 isn't in package manager00:52
Stelpasetuid: i really wanted vlc 2.0, even though my system is too old for it, but someone made a .deb file for me, and it didn't work00:52
setuidIf you used --force or similar, start from scratch, your package management database is probably screwed00:52
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low-id#join c4ll00:52
gordon1234cowslammer, when you configure your wireless network settings, there is a choice to have it as Infrastructure or ad-hoc. Use ad-hoc.00:52
cfhowlettStelpa   vlc 2.0 isn't in *software center*00:52
lordblackwoodWhat happened to the stable Firefox ppa?00:53
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gordon1234cowslammer, ... configuration on the PC, not the router!00:53
setuidStelpa, rm /var/lib/dpkg/info/vlc*00:53
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setuidthen --reinstall00:53
lordblackwoodThis one I mean - https://launchpad.net/~mozillateam/+archive/firefox-stable00:53
theadminlordblackwood: It's been dropped because the stable versions of Firefox now enter the official Ubuntu repos00:53
lordblackwoodtheadmin: I'm doing a reinstall of Ubuntu 10.04, so simply updating it would give me the latest Firefox?00:54
hex20decHi everyone, I need to search for a string inside all files in my system. I tried grep -lir "some text" * but it stops at this error "grep: dev/log: No such device or address"00:54
theadminlordblackwood: I'm not so sure about that actually... sec...00:54
setuidhex20dec, exclude /proc, /mnt/, /dev/ and /sys/00:54
jribhex20dec: did you try the suggestion given to you earlier?00:54
theadmin!info firefox lucid | lordblackwood00:54
ubottulordblackwood: firefox (source: firefox): Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version 10.0.2+build1-0ubuntu0.10.04.1 (lucid), package size 17002 kB, installed size 32336 kB (Only available for any all)00:54
Stelpasetuid: that isn't working either... i really screwed things up :(00:54
lordblackwoodtheadmin: Oh thanks!00:54
theadminlordblackwood: Well, you'd get 10.0.2, whatever that is00:55
cfhowlettlordblackwood   ffox 10.0.2 yes00:55
Stelparm: cannot remove `/var/lib/dpkg/info/vlc*': No such file or directory00:55
lordblackwoodthanks guys, saved me a lot of trouble!00:55
setuidStelpa, What does 'dpkg -l | grep vlc' show?00:55
setuidWhat's in the far left column?00:55
setuidii? P? other?00:55
hex20decsetuid: How do I exclude those directories?00:55
hex20decjrib: Yes, I did.00:55
setuidhex20dec, Use find ... -exec00:55
setuidhex20dec, and exclude00:55
setuidhex20dec, or pass --exclude to grep, as the manpage indicates00:56
Stelpasetuid: rc, i think?00:56
Stelpaand there is one pHR00:56
setuidStelpa, what does 'aptitude remove vlc' produce?00:56
OerStelpa, try get help from the person who made your deb00:56
hex20decsetuid: Lol, chinese to me, I'm a true rookie. I'll just look into the exclude parameter, thanks.00:57
Praxiin ubuntu server, I'm ssh'd in, whats the significance of a a green background on a directory?00:57
Stelpasetuid: this seems to be doing something! :000:57
cowslammergordon1234, you lost me.  i didn't see that option00:58
gordon1234cowslammer, have a look here http://www.wifinotes.com/wi-fi-modes.html its a bummer. I had a 4318 in a Dell Mini could never get a reliable connection.00:59
Stelpasetuid: Errors were encountered while processing:00:59
Stelpa vlc00:59
StelpaE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)00:59
gordon1234cowslammer, right click on your network icon, and select Edit Connection00:59
Stelpait looked like it was working...01:00
Erealzis ubuntu for android out yet or is that just a preview i saw on youtube?01:00
cfhowlettErealz   201401:00
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Stelpasetuid: i am now considering doing a full system upgrade; this is a 2~ year old system anyways01:02
Stelpawont be fun, but i think it may be time :\01:02
Stelpaty for trying to help tho, setuid01:03
Erealzim waiting on the official lts01:03
ztag100(I'm using a minimal CD) What partitioning method should I use?01:03
ztag100Do I want to use "Guided - Use entire disk" ?01:03
Erealzwell if you dont wana erase what on the hard drive then use guided other wise just use entire disk01:04
cfhowlettztag100   only ubuntu on that HDD?01:04
* ztag100 hate's dualbooting01:05
cfhowlettztag100   use it all then..01:05
Erealzthen just use  the entired drive01:05
Erealzi do01:05
Erealzis anyone is it support?01:05
ztag100Does it make multiple partitions? Or just one for everything?01:05
Erealzjust one for everything01:06
Erealzwhen you choose entire disk it handle all that for you01:06
Erealzand the end01:06
unnamed1111good night..I have a windows 7 system crashed and I thought of using a ubuntu linux live cd to revover documents...I think the live cd exclusively loads to the memory and not to the hdd...I'm just making the question to be 100% sure? anyone01:06
cfhowlettztag100   guided partitioning if you want to specify, say, a dedicated /home01:06
cfhowlettunnamed1111   correct - ram only with access to the HDD01:06
ztag100I'm not sure if I REALLY want it01:06
cfhowlettztag100   perfectly fine to set aside some gigs for another OS01:07
David_BurkhardtGood evening all.  call me stupid, but I think I may have messed up my laptop .....01:07
ztag100I'm just going to use entire disk01:07
unnamed1111tank you alot cfhowlett, so I will try to recover the documents01:07
xubuntu5good evening01:07
Praxianyone? in terminal, whats the significance of a green background on a directory?01:07
ztag100save me some effort01:07
Erealzyea ztag01:07
cfhowlettDavid_Burkhardt   hi dave!  YOU'RE S... no, won't do that.  explain.01:07
David_Burkhardtgge thanks01:07
cfhowlettunnamed1111   I've been there.  good luck.01:07
unnamed1111good night and thank you!!!!01:07
ztag100Erealz: I'm a little lazy, don't judge me!01:08
xubuntu5it's ok i'm lazy too01:08
Erealzso am i01:08
gr0gmintAnyone here who can help me with a dual-WAN setup?01:08
cfhowlettPraxi   theme chosen for that profile?01:09
David_BurkhardtWas trying to upgrade, left unpluged power died in middle of work, only get to a screen that says cd drive noit readt.... then nothing01:09
OerPraxi >  Green color - Executable or recognized data file >>> http://askubuntu.com/questions/17299/color-meanings-in-terminal01:09
Praxiooh perfect, thank you oer01:09
OerPraxi could be shared too ..01:10
Praxi"dir that is other writeable"01:10
Praxithats it, thanks!01:10
gkaklasDavid_Burkhardt, are you able to open a terminal?01:11
David_Burkhardtcan't get that far.  Can it be done on boot up without admin password?01:11
zizooHey, my computer refuses to hibernate. It locks if I try to do it through the system menu, and after looking around and finding s2disk I found that it crashes when I try to resume sessions saved with it.01:12
ztag100Hi Zizo, is your name ziad?01:12
gkaklasDavid_Burkhardt, were you trying to upgrade from a cd/dvd?01:12
ztag100oh... just wondering01:12
JohnHey guys I'm having some problems installing ubuntu on an Asus x54 laptop can anyone help?01:13
ztag100A common nickname for "Ziad" is "Zizo"01:13
ztag100I know cuz that's my real name01:13
cfhowlettJohn describe the problems01:13
David_Burkhardtwas using internet. I think it was unpacking or installing when it died01:13
Johnwell the installer will either crash, or it will install but when i restart it wont make it to the boot menu01:14
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Johnit w01:14
ahmadwhere i can download driver vga intel mobile 4...?01:14
gkaklaszizoo, try running the program "pm-hibernate" with sudo from a terminal01:14
David_BurkhardtI then went to my windows comp, downloaded it and sent it to a zip drive and tried to install from there, no luck01:14
cfhowlettJohn did you checksum the iso?01:15
setuidAnyone know how to get plymouthd to -unload- after booting up? There's no point in it lingering around after I've logged in, but there it is, eating 20% of the CPU, doing... nothing.01:15
zizooAh, well no, sorry. It's zizoo (the "oo" is like in "boo"), and it's a nonsense nickname I came up with. Makes sense that it would be close to something in another language. Where are you from, ztag100, if I may?01:15
zizooAnd will try that in a sec gkaklas, thank you.01:15
=== ztag100 is now known as zizo
JohnI've redownloaded the iso like 5 times and from different sites, and have used different usb installers, but every time it will crash01:16
gkaklasJohn, when you boot the computer what do you see? maybe ubuntu installed properly but the bootloader didn't01:16
JohnError  unknown file system  grub rescue01:16
Johnsomething like that01:16
cfhowlettjohn tried the alternate (text) installer?01:17
JohnWhat is that?01:17
ubottuFreeNX is advanced remote desktop technology. For more information and install instructions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeNX01:18
xubuntu5is freenx just remote x? or is similar to vnc?01:18
gkaklasJohn, this is the grub command line. from there you can tell grub where the kernel and initramfs are and specify the root partition.01:18
sh4d0wK45they folks...Im trying to upgrade my laptop...whats the best laptop with little or no compatibility issues with ubuntu 10.04 ?01:18
cfhowlettJohn  http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/alternative-download#alternate  also please see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM01:18
gkaklasJohn, try "configfile" and then hit TAB01:18
=== fr0stbyte is now known as ericmuyser2
cfhowlettsh4d0wK45t   https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport/Machines/Laptops?action=show&redirect=HardwareSupportMachinesLaptops01:19
orangepnuti installed pms along with MDP and set the path of my music to "/home/user/Music" but it still does not show any of my music when i run pms01:19
bobo37773sh4d0wK45t: Thing of it more in terms of hardware rather than manufacturer or model number. system76 is not bad though01:19
bobo37773sh4d0wK45t: think*01:19
jhawk65Anyone know how to upgrade to backtrack 5 from 4?01:20
Lucidhow do I join a custom server?01:20
Lucidother than freenode etc01:20
ubottujhawk65: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition01:20
sh4d0wK45tcool...thanks cfhowlett bobo3777301:21
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org01:21
JBeezyHi room, anybody willing to help me solve bluetooth in terminal on android phone? ")01:22
urfr332gOJBeezy, this is ubuntu support.:)01:23
bobo37773JBeezy: is the terminal on phone or in ubuntu?01:23
xubuntu5JBeezy, what are you trying to accomplish?01:23
JBeezyubuntu in phone!01:23
David_Burkhardtcfhowlett, you still there?01:23
xubuntu5rooted phone?01:23
JBeezybluetooth PAN01:23
JBeezyi'm halfway there, but blueman doesn't see adaptor01:24
bobo37773JBeezy: and you are trying to connect from a ubuntu computer? or ubuntu is actually installed on the phone itself?01:24
JBeezyphone itself01:24
bobo37773JBeezy: Does rfkill work?01:25
JBeezylet me see, any options?01:25
zizoogkaklas: My system crashed while trying to start up after using pm-hibernate. It seems to also be powered by s2disk (it showed a terminal-style output of its behavior telling me things like "s2disk saving state ...").01:25
chown_guys, im tying to start using ubuntu. but i also would like to have a windows so i could boot into it if i needed. i have 2 250GB hds, what would be better install each one into 1 different hd, or partition both into the same hd?01:26
gkaklasDavid_Burkhardt, try booting from a livecd. Mount the partition where ubuntu is ("sudo mount /dev/sd?? /media/somewhere"), chroot the mounted drive ("sudo chroot /media/somewhere") and try "sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get upgrade ; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" and reboot normally. If you get any errors try "sudo dpkg --configure -a". Not sure if it will work though...01:27
urfr332gOchown_, no better really, it is a matter of understanding the bootloaders and the mbr.01:27
Dr_willischown_,  depends on your space needs.  Id just put each os on its own HD.  and the grub on the ubuntu mbr01:28
JBeezy'rfkill bluetooth' ?01:28
David_Burkhardtcan't get into a terminal.  Is there any way to do it from boot up without admin password?01:28
bobo37773JBeezy: rfkill list01:29
cfhowlettDavid_Burkhardt   back...01:29
JBeezy'no...file of directory'01:29
zizooSo zizo, is Ziad an Arabic name then, if you are from Egypt? And is it pronounced "Zee-odd" or "Zh+odd" (where "zh" is to "z" as "sh" is to "s").01:29
bobo37773JBeezy: hmm can ubuntu on the phone use wireless?01:30
JBeezyit can use wifi01:30
David_BurkhardtCan I get to a terminal from boot up without admin password?01:30
zizooOh well. Anyways, any tips on why s2disk would cause my computer to crash  while loading a saved session?01:30
BeTaMaXSorry, I can't help you.01:31
Dr_willisDavid_Burkhardt,  theres grub rescue/recovery options. so yes - or you can have init start up bash.01:31
JBeezyhmm....i don't know, maybe if use uses what android gives it, I don't know as much as I would like about it01:31
BeTaMaXI'm a linux rookie user01:31
bobo37773JBeezy: it has like a networkmanager that can see wifi networks or its bridged?01:31
gkaklaszizoo, does the output confirm that the state was saved? you say the computer crashes on resume, do you get any errors or just a blank screen?01:31
David_BurkhardtOk dr Willis, Hw do I accomplish this?01:31
Dr_willisDavid_Burkhardt,  grub normally has a recovery/rescue menu item01:32
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
JBeezyhow can i find out? if it is bridge do you think I would still beable to run bluetooth commands for PAN?01:33
zizoogkaklas: the start-up screen shows up and loads like normal, but the message "loading state from <long directory name>" appears below the loading bar. However, the loading bar freezes after ~1 cycle, and the computer stops responding to anything.01:33
adamusa3 times my laptop has gone dark for 501:33
David_BurkhardtI have no menu. I turn the laptop on, it starts to boot, then I get a screen that says cd drive not ready or present. press s to skip..... or wait.  then I can  do nothing01:33
gkaklasDavid_Burkhardt, you need to boot from a livecd to run an admin terminal. From there use "chmod" like described before. Then, every command you execute will be run like when you run it normally from your installation.01:33
JBeezymy only dang goal is to have my laptop connect to phone like network folder so I can sync my microsoft onenotes over bluetooth01:33
adamusit's installed udubuntu01:33
zizooOr something to the effect of "loading state from..." ... I didn't think to write it down.01:34
adamusand some help or explain to understand?01:34
David_BurkhardtI'll try that. C n I make one from a window based computer, or do I need a linux one?01:34
Dr_willisDavid_Burkhardt,  you are not booting from a bootable  device then. You should reinstall grub from a live cd. if your sustem is broken.01:35
gkaklaszizoo, seems like the configuration needs to be modified - i don't know how to do it. Here is the manpage of a2disk http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/maverick/man8/s2disk.8.html01:35
JBeezyWhat are the basic steps? 1>install bluez 2>install bluetooth manager for gnome 3>it works??01:36
ajinDoes anyone have a netbook with ATOM N2600 processor? know whether linux works on it by now?01:36
Dr_willisevery netbook ive seen runs linux decently well.  No idea about any new processrs however. :)01:37
Dr_willisDavid_Burkhardt,  no need to msg me. clarify your question to the channel. I dont know what you are trying to acomplish.01:37
bobo37773JBeezy: If you are in a terminal and type --> ifconfig -a           can you see your bluetooth01:38
ajinDr_willis: ATOM N2600 is brand-new, intel just released at the beginning of the year01:38
gkaklaszizoo, sorry but i will have to suggest you visiting ubuntuforums 'cause i have to go to sleep now (it's late right here). Sorry! Tomorrow i will be here again...01:38
Dr_willisajin,  id say check the ubuntu forums - i recall there being some decent netbook threads01:38
Dr_willisajin,  i got a netbook on clearance for $125 at xmas. :) havent looked into newer ones.01:39
JBeezyi see ethernet01:39
bobo37773JBeezy: yeah I think the ubuntu install on the phone is probably networked like a virtual machine01:39
StevenXdoes anyone here use freenx in user mode?01:39
bobo37773JBeezy: if so what you are doing mayt not be possible the way you want to do it01:40
Dr_willisId love to have a netbook wth more power. :)  but buying a 3rd one may get the wife mad.01:40
=== r is now known as Guest7203
bobo37773JBeezy: Is there not a way to connect your phone to the computer directly through bluetooth?01:41
ajinDr_willis: i bought it for linux-learning01:41
JBeezyI can do obex ftp01:41
JBeezyi can internet share with bluetooth dun01:41
JBeezybut I need to mount a folder from my phone so my virutal machine on my laptop can see it01:42
bobo37773JBeezy: maybe you can do a online share like dropbox or something. other than that I have no idea.01:42
JBeezywifi is ok, but I travel and routers block protocals01:42
Dr_willisJBeezy,  not a smart phone?01:42
JBeezyI am trying to avoid going through the internet for speed01:42
Dr_willisJBeezy,  my android can do samba, or ssh/sshfs :)01:42
Dr_willisor even some web gui/file transfer methods.01:43
JBeezyi got samba, but places I go block protocals so I can't sync01:43
StevenXis there a freenx channel?01:43
Toph2Dr_willis,,, can your android act as a router that others can wifi through?01:43
Dr_willisToph2,  for $20 extra a month.. yes.01:44
StevenXToph2, Mine can, for free! And i have unlimited 4g.01:44
StevenXit's awesome.01:44
StevenXOf course, my 'droid is rooted.01:44
Toph2Dr_willis,,, ok,, my buddy claimed his iphone could do so,, i wasn't sure01:44
Dr_willisenjoy it while it lasts.. :)01:44
Toph2stevecam,,, i see01:44
JBeezyI can be the router too, but like they're talking about, but I waste time switching networks then01:44
Dr_willisToph2,  they can do a lot more then what the companies want you to do.01:44
adamusyes it;s possible01:44
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode01:45
Phr3d13Trying to get internet working in my Ubuntu 11.10 via an app called wired tether for android, but after connecting my phone and enabling the connection my computer never acquires an internet connection, any ideas on how to get this going?01:46
JBeezyanyways terminal gave me usb0,sit0.lo,.001:46
JBeezythose mean anything?01:46
* zykotick9 remembers a time when #ubuntu was about computers01:46
bobo37773JBeezy: yeah ubuntu install on phone is probably virtualized01:47
JBeezylol, ok, thanks for your time and help, good luck all!01:48
bobo37773JBeezy: You are probably going to need android specific apps to accomplish your goal and then share that folder with you ubuntu install01:48
NyLesxubuntu uses xfce right?01:48
bobo37773NyLes: yeah01:48
NyLesbobo37773: thanks..01:48
bobo37773NyLes: Your welcome01:48
ablyssPhr3d13, for me i just plug in my android via usb and the tethering automatically starts ( once I tell android to usb tether )01:49
xrfangvmware-view-client in the official repo does not work on 64bit, I wonder who is doing the packaging and shall be notified of this bug? thanks01:49
ablyssPhr3d13, the network manager automatically switches the connection over01:49
xrfangthe problem is a bunch of conflicted dependencies01:49
Phr3d13It works for me in windows, but not in Ubuntu01:49
=== h4ckm3th32nd is now known as h4ckm3
Phr3d13Network manager doesn't see my phone as an internet connection01:50
ablyssPhr3d13, maybe you need to add a mobile broadband account in network manager01:50
dotnulldoes anyone know the hook that gnome uses to alter screen brightness without needing to be sudo? from the command line, all the options I've found seem to require sudo01:54
zykotick9xrfang: vmware-view-client does not appear to be an ubuntu package01:55
tjiggi_foxrfang, it has been orphaned: http://packages.qa.debian.org/v/vmware-view-open-client.html01:56
=== distoops_ is now known as distoops
xrfangtjiggi_fo, it's a pitty01:57
xrfangzykotick9, it is in oneiric-partner01:57
xrfangis -> was01:58
xrfangtjiggi_fo, sorry, I am not talking about "open" client, but the official vmware 5 tech preview, because the open client does not support latest version of PCoIP01:59
tjiggi_foxrfang, yes, I just saw my mistake02:00
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damo22is anyone running a 3.0.0 ubuntu linux kernel?02:08
=== max is now known as Guest38728
bobo37773damo22: why? whats up?02:09
damo22im trying to build a 3.2.6 kernel for very generic hardware but i cant seem to get the config right02:10
damo22im doing it from scratch02:10
bobo37773damo22: What is the problem you are running into?02:10
damo22bobo37773, i made it boot on a mac, but it locks up while its scanning for scsi devices02:11
bobo37773damo22: hmm do you need scsi support?02:11
damo22bobo37773, not sure02:11
Creamzhi, how can i disable vinagre for asking for approval for use remote desktop ?02:11
bobo37773damo22: try to remove it and see if your kernel will boot. trial and error02:12
damo22bobo37773, i want to build a kernel that works on mac/pc02:12
magn3tsHi. I *explicitly* need java6 jdk. What is the best way of doing that these days?02:12
ubottuTo just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.02:12
zykotick9magn3ts: the only way to get sun-java these days is direct from Oracle02:13
Chat9108I have a Ubuntu idea , on the login screen a video plays as you login like beach front or the Ubuntu symbol dancing02:13
magn3tszykotick9: yeah, I think I just found a script that will auto download, and package it02:13
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=== Muska_ is now known as Muska
damo22bobo37773, i thought i need scsi generic support for usb sticks02:15
cfhowlettchat9108  see www.spreadubuntu.org02:16
bobo37773damo22: you may. but you also need a booting kernel. is there anything plugged in when trying to boot02:16
damo22bobo37773, no02:16
y0om4will cp -R file dest replace dest files if the file already exists?02:16
cfhowletty0om4   greetings02:17
bobo37773damo22: try to strip it then test02:17
damo22bobo37773, it loads the kernel/initrd into a ramdisk and boots without any media02:17
bobo37773damo22: oh okay. so you got it working?02:18
=== Alan is now known as Guest73610
bobo37773Guest73610: Hello. Do you speak english?02:19
delinquentmesymlinks are @ the OS level right?02:20
delinquentmelike if im getting this error: Bundler::PathError: Could not install to path `Jemfile` because of an invalid symlink. Remove the symlink so the directory can be created.       .. this means that I need to hack something out of a system process right?02:20
damo22bobo37773, the booting process works, and the kernel initialises, but i think there is a conflict with certain drivers that are built into the kernel, as there are no modules02:21
bobo37773damo22: You are building a huge generic kernel? Or one just for your hardware?02:22
bastidrazordelinquentme: uh no. it means there is a symlink named the same as a directory that is trying to be created. delete the symlink it is telling you then reinstall the application02:22
damo22bobo37773, it doesnt need to be that huge, i just need ethernet + ata02:22
orangepnuti'm trying to setup ncmpc++ and i already have mdp installed and I go to /usr/share/doc/ncmpcpp to edit the config file and set the directory of where my music is located but I don't have permission to extract the config folder and if i just open it and edit the config file in a text editor my changes don't save.02:23
y0om4will cp -R file dest replace dest files if the file already exists?02:23
bobo37773damo22: No I mean how are you doing it? If it is a generic kernel then it should work. I dont see why not.02:23
y0om4or will it skip it?02:23
zykotick9orangepnut: outside of your home directory you need to use sudo/gksudo to edit files02:24
zykotick9y0om4: the files will be overwritten02:24
bobo37773delinquentme: Do you know your paths?02:24
y0om4can you make it so the files will not be overwritten?02:24
damo22bobo37773, i am making it generic by compiling all the modules relevant to intel and i586 ethernet and ata controllers into the kernel02:24
orangepnutzykotick9, I'm new to linux so how exactly would I do that? sudo gedit and the filepath? or?02:24
zykotick9!gksudo | orangepnut02:25
ubottuorangepnut: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)02:25
zizooHey, how would I go about making partitions mount automatically on start-up?02:25
RoastedQuestion - I'm running an E350 APU. I thought the AMD drivers and the E350 APU chipset was awesome for 1080 playback on Ubuntu? Do I have to use the proprietary drivers? I heard the open source drivers were great but my playback is nothing short of terrible right now. Am I to use the proprietary driver???02:25
zykotick9orangepnut: so "gksudo gedit /path/to/file"02:25
orangepnutzykotick9, thank you02:25
y0om4you just put -n i guess02:25
bobo37773damo22: ah I see. So it is a custom kernel. Are you sure you have all the modules you need? How did you gather information about your system?02:25
delinquentmebobo37773, I'm deploying to a remote server and I'm trying to figure out what part of this jruby application is creating the symlink02:25
zykotick9y0om4: -n does appear to be what you want02:26
damo22bobo37773, i am guessing, i just want it to work on most model macs and pcs from i586 upwards02:26
bobo37773delinquentme: hmm. if you are logged into it you could start by looking for that symlink in your path -->     echo $PATH02:26
quantumlemurhey, I'm trying to have my bell volume automatically set to 100 (from the default 50) automatically when I log in, but right now I have to do it manually each time, since no matter where I put the "xset b 100" command, it doesn't stick02:27
Creamzhi, how can i disable vinagre for asking for approval for use of remote desktop how can i disable this?02:27
quantumlemurI've tried .xinitrc, .xsession, a script that is run at login, and setting it as a normal startup command02:27
quantumlemurany ideas where to put it so it sticks?02:28
damo22bobo37773, most intel macs that use efi anyway02:28
bobo37773damo22: ah. guessing. that may be your problem. try this manual -->   http://aligunduz.org/random/LinuxKernelInANutshell.pdf02:28
bobo37773damo22: Yeah I am pretty sure your right there02:28
metasansanaquantumlemur: tried cron -e ?02:29
quantumlemurno, actually, let me try that (although it wouldn't be a satisfatory answer to the question, just a solution to the problem :P )02:29
metasansanaquantumlemur: ah I didn't read your whole question ignore my response then02:31
* mosno wonders why /usr/lib/lightdm/lightdm is in his path02:32
savidIs there a way to simulate a right-click when you have a one-button mouse?02:33
bobo37773quantumlemur: Why won't your script run as a .config/autostart/ script ?02:33
platsmorning all02:34
malkaunsgood evening :)02:34
quantumlemurbobo37773, (assuming, as it would appear, that those are the scripts created by the "Startup Applications..." dialog), my best guess is that it does run, but that the setting does not stick02:35
platsnub for ubuntu..<-02:35
quantumlemurmetasansana, I added it as a cron job, but it isn't changing the setting02:35
bobo37773quantumlemur: weird. does it need sudo to work right? maybe another application is changing it back?02:35
metasansanaprobably needs root02:35
Dr_willisI thought the normal (old fashioned) system beep/bell - was basically turned off on ubuntu by default. :) the gnome system beep replaces it.02:35
quantumlemurdoesn't need sudo02:36
platsdoes any know why seem firefox ..get hang/ FReezee02:36
metasansanaplats are you using the latest version?02:36
quantumlemurbobo37773, when I set it manually, it sticks until I log out or restart02:36
bobo37773quantumlemur: try using sleep in your script. or putting it in /etc/rc.local or similar02:36
platsyes i already update02:36
aboxcan anyone suggest (the best) secure wipe utility for ubuntu 11.10? Looking for right mouse click integration if possible. Please :)02:37
metasansanaplats: are you getting an error message about a script stopped working02:37
platsdid happen on mozila only ,i use chromiium its fine02:37
quantumlemurDr_willis, there was some change to the system bell production method... I was never able to get the gnome system beep to work out of the box, and had to edit my pulseaudio config to add in the bell sound02:37
Dr_willisquantumlemur,  this url seems to imply that pulse audio some how handles it. but ive never had any issues with the bells. I tend to always turn them off. :)02:38
Kindariwould removing a dependency also remove the things that depended on it? I intend to purge the dependency and reinstall it.02:38
metasansanaplats Ive been seeing that on Windows not so much ubuntu02:38
platsalways like thats.. i wonder it couse from site i vsiit or from mozila  #o02:38
metasansanaplats: that may be a bug02:38
platsi see02:39
platsany sugest ? should i reisntal ?02:39
xjiujiuHi guys.02:39
quantumlemurDr_willis, I did have to add that pactl line to my pulseaudio config in order to get it to work, but that site makes me wonder if I can put the "xset b 100" directly into the same place02:39
Dr_willis99% of all the hits i google for xset b  -> are about how to turn off that beep. :)02:39
xjiujiuI have a big problem.I just update my ubuntu11.10 system.But,when I reboot the system the password box is missing in the login step.02:39
UbuntunubStupid question -- installing Ubuntu server for the first time.  During the install process I'm getting a "No root file system" error and directions to correct it in the partitioning menu.  Only one problem... can't find that menu.  :D02:40
DonaldShimodaany steps to recover ati drivers after upgrading to kernel 3.2?02:40
metasansanaplats: http://kb.mozillazine.org/Firefox_hangs02:40
xjiujiuAnyone meet this problem before?02:40
metasansanaplats: I think it may be add-ons02:40
Dr_willisUbuntunub,  you told it what partion to use for the / partition?02:40
Dr_willisDonaldShimoda,  using a custom kernel?02:41
DonaldShimodayes, one builded from the source ode downloaded from kernel.org + make oldconfig02:41
metasansanaFirefox has really dropped in quality lately02:41
DonaldShimodaDr_willis, kernel work fine, but ati drivers dont02:42
Dr_willisDonaldShimoda,  so you ARE using a kernel not from the default repos?02:42
platswew thanks..<metasansana>02:42
DonaldShimodaDr_willis, yes, in using a kernel not from the default repos, becaus im using 10.04 LTS and tehres not kernel 3.2 for this ubuntui flavor02:43
Dr_willisDonaldShimoda,  you try installing the drivers using the ati whateveritsacallled.run installer from the ati web site?02:43
UbuntunubDr_willis: It never asked me yet.  On the main install menu, I see "Partion Disks" as an option.  Selecting that gives me:  Configure iSCSI volumes, Undo changes to partitions, and Finish partitioning and write changes to disk.  Last option gives me the "no root" error.02:43
metasansanaplats try running with a fresh profile no add ons etc and see how it goes02:43
=== log is now known as stroopwafel
DonaldShimodaDr_willis, noyt yet, i wonder if theres any polite way to do this02:43
platsoke .. thanks by the way02:43
plats<== now working..02:43
DonaldShimodaDr_willis, before try ATI way...02:43
Dr_willisUbuntunub,  id use a gparted live cd and partion the disks how you want. it almost sounds like its not see ing your hard drives however.02:43
metasansanaplats no problem02:43
Dr_willisDonaldShimoda,  once you go the custome kernel route.. its all on your shoulders.02:44
DonaldShimodaDr_willis, ok, but theres a fglrx source package in the repos, theres no way to compile this one?02:44
Dr_willisDonaldShimoda,  thers some scripts/tools out i recall to build your own .deb from those .run installers.. i saw them mentioned on the askubuntu.com site. but i dont use the old releases02:44
Dr_willisDonaldShimoda,  if using such a new kernel. you most likely want to use the newest drivers.. but  that may also require the latest X... so.. well.. it may get nasty.02:45
DonaldShimodaDr_willis, im just using LTS because i heat unity,gnome_shell, gnome-fallback... really , i cannot stand them...02:45
UbuntunubDr_willis:  Looks that way.  Doing a "Detect Disks" function states it can't find any and directs me to select a driver.  They're just average WD 80gb SATA's.  On board RAID sees them fine.  Same with Bios.02:45
Dr_willisDonaldShimoda,  theres alwyas lubuntu.02:45
hectoritzshell estas en linea02:45
DonaldShimodaDr_willis, yes, i must try lubuntu, anyway im waiting a LTS release02:46
Dr_willisUbuntunub,  the fact they are on a Raid controller may be the whole issue.02:46
DonaldShimodaDr_willis, when is out i will try it02:46
Dr_willisDonaldShimoda,  i think you will have a long wait.. - as far as i know  the variants dont do 'lts' releases. like that.02:46
Dr_willisI dont bother limiting myself to LTS :)02:46
Dr_willis11.10 Lubuntu - is very nicely done.02:46
DonaldShimodaDr_willis, 12.04 will be LTS02:46
Dr_willisDonaldShimoda,  but its not a 'Lubuntu LTS'02:47
DonaldShimodaDr_willis, i try the beta it s*cks02:47
quantumlemurDr_willis, yes, I haven't been able to find any mentions of the problem, either.  The archwiki taught me how to turn the bell on, but nobody seems to know where to put xset that I can find02:47
DonaldShimodaDr_willis, i see02:47
dlentzDonaldShimoda, if you installed the ati driver with dkms, then the fglrx module should have built automatically with new kernel02:47
UbuntunubDr_Willis, is there an easy solution to that?....  This system is only a few years old.  Nothing particularly odd with it that I know of.  Just an onboard Intel raid.02:47
angrynoobjust installed xubuntu and it so beautiful ^^02:47
Dr_willisUbuntunub,  ive learnd to not use raid. :)02:47
DonaldShimodadlentz, seems like dont, i dont undertsand why02:48
DonaldShimodaglxgears top wroking02:48
Dr_willistheres a lot of.. well.. 'strange' raid controllers out there.02:48
DonaldShimodastop working02:48
UbuntunubDr_willis, Well that's a bummer.  It's a home rack server.  Raid was a big part of the equation, lol.02:48
Dr_willisUbuntunub,  could be theres some special modules or other tweaking for that raid controller.  I never use raid any more.02:48
escottUbuntunub, you probably dont want to use an onboard intel raid. those chips dont have much "real" hardware to do the work. the cpu ends up doing most of it02:48
dlentzDonaldShimoda, do you know what version of fglrx you're using?02:48
Dr_willisnight all02:49
DonaldShimodathe one comming on 10.04 lts02:50
dlentzit's probably not new enough for kernel 3.202:50
DonaldShimodaok i will check the one from ati02:50
Ubuntunubescott, Another stupid question then... Is it possible to setup a software raid in Ubuntu?  Really want the raid feature.  Not really concerned with the cpu handling it -- just need the redundancy.02:50
DonaldShimodadkms failed to compile it, i see in the logs02:50
escottUbuntunub, absolutely, but you want to use the alternate (text mode) installer to make life easier for you02:51
=== ellisdee is now known as mayfield
Ubuntunubescott, Can you point me to a walkthrough of that then?  I'm a windows-boob, and linux is still the scary new thing at the moment.  Just wanting to setup a simple application server, and I'd like a gui as I'm terminal-ignorant.02:52
louijhi, if you want gui, you don't want to use ubuntu server02:53
UbuntunubI read that I could install a gui after the fact.  Is that wrong?02:53
=== DaZ_ is now known as DaZ
escottUbuntunub, main thing to remember is that if you are going with anything other than RAID1 you need to have a /boot partition https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID02:54
bellmanapt-get install xubuntu-desktop to install the GUI02:54
louijI guess so, but never did that02:54
bellmanhow do you switch from ext4RAID to ZFS02:54
escottUbuntunub, this is the alternate installer. not the server install. it should install the full gui, but it just has a text mode installer02:55
aboxdo not start with ubuntu server if you're new to linux - save linux from another ignorant review02:55
Ubuntunubescott, Just looking for RAID1.  The applications will be running on a small-ish ramdisk, with frequent backups to the raid -- hence why I want redundancy on the hdd side of things.02:55
almoxarifecan some one verify that 'task scheduler' works/no-worky? i set a task(test) to every 2 min open gedit with a file from the home/document folder, it crashes every time, and the chatter on google is 'it crashes' , the task is too simple to 'crash' , syslog says something about 'granchild process execution error' , there must be a simple answer to it, someone care to reproduce the error and perhaps come up with the fix? , btw, the issue is found02:55
almoxarifein gnome as well as kde02:55
DonaldShimodaI have a raid_0 with two discs. I need to migrate this to a new raid_0, theres any way to do without reinstall and copy data?02:55
hoangvuhi th02:55
escottDonaldShimoda, do you have 4 disks?02:56
bobo37773hoangvu: hey!02:56
earspliThey all i have a question02:56
earspliTrunning xubuntu, ever since the last kernel update02:56
earspliTi haven't been able to adjust my laptop screen brightness02:56
DonaldShimodaactually i have 2 on the raid and 2 for nthe new raid02:56
earspliTany ideas?02:56
sgo11hi, in order to edit my /var/www/ easily, what I am trying to to is logging as www-data user. what I did is: sudo su www-data. but after this, the login shell does not have any colors, can not use many shell commands like source, ctrl+l shortcut for clear etc.. how can I make www-data login as normal user? thanks.02:57
escottDonaldShimoda, assuming you have mdadm just add the two new disks to the array and go up to raid0+1 and come back down afterwards02:57
superdave321How do I use the command line to make an iso from files?02:58
Josh|KilljoyX23i have python3.2.2 downloaded. im new to linux terminal, how do i install?02:58
DonaldShimodaescott, sounds a little triky02:58
escottJosh|KilljoyX23, sudo apt-get install python302:58
Josh|KilljoyX23thank you02:58
DonaldShimodaescott, the data will remain optimized?02:58
escottJosh|KilljoyX23, don't download stuff from the web. use apt02:58
wannabem1nadist\clear -all02:59
wannabem1nadistsorry about that :)03:00
bobo37773epic fail03:00
superdave321How do I make an iso file from folder?03:01
wannabem1nadisthaha ubuntu n00b trying on irssi for the first time03:01
bobo37773superdave321: I use isomaster for all that stuff03:01
bobo37773wannabem1nadist: right on. if you need help let us know.03:02
superdave321bobo37773: thanks03:02
bobo37773superdave321: welcome03:02
scottjanyone know of a cli prog that will extract archive of common format and create a dir for the files if the archive doesn't consist of one top level dir?03:03
bobo37773scottj: depends on the type of archive. You would probably be better off just writing a function in your .bashrc / .zshrc etc..03:04
Oerscott tar unzip unrar ?03:04
scottjbobo37773: I have one, but it doesn't detect if it needs to create a dir for the contents03:04
zrutyRipOff does not seem to work too well. Any better alternatives to recommend?03:04
scottjOer: one prog to rule them all03:04
bobo37773scottj: just create a folder in your function.03:04
scottjbobo37773: no, I don't want a folder if it's not needed03:05
bobo37773scottj: hmm. if then statement?03:05
escottDonaldShimoda, the mdadm --grow command allows you to specify a --level so you can grow it to level 10 and add the two new devices. then remove the two old devices and mounted it degraded to verify it still works and grow it back to 103:06
DonaldShimodaescott, i read only raid 1 and uppers can use grow, im worng?03:06
RoastedI thought the open source AMD driver was supposed to be awesome?03:06
scottjbobo37773: yes, I could figure out a good name for the folder, detect if more than one top level item, etc. my hope was that there was already a solution03:07
jadoeI'd like to remap certain key combinations in certain programs, e.g. from CTRL+foo to ALT+foo, but not switch CTRL and ALT globally. Possible?03:07
escottDonaldShimoda, i dont know for sure. i know it can switch personalities, its certainly possible that it wouldn't be able to do some kinds of switches03:07
Lintscottj, Linux is not for solutions, it's for the challenges03:07
RoastedLint, I use it for solutions.03:08
bobo37773scottj: It should not be that difficult. It would probably be easier if you could look inside the archive first though. Then you would not have to analyze "."03:08
DonaldShimodaescott, i undrestand , thanks anyway my friend, but i think this will not work..03:08
quantumlemurjadoe, out of curiousity, in what program do you want to remap ctrl to atl?03:08
bobo37773scottj: for an all in one solution though that would not work with the function probably03:08
scottjI know there's a command that gives a common interface to major archive types, what's it's name?03:09
bobo37773scottj: you mean like file roller or something? thats not cli though.03:10
scottjbobo37773: that's not the name. it's a cli one, remember reading about it maybe 5 years ago03:10
lagittaja2trying to install a ubuntu 10.04 to my laptop. laptop is a fujitsu amilo m7400 with Pentium M 1.4Ghz (130nm). with winXP I have problem with wifi if I enable it. now when I put ubuntu cd in, it loads it, I see ubuntu text and loading animation and it's loading something from the cd also wifi light turn on on the laptop, and when it finishes loading stuff from the cd, the screen goes black and just stays that way. wonder what is wrong w03:11
lagittaja2ith this03:11
jadoei don't want to remapt ctrl to alt. only ctrl+c/v/x/t to alt+c/v/x/t, in firefox, text editors, and so on. i've been using OS X a lot over the last years, and I got used to use thumb + foo.03:11
aboxyou can switch one disk at a time at least right?03:11
jadoehm, could AutoKey do this?03:12
sgo11how to launch the "Users and Groups" setup except using "windows key" and search? ubuntu 11.10. I can not see it in the System Settings. And I don't like to use the "windows key", it makes my system very slow. thanks.03:12
zykotick9!info unp | scottj maybe?03:12
ubottuscottj maybe?: unp (source: unp): unpack (almost) everything with one command. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0~pre7 (oneiric), package size 13 kB, installed size 124 kB03:12
Lintlagittaja2, what's your videocard?03:13
lagittaja2integrated, intel 855 something03:13
aboxI took my windows key off 2 years ago. I never would have though 11.10 would have made me go searching for it.03:13
lagittaja2Intel® 855GM/855GME03:14
scottjzykotick9: maybe, thanks03:14
RoastedIs anybody using an ATI chipset with the open source drivers? I just set up a HTPC box and I'm getting terrible video feedback.03:14
bobo37773scottj: atool ?03:14
scottjbobo37773: yeah03:14
bobo37773scottj: bam!03:14
sgo11abox, :)03:15
scottjbobo37773: i think aunpack might even do the directory thing i was lookin for03:16
bobo37773scottj: nice. never heard of it03:16
varun06my wifi connection drops sometime randomly03:20
varun06mostly in evening time03:20
DanDarelagittaja2, get it working ? :)03:20
bobo37773varun06: try setting a static ip address for yourself on your router03:20
lagittaja2blargh, threw the ubuntu disk away and now with lubuntu, apparently a linux distro requires a buttload of gpu power.....03:21
DanDarelagittaja2, for the bootup problem. Try booting with wireless OFF and with acpi=off03:21
DanDarelagittaja2, here it explains how to do it: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions03:22
hatebAny chances for appmenu only if window is maximized in ubuntu 12.04?03:22
zykotick9hateb: reask in #ubuntu+103:23
wirabumihi all03:23
lagittaja2Dandare, I did'nt even get that far, it only showed the first ubuntu text with big letters and dots as a loading animation, after it finished that when it was supposed to give the language selection screen I think it instead remained black screen03:23
zykotick9lagittaja2: have you tried nomodeset?  It's not typically required for intel, but might be worth a shot?03:24
lagittaja2and lubuntu works just fine apparently. thanks anyway. going to continue the installation03:24
zykotick9!nomodeset | lagittaja203:24
ubottulagittaja2: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter03:24
DanDarelagittaja2, it can show the welcome message? not w03:25
=== module001 is now known as module000
aboxwhat is up with all the other letter ubuntu's? like xubuntu and now lubuntu? I'm confused.03:27
bellmanxubuntu is the best one. It includes the XFCE graphical environment03:27
lagittaja2L in lubuntu apparently is light03:27
=== LargePrime is now known as Guest63569
malandro95abox: they all have different UIs03:27
bellmanL is LXDE03:27
multivakbellman is right03:28
hatebyea, xubuntu is my second favorite after ubuntu03:28
multivakkubuntu kde03:28
aboxoh, that's kinda cool. I'll change my usb drive to lubuntu and see if it runs faster :) and I have room for xubuntu too. I have to find my windows key :(03:30
zykotick9bellman: and what does the L in LXDE stand for?  Light X Desktop Environment03:30
aboxkubuntu now makes me think of my old CDE days on solaris.. hrrm. I need more hard-drives/computers03:30
ztag100do you guys prefer to have your main panel at the top, or the bottom?03:31
zykotick9!polls | ztag10003:31
ubottuztag100: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.03:32
Mike9863Audio HDMI output is not working for me, however video is. Can anyone help me fix this?03:32
IceD^^hey guys03:32
bobo37773ztag100: top03:32
acidrainmy internet connection is going kinda slow. how can i make sure that my network card isnt dropping any packets?03:32
lagittaja2alrighty then, lubuntu installing just fine. old laptop anyway so I prefer lighter os03:32
IceD^^https://gist.github.com/1889847 - we are getting this alot03:32
IceD^^apt-get update03:32
ztag100ubottu: I never knew asking a question on opinion was against the law03:33
ubottuztag100: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:33
* ztag100 failed03:33
ztag100I am sorry for offending anyone by asking for an opinion03:33
aboxlol that's awesome =)03:33
malandro95ztag100: no worries.  the bot is not easily offended03:33
curahackQuick question: How can I check which distro/version my VPS is running?03:34
bobo37773ztag100: forgot. panel on top / dock on bottom. be good03:34
zykotick9curahack: you could try "lsb_release -a"03:34
ztag100I never really used a dock before, but I might try it out for sometime03:35
mosnohowcome konversation (a KDE app) doesn't have a little glowing dot on its Unity dock icon when it's open?03:35
uglyoldbobanybody know of a good download link for a package called cackey ? (its for cac cards)03:35
ztag100It is so maclike though03:35
=== Jordan_U_ is now known as Jordan_U
mosnoie. the arrow thing that shows you an app is open03:35
curahackzykotick9 thanks :)03:35
bobo37773ztag100: you can always just use nothing. maybe run openbox or awesome03:36
cfhowlettuglyoldbob   http://www.rkeene.org/projects/info/wiki/16103:36
krnli have a terminal application that i want to control from a webpage. the ideal is that i create image snapshots from the terminal show it on web and trigger all keystrokes on it that arrives from webpage. do you have any ideal how to get started?03:36
ztag100I normally just use a panel03:36
ztag100I'm using xubuntu right now03:36
mosnodon't tell me nobody uses KDE apps under Unity03:37
uglyoldbobcfhowlett: that page gives me a link to the homepage which doesnt work anymore :(03:37
ztag100I might try a fully mac like layout03:37
uglyoldbobi may have to reboot to windows to get it03:38
aboxI need buttons for both sides of my screen. I'm a dock junkie.03:38
aboxrun windows in a vm so you can make a snap-shot to revert to after you get on the Internet with it. ok win7 locked down is just stealing ubuntu's ideas but a step in the right direction?03:40
blsh0phey i have a question03:41
bobo37773abox: yeah my vms are allowed to see the net03:41
blsh0pi dual booted ubuntu to my windows pc, originally, and i alloted 14GB of space03:41
bobo37773abox: not allowed*03:41
blsh0phow can i allocate more space to it?03:41
aboxi've been called paranoid before (: not sure why, nothing I say is worth keeping. It's a challenge then03:41
aboxblsh0p, gpartd live cd is really nice for that03:42
urfr332gOblsh0p, is it a wubi install?03:42
blsh0pi just downloaded gpartd from ubuntu software center03:42
blsh0pyeah its wubi installed03:42
aboxwubi runs in windows correct?03:42
zykotick9abox: yes03:42
blsh0pi think03:42
ztag100You use wubi from windows03:42
urfr332gOblsh0p, I'm not sure you can make it bigger, not sure it is justa file in windows not a partition.03:43
cedriczgHi there. I have this weird behaviour under the internet programs like firefox and chromium. When hitting control key they get me to the home page03:43
urfr332gOnot sure really*03:43
ztag100It's just a file, not a partition03:43
aboxI have no idea how wubi works. I run things the other way around03:43
ztag100Not highly recommended03:43
blsh0pcan i add more space?03:43
cedriczgDoes anyone here know the reason for this behaviour. N.B.: I have xubuntu 11.0403:43
aboxbut gpartd should know, it's well known so it must me decent I'd think. It's never failed.03:44
ztag100bish0p: wubi doesn't partition, it just makes a file on your computer03:44
ztag100it is nto fast03:44
urfr332gOblsh0p, you can transfer it to a partition and do what you want, the developer does not suggest long term use as well.03:44
ztag100and isn't recomended03:44
bobo37773blsh0p: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=162537103:44
blsh0pi didnt think i was going to be using it that much03:44
blsh0pbut i loved it03:44
ztag100bush0p: Then burn a CD, and install ubuntu03:44
bobo37773blsh0p: then get rid of wubi and do a real dual boot03:44
zykotick9ztag100: bobo37773 +1 for both03:45
BrewsterI find myself in a bit of a predicament03:45
bobo37773Brewster: the anticipation is killing us03:45
Mike9863Audio HDMI output is not working for me, however video is. Can anyone help me fix this?03:45
digitardin settings>sound>applications tab, Totem is set to far right but still not loud enough, is there a way (gconf?) to extend that adjustment effect?03:45
ztag100Once you go linux, you never go back to other crappy operatings systems that only newbs waste their time with03:46
ztag100Is that how the saying goes?03:46
Brewsterhttp://goo.gl/e36TQ <- this is my old laptop03:46
ztag100I think I got my point across03:46
Brewsterit ran the latest version of ubuntu03:46
bobo37773Brewster: ouch. well whats up?03:46
blsh0pi would rather dual boot, though03:47
blsh0pif i get rid of wubi will i lose all my data?03:47
BrewsterI want my data but I can't simply put the harddrive in another computer03:47
ztag100blsh0p, in ubuntu, yes03:47
blsh0phow would i transfer everything from my ubuntu OS03:47
ztag100your windows data will be fine though03:47
Brewsterwhat should I do?03:47
blsh0pi dont want to lose all my stuff, though03:47
ztag100blsh0p: just backup what you want to03:47
bobo37773Brewster: is it encrypted? why cant you access it?03:48
cfhowlettdigitard   pavucontrol allows you to set volume for each sound app.  Might want to check your settings.03:48
blsh0pits going to be a sad day in the blsh0p household......03:48
blsh0pthanks guys03:48
BrewsterIt was on an amd-nvidia laptop and all I have are intel03:48
bobo37773blsh0p: awe just backup your data. no room?03:48
BrewsterI don't know enough about the command line to write data to disks from there03:48
bsI was trying to install a program with synaptic called "freevo" but it failed. Here is the relevant portion of the log: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=192998503:48
bobo37773Brewster: put the drive in and boot from a livecd. no need to boot from hdd to access it03:49
blsh0pi could back up all my files and ect. but ive become so attatched to ubuntu03:49
blsh0pill have to say good bye to dual boot03:49
cfhowlettblsh0p  why can't you set up a regular dual boot?03:50
ztag100blsh0p: Why don't you just backup your data to a flashdrive?03:50
Brewsteri'll bbl03:50
urfr332gOblsh0p, you can transfer that wubi to a partition.03:50
ztag100blsh0p: then use an ubuntu CD to setup a dualboot?03:50
ztag100Your windows partition will be just fine03:50
blsh0pi think im going to get ubuntu onto a flashdrive03:50
blsh0pthe new one, precise just came out, right?03:50
urfr332gOblsh0p, it is then a standard install.03:50
blsh0pi can use that03:50
=== stroopwafel is now known as log
cfhowlettblsh0p   slow but would work03:50
bobo37773blsh0p: even worse then wubi. Sounds like a sound solution :p03:51
ztag100If you like ubuntu so much, just install it to your harddrive03:51
cfhowlettblsh0p   precise: no.  still in alpha.03:51
blsh0poh, damn03:51
cfhowlettblsh0p   install 10.04 and then distro upgrade to 12.04 (10.04 is long term support version)03:51
blsh0pill have to03:52
ztag10012.04? When did this happen?03:52
ztag100I thought it was still alpha?03:52
blsh0pi should have done a real dual boot in the first place03:52
blsh0pwubi was a bad idea03:52
ztag100blsh0p: What's the big problem?03:52
ztag100blsh0p: It sounds like u installed wubi, to test it out03:53
cfhowlettblsh0p   per the author, wubi is not a long term solution - more of a test-bed03:53
bobo37773blsh0p: why? what are you afraid of losing? installs? config files? ubuntu is a lot more portable / easy to back up and restore then you may think.03:53
ztag100blshop: Liked what you saw, and now you want to use ubuntu more03:53
ztag100is what I'm saying wrong?03:53
blsh0pnot at all03:53
urfr332gOblsh0p, would you like the link for transferring the wubi to a partition, making it a standard dual boot?03:54
ztag100Then just burn a cd, then setup a dualboot03:54
blsh0pyeah, sure, thats be awesome03:54
cfhowlettblsh0p   or burn a boot usb03:54
GatorAlliHello, I am running Ubuntu 11.10 and I think my commercial ati graphics drivers are screwed beyond repair. I only have access to the recovery console. Is there any way I can revert ubuntu to normal?03:54
blsh0purfr332g0 whats the link?03:54
urfr332gOblsh0p, you will notice the thread starter he is the wubi expert at the forums. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=151935403:55
bsdoes anyone know what kind of hardware requirements that Enna Media Center has? Like can I use an old computer with it?03:55
digitardcfhowlett, thanks will try03:55
bobo37773bs: what is enna media center?03:56
sgo11hi, with 'sudo su www-data', how can I make the shell login as normal user, so the terminal has colors and I can use ctrl+l to clear the screen etc... thanks.03:56
cfhowlettdigitard   have fun/be safe03:56
almoxarifebs: lets assume the whole 'freevo' experience is as bad as the install, look at 'xbmc' for what you are trying to achive03:56
bsbobo37773: its a media center program for linux03:56
bsalmoxarife: i tried xbmc on this machine and it was slow to a crawl03:56
urfr332gOblsh0p, just make sure you are within the limitations of partitions on a single hd either 4 primary partitions or 3 primaries and a extended with logicals inside03:57
blsh0purfr332gO, thanks03:57
urfr332gOblsh0p, no problem :)03:57
almoxarifebs: what was slow? specific03:57
bsalmoxarife: i had previously installed Freevo on the same machine when I was running Mythbuntu, but, I couldn't get mythbuntu to output to my tv, so I had to format and put Lubuntu on03:57
bsalmoxarife: the moment i load xbmc it would take like 30 seconds just to move from 1 menu item to the next03:58
bsalmoxarife: i'm pretty sure this old laptop just doesn't meet the hardware requirements for xbmc03:58
urfr332gObs, enna would not and is not supported here just a heads up. :)03:59
zykotick9bs: xbmc will be unusable without 3d graphics.  Freevo is certainly your best bet for a light media-center (too bad the backage seems broken)03:59
almoxarifebs: ok, looking at your log file it seems one script is looking for a file that it does not find03:59
bsurfr332gO: yeah not looking for support for enna, was merely wondering if someone knew if it was light weight or not03:59
Jake_JDoes anyone know if there are any audio players for ubuntu that have active crossover support?04:00
urfr332gObs, cool many come on the channel looking for support they may not get just a heads up. ;)04:00
bsurfr332gO: i understand04:00
bobo37773Jake_J: crossover? as in wine?04:02
bsI guess I should try to install freevo manually and not from synaptic eh?04:02
almoxarifebs: no, same error should occur04:03
almoxarifebs: synaptic is not the issue, install script is04:03
bsalmoxarife: hmm, I installed it previously on another computer and had no error04:03
aboxis vbox the best, free hyper visor, for unbuntu. I think vmware cost money and takes more resources etc(?)04:04
almoxarifebs: another machine another time, what to say, look at the log, see the error, missing file? can you fake the file into the location?04:04
urfr332gOabox, no best really it is what you like qemu and vbox are quite commonly used.04:04
cfhowlettabox    "best" is subjective.  It works, it's easy and it's free.04:04
=== root is now known as Guest92240
bsalmoxarife: actually it was the same machine a few days ago, but with a different install of mythbuntu04:05
bsalmoxarife: but good idea about the file04:05
Jake_Jbobo37773: No sorry, I should have been more specific. I mean as in subwoofer/lfe channel routing for 2 channel audio also known as 2.0 to 2.1 channel mixing04:05
ZopiacIs there any way to set the GTK theme without the use of the theme selector? I don't run gnome but I want a different theme for all of my GTK apps04:05
jribZopiac: yes, use ~/.gtkrc-2.0 and ~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini04:06
Zopiacjrib: Ah, thank you very much04:06
jribZopiac: there are also several alternative theme selectors (though I'm not sure they've been updated to also touch gtk-3.0 settings)04:07
ZopiacI will look04:07
aboxI've used virtualbox many time, I'll just stick with it, thanks04:07
Zopiacjrib: BTW I don't have either of those files. Looking for a theme selector though04:08
bobo37773Jake_J: no idea sorry. not much of an audiophile04:08
jribZopiac: yes, you create the files04:08
almoxarifebs: look here, http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=10825057&postcount=204:08
Zopiacjrib: Does it just point to the theme file you want it to use?04:08
jribZopiac: no04:08
Zopiacwhoops, wrong window04:08
wasabiHowdy. Anybody have any advice on getting Ubuntu's desktop on VNC? Unity and such.04:09
GatorAlliHow do I completely reset my graphics drivers from the recovery console?04:09
bsalmoxarife: cool, i'll see about that04:09
jribZopiac: here's what's in mine: http://paste.ubuntu.com/853596/04:09
Zopiac"gtk-theme-name=Adwaita" Essentially it could just point to the theme you want, it looks like04:10
jribZopiac: I may have misunderstood what you meant by "point"04:10
ZopiacI'm not sure how to describe it in other terms is all04:11
cfhowlettFRSH   greetings04:11
FRSHCould you help me with a little problem04:11
urfr332gOwasabi, have you tried the 2d?04:11
zykotick9GatorAlli: if you have an /etc/X11/xorg.conf you could try moving that04:11
cfhowlettFRSH   ask away04:11
GatorAllimember:zykotick9: should I replace that with the default?04:12
urfr332gOwasabi, unity has a 2d logout and choose it.04:12
zykotick9GatorAlli: if you move it, then Xorg will try to autoconfigure on restart04:12
FRSHAlright, Well I am running Windows 7 and am trying to install linux on a separate drive. It gets through everything downloads the ubuntu .rar.xz and will be stuck at the extracting phase for hours and never progress. Any suggestions?04:12
zykotick9ubuntu.rar - love where this is going04:13
cfhowlettFRSH   you're installing ubuntu?04:13
urfr332gOzykotick9, lol me to. :)04:13
cfhowlettFRSH   while running windows?04:13
EvilResistanceFRSH:  what "rar" is this you are using?  there should not be a rar, its an ISO.04:13
FRSHI mean I used the windows installer04:14
FRSHAnd in the first phase of installation it says download ubuntu.rar.xz04:14
Jeff__I have a Netgear N150, I am trying to get it to work on my Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx install. Any help would be great.04:14
cfhowlettFRSH   please post the url to the download page...04:14
sgo11nobody can answer my newbie/simple question? just 'sudo su www-data' login as www-data in a terminal. how can I make this login have colors, can do ctrl+l shortcut etc... thanks.04:15
GatorAllizykotick9: hmm, it says its operating on a read-only filesystem04:15
jribsgo11: don't use "sudo su" :/04:15
FRSHMaybe it was an ISO04:15
FRSHbut anyways it is stuck on extracting04:15
zykotick9GatorAlli: well, that's a sparate issue for sure.  Sorry, I can't help - good luck.04:16
sgo11jrib, .... if I don't use it, how can I edit /var/www directory easily? so far, I am doing sudo -u www-data with every vim commands etc... it's too much work.04:16
Jordan_UFRSH: I would recommend doing a normal install rather than using Wubi.04:16
cfhowlettFRSH   you don't extract an iso... are you working from a set of instructions?04:16
jribsgo11: do it as your user and setup sane permissions on the /var/www directory?04:16
FRSHJordan, If I were to do a regular install how would I set it to not overwrite my windows install04:17
FRSHSince I am going to be running this off a 64GB permenant flash drive04:17
cfhowlettFRSH   quite easy actually... you use an ubuntu tool to make space and then install04:17
tigrangIf I press show desktop, all windows get minimized. Then If I maximize one window and press show desktop again, all windows are restored. I expect that one window thats open to minimize and the ones that are already minimized to stay minimized. Is there a way to get this behavior?04:17
sgo11jrib, /var/www has to be accessible by www-data. somebody suggests to add user to www-data group and then make group accessible. I just don't like that solution. I want to edit everything in www-data user. Thus, sudo su www-data is the only solution I can find.04:18
FRSHAhh and it will not override my windows boot manager and windows install04:18
cfhowlettFRSH   basic ubuntu can install in about 3 gigs - add a bit more room for ubuntu data and you should still have a sizeable portion for your windows.04:18
FRSHthank you very much04:18
FRSHI will be back on the IRC shortly after I finish my install04:18
cfhowlettFRSH   ubuntu will chain the bootloader.  YOu'll have a boot choice of windows / ubuntu04:18
Jeff__Anyone help me with installing Netgear N150 in Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid04:19
jribsgo11: I'd suggest creating a group www-editors....  I think this is the best approach and what I would do.  If you want to ignore my advice: the answer to your original question is probably: 1) use sudo -i -u www-data   instead of "sudo su" and 2) make sure www-data's login shell is set to bash (not sh; not dash)04:19
FRSHthats fine04:19
cfhowlettFRSH   OR...04:20
cfhowlettFRSH   if you just want to test ubuntu, install it to a usb and boot that or install virtualbox in windows and install it there04:20
cfhowlettjeff http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-newbie-8/netgear-n150-drivers-912614/04:20
FRSHI think ill just go on with a full install04:20
FRSHthank you guys so much04:21
sgo11jrib, thanks a lot. I run bash under www-data login. it looks much better!!!04:21
cfhowlettFRSH   dual boot you mean?04:21
binniis there a offtopic channel?04:21
jribsgo11: D:04:21
cfhowlettFRSH   wait 1...04:21
sgo11jrib, btw, why sudo -i -u www-data instead of sudo su www-data ? I don't see any difference.04:21
urfr332gObinni, #ubuntu-offtopic04:21
FRSHill be back in 1004:21
cfhowlettFRSH   https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot04:21
binniurfr332gO, thanks!04:21
FRSHbrother fell off roof04:21
cfhowlettbinni   #ubuntu-offtopic04:22
urfr332gObinni, no problem. :)04:22
jribsgo11: for one, you use sudo's built-in switch instead of calling su and it also sanitizes the environment (like su - would)04:22
mrgusersome budy can help me?04:22
cfhowlettmrguser   ask away04:22
bsalmoxarife: thanks for the link, that solution totally worked04:22
mrguserHow i can make my common cell no. to private??04:22
mrguserHow i can make my common cell no. to private??04:23
bobo37773mrguser: is that a ubuntu thing?04:23
thecandystoreIs there an xubuntu chat?04:23
sgo11jrib, ok. got it. i think I will use this way (login as www-data and then bash it). thanks.04:23
bobo37773thecandystore: what? like compared to ubuntu?04:23
WindPowerI'd guess #xubuntu04:23
cfhowlettthecandystore   sparsley attended ...  #xubuntu04:23
thecandystoreWell because my instal is 20gb... That's extreme04:23
urfr332gOthecandystore, #xubuntu which is support and a offtopic #xubuntu-offtopic04:24
mrguserany idea plzzz04:24
cfhowlettthecandystore   xubuntu or lubuntu are both lightweight distros, but no way a standard ubuntu install is 20 g04:24
jribsgo11: well you should probably just change www-data's login shell in that case04:24
bobo37773mrguser: what are you talking about?04:24
cfhowlettmrguser   are you talking about a cell phone phone number?04:24
thecandystoreOut of a 120gb harddrive I have 100gb left04:24
cfhowlettthecandystore   this is an ubuntu only hdd?04:25
thecandystoreYep. Fresh format04:25
mrguseri want to make my number private04:25
urfr332gOthecandystore, should be about 3 gigs at the most on install.04:25
tigrangThe show desktop behavior changes with compiz. Just using metacity --replace and show desktop works as intended. Anyone know how to change compiz show desktop behavior to that of metacity/gnome04:25
cfhowlettthecandystore   run df -h in terminal04:25
cfhowlettdf -h04:25
urfr332gOtigrang, with what release and desktop, they are different window managers.04:26
thecandystoreK now what04:26
sgo11jrib, how can I change www-data login shell ? there is even no /home/www-data/ dir. the account even does not have a password.04:26
cfhowlettthecandystore   copy/paste to http://paste.ubuntu.com04:26
cfhowlettmrguser   you have to explain what you're talking about clearly04:27
tigrangurfr332gO: gnome204:27
tigrang+ compiz, 10.0404:27
mrguserI want to make calls without show my cell number04:27
jribsgo11: « getent passwd www-data » will show you current info.  If you want to change login shell, use « usermod -s SHELL www-data »04:28
urfr332gOtigrang,with what realease? lucid maverick?04:28
tigrangurfr332gO: 10.04, idk what the codename is04:28
cfhowlettmrguser   this is an ubuntu computer support channel.  We don't do cell phone support.04:28
mrguserso tel me cel phn chanel04:29
urfr332gOtigrang, metacity and compiz are different managers you will have to work with them.04:29
bjrohanGood evening folks04:29
cfhowlettmrguser   we have no idea.  Suggest you ask your cellphone provider for support.04:29
bobo37773bjrohan: hey04:29
cfhowlettbjrohan   greetings04:29
sgo11jrib, thanks a lot. I think you mean "usermod -s $SHELL www-data", right? you didn't put $ sign.04:30
bjrohanI have a mess, and I am not sure when it happened. Yesterday I found my wireless router was having issues. I switched all of my computers to connect to the wireless modem, after doing so, I did not check to see if they were still networked04:30
bjrohanToday I upgraded my laptop to 12.04 Beta 2. I now notice than I can not access my desktop via file manager04:31
jribsgo11: I mean replace "SHELL" with "/bin/bash" or whatever shell you prefer04:31
FRSHAlright he broke his arm. By bye everyone04:31
bjrohanany suggestions? I can ping one computer from the other just fine, but they can't connect via file manager04:31
sgo11jrib, ok. $SHELL is fine. it points to /bin/bash. thanks a lot for your help. :)04:31
jribsgo11: you can also use chsh www-data (then it gives you a list iirc)04:31
cfhowlettbjrohan   12.04 is at alpha 2 ...04:31
bjrohansorry alpha 204:31
jribsgo11: night04:32
sgo11jrib, thanks. :) night.04:32
* mrguser slaps cfhowlett around a bit with a large E63-104:32
cfhowlettfrsh I think you win the boss exit line of the day - "brother fell off roof"04:32
bjrohanany suggestions?04:33
zykotick9bjrohan: if you are using 12.04 ask in #ubuntu+1 (version isn't supported here)04:33
undeclaredxHi all.  I'm looking for a way to get like a hotkey to switch the mouse pointer from one screen to another.  Anyone aware of any solutions? I have tried dualscreen-mouse-utils, but I can't compile it successfully (and not really sure why).04:33
Jordan_U!ot | mrguser04:33
ubottumrguser: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:33
bobo37773mrguser: since your still here maybe try this: --> http://lmgtfy.com/?q=dial+anonymous+on+cell+phone04:34
zykotick9bobo37773: lmftfy is rude, don't use it here04:34
mrguserPanic condom support04:35
bobo37773mrguser: your answer is indeed there. try the first suggestion.04:35
bjrohanI think #ubuntu+1 is dead :-(04:35
use_zfs_yowho here likes Unity?04:35
undeclaredxI like it, and I dislike it04:35
cfhowlettbjrohan   is this a work machine?04:35
zykotick9bjrohan: it often is, doesn't change the fact your version issues supported here04:36
bjrohanpersonal machine04:36
use_zfs_yoi, for one, dislike04:36
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bjrohanLet me ask this then, hypothetically, how would I find 2 computers running 11.10 on a wireless network?04:36
=== Jenny is now known as Jennifer
Jordan_Umrguser: Please watch your language and stay on topic. This is your last warning.04:36
cfhowlettbjrohan   ah, so you can break with impunity.  Perhaps downgrade to 11.10 or better yet 10.04?04:36
kettererwith the new android platform is it possible to make the android apps window less or more native?04:37
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mrgusersuck my dick04:37
cfhowlettketterer   no idea04:37
kettererhmm ok, im super exited about this new move, i hope to possibly get a new phone like in a year so this would be awesome04:38
cfhowlettketterer   see http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/android/contact-us04:38
kettererbut that seems to be for real devs and or oems, i didnt want to clog up with useless stuff from an exited user04:39
kettererill just wait i suppose04:39
Jeremy3Di think i lost connection. did anyone answer if they new about the netgear n-150 usb card and ubuntu 11.10?  mine works its just reeeallly slow.04:40
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Ubuntunubanyone have a recommendation of a ramdisk for Ubuntu?  I need one that can frequently save to hdd, but preferably fairly simple for the simple minded.  :)04:41
melinateI installed Ubuntu 11.10 on a laptop with a broken LCD by connecting it to an external monitor.  The graphical install worked great, but now I can't see anything on the external monitor after starting up the computer--any ideas how to configure X to use the same settings as the graphical install?04:42
bobo37773Ubuntunub: can you expand a little on what you are trying to do?04:42
Ubuntunubbobo37773, Just trying to run a minecraft server on a rack machine running Ubuntu.  I'm very new to linux in general.  I was planning on using RAMDisk for windows until going this route.04:43
pooltablegood web site to print coupons from???04:43
ubottupooltablee: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:43
use_zfs_yopooltable: coupons.com?04:43
ubottupooltable: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:44
bobo37773Ubuntunub: by ramdisk do you mean simply mouting and running things in ram?04:44
AthanasiusPcJamesy: I think you may be affected by an xchat-for-windows exploit. You might want to check for updates and make sure you're running the latest version :)04:44
bobo37773Ubuntunub: there is also tmpfs04:44
Ubuntunubbobo37773, yes -- but it needs to be able to frequently auto-save to the hdd.04:44
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UbuntunubAs in once every 5 minutes or so.04:45
bobo37773Ubuntunub: hmm. yes like a constant sync. may be script writing time04:45
zykotick9Ubuntunub: my recommendation would be to forget about this "RAM disk" and just run the server normally.04:45
Ubuntunubbobo37773, then that's getting quickly over my head for the time being.04:45
Fingelhey Im building a kiosk using ubuntu does anyone know a way to disable screensaver/lockscreen programmatically?04:46
^Phantom2^Hi ^ÂÊÎÔÛâêîôûĈĉĜĝĤĥĴĵŜŝŴŵŶŷˆ̭̂᷍ḒḓḘḙḼḽṊṋṰṱṶṷẐẑẤấẦầẨẩẪẫẬậẾếỀềỂểỄễỆệỐốỒồỔổỖỗỘộ⨣⨶⩯ꞈ^󠁞04:46
Ubuntunubzykotick9, I'm pretty set on using a ramdisk for this job.  If I can't wrap my head around how to do it then I'll be forced to go with a windows solution.  Really trying to learn how to steer away from that though.  Learning tons already.  :)  Just got finished with my first server install, then loading a gui, etc.04:47
tigrangurfr332gO: sorry I got a call. What do you mean I will have to work with them04:48
loubuntubuilding angstrom kernel04:49
loubuntufor my gumstix04:49
loubuntuwhos down with gumstix.04:49
loubuntuwhatsup munx.04:50
zykotick9!enter | loubuntu04:50
ubottuloubuntu: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!04:50
loubuntuoh its a question channel?04:50
tigrangurfr332gO: I found this,https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/91784, so it looks like its a known bug04:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 91784 in One Hundred Paper Cuts "The modal behavior of "Show Desktop" is confusing" [Low,Triaged]04:51
cfhowlettloubuntu   ubuntu support channel - for general conversation, consider #ubuntu-offtopic04:51
bobo37773Ubuntunub: Yeah. That may be the only way to do it. Unless there is a script already built for your needs.04:52
bobo37773Ubuntunub: is this what you are looking for? --> http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/204930-howto-ramdisk-minecraft-in-ubuntu-1010/04:57
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Ubuntunubbobo37773, Exactly.  :)  I was reading a few other similar posts now.  I'll check that one too.  No idea how to even make a file yet, so still learning to be done.  But knowing that others have trailblazed it already is nice.05:06
bobo37773Ubuntunub: it looks like a pretty straightforward tutorial. If you need additional help let us know.05:06
Jeremy3Dthis is so annoying. can someone pm that can help with wireless card?05:07
daneshow can I convert from avi to mp405:08
zykotick9danes: handbrake05:09
ignoredthoughtsso i'm using Lubuntu and this seems to be much more complicated05:10
daneszykotick9, is it a terminal program?05:10
LynxLucidhow do i view the nvidia graphics driver version currently in use by my system?05:11
ignoredthoughtsis the functionality as far as speed and lack of  system resource really that much better than using Mint KDE 12?05:11
zykotick9danes: handbrake comes in two version GTK (GUI) and CLI (command line)05:11
zykotick9LynxLucid: opening nvidia-settings is one method05:11
LynxLucidzykotick9, thanks, but i was wondering if there was a terminal command05:12
zykotick9LynxLucid: sorry, i can't find "version" with any of my cli methods, i'm sure it's possible though.  Good luck.05:13
LynxLucidzykotick9, ok, thanks05:14
bobo37773danes: ffmpeg05:14
zykotick9bobo37773: can ubuntu create mp4 with AAC audio now?05:14
Anon7Hello. I have a MBP 8,1 and I was wondering if anyone had ever figured out how to get the CD drive to work05:16
zykotick9danes: be aware that bobo37773 ffmpeg suggestion might not create MP4 correctly (though ffmpeg is an excellent cli encoder, just lisense issue with version in ubuntu)05:16
mister_mI have a game I downloaded that runs on linux - but it doesn't have a file extension, so I don't know how to run it05:18
Anon7mister_m, ./filenam05:18
mister_mI +x'd it, but ./gamename doesn't work05:18
mister_mit tells me that it doesn't exist - even though I used tab completion05:19
zykotick9mister_m: are you using 64bit ubuntu?05:19
mister_mzykotick9: yes05:20
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zykotick9mister_m: if you run "file THEFILENAME" does it say ELF 32-bit LSB executable?05:21
mister_mzykotick9: yup :(05:21
Guest74375Hi, I have a process called ubuntuone-syncd displayed in my conky monitor, and I want to terminate  it since it has taken some amount of RAM, I am trying to terminate it but i does not05:21
=== Guest74375 is now known as doodles
Anon7doodles, did you try killall -905:22
ActionParsnipdoodles: killall ubuntuone-syncd05:22
mosnoWhy are the bottom three icons on my Unity dock getting all squished together and/or sliding down off the screen?05:22
Anon7mosno, because you're using unity05:22
zykotick9mister_m: this is way ubuntu recommends 32bit still, the following may brake your system (if you use 11.10)??? but you could try installing ia32-libs to get 32bit compatibility.05:22
Anon7which is bad05:22
ActionParsnipmosno: you have a lot of icons in the unity panel05:22
Anon7and you should feel bad05:22
doodlesubuntuone-syncd : no process found05:23
mosnoActionParsnip, 40% is empty05:23
doodlesubuntuone-syncd : no process found ActionParsnip Anon705:23
Anon7doodles, open htop05:23
ActionParsnipmosno: you can add as many apps as you like and if you add more than the bar can hold they will compact and look like a pack of cards etc05:23
Anon7sort by mem%05:23
Anon7find the highest one05:23
Anon7kill -9 the pid05:23
FloodBot1Anon7: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:24
ActionParsnipdoodles: run:  ps -ef | grep ubuntuone | grep -v grep05:24
ActionParsnipdoodles: what is output ?05:24
doodlesfireball  1763     1  0 09:52 ?        00:00:06 /usr/bin/python /usr/lib/ubuntuone-client/ubuntuone-syncdaemon CTIONpARSNIP05:24
ActionParsnipdoodles: kill 176305:25
Anon7doodles, do sudo killall -9 ubuntuone-syncdaemon05:25
Anon7sudo kill -9 176305:25
zykotick9Anon7: don't suggest -9 before using regular kill!05:25
mosnoActionParsnip, how can i have more than the bar can hold if 40% of the bar is empty?05:25
Anon7-9 is the best kill of all time05:25
doodlesok it terminated ActionParsnip05:25
zykotick9Anon7: WRONG!05:25
Anon7zykotick9, you're wrong. I bet you don't even know how to into su05:25
mosnoActionParsnip, http://i.imgur.com/L0yhw.jpg05:25
doodlesbut I dont need ubuntu one can I remove it from my pc? ActionParsnip?05:26
kernel09i installed ubuntu on my laptop 11.10 desktop my wireless seem to work much faster in windows but in ubuntu its kinda slow and on/off most of the time...is it something i need to update any suggestion...05:26
cfhowlettdoodles   why remove it?  Just turn it off.05:26
ActionParsnipmosno: so it doesn't look like this: http://lh3.googleusercontent.com/_1QSDkzYY2vc/TWbk2LoMwII/AAAAAAAADI0/aNjElrK0124/unity-screenshot4.png05:26
ActionParsnipAnon7: using -9 wildly is a really BAD idea05:26
mosnoActionParsnip, no, please see my link05:26
Anon7doodles, you can do sudo apt-get remove ubuntu-one05:26
doodlesI want to remove it I dont want it because next time I restart it will pop up again05:26
Anon7ActionParsnip, i -9 all my kills05:26
Anon7I like doing killall -9 init.d05:27
zykotick9!wfm | Anon705:27
ubottuAnon7: Common Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/05:27
ljsoftnetcan somebody guide me to use thinkfan to lower cpu fan speed?05:27
ActionParsnipmosno: really weird05:27
ActionParsnipmosno: what is the output of:  lsb_release -sc05:27
doodlesActionParsnip how can I completely remove this ubuntu one? I use natty.05:27
mosnoActionParsnip, i have a theory that it's because of my (disabled!) LVDS display05:28
ActionParsnipdoodles: dpkg -l | grep ubuntuone     uninstall those05:28
mosnoActionParsnip, the 1280x800 LVDS is OFF and i'm only running on a VGA at 1920x108005:28
ActionParsnip!info ubuntu-one | Anon705:28
ubottuAnon7: Package ubuntu-one does not exist in oneiric05:28
mosnoActionParsnip, i think maybe the bar is remembering the dimensions of the LVDS screen05:28
mosnoActionParsnip, "oneiric"05:28
ariel`can anybody help me whats the url for the network manager05:28
ActionParsnipmosno: sounds feasible, if you press ALT+F2 and run:  unity --replace    does it help?05:29
UbuntunubStupid question #245 -- What is the apt-get for java?  And is there a main list of "apt-get" files?05:29
ActionParsnipariel`: how do you mean the URL, network manager is an app, not a web page05:29
mosnoActionParsnip, will that kill nautilus? i have a big file transfer running05:29
Anon7Ubuntunub, what do you mean by that question?05:29
ActionParsnipUbuntunub: its not in the repos anymore05:29
ActionParsnipUbuntunub: what is the output of:  uname -m05:29
zykotick9Ubuntunub: to get sun-java you need to get it direct from Oracle, it's been removed from all gnu/linux distros (openjava still exists)05:29
zykotick9!java | Ubuntunub05:29
ubottuUbuntunub: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.05:29
doodlesActionParsnip:ii  python-ubuntuone-control-panel        1.0.0-0ubuntu1.1                           Ubuntu One Control Panel Python Libraries I got this output now?05:30
Anon7zykotick9, that's not true.05:30
ariel`action i mean the url for the package05:30
zykotick9Anon7: please don't talk to me05:30
=== Jyothis is now known as YankeeDoodle
Anon7zykotick9, you're telling lies. It's available in other distros in the repos, Arch for example.05:30
mosnoActionParsnip, "unity --replace" seemed to help (the file transfer had already ended)05:31
ActionParsnipUbuntunub: wget http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8850924/install64bitJava; chmod +x ./install64bitJava; sudo ./install64bitJava05:31
ljsoftnetcan somebody guide me to use thinkfan to lower cpu fan speed?05:31
ActionParsnipUbuntunub: the script assumes chromuium browser :)05:31
kernel09any solution for my wireless problem, greatly appreciated...05:32
doodlesActionParsnip I get this output http://pastebin.com/98hEp08S now suggest what to do plz...05:33
UbuntunubActionParsnip:  Super super Ubuntu rookie (as in day 1) -- Running just the server terminal right now (though I have installed fluxbox, just not using it unless I have to).  Would that command still work?  If it makes any difference, this is for a server application and not really specific to a browser.05:33
ActionParsnipdoodles: sudo apt-get --purge remove ubuntuone-client ubuntuone-client-gnome ubuntuone-control-panel ubuntuone-control-panel-gtk; sudo apt-get --purge autoremove05:34
ActionParsnipUbuntunub: copy the whole command, press CTRL+ALT+T and paste it to the terminal, press ENTER05:34
ActionParsnipUbuntunub: when asked, you want the java 1.7 in the list (probably option 2)05:34
Ubuntunublol, alright.  Your comment for chromuium threw me.  :)05:35
ActionParsnipUbuntunub: its a terminal command and will work in ANY 64bit Linux distro05:35
doodlesActionParsnip I run the command till ubuntuone-control-panel-gtk then after removing is complete I run sudo apt-get --purge autoremove?05:35
zykotick9ActionParsnip: isn't ubuntuone part of ubuntu-desktop metapackage?  if it is, that command is going to remove 75+% of doodles' system.05:35
jiltdilcan i play all my contents of my exterjnal hard disk to my TV? Please tell me if yes how to connect it via my television05:35
ljsoftnetcan somebody guide me to use thinkfan to lower cpu fan speed?05:35
ActionParsnipzykotick9: metapackages don't uninstall anything if they are removed. I don't believe it removes the metapackage05:36
doodlesis removing ubuntu one dangerous to my system?05:36
zykotick9doodles: just verify what it's going to remove, before accepting.  I'm confident ActionParsnip knows what he's doing.05:36
ActionParsnipdoodles: just read the screen when you do it, you can always press N to stop the uninstall. It will say what wil happen if you proceed and you will ned to ok that as well05:36
ariel`does anybody kndoes anybody know where the network manager package is located05:37
ActionParsnipzykotick9: aww sweet dude05:37
ActionParsnipariel`: in the repos05:37
doodlesok I get it05:37
jiltdilcan i play all my contents saved in my  external hard disk to my TV? Please tell me if yes how to connect it via my television.05:37
doodleswhy is there * sign ? in the terminal?05:37
zykotick9jiltdil: does you TV run ubuntu?  if not, it's Off Topic05:37
Ten-EightHello all. I loaded up Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 64 bit.  Has anyone gotten Eudora OSE to run on it?05:38
ActionParsnipjiltdil: connect the vido card to the tv and select the input, you may need to reboot to make it pick it up, depends on the video chip05:38
ljsoftnetcan somebody guide me to use thinkfan to lower cpu fan speed?05:38
jiltdilActionParsnip,  Thanks05:38
doodleshttp://pastebin.com/XbWges8Y ActionParsnip can you tell what are the * signs for?05:39
ActionParsnip!find eudora05:39
ubottuFile eudora found in elza05:39
doodlesI have not yet uninstalled it ActionParsnip waiting for the answer05:39
ariel`action i cant my laptop doesnt have interesnet cause i mistakenly deleted wicd what do i do to get my internet back05:39
zykotick9doodles: good news is I was wrong and ActionParsnip was right ;)05:40
ActionParsnipjiltdil: its a glob for the name, so anyuthing starting with ubuntuone-control-panel will be removed05:40
doodleszykotick9: hmm05:40
doodlesActionParsnip what are those * for?05:40
UbuntunubActionParsnip:  Getting an "Error in server response, closing control connection".  Keeps looping with retrying... How do I stop it so I can double check I typed that all in correct?05:40
jiltdildoodles, * means the name starting with that  i think05:40
ActionParsnipzykotick9: ;). I always pull ubuntuone out, as well as whatever email client, all the vnc junk, firefox and all the games. Then install what I use :)05:41
Ubuntunubnevermind.  Just went back to the login.  *shrug*05:41
ActionParsnipUbuntunub: you may need to change the file name, let me get the link..05:41
jiltdildoodles,  just like rm *  means  select all05:41
xanguaariel`: if you have an ubuntu cd, you can insert it and install the default network manager packages from it: network-manager and network-manager-gnome05:41
doodleswhat does that mean ActionParsnip? i am a newbie man tell me about it05:41
doodlesumm ok05:41
Ten-Eight!find elza05:42
ubottuFound: elza05:42
Ten-Eightheh....what is elza?05:42
ariel`xangua would a older version work05:43
xanguaariel`: no idea05:44
jiltdilTen-Eight, elza — script language for automating HTTP requests05:44
doodlesI uninstalled ubuntuone but it gave me a warning dpkg: warning: while removing gir1.2-dee-0.5, directory '/usr/lib/pymodules/python2.7' not empty so not removed. Is this gonna affect my system?05:44
Ten-Eightjiltdil, thanks.05:44
Flanneldoodles: No05:44
jiltdilTen-Eight,  anytime :)05:45
doodlesok thanks guys[guys include zycotick9,Anon7,jiltdil, ActionParsnip and Flannel]05:46
bjrohanWhere does one typically mount a computer on a network on the local computer? I am working on a laptop, and wish to mount my desktop, does it go in the mnt dir?05:46
ActionParsnipUbuntunub: try now, just updated the script :)05:48
ActionParsnipdoodles: no its fine05:48
doodlesthanks again05:48
bobo37773zykotick9: I was away. Not sure if you are still interested in ffmpeg (your question I mean).05:48
rsvi want to use USB hotplug for my device. in older linux machines there was a directory called hotplug inside /etc. what is the equivalent for it now?05:49
UbuntunubActionParsnip: Same error in server response loop.05:49
zykotick9bobo37773: well, unless something has changed, i think i already know the answer.  no.05:50
zizooHey, is there any way I can access webpages from the command-line and do things with them using bash-scripting? Like log in to an account on a website that lets me receive private messages, but won't send e-mails out, and then run mail to send me notifications manually?05:50
jiltdilHow to play wmv  video in Ubuntu 11.10?05:51
cfhowlettjiltdil   you need to install restricted-codecs05:51
urfr332gOrsv, what is it you actually want to be able to do?05:52
bobo37773zykotick9: No? ffmpeg cannot create an aac audio file in an mp4 conatiner?05:52
Lintare there sites with sexy gtk+2 themes?05:52
zizooI'd love to have a script set up via cron that checks for new notes on deviantart.com and e-mails me notifications, since they won't do those e-mails for me....05:52
jiltdilcfhowlett, ok , Please tell from which package?05:52
zykotick9bobo37773: not ubuntu's default version, the 3rd party PPA versions can.05:52
cfhowlettjiltdil sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras05:52
ActionParsnipUbuntunub: grab the file yourself and run tbe commands in the script manually then05:52
Lintor maybe repos have something05:52
jiltdilcfhowlett,  ok thanks buddy05:52
rsvurfr332gO: i want to connect a i2c sniffer to my pc. they have gives rules and other hotplug files. when i connect it.05:52
rsvurfr332gO: i dont know where to copy these files05:53
RenatoSilvais there any place in the wild where I can share a patched binary release of a project? it's not a deb05:53
urfr332gOrsv, personally out of knowledge area sorry. ;)05:54
ActionParsnipTen-Eight: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1602351  eudorsa install (not tested, just found)05:54
Ten-EightActionPar: thanks, I'll check it out.05:55
ActionParsnipTen-Eight: why not use thunderbird. They look a LOT alike...05:55
=== nick_ is now known as Guest51067
ActionParsnipTen-Eight: what is so special about Eudora?05:56
bobo37773zykotick9: oh okay. gotcha05:56
Guest51067Wow. irssi is wierd to use.05:56
Ten-EightTbird runs fine...just wanted to use Eudora since I'm a long time user. I figured since Eudora and T-bird were now the same (except for a few things), both should run with no problems.05:56
Ten-EightActionPar: I'm used to it and it's layout.05:57
bobo37773zizoo: Last time I looked into this I was told to look into perl instead of bash.05:58
ActionParsnipTen-Eight: sensible, seems like an effort to install copared with the software centre06:00
Ten-EightActionPar: it's not bad to install. Just have to put the files in the right place...but you're right, now as easy at the software center.06:01
ActionParsnipTen-Eight: looks pretty simple tbh :)06:02
learnerhi is there any software  for ubuntu to take online class? i m using ubuntu 10.1006:04
cfhowlettlearner   canonical publishes a non-free course.  Better options exist.  What do you want to learn?06:05
urfr332gOlearner, in general I use it for general college classes. For ubuntu specific classes I'm not sure, you might check with a local college or online schools in general.06:06
learnercfhowlett, i want to conduct a class for my friends  online.. is there any software where i can conduct class and interact with them06:06
ndkellylearner, IRC would work for that. Unless you want screen broadcasting software?06:07
cfhowlettlearner   so many choices... skype, streaming, podcasting, youtube, irc...06:07
novatoHi all. I need help with some trouble I run into while trying to install ubuntu. zero experience on linux systems. Anyone can help?06:07
learnerndkelly, i need a software where they can see my screen06:08
ndkellynovato, You dont need to ask to ask. Just ask your question and if somebody can help they will do!06:08
ndkellylearner, How many people per session?06:08
learnerndkelly, 606:08
cfhowlettlearner  applications > Internet > remote desktop viewer06:09
ariel`can anyboidy tell me how to install the network manager from the dics06:09
learnercfhowlett, i need voice support also along with that06:09
cfhowlettlearner   run skype concurrently...06:10
ndkellyAs cfhowlett said earlier, Skype is a valid option.06:10
ndkellynovato, What's your question?06:10
novatoInstalling ubuntu in a partition on my macbook pro. The process is currently frozen on a error window that I can't seem to get out from (nor force quit) that says that the installer can't unmount a partition (my main mac partition, I think?).06:10
ndkellynovato, Which version of Ubuntu are you trying to install?06:11
cfhowlettlearner   note: run skype without video unless you have wide bandwith06:11
novatonewest. 11.04? something like that06:11
learnercfhowlett, do skyp hav option to show our screen to others06:12
ndkellynovato, You could just hard reboot it (hit the power button)06:12
cfhowlettlearner   desktop connection does IIRC06:12
dipixnovato: did you try "ctrl+alt+delete"?06:12
bjrohanhey everyone06:13
novatoI tried to force quit through system monitor06:13
learnercfhowlett, sorry i dint get you06:13
novatounable to06:13
bambanxguys what repository i need for my ubuntu 11.10 for install lamp ? (apache , mysql and php)06:13
cfhowlettlearner remote desktop view has some desktop sharing if I'm not mistaken06:13
dipixnovato: can you do anything on the livecd, or no?06:14
smerdykovHey everybody, I am trying to manually launch the Gnome volume indicator in a Fluxbox environment, but I can't figure out what the command is, does anyone know where I could start looking for it? I already have gnome-volume-control running, I am just looking for the popup indicator06:14
zykotick9!lamp | bambanx06:14
ubottubambanx: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)06:14
bjrohanCan anyone point me to a tutorial on mounting a file system on a remote Ubuntu machine on the same network (I am also using a Ubuntu laptop)?06:14
learnercfhowlett, ok let me try.. thank you06:14
novatoi'm using the boot from the cd right now06:14
cfhowlettlearner have fun/be safe06:14
dipixnovato: then unmount all the media you have mounted and try installing it.06:15
bjrohanhow does one mount a remote filesystem on the same network?06:16
zykotick9bjrohan: using samba or nfs06:16
bjrohanI have samba installed, but can't find the filesystem to know where to mount it06:17
novatoonly thing i might unmount here is the partition where my mac instalation is operating. I can't actually do it, it gives me the following error message: daemon is inhibited06:17
dipixnovato: hum... can you reboot (terminal or GUI)06:18
novatoWill do. any clue on how to avoid that same error when i try installing again?06:19
HirooloHello, I'm trying to get my wifi usb stick (wusb600n v2) to work and supposedly it is supported in the kernel I'm using (3.2.0-16-generic).  Does this mean that it should have theoretically been detected and working out of the box?06:21
dipixnovato: choose to install ubuntu from the boot menu, and if u happen to be in the Livecd, don't mount anything.06:21
urfr332gOHiroolo, you running precise?06:21
ActionParsnipbjrohan: samba is the server service, you don't need it if you are connecting to samba shares06:22
novatothanks! off to reboot and try again.06:22
Jon--What is the binary that gives you alt+f2 functionality?06:23
Hiroolourfr332gO: No, I'm running 11.10  .  But I grabbed a newer kernel off a ppa b/c I couldn't get my wifi USB stick to work and it is documented to work in these newer ones06:23
dipixnovato: ok, let us know how it went.06:23
ActionParsnipHiroolo: the 3.2 kernel is in Precise, not supported here but in #ubuntu+1  if you are using Oneiric with the 3.2 kernel then it is supported in neither as the kernel is not intended for your release06:23
Jon--My machine is booting without alt+f2 or gnome-panel. Doing some debugging to see what it is. Gnome2 + 11.0406:23
Hiroolooh ok06:23
smerdykovhello, does anyone know what the running process for the volume popup indicator is?06:23
ActionParsnipHiroolo: I suggest you wait til april, then install precise as it uses taht kernel and you will be fully supported06:24
ActionParsnipHiroolo: as usb wifi is so insanely cheap, you could buy a new one which works with the current kernel06:25
Jon--I know this is slightly off topic, but anyone have experience with ltsp?06:26
rahwai have an external hard dsick when iwas trying to format using FAT32 it shows me  like "Error formatting volume  Error creating file system: helper exited with exit code 1: helper failed with: mkfs.vfat: failed whilst writing FAT  mkfs.vfat 3.0.9 (31 Jan 2010)" is there any soulution?06:26
bobo37774Hiroolo: does it show up in lsusb?06:28
HirooloActionParsnip: Yes, thats always an option, but its frustrating since it used to work before and then as things get upgraded it breaks.06:29
Hiroolobobo37774: yes it does06:29
bobo37774Hiroolo: you said that you read it was supported. Did you note the module it needed?06:30
ulugbeki am trying to forward all of my https traffic from an imac to my ubuntu box:06:30
ulugbekimac$ ssh -L 10443: login@ubuntubox.com06:30
ulugbekeg: imac -> sketchy network ->ubuntubox -> interwebs06:30
ulugbekI appear to be opening a tunnel with no problem,06:30
ulugbekhowever, on 'ubuntubox' I receive this error:06:30
ulugbekchannel 3: open failed: connect failed: Connection refused06:30
FloodBot1ulugbek: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:30
ulugbek[It appears only on 'ubuntubox' when i try to acces an https page on 'imac']06:30
ulugbekoops sorry about that folks06:30
rahwai have an external hard dsick when iwas trying to format using FAT32 it shows me  like "Error formatting volume  Error creating file system: helper exited with exit code 1: helper failed with: mkfs.vfat: failed whilst writing FAT  mkfs.vfat 3.0.9 (31 Jan 2010)" is there any soulution?06:31
Logos01Greetings! So; I am attempting to install lightspark on my amd64 11.10 system. `apt-get install lightspark browser-plugin-lightspark` goes fine; but then neither Firefox nor Chromium show the plugin.06:31
Logos01Are there additional steps needed?06:32
Hiroolobobo37774: yes, its documented to support ralink module rt3572.  Although as actionsnip said, the problem might be that I'm using a kernel (3.2.0-16-generic) that isn't officially supported by 11.10 yet06:32
Logos01rahwa: What exact command were you using?06:32
supermunNew user here :D is it pretty easy to work with XFCE and change windows managers? Also, are windows managers the same as windows 7 themes?06:32
cfhowlettsupermun   quite easy to change xfce themes06:33
cfhowlett2nd question - no06:33
bobo37774Hiroolo: If your card is supprted by the kernel then why do you need support by ubuntu? Because of the networkmanager version? I do not understand why that would matter. Maybe I am missing something06:33
supermunWould you please tell me where to get themes06:33
cfhowlettsupermun   xfce is a desktop environment - a bit more substantial than a win7 theme06:34
supermunYes sorry :P06:34
Hiroolobobo37774: well, for some reason I can't understand it just doesn't get detected by the system.  if I type in iwconfig or ifconfig all i get is eth0 and lo.  It appears in lsusb though and I loaded the rt2x00usb module into the kernel without any problems06:36
rahwaLogos01: just  by making right click and format06:37
brerrabbiti have to allow another user to read, write and exe in a directory in my user directory shouldnt this work?06:37
brerrabbitlrwxrwxrwx 1 steve developers       27 Feb 23 00:40 dev -> /home/konark/subdomains/dev06:37
bobo37774Hiroolo: Is it rt2x00usb or is it rt3572? Either way did you look in "lsmod" to make sure it was loaded? Also, you did run "ifconfig -a" to make sure it wasn't down or anything rightt?06:37
Jon--I know this is slightly off topic, but anyone have experience with ltsp?06:38
ndkellyIs there a way to setup an iPhone to sync with Ubuntu?06:38
somethinginterestrying to upgrade alsa-utils to the latest version has given me trouble. Now there's unmet dependencies I can't seem to satisfy. Please see: http://paste.ubuntu.com/853632/06:38
ndkellyShort of using SSH.06:38
Logos01rahwa: Try opening up a shell and executing "sudo nautilus ." -- then, in the new window that shows up, try running it again.06:38
Logos01rahwa: This will open up your file browser (nautilus) as the 'root' user, which has permissions to execute formatting.06:39
supermuncfhowlett: where may I get XFCE?06:39
bobo37774Hiroolo: Are you sure that your card does not need firware?06:39
bobo37774Hiroolo: firmware*06:39
cfhowlettsupermun   what ubuntu do you have right now?06:39
supermunJust installed 11.10 I believe the most current06:39
cfhowlettsupermun   see   http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/xfce06:40
supermuncfhowlett: 64 bit06:40
supermuncfhowlett: Thank you06:40
cfhowlettsupermun   have fun/be safe06:40
zykotick9supermun: if you just want to add xfce install the xfce4 package06:40
supermuncfhowlett: Are they dangerous?06:40
bobo37774Hiroolo: Yeah I think you may need firmware.06:40
supermunzykotick9: I just don't like the default desktop and I was told I would have many choices with XFCE06:41
cfhowlettsupermun   ?  all this adds is an additional desktop environment.  All your apps remain the same.  NOTE: xubuntu is a fully developed flavor of ubuntu with XFCE integration.06:41
supermunSo I should have installed that instead lol06:42
supermunO gosh06:42
cfhowlettsupermun  also see the kubuntu-desktop and lubunut-desktop options06:42
bobo37774Hiroolo: Maybe something like this --> http://packages.debian.org/sid/all/firmware-ralink/download      It is a debian package though.06:42
cfhowlettsupermun   not necessarily - everyone I know tweaks their ubuntu the way they like it...06:42
supermuncfhowlett: But will XFCE work better un xubuntu.06:43
cfhowlettsupermun   yes.06:43
cfhowlettsupermun   xubuntu and lubuntu are "light" distros06:43
Hiroolobobo37774: it does require firmware, but I believe I already have it on the system "rt2870.bin"06:43
cfhowlettsupermun   they're designed for older, slower, lower spec machines.06:43
mosnohow is a noob supposed to do things like "find $DIR ! -writable -exec chmod u+w {} \;" when file move operations fail due to perms errors on a directory tree?06:44
rahwaLogos01: then  after that when iam trying to do that it apears popup but i coudnt find my drive06:44
supermuncfhowlett: is xubuntu as easy as ubuntu? I am only downloading it if it makes XFCE easier but I don't lose the easy functioning of Ubuntu06:44
supermuncfhowlett: My machine is not old or slow06:44
ActionParsnipsupermun: you can have both, you just choose the desktop at logon06:44
supermunActionParsnip: And no performance loss?06:44
cfhowlettsupermun   I'd say it's easier as it's more familiar to windows refugees...and as Action Parsnip pointed out, you can install multiple DE's and choose at boot.06:44
ActionParsnipsupermun: if you install xfce4 you will get a minimal xfce desktop06:45
bobo37774Hiroolo: Are you sure there might not be liscencing reasons not to include it upstream. I read this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ralink#Linux06:45
Hiroolobobo37774: the way I understand it, the rt2x00 project is a FOSS project designed to create a set of drivers that will accomodate all ralink cards.  They have been adopted into the mainline kernel and as of 3.1+ are supposed to support cards requiring rt357206:45
ActionParsnipsupermun: why would there be, it just uses more drive space to hold the apps, both desktops don't run at the same time06:45
supermunActionParsnip: I want all ubuntu features minus the side bar thing hence why I want XFCE but I don't want to lose anything else really. Will xubuntu satisfy that requirement?06:46
cfhowlettsupermun   yes.  see  http://xubuntublog.wordpress.com/2008/02/10/design-your-own-desktop-with-xfce-44/06:46
ActionParsnipsupermun: that's fine, you can run your gnome apps in xfce without issue. xfce is a great relpacement06:47
ActionParsnipsupermun: what are you expecting to lose exactly?06:47
bobo37774Hiroolo: I wish I had the same card so I could troubleshoot more. I would say give it a go. What do you have to lose? 50 kb disk space? But you may be right. I would like to see the link you have that says it is supported completely.06:47
supermunI don't know lol I just installed ubuntu and I don't like the desktop so I was told XFCE was for me. But now I hear maybe just installing xubuntu is prob what I should have done haha. I am not concerned with performance I just don't like the desktop06:48
supermunSo maybe I should keepmubuntu ?06:48
supermunI just feel like I installed and wasted time06:49
rahwaLogos01: even idon't have permition to format it is locked06:49
supermunI don't know what I would lose, im new06:49
cfhowlettsupermun   their are many DE's available.  Try 'em all - they're free.06:49
UbuntunubMinecraft is finally running!  Thanks ActionParsnip for all the earlier help.  :)  Now to get started on learning how to setup that ramdisk.  And learn how to make a text file, heh.  :D06:49
Hiroolobobo37774: one sec I will send, thanks for all your interest so far.. part of the problem was that until the last few days, I really didn't understand how any kernel/wireless/module stuff worked at all06:50
supermunThis is what confuses me. You. Said that xubuntu has a better XFCE experience. How much worse is the ubuntu XFCE?06:50
cfhowlettsupermun   for xubuntu in your terminal type sudo apt-get install xfce406:50
cfhowlettsupermun   not better or worse - differnt06:50
bobo37774Hiroolo: A lot of drivers are like that. Firmware + kernel driver I mean.06:51
Combro_Asini have a file : linuxqq_v1.0.2_i386.tar.gz, but it cannot be opened in ubuntu 10.11, what  should i do ?06:51
supermuncfhowlett: Installing06:51
=== Guest46238 is now known as eddie
bobo37774Combro_Asin: What are you trying to do? Install a package from source? What you have is an archive much like a rar or zip file06:51
cfhowlettsupermun   then logout.  @ login you should see a selection bar for the DE.  (might have to reboot...)06:52
=== eddie is now known as Guest17265
supermuncfhowlett: K06:52
cfhowlettsupermun   EZ reading...  http://www.pcworld.com/businesscenter/article/214930/6_alternative_ubuntu_desktops_worth_trying.html06:52
Hiroolo bobo37774: http://www.h-online.com/open/features/Kernel-Log-Coming-in-3-1-Part-1-Networking-1323463.html < just search 357206:52
supermuncfhowlett: Ill reboot to be safe, what wil my desktop be?06:52
Combro_Asinbobo37774, i want to install it06:52
cfhowlettsupermun   your choice at boot.06:52
supermuncfhowlett: Great thank you!06:53
cfhowlettsupermun   come back and let us know...06:53
boson12Ubuntu Software Centre does not work. WHY?06:53
cfhowlettboson12   details ... ?06:53
supermuncfhowlett: On my tablet ill stay :D06:53
Hiroolobobo37774: its definately possible that it all works, but that I'm doing something wrong with the implementation06:54
supermuncfhowlett: Okay I think its done the black screen stopped. Ill reboot06:54
bobo37774Combro_Asin: What is it? The program I mean. Did you search the software center first?06:54
boson12cfhowlett, before I tell the details, I wonder how to direct comments in this chat room to specific users. Is it only by typing the other user's name before my comment?06:55
cfhowlettboson12   if your chat software supports it, type the first few letters then tabcomplete...06:55
boson12cfhowlett, It works. Thanks!06:55
cfhowlettboson12   for private msg    /msg towhomitmayconcer06:56
ActionParsnipsupermun: you won't lose anything, don't worry06:56
bobo37774Hiroolo: I dont see what you could be doing wrong. Run "ifconfig -a" and "rfkill list" if you do not see your wifi card anywhere it may not be working correctly. Did you have to load the module manually or was it autoloaded?06:56
Combro_Asinbobo37774, its QQ for linux, i found it in QQ link. I didn't search it in software center06:56
mosnoumm, why does the ubuntu version of firefox prevent me from dragging tabs around???06:56
ActionParsnipmosno: what version is it?06:56
supermun cfhowlett seems to have booted normally I same desktop. What now?06:56
mosnoActionParsnip, 10.0.206:56
mosnoActionParsnip, x8606:56
bobo37774Combro_Asin: Search in the software center first. If it is not there and you want help installing it from source after that I will help you.06:56
cfhowlettsupermun   did you login?06:56
supermuncfhowlett: Set to not ask me06:57
boson12cfhowlett, my Ubuntu Software Centre searches indefinitely for softwares without ever retrieving any software. What may be happening?06:57
ActionParsnipsupermun: log off, then click the cog in the login screen and select xfce there06:57
cfhowlettsupermun   OK we..06:57
Combro_Asinbobo37774, ok06:57
TheDexter1111what command will return with details about my laptops graphics card?06:57
supermuncfhowlett: Whoops lol06:57
supermunIll tel it to ask me06:57
cfhowlettActionParsnip   thanks.  Keep forgetting I'm the only still on 10.04 LOL.06:57
mosnoActionParsnip, i guess i'll try disabling that Ubuntu Firefox Modifications add-on, then?06:57
supermunK logoff06:57
zykotick9TheDexter1111: "lspci | grep -i vga" will give the model06:57
TheDexter1111zykotick9: cheers06:58
mosnohmm, yep, that did it06:58
supermunXFCE session?06:58
* mosno sighs06:58
cfhowlettsupermun   yep06:58
* mosno wonders what he's now broken by disabling that add-on06:58
supermunHere we go !06:58
boson12cfhowlett, any idea how to solve this issue?06:58
ActionParsnipcfhowlett: many are still on lucid06:59
cfhowlettboson12   thinking... gotta say nothing leaps to mind06:59
Hiroolobobo37774:  ifconfig -a just showed eth0 and lo .  Not sure what `rfkill list` does but that just executed with no output msg.  I had to load the module manually.  One thing I'm not sure is if I'm supposed to load the module rt2x00usb or rt2800usb, right now I have both.  The other thing I noticed was that the module "usbcore" does not show up on my lsmod.  THis is something I saw on other people's lsmod outputs when they posted them in sim06:59
bobo37774Combro_Asin: Did you get it from http://im.qq.com/qq/linux/   ?06:59
boson12cfhowlett, thanks though07:00
cfhowlettboson12   can you retrieve packages via apt-get?07:00
brerrabbitI created a user 'steve' with ssh access...i need to give him access to a directory owned by konark. So I created a group assigned them both to it and chowned it to the group developers. it seems to be having no effect. What am i doing wrong?07:00
supermuncfhowlett: Okay yes I like it to an extent. I wish icons were much smaller. Can I change that? Task bar also to big. Can I change that?07:00
brerrabbitlrwxrwxrwx 1 steve developers       27 Feb 23 00:40 dev -> /home/jon/subdomains/dev07:00
brerrabbitdrwxr-xr-x 8 jon developers 4096 Feb 23 01:06 dev/07:00
brerrabbitdrwxr-xr-x 8 steve developers 4096 Feb 23 01:06 dev/07:00
FloodBot1brerrabbit: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:00
ActionParsnipbrerrabbit: does the group have the appropriate access?07:00
cfhowlettsupermun   I don't have that DE up, but I believe there's a "settings" tab on the menu bar which leads to all kinds of goodies.07:01
supermunK Ty07:01
supermunIll tinker07:01
brerrabbitActionParsnip: i certainly believe so:07:01
brerrabbitbrerrabbit: drwxr-xr-x 8 steve developers 4096 Feb 23 01:06 dev/07:01
cfhowlettboson12   can you retrieve packages via apt-get?07:01
supermunTy as well action07:01
bobo37774Hiroolo: Try the deb with the firmware. If it doesn't work just uninstall it. At least rule that out as a possibility.07:01
ActionParsnipsupermun: np ;)07:01
ActionParsnipsupermun: use tab to complete nicks07:01
zykotick9brerrabbit: are you running into a write issue now?07:02
bobo37774Hiroolo: Yeah try the link I sent you or search for firmware. I am just guessing but I am sure thats where I would start.07:02
supermunActionParsnip: Not sure what you mean. I am new to irc to and I am using tablet irc app07:03
Hiroolobobo37774: ok trying right now, whats the relationship/difference between firmware and kernel modules?  I don't really understand how they work in context07:03
cfhowlettCombro_Asin   support for qq is already built into gwibber07:03
=== AndrewX192_ is now known as AndrewX192
brerrabbitzykotick9: neither read, write nor access.07:03
UbuntunubActionParsnip: Ha... well isn't the tab thing nifty.  :)  btw, thanks again for the help.  Server is running.  Not yet configured -- but running.  Huge step for me.  Tomorrow I get to go elbows-deep again and see if I can get it running "right".  Way too late now -- Have a good night!07:04
brerrabbitthis says HE owns the directory: drwxr-xr-x 8 steve developers 4096 Feb 23 01:06 dev/07:04
mosnothankfully i can read the source... apparently i've broken the plugin finder service, and possibly printing and dictionaries07:04
brerrabbithe should have access07:04
=== david is now known as Guest42747
Combro_Asinbobo37774, there is no such aplication in software center07:06
=== Guest42747 is now known as dRounse
bobo37774Hiroolo: Its not just that its firmware. Its that part of the firmware may be closed source. Much like installing the closed source nvidia driver after you install. To answer your question though drivers are software written on your hard drive while firmware is usually written on a chip in hardware. You may want to look into it further but that is my understanding.07:07
dRounseis there anyway to have the wireless router hooked iinto the switch and get wifi07:07
GaflanaHi ALL!!!07:07
Hiroolobobo37774:  http://pastebin.com/DLGZk3eV < this was the output... basically i believed it error'd because I already had the correct firmware on my system07:07
GaflanaI have question?07:07
GaflanaPlease Help!07:07
HiroolodRounse:  Yes, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing07:07
bobo37774Hiroolo: Hmm perhaps you were right.07:08
GaflanaAnd me?07:08
supermunActionParsnip: Oh if you think I sm typing out names I am not. The app finishes it for me after two letters07:08
zykotick9!ask | Gaflana07:08
bobo37774Combro_Asin: Remember when you got the tar.gz file? Was there also a .deb file there?07:08
ubottuGaflana: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:08
maloyi have a browser problem in lubuntu 11.10.. its so painfully  slow  :(07:08
Combro_Asinbobo37774,  yes its there07:09
Gaflanaask! me07:09
GaflanaHELP PLEASE!!!07:09
supermunGaflana: Are you on fire?07:09
dRounsewell i want my  modem-->switch-->router, but whenever i do that i get no wifi07:09
bobo37774Combro_Asin: Get the .deb instead. It should install just by double clicking it. No need to build from source.07:09
Gaflanaonly my ass07:10
dRounseGaflana whats your question07:10
supermunWhat is ubuntu 2d07:10
Combro_Asinbobo37774,  i'll try it07:10
dRounseGaflana what?07:10
GaflanaCan i use official repo of Ubuntu in my own OS?07:10
chown_guys, i just installed ubuntu at a 250gb hd, and windows7 at another 250gb hd. In order i can switch boot i have to f8 at bios screen and select the Device. Is there a way i could make a select screen like grub for this exempla?07:10
dRounseGaflana well it might break your OS07:10
supermunWhat is ubuntu 2d?07:10
LintGaflana, are you Denis Popov by a chance?07:11
zykotick9supermun: you mean unity2d i think07:11
bobo37774Combro_Asin: Okay. Please read up on archives in linux (notably tar) and checkinstall for future reference if you are going to start building software from source constantly.07:11
cfhowlettsupermun   ubuntu unity DE without quite as much pretty shiny stuff.07:11
dRounsesupermun its a less graphically intense version of unity07:11
urfr332gOchown_, run sudo update-grub in ubuntu it should show in the grub menu07:11
GaflanaMy own OS based on Ubuntu07:11
supermunGood :D07:11
dRounseGaflana it still might break it07:11
Gaflanalint no07:11
supermunDo I need drivers for my Logitech webcam or just plug it in?07:12
dRounsesupermun, plug it in and find out07:12
cfhowlettsupermun   try it.07:12
supermunSo just go to website I chat om07:12
supermunN normally?07:12
urfr332gOchown_, the ubuntu HD if first to be read in the bios should just show the grub menu at powering on.07:12
GaflanadRounse, how?07:12
chown_urfr332gO: ty, lemme check it out07:13
cfhowlettsupermun   or install cheese or guvcviewer to test it07:13
GaflanaLint, go watch ZorinOS if you want07:13
Gaflanaits own OS of Zorin07:13
dRounseGaflana, is it a customized ubuntu or its been actually modified, because if you need to ask then its prolly a customized ubuntu, and it will break it cuz it might not be binary compatible07:13
Gaflanabased on Ubuntu07:13
urfr332gOchown_, put the ubuntu drive first and update-grub in ubuntu and you should be set. :)07:13
diverdudeHello. How can i know if i have a JRE installed and which one i have if i have one?07:14
tristan319i have a question about the [sound applet?] the lil speaker icon at the top right of my screen.. i formatted my drive, installed ubuntu 11.10, updated it and added gnome3.. now the audio player controls are gone.. how can i get them back.. i liked how it was..07:14
chown_urfr332gO: yeah the ubuntu is the way to go at bios, im gonna get this sudo update now and see what happens... tyvm man07:14
dRounseGaflana im sure Zorin is not binary compatible with Ubuntu, much like Debian and Mint arent necessarily binary compatible07:14
GaflanaBut other developers use it07:14
urfr332gOchown_, no problem.07:14
cfhowlettdiverdude   apt-cache policy jre07:14
bobo37774Gaflana: Your question is can you create your own Ubuntu based distro?07:14
GaflanaIn bodhiLinux i too can use it07:15
Gaflanaand all normal work07:15
dRounseGaflana those are pretty much just customized Ubuntu distros, bodhi is ubuntu with a diff DE07:15
Gaflanabobo, i do it now07:15
=== tristan319 is now known as appletproblem
appletproblemi have a question about the [sound applet?] the lil speaker icon at the top right of my screen.. i formatted my drive, installed ubuntu 11.10, updated it and added gnome3.. now the audio player controls are gone.. how can i get them back.. i liked how it was..  ANY ideas???07:16
GaflanadRounse, how me use repo of Ubuntu in my own OS?07:16
bobo37774Gaflana: Oh ok. So what is your question?07:16
supermunI see USB device and I've device and I select them but its not working07:16
dRounsebobo37774 his question isnt much of a question07:16
lnghi! why is mysqlnd not used in PHP on Ubuntu?07:16
dRounseGaflana add the repo and start downloading, it might break the OS tho07:16
cfhowlettsupermun   guvcview?07:16
supermunStick am.com07:17
supermunWebsite I think is flash camera controls07:17
supermunStick am.com07:17
Jon--Can you safely remove Unity from Ubuntu 11.04?07:17
diverdudecfhowlett: aha i have none07:17
dRounseJon- yea07:17
gogo_Hi, my sata hdd on 5 yr old laptop just died. I am thinking of using 64GB SD card or usb drive as cheap storage option. Will I be able to install Ubuntu on these? Also these options will provide similar performance matching sata hdd? Thanks!!07:17
chown_urfr332gO: man u r awesume, it did work. Ty so much for helping me. It will save me a lot of time. I do apreciate ur help. I hope i can get confortable with linux, and can be able to put windows behind07:17
cfhowlettdiverdude   ask again, I'm not 100% behind that command...07:17
diverdudeHello. How can i know if i have a JRE installed and which one i have if i have one?07:18
Jon--Can you safely remove Unity from Ubuntu 11.04?07:18
urfr332gOchown_, no problem, your in good shape having windows able to boot on its own.07:18
GaflanadRounse, os tho?07:18
dRounsegogo_ you could on a USb not sure about SD card and they will be significantly slower07:18
GaflanaI want use E-17 in my own OS07:18
Gaflanahow in BodhiLinux07:18
Gaflananice WM07:18
dRounseGaflana OS=operating system, tho=though07:19
SwedeMikegogo_: generally the SD cards and usb drives suck at random writes, so no, generally you will not get good performance, sometimes worse than a hdd.07:19
GaflanaLint, какие-то проблемы?07:19
dRounseGaflana what is your OS07:19
cfhowlettgaflana please see #bohilinux for support07:19
gogo_oh I see...07:19
cfhowlettgaflana please see #bodhilinux for support07:20
GaflanadRounse, Ubuntu07:20
supermuncfhowlett: Im getting some type of error with guy view. Something about having two cams installed. I have the crappy built in I don't use and the Logitech it won't start07:20
Gaflanastfollet, thx but no its not help to me07:20
cfhowlettsupermun   ah.  unplug the external cam and restart - cam should pick up.07:20
kebun43Can I ask if I can ask to ask to ask to ask a question?07:21
dRounseif you are running ubuntu you should just use bodhi, if not look up the repo that E17 is in and install07:21
ubottukebun43: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:21
supermuncfhowlett: Restarting :D07:21
urfr332gOkebun43, lol no.07:21
BatshuaI need a new graphics card, 'cause mine done broke.07:21
BatshuaI used to have a GeForce.07:21
BatshuaLike, 2 years ago.07:21
DXBLouie`hi everyone07:21
cfhowlettDXBLouie`   greetings07:22
GaflanadRounse, you to me?07:22
BatshuaSuggestions / guidance as to what my next card should be so it works with my box?07:22
pr0ton__so, i can't seem to find my Wifi spot? although i can see other spots and i'm connected to this one pub's wifi nearby (i had a drink there, so its' fair :P)07:22
kebun43Any evidence a Windows program running in Wine can transfer the virus to Linux? Linus Trovalds07:22
pr0ton__my android phone connects it07:22
chown_Ok, now i have a ubuntu running at a 250 gb hd, and i have a 2tb hd that i wish to share under my networt, i also wish i could manage logins like active directory in windows. And this 2tb hd should be at a file system type that windows mac and linux could read and write. what should i search for it? i just need something to search for.07:22
pr0ton__i set it up yesterday, it's WPA2 (AES)07:22
cfhowlettBatshua   see   https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsVideoCards07:22
dRounseGaflana http://packages.enlightenment.org/07:23
Combro_Asinbobo37774, it doesn't work, i'll download it again07:23
DXBLouie`been using Ubuntu for years, and Evolution mail client since my Debian days years before.. since i upgraded to the latest Ubuntu release i have a strange issue with evolution: while it works perfectly in every way, whenever i send an email to one of my suppliers (sales@astonparts.co.uk) it crashes.. even if i send a blank email.. literally, the moment i click send, it just shuts down07:23
pr0ton__anybody had seen this issues?07:23
GaflanadRounse, i want my own OS and not Ubuntu-e-1707:23
Batshuacfhowlett: THANK YOU!07:23
cfhowlettBatshua   have fun/be safe07:23
bobo37774 Combro_Asin Can you be more specific?07:23
supermuncfhowlett: Working after I launched as new process. Thank you07:23
dRounseGaflana i dont understand your question, its too confusing07:23
urfr332gOkebun43, there is no virus on the web that will run in linux.07:23
dRounseurfr332gO i wouldnt say there are none07:24
Batshuacfhowlett: <3 (usually someone sending me to a website is offensive/annoying, but this was EXACTLY RIGHT and actually helpful.  You win two karma points)07:24
cfhowlettBatshua   * I blushes*07:24
urfr332gOdRounse, there are not rootkits yse, virus no.07:24
Combro_Asinbobo37774, it said, cannot open it, then i searched a suitable aplication online , there is none. so maybe i'll try to download QQ again07:25
dRounseWine can get a virus, there is one that eats up cpu power07:25
dRounseit will stop when you kill the proccess07:25
bobo37774Combro_Asin: What operating system are you running? Windows? Mac? Linux? Are you using Ubuntu? If so what version?07:26
supermuncfhowlett: Cam works with that program but not website. Do I Ned to install flash?07:26
Combro_Asinbobo37774,  ubuntu 11.1007:26
urfr332gOdRounse, you can carry a virus and pass it on but none will run in a native linux setup, wine is not a native linux.07:26
cfhowlettCombro_Asin   gwibber has qq integration in the chat secttion.07:26
cfhowlettsupermun   probably...07:26
cefanyone know anything about new lucid kernels failing at boot, reporting that the filesystem is inconsistent?07:27
dRounseurfr332gO http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1273050.html07:27
cfhowlettpeace, love & harmony IRC --- starbucks is kicking me out!07:27
Combro_Asincfhowlett,  itried it , but cant found a list box for QQ07:27
supermunI see many versions for linux. Which should I choose?07:27
dRounsesupermun, are you new to linux?07:28
urfr332gOdRounse, lol your the king of no actual cause and effect. :)07:28
bobo37774Combro_Asin: Okay. You must have this qq application? As cfhowlett just said gwibber application has built in support. You should be able to open a .deb and extract a .tar.gz file in Ubuntu though. That is why I asked what operating system you were using because I have become confused by your issues.07:28
dRounsesupermun, id use mint or ubuntu07:28
supermunI am using ubuntu os07:28
supermunIm asking which flash to use07:28
supermunYum, tar giz, rpm and ubuntu 10.407:29
chown_is there a default vnc service at ubuntu?07:29
bobo37774supermun: Look in your software center. Search for flash. Is it not there?07:29
Combro_Asinbobo37774, ok07:29
supermunLol didn't know hang on07:29
dRounseufrf332gO i know that its almost impossible to get a virus in linux but i wouldnt tell anyone that its not possible because then they will do random crap and get a virus and then blame linux for sucking, plus its possible to get one from any number of sites if you download07:30
supermunAppears I have it07:30
supermunIf I cant use my cam on that site I cant use this os :(07:30
bobo37774supermun: You have found it or it is installed?07:30
dRounsesupermun what site?07:30
supermunSeems to be installed07:30
supermunSays remove only07:30
Gaflana!ask own destributes07:30
ubottuGaflana: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:30
bobo37774supermun: Cam on a site? Are you sure you don't need java?07:30
supermunSorry yes07:31
supermunIll try07:31
Gaflana!ask building07:31
FloodBot1supermun: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:31
urfr332gOdRounse, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_malware#Threats07:31
tr3v3lynsupermun try chrome07:31
GaflanadRounse, help plz ask it07:31
supermunNo way I need ff07:31
dRounseGaflana ask what07:31
supermunWhich java package?07:31
supermunSo many07:31
urfr332gOdRounse, notice this line. "The following is a partial list of known Linux malware. However, few if any are in the wild"07:32
GaflanadRounse, ask with links costumize kit and other...07:32
tr3v3lynjava is not the way for stickam07:32
Gaflanalinks on howto07:32
Gaflanafor rebuilding Ubuntu...07:32
dRounseurfr332gO notice where it says few if any, which means its possible :P07:32
supermunIll install openjdk java 7 runtime07:33
urfr332gOdRounse, in your mind, prove where it has happened from a legitimate source.07:33
supermunSeems most current07:33
bobo37774supermun: Just tried it. Worked fine for me.07:33
Gaflana!ask builds07:33
Gaflana!ask repo07:34
supermunbobo37774: Hope its java then haha thank you07:34
tr3v3lynsupermun stickam need flash07:34
zykotick9!bot | Gaflana07:34
ubottuGaflana: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots07:34
supermuntr3v3lyn: Pretty u07:35
bobo37774supermun: I am using flashplugin version  if that helps at all. Also, I used firefox to test.07:35
supermuntr3v3lyn: Pretty sure I have it07:35
Combro_Asingot to go now, thanks bobo3777407:35
supermunIll check07:35
dRounseurfr332gO i cant but thats irrelevant, if i was describing Linux to someone i would say, you wont get a virus, i wouldnt say its not possible, what happens if some smarty hijacks a porn site and distributes a linux virus that way07:36
urfr332gOdRounse, I merely said basically what is known in the linux world.07:36
dRounsewas he new to linux tho?07:37
urfr332gOdRounse, I did not say there wern't any or that it wasn't possible, only that there are no known to be in the wild.07:37
supermunbobo37774: I have same version. What now? :(07:37
dRounseurfr332gO lol im just playing around, i know there arent any lol07:38
bobo37774supermun: does youtube work?07:38
dRounsebut this meeans i need to make one07:38
supermunbobo37774: Yes07:38
bobo37774supermun: What web browser are you using?07:39
supermunFire fox07:39
bobo37774supermun: hmm yeah me too. Are you using noscript?07:39
supermunYes but let me double check07:39
urfr332gOdRounse, yeah right you tried to make baseless arguments last night, your rhetoric does not show your just joking. :)07:40
supermunI can see just cant stream07:40
dRounseurfr332gO what arguements last night? i wasnt even on07:40
bobo37774supermun: Oh right I did not try streaming. Only viewing. Does your webcam work with say cheese or guvcview?07:41
supermunbobo37774: No script is not blocking07:41
supermunGUI it does07:41
tr3v3lynsupermun flash works?07:42
supermunbobo37774: yes07:42
supermunCan I tell ubuntu to not use my built in and only see my Logitech?07:42
dRounseurf332gO ....07:43
supermunRestarting again07:43
dRounseurfr332gO ....07:43
zykotick9supermun: can the built-in camera be disabled in BIOS?07:43
diverdudeIf i want my dvd turned into avi files for my media center, how can i do that on ubuntu?07:44
supermunDon't think so. But anyway I should be able to make it work. Maybe the restart wil do it07:44
Kartagiscan I have iptables drop all ssh packets unless it's from a specific IP?07:44
goganchicI want to remove auto-hiding of unity global menu. So, I know that there are no available settings to do this. That is why now I'm looking through indicator-appmenu sources, but I can't find anything about switching between window title and menu. May be anybody knows which package contains code of switching between application menu and window title?07:44
dRounsediverdude i think that acidrip will rip avi07:44
zykotick9diverdude: avi is a nightmare container format at this point, if you can deal with mp4/mkv try handbrake07:45
bobo37774supermun: let me try07:45
hearno_who can I file a bug with regarding rsyslog and 11.1007:45
zykotick9!bug | hearno_07:46
dRounsehow come when i plug my modem into my switch and the switch into my wireless router i get no wifi07:46
ubottuhearno_: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.07:46
bobo37774supermun: Do I have to signup to test stream?07:46
supermunIll check07:47
hearno_zyktick9 I'm sorry to just throw that out there but I've been working on this for close to three days and  I don't know if a bug is even necessary07:47
diverdudezykotick9: mkv is ok also....what do you mean "at this point"? has it become worse?07:47
supermunbobo37774: Yes afraid so07:47
=== CPhoenix_ is now known as CPhoenix
supermunbobo37774: Its fast though07:47
zykotick9diverdude: i guess it always was bad...07:47
diverdudezykotick9: why is it so popular then07:48
hearno_*zykotick9 do you think a bug would be necessary for a forward not working07:48
zykotick9diverdude: somethings popularity often has nothing to do with quality...07:48
diverdudezykotick9: what is so bad about it?07:49
Canadian1296Okay, I just installed ubuntu server (yes, this question belongs here.) and I need to connect it to my wifi network to update the packages. It is a WPA network, and I can't seem to connect. I brought down eth0, and brought up wlan0. I read in a guide I needed to install wpaservices. As I have no connection I got the .deb on a memory stick, but I cant install it since it's dependancies need to be updated as well.07:49
zykotick9hearno_: that sounds more like a configuration issue then a bug... but it "could" be a bug.07:49
bobo37774supermun: Hmm. Did you try this already? --> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=128254907:49
zykotick9diverdude: if you want to use AVI, use AVI - it's up to you07:50
GaflanaYou know what Shattlorth is a gay?07:50
diverdudezykotick9: im just asking to learn :) Obviously you must have some reason to hate it07:50
orbisvicishow do I uninstall a specific package, for example say I have two different version of libc-bin07:51
supermunbobo37774: Non free flash as in I must pay for it?07:51
orbisvicisI want to do apt-get purge "multiarch-support=2.13-20ubuntu5" "libc-bin=2.13-20ubuntu5"07:51
zykotick9diverdude: i don't actually "hate" AVIs, i just think it's an obsolete container at this point07:51
orbisvicisbut it just spats some nonsense message to me07:51
orbisvicislibc6: Depends: libc-bin (= 2.10.1-0ubuntu15) but it is not going to be installed07:52
diverdudezykotick9: i see. but you said it was never good07:52
bobo37774supermun: What? Hahaha no allow scripts on the macromedia page from noscript and you will see the control panel07:52
Canadian1296orbisvicis: Just run "apt-get autoremove" to get rid of any unneeded packages.07:52
zykotick9diverdude: if you want a better answer, see what the Handbrake folk say about AVI and why they dropped it.07:52
urfr332gOGaflana, another refrence and I will personally call the ops.07:53
Kartagis@reboot echo "#nameserver" >> /etc/resolv.conf <--- why isn't this working?07:53
hearno_zykotick9 i've run through my rsyslog conf and it is valid07:53
bobo37774anyone here use gazelle laptop from system76?07:53
Kartagisit's in sudo crontab07:53
hearno_in theory it should work but it doesn't even work on 10.10 either07:53
zykotick9Kartagis: you probably need to use tee instead of the >> (just a guess)07:53
orbisvicisCanadian1296: http://hpaste.org/6421107:54
orbisvicisI can't figure out what to do07:54
orbisvicis*that is after autoremove07:54
Kartagiszykotick9: @reboot echo "#nameserver" | tee /etc/resolv.conf ?07:54
GaflanaIm too gay07:54
zykotick9!ot | Gaflana07:55
ubottuGaflana: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:55
GaflanaI talk with mark07:55
Gaflanaabout gays in Ubuntu and who use Ubuntu07:55
zykotick9Kartagis: looks about right?07:55
urfr332gOGaflana, does not matter it is off topic and can be seen as a negative comment no matter what you say about yourself, it is not a matter of discussion on this channel.07:56
orbisvicisand now apt-get install -f wants to remove my entire system...07:56
eeraserhi every one07:56
bobo37774Gaflana: Are you upset because you could not find help with your issue? What is your issue?07:56
KartagisGaflana: using an OS has nothing to do with the sexual preference, and nobody cares if you're gay or straight, so zip it already07:56
bobo37774eeraser: hello07:56
Kartagissorry guys07:56
bobo37774Kartagis: for what?07:57
eeraserhi bobo*07:57
Kartagisbobo37774: I got OT07:57
Gaflanau what homofobs?07:57
urfr332gO!op | Gaflana07:57
ubottuGaflana: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler or Jordan_U!07:57
DJones!o4o | Gaflana07:58
ubottuGaflana: Some topics are controversial and often end in negativity. Take care on subjects like war, race, religion, politics, gender, sexuality, drugs, potentially illegal activities and suicide. The topics are not banned; stating your position is ok, but trolling, baiting, hostility or repetition are not. If you are asked to stop, do so politely. Disputes to !appeals, please adhere to !freenode Policy and the !CodeOfConduct07:58
eeraserhi abhinav07:58
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Mango Hi. I'm David . I need to disable some programs that loads automaticaly in my ubuntu 11.04. since i chaged grafic card it hangs.. in what files are they loaded07:58
JokerInDisguiseAnyone familiar with libunity here?07:58
EtheraelI just upgraded natty to oneiric, network interface (eth0 wired only) was deleted from interfaces config file without explanation, I replaced it and that didn't fully fix things, had to ln -s /var/lock and /var/run to the new /run and /run/lock respectively07:58
eeraserwht is libunity ??07:58
EtheraelI can now ifup eth0 and that works fine.07:58
Etheraelbut for whatever reason, the network card is not coming up automatically07:59
JokerInDisguiseeeraser: unity launcher API.07:59
Etheraelanyone know why / how to fix"?07:59
GaflanaI have the right to talk about gays! Do not you dare deny me do it!07:59
KartagisMango: sudo service <package> stop07:59
KartagisGaflana: yes you do, just not here07:59
eeraserjoker*  ...  used for wht ???07:59
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».07:59
Kartagisthanks pangolin07:59
bobo37774eeraser: Not sure but lib* usually is for libraries. So if I had to guess I would say it is a library for unity window manager.07:59
zykotick9!it | enrico4407:59
ubottuenrico44: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)08:00
JokerInDisguiseI am trying to work on libunity with C. I'm stuck. can ayone help?08:00
Kartagiszykotick9: that tee command left me with only what line08:00
bobo37774supermun: Did you figure it out? Is it working?08:00
MangoKartagis: Is there some file where i can comment out the things i dont like loaded like in arch?08:01
zykotick9Kartagis: oh damb...  ya you need to use -a to append.  Sorry about that!08:01
supermunbobo37774: Working :P08:02
bobo37774supermun: awesome. Have fun.08:02
xubuntuDon't feed the troll; he's been warned08:02
supermunbobo37774: Quality maybe isn't as good. Is that common08:03
supermunCompared to windows08:03
hearno_zykotick9 my fear is that I've messed something up and there is no bug.  Are these situations just ignored and not responded to08:03
KartagisMango: arch? you might want to try #archlinux08:03
zykotick9hearno_: i just doubt many people here use rsyslog as you are (i certainly don't), so "help" might not be easy to come by...08:04
orbisvicisI have this installed "libc-bin=2.13-20ubuntu5, libc6=2.10.1-0ubuntu15, libc6-i686=2.10.1-0ubuntu15, libc6-dev=2.10.1-0ubuntu15, multiarch-support=2.13-20ubuntu5"08:04
orbisvicishow do I remove libc-bin and multiarch-support ?08:04
bobo37774supermun: hard to say. Depends on driver type of webcam etc.. That control page you were on should be able to control resolution settings. Also, there are many settings you can play with for flash that are meant to be stored in /etc/adobe/mms.cfg  Look it up online there are quite a few different switches you can test out.08:04
orbisvicisand ftr "apt-get isntall -f" wants to gut my system08:04
hearno_zykotick9 understood.  I'm simply looking at apache2 logs to forward to a relay08:05
orbisvicisand "apt-get purge/remove" doesnt work08:05
MangoKartagis: no im on ubuntu but i would like ti disable some unessesary  services and wonder if they are listed in a file someware like in the config file in arch08:05
Kartagisdoes crontab kick in after network-manager does on reboot?08:05
Angablade"Sudo apt-get remove <package name>"08:05
supermunbobo37774: Thank you very much for your help. One last question if I may. I have a tar.bz2 box. How do I install the program?08:05
hearno_if you ever run a website and don't want the logs taking up too much space it's somewhat convenient to see what types of errors you're getting08:05
KartagisMango: graphical or CLI?08:06
bobo37774supermun: tar.bz2 is an archive. Inside it is a program you wish to install? Is that what you are saying?08:06
hearno_**and being able to forward them08:06
MangoKartagis: Cli!08:06
Jon--I know this is slightly off topic, but anyone have experience with ltsp?08:07
Mangoor from windows08:07
Mangoor from puppylinux from stick08:07
bobo37774supermun: Usually packages you need to build from source are distributed that way. Did you search in the software center first to make sure the application you are looking for is not in there?08:07
KartagisMango: you might try deleting the init script from /etc/init.d/08:07
KartagisMango: or rename it08:07
supermunNot on there08:08
orbisvicisAngablade: remove doesnt work08:08
zykotick9Mango: ubuntu doesn't have a "good" way to manage services anymore...08:08
Jon--zykotick9, you mean... like service?08:09
bobo37774supermun: okay well generally speaking you extract the archive, navigate to it in your terminal, and then run      configure, make, makeinstall. You should use checkinstall though so you do not have to save the source code to uninstall it.08:09
zykotick9Mango: re Kartagis' comment (WARNING) it's /etc/init/ you should be using08:09
MangoIm in windows now and checking out that trough EXT"fsd08:09
bobo37774supermun: have you ever built software from source before?08:09
zykotick9Jon--: that won't do anything to disable/enable them will it.  Turn on/off yes - but that's not what is being discussed.08:09
supermunNever lol08:10
jonahhi everybody. i'm having a problem installing vmware player. i'm on a new Asus zenbook which doesn't work great yet with linux so i installed kernel 3.3.0rc7 but now when i try install vmware player it says i have the wrong gcc version to what my kernel was compiled on. i've tried also install gcc-4-4-base as well but it doesn't seem to help. does anyone know a way around it? thanks for any help08:10
supermunOh boy08:10
supermunbobo37774: This is gonna suck right lol08:10
humunguloussupermun: no, it's pretty easy08:10
bobo37774supermun: yeah it can be a pain until you figure it out. But it really is not that complicated.08:10
supermunbobo37774: Well I gotta have it haha. Let's dive rightin?08:11
humunguloussupermun: all the hard work is prepackaged into scripts and all you have to do is type 4 things and watch it go by08:11
ubottucheckinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!08:11
supermunOkay im opening with archive manager08:11
supermunTo,yk desktop08:11
AntonisHello folks. I have a problem since yesterday but I am not sure what caused it.. I am not able to play videos on neither chrome or firefox.. I am able to play videos on youtube bot not flash ones like this: http://kmaheshbhat.com/node/252 Could someone please help me? I am running Ubuntu 11.10 64bit08:12
bobo37774supermun: Okay well first of all I would reccomend checkinstall. Install checkinstall from your software manager before you do anything else.08:12
supermunThings don't load sofast. W,l it sped up eventually?08:12
supermunLike windows. Much slower than windows 708:12
Kartagishow do I use ' in a .bashrc alias?08:13
bobo37774supermun: Oh well it depends on what window manager / desktop environment you use. There are many choices in gnu / linux. More then you may realize.08:13
supermunJust using ubuntu with XFCE default08:13
lnghow to install it? http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/package/core/precise/main/base/php5-mysqlnd08:13
humungulousKartagis: prefix it with a backslash maybe08:13
bobo37774supermun: Really xfce is slow for you?08:14
humungulousKartagis: depends on context08:14
supermunbobo37774: Laggy but mayb cause first time opening program?08:14
junglist_czwould any one help me step by step manually intaling gfx driver ?08:14
bobo37774supermun: Is the program that is slow to load the software center itself?08:15
=== e01^breakfast is now known as e01
bobo37774supermun: Yeah I remember that. Not sure if there is anything you can do about that one. I use terminal to install and remove applications.08:15
supermunI have check install08:16
bobo37774supermun: ok so you extracted archive on desktop right?08:16
zeta-I've found that Celestia is giving a seg-fault on startup.  I've tried re-installing.  Would re-installing all dependencies be worth a try?08:16
=== andrew_ is now known as Guest39151
MangoKartagis: Thanx i try to restart08:16
appletproblemwhats that icon of a speaker in the top right corner accually called.. i did installed 11.10 and once i updated it my applet has changed from horizontal to vertical and i lost music controls.08:17
bobo37774supermun: be rigth back08:17
Guest39151I am having a problem with my fresh ubuntu install on a new computer. When i boot the graphical loading screen stops its goes to console and i see "Stopping automatic crash report generation". It then says FAILED. Its the only think highlighted red08:17
Guest39151i can only boot into linux in failsafe mode08:18
=== Guest39151 is now known as Jupiter20
Jupiter20anyone had this problem08:18
Jupiter20im running the newest ubuntu08:18
fidelJupiter20: does newest means 11.10 or 12.04 for you ;)08:19
Jupiter20newest official release not beta08:19
Jupiter20its the strangest thing, i googled about it but found to help. most the posts were saying to disable apport08:19
fidelJupiter20: whats the problem again?08:20
supermunbobo37774: Extracted to desktop :)08:20
Jupiter20i looked into it and edited my apport file and it was already turned off so that couldnt of been the problem08:20
Jupiter20well fidel, when i boot ubuntu it fails08:20
fidelah you renamed08:20
bobo37774supermun: okay now open a terminal08:20
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
fidelman - dont confuse us/me by useless renames ;)08:20
supermunbobo37774: Ready08:20
Jupiter20it goes from the graphical boot screen to console lists some things and then gives me a red marked line saying "stopping automatic crash report generation [fail]"08:21
supermunbobo37774: I have not restarted since installing install check. Should I ?08:21
rhomhow to get the  deb package for firefox 8.08:21
humungulousJupiter20: get into failsafe mode, and read what happened during boot in /var/log/messages08:21
Jupiter20ok, im booted into safe mode right now let me read my file08:22
bobo37774supermun: okay now when you extracted the file it extracted a folder right? We need to navigate to that folder with the cd command probably cd Desktop/nameoffolderyouextracted08:22
bobo37774supermun: no no reboot required08:22
supermunIs on desktop yes08:22
humungulousJupiter20: there'll be a lot in there to sift through, you have to isolate what happened right before the crash08:22
supermunIn folder08:22
bobo37774supermun: In terminal use cd command -->     cd Desktop/folder_name08:23
supermunCapitols matter?08:23
bobo37774supermun: yes08:23
appletproblemanyone have anyidea how to get the media buttons back into my sound menu?? i think gnome3 installation may have installed a new [applet?] or something..08:23
zykotick9zeta-: do you have AMD/ATI graphics card?  (reinstalling dependencies probably won't help BTW)08:23
bobo37774supermun: everything is gnu is case sensitive08:23
supermunLine came up08:24
bobo37774supermun: so you are in the folder now in the terminal right?08:24
supermunThink so I am in terminal08:24
Kartagisdoes crontab kick in after network-manager does on reboot?08:25
bobo37774supermun: okay now lets run "ls" command08:25
fidelKartagis: in case you want to understand the boot-process - consider checking the package 'bootchart'08:25
zeta-zykotick9: No -- Intel (aspire 1 netbook)08:25
bobo37774supermun: is there a script in there called "configure"  ?08:25
supermunbobo37774: Starting over08:26
bobo37774supermun: why?08:26
lnghow to install it? http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/package/core/precise/main/base/php5-mysqlnd08:26
supermunI see folders should I check for configure?08:26
Jupiter20ok, i didnt have a messages folder or file but im looking in my /var/log right now08:26
Jupiter20i opened my boot.log and it has everything my boot proccess was saying right as it crashed08:27
supermunOh I typed Is lol08:27
supermunThought that was command08:27
Kartagisthanks fidel, looking into it now08:27
Jupiter20its quite alot of stuff, could i pm you it fidel, perhaps you know what the messages mean?08:27
zeta-zykotick9: would a window manager problem cause it?08:27
zykotick9zeta-: i doubt it... but i don't have any "real" suggestions for you.  good luck.08:27
fidelJupiter20: no - use the channel08:28
bobo37774supermun: are you still in the right folder in a terminal?08:28
zeta-zykotick9: 8-) thanks anyway08:28
Jupiter20Begin: Loading essential drivers ... done.08:28
Jupiter20Begin: Running /scripts/init-premount ... done.08:28
Jupiter20Begin: Mounting root file system ... Begin: Running /scripts/local-top ... done.08:28
Jupiter20Begin: Running /scripts/local-premount ... done.08:28
Jupiter20Begin: Running /scripts/local-bottom ... done.08:28
zykotick9zeta-: it "might" have something to do with the small resolution though?  (wild guess only)08:28
Jupiter20Begin: Running /scripts/init-bottom ... done.08:28
Jupiter20fsck from util-linux 2.19.108:28
FloodBot1Jupiter20: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:28
Jupiter20/dev/sdb1: clean, 165622/3670016 files, 1033509/14653440 blocks08:28
supermunIm gonna access it again to be sure08:28
humunguloushe flooded08:28
humungulousJupiter20: you gotta use a pastebin for a long paste like that08:29
supermunbobo37774: Gona access again to be sure08:29
bobo37774supermun: what chat client are using?08:29
supermunOn here?08:29
bobo37774supermun: yeah08:29
supermuniPad app08:29
humungulousjupiter20: youre gonna be muzzled for like 10 minutes now08:29
appletproblemcan i make unitys sound applet default over gnome3ś sound applet?? after installing the gnome3 packages i think it replaced the good one..08:29
bobo37774supermun: oh. do you see my pm?08:29
zeta-zykotick9: No -- it has worked on this setup, and I have an ext monitor :-)08:29
humungulousor not08:30
zykotick9zeta-: ok.  Well, best of luck.08:30
zeta-zykotick9: thanks.08:30
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appletproblemdarn. guess ill just keep messin around trying to figure it out..08:31
Jupiter20anyone here think they could help me figure out why my ubuntu system will not boot?08:31
rhomHow to install firefox 8 in lucid(10.04)??08:32
appletproblemjupiter20: what does it do if you try to boot it normally??08:32
Jupiter20when i boot it normaly it fails to boot and the screen stops booting08:33
Jupiter20i have the boot.log file here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/853697/08:33
Jupiter20it gives me one error about stopping automatic crash report generation08:33
Jupiter20i am running a new install of ubuntu on this computer latest official version. 11.1008:34
humungulousthe boot.log excerpt you posted doesnt include the point of the crash08:34
Jupiter20ok, is there another log file that i could look at for answers?08:34
=== dan__ is now known as Guest6793
humunguloushang on i am googling08:35
humungulouswere you able to remove apport08:35
xubuntubobo37774, I have been following along. Never extracted a tarball myself.. Is it.. install checkinstall, extract tarball to say desktop; cd to desktop; then run configure file; then run make file, then run makeinstall, and finally run checkinstall?08:36
Jupiter20well i didnt remove apport but i noticed in my apport config file its set to 0 witch means its off08:36
bobo37774xubuntu: no checkinstall is used in place of makeinstall08:36
Jupiter20should i try fully removing apport08:36
humungulousdo apt-get purge apport08:36
xubuntubobo37774, OK08:36
diverdudeHow do i install a .deb package?08:37
huttandiverdude: dpkg -i package.deb08:37
BlueWolfHi, Does anyone know what the Linux Mint channel is?08:37
huttandiverdude: most times u need sudo in front. sudo dpkg -i package.deb08:37
xubuntubobo37774, Thank you08:37
bobo37774xubuntu: Your welcome08:38
Jupiter20ok, i just removed apport08:38
Jupiter20i did a purge i mean08:38
appletproblemjupiter20: does these two commands help??08:38
appletproblemsudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.broken08:38
Jupiter20my xorg should be working fine08:38
appletproblemsudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart08:38
zykotick9!mint | BlueWolf08:39
ubottuBlueWolf: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org08:39
Jupiter20i am currently logged in to graphical desktop via the failsafe boot option08:39
=== RenatoSilva is now known as Pikkachu
Jupiter20let me try and reboot the system not that i have purged apport08:39
diverdudehuttan: how do i see what files a deb pack installed?08:39
Jupiter20i will try and boot as normal mode be right back08:39
appletproblemit says put those in when it crashes with ctrl+alt+F708:39
humungulousJupiter20: some of the discussion that i see says removing apport works while other says its a red herring08:39
humungulousoops, he left08:40
huttandiverdude: how do you mean?08:40
huttandiverdude: dpkg -c package.deb will give u a list of what it contains08:40
huttandiverdude: u can also try dpkg -L package08:41
Jupiter20hello, im back again.08:45
Jupiter20Apport didnt seem to be the problem stopping it from booting08:45
humungulousthats what was suggested in the discussion on the boards08:45
Jupiter20it no longer shows the red flaged error about it08:45
humungulousthat the apport message is circumstantial08:45
humungulousand its something else like a video driver or other fundamental issue08:45
Jupiter20but ubuntu still fails to boot, it just stops loading anything and nothing starts.08:46
appletproblemjupiter: it does seem like a graphics thing to me.. is it nvida?08:46
Jupiter20its strange that the failsafe mode will load everything fine?08:46
Jupiter20yes, i have a new nvidia card08:46
humungulousthats the next most likely culprit08:46
Jupiter20this is a brand new build so all the hardware is new08:46
Linskyratehow do i unlock an Xorg lock?08:46
Jupiter20ok, let me play around with my nvidia drivers, one moment. good sudgestion08:46
humungulousJupiter20: add nomodeset as an additional kernel directive at grub08:48
zeta-Is there a 3rd-party driver for intel 945 graphics cards?08:49
Linskyratei have a Xorg lock and cannot start X in my linux 2.6.. howto remove that lock?08:49
humungulousLinskyrate: do you have a file /tmp/.X0-lock08:50
Linskyratewill check,,08:50
Linskyratehumungulous, nope08:52
gr0gmintHi, im trying to set up vpn with pptpclient, and i want to do some custom routing... i have made this iptables, so that the box should accept incoming connections on VPN, without having it as default route: http://pastebin.com/6KWHKiT1 ... But it doesn't respond to pings or anything....  : ( :( :(08:52
syddrafI had two hard drives in RAID1, but when I rebooted Xubuntu, the device under /dev no longer exists and nautilus shows two drives instead of the one. Do I need to set something to run in order to recognize the raid devices?08:52
gr0gmint*iptables script08:52
humungulousdunno then08:52
appletproblemjupiter: still there?08:53
appletproblemjupiter: u could try sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates08:53
appletproblemjupiter: then. sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade08:54
appletproblemthat should help insure the right drivers are loading for the nvida card..08:55
wystHi everybody, I have problems installing the proprietary FGRLX drivers for my amd a4 3400 on ubuntu 11.10, can anyone help me plz? =)08:55
Jupiter20k, brb rebooting08:55
brerrabbitcan you enable multiple users to have common access through ssh (including write access) to a shared directory in a users home directory?08:56
lngping zeta-08:57
ikoniabrerrabbit: yes, it's just a standard permissions model08:57
brerrabbityes one would think....but im having fits here08:57
nathan___im trying to install ubuntu alternative08:59
brerrabbitikonia: basically Im trying to just enable multiple developers access to a virtual host, and allow write access, but adding that user to the appt group does not allow access08:59
nathan___but when it trys to install grub in mbr its trying to install to sda not sde08:59
nathan___why is that?08:59
brerrabbitcreating a new group breaks apache08:59
ikonianathan___: unless you configure it to not use the primary disk it will install to the primary disk, sda08:59
ikoniabrerrabbit: it's hard to help without understanding how you've got your permissions laid out09:00
nathan___ikonia: it doesn't give me a option to change it ?09:00
nathan___ikonia: i have install to sde09:00
nathan___grub-installer /dev/sde in terminal?09:00
=== CPhoenix_ is now known as CPhoenix
ikonianathan___: I'm not sure it the alternative does give you an option, but I'm pretty sure it does if you select "custom" in the disk layout09:00
brerrabbitikonia: from ls -al:09:01
brerrabbitdrwxr-xr-x 8 steve developers 4096 Feb 23 01:06 dev/09:01
ikoniabrerrabbit: please don't flood the channel09:01
ikoniabrerrabbit: use a pastebin if you want to share a paste09:01
brerrabbit1 line is  a flood?09:01
ikoniabrerrabbit: no, I didn't know if you where going to post more09:01
brerrabbitsorry..didnt know that.09:01
ikoniabrerrabbit: that one line tells me nothing, so I was expecting more09:02
brerrabbittheoretically "steve" and every other user should have access to that dir no?09:02
ikoniabrerrabbit: no, just steve has write access09:02
ikoniabrerrabbit: everyone else is read09:02
brerrabbitah...so all developers have only read access.09:02
ikoniabrerrabbit: yes09:02
brerrabbitok..ill go back to it. Thank you.09:03
Jupiter20ok, im back again.09:03
nrdbA while ago I experimented with xen ... never used it thou... now after an update, evertime I reboot it complanes "An error occurred while mounting /proc/xen"  " Press S to skip mounting or M for manual recovery" ... :-( ... who do I stop this?  I have removed most packages to do with xen.09:03
Jupiter20Good and bad news. Good news is my normal kernel loaded with the nomodeset option  at boot in grub09:03
appletproblemany luck jupiter?09:03
ikonianrdb: look if there is a reference in /etc/fstab09:03
Jupiter20but, when it loads its at a much lower resolution?09:03
appletproblemstill no normal boot tho huh??09:04
Jupiter20so does this mean its a nvidia driver issue?09:04
faLUCE(oneiric) hi. I can see a http videostream with gnome-mediaplayer. Unfortunately, if I try to see it with the web plugin (gecko-mediaplayer 1.0.4) it fills a cache for a long time before displaying the video. How can I solve that?09:04
faLUCE(oneiric) hi. I can see a http videostream with gnome-mediaplayer. Unfortunately, if I try to see it with the web plugin (gecko-mediaplayer 1.0.4) it fills a cache for a long time before displaying the video (which is therefore delayed). How can I solve that?09:04
appletproblemill keep checkin it out in the forums..09:04
syddrafWould a failing hard drive in a RAID array cause the controller to disassociate the drives?09:04
ikoniasyddraf: depends on the controller, but yes09:05
nathan___take tow!09:05
ikonianathan___: I'm sorry, what ?09:05
nathan___ikonia: un plugged other disk going to reinstall09:06
icerootif i use a 64bit kernel with a 32bit userland is it correct that i can address more then 4gb but only the amount of 32bit for a program in userland? or does the complete userland only sees 4gb ram?09:06
Jupiter20i have a brand new nvidia card. do you think maybe its so new the latest drivers dont support it as well?09:06
syddrafikonia: Faaaantastic. I ran gsmartcontrol and apparently one of the drives is about to fail. And I just got the RAID set up last week too. =X09:06
ikoniaiceroot: your 32bit application will be limited, not the whole of userland09:06
icerootikonia: thx09:06
ikoniajunglist_cz: research it09:06
Seven_Six_Twonot sure why, but I can't play avi in any video players that I try. vlc, totem, mplayer, xine. some play audio, some crash when making full screen. i have 2gb ram. nvidia 6800 with the recommended drivers.09:06
ikoniajunglist_cz: oops, sorry, not you09:07
ikoniaJupiter20: research it09:07
iceroot!codecs | Seven_Six_Two09:07
ubottuSeven_Six_Two: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats09:07
icerootSeven_Six_Two: avi is just a container and not a real video-format09:07
ft_mnHello, I have the $FILE='my file' variable which contains a file name.. the $FILE changes all the time so i want to put the '\' before every ' ' char in order to can use it with the mv command?? how is possible to put \ before every space character? it has to be something with sed right?09:10
Linthow to detect kernel module name from boot message?09:10
Seven_Six_Twoiceroot, I know. I've got restricted-extras installed. gstreamer and libxine1 as well.09:10
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=== dinzdale is now known as stephenh
icerootSeven_Six_Two: sometimes "file file.avi" can tell you what codec is used09:11
ft_mnOr at least I want somehow to be able to rename the file with a string contained in a variable without to care about the space09:11
ikoniaLint: it's not shown in the boot message unless you explicitly call it09:11
Atlantic777what is the smallest iso for offline ubuntu install?09:12
Atlantic777alternate has full desktop?09:12
syddrafft_mn: You can just wrap it in ""09:12
ikoniaLint: you may see errors if one is called wrongly (eg: quite common with some iptables modules)09:12
ikoniaAtlantic777: 700MB, the standard dekstop install09:12
Atlantic777ikonia: nothing smaller? :/09:13
nathan___how can install desktop without libre office and some of the other bloat?09:13
thevincilooking for some help with Precise Pangolin Alpha, and multi monitor issues09:13
ikoniaAtlantic777: no, as you need the packages to install, so you either need a small boot CD and online access, or the online content on a cd, which is the standard install CD09:13
ikoniathevinci: ask in #ubuntu+109:13
ft_mnsyddraf: what do you mean? i want to do: mv *txt $FILE.txt ....  But what if $FILE= "name with spaces"09:13
llutzft_mn: FILE=${FILE// /_}09:13
ikonianathan___: just remove what you don't want09:13
thevincino is on there09:13
nrdbA while ago I experimented with xen ... never used it thou... now after an update, evertime I reboot it complanes "An error occurred while mounting /proc/xen"  " Press S to skip mounting or M for manual recovery" ... :-( ... how do I stop this?  I have removed most packages to do with xen.09:14
nathan___ikonia: ok :) know anything about ssd optimization?09:14
Atlantic777nathan___: I'm looking for that too, please ping me if you find out something.09:14
thevincinever mind, got an answer thanks09:14
zykotick9nrdb: check if it's being called from /etc/fstab, comment it out if you don't use xen09:14
llutzft_mn: FILE=${FILE// /\\ }    sry  1st replaces space by underscore09:14
ikonianathan___: just use ext4 with trim support to get a basic install, it will work fine, then you can do any specific tuning you want later09:14
ft_mnllutz: let me check it plz09:15
ikonianrdb: I told you to check /etc/fstab - have you done that09:15
Seven_Six_Twoiceroot, ok, it's an xvid file. I can play them on 11.10 on my laptop, but not 11.10 on my desktop. both show direct rendering enabled with glxinfo | grep direct. laptop can play with any media player windowed for fullscreen. desktop only plays windowed with dragon and vlc. everything freezes or crashes fullscreen, saying out of resources. I have nvidia 6800 gtoc and 2gb ram. I should be able to play a video09:15
Linthow to blacklist a module?09:16
ikonia!blacklist | Lint09:16
ubottuLint: To blacklist a module, edit /etc/modprobe.d/my_blacklist.conf and add « blacklist <modulename> » to the end of that list - To explicitly load modules in a specific order, list them in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules and type « sudo update-initramfs -u »09:16
llutzLint: add it to /etc/modprobe.d/whatever.conf  "blacklist modname"09:16
nt51Anyone here?09:17
ikonianrdb: many people09:17
llutznope, just 1521 ghosts09:17
ikoniant51: many people09:17
zykotick9Seven_Six_Two: try using a different VideoOutput (depends on media player how it's done) examples would be x11, xv, gl09:17
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience09:18
mehdi_can sb help me with this link http://source.android.com/source/downloading.html i cant run repo coomand in this page wat shoudl i do?09:18
ikoniamehdi_: what are you actually having problems with09:18
ft_mnllutz: yes thats what I was trying to do... Thank you man!09:18
mehdi_i cant run the command turns to repo09:19
d4nt3help me...i can't install linux mint 12 KDE...ubiquity crash often09:19
ikoniamehdi_: read the first line in the that guide09:19
nt51Alright, I'm running on a MacMini4,1. Just got done installing Ubuntu 11.10, everything works except the video drivers. The nvidia drivers worked perfectly out of the box in the liveCD but on the actual HD install, it does not. Does anyone have a solution to this? On a previous install, if I were to download the official 320M drivers, the display would not function at all.09:19
ikoniad4nt3: use the mint syupport resources, not ubuntu09:19
ikonia!mint > d4nt309:19
ubottud4nt3, please see my private message09:19
llutzft_mn: np09:19
d4nt3help me...i can't install linux mint 12 KDE...ubiquity crash often...pm me please...i can't understand09:19
ikoniad4nt3: use the mint syupport resources, not ubuntu09:19
ikonia!mint > d4nt309:19
nt51I had to use the recovery boot option to get the system to boot, just removed the recovery command in grub.09:20
ikoniad4nt3: read the private message ubottu just sent you about how to access the mint irc channel09:20
mehdi_ikonia, when i run rrpo gives me this error : No command 'repo' found, did you mean:09:20
mehdi_ Command 'rep' from package 'rep' (universe)09:20
mehdi_ Command 'repl' from package 'nmh' (universe)09:20
mehdi_ Command 'repl' from package 'mailutils-mh' (universe)09:20
ikoniamehdi_: READ the first line of that guide09:20
lakituhello - first off, i have aphasia so communication is difficult, but this is important, so: when my new install (for which i am trying to restore my home partiition on) boots, it says "cannot mount /etc/fstab:" i think, which is very confusing - if i do mount the home partition via fstab it will not boot up properly & just hangs09:21
ikonialakitu: it doesn't say cannot mount /etc/fstab - get the correct error and we can help you09:21
lakituyes it does09:22
lakitu& there is a fstab: directory in my /etc folder09:22
nt51I haven't seen any threads on the forum saying anything about 320M drivers for the Mac Mini mid-2010 model.09:22
ikonialakitu: no it doesn't09:22
ikonialakitu: fstab is a file (not a directory) in /etc09:22
lakitui know - it is both on mine09:22
ikonialakitu: fstab is not mounted, it's used to tell the system what to mount09:22
nrdbzykotick9, ikonia, I had checked /etc/fstab ... but did it again ... I must have missed it the first time... it gone now and everything is fine ... thanks.09:22
lakitui dont' kno wwhy09:22
lakitui know09:22
ikonialakitu: it can't be both09:22
lakituikonia: it is a "fstab:" directory09:22
mehdi_ikonia, i red it how can i install git or repo on ubuntu?09:23
* truexfan81 is away: Away From Computer09:23
ikonialakitu: then you have messed your system up - re-install it09:23
ikonia!away > Tristam09:23
ubottuTristam, please see my private message09:23
=== iqpi|off is now known as iqpi|on
d4nt3how to connect to irc.spotchat.org?:09:23
ikoniad4nt3: join #freenode and ask for help09:23
lakituany other possibilities, such is difficult with agnosia/aphasia09:23
ikonialakitu: no - fstab cannot be a directory and nothing will do this beyond a user actually doing this09:24
nt51anyone have any suggestions for me? I'd really like to get my display drivers working..09:24
ikoniant51: use the additional drivers tool to enable the nvidia modules09:24
lakituit is possible i screwd it up, but it does say "error mounting /etc/fstab:"09:24
lakituwhen i boot09:24
d4nt3no answer from #freenodde09:24
ikoniant51: do not get external ones09:24
ikoniad4nt3: you waited less than 8 seconds for a response09:24
ikoniad4nt3: please wait a reasonable ammount of imt09:25
ikonialakitu: re-install your OS09:25
nt51ikonia: the only drivers seen in there are the broadcom drivers. I can't get my display working properly without the nomodeset boot option which disables the built in ones.09:25
ikoniant51: please open a termainal and pastebin the output of "lspci"09:25
lakituikonia: if it repeats, what could be a cause?09:25
lakituyou're a regular john henry09:25
ikonialakitu: it won't repeat - the only way that can happen is a user has manually done this09:25
d4nt3i wait more than 10 seconds...and i still get no answer...09:25
ikoniad4nt3: ok, bye then09:25
hiexpolspci | pastebinit09:25
lakituwhat is the basic procedure for restoring my home partition - just mount it?09:26
nt51ikonia: http://pastebin.com/ySL1a39e09:26
ikonialakitu: if you still have the partition, yes09:26
gabyhello every body - i need to print using HP 5200L printer and i cant09:26
gabyany help?09:26
lakituikonia: ANYthing else - install updates first, package readings first, - ?09:26
ikonialakitu: no09:26
ikoniant51: ok, so that should show an nvidia module in the additional drivers tool09:27
hiexpogaby, you have hplip09:27
gabyhiexpo, i dont know09:28
nt51ikonia: the only available driver that appears is the Broadcom STA driver.09:28
nt51which is already enabled09:29
hiexpogaby open terminal and type sudo apt-get install hplip09:29
ikoniant51: that's most odd09:29
gabyhiexpo -i did - and ?09:30
ikoniaif you boot your system from your hard disk, does the dekstop work09:30
supermunThanks for al the help ubuntu room09:31
supermunThanks bobo09:31
supermunAnd everyone else09:31
nt51ikonia: I generally have to use the recovery boot option, and just edit out "ro recovery" from the loader to get to a desktop. nomodeset in the non-recovery boot option does not affect anything, and booting normally will get me a proper screen resolution, but I will simply see a few lines of static colours.09:31
bobo37774later everyone09:31
FloodBot1supermun: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:31
ikoniant51: as in do you get a desktop up at all ?09:31
bobo37774supermun: welcome09:31
ikoniant51: ok, while in recovery mode do you have an /etc/X11/xorg.conf ?09:31
* miadbahrami INVITE all #sepia09:32
nt51ikonia: the file does not exit09:32
ikoniamiadbahrami: please don't do that again09:32
ikoniant51: that's a good thing09:32
gabyany body can help me with printing please09:34
gabyiam using ubuntu 11.10 and  i need to print on HP 5200L and i cant - i dont know why ?09:35
Atlantic777gaby: is the printer recognised?09:36
nt51alright, what am I supposed to do? I'm stuck at a 1024x768 screen resolution on my 24" display..09:36
Atlantic777gaby: what actually happens? You click on a print button and... ?09:36
gabypending till held09:36
ikoniant51: sorry was just doing something else09:37
=== flipp_ is now known as flipp
ikoniant51: ok, well, I'm a bit worried why there is no nvidia option offered in the additional drivers tool, that's not the best sign09:38
ikoniant51: how old is this mac ?09:38
nt51MacMini4,1. bought it in April 2011.09:38
nt51mid-2010 model (unibody w/ DVD drive)09:38
ikoniant51: ok, so should be reasonably old in terms of bleeding edge support09:39
nt51ikonia: http://i.imgur.com/o8UQh.png this is what I see when I go to Additonal Drivers09:39
ikoniant51: that is odd09:40
nt51the Live CD had perfect support for this display09:40
nt51compiz even worked in the Live CD09:40
ikoniant51: well, at least you know the Noevo drivers have some support (that's what the livecd is using)09:41
ikoniant51: the choice is either a.) try to use the Noevo drivers b.) try to use the nvidia ones packaged by ubuntu09:41
nt51ikonia: is there a way I can reactive the Noevo driver?09:41
faLUCE(oneiric) hi. I can see a http videostream with gnome-mediaplayer. Unfortunately, if I try to see it with the web plugin (gecko-mediaplayer 1.0.4) it fills a cache for a long time before displaying the video (which is therefore delayed). How can I solve that?09:41
L3top_I can probably answer some of this09:41
ikoniant51: sure, it "should" detect it, but clearly it's not, so you'll need to make an /etc/X11/xorg.conf and hard code it09:41
nt51ikonia: and just how do I do that?09:42
L3top_I assume someone is attempting to load nvidia from a live cd via remastersys or something?09:42
=== Kabrooks is now known as Creeper
ikoniaL3top_: no09:42
CreeperOh boy09:43
ikoniant51: Xorg -configure should generate a template xorg.conf file for you09:43
gfasdhvfabcvhjweWhat happens if I ask to ask within to ask inside to ask?09:44
ikoniagfasdhvfabcvhjwe: you get kicked for trying to be smart/funny in a technical support channel09:44
nt51ikonia: and I would need to kill X before I do this, right?09:45
ikoniant51: yes09:45
ja1luluHas anyone tried Terminator!?!?09:45
gfasdhvfabcvhjweI have questions!!!!09:45
nt51ikonia: alright, I'll be back in a couple minutes09:45
ikoniaja1lulu: Terminator?09:45
ikoniant51: no problem09:45
ikoniagfasdhvfabcvhjwe: please ask09:45
gfasdhvfabcvhjwefgsdfgsdfh: just ask09:45
hiexpoja1lulu, what about terminator ?09:45
ikoniagfasdhvfabcvhjwe: last warning, if you have questions, just ask them09:45
ja1luluikonia:it is a terminal with opion to open many windows in the same tab09:45
ikoniaja1lulu: thank you09:46
ja1luluhiexpo: i am not able to split a window now!09:46
ja1lului was able 2 do it before09:46
gfasdhvfabcvhjweWhat version of Linus is Linus Trovalds using?09:46
ikoniagfasdhvfabcvhjwe: this channel is for ubuntu technical support questions only09:46
ikoniagfasdhvfabcvhjwe: if your questions is not an ubuntu technical support question, it is not suitable for this channel09:47
hiexpogfasdhvfabcvhjwe, this is ubuntu just google linux kernel09:47
Saikhello, i was curious, know a good list of ubuntu compatible gui variants? i'm not much into gnome classic or unity09:47
L3top_Anyone using mirror://mirrors.ubuntu.com <distro> main restricted universe multiverse (for instance) or have opinions on its functionality over default repositories?09:47
=== gfasdhvfabcvhjwe is now known as fgtrgsergh
sid04081985can anyone help me with the live usb logging in prblem09:47
nt51ikonia: alright, killed X, gonna try to make the template09:47
ikoniaL3top_: what ??? functionality over default repos ?09:48
ikoniaL3top_: it's a mirror of the default repo09:48
ikoniaL3top_: nothing more09:48
sid04081985hi all09:48
sid04081985is there anyone using ubuntu with live USB09:48
ikoniaL3top_: it will depend on your connection more than the mirrors, but the experience will be different for everyone depending on their network and load on the mirror09:48
nt51ikonia: I opened the generated X config, what do I do from here?09:49
hiexpoja1lulu, that is weird should be able to right clickinthe terminaland split never had a problemthere09:49
zabomberis there a tool for rsync for the web i.e. i want to check a local file against http://server/file.zip ?09:49
zabomberrsync would replicate only the changes09:49
ikoniant51: have a look inside it (pastebin it if you want) lets see what options it created09:49
zabombercan i do that across the web?09:49
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mikodoSaik, do you mean different Desktops other than Gnome3/Unity...09:50
Saikor a different custom build, might just be the design if not the core of it09:51
=== shadowhpiev11 is now known as shadowhpie11
mikodoSaik, If you have Ubuntu installed now, read up on Xubuntu, which uses the Xfce destop. If you like that, you can install the Xubuntu desktop on top of Ubuntu by sudo apt-get install Xubuntu, and boot into that Xubuntu to try it.09:52
syddrafsudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop09:53
Saikhmm one possibility09:53
mikodoSaik, I meant Code... Sudo apt-get install Xubuntu-desktop09:53
nt51ikonia: I took a look inside it, and it does show Card0 as using the nouveau driver (which I am assuming is the 320M device) and another device using the fbdev driver.09:53
ikoniant51: intesting, two devices.09:54
ikoniant51: put that file into /etc/X11 - so you have an /etc/X11/xorg.conf file09:54
ikoniant51: reboot, and lets see what it finds09:54
nt51ikonia: alright, will do. be back in a few.09:54
nt51just rebooted, still stuck at 1024x768 resolution and still had to use the nomodeset boot option10:00
c1ph3r2unity vs shell ?10:03
Kartagisif I install a smb shared printer, will it still be prone to subnet restrictions?10:03
crizzyunity <310:03
nt51ikonia: http://pastebin.com/jMH3cDxv <-- xorg.conf contents10:03
ikoniant51: give me amoment please, just doing something else10:03
stephenhKartagis: eh?10:03
c1ph3r2crizzy: like seriously unity sucs imhao10:03
stephenhc1ph3r2: yeaz10:04
stephenhgs ftw \o/10:04
crizzyi got epilepsy with constantly changing apps with that top corner in gnome-shell10:04
crizzybut it's ok. unity is just nicer10:04
Kartagisstephenh: I'm on a 10.18 subnet, and my other subnet colleagues aren't allowed to access my shares. is that still the case in case of a printer?10:05
NyLeswhat does vt.handoof=7 do?10:06
stephenhKartagis: are they using smb to print?  does anyone still use smb to print?   don't people use cups + ipp or something ?10:06
NyLeswhat does vt.handoff=7 do?10:06
* stephenh hasn't configed a printer in ages 10:06
Kartagisstephenh: what are my other options for a print server?10:07
stephenhwhat are you sharing with?10:07
stephenhlinux?  windows?  both?10:07
stephenhare you sharing a printer connected via usb?10:08
NyLeswhat does vt.handoff=7 do?10:08
ikoniant51: that xorg suggests you have multiple screens connected10:09
nt51ikonia: I only have 1 display connected, which is my Acer X223w monitor10:09
ikoniant51: interesting it's detected your other outputs as active10:11
=== lasers` is now known as laser
supermunI am using Ubuntu 11.10 and I would like to remove icons from the status bar at the top of the screen. Is that possible?10:11
=== fireball is now known as Guest86740
ikoniant51: that doesn't mean it's right, just unusual10:11
ikoniant51: how does it look when you boot it up with this config ?10:11
nt51ikonia: without nomodeset, I cannot see anything - no terminal output, no desktop - just a few lines of static color. with nomodeset, I'm stuck at a 1024x768 screen resolution10:12
supermunCan the envelope on the taskbar be removed in ubuntu 11.10?10:12
nt51on the Live CD, even with nomodeset enabled, the display worked flawlessly10:13
Guest86740Hello, I am using natty 32 bit and I wanted to change the background pattern in nautilus, I dragged and it showed the pattern successfully, but I again reopened nautilus, it shows like this http://imagebin.org/200356 [it has got tiled] I dont want it that way.10:13
scarleoNyLes, read first answer here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/32999/what-is-vt-handoff-7-parameter-in-grub-cfg10:13
ikoniant51: that is frustrating10:13
NyLesscarleo: yeah thanks..10:13
ikoniant51: can you boot from a livecd, look in the xorg log and see what video driver it's picked up, look for the nouveau or vesa lines10:14
nt51ikonia: where is the xorg log stored?10:14
ikoniant51: /var/log10:14
nt51alright, will do that now10:14
ikoniant51: sorry it's dragging out10:14
darbewebcam disappear10:15
kk23i want to clone disk but i got this problem how to fix this and cloning regularly http://i40.tinypic.com/35avgpy.png10:16
Guest86740help needed for background pattern "malfunction"10:16
=== Guest86740 is now known as mi3
ikoniakk23: I don't see a problem ? just a screen shot of a partition table10:17
kk23sorry wrong image10:17
mi3Hello, I am using natty 32 bit and I wanted to change the background pattern in nautilus, I dragged and it showed the pattern successfully, but I again reopened nautilus, it shows like this http://imagebin.org/200356 [it has got tiled] I dont want it that way.10:17
supermunGuess it cant be done :(10:20
dwatkinsmi3: what way would you like it? Does it make sense to use a larger image consisting of the smaller one tiled several times?10:22
nt51ikonia: I'm in the liveCD environment, took a look at the log and it is indeed using the nouveau module10:22
kk23i got this problem10:22
mi3dwatkins maybe that is good idea10:22
kk23how to make clone disk without this10:22
ikoniant51: that's useful to know, so I wonder why the livecd is picking it up, but not the install10:23
mi3dwatkins, but still wont that work? that wallpaper resolution is 1024*768 aint that enough instead of tiled ones?10:23
ziwaphihi there10:23
dwatkinsmi3: what would you like to achieve?10:23
ikoniakk23: did you clone it to a disk of the same size ?10:24
mi3dwatkins, a single untiled complete background pattern10:24
kk23i think10:24
dwatkinsmi3: a great big tux filling the window, I assume :)10:24
kk23i am not sure10:24
ikoniakk23: a yes/no answer would be good10:24
mi3dwatkins, yeah10:25
kk23i think yes10:25
kk23i work on 3 disks10:25
nt51ikonia: http://pastebin.com/vhkeQBJD this is the full Xorg.0.log output.10:25
kk23one sata 320Gb and other ata 320GB and another sata 250Gb10:25
mi3dwatkins, why does nautilus tile that wallpaper? is it a glitch?10:26
dwatkinsmi3: I gather nautilus tiles all background images10:27
dwatkinsmi3: you might be able to hack it not to, though... there's a nautilus.css file, but I'm not sure how it works.10:29
mi3dwatkins, where is it10:29
dwatkinsmi3: I don't know, it looks like it lives inside a theme directory if you're using one with Nautilus.10:32
nt51ikonia: gonna try this one last time, hopefully it'll work10:32
dwatkinsmi3: this might help: http://askubuntu.com/questions/84130/how-to-change-the-nautilus-background-image10:32
mi3dwatkins: i have gtk2 wait i will try it out10:33
mi3dwatkins, i does not mention anything about the pattern or its size and there is no option for tiled background10:35
mi3dwatkins i think I may have found a site10:36
dwatkinsmi3: I guess you could compare other Nautilus themes for that file10:36
dwatkinsaha please share, mi310:36
mi3share what10:36
=== andy_ is now known as Guest23792
nt51ikonia: as it appears, the install is using the VESA driver while the liveCD is using the nouveau driver. would changing the VESA device in xorg.conf to nouveau possibly fix it?10:37
dwatkinsmi3: the link, I'm curious10:37
mi3dwatkins here you go http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/ubuntu-linux/143124-full-rendering-wallpaper-nautilus.html10:38
dydi have to use uinetbootin to install from usb, i plugged my usb by the program won't see it. How to mount it ?10:38
dwatkinsthanks mi310:38
NyLesnt51: what is your video card?10:38
nt51NyLes: nVidia geforce 320M in a MacMini4,110:39
mi3can you pls try to add some wallpaper[png] as a nautilus background dwatkins , then apply it then again go to the folder and show me how it looks10:39
dwatkinsmi3: I'm not in front of an Ubuntu system right now, but can give it a try in the next day or so10:40
mi3dwatkins, not just a pattern, any nice wallpaper, try it then pls tell me the result, is it similar to mine?10:40
mi3ok no problem10:40
mi3dwatkins, is it the same nick u use in IRC?10:40
dwatkinsmi3: in IRC?10:41
mi3yeah in irc, do u use the same nickname>10:41
=== laser is now known as lasers
dwatkinsmi3: as what? This is IRC unless irssi has magically started bnitlbee and confused me ;)10:42
mi3do u use the nickname"dwatkins" in ubuntu  IRC everytime?10:42
dwatkinsmi3: yes10:43
mi3ok then tell me in a day or 210:43
dwatkinsok mi310:43
mi3I wont change my nickname ok dwatkins10:43
mi3I want to download a video whose size is >100 Mib[just taking an example} and I would like to download that via wget from command line. I also want to pause the download half way while it is being downloaded but it should still be Resumable! How can I do that?10:46
Engini've installed ubuntu-desktop on a server to tet something, now i want to remove it and all its dependencies which are not necessary anymore...10:46
iceroot!purekde | Engin10:47
ubottuEngin: If you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purekde »10:47
Enginit's annoying to see firefox and thunderbird being upgraded during a system upgrade10:47
icerootEngin: use that link but dont use the last command "sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop"10:47
mosnois setting APT::Install-Recommends "false" a bad idea on Ubuntu?10:47
mosnoie. does it break stuff10:47
icerootmosno: why you want that?10:48
Nunusmi3: http://www.go2linux.org/limit_rate_resume_downloads_wget ?10:48
mosnoiceroot, because installing apt-file is pulling in crazy stuff like build-essential10:48
Defuerahi, i've installed ubuntu 11.10 on clearly formatted hard disc, so there a problem if I restart the system, it just frezes. On shut down or hibernation there's no problems, can anyone help me please10:48
Enginiceroot: manual removal ? doesn't look like very neat10:48
icerootEngin: but that is the way10:48
Enginiceroot: why can't i just reverse ubuntu-desktop installation ?10:48
icerootEngin: because its just a metapackage10:49
icerootmosno: and its listed as recommend?10:49
mi3Nunus: will it work on a youtube site? How do I get that download link of the youtube video in the 1st place?10:49
nt51ikonia: I just booted my Ubuntu installation without the nomodeset boot option, and it did load the desktop. However, I did not see any output even though I removed the "quiet splash" commands, and the nouvaeu driver appears to be working fine10:50
icerootmosno: there is "youtube-dl" which is downloading videos from youtube on the shell10:50
nt51only sometimes will the desktop actually load.10:50
icerootmosno: sorry wrong nick10:50
icerootmi3: there is "youtube-dl" which is downloading videos from youtube on the shell10:51
mosnoiceroot, directly or indirectly, yes10:51
mosnoiceroot, i know setting that fixes my problem, but i know how if you tweak Ubuntu too hard it can break10:51
mosnoeg. something might be relying on the default behavor10:51
icerootmosno: you can disable recommends just for one command10:51
Defuerai googled for a long time, no answer, if not here then where?10:52
mosnoiceroot, i know10:52
icerootmosno: but normally there is a reason for that setting and i bet setting that globally will break some stuff10:52
mosnoiceroot, it's the same in debian, except setting it doesn't break anything10:52
bercan you help me? my mouse pointer is a big square and sometime context menu are blank.10:52
mi3trying it iceroot 1 question does  youtube-dl work along with wget ?10:53
JulianoAlbertoHey guys, I am using Ubuntu freshly out of the box and was wondering if anyone could help me ). Is it possible to move the notifications of the message-center to another position on the screen?10:53
icerootmosno: it should not break something but i would not trust that. its not a very well tested case10:53
mosnoiceroot, ok10:53
icerootmi3: you dont need wget10:53
icerootmi3: its using an own python-implementation for downloading10:53
mi3iceroot: ok10:53
icerootmi3: really worth a look10:54
phpn00bdamnit, seems I can't connect to ipv6 servers :(10:54
mi3is youtube-dl in ubuntu repos iceroot?10:54
icerootmi3: yes10:54
paramjoin #webkit10:54
iceroot!info youtube-dl10:54
ubottuyoutube-dl (source: youtube-dl): download videos from youtube. In component universe, is extra. Version 2011.08.04-1 (oneiric), package size 33 kB, installed size 168 kB10:54
icerootmi3: sudo apt-get install youtube-dl10:54
icerootmi3: it has many options, see "youtube-dl --help"10:55
mi3thanks ubottu and iceroot[this ubottu is a really nice IRC bot man]10:55
mi3ok wait installing in a flash10:55
beranyone available for my graphic card issue?10:55
iceroot!anyone | ber10:55
ubottuber: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.10:56
Nunusber: ask your question :)10:56
scotty^mi3: use wget -c or wget --continue10:56
mi3hey ber you should straight away ask the question just like you would have asked anybody else10:56
scotty^The webserver will need to support regetting10:57
scotty^See man wget for more info10:57
Defueraanyone had a reboot problem?10:57
mi3thanks for the suggestion scotty^10:57
iceroot!anyone | Defuera10:57
ubottuDefuera: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.10:57
berNunus, thank you. I have the mouse cursor as a big square filled of coloured dots. Sometime context menu are blank and when I write in a browser it seems that keyboard is not writing, but when I  select another windows the browser refreshes and show me that the keyboard was working.10:57
icerootthere really should some actions if a questions is starting with "anyone"....10:57
ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."10:58
Nunusber: what's your GPU ?10:58
Defuerahey, anyone had a reboot problem?10:58
berNunus, ATI HD 465010:58
mi3iceroot you tried youtube-dl before? give me some examples then10:58
icerootmi3: youtube-dl http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrrSHi2d52E10:58
icerootDefuera: again, please ask a detailed questions and dont let us guess10:59
RawProducesay I did a "sudo chmod u+w /etc/sudoers" and haven't set root's password, is there any way to recover?10:59
Defuerahi, i've installed ubuntu 11.10 on clearly formatted hard disc, so there a problem if I restart the system, it just frezes. On shut down or hibernation there's no problems, can anyone help me please10:59
Nunusber: can you try to do : glxinfo | grep rendering in a terminal ?10:59
icerootDefuera: any error-messages? any usefull infos in /var/log/syslog?10:59
Defuerashould i give any other details?11:00
mi3okay the thing is some videos have video quality 240 p, 360 p and so on but I dont see such option in youtube-dl wanna help me out iceroot?11:00
icerootmi3:     --max-quality FORMAT     highest quality format to download11:00
icerootmi3: see "youtube-dl --help"11:00
Defuerai'm sorry i'm new to ubuntu, going to chek logs11:01
shelestHi there!11:01
icerootDefuera: no problem, that file normally contains usefull infos for issues like that11:01
mi3I saw that max quality section iceroot the problem is that if the video has 4 options 240p, 360p, 720p, and 1080p, and i only want the 720p video then?11:01
NyLescan i still watch HD movies even if the driver i used for my graphics card is "nv" and not "nvidia"?11:02
shelestm applying for a job and I have too fill out huuuge number of different webforms. Is there a way to make it easier and faster?11:02
Angabladeshelest, this is not the place for that.11:02
RawProduceshelest: use iMacros for firefox?11:02
mi3in youtube-dl, there is only highest or lowest quality iceroot can I select the one in between?11:02
shelestcan you please point me to the right place?11:02
icerootmi3: i would guess --max-quality 720p11:02
mi3ok iceroot11:03
mi3trying out11:03
azertyihelllo buddy11:03
icerootmi3: but its just guessing, never tried that option, i only want audio11:03
Nunusshelest: there's a firefox/google addon for that if I remember11:03
azertyihow do to check how many CPU i got on my system ?11:03
azertyiover command linee11:03
shelestthanks Nunus. I will try them11:04
icerootazertyi: cat /proc/cpuinfo11:04
scotty^NyLes:  I theory you can still watch HD movies, althought it may depend on how powerful your GPU and CPU are.11:04
icerootazertyi: or "top" and press 111:04
Nunuscat /proc/cpuinfo | grep processor | wc -l if you just want the result11:04
NyLesscotty^: ok thanks..11:05
icerootNunus: you can directly grep processor /proc/cpuinfo instead if cat foo | grep11:05
azertyihi iceroot11:05
Nunusiceroot: indeed :)11:05
scotty^azertyi: cat /proc/cpuinfo11:05
azertyii got this for cpuinfo  : http://paste.ubuntu.com/853829/11:06
azertyihow many proc i got ?11:06
Nunusgrep processor /proc/cpuinfo | wc -l11:06
Nunusit'll give you your number of proc11:06
icerootazertyi: you have 1 cpu and 4 cores11:06
azertyiperfectly thanks iceroot11:07
icerootazertyi: or 1 cpu with 2 cores and hyperthreading11:07
azertyiok thanks11:07
icerootimo hypertrheading is producing one processor each in /proc/cpuinfo but intel xeon is quad-core cpu11:07
zabomberstrip lets me split a file in two based on a seperator?11:08
scotty^azertyi:  It looks like you have a dual-core Xeon with HyperThreading.11:08
testlinux /msg NickServ identify c0nn3cted11:08
iceroottestlinux: change the password fast11:09
iceroottestlinux: also on your accounts where you are also using that password11:09
shomonhi, is there a channel specifically about A/V tools on ubuntu?11:09
shomonor does anyone here know a good DJ type open source software?11:09
shomonfor remixing11:09
shomonI mean mixing...11:09
iceroot!studio | shomon11:10
ubottushomon: UbuntuStudio is a collection of packages for the artist who wishes to use Ubuntu as their Digital Audio Workstation. It contains all the best Audio/Visual components from the Ubuntu repositories. For more info and install instructions, join #ubuntustudio or see http://ubuntustudio.org11:10
icerootshomon: maybe some usefull infos there for you11:10
shomonThanks iceroot11:10
supermunhello again, can someone recomend better fonts for the firefox browsing?11:10
RawProducewhy does virtualbox-guest-additions pull in virtualbox on LTS?11:11
shomonfrom the list in ubuntustudio, looks like ardour and beast are what I want11:11
supermuncan anybody recomend font choices for firefox?11:12
zabomberI have a filename that includes the whole path i.e. /usr/bin/file i want to change it to /usr/bin/new/file is there a quick way to do this or do i have to strip the string?11:12
scotty^supermun: Have a look in Edit > Preferences > Content, althought in many cases it will depend on the CSS and/or HTML code on the website you are viewing.11:13
supermunbut whats a good choice?11:13
shomonsupermun, not comic sans ;)11:13
supermunis really what im asking11:13
RawProducezabomber: a single filename?11:13
FloodBot1supermun: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:13
scotty^lol shomon11:13
zabomberRawProduce: yes. a single file name and /new/ is static11:13
RawProducezabomber: I don't understand the problem, if you want to change a string just type in what you want?11:14
RawProducewhat's the context?11:14
mi3iceroot youtube-dl works nicely thanks for the help11:14
scotty^a good choice?  Surely that's a personal preference.  It's like asking which web browser should I use, or which desktop should I use, or which Linux distribution should I use.11:15
mi3I am also able to resume the download iceroot11:15
icerootmi3: great11:15
supermunwell, what11:15
zabomberRawProduce. So the filename is in a variable. i.e. its a file in a directory. i want to move this file to another directory... a subdirectory of the original directory... so. i have /usr/bin/filename and i want to move it to /usr/bin/newfolder/filename . im trying to use copy()?11:15
supermunwell whats easy to read11:15
icerootmi3: its really a nice script and very powerfull11:15
zabomberRawProduce: ^11:15
t432Just installed wicd and will like replace the network manager with wicd so that on start up it wicd is used and not network manager. How can i do this?11:15
icerootmi3: but i am just using it for getting the audio11:16
Defueraiceroot, i rebooted one more time, freez problem again, log sais nothing more then this:11:16
DefueraFeb 23 15:04:35 denis-Inspiron-N5010 wpa_supplicant[978]: WPA: Group rekeying completed with 00:26:5a:9a:00:fe [GTK=TKIP]11:16
DefueraFeb 23 15:06:04 denis-Inspiron-N5010 kernel: [ 1628.953457] init: tty4 main process (1013) killed by TERM signal11:16
DefueraFeb 23 15:06:04 denis-Inspiron-N5010 kernel: [ 1628.953810] init: tty5 main process (1019) killed by TERM signal11:16
DefueraFeb 23 15:06:04 denis-Inspiron-N5010 kernel: [ 1628.954148] init: tty2 main process (1029) killed by TERM signal11:16
FloodBot1Defuera: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:16
DefueraFeb 23 15:06:04 denis-Inspiron-N5010 kernel: [ 1628.954497] init: tty3 main process (1030) killed by TERM signal11:16
RawProducezabomber: ${string/pattern/replacement}11:16
mi3hey what happened to Defuera iceroot?11:17
Defueraiceroot, i rebooted one more time, freez problem again, log sais nothing more then this http://paste.ubuntu.com/853843/, does it tells something?11:18
JulianoAlberto!omgobuntu said that I have to  drag and drop a file on to the Unity Launcher ;O where can I find this unity launcher? =((11:19
ubottuJulianoAlberto: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:19
Dr_willisJulianoAlberto,  the left side row of icons is the launcher.11:20
al_Anyone know where I can get an easy to install firewall for Ubuntu Studio?11:20
theadminal_: sudo apt-get install gufw11:20
Dr_willisal_,  firewalling is built into the ubuntu disrto. install a front end to it.11:20
JulianoAlbertoahhhh so simple... thank you Dr_willis!11:20
ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Gufw (GNOME) and Guarddog (KDE from Lucid onwards) also exist.11:20
al_you guys rock.  thanks.11:20
Defueratheadmin, whould you mind to help me a little bit? )11:20
Dr_willisal_,  of course we could ask why you think you need a firewall. :)11:20
t432Do I install Netowork Manager to install WCID?11:21
theadminDefuera: Um. I help when I can. If I can't, I don't help, so don't just randomly ask me11:21
Dr_willist432,  last time i installed wid. it automatically removed network manager. been ages ago.11:21
al_I'm new to linux.  I looked at some reviews.  Reviews said antivirus isn't needed but I must add a firewall.11:21
theadmint432: You don't keep the two at the same time, bad idea, so yes, uninstall one of them to install another11:21
Defueratheadmin, yes, sir(11:21
test1_what is mean protocol mismatch in snort11:22
Dr_willisal_,  i dont see the logic in that 'must add' since one is allready included. just not turned on. and not even sure why you would need it for common home ussage.11:22
theadminDefuera: Sorry, I can't help so I don't, nothing personal :D11:22
t432theadmin: i've already install both.. can i just remove one of them without any sideeffects?11:22
Defuerajust joking )11:22
al_I see I see.11:22
Dr_williswork time. Back laters.11:23
theadminDr_willis: (s)he might be on one of those ISPs clients of which get constantly DDoS'ed from some weird chinese IPs (I was on one of those a while ago, had to switch because of how annoying it was)11:23
theadmint432: Sure11:23
anselmooohello, I'm having problems mount a HFS partition with write support, I already disabled journaling but still cant write. can anyone help me?11:24
JulianoAlbertolets say I am dragging a "ubuntu-software-center.desktop" file onto the launcher, will it overwrite the old used version and delete my by doing so my previously made configuration?11:25
Defuerawho helps me with reboot problem rules!11:26
theadminDefuera: What's the problem exactly?11:27
supermunwhat are Ubuntu 11.10's shortkeys to manage the desktop?11:28
Defuerawhen i restart ubuntu it frezes on Ubuntu logo screen and dont switch off or doing anything11:28
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
=== mb__ is now known as Guest65496
scotty^supermun: Super+A will show Applications11:28
Defueractrl+alt+F1 doesnt work, so i should shut it down by holding power botton11:28
ASAPASAPASAPI don't see start menu anymore!!!!!!11:28
theadminDefuera: Cool, I think I know how to fix it. 1) Run "gksu gedit /etc/default/grub" in a terminal, 2) Find a line saying something like this: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="foo bar baz" and change it to: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="foo bar baz reboot=bios"11:29
theadminASAPASAPASAP: This ain't Windows, Ubuntu has NO start menu...11:29
theadminDefuera: After that, save the file and run "sudo update-grub"11:29
theadminDefuera: After doing so, reboot in any way you can. On the next startup, it should act sanely11:31
scotty^supermun: Super+F will show Files and Folders11:31
theadmin!pm | supermun11:31
ubottusupermun: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.11:31
scotty^supermun: - See http://askubuntu.com/questions/28086/what-are-unitys-keyboard-and-mouse-shortcuts/28087#28087 for a full list11:31
Defuerai do it and respond if it helped11:31
supermunwhat is super button? windows button?11:31
nathan___im trying to share a folder by samba and want to writeable by all system users11:31
nathan___how do I do that?11:32
scotty^supermun: Yes, the windows button or the control key on a Mac11:32
theadminscotty^: I think Super on macs is "Cmd" (command, the weird button with some fly on it)11:33
MonkeyDustASAPASAPASAP: that's a long time you wait, to be asap11:33
ASAPASAPASAPhttp://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/814/201202231925321280x1024.png/ See below on the bottom left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111:34
ikoniaASAPASAPASAP: calm down please.11:35
theadminASAPASAPASAP: Geez you're making a fuss out of nothing, just right-click the panel and add the menu back11:35
ASAPASAPASAPthe start menu disappeared11:35
ziwaphiwhat is it that we must do charlie chang11:35
al_Does compiz fusion work on xfce?11:35
theadminal_: Compiz works on any desktop environment, or even without a desktop environment.11:36
theadminal_: So yeah11:36
=== administrator is now known as Guest85400
al_Would you happen to have a link for documentation on how to get it to work on xfce?11:36
al_I'm not having much luck.11:37
theadminal_: Eh what's the big deal, just add "compiz --replace" to your startup11:37
al_I'll try that.11:37
=== tnm is now known as kubanc
scotty^theadmin:  Ahh, yes, that's it.11:38
mosx1need to change my ip config under ubuntu server11:39
mosx1ifconfig ?11:39
mosx1what about the gw ?11:39
theadminmosx1: route11:39
icerootmosx1: sudo route add default gw (change the ip to your gateway)11:39
ikoniamosx1: change it in your interfaces file, so that if you reboot/down the interface it comes up with the new info11:40
ziwaphiJacob Zuma is feeling freeskyyyy11:40
mosx1damn, I'm in a real hurry here11:40
theadminmosx1: ifconfig + route, or actually the "ip" command can deal with most of that.11:40
theadminziwaphi: Stop this nonsense.11:41
mi3iceroot thanks now i can even download which quality i want , youtube-dl is awesome!11:41
torgeir_Im having issues with an ubuntu server that maxxing the gigabit ethernet card up to several minutes each day. How can i find out what kind of traffic this was and what process dit it? Any kind of logs i can check?11:41
icerootmi3: you are welcome11:41
iceroot!ot | ziwaphi11:42
ubottuziwaphi: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:42
theadmintorgeir_: netstat or nmap may be able to help, other than that not sure though11:42
mi3iceroot: you wanna know how I can download a specific quality?11:42
icerootmi3: sure11:42
torgeir_theadmin: That requires me to be standby and use the tools when it happend.. i need to go back in time :P11:42
theadmintorgeir_: Hm well, all logs are under /var/log though that's not really helpful :D Sorry, not sure11:43
=== raph is now known as Guest79848
anselmooohello, I'm having problems mount a HFS partition with write support, I already disabled journaling but still cant write. can anyone help me?11:43
mi3iceroot: first tell youtube-dl to list out all the available formats of the video and for that issue the command http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gK1EVhqlW-Y -F  [notify the -F iin the end]11:44
scotty^What's up Sally?11:44
sallyhi scotty11:44
mosx1somebody give me a quick reminder on vi ?11:44
mosx1how to edit ?11:45
sallynice to meet you11:45
anselmooomosx1 press I11:45
icerootmosx1: "i"11:45
Defueraomg, it works !11:45
anselmooothen esc to stop,  then :wq to write and quit11:45
mi3iceroot: then youtube-dl wil list out the formats that look like  22:mp4 [720x1280] 35:flv[480x854]11:45
Defueratheadmin, thx a lot, mate !11:45
scotty^mosx1:  I prefer pico/nano11:45
theadminanselmooo: How are you mounting it? You might need to use the "rw" option explicitly, like this: "mount -o rw /dev/sdx5 /mnt" (command) or like this: "/dev/sdx /mnt hfsplus defaults,rw 0 0" (fstab)11:45
theadminDefuera: np11:45
meerkatswhy does every time I open my home folder redirect me to nautilus?11:46
icerootmi3: ah ok and the names are always the same?11:46
TyropeHello, I setup lamp-server^ earlier but instead of sending PHP errors to the browser it dumps it in /var/log/error.log.. anybody know how I send it back to the browser?11:46
mi3iceroot: then to download that particular format ,just type in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gK1EVhqlW-Y -F 35 [where 35 is the format you will be downloading]11:46
MonkeyDustmeerkats: nautilus is the application that shows your home folder11:46
mi3you can add the -t so that it will give the title to the file iceroot11:46
icerootTyrope: /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini there is the error-handling (report errors or something like that)11:47
anselmoootheadmin, a strange thing that happens is that if type sudo mkdir foo then I can write to it, but i want all users to be able to write11:47
berNunus, sorry i recived a phone call :)11:47
mi3you mean the name of that format?11:47
Defueranow i'm going to tell the decision on forums, because there's lot of people waiting for the answer, that way you gonna get lot of points to your carma!11:47
sallyI downloaded linux ubuntu yesturday11:47
mi3you mean the name of that format? iceroot?11:47
icerootmi3: yes11:47
theadminanselmooo: Hm, you probably need to use uid=, gid= or some umask thing.11:47
meerkatsMonkeyDust, but I am seeing everything as root, not as a regular user, and that doesnt allow me to access a new flashdrive (FAT32) I bought11:47
mi3the format names will remain the same11:47
diogo_79i am having some trouble in ubuntu server the alt gr is not working in the console can some one help me please?11:48
sallyI'm a total novice11:48
mi3then to resume the download you again need to specify those format variables and it will resume[thats what i am doing]11:48
ubottudocumentation is to be found at http://help.ubuntu.com and http://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - http://rute.2038bug.com11:48
mi3then to resume the download you again need to specify those format variables and it will resume[thats what i am doing] iceroot11:48
mosx1vi save ?11:48
icerootmi3: good to know11:48
mosx1:qs ?11:48
icerootmosx1: sounds like a good solution11:48
icerootmosx1: :wq11:49
mi3iceroot i found it too easy dude11:49
berNunus, direct rendering: Yes11:49
mayurmouse cursor keeps on spinning when I open a folder.Can anyone help?11:49
Tyropeiceroot: Thank you.11:49
Nunusber: No problem. Can you try to do : glxinfo | grep rendering in a terminal ?11:49
Nunusthat's weird !11:49
scotty^!new | sally11:49
ubottusally: documentation is to be found at http://help.ubuntu.com and http://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - http://rute.2038bug.com11:49
anselmoootheadmin: when i try adding the file_umask=0111 option in fstab i get a "cannot parse options error"11:49
mi3Nunus what is direct rendering? in your own words?11:50
sallythank you11:50
nathan___can you force a folder in inherit the group ?11:50
berNunus, what do I have do to then?11:50
mosx1ok, I changed the interfaces file, how do I restart the interface ?11:50
scotty^sally:  Is there anything specific you need to know how to do right now?11:51
theadminmosx1: sudo ip link set eth0 down ; sudo ip link set eth0 up11:51
scotty^!flash |sally11:51
ubottusally: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash11:51
Nunusber: It means that you have the proprietary drivers installed, so you can handle 3D rendering well.11:52
NunusDo you use Compiz or something ? Like 3D effects11:52
mosx1didn't work11:52
sallyscotty: no...I'm just curious about the different types of linux... Ubuntu seems kinda similar to mac and windows combined together11:52
berNununs, but I don't :(11:53
sallyscotty: but I guess there are more complicted ways of using a linux with dos-like codes...11:53
mosx1nevermind i went for a reboot11:53
berNunus, I have video errors.11:53
sallyubottu: thank you.11:53
Nunusber: what type of errors ?11:53
berNunus, how can I sendo you a screenshot?11:54
theadminsally: "dos-like codes" are called commands11:54
theadmin!bash | sally11:54
ubottusally: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal11:54
theadmin"K-menu"? Seriously? That thing is called kickoff :/11:54
scotty^sally: Ubuntu is vaguely similar to that combination (although I haven't seen Windows 7).  Ubuntu is widely regarded as the most user-friendly Linux distribution, although that means it is not quite as cutting edge as some other distributions.11:54
Nunusber: just launch gnome-screenshot, save your image and upload it to http://tinypic.com/ then11:54
gon-j3.rdlbnc.com 5555 mh3t0z:UyzMd1w6T711:55
vivekimsitMy terminal gets locked after going to certain limit upwards, Is there any way to extend this limit?11:55
melvincvA doubt on Ubuntu's ssh client: My internet connection is unstable, so my ssh client shows an error and disconnects my session often. Error: "Write failed: Broken pipe" Any solutions?11:55
berNunus, look: I took a screenshot and in the picture the mouse pointer looks good!! But in my screen it is a 1x1 inch square full of coloured dots.11:55
sallywhy do we have to use the command code when we can use the interface ? o.O11:56
bazhangscotty^, and sally please continue this dialogue in #ubuntu-offtopic11:56
berNunus, my mouse cursor seems a QR code11:56
vivekimsitHow to increase my terminal scroll limit?11:57
berNunus, like this http://www.iochiamo.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/codice-qr.jpg11:57
theadminvivekimsit: The scroll buffer isn't infinite -- as an alternative to this, use the "less" command11:57
theadminvivekimsit: Something like "foo | less" will make the output of "foo" scrollable with arrows for easy readability11:57
EtheraelOneiric upgrade is utterly useless.11:57
Etheraelis there a way to just say "scrap existing network config and reconfigure the entire thing please" ?11:57
Etheraelall I want it to do is dhcp eth0 and it's completely impossible11:58
Nunusber: http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Natty_Installation_Guide11:58
Nunustry this :11:58
NunusInstalling Proprietary Drivers a.k.a. Catalyst/fglrx11:58
berNunus, ok11:58
bazhangEtherael, sudo dhclient eth0 returns what error11:58
mi3how do I list out all channels on an irc server?11:58
Nunusit'll update your driver to the latest version11:58
theadminmi3: /list11:58
bazhang!alis | mi311:58
ubottumi3: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*11:58
* melvincv thinks he ran a few commands whose output didn't show up with less or more???11:58
Etheraelbazhang: I imagine that would just turn RTNETLINK file exists.. yep it does11:58
theadminmi3: But it's a bad idea on Freenode, will hang your client, Freenode has way too many channels :D11:58
bazhangtheadmin, not a good way to do it11:58
Etheraelbazhang: it works when I manually ifup eth011:59
Etheraelbazhang: It just won't *automatically* start11:59
theadminmi3: bazhang is correct, you want to use alis11:59
nathan___should i use net usershare or just edit smb?11:59
Etheraeland in the network prefs window (aside fromt ehf act that some weird graphics problem is causing random mwindows and menus to blank) there is no wired network entry11:59
mi3thank you11:59
bazhangEtherael, so you can get ethernet networking?11:59
Etheraelbazhang: Yep, it's fine, I just want it to show up in the network admin interface and also to start automatically without me having to shell and ifup eth0 every reboot.12:00
vivekimsittheadmin: Ok! here is the answer in the terminal go to edit-> Profiles -> Default -> Edit -> Scrolling -> Scrollback.12:00
Defueraone more question pls, is it available "pinch-to-zoom" in 11.10?12:00
MonkeyDusttorgeir_: there's wireshark12:01
scotty^mi3: I think it's /list12:01
phpn00bhi, where do I get Ubuntu One support?12:01
theadminvivekimsit: Heh, I don't use the gnome-terminal so I wouldn't know lol12:01
DefueraI suppose it is not..12:01
theadminphpn00b: Either here or #ubuntu-one12:01
bazhangscotty^, that'll crash him off of freenode12:01
bazhangphpn00b, #ubuntuone12:02
theadminOh, no dash, sorry12:02
phpn00bis it possible to get 10GB storage free?12:02
vivekimsithow can I search on the terminal12:02
theadminphpn00b: Nope... Ubuntu One only provides 5 for free, no more... I think it says that pretty clear12:02
MonkeyDustphpn00b: guess not, everyone would want that12:02
theadminvivekimsit: Search for what?12:02
bazhangvivekimsit, apt-cache search package12:03
vivekimsitsome keyword12:03
theadminvivekimsit: Where? Output of a command? Files? Packages?12:03
vivekimsitlike its the logs which are generated on my terminal12:03
wilyi have a really noob question. i'm trying to install something, and it asks for the path of where i saved it. i saved it in the "home folder"... ie  mv <path_where_you_saved_it>patch-hidd-3.19-pabr312:03
bazhangwily, install what12:04
wilyhow do i find the path of it?12:04
bazhangvivekimsit, the command I gave you , try it12:04
MonkeyDustwily: try which12:04
theadminwily: Home folder is ~ or $HOME (or literally, /home/username/)12:04
wilykk i'll try $home12:04
dr_williswily:  /home/yourusername/somthing12:04
wilytrying to install it so i can use my ps3 controller12:04
bazhangMonkeyDust, its not installed yet12:04
wilythanks will try12:04
theadminwily: It's $HOME, not $home (case-sensetive, Linux is)12:05
scotty^bazhang:  Sorry, I was late to see the alis info.  However I just did /list in XChat-GNOME without a problem.  alis does sound better though.12:05
bazhangwily, package name?12:05
dr_willis$HOME would be used in  bash or a shell. not a file dialog12:05
vivekimsitI don't want to search packages, I am seeing the log on a terminal and I want to search some keywords there12:05
MonkeyDustvivekimsit: you mean grep?12:06
bazhangvivekimsit, keywords, within a document or the like?12:06
nicklas_hi. how do you make icon tasks not show full window previews when hovering with mouse over the icons/launchers in kde?12:06
dr_willisvivekimsit:  pipe output through grep12:06
mi3can I add a refresh option in my right click context menu that is similar to windows?12:06
vivekimsitits a real time log on a server12:06
dr_willis   tail -f logfile | grep pattern12:07
MonkeyDustmi3: refresh what exactly?12:07
theadmindr_willis: (s)he seems to want to search the output of existing bash commands and input (i.e. the current bash session), I know no means of doing that actually.12:08
mi3the desktop MonkeyDust like in windows12:08
theadminmi3: Just hit f512:08
sticwinwho am i?12:08
anselmoootheadmin: is it possible that i'm missing some hfs library?12:08
mi3cant I add that to a context menu theadmin? that would be cool12:09
theadminanselmooo: Not so sure on that one. Is hfsprogs installed?12:09
theadminmi3: I dunno if you can do that. Probably not (no real command to do the refresh...)12:09
theadminanselmooo: Then it should be okay...12:09
anselmooodon't know why mount doesn't recognize the file_umask option then12:10
theadminanselmooo: Maybe it's not a valid option for HFS, try simple "umask"12:10
anselmooosaw it on the man page ...12:10
anselmoooit's on the ubuntu AutomaticalyMountParitions wiki12:11
mosnois there a non-3D version of unity, and if so, do you lose any fuctionality?12:12
forbidden404There's someone On here?12:12
crizzymosno: yes, and yes you do lose12:12
MonkeyDustmosno: 2D12:12
forbidden404Gnome 2D12:13
mosnocrizzy, what do you lose?12:13
forbidden404You can choose it in the login12:13
crizzymosno: unity 2d does not have 'expose' feature for example and none of compiz shortcuts work12:13
mosnoit's just that my Intel 945 is a bit sluggish12:13
mosnoah i see12:13
mosnodoesn't sound too bad12:13
crizzyother than that it's ok12:13
mosnocool, thanks12:13
mosnoah yes, it's an option when logging in isn't it12:13
chipotlewhen should i use the 64bit version of ubuntu?12:13
theadminchipotle: When you have a 64-bit processor12:14
chipotlei do12:14
theadminchipotle: Then use it, there ain't many disadvantages, UNLESS you know you need to run software that's for 32-bit only12:14
MonkeyDustchipotle: then you can use 64bit12:14
forbidden404theadmin: There's something about 64-bit and OS? Because I use Windows 64 bit just because of my RAM, 6gb RAM, but the OS came with the notebook, so I thought that fits perfectly, I use 64 bit in Ubuntu, but how do I know what type is my processor?12:15
xslGuys, wen i do sudo apt-get -s purge libbluetooth3 libgnome-bluetooth8 it will remove gvfs-backends* libbluetooth3* libgnome-bluetooth8* network-manager-gnome* obex-data-server*12:15
xsli just wanna remove bluetooth support from my sistem12:16
xslis obex and gvfs needed for anything else besides bluetooth?12:16
icerootxsl: gvds is needed for other tasks to12:16
xslnetwork-manager-gnome is just a front-end... i dont mind loosing it12:16
icerootxsl: gvfs12:16
icerootxsl: gvfs is e.g. showing your samba-mounts12:17
ubuntuktos tu mowi po polsku?12:17
xslim building an LTSP server will you think its needed?12:17
xsliceroot: ohh i need that one12:17
scotty^forbidden404: cat /proc/cpuinfo12:17
theadminxsl: gvfs is handling all automounting in gnome12:17
MonkeyDust!pl| ubuntu12:17
ubottuubuntu: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.12:17
theadminxsl: So you'd need that12:17
mosnohmm yep, the multi-monitor bug with the unity dock is obvious now. i changed from my laptop display to an external, and the unity dock is only taking up 75% of the screen12:17
icerootah yes, automount is also handled by it12:17
xslso i better leave those small libs in place - i already removed blueman and bluez12:18
forbidden404scott^: Where's the information? I'm seeing a lot of information, anyone about the bits of my processor12:19
forbidden404just things like12:19
forbidden404address size12:20
MonkeyDustforbidden404: try cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep Model (or model)12:21
forbidden404Scotty^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/853904/12:21
=== CPhoenix_ is now known as CPhoenix
forbidden404MonkeyDust: model: 4212:22
forbidden404model name: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2430M CPU @ 2.40GHz12:22
forbidden404model: 4212:22
forbidden404model name: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2430M CPU @ 2.40GHz12:22
forbidden404model: 4212:22
forbidden404model name: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2430M CPU @ 2.40GHz12:22
forbidden404model: 4212:22
FloodBot1forbidden404: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:22
forbidden404model name: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2430M CPU @ 2.40GHz12:22
* airtonix claps12:22
phpn00bany thing like Primetest for Ubuntu to test the cpu?12:23
xslbut obex-data-server is just for bluetooth stuff right?12:23
dfasdfasdgaghello ,everyone12:23
=== adante_ is now known as adante
os12forbidden404, you mean 32 or 64bit? grep --color=always -iw lm /proc/cpuinfo12:24
scotty^forbidden404: Yes, the model name and the cache size are the most important pieces of info.  I seems that yours is a "Sandy Bridge" CPU.12:25
wadohi, I' using virtualbox on ubuntu 11.10, I installed windows7 on the virtual box, and I can't use the host usb in the guest VM, I tried to activate the usb usage from the settings, but I don't find a USB tab here it is12:27
wadohi, I' using virtualbox on ubuntu 11.10, I installed windows7 on the virtual box, and I can't use the host usb in the guest VM, I tried to activate the usb usage from the settings, but I don't find a USB tab here it is: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/26/vbox.png/12:27
MonkeyDustwado: maybe you should install guest additions12:28
wado÷ يهي12:28
wadoI already did. MonkeyDust12:28
theadminwado: Are you in the "vboxusers" group? If not, fix that.12:28
=== x__ is now known as ubuntina83
wadotheadmin I already did that12:30
phpn00bwhat will happen if I mount a fat32 file system and then do a chmod on the folders?12:30
phpn00bwill this corrupt the files?12:30
theadminphpn00b: Nothing, it won't work at all (they'll just go back to how they were), vfat doesn't support UNIX permissions.12:30
mosnois there a way to make unity 3d more snappy? perhaps a different theme would do it or turning certain effects off?12:30
tolecnalI'm having a problem with dh-make-perl aka cpan2deb on Ubuntu 11.04 which I can't figure out. No matter what non bundled CPAN module I try to install via this mechanism, it fails.12:31
monohedronis there a way to put a trace on system sounds? I get the funny beep every now and then and have no idea what it means.12:31
phpn00btheadmin, then how do I give another user access to these files?12:31
tolecnalthis is the pastebin: http://pastebin.com/GRH87PQH12:31
EvilkissHi, need help with fork() function in unix system12:31
forbidden404Scotty^: So my processor is a 64 bit? Cause I'm using a Ubuntu 64-bit12:31
theadminphpn00b: You need to mount the partition with the right umask12:31
=== azertyi is now known as testlinux
wadoany help  !!12:31
theadminforbidden404: Well if you're using a 64-bit Ubuntu, your processor is obviously 64-bit (64-bit software doesn't run on 32-bit systems)12:31
EvilkissHow I can, then I use fork() command to print something in screen with delay 1 second12:31
=== donald is now known as Guest15361
phpn00btheadmin, I don't know how to do that with truecrypt :(12:32
theadminphpn00b: Truecrypt desu? Okay, well. You need to tick "do not mount" when mounting the truecrypt partition (ridiculous, I know) and then mount it like you normally would, it will be located in "/dev/mapper/truecrypt1" or somesuch.12:32
=== Knorre`BNC is now known as Knorre
phpn00btheadmin, and then what. mount that file again as usual?12:33
=== max is now known as Guest34484
monohedronis there a way to put a trace on system sounds? I get the funny beep every now and then and have no idea what it means.12:34
theadminphpn00b: Yeah, sudo mount -t vfat -o defaults,umask=... /dev/mapper/truecrypt1 /mnt12:34
scotty^forbidden404: Yes, that processor is 64bit.  And you wouldn't have been able to boot Ubuntu 64bit otherwise.12:34
scarleo_Hi, I don't get the correct time for New York when adding extra locations to Time Settings, all other places I've tried seem correct but not NY.12:37
archo43we nuh like NY12:38
archo43go awaeh12:38
scarleo_archo43, :) I guess that is the case12:38
theadminphpn00b: This might of interest you: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/TrueCrypt#Mount_volumes_via_fstab12:38
MRbikmangooseguyjoin ##xubuntu12:38
BoreeasHow can I determine the file system on a flash drive?12:38
MRbikmangooseguyoh wait thats not linux12:39
theadminBoreeas: If it's mounted, it will be listed in the output of "mount"12:39
MonkeyDustwhat else is there?12:39
phpn00btheadmin, that won't work. if I change the ownership to www-data then I can not write to it within Netbeans12:40
bravisubuntu on the ibook g4 :-)12:40
theadminphpn00b: Who said anything about changing ownership?12:41
Boreeastheadmin, thanks. You mean when using mount from the console?12:41
monohedronis there a way to put a trace on system sounds? I get the funny beep every now and then and have no idea what it means.12:41
theadminBoreeas: Yeah, just type "mount", it will list all currently mounted devices12:41
BoreeasAwesome, thanks12:41
MRbikmangooseguyhe meant mount, like a horse, or a dragon12:42
Etheraelanyone know what causes oneiric menus and windows on gnome panel to flash out and back whenever the mouse moves across them? in netowkr manager panel the entire window is blank tilm mouse moves across it and shows what was under the mouse as it passes12:42
EvilkissHow to make that in for loop I can print something with time delay 1 second12:42
forbidden404Scotty^: Thanks hehe12:42
forbidden404can I reset Ubuntu to the inicial system or I shall re-install the Ubuntu above this one?12:43
bravissounds like video drivers12:43
studenti like to music12:43
studentwould you like12:44
FloodBot1student: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:45
phpn00btheadmin,  what is the umask code for rwxrwxrwx?12:45
ajinanyone know how to turn my WD hardrive's APM off? The load/ unload noice is annoying12:45
os12strange student12:45
bazhangstudent, do you have an ubuntu support question?12:45
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:45
bazhangstudent, this is ubuntu support12:45
al_Anyone know how to force a file to go to my "compiz-check_0-4-6"?12:46
al_wrong directory12:46
al_let me repost...12:46
bazhangstudent, chat in #ubuntu-offtopic please12:46
al_Anyone know how to force a file to go to my "/usr/local/bin"?12:46
glenhow do i upgrade firefox...i downloaded the newest version and it went to archive folder12:47
monohedronwe are doomed12:47
ajinCould please be so kind to save my life?12:47
al_It's currently in my home folder and I can't move it using cut and paste through the GUI.12:47
bazhangmonohedron, stay on topic please12:47
monohedronis there a way to put a trace on system sounds? I get the funny beep every now and then and have no idea what it means.12:47
dr_willisal_:  use the shell and 'sudo cp' as needed12:47
ajinanyone know how to turn my WD hardrive's APM off? The load/ unload noice is annoying12:47
metallicolame question: how do I find ancii files that contain a particular word inside?12:48
bazhangstudent, /join #ubuntu-offtopic12:48
studentof course12:48
al_ty I'll go take a look.12:48
dr_willismetallico:  grep perhaps12:48
theadminphpn00b: 012:48
glen how do i upgrade firefox...i downloaded the newest version and it went to archive folder12:48
ajinbazhang:could you help me out with my WD HD cycle problem?12:49
dr_willisglen:  use the package manager and repos. dont just downloar the tar.gz archive12:49
metallicodr_willis,  do i need to do a "grep "on every single file together with "cat"12:49
freewayzifyheel pals12:49
ubottufirefox is the default web browser on Ubuntu. To install the latest version, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxNewVersion | To install plugins: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxPlugins12:49
phpn00btheadmin, so 0000?12:49
ajinbazhang: you helped me, and it's impressing12:49
bazhangfreewayzify, pardon?12:50
forbidden404ajin: you have a gpu?12:50
dr_willismetallico:  grep * options12:50
theadminphpn00b: Or that.12:50
freewayzifybazhang what up12:50
glenyo doc....how do i use the package manager (i just started usin g ubuntu)12:50
forbidden404ajin: are you right about the noise coming from the HD? can be the gpu12:50
ajinforbidden404: yes, it it GMA360012:50
mischhello ubuntu: i booted ubuntu live cd. now i got 2 questions: how to check if clam av or similar tools are available and, how to make sure that no HDD is mounted?12:50
forbidden404ajin: And there's another one? like... a onboard?12:50
phpn00btheadmin, thanks, it works :-)12:51
theadminphpn00b: np12:51
RawProducemisch: cat /etc/mtab will tell you what's mounted12:51
freewayzifyany guy hea wit good knowledge of shell programing12:51
theadminphpn00b: umasks are confusing lol :/12:51
ajinforbidden404: no, i'm sure it my hard drive constant load/unload cycle noice12:51
forbidden404ajin: Because if was that, you can look about HybrigGraphics... there's a command line in terminal, but I thought that you should use only if you have the sure about the hybrid graphics12:51
bazhangfreewayzify, #bash12:52
phpn00btheadmin, in truecrypt->settings->mount options , I put in umask=0.  this worked :-)12:52
mischrawproduce, do u know that ubuntu live cd offers some security tools? does it have clam av?12:52
freewayzifybazhang where u from12:52
ajinwest digital hard drive often has this problem12:52
theadminphpn00b: Great :) Glad you made it12:52
bazhangfreewayzify, lets stay on topic of ubuntu support please12:52
freewayzifyok bazhang12:53
dr_willismisch:  not installed by default - there are av live cd's out there12:53
theadminmisch: Nope, the only "security" tool it has is iptables I guess12:53
Pasq89how do i convert lubuntu to xubuntu ?12:53
theadmin!purexfce | Pasq8912:53
ubottuPasq89: If you want to remove all !KDE and !Gnome packages and have a default !Xubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purexfce »12:53
freewayzifyso how do i install opera browser12:53
theadminfreewayzify: Get the deb from their site12:53
Pasq89WOW! automated answer? :P12:53
mischtheadmin, ok there are av live cds. are they based on linux? like ubuntu with pre installeed clam av?12:53
ubottuOpera is an advanced, fast and free (as in beer) web browser. It is packaged for easy installation into Ubuntu. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OperaBrowser12:53
ajinit's weird that nobody could help out12:54
mischsry theadmin, i meant dr_willis12:54
dr_willismisch: some are based on linux12:54
Pasq89you piped the answer to the bot! nice! thanx admin! :P12:54
glenwhere is the package manager located12:54
freewayzifybut i heard chromium browser is more powerfull12:54
os12monohedron, is the sound coming from the system?12:54
freewayzifyhy prateek12:54
mischany link maybe dr_willis? which is based on "preferable" ubuntu?12:54
ajinforbidden404: dear, it's my hard drive's problem12:54
freewayzifymy skype refuse to load12:55
monohedronos12, don't know that's what ai want the trace for12:55
monohedron-ai +I12:55
ajinforbidden404: could you please help me out?12:55
dr_willismisch:  nope. i dont use them. you can install clamav from a live cd if needed12:55
glenhow do i start the package manager12:55
theadminPasq89: np12:55
os12monohedron, open your sound preference and mute temporarily the system sound12:55
theadminPasq89: Have fun with XFCE, it's great :)12:55
monohedronfreewayzify, check whether there is a lock file12:55
monohedronos12, no i want to identify the sound not mute it12:56
mischhow would i do this dr_willis? i booted ubuntu live cd and i dont want to allow to write any data to my hdd,12:56
os12monohedron, is this a pc or laptop12:56
dr_willismisch:  they install to 'ram' not the hd12:56
mischgooglinge for clam av live cd :D12:56
monohedronos12, laptop12:57
Pasq89thanx theadmin . if i type the second command it will convert to the XFCE ?12:57
dr_willisother av companies also have their own live cds12:57
theadminPasq89: Well, just use the command there that's "Remove Lubuntu", it will remove LXDE and install XFCE12:57
Pasq89theadmin: okay it will.. i saw now the command! at the end it installs xfce! thank you again! :)12:57
ajinanyone know how to turn my WD hardrive's APM off? The load/ unload noice is annoying12:57
os12monohedron, does every pressing of keyboard beeps? or what did you do to trigger the beep sound12:58
mischcrap, wheres the shell on ubuntu live cd?12:58
monohedronno it sends a sound every so often, there is no determined interval or aparent reason, that is why i want a trace12:58
monohedronos12, no it sends a sound every so often, there is no determined interval or aparent reason, that is why i want a trace12:59
monohedroni should really learn that12:59
mischuh well i found12:59
bazhangmisch, ctrl alt T12:59
freewayzifybazhang u back13:00
ajnabicancerI need help in ubuntu.13:00
ikoniaajnabicancer: what's up ?13:01
bazhangajnabicancer, with what13:01
forbidden404ajin: I can't help you cause idk about that things, I started with ubuntu since january ): sorry13:01
ajnabicancerwith graphics13:01
ajnabicancerwait i'm pasting here....13:01
Myrttiajnabicancer: use pastebin13:01
ajinforbidden404: thx all the same13:01
ajnabicancer(ee) failed to load module "nvidia" (module dose not exit)13:02
ikoniaajnabicancer: how did you install the nvidia drivers ?13:02
mischi want to be honest! i am a newb to linux! i booted into ubuntu live cd and i see all my hdd partitions are mounted but i want to umount all! is there a simple command to umount all?13:02
mischin one command line?13:02
MonkeyDustmisch umount unmounts13:03
Lazerathis there a way to purge the -32 and -38 kernal packages and reinstall them13:03
Lazerathlike the initrd.img and vmlinuz files13:03
mischmonkeydust ubuntu says unmounts is not mounted (according mtab)13:04
Lazerathlike a sudo apt-get purge linux-headers-2.6.32-3213:05
dr_willishow are you going to do an virus  scan if  they are unmounted.    misch13:05
theadminmisch: sudo umount -a13:06
MonkeyDustmisch: unmounted drives are not 'there', so to say13:06
mischdr_willis, i dont want to do an virus scan! ill set up a oppurtunity to surf into the www with a live cd without any risks13:06
mydogsnameisrudyvirus scan?  why13:07
dr_willismisch:  the disks are auto mounting when you access them I imagine.13:07
theadminmisch: You don't risk anything on Ubuntu, there's no malware here (well, even if there is, it won't work unless you let it :D)13:07
dr_willismisch:  I think you are being a little paranoid13:07
MonkeyDustno wonder, if you're used to windows ;)13:08
mischi do the most work with windows! this linux should be a secure platform for me to do some websearches13:08
mischi am just figuring out how to set up13:08
dr_willismisch: check mount command to see what's mounted.  use gui menus to safely remove if you want13:08
judhhow can i share my data on ubuntu 11.10 with windows13:08
theadminmisch: It's already secure.13:09
MonkeyDustjudh: samba ?13:09
theadminjudh: samba pretty much13:09
dr_willisjudh: both can use NTfs partitions13:09
auronandacejudh: i use a storage partition to keep my files in so both windows and linux sees it13:09
judhi dont want to use samba.....13:09
theadminjudh: You can set up a webserver then :$13:10
dr_willisjudh: clarify what you mean by "share"13:10
=== CPhoenix_ is now known as CPhoenix
judhshare data over the network13:10
=== monohedron is now known as hubertbupe
mischdr_willis there is alot!" /cow on /,,, proc on /proc13:10
=== hubertbupe is now known as monohedron
dr_willisuse ssh.  samba.  or some service then13:10
mischsysds on /sys13:10
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount13:11
ajnabicancercan anyone have the solution13:11
auronandaceajnabicancer: solution to what?13:12
MonkeyDustajnabicancer: for what exactly?13:12
bluebomberHello, all. I added a passphrase to my private key, but ssh isn't prompting me for it. Can anyone offer some help?13:12
ajnabicancer(ee) failed to load module "nvidia" (module dose not exit)13:12
mischawww. would any of my game run as smoothly on linux as on windows i wouldnt have windows installed!° i would knew all and everything what i need to know to do my daily workes13:12
ajnabicancer(ee) failed to load module "nvidia" (module dose not exit)13:12
auronandacemisch: what games?13:13
auronandace!appdb | misch13:13
ubottumisch: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help13:13
judhI want to share data which is availabe on my ubuntu 11.10 machine with a computer running windows operating system...how can i do this?13:13
mischbattlefield, cs:s, League of legends, grand theft auto, grid, nfs13:13
ajnabicancerMonkeydust: (ee) failed to load module "nvidia" (module dose not exit)13:13
mischalot :D13:13
ajnabicancerauronandace: (ee) failed to load module "nvidia" (module dose not exit)13:13
MonkeyDustajnabicancer: i'm not familiar with nvidia13:13
ajnabicancermonkeydust: ok13:14
Servercrashhi does anyone knows how to go about ubuntu for android installation13:14
auronandaceajnabicancer: do you have the nvidia driver installed?13:14
Servercrashi counld not find any links for same13:14
mischubottu nonononono i do have a amd radeon 6900 series and ATI now known as AMD radeon ever sukked on linux13:14
ubottumisch: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:14
scarleojudh, use samba: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Samba13:14
ajnabicancerauronandace: yes i did installed nvidia-173 from synaptic13:14
trishxoi have a problem.. i upgraded to ubuntu 10.04, with macbuntu installed.. now i can't do ANYTHING on the desktop.. do i need to restart in safe mode, unistall macbuntu and restart?13:14
bazhangServercrash, its just been announced. try #ubuntu-phone for the little info there is13:15
auronandacemisch: its better to dual boot if you are gaming on windows13:15
mischauronandace lolol :D13:15
ikoniatrishxo: macbuntu is a terrible product13:15
mischok, was talking to the wrong person :D13:15
auronandacemisch: i'm serious13:15
mischya i know13:15
ajnabicancerauronandace: yes i did installed nvidia-173 from synaptic13:15
trishxoikonia: you told me this on my computer btw. lol.13:15
mischwas just confused cuz i said something to ubottu13:16
judhi can be able to connect to the other pc over my network using "Connecting to Server"13:16
auronandaceajnabicancer: sudo modprobe nvidia13:16
trishxoikonia: other computer*13:16
ikoniatrishxo: ok, so why did you install it then ? and why are you now surprised that it's broken13:16
judhsorry I cannot be able to connect to the other computer over my netwwork using "Connecting to Server"13:17
ajnabicancerauronandace: All config files need .conf: /etc/modprobe.d/ndiswrapper, it will be ignored in a future release. FATAL: Module nvidia not found.13:17
trishxoit's not broken, i just forgot to uninstall macbuntu cuz it's not compatible with 11.04..13:17
trishxoikonia: ^13:17
scarleojudh, was that a question or a statement?13:17
auronandaceajnabicancer: have you installed any ppas?13:17
auronandace!ppa | ajnabicancer13:18
ubottuajnabicancer: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa13:18
ikoniatrishxo: then it's broken13:18
phpn00bI have netbeans. when there is a gtk pp covering it and I click on the editor of Netbeans, it does not switch to netbeans. I have to click on the the title bar of netbeans to get the focus. Is this a known problem?13:18
scarleojudh,  :) ok, you must have any of the supported services running on the computer you want to connect to before you can use "Connect to server"13:18
ajnabicancerauronandace:  i don't know much about ppa. but have installed a package maybe to run windows files. "wine"13:19
trishxoikonia: ok. lol.. i didn't ask if it was broken.. i was asking if anyone knew how to solve my problem.13:19
dtcrshrhello fellas! is there already an specific channel talking about ubuntu on android devices?13:19
judhwhat are those services?13:19
auronandaceajnabicancer: ok, if you haven't installed anything that is outside of the repos hen thats good13:19
scarleojudh, You will see them if you click on Connect to server ;)13:19
k013hi, i'm using lyx on ubuntu 11.10, i want to copy a .sty into the tex folder but it says permission denied - please help!13:19
ikoniatrishxo: remove the package13:20
auronandaceajnabicancer: can you pastebin sudo lsmod13:20
MonkeyDustk013: is the tex folder outside /home ?13:20
judhI want to use windowshare service  but connection refuese13:20
trishxoikonia: and how do i remove the package?13:20
k013monkeydust - yes sir13:20
ikoniatrishxo: boot into single user mode and remove the package13:21
trishxoi can't navigate on the desktop at all.13:21
trishxoikonia: ok, and how do i boot into that? lol13:21
MonkeyDustk013: for everything outside /home, you need sudo13:21
ikoniatrishxo: although I don't think the package will remove cleanly (this is one of the reasons macbuntu is poor - it rarley seems to remove fully/cleanly)13:21
ikoniatrishxo: if you use the grub menu there should be a recovery mode13:21
k013monkeydust - sorry i'm using a gui, where do i enter the sudo command?13:21
al_I just installed "CompizConfig Settings Manager" and typed "compiz --replace" in the command line but it's special effects don't seem to be working.  Any advice?13:21
scarleojudh, have you shared anything on that computer? Is the firewall open? Is it accessible from your computer?13:22
MonkeyDustk013: don't know how to do it in the gui, maybe someone else does13:22
scarleojudh, and please use the name you are talking to in front of your messages13:22
trishxoikonia: i don't know anything you're talking about.. or how to do it, lol.13:23
NyLeswhat does the Option DPMS do under the section monitor of xorg.conf?13:23
trishxoi literally can't do anything when i start linux.13:23
trishxoikonia: ^13:23
ikoniatrishxo: what /13:23
k013monkeydust - ok, if you were to copy a file from one folder to another using command line, what is the comman you would type in?13:23
ajnabicancerauronandace: sorry i was disconnected13:24
bastidrazork013: cp file /path/to/newfolder/13:24
ajnabicancerauronandace: so what now?13:24
auronandacek013: cp (makes a copy), mv (renames or moves)13:24
auronandaceajnabicancer: can you pastebin sudo lsmod13:24
MonkeyDustk013: to cp oustide /home, it's sudo cp13:25
k013bastidrazor and auronandace and monkeydust - thank you so much!13:25
judhscarleo, not yet shared anything with that computer. I am trying to share using connect to server option....13:25
trishxoikonia: idk how to do anything you're telling me to do.. and when i start linux, it shows the desktop, but i can't do anything on it but move the mouse and when i hover over something it doesn't do anything.13:25
ikoniatrishxo: ok13:25
judhscarleo, when i try to connect...failed to mount windows share...what is it?13:25
trishxoikonia: i'll figure it out, thanks.13:26
scarleojudh, not share WITH, shared FROM, have you checked the other things I told you?13:26
ikoniatrishxo: as I advised you not to install this and you still installed it, I think you should find someone else to help you13:26
al_Anyone know of a channel for Compiz support?13:26
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz13:26
NyLeswhat does the Option DPMS do under the section monitor of xorg.conf?13:26
MonkeyDustal_: try #compiz or ##compiz13:26
ikoniatrishxo: good luck13:26
scarleojudh, you have to start sharing on the win pc if that is what you are trying to connect to13:26
=== Guest6395 is now known as p1l0t
al_to join is it /join ##compiz ?13:26
MonkeyDustal_: single #13:27
ajnabicancerauronandace: wait13:27
auronandaceajnabicancer: waiting13:27
al_I'll try that now.13:27
FenixxI can't run fsck to a ntfs partitions and i don't know why, i have the fsck.ntfs-3g package installed but when i do the fsck command in a ntfs partition it say "fsck.ntfs-3g not found" and "Error 2 while executing fsck.ntfs-3g for /dev/sda3"13:27
llutz_NyLes: enable/disable DPMS extension13:27
al_thanks (y)13:27
trishxoikonia: man, why are you making a big deal out of this? lol.. i installed something you advised me not to, and i FORGOT TO UNISTALL IT BEFORE UPGRADING AND NOW MY DESKTOP DOESN'T FUNCTION. I could just simply reinstall a copy of linux onto my system, ffs.13:27
NyLesllutz_: what is DPMS?13:27
llutz_NyLes: powermanagement13:28
theadminNyLes: Dynamic Power Management System or something along those lines13:28
ikoniatrishxo: ok, re-install the OS13:28
nathan28trishxo: just uninstall the pkg and dependencies that broke your DE13:28
ikoniatrishxo: typing in caps won't change it13:28
ikonianathan28: it's not that simple the package rarley uninstalls cleanly, it's one of the reasons I advised against using it13:28
NyLesi get this error btw, Parse error on line 52 of section Screen in file /etc/X11/xorg.conf "800x600" is not a valid keyword in this section13:28
bastidrazorikonia: tell him not to jump off bridges13:28
nathan28ikonia: which pkg?13:28
NyLesllutz_: theadmin thanks guys..13:28
trishxoikonia: i know it won't change it, lol.. it's just you don't get the point it's not the app itself.. it's the fact i forgot to uninstall it.13:29
Fenixxanybody knows why can't use the fsck utility with Ubuntu for a ntfs partitions?13:29
nathan28Fenixx: do you have ntfs-3g?13:29
ikoniatrishxo: yes, but you don't get it, it rarley uninstalls cleanly anyway13:29
Fenixxyes nathan2813:29
ikonianathan28: macubuntu13:29
NyLesfollowing that error is, Fatal Server Error: no screens found.. i have no desktop i think xserver is not starting..13:29
ikonianathan28: it's a theme package that doesn't install "well" so the uninstall routine rarley seems to clean it up properly13:29
judhscarleo..yes i am trying to do that...i off the firewall now13:30
mischwhats macubuntu? is it open source?13:30
trishxoikonia: well man.. i won't ever be uninstalling it, cuz i like the look and feel of mac.13:30
auronandacetrishxo: just reinstall, its quicker13:30
Fenixxnathan28, i have the ntfs-3g installed, but when i do the fsck command it shows me ntfs-3g not found :-/&13:30
freewayzifyinstallin mac os x lion theme on ubuntu 11.1013:30
ikoniatrishxo: well, as it's incompatible with 11.10 I don't see how you can conitnue to use it13:30
llutz_NyLes: check the give line, check syntax and read "man xorg.conf" why your line might fail13:30
mischikonia nathan28 what is macubuntu, pls share a link13:30
nathan28ikonia: how does a theme package break an install?13:30
ikoniamisch: just google it13:30
ikonianathan28: it doesn't break the install, it's not compatible with unity, that's whats broke it13:30
trishxoikonia: there is a new theme for 11.10 and 12.04.13:30
ikonianathan28: however as it doesn't install/uninstall cleanly it often causes problems due to some of the things it overwrites and how it installs13:31
ajnabicancerauronandace: http://paste.ubuntu.com/853979/plain/13:31
ikoniatrishxo: good luck with it13:31
NyLesllutz_: the 52nd line is Mode, under Section "Screen"13:31
trishxoikonia: os x lion theme.13:31
trishxoikonia: doesn't have anything to do with macbuntu.13:31
nathan28so reinstall the vanilla pkgs then13:31
nathan28not the OS13:31
auronandaceajnabicancer: its asking me to login13:31
NyLesllutz_: ok found it.. thanks..13:31
nathan28i mean it's trishxo's time, not mine13:31
ikoniatrishxo: best of luck13:31
ajnabicancerauronandace: you there?13:31
auronandaceajnabicancer: its asking me to login13:32
llutz_NyLes: "Modes"13:32
nathan28but OS reinstalls make baby jesus cry13:32
ajnabicancerauronandace: http://paste.ubuntu.com/853979/13:32
MonkeyDustmisch: there's Pear OS, but that is not supported here13:32
mischlooks nice so far, should give it a try13:32
trishxoikonia: upgrading to a mac soon anyhow.13:32
ajnabicancerauronandace: try this13:32
ajnabicanceri cannot use pastebin, it is maybe restricted in my country13:32
ikoniatrishxo: great, enjoy13:33
mischmonkeydust, it is built from ground up and not only a theme additional to ubuntu basics right?13:33
auronandaceajnabicancer: there you go, you have nouveau13:33
m4kHow make debootstrape file system to bootable13:33
MonkeyDustmisch: can't say13:33
nathan28Fenixx: if you need to fsck an ntfs disk, i'd fix it from windows instead13:33
ajnabicancerauronandace: nouveau?13:34
auronandaceajnabicancer: you're using the nouveau driver at the moment13:34
=== milos__ is now known as Guest85491
auronandace!nouveau | ajnabicancer13:34
ubottuajnabicancer: nouveau is an open-source nvidia driver included by default since Ubuntu 10.04. Currently, 3D rendering is only partially supported. More information can be found at http://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/ | See !nvidia for the closed-source Nvidia driver.13:34
ajnabicancerauronandace: so what i have to do now?13:34
dtcrshrhello fellas! is there already an specific channel talking about ubuntu on android devices?13:34
llutz_dtcrshr: #android13:34
mischikonia nathan28 is macubuntu a theme additional for ubuntu? or do i need to install a whole new linux installation?13:35
ajnabicancerauronandace: how i can solve this problem?13:35
auronandaceajnabicancer: are you sure you installed the nvidia driver? check the additional drivers thingy13:35
nathan28misch: it sounds like it's poorly packaged and you don't want to install it13:35
ikoniamisch: just a theme package13:35
dtcrshrits the ubuntu android project im asking - http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/android13:35
mischah, unfortunately13:35
ajnabicancerauronandace: please tell the commands13:35
llutz_!alis | dtcrshr13:35
ubottudtcrshr: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*13:35
nathan28misch: i'm pretty sure the g--gle will find you the OSuX wallpaper in literally seconds13:36
auronandaceajnabicancer: gtk-jockey i think13:36
xinyihello, guys, how could i join the ubuntu devel?13:36
auronandaceajnabicancer: or jockey-gtk13:36
dtcrshrthanks llutz !13:36
NyLesdoes ubuntu really supports driver from nvidia site? why does it says no module found?13:36
mischnathan its not only the wallpaper lol ! its the whole style which is interesting13:36
nathan28NyLes: avoid installing video drivers from the maker's site13:36
m4kHow to make debootstraped file system to bootable13:37
=== milos___ is now known as mandara
NyLesnathan28: thanks for the advice, but may I now why?13:37
MonkeyDustxinyi: you y have to register to join their channel13:37
Myrttidtcrshr: some discussion is going on in #ubuntu-phone AFAIK13:37
ajnabicancerauronandace: you are telling me to use this command "jockey-gtk"13:37
llutz_m4k: install a kernel, install a bootmanager or update your default bootmanager to add the debootsrapped system13:37
nathan___is there a way i can see the current network bandwidth use?13:37
nathan28NyLes: the pkg from Nvidia is likely going to be ugly to manage and install13:37
dtcrshrhmm more into it Myrtti thanks13:37
xinyii just registered a launchpad account13:37
auronandaceajnabicancer: yes, that should bring up the additional drivers thingy13:37
freeway_llutz wat is boot manager13:37
nathan28use the proprietary driver install instead13:37
nathan28*install function in Unity13:38
MonkeyDust!register| xinyi13:38
ubottuxinyi: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode13:38
uuuuahi, i have a question about pinning. I want to upgrade linux-source to the version of precise.  Why that http://pastebin.com/9bckwx12 doesn't work?13:38
uuuuaI've also tryed with that http://pastebin.com/6tpHusKG13:38
nathan28freeway_: a boot manager is where you put shoes13:38
bazhangMonkeyDust, thats not about launchpad accounts13:38
nathan28it's also the thing that loads your OSes: GRUB, GRUB2, syslinux, BURG13:39
NyLesnathan28: i see, but the thread i am reading to solve my problem uses drivers from the maker site, BUT since it still not working, ill take your advice thanks again..13:39
MonkeyDustbazhang: i thought he wanted th ubuntu devel irc channel, sorry13:39
ajnabicancerauronandace: jockey-gtk -> brought up the hardware driver window13:39
freeway_bazhang do u know how to install mac os x pack on ubuntu13:39
nathan28NyLes: what is your problem?13:39
nathan28freeway_: you don't want to install the mac osx theme apparentely13:39
bazhangfreeway_, it s unsupported and wreck things, please dont bother13:39
nathan28it doesn't install cleanly13:39
nathan28unless you roll your own13:39
auronandaceajnabicancer: its rather straightforward from there, choose the driver install it and restart to use it13:40
freeway_nathan why13:40
freeway_ok bazhang13:40
nathan28freeway_: b/c apparently it breaks things and won't unistall properly13:40
NyLesnathan28: black screen when using nvidia-96 drivers.. nv drivers are working.. can you tell me what would be the difference using "nv" drivers than real nvidia drivers?13:40
nathan28you can13:40
freeway_lol fankz bro13:40
ajnabicancerauronandace: it's showing two versions 173 and 96 and below on the windows it's telling that "different version of this driver is in use"13:41
freeway_nathan  i want to install audio driver for my dubuntu13:41
ajnabicancerauronandace: i have installed 173 version that ubuntu suggeting as recommended. so i think i'll go for it again and will be back here13:42
spartitionHi everyone ! Can someone tell me why, at each boot, it stops and shows me initramfs ?13:42
nathan28NyLes: my guess is you need to build the nvidia modules for the kernel13:42
jkleinJOIN 'kde13:42
jkleineJOIN #kde13:42
jkleinJOIN #kde13:42
auronandaceajnabicancer: did you restart after installing the driver?13:42
nathan28NyLes: n/m, it looks like you may not need to13:43
freeway_what is d function of kde13:43
NyLesnathan28: yeah i think.. so i will be sticking with nv for the moment, can you tell me the difference?13:43
bazhangfreeway_, what do you mean function, it's a desktop environment13:43
bazhang!kde > freeway_13:44
ubottufreeway_, please see my private message13:44
nathan28NyLes: the free drivers are generally just not as good on performance13:44
nathan28NyLes: worse 3D, much higher power consumption13:44
nathan28otoh they are easier usually to deal w/13:44
NyLesnathan28: OMG..13:44
nathan28NyLes: not really13:44
NyLesnathan28: thanks for the information..13:44
nathan28just slower and clunkier13:45
nathan28fwiw the proprietary linux drivers are usually not fantastic either, kind of an afterthought13:45
NyLesnathan28: yeah i can really feel the slow performance with nv...13:45
uuuuai've also tried with http://pastebin.com/6tpHusKG and I got the same result. It seems that it doesn't care of files in preferences.d13:47
NyLesmoving on to the next problem, i have no sounds :D aplay -l says no soundcards found13:48
scarleojudh, how's it going?13:48
NyLesmoving on to the next problem, i have no sounds :D aplay -l says no soundcards found help me please13:50
spartitionwhat is initramfs ?13:53
NyLescan anypne hep me abput my soundcard?13:53
uuuuaspartition: an image needed for correctly booting the system13:53
joallardFor example I can run the command `latex` in bash. What command can I use to find which `latex` executable is going to be ran?13:53
spartitionuuuua, why does it keep stoppping the boot sequence ?13:54
magicJjoallard:  whereis13:54
freeway_nathan how do you extract osurce code from installation package13:54
joallardmagicJ, thank you!13:54
uuuuaspartition: you have compiled a kernel? what is the error?13:54
os12NyLes, check this out it might help... https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting13:55
rafalmi_did anyone have problems with nvidia issue "You do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver. Please edit your X configuration file (just run `nvidia-xconfig` as root), and restart the X server."13:55
spartitionuuuua, I think I've got 2 different errors. When it boots, after grub, the boot sequence stops and shows me an initramfs plus a hdio_get_identity failed.13:55
NyLesos12: ok thanks i'll try that13:56
rafalmi_and nvidia-settings shows this info above and contains only one tab with enable tool tips', 'display status bar' and three other similar option13:56
spartitionuuuua, and eventualy, how do you compile the kernel ? :o13:56
NyLesrafalmi_: just follow what it says13:56
judhscarleo,  thanks i did it...13:56
rafalmi_NyLes: ?13:57
uuuuaspartition: no you don't have to recompile a kernel. I'm asking cause those problems can happen when someone did that in the wrong way :P13:57
NyLesrafalmi_: open a terminal then type sudo nvidia-xconfig13:57
NyLesrafalmi_: then reboot..13:57
spartitionuuuua, oh ok. :-D13:57
uuuuaspartition: have you tried with a different kernel?13:57
rafalmi_NyLes: heh I was doing it but I received black screen after that13:57
rafalmi_after reboot13:58
spartitionuuuua, nope. I wasn't having this problem when I was on 11.04 and then I upgraded to 11.10 with the kernel 313:58
NyLesrafalmi_: what driver are you using now? nv? what is your video card?13:58
nathan___anyoen now wherea tutorial on btrfs is on ubuntu13:58
rafalmi_I have GeForce GT520MX and Ubuntu 11.1013:58
Lazerathcan i resize the partition on here with that partition unmounted13:59
Lazerathwith the server live13:59
LazerathVia CLI13:59
NyLesrafalmi_: can you pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log13:59
rafalmi_not now - I m on desktop now on job14:00
rafalmi_have no access to my laptop now14:00
Lazerathcan i resize the partition on here with that partition unmounted but with the server live... so that it ends on a cynderlic boundry>14:00
EtheraelOK, that's it.14:00
rafalmi_anyway it shares with Intel inegrated card via using optimus technology14:00
rafalmi_I have bumblle14:01
uuuuaspartition: it doesn't say witch disk is causing the problem?14:01
xinyihello, fellows, anyone could give me directions about how to join in some open source projects ?14:01
rafalmi_and I have drivers from here14:01
rafalmi_sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates14:01
nathan___should i use zfs or mdm for 4 x 2tb raid?14:02
nathan___im familiar with zfs14:02
spartitionuuuua, nope. But when I make a hdparm on /dev/sdg , i get the same error than on boot :  HDIO_DRIVE_CMD(identify) failed: Invalid argument14:02
nathan___wd20ears drives drop out of mdm array iirc14:02
NyLesrafalmi_: im not familiar with ppas sorry14:03
rafalmi_Nyles: it has nvidia-current with 295 driver version AFAIK14:04
uuuuaspartition: searching on the internet produce a huge amount of results maybe you should take a look14:04
spartitionuuuua, I've looked on some of them. But didn't found any answers that solve the problem =|14:05
rafalmi_NyLes: maybe it doesn't work with optimus technology when Intel is used mostly14:05
NyLesrafalmi_: maybe? but i think it's best to see the xorg.conf and xorg.0.log im having almost the same problem :)14:06
NyLesrafalmi_: and finally solved it but not really because im jsut using nv drivers not nvidia..14:07
os12NyLes, i have issues on nvidia previously but now im using alpha 12.04 those issues i guess was fixed.14:08
rafalmi_os12: which nvidia card do you have and which drivers ?14:09
NyLesos12: I'm a lilttle afraid of using alpha versions xD im just a fresh linux user :)14:09
rafalmi_os12: I will wait for offcial 12.04 release :-)14:10
rafalmi_os12: which NVidia you have and which drivers version?14:10
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa14:11
os12NyLes, 295.2014:11
uuuuauhm it's a bug it seems that aptitude ignore files in preferences.d14:12
ReliantCan anyone help me with troubleshooting a problem I'm having? My internet connection is alternating every 30s between on and off. 30s on, 30s off. 30s on, 30s off.14:13
MonkeyDustReliant: wireless?14:14
ReliantI was using DHCP, so I changed to a static and no change. The wierdest thing: I ran an update, and while it was downloading, the connection was stable. As soon as it stopped, it went on/off/on/off again14:15
dtcrshrin ubuntu server, i migrated it to another vmserver, but i cant get networking to work. Iv configured the /etc/network/interfaces to get the fixed ips, double checked the /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net file to see if the eth is ok but i cant get it up again14:16
dtcrshreven though in persistent and interfaces theres no eth1, i can get it up by ifup eth1, and all of them are configured as eth0, which when i try to start tells the interface dont exists14:17
dtcrshrany clues14:17
martianReliant: I'm tempted to say that sounds like a hardware problem. Bad wire or jack perhaps. The NIC may give up on the connection if there is a certain percentage packet loss over some period of time, but with actual traffic perhaps the NIC 'tries harder'14:17
Trevor69420dtcrshr did u make sure the MAC addresses in the 70-persistent-net file were correct to the NIC14:18
dtcrshryes. iv checked via lshw14:18
Trevor69420hmmm... then maybe hardware issue?14:18
Reliantit's a brand new motherboard. Installed it 2 weeks ago. The wire is also brand new, bought it about a month ago14:18
Trevor69420did u try another nic?14:18
dtcrshrits a vmware14:18
dtcrshrall other machines are working14:18
Trevor69420that is indeed strange14:19
Trevor69420did you install VMWare tools?14:19
dtcrshriv cloned this machine, and deployed on the new vm server14:19
Reliantit dual boots to windows 7, and I haven't noticed this issue there14:19
dtcrshrno need, its an ubuntu text based server14:19
Trevor69420u still dont get all the functionality without vmware tools installed14:19
Trevor69420u can install it to command line server as well14:19
anvhow to exit from man?14:19
martianReliant: new things can be defective. Ahh, if another OS handles it fine, maybe it's the driver; perhaps different drivers handle packet loss differently... or the ubuntu driver just sucks :)14:20
Trevor69420anv... just type 'q'14:20
dtcrshrfor instance?14:20
Trevor69420the ability to iniate shutdowns14:20
Reliantwell, it is a brand new motherboard in an existing Ubuntu installation14:20
Trevor69420at adds in the functionaly of the new virtual NICs (if you are using the VMWare ESXi)14:20
ReliantGigabyte brand motherboard14:20
=== llutz__ is now known as llutz_
Trevor69420they changed the virtual interface driver at some point14:21
Trevor69420give me a sec while i pull up my vmware infrastructure client,...14:21
dtcrshrill give a shot installing the vm tooks14:21
dtcrshri followed this guide - http://kb.vmware.com/selfservice/microsites/search.do?language=en_US&cmd=displayKC&externalId=103279014:21
ReliantRealtek RTL8111E chipset14:21
Trevor69420also check the network card settings in vmware and see what type it's selected to use14:21
dtcrshrand even if i delete the persistent file and reboots, its created a new one, and the mac avaiable its on eth014:21
dtcrshrwhats the recommended type?14:22
Trevor69420well i dunno which vmware u use14:22
Trevor69420but on my clients i've been using E1000 as the current adapter type14:22
anvthank you14:22
Trevor69420they also have vmxnet314:23
dtcrshrim using esxi 514:23
Trevor69420see if that verrsion has E1000 as the network card14:23
Trevor69420also make sure the MAC address on the vmware settings match the mac address ubuntu is saying14:23
anvhow can i change password for my ssh account?14:24
Trevor69420(also make sure it's not the SAME mac address as another machine on the network14:24
Trevor69420anv... what do you mean14:24
Trevor69420anv you change your user password14:24
llutz_anv: its your user password, use passwd14:24
Trevor69420passwd <username>14:24
skaI ran pm-hibernate and my system basically shut down. When I woke it, it rebooted completely14:24
=== iqpi|on is now known as iqpi|off
Trevor69420dtcrshr... i had that issue once cloning a machine...  it copied the NICs  MAC but i still had on the old one and it wouldnt work14:25
skaI want to be able to wake it via keyboard also. shoule I use pm-suspend-hybrid instead?14:25
NyLeshow can idownload PPAs? i already added the location..14:25
anvpasswd: Only root can specify a user name. is wat i got14:26
dtcrshryeah, its very odd14:26
=== Kowboy_ is now known as Kowboy
martianNyLes: the ppa is just a source location; you don't download them as much as you download from them. Once you've added the PPA, you can add packages from it the way you would normally14:27
dtcrshrsince the persistent file points towards the interface one, the line of tought i had is i can either change the persistent so the new mac goes to eth0, or change the interfaces config to point to eth1 isntead of 014:27
Trevor69420anv... are you logged on as the user you want to change the password for?14:27
dtcrshrdunno whats missing... very annoying14:27
Trevor69420dtcrshr remove the NIC from the guest and add a whole new one14:27
NyLesmartian: how can i add then?14:27
Trevor69420or add a second on14:27
skaThis is a desktop. Should I use suspend or hibernate?14:27
nighteranv: just type "passwd"14:28
Trevor69420what nighter said14:28
anvya i got14:28
=== thyri0n_ is now known as thyri0n
anvi successfully changed14:28
martianNyLes: either use 'sudo apt-get install' from a terminal, or use the Software Center tool14:28
Trevor69420oh crap forgot to set my home server to accept ssh connections on the WAN side before i left this AM14:29
NyLesmartian: oh but i get unable to locate package, so it means, it was deleted?14:29
anvthank u14:29
=== lauris is now known as Guest61274
bastidrazorNyLes: update your package list. sudo apt-get update14:29
mtlaptopI have a problem with dhcp3-server14:29
stehello , i have a problem with znc modules can anyone help maybe?14:30
craigbass1976what;'s the preferred method to getting a dhcp daemon starting at boot?  mess with /etc/rc*, put a conf in /etc/init/ ?14:30
martianNyLes: well, that either means it doesn't exist in the PPA, you haven't updated your sources list (this would be the case if you added it manually instead of using the GUI), you entered it wrong, or you're typing the package name wrong14:30
craigbass1976mtlaptop, what's your issue, maybe I've gotten past that one...14:30
mtlaptopI installed dhcp3-server14:30
SubjectOneanybody here who knows a good rss-reader for cli ?14:31
NyLesbastidrazor: already done that..14:31
mtlaptopBut when I type /etc/init.d/dhcp3-server restart14:31
mtlaptopIt doesn't work14:31
NyLesmartian: i used the terminal to add it.. and i check the spelling for 10 times now ol..14:31
mtlaptopIt seems like it's not installed14:31
L3topcraigbass1976: That should have happened automatically. Do you have a file in /etc/init.d named dhcp3-server?14:31
=== Caspercom is now known as Caspercom|AFK
mtlaptopCan you help me?14:31
martianmtlaptop: well, check to see if there is a log file for it in /var/log and see what errors it is throwing14:32
OerNyles what ppa are you tying to add ? maybe it is not available for your ubuntu-version.14:32
L3topmtlaptop: what is the output when you type that?14:32
os12NyLes, check if the app you want was added, apt-cache search yourwantapp14:32
mtlaptopbash: /etc/init.d/dhcp3-server: No such file or directory14:32
Trevor69420mtlaptop what makes you think it's not installed?14:32
martianNyLes: and did you run "sudo apt-get update"?14:32
L3topis the file there mtlaptop?14:33
NyLesmartian: yeah 2 times already..14:33
L3topls /etc/init.d/dh*14:33
martianNyLes: when updating it, do you see any errors?14:33
NyLesOer: darjhorn/nvidia-9614:33
mtlaptopbecause in the directory dhcp3 it's not the dhcpd.conf file14:33
NyLesmartian: none at all..14:33
os12NyLes, what app are you trying to install via ppa?14:33
Trevor69420hmm mtlaptop try removing and reinstalling14:34
NyLesos12: nvidia-graphics-drivers-9614:34
martianNyLes: what's the PPA if you don't mind my asking, and what package are you looking for?14:34
Trevor69420i've never seen that issue before14:34
mtlaptopI did it14:34
OerNyles it is Maverick only.14:34
mtlaptopI used apt-get remove dhcp3-server14:34
mtlaptopand install14:34
mtlaptopbut it's the same14:34
L3topmtlaptop: did it show that the file is there?14:34
L3topmtlaptop: ls /etc/init.d/dh*14:34
ccadiouBonjour !14:35
NyLesOer: omg, sorry lol.. i got too excited..14:35
ccadiouHello, sorry !14:35
craigbass1976L3top, yes, and I can start, stop, restart it.  Won't start at boot though14:35
Trevor69420mtlaptop and there is a /etc/dhcp3/ directory14:35
martianccadiou: sorry?14:35
mtlaptoproot@mtlaptop:/usr/local/amino/releases/0.16.7a1-A130h-opera9# ls /etc/init.d/dh*14:35
mtlaptopls: cannot access /etc/init.d/dh*: No such file or directory14:35
Trevor69420but no config files14:35
ccadioumartian, I thought i was on the french channel, but doesn't matter14:36
nathan___how long will it take to build a 4x2TB raid5?14:36
Trevor69420that is strange inded14:36
Trevor69420nathan___ hard to answer14:36
L3topmtlaptop: try update-rc.d dhcp-server defaults14:36
Trevor69420is it a software RAID or a physical RAID card14:36
nathan___Trevor69420: software mdraid14:36
Trevor69420depends on the computer14:36
ccadiouDoes anyone know how to remove a password which locks ... the bios ?14:37
ccadiouOf course I don't know it14:37
Trevor69420ccadiou, depends on the computer14:37
nathan___Trevor69420: 1.3ghz amd neo, 8gb ddr414:37
martianccadiou: errrr, remove the battery and wait a bit?14:37
Trevor69420still doesnt say enough nathan___ but it really shouldnt take long14:37
mtlaptoproot@mtlaptop:/usr/local/amino/releases/0.16.7a1-A130h-opera9# update-rc.d dhcp-server defaults14:37
mtlaptopupdate-rc.d: /etc/init.d/dhcp-server: file does not exist14:37
tjkentcraigbass1976: what is your problem?14:37
ccadiouIt's not a laptop, so there's no battery matrian14:37
os12ccadiou, remove the batt14:37
nathan___Trevor69420: 5 hours? 20 hours?14:37
martianccadiou: smash it open? ;)14:38
Trevor69420ccadiou, also some boards actually right that to a permanent chip...   and sometimes there's a way to jump two pins to reset it14:38
Trevor69420nathan___, less than 2 hours14:38
Trevor69420like maybe an hour14:38
L3topI got your reply confused with craigbass1976.14:38
mtlaptopthere is a /etc/dhcp3/ directory14:38
L3topclearly it will not update a file that is not there.14:38
ccadioumartian, It may be a little too  ... hard for my computer, he's quite old14:38
martianccadiou: tough love!14:38
mtlaptopthat directory only have this file14:39
CampinSamQuestion, I'm going to be configuring my computer to dual-boot windows 7 and ubuntu. On my ubuntu boot, my wireless adapter doesn't work out of the box, but once ubuntu is installed, I can install the drivers, and such. Will ubuntu have problems installing? or will it run just fine? And is there anything I'm missing?14:39
ccadiouTrevor69420, Do you know where I can find those two pins ?14:39
Trevor69420nathan___, but dont quote me on that, I've only ever used software raid14:39
Trevor69420ccadiou, depends on what motherboard you have14:39
meerkatshow do I format a flashdrive? gparted?14:39
Trevor69420they are all different14:39
Trevor69420meerkats, u can use gparted14:39
tjkentCampinSam: you might what kind of wireless card do you have?14:39
meerkatsTrevor69420, how? what icon or tab?14:40
Trevor69420meerkats, or if you have gnome i think u can just right click on the drive and select format .... not sure tho14:40
DJonesccadiou: If its a desktop, there is normally a small battery fixed to teh motherboard that keeps power supplied to the bios when the computer isn't connected to the mains14:40
Trevor69420meerkats have you used gparted?14:40
martianCampinSam: You mean, if ubuntu can't auto detect your wireless card, will the installation still work well?14:40
ccadiouTrevor69420,  okay. An idea with a Asus M2V VIA ?14:40
CampinSamMy wireless adapter is a linksys AE100014:40
CampinSammartian: yes14:40
craigbass1976tjkent, I'm trying to get dhcp3-server to start at boot.14:40
ccadiouDJones, let's try to find it ...14:40
CampinSammartian: or atleast, I believe that's what I'm asking..14:40
martianCampinSam: Yes, it will be fine and dandy.14:40
CampinSammartian: alright, thanks then.14:41
L3topmtlaptop: try sudo dpkg-reconfigure dhcp3-server14:41
os12NyLes, if you want to try nvidia drivers you can add x-swat ppa just for the sake of testing.14:41
CampinSammartian: I wasn't sure whether ubuntu had to download anything during the installation14:41
meerkatsTrevor69420, partition-formt to cannot be used...14:41
meerkatsTrevor69420, partition-format to cannot be used...14:41
ignoredthoughtsAny chance there is a package I can download that will help me view available wireless networks and join them?14:41
meerkatsTrevor69420, the owner of the flashdrive (kingston) is root, no idea why...14:41
ignoredthoughtsthe one that comes with Lubuntu requires that I know specific details14:41
mtlaptopit said nothing14:42
Trevor69420shouldnt matter14:42
NyLesos12: ok ill try that and oh, the link you game me about sound card i've tried that already, but no good..14:42
Trevor69420meerkats, what does gparted say14:42
mtlaptoproot@mtlaptop:/usr/local/amino/releases/0.16.7a1-A130h-opera9# sudo dpkg-reconfigure dhcp3-server14:42
Trevor69420can u see the flash drive in gparted14:42
L3topdo you have a /etc/dhcp3/dhcpd.conf file?14:42
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NyLesos12: whats is the ppa for x-swat?14:42
tjkentmeerkats: you should be able to.14:42
mtlaptopL3top: no14:42
meerkatsTrevor69420, nothing it lists all hard drives, including the flash drive and info about it (fat32, cylinders, unallocated space.,..)14:42
ignoredthoughtsnot asking for the file, I can find it, just need to know what it is14:42
Trevor69420meerkats so.... what14:43
Trevor69420errr so waht's the issue then?14:43
os12NyLes, some nvidia cdrivers to test14:43
meerkatsTrevor69420, so... I cannot format it14:43
Trevor69420select the drive right click on it select delete (to delete current allocations)14:43
Trevor69420make sure it's the flash drive you select14:43
Trevor69420you want unallocated space14:43
os12NyLes, any luck on sudo alsa force-reload?14:44
martianignoredthoughts: Try wifi-radar14:44
OerNyLes, there is no 96-driver in https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-x-swat/+archive/x-updates14:44
ccadiouDJones, what does the small battery looks like ?14:44
tjkentTrevor69420: haha yea that is kinda important14:44
NyLesOer: oh thanks..14:44
Trevor69420then right click again select new and then you can specify the format14:44
DJonesccadiou: This what I'm used to seeing http://www.technibble.com/articlecontent/2007/12/remove-battery.jpg14:45
ccadiouDJones, I think it may be the round thing on which I can read "lithium battery" ...14:45
Reliantmartian: Forums to the rescue. I did a search on the network controller, and found posts for downloading & installing the driver from realtek. So far, it looks solved. Thanks for reminding me about the driver :)14:45
L3topand you did a remove and then reinstalled... you could try to remove with --purge option14:45
OerNyles xorg 1.7 / 1.8 / 1.9 does not support nvidia 96 ( they hope it get fixed, but that driver is obsolete, discontinued)14:45
=== llutz__ is now known as llutz_
Trevor69420ccadiou, lol yea that is the battery... but not all CMOS chips can be reset by the battery removal technique.. some can14:45
meerkatsTrevor69420, I see, so all flashdrive is unallocated...14:45
Trevor69420ok... meerkats then right click the unallocated space and select new14:46
NyLesOer: what is the xorg version of 10.10 and 10.04?14:46
Trevor69420it should bring u a screen where it has a drop down for filesystem14:46
Trevor69420then select FAT32 or whatever you want14:46
lifedodgehi all14:46
Trevor69420ccadiou, what is the model of the motherboard?14:46
meerkatswhat about free space preceding and following Trevor69420 ?14:47
meerkatsis 1MB enough?14:47
ccadiouTrevor69420, I'm going to have a try. My MB is an Asus VIA K8T89014:47
martianReliant: Great! Yeah, I don't "know", but it helps to have a third party throw out some ideas like that :)14:47
ccadiouDoes anyone know what a jumper is on a motherboard ?14:47
NyLesos12: still no luck..14:47
Trevor69420ummm... meerkats if you deleted all partitions there should be no free space.. it should just read "unallocated for everything14:47
Trevor69420then if you right click select new then the filesystem it should just do everything automatically14:48
martianccadiou: they're those little ~8mm pins sticking up in little groups.14:48
Trevor69420u dont need to make adjustments14:48
meerkatsTrevor69420, in the "create new partition" editor14:48
martianccadiou: but laptops don't usually have accessible jumpers14:48
Trevor69420are you using gparted meerkats ?14:48
tjkentmeerkats: are you mounted to the drive?14:48
meerkatswhere you select the filesystem14:48
meerkatsyes Trevor6942014:48
NyLesos12: sound card is Intel Corporation 82801BA/BAM AC14:48
meerkatsyes tjkent14:48
NyLesos12: sound card is Intel Corporation 82801BA/BAM AC'97 Audio Controller14:48
craigbass1976tjkent, I can't start dhcp server soon after logging in either, and I'm guessing it's because my network connection doesn't finish for a bit after I'm logged into xfce.  Is it possible for eth0 (which is static) to connect earlier in the boot process than it currently does?14:49
ccadioumartian, it can be usefull to unload the condensator of the Cmos RMA, can't it ?14:49
Trevor69420meerkats i guess i dont know what you are looking at14:50
Trevor69420give me a minute here14:50
tjkentmeerkats: you can't format the filesystem if you are mounted to it, unmount the drive, by right-clicking it in the table in gparted and then format it14:50
ccadioumartian, not RMA but RAM14:50
Trevor69420ccadiou, I would like to draw your attention to the Clear CMOS jumper, which finds itself almost under the left end of the notorious PCI Express x16 slot, so that you will only be able to use it if the graphics card is completely removed from the system.14:50
meerkatsTrevor69420, wait, uploading a pic asa I get a usable connection14:50
martianccadiou: I doubt it. The bios password isn't stored in ram. the bios has its own ram that is kept alive by the little watch battery.14:51
Trevor69420oh yea tjkent forgot about that14:51
Trevor69420martian that's not true all the time... on some PCs thats true14:51
ccadioumartian, so how to get rid of it ?14:51
Trevor69420but alot of mobos now have a built in small flash memory chip14:51
martianTrevor69420: ahh well I digress. I'm outside my comfort zone here :)14:51
tjkentcraigbass1976: so you aren't connected or you aren't14:51
Trevor69420CCADIOU it's in the manual for your board14:51
Trevor69420ccadiou, look here: http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/mainboards/display/asus-a8ve-deluxe_8.html14:52
Trevor69420does that look like your motherboard?14:52
martianTrevor69420: it's a laptop IIRC14:53
Trevor69420oh god14:53
orak3levolution 3.2 keeps marking some mails as spam even if i manually whitelist the specific emails. after a restart of evolution the mails are marked as spam again. this only happens with one account although i have 4 associated with evolution. all accounts are imap+ and have the same settings. i tried to reset bogofilter and train it again but i wasnt able to do that so far.14:53
martianTrevor69420: Yeah, I said to smash it open =D14:53
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kk23can you tell me why happened this http://i39.tinypic.com/f2se84.png ??14:53
Trevor69420what kind of laptop14:53
tjkentcraigbass1976: I am sorry I am just a little confused on what you are asking14:53
Trevor69420the model of the board he sent me looks to be desktop14:53
ccadiouOkay, I'm going to remove the small battery, wait some minutes and reboot14:54
ccadiouBye !14:54
Trevor69420ccadiou, what is the modl of the laptop14:54
craigbass1976tjkent, I am all up and running, but I have to manually start dhcp3-server after I've logged into XFCE.  I believe that's when the network comes up.  I also believe the network coming up so late is what's screwing dhcp server up (since it needs a network before starting)14:55
somethinginteresHow can I update the Ubuntu installer that comes with  12.04 Alpha 2? There's a bug stopping me from getting up to partitioning stage.14:56
NyLesanyone willing to solve the problem of my sound card? aplay -l results with a no soundcard found, lspci -v | grep -A7 -i "audio" found my soundcard..14:56
viktor133i'm not succeeding at installing ubuntu maverick meerkat on an older windows box. can anybody give me some assistance pls?14:56
Trevor69420craigbass1976, dhcp-server is to serve IP addresses14:56
Trevor69420is that what you are trying to do?14:56
craigbass1976Trevor69420, right.  Yes.14:56
Trevor69420if you are just trying to GET an IP you need a DHCP client14:56
Oersomethinginteres join #ubuntu+1 for 12.04 support14:56
craigbass1976Trevor69420, the box has a static ip; I'm trying to give out ips to other boxes on the network.  Works fine, just won't start at boot14:57
NyLesanyone willing to solve the problem of my sound card? aplay -l results with a no soundcard found, lspci -v | grep -A7 -i "audio" found my soundcard..14:57
dtcrshrTrevor69420: ill move to another cpter, brb14:57
maarezendeTrevor69420, its me here14:58
viktor133can anybody help me with a problem setting up ubuntu maverick meerkat?14:58
maarezendewell, iv tryed again deleting the persistent rules, but yet still cant get networking to start14:58
Trevor69420craigbass1976, dunno if you did this yet... but can you try this command and let me know when you are done:  sudo update-rc.d -f dhcp3-server remove14:58
maarezendeon initctl list | grep netw i have the interfaces lo and eth1 (which dont exist neither on interfaces or persistent files)14:59
craigbass1976Trevor69420, and now I'm wondering if it's because the network itself on this box doesn't start until so late in the process.  Doesn't network-manager make it so that you can't get on the network until you've logged in to GNOME?14:59
maarezendeand networking stop/waiting14:59
maarezendekinda lost here14:59
Trevor69420craigbass1976, beats me i dont use gnome14:59
Trevor69420i an a CLI guy14:59
meerkatsTrevor69420, http://imagebin.org/20039314:59
Trevor69420i only run dhcp3-server on ubuntu server14:59
Trevor69420meerkats, yep thats it...  just select under filesystem what you want15:00
Trevor69420FAT32 is usually the standard for flash meerkats15:00
craigbass1976Trevor69420, me either, this is XFCE, but I see network-manager in /etc/init.d and I remember having to get rid of it once so that my laptop would get on a network whether I'd logged in or not15:00
Trevor69420meerkats, just leave everything else as is... those are the default settings and will be fine15:00
meerkatsTrevor69420, can you explain why?15:00
bLiNdRaGei'm running ubuntu 10.04 and want to install fail2ban...all the guides say to just run apt-get install fail2ban, however mine shows that it has no package for it15:01
bLiNdRaGeany idea why?15:01
Trevor69420explain why what meerkats15:01
bLiNdRaGesudo aptitude search fail2ban shows nothing either15:01
meerkatsTrevor69420, why FAT32 is the flash drive's standard15:01
Trevor69420cuz it's compatible with every OS meerkats15:01
Trevor69420ext4 is for Linux15:01
xslguys what is obex-data-server needed for ?15:01
craigbass1976Trevor69420, I ran the command.  /etc/rc1.d/K40dhcp3-server was removed, /etc/rc2.d/ 3, 4, and 5 had S40dhcp3-server that were removed15:01
llutz_!info fail2ban | lucid15:01
ubottulucid: fail2ban (source: fail2ban): ban hosts that cause multiple authentication errors. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8.5-1 (oneiric), package size 79 kB, installed size 672 kB15:01
meerkatsok, i was wondering if there was a more compelling reason than the mere compatibility15:02
xsl!info obex-data-server| oneiric15:02
ubottuobex-data-server (source: obex-data-server): D-Bus service for OBEX client and server side functionality. In component main, is optional. Version 0.4.6-0ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 76 kB, installed size 300 kB15:02
bastidrazorxsl: that is for bluetooth15:02
llutz_bLiNdRaGe: check your sources15:02
bLiNdRaGewhat do i look for?15:02
Trevor69420meerkats windows uses FAT32... u can also select NTFS if you feel comfortable but to be honest it's only an 8GB flash drive so FAT32 is fine15:02
xslbastidrazor: i removed all bluez and blueman stuff... so no problem on removing this15:02
llutz_bLiNdRaGe: needs universe enabled15:02
xslbastidrazor: tyvm15:02
Trevor69420unless u have files over 4GB in size being stored15:02
meerkatsTrevor69420, I was aiming for ext4 due to indexing15:02
tjkentTrevor69420: that isn't necessesarily true15:02
Trevor69420tjkent: what isnt?15:02
Trevor69420meerkats seems unneccessary to me15:03
meerkatsTrevor69420, ok15:03
tjkentwell I mean there is a difference in fact one huge on which is if he tries to move a file that is larger 2gb on a fat 32 its not gonna happen15:03
CalicoJackHas anyone had any luck setting up a VPN on their home network? I want to be able to connect to a machine running Ubuntu Lucid server over VPN.15:04
llutz_!info fail2ban  lucid15:04
ubottufail2ban (source: fail2ban): bans IPs that cause multiple authentication errors. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8.4-1ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 93 kB, installed size 660 kB15:04
Trevor69420tjkent 4GB i think is the limit for FAT3215:04
bLiNdRaGethat got it llutz15:04
bLiNdRaGehow did you see that it was in universal?15:04
llutz_!info fail2ban  lucid | bLiNdRaGe15:04
ubottubLiNdRaGe: please see above15:04
tjkentTrevor69420: well still15:04
G__81_hi i am using Ubuntu 11.10 and using the Unity interface. I have few problems. I am not able to change the boot order in Ubuntu. I tried the ways specified in the Ubuntu forums but it still stays @ Linux by default15:04
G__81_can someone help me out15:04
bLiNdRaGei saw the in component universe is optional15:04
llutz_bLiNdRaGe: "in component ..."15:04
bLiNdRaGethought it meant universe was optional15:04
tjkentG__81_: elaborate15:04
Trevor69420hence why i said it;s fine unless he plans to store more files more than 4GB in size tjkent15:05
llutz_bLiNdRaGe: nah, its in universe but optional, not installed by default15:05
Trevor69420CalicoJack, i have15:05
Trevor69420CalicoJack, using openvpn15:05
CalicoJackTrevor69420, is that F/OSS?15:05
AngelForgetsorry speak italian15:05
tjkentTrevor69420: I couldn't remember if it was 2 or 4 regardless I have giles that I move sometimes that are over 4 gb15:05
G__81_tjkent: What i did was i edited the grub.cfg and changed the GRUB_DEFAULT to saved and then i did sudo grub-set-default 515:05
Trevor69420F/OSS??? CalicoJack15:05
CalicoJackTrevor69420, Free and Open Source Software15:06
Trevor69420yea you are correct tjkent15:06
[1]maarezendeTrevor69420, to test up, iv changed both into interfaces and persistent to eth2, but i still get some errors that the device dont exists15:06
G__81_tjkent: it still stays @ Linux by default. Startup Manager application does not change the order either15:06
[1]maarezendedo i have to restart another service? does the persistent udev rules are not connected to the networking service at all?15:06
Trevor69420CalicoJack, yes openvpn is free and open source15:06
jo_sayhow many people using ubuntu as their first OS?15:06
xslguys wen system starts ( and i disable plymouth splash ) i can see services startup on tty7 is there a way to change that to tty1?15:06
martianjo_say: first?15:06
viktor133i can't install ubuntu on a windows-box, everything just blacks out every time. can anybody give me a little help pls?15:06
tjkentTrevor69420: you were saying that I was right with 2gb?15:07
Trevor69420CalicoJack, the thing to know is if you plan to run vpn on your home server it helps to have a static IP address instead of dynamic15:07
Trevor69420no i was saying it'd be an issue if her were moving large files15:07
acidrainugh. it is always so difficult to setup an email server with imap15:07
Trevor69420i agree with that15:07
tjkentviktor133: it is 64-bit or 32-bit that you are trying to install15:07
G__81_tjkent: ?15:07
viktor13332-bit, older system15:07
jo_say#martian i mean "primary"15:07
dr_willis!nomodeset | viktor13315:07
ubottuviktor133: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter15:07
Trevor69420however not all systems can read other filesystems... and for his use it didnt sound like he was gonna be storing large files15:07