nessitadobey: perhaps you're still around, but I can't run ubuntuone-installer in a french clean install, I'm hitting bug #86780300:24
=== gatox_away is now known as gatox
dobeynessita: https://code.launchpad.net/~dobey/ubuntuone-installer/unicode-gettext/+merge/9430301:05
nessitadobey: that was quick ;-)01:05
dobeynessita: easy fix now that i know apparently python-gi broke gtk in this way and the answer is gettext.install() :)01:06
nessitadobey: another weird thing I noticed on this clean precise VM is that the envelop under messaging opens the -gtk controlpanel, and the icon in the launcher opens the -qt one :-/01:07
dobeyor maybe it's python gettext that broke now. either way01:07
dobeythat is odd01:08
nessitadobey: perhaps the new -common package is contributing to that?01:08
dobeyit's not running the installer; not sure why01:09
dobeybecause it's ubuntuone-syncdaemon doing the opening, and it's calling the controlpanel.gui dbus method01:10
dobeyso dbus activates that and opens the folders page01:11
dobeyor is supposed to anywya01:11
nessitaI told you we needed the gui dbus thingy for some reason :-P01:11
dobeyso we need to fix it to not do that01:11
dobeylike i said earlier :)01:11
nessitaapproved, btw01:11
dobeywe don't need dbus for that. we should fix it to just run ubuntuone-installer from syncdaemon01:11
dobeyand then installer will do the right thing01:11
nessitadobey: ok, I'm happy to review that branch. But right now my eyes are closing due to the hunger I have01:12
nessitadobey: BTW, would you say there is a feature violating the FF in this changelog? https://launchpad.net/magicicada/+download01:13
dobeyyeah. i wasn't expecting to fix anything else tonight01:13
dobeyi'll make another upload of installer tomorrow with the patch for the unicode issue01:13
nessitaok, ussoc and u1cp uploaded to ubuntu. I may rest in peace now.01:14
dobeynight :)01:14
karnibye o/01:55
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=== lisettte` is now known as lisettte
Chipacamorning peoplez10:08
Chipacadavidcalle: bon jour!10:08
Chipacaor was that a single word10:08
davidcalleBonjour Chipaca :)10:08
* Chipaca 's french is all rust10:09
Chipacadavidcalle: have you refreshed your sources today?10:09
davidcalleYeah, Arte!10:09
davidcalleVery nice :)10:09
ChipacaI have no idea if the videos work10:10
Chipacabecause I did it from home, ie over 3g :)10:10
Chipacain particular, i don't know if the english one brings up videos that are in english :)10:10
Chipaca(or subtitled)10:10
davidcalleHum, I'm checking and english videos can be in... german. With a little warning on the page "This video is not available in the requested langage"10:12
davidcalleChipaca, by the way, about the thumbnailers, I'm now queueing them up to three. It has been confirmed to be a big issue on 1000+ libraries.10:13
Chipacadavidcalle: i'd be interested in looking at that code, but not today. Today, empty searches and client agent are top of the list10:14
davidcalleOk. Well, it's very small, I'm building a list of popen, and it checks if one is over, it it is, it allows a spot. http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-lens-videos/unity-lens-videos/trunk/revision/4610:15
davidcalleif it is*10:15
* Chipaca caves in and looks :)10:15
davidcalleIt does it each time it encounters a video without a nautilus or cached tb.10:16
Chipacadavidcalle: is there any case where the thumbnailer is so quick the check after it works?10:16
davidcalleChipaca, yes, for small videos.10:17
Chipacawas meaning to ask you that10:17
Chipacadavidcalle: hmm... so this only has Q_MAX thumbnailers at a time10:18
Chipacadavidcalle: but it doesn't queue up thumbnailers, it just doesn't do them10:18
webm0nk3yis Ubuntu One crashing for everyone (in 12.04) or must me?10:18
Chipacawebm0nk3y: what's Ubuntu One in that context?10:19
davidcalleChipaca, yes. I've played wity Python queue() but I was doing it wrong apparently, it was hanging the lens.10:19
webm0nk3yChipaca: the thing apport says crashed after you boot :)10:19
Chipacalooks like the wife figured out what cable she'd unplugged10:20
=== Chipaca` is now known as Chipaca
Chipacamuch better10:21
Chipacadavidcalle: another question, what's wrong with glib.spawn_async (or spawn_commandline_async) for the thumbnailer? i presume you tried that first and it didn't work, and was wondeirng why10:23
Chipaca(i presume that because it's what you use for updatedb)10:23
Chipacais it that it gets exec'ed in the main loop, and thus you lose the window for small vids?10:24
davidcalleChipaca, I'm not using it anymore, I don't trust my cli parsing in Python anymore and I rely on Popen to do it.10:24
davidcalleChipaca, the current cli parsing for updatedb is an issue for people with a ' in their folder name.10:25
Chipacadavidcalle: heh. we need to fix that.10:25
davidcalleChipaca, that's why I've switched to popen (in trunk).10:26
Chipacadavidcalle: there's another issue in that somebody can 'poison' that by putting a malicious updatedb earlier in the search path10:26
Chipacadavidcalle: problem with popen is you're not handling sigchld, and signals in glib can be fiddly10:26
Chipacadavidcalle: you could use glib.spawn_async, which takes an array like popen10:27
davidcalleChipaca, hmm, yes.10:27
Chipacadavidcalle: and that by default (unless you set a flag to not do it) reaps your child when it dies10:29
davidcalleChipaca, I'm switching to it then.10:29
Chipacadavidcalle: ok. More little nits in my brain for when you want them, but do this one first :)10:30
davidcalleChipaca, :)10:30
* mandel coffee so that I'm a human10:30
czajkowskimandel: not sure that;s ever gonna help you fully :)10:31
jmlI'm getting a lot of "File synchronization completed. 'lock' has been uploaded to your personal cloud." notification bubbles on my Ubuntu system10:50
jmlit's driving me bonkers10:50
jmlhow can I stop it10:51
mandeljml, what do you mean, remove the notifications?10:56
jmlmandel: I mean identify the source of this spurious file syncing and stop it10:57
jmlmandel: backups are nice and all, but lock files don't count.10:57
mandeljml, hm.. there are to things you can do, check the status of the sycing by using u1sdtool or using chicharra which is a GUI that allows to understand what is going on10:58
mandeljml, lets ping rye he is better at this things than me10:59
mandelrye, can you give a hand ^10:59
ryejml, reading10:59
ryejml, so, is there a 'lock' only of full file path?10:59
jmlrye: I don't understand the question. The only thing mentioned in the notification is 'lock'. Are you asking if there's a file called '/lock' on my system?11:00
ryejml, basically you can grep lock ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon.log to find out about the file11:00
jmlrye: ah cool11:00
* jml does that11:00
ryejml, interesting, this is quite a broad case to be included in sync exceptions11:01
jmlahh ok11:01
jmlit's because Tomboy is running11:01
jmland I've got my Tomboy notes in U1, and apparently Tomboy puts a file lock in there too.11:01
jmlI guess the real bug is in Tomboy for mixing data & metadata like that (hmm. arguably. a VCS checkout does the same thing.)11:03
jmlis there a way to prevent that file from being synced, so I can run tomboy in peace?11:04
ryejml, you can possibly add an exception for the file, i.e. ^lock$ to the list of excluded filename patterns11:04
ryejml, but this will mean that if you create a file called lock it will not be synced too11:05
jmlrye: can I not add ^/home/jml/Ubuntu One/Tomboy/lock$ to the list of excluded files?11:05
jmlrye: what does the regex match against? (also, where do I specify it?)11:05
jmleven though I've closed tomboy I still get those sync messages.11:07
ryejml, it works only on filenames, not the full path11:08
jmloh, never mind, was still running11:08
ryejml, you can disable notifications though11:08
webm0nk3ywow we still support tomboy notes11:08
jmlwebm0nk3y: no, I don't think you do.11:08
ryejml, and have e.g. ubuntuone indicator to show the sync status11:08
jmlwebm0nk3y: I've just got a bunch of files on disk that happen to be tomboy notes.11:08
ryewebm0nk3y, we do support via snowy http sync protocol11:08
mandelI have ubuntuonce-control-panel fully supporting proxies!!!!11:09
ralsinamandel: yay!11:10
gatoxgood morning everyone!11:10
mandelgatox, morning!11:11
gatoxmandel, hi!11:12
mandelralsina, everything works as expected.. and it tests both the libsoup implementation and the qt (since sso is also used)11:12
ralsinamandel: awesome!11:17
mandelChipaca, FYI: proxy support libsoup implementation in case you guys want it for the video lens12:01
mandelChipaca, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntu-sso-client/webclient-use-dialog/view/head:/ubuntu_sso/utils/webclient/libsoup.py12:01
ryei really hope libsoup will play nicely on oneiric and won't introduce new crashers12:08
mandelralsina, may I have a had with some code of the runner?12:17
mandelralsina, is the implementation in trunk, I believe the qt one is wrong and the tests don't catch it, but I'd like an other pair of eyes on it12:17
Chipacaooh, guess what12:23
Chipacaunicode error in the video lens12:23
* Chipaca kicks mandel12:23
Chipacamandel: it's all your fault12:23
mandelChipaca, ???? nah, I touched nothing!12:25
Chipacamandel: i can't kick david, he's not here. You're the closest I have.12:25
Chipacamandel: scapegoat has to scape12:26
mandelChipaca, fair enough :)12:26
aquariusharsh to mandel :)12:26
aquariuswebm0nk3y, jml, yep, we still sync tomboy; we just don't show you your notes on the website. I have most of an implementation fo rbrowsing your notes at u1.to done :)12:27
ralsinamandel: sure12:28
mandelralsina, mumble, should be easier :)12:28
ralsinamandel: ack12:28
ralsinayay, another day, another 150MB update12:29
webm0nk3yralsina: that means people are busy :)12:30
webm0nk3yralsina: and it's bug fixes :)12:30
webm0nk3y+new bugs12:30
ralsinawebm0nk3y: yeah right ;-)12:30
nessitahello everyone!12:32
gatoxnessita, hi!12:33
nessitahola gatox12:33
mandelnessita, ping12:41
mandelnessita, and morning :)12:41
nessitahola mandel, pong12:41
mandelnessita, I think we have a bug in ubuntu_sso/utils/runner regarding the qt implementation12:41
nessitamandel: tell me more12:42
mandelnessita, it has landed in trunk and the tests don't catch it, wanna talk about it to see if I'm wrong :)12:42
mandelnessita, mumble?12:42
mandelnessita, unless is too early for that  hehe12:42
nessitamandel: a little, yes :-)12:42
nessitamandel: is it too complex?12:42
ralsinamandel: this is the error that test should give you http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/853927/12:42
mandelnessita, then chatting hehe :)12:42
=== eu is now known as Guest40657
mandelralsina, yes, that is the one I expected12:43
nessitamandel: what problem are you having?12:43
=== Guest40657 is now known as adorilson
mandelnessita, so, look at ralsina paste, as you can see if you pass None as the process to QProcess.start you whould be getting a type error12:43
mandelnessita, but in SpawnProgramTestCase.test_other_error we don't get that12:44
nessitamandel: no we don't, since we're catching every error and making it an instance (or child of) SpawnError12:44
mandelnessita, I discovered this when I changed the implementation of is_twisted_reactor_installed12:44
mandelnessita, that would be if you could get it from process.error.connect(handle_error)12:45
mandelnessita, but you never get it because the process does not even start12:45
mandelnessita, the method signature in C++ does not match when a None is passed so the signal is never emitted12:45
nessitamandel: ok, I can surround the QProcess.start call in a try-except, is simplre12:46
nessitamandel: is this blocking you somehow?12:46
mandelnessita, that and the change of is_twisted_reactor_installed  should be enough, is not blocking perse, since I made the changes for my IRL and proxy support is done12:46
mandelnessita, I have no more work to do in proxy atm so I can do that if you are fully booked12:47
nessitamandel: so, a couple of things. +1 for you to commit the is_twisted_reactor_installed change, since you need that. The other thing is not necessary ASAP since you should never be passing None as a command, please file a bug for that.12:48
mandelnessita, only thing is that if I make the change to  is_twisted_reactor_installed in truck and change no tests I have failing ones do to that bug in the qt implementation12:49
mandelnessita, I could skip, but that is kind of shitty...12:49
nessitamandel: what error do you have?12:49
nessitamandel: because the tests should always use the twisted implementation for test_runner.py12:50
mandel.me pasting12:50
mandelnessita, http://paste.ubuntu.com/853936/12:50
webm0nk3yaquarius: please delete this: https://code.launchpad.net/~sil/ubuntuone-music/media-keys/+merge/4716112:51
mandelnessita, so, if I understand correctly, in test_runner.py we should always use the twisted implementation? even though we are using a twisted qt reactor, is that correct?12:51
webm0nk3yaquarius: and this https://code.launchpad.net/~sil/ubuntuone-music/playlists/+merge/4789612:51
nessitamandel: yes, because otherwise the runner never finishes. Is something about twisted and sockets12:52
aquariuswebm0nk3y, why?12:52
webm0nk3yaquarius: so they drop off the list12:52
nessitamandel: so, looking at that trace, I can guess you changed is_reactor_installed in a way that is giving False... and we need to return True12:52
aquariuswebm0nk3y, what list? ubuntuone-music is a chipaca-and-me project12:52
webm0nk3yaquarius: they are > year old, can they possibly be needed12:52
nessitamandel: (for tests). How did you change it? can I see a diff?12:52
webm0nk3yaquarius: https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntuone/+activereviews12:52
mandelnessita, sure, let me generate it12:52
aquariuswebm0nk3y, ubuntuone-music is a music streaming client for Ubuntu. Chipaca and I haven't done much work on it recently, I admit, but those branches are still valid against it if we pick it up again.12:53
mandelnessita, this is what I have: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/853942/12:53
aquariuswebm0nk3y, I'm not sure why it's showing up under the ubuntuone project, though; probably the best thing there is for it to not be part of the U1 project, since it's a freaky friday thing12:54
webm0nk3yso it's a private project not part of ubuntu one12:54
webm0nk3yaquarius: right12:54
aquariuswebm0nk3y, I think it is. Chipaca might feel differently about it :)12:54
webm0nk3ythen I'll reject his branches ...hehe12:54
nessitamandel: ah, that's the issue. Remove the if 'PyQt4' in sys.modules guard12:54
aquariusChipaca, ping :P12:54
nessitamandel: the implementation should be: result =  'twisted.internet.reactor' in sys.modules and "reactor running"12:54
nessitamandel: no PyQt4 and no glib involvement when doing that calculation12:55
nessitamandel: ack?12:55
mandelnessita, let me test it IRL with the webclient, will give you feedback asap12:55
* Chipaca ignores12:57
Chipacaaquarius: pong12:58
mandelnessita, changed it and got the following: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/853950/13:01
nessitamandel: something is odd there, you're getting GError which means the glib reactor is being used13:02
aquariusChipaca, should ubuntuone-music be removed from the ubuntuone project so its reviews and branches don't clutte things?13:02
Chipacaaquarius: what things is it cluttering?13:02
Chipacaaquarius: maybe we should get the guy to do the reviews instead?13:03
nessitamandel: please print the result of your  is_twisted_reactor_installed method because we need it to return True13:03
aquariusChipaca, heh :)13:03
aquariusChipaca, that's an alternative approach, but I didn't want to hassle you about it13:03
nessitamandel: also, why you have 2 runs of each test? (each test appears twice there)13:04
nessitamandel: ping?13:05
mandelnessita, I'm not familiar with the tests, I'm just chaginn the code that I showed you and do ./runtests13:05
aquariusok, gotta go shopping. back in a bit.13:05
nessitamandel: you can run individual tests... can you please do that?13:05
Chipacaaquarius: let me get the lens thing out of my hair first, and then give me a hand getting u1to and u1m into shape, yes?13:05
mandelnessita, sure13:06
nessitamandel: u1trial -r gi ubuntu_sso/utils/runner/tests/test_runner.py13:06
mandelnessita, ack13:06
mandelnessita, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/853956/13:08
nessitamandel: reactor.running is giving False13:09
nessitamandel: asking for reactor.running doesn't seem to be the right option13:10
mandelnessita, hm.. annoying since that is the only api in twisted to know if it is running..13:10
nessitamandel: I will give you a branch for this, would you please fill me a bug?13:13
mandelnessita, certainly13:14
nessitamandel: branch is ready, have the bug number? :-)13:16
alecugud murgen!13:17
nessitahola alecu13:17
mandelnessita, bug 93364413:17
nessitamandel: https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntu-sso-client/no-more-no/+merge/9436813:21
mandelnessita, looking13:21
mandelnessita, I'll also do a IRL with the control panel13:21
nessitamandel: please13:22
beunoralsina, hi!  bug #939483 for you!13:22
mandelnessita, works!13:26
nessitamandel: of course! :-P13:27
mandelnessita, had to test but never doubted ;-)13:28
mandelalecu, nessita point-2-point control panel + proxy test done: http://ubuntuone.com/2Q3NsP6v6I2MkHciAnewL113:31
nessitaralsina: can I have a review for this, that came up yesterday after the ussoc update? https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntu-sso-client/fix-939173/+merge/9437213:34
nessita(caused by people having python-qt4 installed but not python-qt4-dbus)13:35
nessitamandel: CONGRATS, that looks great13:36
mandelnessita, thx, we are one step closer :)13:36
nessitaralsina: got my msg?13:39
Chipacadavidcalle: hallo there13:39
davidcalleChipaca, I'm looking at your utf8 changes13:40
Chipacadavidcalle: note there are two branches13:40
Chipacadavidcalle: fixing the first one got utf8 data into zeitgeist, and boy was that one happy :)13:40
Chipaca(sorry, that sounds like zeitgeist blew up, it didn't)13:41
davidcalleChipaca, Zg is bullet proof :) But yeah, that was needed.13:41
Chipacathere are only two sources that do recommendations right now13:42
Chipacaamazon and sohu13:42
Chipacaand amazon is us-only13:42
davidcalleChipaca, thanks :)13:43
Chipacaso, people are going to start getting recommendations in chinese13:43
Chipaca(need to fix that, but not today)13:43
davidcalleChipaca, I thought Amazon was gone! Does it mean that you already are determining the region on the IP?13:44
Chipacadavidcalle: yes13:44
davidcalleNice ! :)13:44
Chipacadavidcalle: that's why you're getting ARTE+7 (fr)13:44
Chipacadavidcalle: and german-speaking countries get ARTE+7 (de)13:44
davidcalleIs their a secret query to get every sources?13:44
Chipacabelgium gets both (all three, bah)13:45
Chipacaso does luxembourg13:45
Chipacadavidcalle: yes, geo_store=<2-letter iso code> to force a particular country, or * for all13:46
davidcalleChipaca, really cool :)13:46
Chipacadavidcalle: that will get you results, but it won't get you much more than that (the video providers i'm restricting do their own restricting, which is why i restrict)13:46
Chipaca... having said that, I'm unclear on whether arte restricts or merely suggests13:47
Chipacaas I said, none of the videos worked from my place last night :)13:48
Chipacabut having the english one is probably good enough?13:48
Chipacadon't want to clutter13:48
davidcalleChipaca, It doesn't restrict, just has the same vids in several languages.13:49
mandelok, lunch time for me13:49
* mandel lunch13:49
davidcalleChipaca, and if it doesn't it fallbacks on what he has. But the channel if french/german, so maybe the en one is not needed at all. I don't know if the en option is just for the interface, or for videos but I doubt that a lot of videos have an en version.13:50
Chipacadavidcalle: me neither. And as I say, I don't want to clutter; if these are all the same videos, having multiple sources doesn't make much sense13:51
davidcalleChipaca, indeed. Well, de/fr is nice, because it removes a click in the interface to change the language.13:52
Chipacamaybe I just cut it back to ARTE+7 and send people to the fr interface; people'll be smart enough to change it to their own language13:52
Chipacadavidcalle: yes, ...13:52
ralsinanessita: doing the review now, sorry was picking up kid fromschool13:53
davidcalleChipaca, well, it's your call ;)13:53
nessitaralsina: is ok, I realized I don t need that landed to make a patch to the package :-)13:53
Chipacails sont fous, ces européens. Why can't they all just speak esperanto.13:54
davidcalleChipaca, nice french13:54
davidcalleTrès bon français.13:55
Chipacai blame astérix13:55
dobeyChipaca: maybe they do. are you sure all of europe isn't just made up of kgb?13:57
Chipacadobey: it's too crazy, and to sane, to be a construct13:59
nessitadobey: hola! quick question, does patches need to have a numeric value at the beginning?14:01
nessita(as a mandatory thing)14:01
dobeyit's not mandatory, no14:01
nessitadobey: perhaps you can enlighten me... I'm trying to add a new patch to ubuntu/ussoc, with the content of https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntu-sso-client/fix-939173/+merge/9437214:02
nessitadobey: and when debuilding and pbuilding that (currently there are 2 patches in debian/patches and both are in the series file), looks like the first patch gets un-applied14:03
nessitadoes that make any sense? how can I debug what am I doing wrong?14:03
dobeycan you pastebin the output?14:04
nessitadobey: the output of debuild/pbuilder build?14:04
dobeywell, the bit where you think it's not doing what you expect at least i guess14:05
Chipacadavidcalle: is there a way to programatically get the version of the remote lens?14:05
* Chipaca suspects no14:05
nessitadobey: the thing is that bzr st will show a diff where the first patch is unapplied, and that confuses me14:06
davidcalleChipaca, to pass it to the server?14:06
Chipacadavidcalle: yes14:06
Chipacafor the user agent14:06
Chipacaotherwise i'll just say "v0"14:07
dobeynessita: that's odd. did you unapply the diff? or are you running debuild in the tree instead of bzr bd?14:07
nessitadobey: I'm running debuild in the tree, I usually do that instead of bzr bd14:07
nessitadobey: is that wrong?14:08
dobeynessita: well, it makes changes to the tree. bzr bd acts on a copy14:08
dobeynessita: so make changes, commit, do bzr bd, is the better way to do it14:08
nessitadobey: will retry with that then14:09
davidcalleChipaca, only thing I can think of is to get the package version with a cli call.14:09
Chipacadavidcalle: nah. v0 it is.14:09
davidcalleChipaca, fine with me14:09
dobeynessita: debuild will unapply patches that are applied, when it does "make -f debian/rules clean"14:09
Chipacadavidcalle: about packaging: in the control file for the remote scope it lists Dee, which I don't think we use, and it doesn't list GLib nor Soup, which we do14:10
Chipacadavidcalle: want me to fix that? is this the packaging bits that are used for ubuntu also?14:10
nessitadobey: right. But if you see http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/854021/, lines 39, you will see only the  fix-939173 is being applied, and debian/patches/series has this inside:14:10
nessita      1 fix-938626.patch14:10
nessita      2 fix-939173.patch14:10
nessita(the 1 and 2 are line numbers, not file content)14:11
davidcalleChipaca, good question, it's a standard lense/scope dependency, I will check with the libunity dev.14:11
davidcalleBut, yeah, I'm adding glib and soup.14:12
nessitadobey: hum, no, I read that wrong, apparently... both patches are being applied14:12
nessitaralsina: if you have another slot, no rush: https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntu-sso-client/no-more-no/+merge/9436814:18
ralsinanessita: got it14:18
dobeynessita: right the -b argument to dpkg-source seems to be your branch nick :)14:18
dobeyor at least, the argument after -b14:19
nessitadobey: yes :-)14:19
dobeyi don't think -b takes any additional args itself14:19
ralsinadobey, nessita,mandel, alecu,briancurtin, gatox: can we move the team call 1hour later so I don't have my kid asing me to play "Power Ranger Training Mission"?14:20
ralsinaand sorry about that, complicated week, I sent an email ;-)14:21
davidcalleChipaca, by the way, if you are using trunk, you should replace /usr/share/unity/lenses/video/video-remote.scope and /usr/share/dbus-1/services/unity-scope-video-remote.service by the ones in the remote videos branch14:21
nessitaralsina: you mean from 12 ART to 13 ART?14:21
ralsinanessita: yes14:21
nessitaralsina: I think is ok for .ar crowd (and I would guess .us crowd), but may be too late for mandel?14:21
ralsinait's 5PM for mandel14:21
gatoxralsina, fine by me14:22
dobeyralsina: it's ok as long as it's short :)14:22
briancurtin3ralsina: fine to me as well14:22
ralsinadobey: 30 minutes max14:22
Chipacadavidcalle: i noticed14:24
Chipacadavidcalle: things stopped working :)14:24
dobeysigh; python is teh evil14:33
nessitadobey: so, one more question :-). After running bzr bd, I don't get a sources.changes but a ubuntu-sso-client_2.99.5-0ubuntu2_amd64.changes. DO I have to run bzr bd -S so I get the source.changes to upload?14:35
dobeynessita: ah yes; bd without args does binary builds; i do "bzr bd -S -- -sa -k'myemail'" to build the source14:36
nessitadobey: is the -k option necessary?14:36
dobeynessita: probably not if your key gets picked properly14:36
dobeysigh; gettext.install() breaks lint14:38
dobeybecause _ becomes a magic builtin :-/14:39
nessitadobey: ah, yes, you need to add a disable there14:42
dobeynot with pyflakes14:42
dobeyactually, instead of a bunch of disables, "if '_' not in __builtins__: _ = gettext.gettext" works much better :)14:43
dobeyworks with pyflakes, and should also work with pylint14:43
dobeyand it doesn't break the translating14:43
davidcalleChipaca, I've tweaked a bit your recommendations fix. It was showing recommendations when "My Movies" was the only selected filter.14:50
Chipacadavidcalle: picky, picky :)14:50
Chipacagood job14:51
nessitamandel: did you tweak the string bug report to move forward with the string freeze exception?14:55
mandelnessita, what do you mean?14:56
mandelralsina, sounds good to me, 5 om is not too late :)14:56
nessitamandel: yesterday we talked about the latest bug you report about needing to change some strings in the proxy dialog14:56
dobeyi have a feeling i'm going to have to hack on rhythmbox quite a bit next week14:56
mandelnessita, yes, I'm going to talk now with josh to coordinate all the work that needs to be done, which inclides updating that bug report14:57
dobeyand the unity integration bits14:57
nessitamandel: ack, do not forget since the sooner the better14:57
mandelnessita, I have nothing else to do this afternoon but to organize all those exceptions to land next tuesday14:57
dobeyoh, and nautilus14:58
nessitagatox: do you have a branch to attach to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-sso-client/+bug/934519 ?14:58
gatoxnessita, not yet, i'm having problems with the second part of the branch.... working on that right now14:59
nessitagatox: ack14:59
nessitamandel: please also note that this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-sso-client/+bug/933729 needs the "UIF exception" treatment (better description, more details, UIFe keyrword and subscribers, etc)15:00
alecuhey team! meeting?15:00
mandelalecu, in an hour15:00
mandelnessita, talking with josh about the details and will be added every single needed detail to the bugs + adding a proxy-freeze-exception tag15:01
alecumandel, oh, I see.15:01
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=== p is now known as mandel
gatoxahhhhhh why??!! PySide has this constants and PyQt not!15:22
davidcalleChipaca, I'm about to add a change that will trigger an update of the lens search when it's opened. Currently you need to search to update the Recently Viewed cat. Do you want me to avoid triggering a server call each time the lens is opened?15:32
Chipacadavidcalle: you mean the empty call?15:32
Chipacadavidcalle: I'll do that work (avoiding extra server calls) when doing the "refresh sources" bit15:33
Chipacadavidcalle: otherwise, tell me more :)15:33
davidcalleYes. Currently, we only have the recommendations updated at startup and when the search or a filter is changed.15:34
davidcalleI'm about to push something that will update each time the lens is opened (which is needed to always see an up to date recently viewed cat when we open the lens)15:34
davidcalleDo you want me to avoid doing this on the remote scope?15:35
davidcalleAnd do the recommendations updates your way?15:36
davidcalleupdate = reload the results15:36
davidcalleCHipaca ^15:36
* gatox lunch15:41
Chipacadavidcalle: I don't have enough info/mental state to answer meaningfully i'm afraid15:42
Chipacadavidcalle: do whatever is faster for you, then show me the code15:42
Chipacadavidcalle: I don't have enough info/mental state to answer meaningfully i'm afraid15:42
Chipacadavidcalle: do whatever is faster for you, then show me the code15:42
davidcalleChipaca, sorry, violent session crash.15:42
davidcalleChipaca, pushing it when I recover everything.15:43
davidcalleChipaca, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-lens-videos/unity-lens-videos/trunk/revision/5015:48
Chipacadavidcalle: that's great. So you change the filters, and the search redoes itself?15:48
Chipacaah, no *active*15:49
Chipacafitlers already happens15:49
davidcalleChipaca, that bit was already happening.15:49
Chipacadavidcalle: go for it15:49
davidcalleActive is opening the lens.15:49
Chipacamy brain is lagging a bit15:49
Chipacagood thing i'm off to a meeting15:49
davidcalleNo problem. :)15:49
davidcalleI just wanted to know if you were fine with the remote scope doing the same thing : asking recommendations each time the lens is opened.15:50
davidcalleChipaca, ^15:50
Chipacadavidcalle: that's fine15:50
Chipacadavidcalle: i'll be adding a bit of caching to that, so it doesn't hit the network every time (although the images will probably still be fetched -- dunno of an easy way to fix that)15:51
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gatoxoops.... meeting.....15:56
* gatox delay lunch15:56
* nessita will quickly get a snack15:56
dobeyi wonder if gatox's branch is what caused bug #93959115:56
ralsinagatox: if it is, errol flynn is mad at you15:57
nessitadobey: what branch?15:58
gatoxmmmm do you mean network-detect? i don't see why15:58
nessitadobey: I don't think so.... I IRL tested it15:58
nessitadobey: have the syncdaemon.log for that report?15:59
nessitadobey: see https://launchpadlibrarian.net/93983668/UbuntuOneSyncdaemonExceptionsLog.txt15:59
dobeynessita: ask aquarius15:59
mandelalecu, why there isn't any gambling in africa?15:59
nessitadobey: some dbus service is not strating (perhaps ubuntuone-login)15:59
aquariusnessita, happy to provide any logs you ask for; just tell me where to get them15:59
mandelalecu, because there are too many cheetahs15:59
dobeynessita: oh, maybe it's because of the qt bug you're fixing then?15:59
alecumandel, no, no, no! I made a similar joke 7 years ago in a short story!16:00
nessitadobey: I don't think so... the bug report says 2.99.4-0ubuntu216:00
mandelalecu, hehehe16:00
dobeyaquarius: do you have a file for ubuntu-sso-login in /var/crash ?16:00
dobeynessita: that's the client16:00
nessitadobey: I mean, 2.99.4-0ubuntu2 means gatox's branch is not there16:00
dobeynessita: not sso16:00
mandelalecu, I think you more or less 7 years older :P16:00
alecumandel, lol16:01
dobeynessita: right; i just realized that i haven't released it yet :P16:01
ralsinabriancurtin3,dobey: mumble?16:01
dobeynessita: so probably the qt issue in sso-login?16:01
aquariusdobey, I do. Should I be attaching it to the sd-not-starting bug?16:01
nessitadobey: perhaps. Fix is already released and uploaded.16:01
alecumandel, it was called... "el guepardo, el ñandú, el ornitorrinco y el trilobite"16:01
alecumandel, I should find it :-P16:01
briancurtin3ah, logging in16:01
nessitaaquarius: can you please first show the output of:16:02
dobeyaquarius: no. it just means your bug is probably a dup and you flied a bug for the sysmptom, not the cause :)16:02
nessitaaquarius: apt-cache policy python-qt4*16:02
aquariusnessita, http://paste.ubuntu.com/854159/16:03
nessitaaquarius: confirmed is bug #939173, and should get fixed by updating ubuntu-sso-client to 2.99.5-ubuntu216:04
aquariusnessita, ok, cool, thanks :)16:06
nessitaaquarius: just FYI https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+source/ubuntu-sso-client/2.99.5-0ubuntu216:06
alecumandel, found it: https://docs.google.com/document/d/179BVPGmyiDR9pewUlHle8rmiC9csJRXnsWjoCEiMAVU/edit16:06
alecunessita, joshuahoover: these are the three bugs I'll need FFE for: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-client/+bugs?field.tag=u1-proxy16:12
alecuI'm currently working on bug #92920716:13
joshuahooveralecu: thanks16:13
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dobeyfinally; new client building in pbuilder at the moment and will upload after17:07
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dobeylunch and errands, bbiab17:39
ralsinaI am getting syncdaemon as "with user not network" (I don't use NM) is that the same thing that has been reported today?17:41
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Chipacadavidcalle: ping17:49
davidcalleChipaca, pong17:50
Chipacadavidcalle: hi. Just wanted to check with you before going home, about the release of today's changes to the lens to ubuntu17:50
Chipacadavidcalle: in particular the ones that are UI or string changes17:52
Chipacadavidcalle: (because of UI freeze, we'll need UIFe's if we don't ship them today)17:52
davidcalleUI changes have landed this morning.17:52
davidcalleString changes, I mean.17:53
davidcalleChipaca, UI changes... there is the recommendations. But is this really a UI change?17:53
Chipacanot really, no17:54
davidcalleSo we are good :)17:54
davidcalleI don't think I will be able to release all the new bug fixes until Monday. I'm off to London tomorrow and for the week-end.17:56
nessitaralsina: has not been reported, and we depend on NM...17:57
nessitaralsina: can be seen as a regression, I know, but we replaces the SD network management by the SSO network detection code17:57
nessitaralsina: we need to consider making the sso network detection assume net connection when NM is not there (not sure what is doing now)17:58
ralsinanessita: yes,that is what we had before, so it is a regression17:58
ralsinanessita: want me to file? I may even be able to take a look17:58
ralsinanessita: and there doesn't seem to be a NM dependency (I don't have it installed)17:59
nessitaralsina: yes please file a bug17:59
nessitaralsina: under ussoc, should not be complicated17:59
nessitabut certainly qualifies as a bug17:59
nessita(I mean it does not require a FFe)17:59
ralsinayep, no exception for this, is mstly one if :-)18:00
davidcalleChipaca, is that fine with you?18:00
davidcalleChipaca, hmm, I need to go, I'm back in half an hour or so.18:06
ralsinanessita: the fix seems to be to change this http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/854322/ to pass ONLINE instead of UNKNOWN when NM is not installed. Agree?18:18
nessitaralsina: well... that change is risky, no?18:19
ralsinanessita: if NM is not installed, we can't assume there is no network, because then u1 will just not work18:19
nessitaralsina: ah, wait, you mean to change only the first UNKNOWN from the first guard?18:19
nessitanot both, right?18:20
ralsinanessita: I would still return UNKNOWN in the second case18:20
nessitathat makes sense, yes18:20
ralsinaok, proposing after I do the tests and all that18:20
nessitaralsina: great!18:20
mterryI'm currently using ubuntuone-couch for its convenience library for OAuth signing (auth.py).  Is there a better-maintained version?  auth.py breaks every now and then (and has broken again in precise)18:31
* nessita -> lunch18:34
ralsinagatox: review please? https://code.launchpad.net/~ralsina/ubuntu-sso-client/fix-939703/+merge/9443518:45
gatoxralsina, on it18:45
dobeymterry: broken how? and i guess you could just get the token and secret, and use python-oauth to sign a url18:45
ralsinadobey: you too, when you have a minute, tiny review please? https://code.launchpad.net/~ralsina/ubuntu-sso-client/fix-939703/+merge/9443518:47
mterrydobey, broken like so: http://paste.ubuntu.com/854362/  (it's using the deprecated _sync function and it broke somehow)18:47
mterrydobey, the oauth-wranging is a tad bit of work.  It would be nice if auth.py was given a more prominent role for 3rd parties18:48
dobeymterry: ah, i think that might be because of a bug in ubuntu-sso-client 2.99.5, which nessita uploaded a fix for earlier today. the -0ubuntu2 should fix it18:49
mterryAh, I have ubuntu1.  Cool!18:50
* nessita is back from lunch18:51
dobeymterry: yeah, we probably want to add a similar function in ubuntu-sso-client somewhere. but it's past feature freeze now, and we weren't really doing much to couch/u1db related bits this cycle18:51
nessitamterry: heya, let me know if you're still having issues18:51
nessitadobey: I'm amazed by the amount of people having installed python-qt4 but no python-qt4-dbus18:52
nessita(which is what triggers that bug in ussoc)18:52
nessitadobey: did you upload the -installer fixed for the unicode error? I'm still getting it with 2.99.5-0ubuntu118:54
dobeynessita: yes. why are you amazed that people don't have python-qt4-dbus?18:55
nessitadobey: amazed that they have python-qt4 and not the other qt4 package18:55
dobeynessita: why? python-qt4 doesn't depend on it, and all qt apps don't require dbus. *shrug*18:56
nessitabut... is dbus!18:56
dobeynessita: anyway yes 0ubuntu2 fixes it18:58
gatoxralsina, +119:00
ralsinagatox: thanks!19:00
ralsinanessita:  some people use python-dbus with qt19:01
nessitaralsina: how?19:01
ralsinanessita: instead of python-qt4-debus19:01
dobeyralsina: the qt main loop integration is in python-qt4-dbus19:01
nessitaralsina: I don't think python-dbus is enough, you can't init the dbusqtmainloop without the qt4-dbus19:02
ralsinanessita:then I may be misremembering19:02
dobeynessita: well, you could use it synchronously only, or use the glib main loop instead19:02
ralsinaI think sync is the answer19:02
* ralsina could go look at old code, but there's no point, really19:03
nessitadobey: installer updated, got a crash in aptd while finishing the installation :-/19:04
* nessita hit https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/aptdaemon/+bug/92634019:05
dobeyoh fun19:05
nessitaor not :-)19:05
ralsinahey gatox, want to fix a bug in aptd? ;-) See above ^19:06
dobeynessita: you didn't hit it?19:06
nessitadobey: I did, is not fun :-P19:06
gatoxralsina, jejeje19:07
ralsinanessita: this is with te ñandú user?19:07
dobeyi wonder why all these are happening now19:07
nessitaralsina: this is a clean French Precise VM19:07
nessita'foobar' username, so nothing weird there19:07
dobeywell at least we know how to fix it19:08
ralsinanessita: well, 0xc3 is á19:09
nessitadobey: right, I was branching to see if adding the fix is trivial19:09
dobeyshould be19:09
dobeyor maybe not19:09
nessitadobey: uh they use ngettext19:11
dobeynessita: it should be ok. we can write a simple test case to try first if you want19:12
nessitanessita@dali:~/canonical/aptdaemon/fix-926340$ grep gettext * | wc -l19:13
nessitathey have translation all over the place! :-)19:13
ralsinayikes, some people don't believe in having centralized constants19:13
alecu"<ralsina> well, 0xc3 is á" <- in *what* encoding? :-)19:13
dobeynessita: they have all their files in the toplevel directory? or your shell is expanding * for all subdirs too?19:13
ralsinaalecu: in "the usual suspects" ;-)19:14
ralsinaalecu: both utf-8 and iso-8859-119:14
nessitadobey: yeah, my greap is magical19:14
ralsinaalecu: IIRC19:14
nessitadobey: nessita@dali:~/canonical/aptdaemon/fix-926340$ alias grep19:14
nessitaalias grep='grep --color=auto -r -n'19:14
alecuralsina, not in utf-8, for sure.19:14
nessitaI will not fix this today, not before finishing my 2 UIFe19:15
ralsinaalecu: right, so in iso8859-119:15
nessitait was worth trying though :-)19:15
ralsinaalecu: in "traditional extended ascii" ;-)19:15
ralsinaalecu: amazingly, á in utf8 *is* \xc3. Ok, \xc3\xa1 but still!19:16
alecuralsina, in latin-1 it's "e1", in utf-8 it's "c3 a1"19:16
ralsinaalecu: ok, so \xc3 is "a bunch of diferent stuff in utf-8". My mistake!19:17
dobeynessita: in the control panel, do we have platform-dependent access to the window in the qt code?19:20
nessitadobey: not that I know of. We access it thru Qt19:20
dobeywow. launcher on second screen is broken19:20
dobeynessita: right; but i'm guessing the fix for the 2 icons issue, requires calling something that doesn't work on windows. though maybe the API is there and it's a non-op?19:21
nessitadobey: perhaps... I advice asking ralsina all the Qt-magicness19:22
* ralsina raises his hand19:22
alecudamn you, irc19:22
ralsinawhat's the "2 icon issue?"19:22
alecuralsina, (repost) \xc3 in utf-8 is byte that says "more bits coming for this character in the next byte"19:23
alecuralsina, (repost) anyway, my point was about abolishing generalizations like "XX is 'random char'", and replacing them with "is random char in a given encoding"19:23
alecuralsina, nessita: (repost) btw: I'll be working tomorrow19:23
dobeyralsina: do you know if set_wmclass() on a QtWindow just gets ignored on winodws, or is there such an API?19:23
ralsinaalecu: agreed. Will say 4 rosarys tonight before bed :-)19:23
ralsinadobey: let me dig a little bit and get back to you19:23
dobeyralsina: what package is the qt designer tool thingy in?19:24
nessitadobey: designer-qt4?19:24
ralsinadobey: qt4-designer19:24
nessitadobey: ralsina is right, but the binary is called designer-qt4 (???)19:25
ralsinanessita: and also designer if you don't have qt3-designer installed19:25
briancurtinmandel (or anyone, really) - in reviewing https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntu-sso-client/webclient-use-dialog/+merge/94416 i want to test it, but there's a prerequisite branch. being a bzr/launchpad noob, what do i need to do?19:25
ralsinadobey: Qt doesn't expose WM_CLASS, so you may have to do it via xlib19:27
dobeyi hate qt.19:27
ralsinadobey: however, it seems to be set to whatever the application name is19:28
ralsinadobey: so maybe a call to QApplication.setApplicationName may do the trick19:29
ralsinadobey: no, it doesn't do that. Let me dig a bit further19:31
boardinaryAre there any plans to create a portable edition of ubuntuone for thumbdrives?19:34
dobeybah unity went boom and all my windows got moved to the first workspace, and ctrl+alt+arrow isn't working now :(19:37
ralsinadobey: easy to fix! instead of passing [] as argv to QApplication, pass ["appname"]19:38
dobeyboardinary: no. you can access the web interface in that case. a thumbdrive edition wouldn't really be in line with what the service is19:38
dobeyralsina: i'll try that after i uncluster my windows19:39
boardinarydobey, would work great for keepass but thanks for the answer19:39
ralsinaboardinary: if you want to try hacking it, the windows version is pretty close to working portably19:41
ralsinaboardinary: for the ubuntu version it would be considerably more work19:41
boardinaryralsina, Yeah im only interested in getting the windows one to work portably for public computer use19:41
ralsinaboardinary: ok, the main problem is that it can only sync folders inside the user's profile19:42
boardinaryboardinary, Is there an easy way to perhaps automatically sync the keepass database file with one on my computer in ubuntu whenever I plug the thumbdrive in?  This would work almost as well as an ubuntu one portable app19:42
ralsinaboardinary: the software itself is fairly self-contained in c:\program files\ubuntuone19:42
dobeyralsina: neat19:43
ralsinadobey: assuming it worked/19:43
boardinaryralsina, What do you mean by folders only in the profile19:43
dobeyralsina: seems to19:43
ralsinaboardinary: that ubuntu one will not sync stuff outside c:\users\you19:43
ralsinaboardinary: or wherever windows thinks you live19:44
boardinaryralsina, I still don't quite understand because I dont use windows ubuntuone  As of right now in ubuntu I share all sorts of folders within my home directory19:45
ralsinaboardinary: ok, profile in windows is the same as homein ubuntu19:45
boardinaryralsina, so would I need to make a folder on the root of the thumbdrive named /users/you?19:46
ralsinabriancurtin: isn't all((self.proxy_username, self.self.proxy_password)) different from manuel's code in the case of ("", "")?19:46
boardinaryif I installed it on the thumbdrive19:46
dobeyboardinary: that's not how it works. you'd need to boot and run windows off the thumb drive, and have the user in windows have their profile on that drive19:47
ralsinaboardinary: no, ubuntu one will work from the thumbdrive, but it will sync the data into the use'rs home19:47
ralsinaboardinary: wherever that home is19:47
briancurtinralsina: all(("", "")) is False - it does bool(val) on every val19:47
boardinaryralsina, ah ok so it wouldnt quite work for syncing a file on the thumbdrive itself then19:48
dobeyC-A-arrow being broken is *really* annoying :(19:48
ralsinabriancurtin: yes, but if "" is not None and "" is not None is True :-)19:48
ralsinabriancurtin: what I say, (badly) is that your alternative code works differenty if either value is ""19:48
briancurtinralsina: ooh, yeah19:49
briancurtinralsina: should "" and "" be acceptable though?19:49
ralsinabriancurtin: I suppose there may be a proxy that takes username and no password or empty passwor19:49
briancurtinah, well if thats true then yep, my suggestion is wrong19:49
ralsinabriancurtin: OTOH, I don't know if we even support that, or if such a thing can happen. But just in case.19:50
briancurtini'm commenting to clear up what i wrote and how its different than mandel's original lines19:51
dobeyhrmm, i should get this fix in the beta too if i can19:56
dobeyralsina: approved your nm online branch btw19:58
ralsinadobey: thanks!19:58
dobeyralsina: and just proposed https://code.launchpad.net/~dobey/ubuntuone-control-panel/fix-wmclass/+merge/9444219:58
ralsinadobey: looking19:59
joshuahooverralsina, nessita: ignore me if you two have already discussed this, but pitti has concerns about ubuntu-sso-client going to qt...see his comment on bug #93357620:00
nessitajoshuahoover: will reply with a clarification for everyone20:01
ralsinanessita: yes, please, thanks20:02
joshuahoovernessita: thank you20:02
dobeyi like how verizon tells me fios internet isn't available for my address, on their web site, that i'm obviously looking at on fios internets.20:07
nessitajoshuahoover, ralsina: replied at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-sso-client/+bug/933576/comments/820:07
joshuahoovernessita: excellent! thank you!20:07
ralsinadobey: global approve on the WM_CLASS branch20:18
dobeynow to reset X. brb20:19
=== alecu is now known as alecu_away
joshuahoovernessita: will bug #853060 be fixed with a new release next week?20:28
dobeyshift+super+arrows? sigh20:28
nessitajoshuahoover: hum, that's the first time I see that bug, and is odd since I read every single bug in the email queue20:29
nessitadobey: did you have that bug in your radar? ^20:30
joshuahoovernessita: i ran into it when i tested a new install of precise on a vm and went to setup u120:30
dobeywhich bug?20:30
joshuahooverdobey: #85306020:30
nessitadobey: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntuone-installer/+bug/85306020:30
dobeyhow about today then20:31
nessitadobey: so, the bug is on maverick, but joshuahoover hit that today... what's wrong? (I see that ubuntuone-control-panel-gtk is trying to be spwanned, but you already changed that)20:32
dobeyoh wait20:33
dobeynessita: well, the original bug was oneiric20:33
joshuahoover dobey, nessita: yeah, it's strange...that's the bug i was immediately taken to once it happened to me on p20:34
nessitajoshuahoover: what ubuntuone-installer version do you have in that vm?20:34
nessitajoshuahoover: ie the output of apt-cache policy ubuntuone-installer20:34
dobeyjoshuahoover: eh? file a new bug please20:35
joshuahoovernessita:  2.99.5-0ubuntu220:35
nessitaoh hum20:35
joshuahooverdobey: k20:35
dobeythere's no way it was launching -gtk with that version20:35
nessitaI don't understand how that's hapepning20:35
dobeynessita: it's not. it's a "similar" bug, and instead of filing a new bug, people comment on it instead :(20:36
dobeynessita: which is totally unhelpful20:36
nessitadobey: is not happening, you say? like we're hitting another bug but with the same pattern?20:37
dobeynessita: right20:37
dobeyi have nightlies and i get a similar error20:37
dobeybut it's complaining about -qt missing20:37
dobey(i uninstalled it)20:37
dobeyit seems aptdaemon broke the installer somehow20:38
dobeynessita: btw, you're not doing anything to cp in ubuntu right now are you?20:40
nessitadobey: you mean uploading something else today?20:40
nessitadobey: if so, no, but I'm happy to upload your patch for the uniqueapp20:41
nessita(if you need me to)20:41
dobeynessita: nah, i am uploading it. just wanted to make sure you were done :)20:42
ralsinaIf anyone needs a review now is a good time to ask20:45
gatoxralsina, ok :P https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntu-sso-client/uife-padding/+merge/9445020:45
gatoxeod here! see you tomorrow....20:46
gatoxnessita, i'll review your branch tomorrow, or send me an email20:46
dobeyjoshuahoover: i think we can probably get that fixed today/tomorrow. will need to poke release team for approval, but it's a regression and an annoying one, so should be easy to get approved20:47
nessitagatox: yes!20:47
joshuahooverdobey: cool, here's the bug i filed: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntuone-installer/+bug/93979720:48
dobeyjoshuahoover: does it crash, or just hang?20:49
joshuahooverdobey: hangs...let me clarify that in the bug :)20:50
ralsinagatox: pretty! +120:50
gatoxralsina, :D20:50
ralsinagatox: is that the solution that came to you in a dream?20:50
ralsinagatox: you have BORING dreams, man20:51
joshuahooverdobey: k, i fixed that20:51
gatoxralsina, indeed20:51
gatoxralsina, but was another solutoin.....20:51
gatoxralsina, but with another limitation that we'll be able to fix soon to improve the handling of sizes20:51
ralsinagatox: cool20:52
gatoxralsina, talking about boring dreams: http://www.diegosarmentero.com/2008/12/triste-pero-real.html20:52
dobeyjoshuahoover: cheers20:53
ralsinagatox: I once dreamed I rebooted my cat and installed another OS in it. (really)20:53
gatoxralsina, jejejejejeej EPIC20:53
ralsinagatox: my shrink disapproved20:53
dobeyralsina: did you tell him the cat was a cylon?20:54
ralsinadobey: actually, it wouldalsina  make more sense in context, but it's complicated on IRC20:55
ralsina"it would make"20:55
dobeynessita: ok; cp uploaded, and just in time :)20:55
ralsinadobey: 5 minutes to spare!20:56
nessitadobey: nice!20:56
dobeyjust under 4 minutes left now20:56
nessitadobey: did you sweat a bit?20:56
nessitathat's all the exercise for this week (?)20:56
dobeynessita: heh20:57
nessitaralsina: how do I tell a qt wizard not to show a Back button on a given  page, on a given scenario?21:00
ralsinanessita: let me give you the link21:00
ralsinanessita: http://developer.qt.nokia.com/doc/qt-4.8/qwizard.html#setButtonLayout21:01
nessitaralsina: thanks21:01
ralsinanessita: there are a ton of examples in windows-installer21:01
nessitaralsina: there "was"21:02
nessitaralsina: honestly, I did not like what I saw there, so I was looking for a 'better' solution :-P21:03
ralsinanessita: ok, the alternative is that the page can be a "commitPage" in which case back is disabled21:04
ralsinaor rather, the NEXT page has back disabled21:04
nessitaralsina: will research, tahnks21:04
ralsinanessita: http://doc.qt.nokia.com/4.7-snapshot/qwizardpage.html#setCommitPage21:05
nessitaralsina: this is the first page of the wizard... is odd that has the Back button in it21:05
ralsinanessita: if it has one, there is something wrong, maybe the order in which they were added21:06
nessitaralsina: I'll ask tomorrow then, showing you the branch21:06
ralsinanessita: http://developer.qt.nokia.com/doc/qt-4.8/qwizard.html#WizardOption-enum21:06
ralsinaThere is an option called "QWizard::NoBackButtonOnStartPage" :-)21:07
nessitaperhaps is that :-)21:07
ralsinanessita: probably ;-)21:07
nessitaralsina: yes! that worked :-D21:08
ralsinaOk, time to EOD for me. Will probably take a look late, so feel free to ask for stuff :-)21:14
nessitaralsina: me! a review!21:17
nessitaralsina: shall I email that?21:18
dobeynearly got the u1ms:// thing working right again21:19
nessitaralsina, gatox: review request sent21:24
gatoxnessita, ack21:25
dobeybut i think some recent change in sso might have broken libu121:27
nessitadobey: such as? have a trace?21:27
nessitalies! :-)21:27
dobeynessita: i get an error dialog about org.freedesktop.secrets not having some interface21:35
nessitadobey: hum.... which interface is missing?21:36
dobeyi'll have to reproduce the error again to see21:37
dobeyError while getting credentials:21:38
dobeyThe '/org/freedesktop/secrets/collection/login/257' object does not exist21:38
nessitadobey: did you try turning off and on again? that sounds odd21:45
dobeyapparently my token was half there and half not21:47
dobeysomehow my login for u1 apparently got partially deleted21:48
dobeyso i guess when asking keyring it said "here it is" and gave an id, which didn't exist21:48
dobeylogging back in with control panel, seems to have made the issue go away21:49
dobeyso i guess my branch for the plug-in works21:49
dobeyugh, and my rhythmbox is hanging in a weird way now21:51
dobeyoh weird21:52
dobeywhat the heck!21:52
dobeymy ubuntu one token is gone again in seahorse!21:52
dobeyhow is that even possible!21:52
dobeywhat is killing my token21:55
dobeymeh, not fun21:59
nessitadobey: controlpanel will remove your token if when trying to do a REST api gets an unauthorized22:05
dobeynessita: as does the music store widget22:05
dobeynessita: but it seems to only be happening in the music store; which is quite odd22:06
nessitaindeed odd22:08
dobeyyep. it seems to be the music store doing it, but only when rhythmbox is passed the URL on startup, and there is some blockage to starting up22:10
dobeyso my branch does work, but i don't want to land it, if something wonky like this is happening :(22:11
=== eu is now known as Guest12921
dobeyah well. will figure it out tomorrow i hope22:31
dobeylater all22:31
nessitaok, I'm finally EODing22:59
davidcalleChipaca, ping23:00
* nessita -> eod!23:03
=== alecu_away is now known as alecu

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